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You Again? aired from February 1986 until March 1987 on NBC.

Ever since his bitter divorce 10 years before, supermarket manager
Henry Willows (Jack Klugman) had been leading a quiet, peaceful
life-and getting very set in his ways. Until, that is, his 17 year old
son Matt (John Stamos), whom he had not seen since the divorce, turned
up on his doorstep. Henry's life was thrown into turmoil. Matt was a
girl-chasing, borderline juvenile delinquent and more than his
conservative father could deal with. There was much yelling, and a lot
of difficult adjustments to make on both sides, but underneath it
all-as in all sitcoms-genuine affection. Henry's sarcastic British
housekeeper Enid ( Elizabeth Bennett), tossed in a few wisecracks from
the women's point of view.

Adapted from the British series Home to Roost, which was still running
in that country. You Again? boasted at least one TV first. Actress
Elizabeth Bennett played the same role (Enid) in both series
simultaneously, requiring her to regularly commute between Los Angeles
and London.

A Review from the Chicago Tribune

Klugman`s `You Again?`is Loaded With Blanks
March 03, 1986|By Clifford Terry, TV/radio critic.

As late as January, the new Jack Klugman situation comedy had no title, no supporting actor, no executive producer and no air date. Last Thursday night, it made its debut in a ``sneak preview,`` and it is obvious that there is also no show.

The title is ``You Again?`` and it stars Klugman as Henry Willows, a divorced man of undetermined occupation who, according to the publicity material, had been contentedly living alone for seven years until the day his now-teenage son showed up on his doorstep. All this is fuzzily alluded to in the opening credits, but the initial episode makes no mention of it, obviously being a segment filmed later down the line.

The sitcom--which moves to its regular weekly time slot at 7 p.m. Monday on NBC-Ch. 5--is based on what is reportedly a hit British series, ``Home to Roost,`` and in its American reincarnation, turns out to be a veritable rimshot-o-rama. (``She should know about shotgun weddings,`` Henry cracks, in referring to his sister. ``Her wedding was catered by Smith & Wesson.``)

At a press conference in Los Angeles a while back, Klugman asserted that the series would never deal with the usual teenage fad-of-the-week problems

--``If it does, you`re entitled to come back and shoot me in the ear``--and yet in its opener it turns out that Willow`s son, Matthew (John Stamos), is engaged to a punk rocker-type.

It also turns out that Henry Willows is a member of the dyspeptic generation, and that his son, a rebel without a pause, only serves as a foil for his father`s putdowns.

Matthew`s girlfriend, according to Henry, is ``the Wicked Witch of the West,`` a.k.a. ``the bride of Dracula,`` and when Henry meets her father, he says he expected him to have a bolt in his neck. When Matthew says she`s busy cooking dinner, Henry asks if she`s going to use a cauldron. When Matthew says she is ``whipping up`` some meatloaf, Henry asks, ``What is she going to whip up for dessert--us?``

When Matthew announces that they`re actually engaged, Henry says, ``She`s not ready for marriage. She can`t even speak.`` When Matthew says, ``I`m helping her to get out of her shell,`` Henry says, ``She looks like she came out of a coffin,`` adding, ``I`m not worried about losing a son; I`m worried about gaining a ghoul.``

As if more of this were needed, there is also a busybody housekeeper

(Elizabeth Bennett of the original English cast), who chips in her quid`s worth by mentioning that the young lady ``looks like she`s been pulled through a hedge, backwards.``

Jack Klugman previously had been involved in two hit series, ``The Odd Couple`` and ``Quincy``--as well as the extremely short-lived ``Harris Against the World``--and it is a puzzle why the self-admitted I-don`t-need-to-work actor agreed to something like this, which is, simply, wall-to-wall awful. Leaving no groan unturned, writer Eric Chappell, who created ``Home to Roost,`` even throws in some Vegas-style zingers. (Son: ``You`re supposed to hug your children.`` Father: ``Who says so?`` Son: ``The psychiatrists.``

Father: ``Then let the psychiatrists hug you.``)

The whole thing ends with the star, who all along has been mugging shamelessly, rolling his eyes upward, which is not a bad piece of commentary. With the caveat that (as Henry Willows might very well say) one man`s meatloaf is . . ., let the record show that, by this viewer`s tabulation, there was not one legitimate laugh in the entire half hour.

In your ear, Mr. Klugman.

An Article from the LA Times

Nbc Series 'You Again?' To Fade Out
December 19, 1986

NBC won't be asking "You Again?" much longer. The network said Thursday that the comedy series, starring Jack Klugman and John Stamos as father and son, will have its final broadcast Jan. 7.

The show, based on a British series called "Home to Roost," debuted with good ratings last February but has not fared well in competition with ABC's "Dynasty" and CBS' "Magnum, P.I." It ranks 52nd among the 78 series that have been broadcast this season.

NBC did not say what will replace "You Again?"

It did announce, however, that the 8-9 p.m. Friday time period occupied by the previously canceled "A-Team" will be filled as of Jan. 9 by "Stingray," a series that is being brought back from last season. Nick Mancuso plays a man who travels about the country in a 1965 Corvette Stingray helping people in distress.

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