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Hiller And Diller aired from September 1997 until March 1998 on ABC.

A mismatched pair of comedy writers mixed work and home life in this short-lived sitcom, which was co-produced by Ron Howard. Ted and Neil ( Kevin Nealon, Richard Lewis), had been writing partners for 15 years, longer than either of them had been married, but they could not have been more different.Ted was the goofy but dedicated dad, devoted to his wife Jeanne( Jordan Baker), and their 3 kids: brainy tween Lizzie( Faryn Einhon), spunky Josh( Jonathan Osser), and cute little Allison( Jill Berard). Neil, on the other hand , was a self-centered world-class neurotic whose second marriage was on the rocks. For some reason, he got custody of his 2 troublemaking kids, chubby teen operator Zane ( Kyle Sabihy), and sexpot Brooke ( Allison Mack), and boy did he need help. With Ted's guidance and Jeanne's reluctant help, somehow he got along. Gordon ( Eugene Levy), was the loud, sarcastic boss who tried to get some work out of the pair at the office.

An Article from the New York Daily News

BY Richard Huff
Tuesday, September 9, 1997, 12:00 AM

ANGST-RIDDEN comic Richard Lewis claims his anxiety level is at an all-time low these days. The reason for the unusual neuroses abatement, he explains, is the camaraderie coursing through cast and crew of his new ABC sitcom, "Hiller and Diller.

" "I'm probably at the best time in my life," Lewis told The News recently. In "H & D," which will air Tuesdays at 9:30 p.

m. starting Sept. 23. Lewis and former "Saturday Night Live" star Kevin Nealon play best friends and comedy writers who are drawn together as much for their similarities as their differences. "I'm starting to feel a little bit like he's Lemmon to my Matthau," Lewis says of the "Odd Couple"-like relationship with Nealon. "Hiller and Diller" is part of Lewis' ongoing return to the work place after a three-year layoff from performing, in any medium. It was a case of burnout. Last year he rekindled his career, appearing in the Oscar-winning "Leaving Las Vegas," and then in the independent film "Drunks," on Showtime. He also took to the standup stage for a tour that culminated in an HBO special. Lewis also created a sitcom called "Boomers" with "Taxi" co-creator Stan Daniels. The show is still being shopped to networks, but if it connectshe won't be able to have a role in it. That is, unless "Hiller and Diller" fails to draw an audience and is sent packing. "Kevin and I have been almost sleepless running around the country visiting stations," Lewis said. "We want to hit a home run. They've given us the slot.

" The slot is the primo position behind the high-rated "Home Improvement.

" "If a lot of people don't watch, I'm in Maui playing chess with a Zen master," Lewis cracked. Despite his zeal for the new show (his dream is that it be cited by a watchdog group as a quality show), Lewis realizes there's no such thing as a guarantee in show business. Before "Hiller and Diller," he starred in "Daddy Dearest," a comedy that was canceled after a few episodes. And starting in 1989, he starred in ABC's "Anything but Love," which was dropped in its fourth season because it got too expensive. But with ABC parent Walt Disney behind "H & D," he's feeling a bit like all of his ducks are in a row, which has given him some rare peace. His fans shouldn't worry, he noted, about his angst-based comedic talents disappearing. Said Lewis: "I have a bottomless pit of dysfunctional memories.

A Review from Variety

Hiller and Diller
(ABC, Tues. Sept. 23, 9:30 p.m)

Filmed in Los Angeles by Imagine Television in association with Touchstone Television. Executive producers, Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Tony Krantz, Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel, Tracy Newman, Jonathan Stark; producer, Stephen C. Grossman; writers, Ganz, Mandel; director, Gil Junger;

Cast: Richard Lewis, Kevin Nealon, Jordan Baker, Alison Mack, Kyle Sabihy, Jillian Berard, Faryn Einhorn, Jonathan Osser, Danny Zorn, Bodhi Pine Elfman, Eugene Levy.

Brought into existence by the Imagine team of Brian Grazer and Ron Howard and their house writers Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel (who penned the premiere), "Hiller and Diller" isn't so much a sitcom as it is a stream-of-consciousness diversion.
One minute, Hiller is hanging with his loving clan. The next, he's extricating Diller from a Mexican jail for reasons that remain foggy. Both of these guys are nebbishes in their own unique ways, but their interaction lacks focus. There's nothing much solid to grab onto, no real reason to care about them.

Effectively stealing the opening stanza is "SCTV" vet Eugene Levy --- so hilarious in the underappreciated "Waiting for Guffman" --- as the unctuous network executive whose mission in life is to browbeat Hiller and Diller into something resembling productive members of the Writers Guild. Fat chance, bucko.

When Levy isn't around to harass and amuse, the show hangs like limp fettucini. Maybe it would help if we could hear how these comedy writers actually write.

Of course, "Hiller and Diller" should pack 'em in anyway. It's been blessed with ABC's prime opening, Tuesdays between "Home Improvement" and "NYPD Blue." Some neurotics have all the luck.

Tech credits are uniformly sharp.

A Review From The New York Times

New TV Season in Review
Print Save

Published: September 23, 1997

Two Comedy Writers,
One Happy, One Frazzled

'Hiller and Diller'
ABC, tonight at 9:30
(Channel 7 in New York)

The title is awful, but that turns out to be the worst thing about ''Hiller and Diller.'' Kevin Nealon and Richard Lewis bring a surprising, gentle charm to this series about an odd-couple team of comedy writers. Mr. Nealon is Hiller, the happily married, loving father of three. Mr. Lewis plays Diller as his trademark frazzled neurotic, with something new to kvetch about: he is a single father with two children who have unfathomably managed to stay out of juvenile detention homes. ''Just pretend you're watching the Addams Family,'' Hiller tells his daughter when the Diller children visit.

The friendly interplay between the actors is already smooth, as the series focuses on small moments at home, at the office, and in this episode in a Mexican prison, where Diller lands after his second wife maneuvers a quickie divorce.

The series is written by Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel, known for warm rather than uproarious family-centered movies like ''City Slickers'' and ''Parenthood.'' Those films eventually become gooey with sentiment, a danger that already looms here as Hiller shows Diller how to become a better father. It would be too bad if the Lewis character revealed his soft side too soon; he provides the rough edge that gives the show its comic promise.

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