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Reggie aired from August until September 1983 on ABC.

Reggie was based on a British television series that had begun with an interesting premise: a frustrated middle-aged executive, exhausted by the pressures and monotony of his life, faked his own suicide by walking into the ocean. He then came back in all manner of outrageous disguises to snoop on his family and friends ( who were mourning him-sort of) and ended up romancing and marrying his own "widowed" wife, before the ruse was discovered. The American series never tried that innovative ploy, but it did depict a frustrated Reggie ( Richard Mulligan) trying to cope with his perpetual midlife crisis through daydream fantasies that viewers saw and that sometimes came true.

Reggie's job at the Funtime Ice Cream Company gave him the most woe, especially his incredibly overbearing young boss, C.J. ( Chip Zien) , and his luscious secretary, Joan ( Jean Smart), about whom he had been having sexual fantasies for years ( unknown to Reggie, she had been having the same fantasies about him). He worried about his sexual prowess with his wife, Elizabeth ( Barbara Barrie), worried about his daughter, Linda ( Dianne Kay), and her obnoxious husband, Tom ( Timothy Stack), lusted for his son Mark's ( Timothy Busfield) girlfriend, and confided his darkest secrets to Monty, a large stuffed toy fox attired in English hunting habit.

Based on the British series The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin , and David Nobbs' book of the same name.

A Review from The New York Times


Published: August 2, 1983

REGGIE has problems - sexual, professional and familial. To cope, he has fantasies, none lingering, all fleeting, the stuff of which sight gags are made. Reggie, 47 years old, is afflicted by midlife crisis. He is the title character in ''Reggie,'' a new ABC series, which airs its first episode at 9:30 tonight. On Thursday, the series will move into its regular time period at 9.

Male midlife crisis isn't a bad idea for a comedy series, and ''Reggie'' does have its moments. It isn't bad at all, for example, when Reggie, struck by impotence, asks a doctor for advice. Aha, the doctor says knowingly. Does Reggie mean he can't stop thinking about sex, but can't do anything about it, either?

''Yes,'' Reggie says excitedly, ''what the hell is that?''

''I don't know,'' the doctor says. ''I got the same thing myself.''

There is a lot of humor like that on ''Reggie.'' And the truth is it doesn't come from midlife crisis so much as it does from shtik. Reggie is played by Richard Mulligan, who shows much the same persona he did on ''Soap.'' The difference is that this time he's not supposed to be nuts. He dithers, he does double takes, he mugs. If you think this is funny, you'll think ''Reggie'' is funny.

Tonight's episode opens with Reggie and his wife (Barbara Barrie) having problems, broadly hinted at, in bed. Their son enters, introducing his new girlfriend, and asking permission for them to spend the night. Reggie is shocked and says no. The son thinks his father is antediluvian. The girlfriend, meanwhile, flirts with Reggie. This leads to some of his fantasies.

Actually, the fantasies aren't risque, no matter how much smirking goes on. In one, Reggie even sees himself in top hat and tails, his son's girlfriend in a bridal gown, the two of them getting married. However, when you see a man having a sexual fantasy that must be sanctified by marriage, you're seeing a man who's not having a sexual fantasy at all. ''Reggie'' pretends to be naughty, but like so many soap-opera comedies it really isn't.

Much of the rest of the action is about Reggie's professional problems. These center on his young boss, C. J., the owner of the Fun-Time Deserts Company. ''I love you like an employee,'' says C. J., amusingly played by Chip Zien. When Reggie starts to say, ''C. J., do you think . . .?'' C. J. cuts him off. ''I try not to,'' he says quickly.

Julie and Dinah Kirgo, who wrote ''Reggie,'' go in for antic humor, and much of the time they find it. But the parts don't add up to a whole, and ''Reggie'' is only another series about a klutz. Television situation comedies stay in a fixed firmament. Reggie is no different than Chester Riley in the old ''Life of Riley,'' except that he worries about impotence.

''Reggie,'' which is based on a British series, ''The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin,'' also has a theme song, ''The Real Me.'' It says that Reggie wants to ride a dolphin and see exotic places. Riley would have liked that, too.

An Article from the UPI

TV World'Reggie' no knee-slapper,
By JULIANNE HASTINGS, UPI TV Reporter | Aug. 2, 1983

NEW YORK -- Richard Mulligan stars tonight in the new ABC series 'Reggie,' the adventures of an aging American executive struggling to stay sane in a society hallmarked by failed marriages, yogurt bodies, Brooke Shields and bottled water.

The premiere program of 'Reggie' will air from 9:30-10 p.m. EST tonight and Episode 2 will be broadcast in the limited series' regular weekly time slot, 9-9:30 p.m. EDT Thursday.

The situation comedy about a man going through mid-life crisis is based on the book by David Nobbs, 'The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin,' which previously was used to make the popular British TV series of the same name -- a PBS pick up.

The 'Reggie' scripts take place in America and focus on a conservative, hard-working, middle-class American, who sees nothing in his future but more and more and even more of the same.

Over the years, ice cream company sales exec Reggie Potter has held on to the same job, been faithful to the same wife (Barbara Barrie), and with her raised two likable, fairly reliable children, Mark (Timothy Busfield) and Linda (Dianne Kay).

But enough is enough.

At age 47, Potter has had it with all this sameness. He begins to worry about dying before he has a chance to 'swim with the dolphins off the Isle of Capri.'

Worry? He's terrified and that's supposed to be funny.

In Episode 1, a confused and torn Reggie is pursued by Mark's latest girlfriend, Debra (Lisa Freeman).

There are a couple of nice fast jokes in 'Reggie,' like Potter explaining to his son that it might be 1983 out there, but in his house 'it will always be 1959.' This causes the adoring Debra to coo back, 'Oh, you're so 'Father Knows Best.''

Then there's the confrontation in Reggie's office when Mark walks in to find Debra kissing his dad. 'Man, how could you do this to me?' Mark moans. 'I don't have the money for therapy.'

The scene at the doctor's office, when Reggie goes in for a check-up, is the best.

But a lot of the lines are sad or embarrassing, not amusing.

ABC says in its handouts touting 'Reggie' that Mulligan coined the word 'seriocom' in place of sitcom to describe this summer series.

There's no rule saying that a series can't be poignant and funny at the same time -- that's life -- but a footnote should be added: unless there's a laugh track. NBC's 32-year-old soap serial 'Search for Tomorrow' will be presented live Thursday for the first time since 1968 because the episode taped for airing that afternoon has disappeared, the network announced Monday.

The decision to go live was made after it was confirmed that tapes of the episode were missing from the editing room at Reeds Teletape Theater on Manhattan's upper West Side, a network spokesman said.

'Two copies of the show taped on July 22 were sitting in the editing room ready to be edited when they disappeared,' program Executive Producer Joanna Lee said.

'There is no proof, but I am convinced it was a theft,' Ms. Lee said. 'They (the tapes) were seen here at closing time July 22nd and they were gone the following Monday morning.'

Because of production demands and the show's strenuous taping schedule, and the fact that 'the creative challenge of live television appealed to all of us,' it was decided to go live, she said.

The NBC spokesman said a dress rehearsal would be taped from 11-11:30 a.m. Thursday 'just in case.'

Cast members appearing in the live show will range from Larry Haines, who has been on the longest-running daytime drama in the history of network television since shortly after it premiered Sept. 3, 1951, through Cain DeVore, who will be making his TV debut, and 13-year-old Damion Shellerase.

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