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Even Stevens aired from June 2000 until June 2003 on The Disney Channel.

Louis Stevens ( Shia LaBeouf) was a typical sitcom kid-an angelic seventh-grade schemer whose best-laid plans were often tripped up-in this sunny comedy set in Sacramento, California. Ren ( Christy Carlson Romano) was his smarter older sister, one year ahead of him at Lawrence Junior High School but light-years ahead in grades and popularity. Wheras Louis wanted to get by with as little work as possible, Ren couldn't get enough; to her, Louis was a first-class nuissance. Casting another long shadow was older brother Donnie ( Nick Spano), a self-absorbed jock who was a sports legend at the local high school. Dad and Mom were overachievers ,too . Steve ( Tom Virtue) being a successful attorney and Eileen ( Donna Pescow), a state senator. Friends at school included sometime girlfriend Tawny ( Margo Harshman) and pal Twitty( A.J. Trauth), an aspiring musician with a band called the Alan Twitty Project. Tom ( Fred Myers) was the school A/V geek who helped Louis with his schemes. Stories involved braces, school rivalries, puppy loves, and how to get out of homework.

In later seasons Ren gained a best friend in gossipy Ruby ( Lauren Frost), while Louis and Twitty picked up an annoying little eight-year old hanger-on named Beans ( Steven Anthony Lawrence). On the home front Eileen ran for state attorney general and later, at the end of the series' run, for the U.S. Senate. What's a slacker to do in a family like that?

A Review from Variety

Even Stevens
(Series -- Disney Channel; Sat. June 17, 5:30 p.m.)

Filmed in Los Angeles by Brookwell McNamara. Executive producers, David Brookwell, Sean McNamara. Matt Dearborn; co-executive producer, Ehrich Van Lowe; supervising producer, Lore Kimbrough; producer, David Grace; director, Paul Hoen; writer, Ehrich Van Lowe.

Louis Stevens - Shia LaBeouf
Ren Stevens - Christy Romano
Donnie Stevens - Nick Spano
Eileen Stevens - Donna Pescow
Steve Stevens - Tom Virture

This review was corrected on June 19, 2000.
Judging by the one episode allotted for review, the Disney Channel's new original series "Even Stevens" is OK: It mines the young teen territory that Nickelodeon rules and is amiable enough, but leads Shia LaBeouf and Christy Romano should start plotting the rest of their careers, as these two young thesps bring polish and excellent timing to the material.More than one option(Person) Even Stevens
(Tv) Even Stevens

Louis (LaBeouf) and Ren (Romano) are siblings in the same high school, although they inhabit much different worlds: Louis is a freshman who's slightly geeky and awkward; Ren is a classic overachiever -- a star student and the first to volunteer for anything. In fact, her parents get her an electronic organizer for her birthday, because it "suits her personality."

So the setup is the sibling version of type Z loser vs. type A winner, but in this seg, it's sis who gets the short end, when Louis, in order to get a prized trading card, tricks his sister into a "date" with the grossest kid in school. Worse, in order to win the card, the encounter must end with a kiss. What ensues is Farrelly brothers lite, and everything has a happy ending.

Script from Matt Dearborn and Mark Fink may be mild on the comedy but hits in spots, while helmer Paul Hoen uses some trendy camera tricks to goose visuals.

Little is done with the other major characters, as Louis and Ren take center stage in this seg and shine. LaBeouf is like a pre-teen Garry Shandling, and indeed his character has posters of "Seinfeld's" Kramer and Jay Leno in his room, underlining Louis' sensibilities. Romano comes off like a junior Wendie Malick, snooty and human and entertaining to watch.

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