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Love & Money aired from October 1999 until July 2000 on CBS.

This short-lived comedy was set in a fancy Manhattan high-rise in which the building's hunky young superintendant was in love with the daughter of one of it's wealthy residents.Eamon ( Brian Van Holt) lived in a spartan basement apartment with his dad , Finn ( Brian Doyle-Murray), the building's gruff doorman. He had had a summer fling several years earlier with sweet Allison ( Paget Brewster), a kindergarten teacher, and their romance rekindled in the series premiere when she locked herself in the bathroom on her wedding day to avoid marrying a socially prominet guy she didn't love. Allison's family consisted of Nicholas ( David Ogden Stiers), her stuffy billionaire father , who was appaled by her involvement with Eamon; Effie ( Swoosie Kurtz), her boozy mother , who secretly found the romance appealing; Puff ( Judy Greer), her spoiled , vacuous sister; and Nicky ( John Livingston), her lazy brother who preferred to live off the family fortune rather than find a real job. Nicholas was forever trying to break up the romance, while Effie looked for ways to help the lovebirds.

Pulled from the CBS lineup after only 4 episodes had aired, it returned the following July and lasted only 2 more weeks.

A Review from Variety

Love & Money
((SITCOM; CBS, FRI. OCT. 8, 8:30 P.M.))

Filmed in Los Angeles by Staley and Long Prods. in association with CBS Prods. and Paramount Network TV. Executive producers/writers, Dan Staley, Rob Long; producer, Stephen C. Grossman; co-producer, Mark Petulla; director, Pamela Fryman.

Effie Conklin..... Swoosie Kurtz
Nicholas Conklin..... David Ogden Stiers
Eamon Roach..... Brian Van Holt
Allison Conklin..... Paget Brewster
Finn Roach..... Brian Doyle-Murray
Puff Conklin..... Judy Greer
Nicky Conklin..... John Livingston
Howard..... Vince Grant
Father Hanson..... Wendell Wright
Mrs. Lewiston..... Marjorie Lovett
Female Side..... Anne Von Herrmann

Here is Friday night programming flow, CBS style: at 8 p.m., it's "Kids Say the Darndest Things"; at 8:30, it's "Snobs Do the Zaniest Things." At least, the latter would be a more apt title for this lame class-clashing sitcom that squanders the considerable comic talents of Swoosie Kurtz. She deserves to front a half-hour with sophistication and class. Instead, Kurtz winds up in a self-consciously wacky, New York highrise version of "Titanic." Ouch.

Kurtz is certainly entertaining playing Effie Conklin, the champagne-swilling , mega-pampered wife of Nicholas Conklin (David Ogden Stiers). He's a pompous doughboy of a billionaire who waddles around acting belligerent and inconvenienced. It's a tired stereotype that finds Stiers belaboring the single joke to death in the first pair of "Love & Money" episodes. He's a billionaire, and he can't stand anybody. So?
Punchless pilot, penned by exec producers Dan Staley and Rob Long, centers on the central plot of heiress Allison Conklin (Paget Brewster) and her sudden reluctance to marry a dull Ivy Leaguer from the right side of the tracks named Howard (Vince Grant). She suddenly discovers that her hunky old flame Eamon (Brian Van Holt) still has custody of her heart.

Well, it so happens that Eamon is the superintendent of the building in whose penthouse Allison and family reside. He lives in the basement with his wisecracking daddy (Brian Doyle-Murray), the building's doorman. In the middle of Allison's wedding ceremony, Eamon dramatically appears on a window ledge (he seems to have a thing for that) and asks her to choose: him or, uh ... well, money.

Only thing is, Allison has already demonstrated her earthiness by working as a kindergarten teacher. So it's a big "duh!" when she opts for Eamon over the Ivy Leaguer. Besides, just because she walks out on a $ 1.6 million wedding ceremony, there is no indication whatsoever that daddy will now disown her or anything. I mean, he's a billionaire. Not quite high drama, this.

Second installment improves not at all on the first, introducing such dubious phrases as "piece of ass" and "buttful of couch" to the 8 o'clock hour (ah, artistic freedom). "Love & Money" is essentially a collection of insufferable and or/dense people doing broad, illogical things. The crew also includes the sweet Allison's slutty bimbette of a sister (Judy Greer) and a rebellious slacker brother (John Livingston) who has little to say and an annoying way of saying it.

Romantic leads Van Holt and Brewster could grow into the part if this indistinct comedy is somehow able to prosper opposite ABC's "Boy Meets World" and NBC'ssurprisingly strong soaper "Providence" in the Friday, 8:30 p.m. timeslot. But at the outset, this pair exhibit little comic energy while giving the proceedings a dull whitebread center. Which is too bad, because Kurtz is a bubble-slurping delight as the highbrow lush from hell. But one inspired performance does not a show make.

Tech credits are fine and dandy.

A Review from The New York Times

CBS, tonight at 8:30
(Channel 2 in New York)

In her new television role the dependable Swoosie Kurtz plays Effie Conklin, an alcoholic matron trapped in a gilt-edged world with her cold, bombastic husband and their three foolish, overeducated children. The look of bone-deep misery on her face could break your heart. At least until the laugh track starts howling. David Ogden Stiers, as her husband, Nicholas, howls, too, through one more stuffed-shirt role. The other actors mostly whimper.

The Conklins are the money of the title. The love is the romance between their daughter Allison (Paget Brewster) and Eamon McBride (Brian Van Holt). Allison has degrees from Yale and Harvard and teaches kindergarten in the Bronx. Eamon is the handsome superintendent who lives with his dad the doorman (Brian Doyle-Murray) in the basement of the swanky Manhattan building where the Conklins have a duplex penthouse. Allison's brother, Nicky (John Livingston), who describes himself as the ''jobless son,'' and her sister, Puff (Judy Greer), who describes herself as the ''blond nympho,'' complete the upstairs family.

In tonight's first episode, a household emergency rekindles the long-ago fire between Eamon and Allison, scuttling her wedding to a rich twit. Next week's installment finds everyone trying unsuccessfully to cope. The script is no help.

Allison: ''So, you're my boyfriend now?''

Eamon: ''Yeah. Of course I am. I mean, uh, we just did it in the elevator.''

Ms. Kurtz gives her scenes some class. But the tragic look in her eye says it all: This is hopeless.

A Review From Media Life

'Love & Money': CBS fails
in its first bedroom sitcom

Mindless sex romp will die prematurely

By Andrew Wallenstein

One can only wonder what CBS was smoking when the racy new sitcom "Love & Money" (Fridays, 8:30-9 p.m. ET, beginning tonight) was slotted after "Kids Say the Darndest Things."
In what perhaps may be the most misguided scheduling strategy of the season, Bill Cosby's cute conversations with children will be followed by a series featuring a mismatched young couple who seem to have sex every episode. Squandering a talented cast on cliched characters and dialogue, "Love" is a goner the minute there's Nielsen evidence it's weakening CBS's impressive new 9 p.m. entry, "Now & Again."
Just when it looked like CBS was rebuilding one of its weaker nights, "Love" came to Friday. Veteran thespian Swoosie Kurtz ("Sisters") obviously lost a bet to production company Paramount Network TV; there's no other explanation for her decision to star as a champagne-addled socialite whose daughter (Paget Brewster) ditches the groom on the day of her wedding to be with her tony building's superintendent (Brian Van Holt). The odd coupling sets up a class struggle between two families who share a roof but little else.
It's terrific to see back on TV not only Kurtz and Brewster, who had a memorable recurring role on "Friends," but David Ogden Stiers ("M*A*S*H") and Brian Doyle-Murray ("Get a Life") as the weary patriarchs of the two families. Which makes it all the more frustrating is that "Love" isn't nearly as good as it should be. There's something annoyingly over-familiar about the premise of the series; watching rich and poor families clash has been done to death in every medium.
Give the network some credit, though, for trying its first risque show; the second episode features sex in an elevator. No one has had sex on a CBS sitcom since, well, ever.
The scheduling of "Love," however, seems like an afterthought. "Kids" is not the strongest Friday anchor, and even if it was, the show's family-friendly audience may not be inclined for "Love." CBS will really regret putting it on Friday if it saps ratings for "Now & Again." The new sci-fi series was sensational in its first two weeks, finishing first in its hour among adults 18-49 and improving on last year's pilot, "Buddy Faro," in this slot by over 50 percent.
But you can bet CBS will experience what ABC is going through on Tuesday with its rookie sensation, "Once & Again." With reruns of "Dharma & Greg" and the lackluster season premiere of "Sports Night" at 9:30 p.m., "Once" is experiencing serious ratings erosion. Week 1 saw 16.8 million viewers; week 3 saw 12.61 million. That's still impressive, especially considering CBS's "Judging Amy" is getting even better numbers in that time slot, but remains cause for concern. "Now" is already starting to slide a bit, dropping 11 percent among 18-49 in its second week.
"Love" will likely cause further destabilization, and it's not as if 8:30 p.m. is that tough a time slot. There's no topping the second half of NBC's "Providence," but ABC's "The Hughleys," Fox's yet-to-premiere "Ryan Caulfield: Year One," and WB's "The Jamie Foxx Show" are just begging to be steamrolled by a good sitcom.

-Andrew Wallenstein, a New York writer, covers television programming for Media Life.

A Review From

Fall '99: "Love and Money"
by Gregg Wrenn October 25, 1999

CBS' new comedy Love and Money is one of my favorite new shows.
No, not for its writing or acting. But because of what it does for me on a far more personal level. I picked it to go second in this year's TeeVee Dead Pool and Love and Money is such a godawful mess, with ratings that are sinking fast, that it could very well give me a triumphant 1-2 sweep in this year's Pool.

That means of course the coveted Chair at the Head of the Table for our twice-weekly TeeVee staff meetings here at the Central Office plus first dibs on the danish plate each and every morning.

So I'm rooting for Love and Money to keep doing what it does best: turning viewers away in shock and horror.

The plot revolves around a very rich family headed by father David Odgen Stiers and mother Swoosie Kurtz. They have three kids, the eldest of whom is a daughter who was supposed to get married to a similarly blue-blooded fiance in the show's premiere. But instead she meets the building superintendent, falls in love with him, and calls off the wedding.

Now there's zaniness aplenty as the blue-collar super and his hoity-toity girlfriend try and convince her parents he's not such a Neanderthal after all. The super lives with his father, played by Brian Doyle-Murray, who also happens to be the building's doorman. Apparently the show's creators were very impressed with the enduring comic legacy left by Ernest Borgnine's days on The Single Guy.

A sage and sarcastic doorman, a rich mother who drinks like a fish and a guy named Eamon. It's a recipe for sitcom disaster -- but sweet, sweet Dead Pool success.

I'm pulling for you, Love and Money. Now get back out there and keep stinking up the joint!

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