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Good Morning Miami aired from September 2002 until December 2003 on NBC.

Jake ( Mark Feuerstein) was a young hotshot TV producer from Boston who never really intended to take a job directing the lowest-rated morning talk show in the country, Good Morning Miami-until he met the show's pretty young hairdresser, Dylan ( Ashley Williams). He was stiff and dorky, she was flirty and cute as a button, and it was love at first sight-for him, at least. She was dating the show's pompous cohost Gavin ( Matt Letscher), and didn't notice at first, but Jake was determined to win her so he stayed. Others on the loony set were Frank ( Jere Burns), the jittery WWEN station manager, Lucia ( Tessie Santiago), Gavin's trampy Hispanic cohost, Penny ( Constance Zimmer) the wisecracking assistant and Robby ( Stephon Fuller) the stage manager. Sister Brenda ( Brooke Dillman)was the wacky weathercaster, a nun in full habit who made wisecracks about the " guy up there." Giving Jake romantic advice was his stylish but salty grandmother , Claire ( Suzanne Pleshette), who lived nearby.

What started as a slapstick sitcom soon turned toward more romantic stories, with Lucia and Sister Brenda dropped from the cast and Jake alternating between Dylan and Penny. Even Jake's fun-loving grandma had her dalliances with boyfriend Lenny ( Tom Poston).

Unfortunately the real Good Morning Miami had rating problems similar to those of the fictional show leading to another overhaul in the fall of 2003. Grandma was dropped ( according to the producers wimpy Jake needed some cojones and she was " an instrument of castration")and the romantic triangle was resolved-Dylan became Jake's full time girlfriend while Penny shacked up with Gavin.Ditzi weathergirl Joni ( Jillian Barberie) was added along with hard-driving Victoria ( Tiffani Thiessen) " I fire people", V.P. of Operations for station owner Sunbright Media Group, who gave them all grief. The show became more of a straightforward workplace comedy but it didn't help. The Nielsen grim reaper was at their doorstep by December. Although only nine episodes of the series' second season aired in the United States, it was fully shown in Ireland. In the series finale, Jake and Dylan broke up, Gavin and Penny decided to start a family and Frank married Gavin's mother.

A Review from variety

September 24, 2002 4:51PM PT
Good Morning, Miami

By Phil Gallo

What is likely NBC’s biggest clunker of the season is plopped into the “Will & Grace”-“ER” Thursday hammock, benefiting neither show. Based on “Good Morning, Miami’s” opening dud of a joke, viewers may be hitting the remote in droves to escape the banality of what appears to be the Peacock’s version of “The Jeff Zucker Story.” It’s hard to believe Zucker inherited anything this dreadful when he got his start on a Miami ayemer.

“Good Morning, Miami” is the name of an ayem talker that’s lingering in the ratings cellar. It’s hardly surprising — the co-hosts hate each other, a nun delivers the weather and the current producer is a timid freak incapable of a decision. Enter Jake Silver (Mark Feuerstein), a hotshot producer from Boston who takes the interview as an excuse to visit his gambling-addicted and trash-talking grandmother (Suzanne Pleshette).

Ready to head home, Silver is dumbstruck and smitten with hair dresser Dylan (Ashley Williams), choosing instead to deal with the lunatics on the “Miami” staff in the name of winning her love. Eventually he learns she’s dating the self-absorbed, 12-stepping anchor Gavin Stone (Matt Letscher) and despite his intuition to take a new job in Chicago, he finds himself up for the challenge of winning Dylan’s heart.

Humor is the usual mix of self-deprecation for some and sexual humor for others. Pleshette, as grandma Claire, has the primetime equivalent of a gutter mouth, but at least her comic timing is such that the material and not her acting offends. The material is too overbooked with sex jokes to generate any care for these characters. Add to that a thorough lack of chemistry among the cast — Feuerstein shows emotion as if he’s attached to the Clapper — and it comes out in desperate need of a rewrite and re-casting.

Williams displays a winning coyishness, but she’s hardly in the position to carry this sitcom.

Offensive on so many levels is Tessie Santiago’s character, the dimwitted anchor Lucia Rojas-Klein. Her habit of repeating everything her TV partner says — despite her total disdain of him — is only annoying when held up against the stereotype of a Latina diva she plays. The Lucia character is obnoxious, and Santiago plays her out of control — imagine Lucy and Ricky Ricardo rolled into a single inflated ego.

Letscher doesn’t do much better with Gavin Stone, who’s as big a joke as Ted Baxter in his WJM days. The overly animated Jere Burns is stuck with the all too obvious role of station manager Frank Alfano, and Brooke Dillman, who appears deadpan at first as the weather-casting Sister Brenda, is — surprise — as gruff as the rest of ’em.

Good Morning, Miami

NBC, Thurs. Sept. 26, 9:30 p.m.

Production: Taped in Studio City, Calif., by Warner Bros. Television. Executive producers, David Kohan, Max Mutchnick; co-executive producer, Richard Day; producer, Tim Kaiser; associate producer, Bruce Alden; director, Terry Hughes; director of photography, Ken Lamkin; writers, David Kohan, Max Mutchnick.

Crew: Editor, John Fuller; casting, Tracy Lilienfield. 30 MIN.

Cast: Jake Silver - Mark Feuerstein Dylan Messinger - Ashley Williams Gavin Stone - Matt Letscher Frank Alfano - Jere Burns Lucia Rojas-Klein - Tessie Santiago Penny - Constance Zimmer Sister Brenda - Brooke Dillman Claire - Suzanne Pleshette

A Review from The New York Times

Published: September 26, 2002

NBC, tonight at 9:30, Eastern and Pacific times; 8:30 Central time

All you have to believe in to appreciate ''Good Morning Miami'' is love at first sight. Well, that and the right to joke about nuns, addictions and panic attacks. Already there's reason to care about Jake (Mark Feuerstein, 31), who goes on a job interview to produce and fix the worst morning talk show in the world. About his grandmother (the lovable Suzanne Pleshette, 65, which would have made her 34 when her grandson was born). About Dylan (Ashley Williams; think Jenna Elfman with depth), the show's hairdresser, who is the only reason Jake takes the job. About the show's untalented co-hosts (Matt Letscher and Tessie Santiago), who hate each other -- two Ted Baxters for the price of one.

O.K., the weather nun is not a witty concept, but this bright new workplace comedy is several steps ahead of the pack. And it bravely goes for risky punch lines. ''You think alcoholics are funny?'' demands Gavin, who has just told his 12-step story. Jake tells the truth: ''I think they're funnier than recovering alcoholics.'' ANITA GATES

A Review from The Michigan Daily

'Good Morning, Miami' is a fine wake-up for NBC Thursdays
By Douglas Wernert, Daily Arts Writer on 10/2/02

Jake Silver has no idea what he's gotten himself into. He's contemplating taking on the role of producer for a daytime talk show. He has a panicky station manager, a pompous host and a nun for a meteorologist. Trying to maintain some sense of balance will be a challenge. Luckily, NBC didn't have this problem, as "Good Morning, Miami" is a fine mix of comedy and heart-felt substance.
Jake (Matt Feuerstein) is a big-time, yet down-to-earth, producer who sees this new endeavor as a work in progress. His desperate, worried station manager, Frank (Jere Burns), will stop at no lengths to persuade him to take the job. Jake isn't really sure if a conceited host, Gavin (Matt Letscher), and his beautiful, yet easily bored Hispanic co-host, Lucia (Tessie Santiago) is the type of person he wants to work with.

What could be the only solution to this problem? Well, have Jake fall for someone, of course. That "someone" is the show's hairdresser, Dylan (Ashley Williams), an attractive, funny, energetic gal that can read Jake like a book. Jake now must choose between a love-at-first sight, or a successful job, which takes a predictable yet interesting turn at the end of the first episode.

Jake's frisky grandmother, Claire (Suzanne Pleshette, "The Bob Newhart Show") and Sister Brenda, a hilarious religiously-motivated weather-nun (Brooke Dillman) give the women a chance to also shine in this comedy. The writing is fast and funny, and the possible romance seems like an afterthought at times, but it always comes back at just the right time to keep you intrigued.

The characters are all given ample time to make their presence known, and each has a unique personality. There's at least one character that everyone can call their favorite, and they will only get better as the show develops from week to week.

With a great time slot (9:30, as a lead-in to "ER") and a strong cast, "Good Morning, Miami" can develop into being something more than just a blip on the new-series radar. A good evening's worth of entertainment is what you expect, and NBC delivers.

An Article from Entertainment Weekly
Published on August 20, 2003

In the News
'Miami' Advice
Queer Eye guys make over NBC's struggling ''Miami.'' The Fab Five make their acting debut on sitcom ''Good Morning, Miami''

By Gary Susman

Apparently, NBC thinks there's very little on its schedule that can't be spruced up by the Fab Five style gurus of ''Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.'' The ''Queer Eye'' quintet, whose series is a summer hit on NBC-owned Bravo, have already crossed over to NBC primetime with a couple of imported ''Queer Eye'' episodes, and also gave makeovers to Jay Leno and his ''Tonight Show'' set. Now, they're lending their tastemaking skills to NBC's fictional characters, starting with the network's struggling ''Good Morning, Miami.''

The Fab Five will appear in the Oct. 7 episode as themselves, helping TV morning show producer Jake (Mark Feuerstein) and his hairstylist squeeze Dylan (Ashley Williams) transform their cramped studio apartment into a cozy living space. In case that's not enough fabulousness, the episode will also feature guest appearances by Tiffani Theissen and real-life morning-show gabber Jillian Barberie.

There was more to the guest booking than giving ''Miami'' a ratings makeover, executive producer Bill Prady told the Hollywood Reporter. ''Considering the way we [writers] dress, we were looking for a way to get ourselves made over at the show's expense,'' he said.

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