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Sister, Sister aired from April 1994 until September 1999 on ABC and the WB.

A light, cheerful sitcom about twin girls, seperated at birth, who suddenly found each other after 14 years. They had been adopted by different parents. Tia ( Tia Mowry) growing up in downtown Detroit, where her mom Lisa ( Jackee Harry), now a widow, worked intermittently as a seamstress, and Tamara ( Tamera Mowry) raised in the suburbs , where affluent dad, Ray ( Tim Reid), now a widower, owned a limousine service. Encountering each other in a department store, the girls took to each other immediately, vowing never to be seperated again. Their single parents were another story.Brash, pushy, working-girl Lisa clashed immediately with quiet, conservative Ray, a sort of black yuppie. The clashes were quite frequent as Tia and Lisa moved into Ray's large house. Stories revolved around the girls' escapades and Ray and Lisa's gradual , grudging attraction to one another. Roger ( Marques Houston) was a younger boy with a crush on disdainful Tia. Or was that Tamera?

When Sister, Sister was added to the WB lineup in the fall of 1995, it was shown twice a week. Newly produced episodes aired Wednesdays , while reruns of the "classic" (according to the WB press department)ABC episodes aired on Sundays. In the first new episode on the WB, Tamera and Tia were starting their sophomore year at Roosevelt High School. Seen occasionally were Denise ( Anna Slotky), a bright classmate; Terrence ( Dorien Wilson), who was dating Lisa; and Principal Mitushka ( Fred Willard). A year later fawning Roger had matured into someone both girls found-surprise-attractive. Ray and Lisa started dating , and by the spring of 1997, they were getting serious-but it fizzled out. Early in their senior year Tia, the more studious of the twins, got a job working in a bookstore in the neighborhood mall. Even though The Smart Guy was set in Washington D.C. T.J. ( played by the Mowry twins' real-life kid brother Tahj Mowry) showed up as an S.A.T. tutor in October 1997. Tia started dating Tyreke ( RonReaco Lee), a 19-year-old reformed street kid working as a mechanic for Ray, and Jordan ( Deon Richmond) became Tamera's steady guy. In February the twins were both accepted at the University of Michigan.

In the fall of 1998 they went off to Ann Arbor, 35 miles from Detroit, but because they couldn't get housing, commuted from an apartment over their parents' garage. Also with them at school were Tyreke , who had a part-time job working for campus security; Jordan; and their girlfriend Diavian ( Alexis Fields). Diavian's roommate, Simone ( Rachel Harris), was an obnoxious , pretenious white girl repeating her senior year because she had flunked a couple of courses the previous year. Ray ran for state senate ( he lost a close race)and Lisa's dress business flourished. In February the girls met their birth father, famous photojournalist, Matt Sullivan ( Tony Carreiro). In the last episode Lisa married Victor Sims ( Richard Lawson), Ray took a job working for the governor in Lansing, Tia was preparing to spend the summer in New York as an intern with the WNBA and Tamera was on her way to Africa for a summer with her birth father.

A Review from Variety

Sister, Sister

Powered By ABC, Fri. April 1, 8:30 p.m. Taped before an audience at Paramount Studios by de Passe Entertainment and Paramount Net TV. Executive producers, Suzanne de Passe, Suzanne Coston, Sy Rosen; co-executive producer, Irene Dreayer; supervising producer, Josh Goldstein; producers, Joseph Scott, Carrie Honigblum, Renee Phillips; director, Zane Buzby; writers/creators, Kim Bass, Gary Gilbert, Fred Shafferman; art director, Bill Brzeski.

Cast: Tamera Mowry, Tia Mowry, Jackee Harry, Tim Reid, Marques Houston, David Coburn, George Lemore, Phil Buckman, Carmen Filpi.

The addition to ABC's Friday laugh slate, "Sister, Sister," a twins caper with a twist, may not be "The Comedy of Errors," but it does have its moments, thanks to the Kim Bass-Gary Gilbert-Fred Shafferman concept, good characters, the actors playing them, and Zane Buzby's deft direction.
It's not art, but it's amusing and, as a TV staple, should fare well.

Using a talk-to-the-camera technique, identical twins Tamera Campbell (Tamera Mowry) and Tia Landry (Tia Mowry), separated at birth, discover each other at age 14 in an overlong clothing-sale scene. Idea, though, is a solid and time-tested one -- having adolescent twins accidentally bump into each other -- and the Mowry girls, making their TV acting bows, are right on top of the thesping chores.

Tim Reid limns Ray Campbell, Tamera's adoptive dad, affluent, widowed and staid; Jackee Harry plays brash, no-holds-allowed Lisa Landry, Tia's adoptive mom who, out of work, lives in downtown Detroit.

Catalyst for future action comes when Lisa tells Tia they're moving to St. Louis, where she has a job. Naturally they pile into the Campbell suburban home so the twins can be together to develop a sitcom.

Program previews April 1 at 8:30 p.m. and "premieres," according to network, the same evening in its regular 9:30 timeslot. Not to be confused for a sec with Maya Angelou's significant 1982 NBC meller of the same title, the spirited "Sister, Sister" reaches for laughs and earns occasional smiles.

A Review from Entertainment Weekly

TV Review
Sister, Sister

By Ken Tucker

With Sister, Sister, everything's in the casting. This situation comedy features charming real-life twin sisters Tia and Tamera Mowry as siblings who were separated at birth. Now 15 years old, one lives with a widower played by Tim Reid (Frank's Place); the other lives with her adoptive single mother, played by Jackee Harry. In the debut episode, the sisters literally bump into each other in a department store, reunite, and the families move in together. Reid and Harry think this arrangement will be good for the girls. Once past this knotty premise, Sister, Sister is standard stuff, filled with generic topical jokes (''He's so dumb, he thinks Dr. Dre invented penicillin''). But the Mowry twins are glowingly likable, and there's a nice comic tension between the deadpan Reid and the manic Harry. B-

An Article from The Virginia Pilot

Wednesday, September 6, 1995

TIM REID, THE actor and producer who is a Norfolk State U. alumnus, fund-raiser and perhaps the school's biggest booster outside Hampton Roads, fussed a bit last spring when ABC canceled his sitcom, ``Sister, Sister.''

He thrashed the ABC executives, suggesting that they desperately want a version of NBC's ``Seinfeld'' or ``Friends'' instead of something as un-hip as ``Sister, Sister.''

Said Reid, ``These young guys running the networks look for a carbon copy of whatever else is working, what's hot. I felt that `Sister, Sister' wasn't coming back to ABC because the network is showing signs it wants to get out of family shows regardless of the quality and decent ratings of those shows.''

They don't think like that at the recently launched Warner Brothers network, obviously.

Just hours after ABC dropped ``Sister, Sister,'' Warner Brothers was in touch with producers Suzanne de Passe, Mert Rich and Brian Pollack to rescue the sitcom and commit to 22 new episodes. Reid was on his way to the Caribbean when the call came in.

``I was shocked and delighted,'' he said of hearing the good news from de Passe. ``I never turn down work. I would hate to be poor again.'' (Reid later this month stays busy hosting ``Save Our Streets,'' a syndicated series about people taking back their neighborhoods from criminals.)

Just as delighted as Reid about the rescue of ``Sister, Sister'' were the 17-year-old twins, Tamera and Tia Mowry, who star in the sitcom, which is about twins separated at birth and reunited in their teens. Warner Brothers welcomed the sisters by giving them a $15,000 gift certificate to their favorite store.

And that store would be?

``The Gap,'' the sisters said in unison when the cast met with TV writers in Los Angeles not long ago.

With the twins, Tim Reid and Jackee Harry signed for 22 episodes, Warner Brothers launches its second season tonight with ``Sister, Sister'' at 8 on the cable superstation WGN and Saturday at 8 p.m. on the local WB affiliate, WVBT.

The Virginia Beach station will air WB Network programming on Saturday and Sunday nights. On Saturday after ``Sister, Sister,'' WB continues with three sitcoms returning from last season - ``The Parent Hood,'' ``The Wayans Brothers'' and ``Unhappily Ever After.''

The WB Sunday night schedule begins Sunday at 7 p.m. with a new animated half hour from Steven Spielberg, ``Pinky and The Brain,'' followed by repeats of ``Sister, Sister'' from the series' run on ABC.

Then comes ``Kirk'' at 8 p.m., a sitcom that premiered in August, followed by three new sitcoms - ``Simon,'' ``First Time Out'' and ``Cleghorne.''

Spielberg's studios will also supply four hours of programming to the WB Network's Saturday morning kids' schedule. The WB brass is so high on Spielberg's cartoon factory that it chose ``Pinky and the Brain'' to start the WB Network schedule on Sundays.

WB will also run the show on Saturday mornings at 9:30.

It's about lab mice who are out to dominate the world. But will they be as much fun as Yakko, Wakko and Dot of Spielberg's ``Animaniacs''?

As for ``Simon,'' here's a prediction: You'll be about nine or 10 minutes into ``Simon'' when you'll say to yourself, ``Is this guy another Forrest Gump or what?''

Stand-up comic Harland Williams plays an innocent in Harlem who ends up programming a cable network. Jason Bateman co-stars.

``We expected you guys to say we ripped off the Gump character,'' producer Danny Jacobson told the TV writers. ``But the truth is that the original script was written in 1989 before the Gump film. We were working on `Roseanne' when a network came to us and said we'd like to do a show about the stupidest guy in the world.''

It took a while, but ``Simon'' finally made it to a network. Make that a mini-network. The show has a certain goofy charm to it.

``First Time Out,'' starring Jackie Guerra, is much better than ``Simon,'' and much better than at least a half dozen other new sitcoms on NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox. Guerra and two roommates (Mia Cottet and Leah Remini) face the single life in Los Angeles. Guerra's character works in a chic salon.

Yeah, it's another ``Friends'' wannabe, but with a difference. It's not so much an ensemble piece as a showcase for comic Guerra, who has the same edge you saw in the young Roseanne.

``We hope to show a side of the Latino culture you don't see on `Cops,' '' said Guerra when she talked to the TV press. ``The Mexican-American experience will be part of every story because that is who I am. We're aiming to bring Latino characters into mainstream television.''

Guerra is making quite a leap here from Yale to stand-up comedy to a sitcom.

Also making a leap in her career on the WB Network is Ellen Cleghorne, who first broke through on ``Saturday Night Live.'' Cleghorne told the TV writers that she regards starring in a sitcom as a new frontier.

``I know I can do sketch comedy and I know I can do stand-up comedy. Now I must create a character on a show that will bond with America.''

So, there it is, the WB Network. It's 10 shows in prime time plus three hours of animated children's programming on Saturdays starting at 8 a.m. this Saturday, plus, in some markets, an hour of, ``Looney Toons'' and ``Merry Melodies'' on weekdays.

The Saturday ``Kids WB'' lineup includes (at 9 a.m.) new episodes of ``Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs,'' which is just about the best half hour of animation on television. No, I haven't forgotten ``The Simpsons.''

``Kids WB'' begins at 8 Saturday mornings with repeats of the ``Animaniacs'' seen previously on some Fox stations including WTVZ here. At 8:30 it's ``The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries'' and the new ``Adventures of the Animaniacs'' at 9. That's followed by ``Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky and the Brain'' at 9:30; ``Steven Spielberg Presents Freakazoid'' at 10; and ``Earthworm Jim'' at 10:30. This worm is stronger than Superman.

A family network. That's us, said the WB Network chief executive officer, Jamie Kellner to TV writers.

``Under the Warner Brothers brand name we are trying to create television that the whole family can enjoy together, especially between 8 and 9 in the evening now that the other networks are scheduling shows with adult themes at that hour.''

It would appear that Kellner and the other WB executives have learned what the folks at The Family Channel in Virginia Beach grasped a long time ago. You can make a lot of friends, and a lot of money, by putting shows on TV that Mom, Pop and the kids won't be sorry they watched together. ILLUSTRATION: Color photos

Warner Brothers launches its second season tonight with ``Sister,

Sister'' at 8 on WGN. The sitcom also airs Saturday at 8 on WVBT.

Returning from last season on the Warner Brothers network is

``Unhappily Ever After,'' which will air Saturday nights.

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