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The Golden Palace aired from September 1992 until August 1993 on CBS.

Looking for a good investment, Rose, Blanche and Sophia ( Betty White, Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty), three of the original Golden Girls, decided to pool their money and purchase a small Art Deco hotel in the trendy South Bay section of Miami Beach. What they didn't realize was that the hotel, The Golden Palace, had almost no staff and was not generating any profits. So instead of moving in and living comfortably off the profits , they became live-in full-time staff helping to run the place. The rest of the staff was made up of Chuy ( Cheech Marin), the recently divorced Mexican chef, Roland ( Don Cheadle), the competent black manager/desk clerk; and Oliver ( Billy L. Sullivan), the street-smart young boy who did odd jobs for Roland. Roland was Oliver's unofficial foster father ( the boy's mother had deserted him, and his father was in jail). Stories revolved around the problems the three new owners had keeping The Golden Palace afloat and the assorted loony guests who drifted in and out.

Someone has to celebrate the 25th anniversary of 'The Golden Palace'

The Golden Girls made retirement living hip. For seven seasons, Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia lived it up in Miami and continually thanked each other for being a friend. Considering the sitcom was about retirees during the 1980s, the show has surprising legs with younger generations. Earlier this year, a Golden Girls–themed restaurant, dubbed Rue la Rue Café, opened in Manhattan. There was a set of limited-edition Golden Girls action figures that now fetches half a thousand bucks.

Naturally, NBC capitalized on the popularity of The Golden Girls, greenlighting a spin-off in 1988. Empty Nest ran for just as long, a whopping seven seasons. That show spawned its own spin-off, Nurses, which ran a respectable three years, from 1991–94. Overlooked in all this Golden success is the one dud, The Golden Palace. It was less a spin-off than a sequel, following on the heels of The Golden Girls finale in 1992. Though, perhaps as a sign of confidence from the original network, The Golden Palace aired on CBS.

Dorothy had married and moved to Atlanta, which left Rose (Betty White), Blanche (Rue McClanahan) and Sophia (Estelle Getty) to their own devices. Bizarrely, these devices specifically involved running a hotel. The retirees were no longer retired, rather suddenly immersed in the Miami Beach hospitality scene. There were just two other employees in the fold, a manager and a cook, played by Don Cheadle and Cheech Marin, respectively.

Because this was a sitcom in the early 1990s, there was an unnecessary kid with heartthrob hair — that middle-parted Jonathan Taylor Thomas look — in the cast, too. His name was Oliver, in true Dickensian style, and he was the foster child of Roland, Cheadle's character.

Originally, a British comedian was signed on to portray the chef. Alexei Sayle was perhaps best known to Americans for his work on The Young Ones, which MTV aired in the 1980s, in which played Balowski, the Eastern European landlord. Likewise, Sayle was slated to play an Eastern European persona on The Golden Palace. Reportedly, the network rather optimistically inked the actor to a seven-year contract.

The media coverage leading up to the premiere even promoted Sayle's role in the series. "Stir in a college student, …a 12-year-old boy who has been abandoned by his family, a hot-headed chef who once was a doctor in Eastern Europe, and… you have a 'Golden Palace,'" the Chicago Tribune wrote in the summer of '92. Co-executive producer Paul Junger Witt expressed uncommon concern over the new characters. "You don`t know how well they're going to work," he said. "You don`t know how quickly you're going to learn how to write for them."

Sure enough, Sayle was cut from the show before the pilot filmed. Cheech Marin, of Cheech & Chong fame, stepped in as the chef's nationality was shifted.

Not all of Witt's predictions were so on point.

"We're not doing Love Boat in a hotel. This is not going to be guest stars each week filling the rooms," the producer declared in the article. "This is The Golden Girls in a new setting, in a new situation, the same characters in something that we see breathing new life into the series."

Inevitably, the The Golden Palace did somewhat turn into "Love Boat in a hotel" (so… like Hotel, then?) as a string of guest stars appeared episode to episode. Bobcat Goldthwait, Kim Fields, Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, Dick van Patten, Eddie Albert, George Burns and Ned Beatty all checked in over the couple dozen episodes. There were the requisite reunions, too, as Bea Arthur returned for a special two-parter. Harold Gould also reprised his role of Miles, Rose's ex. A quite young Jack Black even turns up in the Bea Arthur storyline.

By that point, the kid had already been written off the show. The Golden Girls was in full crisis mode, retooling for ratings. From the opening credits, which featured a far lesser re-recording of "Thank You For Being a Friend," viewers could sense this was a pale imitation. In the end, it lasted a single season. Over the next few years, Sophia returned as a recurring character on Empty Nest. She was back living in her retirement home, Shady Pines. No mention the hotel was made.

An Article from the Chicago Tribune

3 Golden Girls Moving From Their House On Nbc To Cbs` `Palace`
July 25, 1992|By Tom Walter, Scripps-Howard News Service.

LOS ANGELES — Take three of ``The Golden Girls,`` move them out of their house, have them buy a small Miami Beach hotel.

Stir in a college student who has been running it, a 12-year-old boy who has been abandoned by his family, a hot-headed chef who once was a doctor in Eastern Europe, and move everyone to CBS from NBC and you have a ``Golden Palace.``

At least everyone involved hopes so.

Betty White, Estelle Getty and Rue McClanahan are returning to the show. Bea Arthur left to act on the stage.

``We had the opportunity to take three of the four women and put them in a work situation at an age in which the work force is rejecting people, especially women, and see them interact with people on the outside rather than be stuck in a home in which we might have been running out of ways to keep bringing people into that house,`` said co-executive producer Paul Junger Witt.

``We`re not doing `Love Boat` in a hotel. This is not going to be guest stars each week filling the rooms,`` Witt said. ``This is ``The Golden Girls`` in a new setting, in a new situation, the same characters in something that we see breathing new life into the series.``

NBC was interested in continuing with the series, but Witt said the network wasn`t willing to pay enough money to keep it. CBS showed ``staggering enthusiasm`` for the revamped show.

``Golden Palace`` is the linchpin in CBS` Friday night lineup, a night on which it hopes to duplicate its successful Monday lineup of four comedies followed by a drama.

``Major Dad`` and ``Designing Women`` are moving to Fridays, and will be followed by Bob Newhart`s new series and by ``Picket Fences,`` a drama about a small town in Wisconsin.

Witt said there is some concern about writing the new characters, including the chef, played by English comic Alexei Sayle.

``You don`t know how well they`re going to work,`` Witt said. ``You don`t know how quickly you`re going to learn how to write for them. You are taking your best educated guess and all of your experience and hoping that you can make it work as well as you see it in your mind`s eye.``

But when all else fails, you can fall back on the familiar. Don`t be surprised if Bea Arthur makes guest appearances.

``It would be a coincidence if she showed up for the November sweeps,``

Witt said.

A Review from The New York Times

TV Weekend; 3 of the Golden Girls in a New Home
Published: September 25, 1992

Spiraling health-care costs, age discrimination: the elderly may not have much to laugh about these days but, at least as far as television entertainment is concerned, oldsters remain a hoot. Absent Bea Arthur, NBC's "Golden Girls" has been resurrected on CBS as "The Golden Palace" (Fridays at 8 P.M.), and the old girls are, well, as irrepressible as ever. And then "Frannie's Turn," also on CBS (Saturdays at 8 P.M.), offers a wacky domestic menagerie that includes a dotty mother-in-law who watches a television shopping network to order items like a "Star Trek" ankle bracelet. Oh, you kids!

In "The Golden Palace," Rose Nylund (Betty White), Blanche Devereaux (Rue McClanahan) and Sophia Petrillo (Estelle Getty) have bought an Art Deco hotel in Miami Beach as an investment for what they envision as their quiet retirement years. But the Golden Palace turns out to be teetering on bankruptcy, and the women are forced to return to hard, full-time work. Their skeletal staff includes Chuy (Cheech Marin, formerly of Cheech and Chong), a Mexican chef with in-law problems; Roland (Don Cheadle), a black would-be entrepreneur serving as house manager, and Oliver (Billy L. Sullivan), an abandoned 12-year-old with street smarts.

Broad-based demographics in place, "The Golden Palace" is eager to let the golden girls be their familiar selves. Rose is naive, but not as dumb as people may think. Blanche goes weak at the knees at the mere thought of a man, but is not as promiscuous as she acts. And Sophia, who's supposed to be 88 years old, drips sarcasm but clearly has a heart of gold. It's all a bit too familiar, and the format is forced into some unseemly stretching. In the first episode, written by the series creator, Susan Harris, Oliver asks Roland to hide him from the new owners. "Who do you think you are?" asks Roland. "Anne Frank?" When a sitcom begins making you cringe, trouble looms.

It's also looming ominously in "Frannie's Turn." Frannie (Miriam Margolyes) is a middle-aged seamstress who has suddenly realized that "if you're not young, beautiful and rich, you don't exist." Tired of being a servant to her macho Cuban husband, Joseph (Tomas Milian), she begins rebelling in a manner that the family attributes to either feminist anger or menopause. Frannie tries to stop her daughter from marrying a man just like her father. At work, she tells off her high-fashion boss, Armando, formerly Arthur of the garment center. At home, Joseph is informed he will have to go to the refigerator himself if he wants a beer.

Meanwhile, Joseph's mother, Rosa (Alice Drummond), obviously a Sophia clone, may be mostly confined to her bed, but she's usually good for a wisecrack or two to perk up the laugh track. But beneath the jokes in "Frannie's Turn," there is real pain and far too much bitterness to be crammed into a sitcom. The most perceptive character of the lot could be spaced-out Eddie (Stivi Paskoski), the teen-age son in a Megadeth T-shirt, who casually treats the rest of the family with the wry disdain they so readily invite. 'The Making of Sgt. Pepper' Disney, Sunday at 9 P.M.

George Martin, recording producer for the Beatles, recalls with undiminished enthusiasm how the legendary "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album was put together 25 years ago.

Sitting before a studio console, Mr. Martin uses single tracks to explain how specific music and vocal effects were achieved for the psychedelic "concept" production. Influences ranging from the Beach Boys and Ravi Shankar to Lewis Carroll are cited. Photos and films from the period are supplemented by recent interviews with Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

The Beatles recall having been tired of frenzied tours and more than willing to retire to a studio where they would spend some 700 hours working on "Sgt. Pepper." Being written off in parts of the media at the time, the Beatles needed a hit. With the album finished, Mr. Martin says, "I remember sitting and rubbing my hands and saying, 'You just wait.' " More than eight million copies of the album have been sold to date. The Golden Palace CBS, tonight at 8 (Channel 2 in New York)

Created and written by Susan Harris for Witt-Thomas-Harris Productions in association with Touchstone Pictures and Television; directed by Terry Hughes; music, George Aliceson Tipton; production designer, Edward Stephenson; costumes, Judy Evans; producers, Nina Feinberg and Jim Vallely; supervising producers, Mitchell Hurwitz, Jamie Wooten and Marc Cherry; executive producers, Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas, Susan Harris and Marc Sotkin.

Rose Nylund . . . Betty White Blanche Devereaux . . . Rue McClanahan Sophia Petrillo . . . Estelle Getty Chuy Castillo . . . Cheech Marin Roland . . . Don Cheadle Oliver . . . Billy L. Sullivan Brad . . . Stephen James Carver Man 1liLee Ryan Frannie's Turn CBS, tomorrow at 8 P.M. (Channel 2 in New York)

Created and written by Chuck Lorre for Carsey-Werner Productions; directed by Sam Weisman; music by Michael Linn; production designer, Garvin Eddy; lighting, Daniel Flannery; costumes, Betsy Jones Zwick; editor, Joe Bella; choreography, Murphy Cross; executive producers, Chuck Lorre, Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner and Caryn Mandabach.

Frannie Escobar . . . Miriam Margolyes Joseph Escobar . . . Tomas Milian Rosa . . . Alice Drummond Olivia . . . Phoebe Augustine Eddie . . . Stivi Paskoski Vivian . . . LaTanya Richardson Armando . . . Taylor Negron

An Article from The LA Times

Comic Lists His 'Golden Palace'

CHEECH MARIN, who joined three former cast members of "The Golden Girls" as a regular in their new CBS sitcom "The Golden Palace," has put his Malibu home on the market at $6.9 million.

Marin, who became famous during the 1970s with Tommy Chong as the counterculture comedy team Cheech and Chong, plays a temperamental chef at a Miami hotel in "The Golden Palace." He also just released his first children's album, "My Name Is Cheech, the School Bus Driver," available in English and Spanish on Lou Adler's Ode 2 Kids label.

Adler directed Cheech and Chong's first film, "Up in Smoke," in 1978. The Grammy-winning team broke up before Marin wrote, directed and starred in the hit 1987 film "Born in East L.A.," based on the 1985 Cheech and Chong record by the same name.

Now that he's a sitcom regular, Marin and his wife, artist Patti Heid, want to move closer to town "for access to the studios," said Jack Pritchett who has the listing at his Pritchett Realty, Malibu.

The home has 110 feet of private beach on 1.6 acres, behind gates. There are two main buildings: a four-bedroom, 3,000-square-foot main residence, with a steam shower and spa in the master suite, and a separate, 3,000-square-foot artist's studio.

The original house had been on Zuma Beach, "but when the beach went public (in 1945), the house was taken and reassembled on Cheech's property, which he bought in the mid-'70s," Pritchett recalled. "He and Patti completely redid the house, putting on a new roof and adding stone all around its exterior. Then they built the artist's studio and two pools."

They also built two guest apartments, a gym, darkroom and observation deck.

"I think they'll build again," Pritchett said. "She does large canvases, and he collects Chicano art, so they'll probably want to build a home with large walls to display their art."

ANNE SCHEDEEN, who played the wife, Kate Tanner, on the NBC sitcom "Alf" (about a furry alien from outer space), and her husband, CHRISTOPHER BARRETT, one of the owners of Metropolitan Talent Agency, have completed a $300,000-plus renovation of their Hancock Park home.

The house, a 6,000-square-foot Italian Mediterranean, was built in the early 1920s by late billionaire Howard Hughes' aunt and uncle.

"He (Hughes) lived in a room that we turned into our master bedroom," Barrett said. "There was an antiquated security system with bars everywhere, and there was a terrace that he had no access to because it was barred up."

Schedeen designed an eight-foot-tall wall around the front of the property "to cut down on street noise and increase personal security," Barrett said. His wife also designed a motor court for 15 cars.

"She's painting, designing and doing a lot of interior designing now for people we know," Barrett said. Schedeen has been taking a temporary break from acting since "Alf" went off NBC and into syndication in 1990, because she and her husband have a small child.

Elton John's manager, JOHN REID, has purchased a Hollywood Hills home that has soaring ceilings and views of the canyons, city and Hollywood sign.

"He said he wanted a bold, contemporary California house, and he got one," said Doron Langer of Stan Herman/Stephen Shapiro & Associates. Langer represented Reid and has represented Elton John in some of his real estate deals.

The 6,000-square-foot house, which is on a knoll by itself, was originally priced at $3.2 million. It was on the market for about a year before it was lowered to about $2.5 million, which is close to the selling price, other sources said. The seller built the house about two years ago.

The home purchase was Reid's first in the Los Angeles area, although he owns homes in London, Australia and Spain, Langer said.

PILAR WAYNE, who was married to actor John Wayne for many years, has put the Newport Beach home she built in 1984, after his death in 1979, on the market at $5 million.

"She has other residences and this one is just too big for her any more," said a spokeswoman for Tarbell Realtors, which has the listing through agent Judy Muncy.

The house has five bedroom suites and 7 1/2 baths in about 8,000 square feet. It also has an artist's studio, where Pilar Wayne completed many of her paintings, as well as a tennis court, sauna, pool, spa and wine cellar.

Pilar Wayne frequently opened her house to charitable causes, most recently in October when the home was used as the 1992 Design House, with proceeds going to the Children's Home Society.

Actor TOM CRUISE has purchased a 77-acre parcel at Telluride, Colo., for nearly $2 million and plans to build tennis and squash courts plus a main house and two two-bedroom guest houses with a total of about 16,000 square feet, sources say, though details could not be confirmed. "He's not quite sure yet what he wants to do," his publicist said.

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