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Going Places aired from September 1990 until July 1991 on ABC.

This frothy comedy was the ultimate in navel-staring, tv comedy writers writing about the funny world of tv comedy writers. A team of 4 bright young neophytes had been put together to write gags for a Candid Camera-type series called Here's Looking At You: Conservative Chicago ad man Charlie ( Alan Ruck), his frisky insecure brother Jack ( Jerry Levine), sexy and slightly naive Alex from Denver ( Heather Locklear), and abrassive New Yorker Kate ( Hallie Todd). They all lived together and played pranks on one another in a sunny Los Angeles beachhouse-except when they were facing their alternately tyrannical/neorotic producer Dawn ( Holland Taylor), in her plush offices. Lindsay ( Staci Keanan), was the bouncy teenager who lived next door.

All this cheer failed to draw an audience, so in January Going Places was completely revamped. Here's Looking At You was canceled, and the foursome became the production team for a maniacal talk-show host named Dick Roberts( Steve Vinovich), and his frazzled producer Arnie ( Phillip Charles Mackenzie). Dawn Disappeared, but joining the show were Kate's troublemaking nephew Nick ( J.D. Daniels), who came to live with them, and ( towaard the end of the run) Dick's son Sam ( Christoper Castile), who became Nick's pal.

A Review from USA TODAY


ABC's 'Going Places' should pack up, move out

Hard to figure ABC. On one hand it brings out Gabriel's Fire and Cop Rock, two of the falls few distinctive dramas. Then it gives us Married People and Going Places, which vanish immediately into that thick bog of sappy sitcoms.

Going Places, which goes nowhere in particular, fills out a two-hour block of inoffensive Friday sitcoms from Miller Boyett Productions ( Full House, Family Matters, Perfect Strangers). They're known as baby sitter shows. Sitters should stand up and demand better than Going Places.

This new crud on the block proves something few needed telling: Behind every lousy TV comedy-in this case , a fictional Candid Camera clone-is a worse one.

As the pilot begins, Two Chicago brothers ( Alan Ruck and Jerry Levine) arrive in Hollywood to write for TV. Right away they got a traffic ticket. Yes. Really. Couldn't you die?

They're teamed with two women, a knockout ( Heather Locklear) and a knockwurst ( Hallie Todd), and they all telegenically share a beach house.

There are mild jokes about sex and virginity, but this Four's Company generates sexual inertia, not tension. As if we needed proof the concept was too thin for words, a seen-it-all teen neighbor was added after the pilot was shot.

At least there's Holland Taylor as their caustic producer, a den mother with fangs. You figured she'd never put a show this tepid on TV. But then she doesn't run a network.

A Review from The LA Times

TV REVIEWS : 'Going Places' Misses the Jokes
September 21, 1990|HOWARD ROSENBERG

ABC's "Going Places" is an unfunny comedy series about people trying to be funny. It premieres at 9:30 tonight on Channels 7, 3, 10 and 42.

With the advent of "Going Places," Friday night becomes almost Miller & Boyett night on ABC. In addition to this series, Thomas L. Miller and Robert L. Boyett also head "Full House," "Family Matters" and "Perfect Strangers," the three comedies that precede it in the lineup.

The setting is Los Angeles, where the newest members of a new writing team for a "Candid Camera"-type prime-time series called "Here's Looking at You" are two wild and kooky brothers who josh and punch each other and wrestle on the floor. Newly arrived from Chicago, Charlie (Alan Ruck) and Jack (Jerry Levine) meet their partners, hot-looking Alex Burton (Heather Locklear) from Denver and grating New Yorker Kate Griffin (Hallie Todd).

Well, it's hate at first sight for the guys and gals. But guess what? Their boss, producer Dawn St. Claire (Holland Taylor), not only wants these kids to work together, she wants them to . . .


So Dawn moves them into a fabulous house that she owns on the beach and orders them to immediately produce a funny bit for the next episode of the show. They work and work and work, and, finally, after the gals walk out in disgust and come back again, and Charlie and Jack wrestle on the floor, true genius surfaces.

But not romance. The live-in arrangement is purely platonic for now and better remain that way because, you see, Dawn . . .


The premiere of this series ranges from amiable to dumb-bordering-on-stupid. Unless that changes, "Going Places" isn't.

A Review from the Baltimore Sun

'Going Places' is the worst of the bunch
September 21, 1990|By Michael Hill | Michael Hill,Evening Sun Staff

Ring the bells! Blow the horns! Toot the whistles! Wave the flags! At last it has been found! The worst new show of the 1990-91 television season!

That most coveted honor goes to "Going Places," which premieres on ABC tonight. It is one of the dumbest ideas for a series since Mr. T and Tina met.

The half-hour "Going Places," which will be on Channel 13 (WJZ) at 9:30, is something of a clone of "Three's Company," with the John Ritter role divided between two brothers.

As if a rejuvenation of that leer-and-a-wink show wasn't enough, "Going Places" is out of the Miller-Boyett family warmedy factory. So after all the raucous laughs and double entendres-- Miller and Boyett seem to want to prove that they can get down and dirty, too -- someone cues the violins for tonight's meaningful message. At least "Three's Company" knew that it was nothing more than raucous vaudeville.

"Going Places" is the story of four bright young kids out to live the American dream -- getting a job writing for a hack television show! So this is what happens when they shut the steel mills down.

The brothers -- Charlie, played by Alan Ruck, and Jack, played by Jerry Levine -- are out from Chicago. They get a tryout job working for "Looking at You," another "Candid Camera" rip-off, teamed with the beautiful blond Alex -- played by Heather Locklear in clothes tight enough to restrict her breathing -- and the serious brunet Lindsay, played by Hallie Todd, a knockout by normal standards but consigned to the ugly duckling role in this quartet apparently because her chest isn't a big as Locklear's.

Their boss is Dawn St. Clair, played by Holland Taylor as a tough-as-her-long-nails woman who shreds the careers of a couple of would-be Hollywood types before breakfast every day. But she's got a nice extra house on her beachfront estate, so, hey, kids, why don't you all live there while you write for the show? What's about $4,000 a month rent to a nice lady like me?

Tonight they have their first assignment -- come up with an idea for a shoot set for tomorrow at a local mall. What to do? Our kids stay up all night working. Can they come up with anything? Will their Hollywood dream be over? If you don't know the answers to those questions, then you might be of the mentality that will like "Going Places."

What can you say about a show like this, other than it's juvenile, predictable, ridiculous, stilted, not funny and borders on the offensive in its fostering of stereotypes? Not too much, actually. That will do fine.

"Going Places"

(No stars) Four young would-be television writers share a beachfront house as they work for the tough producer of a "Candid Camera"-type show.

CAST: Heather Locklear, Holland Taylor, Jerry Levine, Hallie Todd, Alan Ruck

TIME: Fridays at 9:30

CHANNEL: ABC Channel 13 (WJZ)

A Review From Entertainment Weekly

GOING PLACES ABC, FRI., SEPT. 28, 9:30-10 P.M.

T.J. Hooker, chews on a pencil in Going Places. Locklear plays a writer for a Candid Camera-style show. She sits around with a legal pad on her lap, nibbling an eraser, and dreams up funny stunts to trick ordinary people. In an only-in-a- sitcom twist, Locklear and the three other writers on the fictitious show (Jerry Levine, Hallie Todd, Alan Ruck) share a big house they all rent. Great concept, isn't it? Talk about viewer identification: You get paid a lot of money to write for a dumb TV show, and you get to work at home with Heather Locklear, oh, 18 hours or so a day. So why is Going Places so drab? Well, Locklear's costars are a dim little trio who alternately overact or throw away their best punch lines. And so far, the series hasn't done much with the TV-show-within-a-TV-show that the writers work for-it's a premise still waiting to happen. The best supporting player by far is Holland Taylor as the show's producer. Taylor, a New York stage actress who graced Bosom Buddies with wit and malice, plays essentially the same role here, and does it every bit as well. C

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