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Guestward Ho aired fromSeptember 1960 until September 1961 on ABC.

Fed up with the hustle and bustle of New York City, Babs and Bill Hooten ( Joanne Dru, Mark Miller), decided to look for someplace else to live, and work. Their dream house proved to be Guestward Ho, a Dude Ranch in New Mexico. They bought it, sight unseen , and moved west only to find a rather run-down establishment in need of much work. The only source of supplies in the area was a store run by an Indian named Hawkeye ( J. Carrol Naish) . Hawkeye read the Wall Street Journal, sold Indian Trinkets that had been made in Japan, and was bound and determined to find a way to return the country to its rightful owners, his people. He was not really millitant, just industrious and conniving and his relationship with the Hootens, including their young son Brook ( Flip Mark) , provided the basis for many amusing situations.


Thirty-eight 30-minute black-and-white episodes aired on ABC during the 1960-1961 season. The regular timeslot was Thursdays at 8:30pm EST.

The Episodes:
1-1 The Hootens Buy A Ranch (Pilot, revised version)--09/29/1960

1-2 You Can't Go Home Again--10/06/1960
"You Can't Go Home Again," but Babs Hooton wishes she could. She doesn't like all the work involved in fixing up the ranch.

1-3 The Lost Tribe--10/20/1960
Babs and Bill invite Harvey Sutter, a famous magazine writer, on a camping trip. They hope he'll write something about the ranch. But Hawkeye is the guide - and he's got other ideas.
Guest star: Alan Hewitt as Harvey Sutter

1-4 Babs Meets Phyllis Brady--10/27/1960
Babs Meets Phyllis Brady, and she's not too happy about it. Phyllis is Bill's old sweetheart.
Guest stars: Carole Matthews as Phyllis; Michael Hinn as Johnson; Eddie Little Sky as Running Deer.

1-5 Babs And The Cow--11/03/1960
Furniture or the cow? That the problem in "Babs and the Cow." Babs want to buy some garden chairs for the ranch.

1-6 The Hootons Fire Lonesome--11/10/1960
Guest Cast: Robert Foulk (as farmer) The Hootons think Lonesome has lost a valuable horse. He didn't - he's just covering for little Brook.

1-7 Babs Mother--11/17/1960
Babs' mother, Mrs. Crawford, visits the Hootons and attempts the run the dude ranch. Mama's motto is "think big," and the Hootons suspect that bankruptcy is in the offing.
Guest stars: Natalie Schafer as Mrs. Crawford; Stafford Repp as Mr. Bailey; Sheila Bromley as Mrs. Bailey; John Clarke as Mr. Bennet; Aneta Corsaut as Mrs. Bennet.

1-8 The Thanksgiving Story--11/24/1960

1-9 Babs' Vanity--12/01/1960
Thursday Babs refuses to take on any of the heavy chores around the ranch. Why? A fashion model has convinced her that such work is ruining her looks.

1-10 Babs And The Mountain Lion--12/08/1960
Bill is afraid his wife will find out there's a mountain lion loose, so he sends her to a nearby ranch. But the ranch is too nearby. Her hosts are stalking the animal too.
Guest stars: Ann Morrison as Mrs. Hartig; James Waters as George.

1-11 The Matchmaker--12/15/1960
Babs hires a young Sioux wrangler to keep the Hootons' lovelorn Pueblo cook, Pink Cloud, home on the range.

1-12 The Christmas Spirit--12/22/1960
Brook announces he thinks Christmas is silly and, except for the presents he expects, he'll have nothing to do with it. This gets the Hootons dander up - so back to the department store go all Brook's Christmas toys.
Guest stars: Jolene Brand as Pink Cloud; Tony Montenaro Jr. as Rocky; Earle Hodgins as Lonesome.

1-13 The Model Mother--12/29/1960

1.14 [--] Guestward Ho!: INJUN BILL Prod. no. 15 5Jan61 ABC, Thursday (repeated 3Aug61) Mark Miller (as Bill) J. Carrol Naish (as Hawkeye) Hawkeye's up to his old tricks again. He wants to use the Hooton ranch for a corn festival celebration, but how can he persuade the Hootons to rent it out? Why, as easily as he can convince Bill that he's an Indian too.

1.15 [--] Guestward Ho!: THE SOCIAL DIRECTOR Prod. no. 16 12Jan61 ABC, Thursday Synopsis: The Hootons need a social director. They're having some company and would like to make a merry old time of it. But no one volunteers for the master-of-ceremonies chores. (Syndicated repeat 18Jun63 WISN-12 Milwaukee, Wisconsin / Tuesday at 7:00pm)

1.16 [--] Guestward Ho!: FRONTIER WEEK Prod. no. 17 19Jan61 ABC, Thursday (repeated 17Aug61) Guest Cast: Adam Williams (as Jim Gates) Audrey Bradford (Mrs. Gates) It's "Frontier Week" in the Hooton neighborhood, and the townsfolk are having a centennial parade. Jim Gates and Bill would both like to drive the lead wagon in the parade, so Hawkeye comes up with a good idea - and whoever wins a race gets to lead the parade.

1.17 [--] Guestward Ho!: TOO MANY COOKS Prod. no. 18 26Jan61 ABC, Thursday Guest Cast: Natividad Vacio (as Carlos Torres) Richard Deacon (as Mr. Andrews) Sara Seegar (Mrs. Stone) To complete a big deal for tourist customers, Babs has to cook Mexican food for them. So Hawkeye sells her a Spanish cookbook -- but in Spanish? (Syndicated Repeat: 7May63 WISN-12 / Tuesday at 7:00pm)

1.18 [--] Guestward Ho!: DIMPLES GOES TO HOLLYWOOD Prod. no. 17 02Feb61 airdate to be verified (repeat 24Aug61)

1.19 [--] Guestward Ho!: NO VACANCY Prod. no. 19 09Feb61 ABC, Thursday Guest cast: Addison Richards (as Milbourn Curtis) Madge Blake (as Mrs. Curtis) Peter Bourne (as Mr. Fowler) Synopsis: There's a "No Vacancy" sign at the Hooton Ranch, and Babs and Bill are going to celebrate with a nice quiet evening together. That is, until a couple from Pittsburgh shows up flashing a firm reservation. [TA]

1.20 [--] Guestward Ho!: MANHATTAN MERRY-GO-ROUND Prod. no. 20 16Feb61 ABC, Thursday Guest Cast: Bella Bruck Babs is going stir-crazy on the ranch, and wants to head for the big city. (Correct synopsis?)

1.21 [--] Guestward Ho!: BILL, THE CANDIDATE Prod. no. 21 23Feb61 ABC, Thursday (to be verified)

1.22 [--] Guestward Ho!: BABS, THE GUEST Prod. no. 22 2Mar61 ABC, Thursday There's a lull in business and no guests expected for three days, so Babs thinks it's time for a vacation. But where to go? How about the Hooten Dude Ranch?

1.23 [--] Guestward Ho!: HAWKEYE'S FIRST LOVE Prod. no. 23 9Mar61 ABC, Thursday Guest Cast: Jeanette Nolan (as Mrs. Winslow) Hawkeye's eyes light up when Babs says that a Mrs. Winslow is coming to the ranch. Mrs. Winslow was known as Laughing Star 30 years ago, when she and Hawkeye were in love. Then her parents married her off to a wealthy businessman.

1.24 [--] Guestward Ho!: HAWKEYE THE MOTHER Prod. no. 24 16Mar61 ABC, Thursday Guest cast: Tony Montenaro Jr. (as Rocky) Synopsis: The Mothers League is planning an open house, and Hawkeye, who has raised his nephew Rocky, wants acceptance into the club.

1.25 [--] Guestward Ho!: HAWKEYE'S STADIUM Prod. no. 25 23Mar61 ABC, Thursday Guest Cast: Eileen O'Neill (as Blue Waters) Craig Cooke (as Bart) With Bill the new president of the local chamber of commerce, the chamber passes a resolution in favor of setting up a bus stop - right outside Hawkeye's store. This makes the local children unhappy; they'd like that money spent on a new baseball field.

1.26 [--] Guestward Ho!: THE HONORARY INDIAN Prod. no. 26 30Mar61 ABC, Thursday (Repeated 14Sep61) Guest Cast: Milton Frome (as Crazy Horse) Bella Bruck (as Mrs. Crazy Horse) Bill is dubbed "Great White Eagle," and is admitted as the first immigrant member of the local Indian Council. First there are the formal initiation ceremonies, and then the meeting place is cleared for the council's secret meeting - a poker game. (Delayed, time-shifted broadcast 1Apr61 on WLOS-13, Asheville, North Carolina)

1.27 [--] Guestward Ho!: THE HOOTENS BUILD A BARBECUE Prod. no. 27 6Apr61 ABC, Thursday (repeated 21Sep61) Guest Cast: Louis Nicoletti (as workman) Charles Lane (as Mr. Langdon) Flip Mark (as Brook) (regular) Bill has his heart set on a barbecue pit, but Babs demurs because she thinks it will cost too much. Hawkeye comes to Bill's rescue with a do-it-yourself kit - and he'll even help the Hootons build it.

1.28 [--] Guestward Ho!: HOOTON STATUE (a.k.a. Bill's statue) Prod. no. 28 13Apr61 ABC, Thursday 7:30pm Guest cast: Leonid Kinsey (as Nikita Kornoloff) Synopsis: Hawkeye declares war on the city fathers because the council has voted to erect a statue of Horace Hooton, Bill's pioneer grandfather. Hawkeye demands the reconsider - and erect a statue of him instead.

1.29 [--] Guestward Ho!: TWO GUESTS FROM THE EAST Prod. no. 29 20Apr61 (UCLA date) Guest cast: Ned Glass (as Bert Forsythe) Henry Corden (as Howard Slocum) Synopsis: Hawkeye makes fast friends with two guests from the east. The men accept Hawkeye's suggestion that the Hooton dude ranch would be an ideal spot to set up their bookmaking operations.

1.30 [--] Guestward Ho!: BILL, THE FIREMAN Prod. no. 30 27Apr61 ABC - check airdate Guest cast: Adam West (as Lary Crawford) Frank Cady (as Harry Taylor) Michael Hinn (as Jack Sanford) Larry Crawford, Bab's playboy brother, appears on the scene. When Brook passes up a father-son fishing trip for a ride in Larry's sportscar, Bill begins to fear for his status - and reacts by enrolling as a volunteer fireman.

1.31 [--] Guestward Ho!: BABS, THE MANAGER Prod. no. 31 4May61 ABC, Thursday 7:30pm Synopsis: Brook wants his birthday present three months in advance - uniforms for his little league team. Babs and Bill can't manage it just yet, but "uncle" Hawkeye volunteers to outfit the boys.

1.32 [--] Guestward Ho!: LONESOME'S GAL Prod. no. 32 11May61 ABC, Thursday Guest cast: ZaSu Pitts Synopsis: Lonesome is glassy-eyed in love with Erna Lou.

1.33 [--] Guestward Ho!: THE WRESTLER Prod. no. 34 18May61 ABC, Thursday Guest Cast: Jody McCrea (as Danny "Brave Eagle") Babs is in charge of entertainment for the PTA meeting, but she has run out of ideas. Hawkeye has just the thing: a wrestling match between the savage Indian warrior Brave Eagle - and "Bruiser" Bill Hooton.

1.34 [--] Guestward Ho!: THE HOOTON'S VERSUS HAWKEYE Prod. no. 33 25May61 ABC, Thursday Hawkeye rents Babs and Bill a floor waxer that seems to have a mind of its own: it goes through the lodge like Geronimo on the warpath - and the Hootons sue for damages. (Correct synopsis?)

1.35 [--] Guestward Ho!: THE HOOTON'S SECOND CAR Prod. no. 35 1Jun61 ABC, Thursday 7:30pm Guest cast: Willard Waterman (as Mr. Presser) Synopsis: Happy Hawkeye, the Used Car King, hires Bill as advertising manager of his new business and promises him the choice of any car on the lot as payment.

1.36 [--] Guestward Ho!: THE WILD WEST SHOW Prod. no. 36 8Jun61 ABC, Thursday 7:30pm The Hootons have agreed to let Hawkeye stage his annual rodeo at their ranch.

1.37 [--] Guestward Ho!: THE BEATNIKS Prod. no. 37 15Jun61 ABC, Thursday Guest Cast: Louis Nye (as King Cool) Hawkeye thinks his latest business venture - an espresso coffee house - is like terrific. But he's not so sure about Pink Cloud's new boy friend, a bearded beatnik named King Cool.

1.38 [--] Guestward Ho!: NO PLACE LIKE HOME (final episode of "Guestward Ho!") Prod. no. 38 22Jun61 ABC, Thursday

Here is Joanne Dru's Obituary from The New York Times

Joanne Dru, 74, a Star of Movie Westerns

Published: September 13, 1996

Joanne Dru, who starred opposite John Wayne in the westerns ''Red River'' and ''She Wore a Yellow Ribbon,'' died on Tuesday at her home in Beverly Hills, Calif. She was 74.

The cause was a respiratory illness, The Associated Press reported.

Ms. Dru was born in Logan, W. Va. When her father died, she moved to New York with her mother and found work as a model for the Powers agency while still a teen-ager, changing her last name from LaCock to Marshall. She danced in the chorus of ''Hold Onto Your Hats,'' Al Jolson's last Broadway show, before marrying the crooner Dick Haymes, who took her to Hollywood when he was signed for film roles.

In Hollywood, she caught the eye of the director Howard Hawks, who changed her last name to Dru. After making her screen debut in ''Abie's Irish Rose'' in 1946, she was given the role of Tess Millay in Hawks's classic western ''Red River'' (1948). In the film she makes a memorable entrance, pinned to a wagon by an arrow during an Indian attack, a crisis that is solved by Montgomery Clift.

A year later, John Ford directed her in ''She Wore a Yellow Ribbon,'' in which, as Olivia Dandridge, she turned the heads of the United States Cavalry. After appearing in ''All the King's Men'' (1949), she teamed up with Ford again for ''Wagon Master,'' starring opposite Ben Johnson.

In the 1950's, she made many films for 20th Century Fox, including ''711 Ocean Drive,'' ''Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell,'' ''The Pride of St. Louis,'', ''Thunder Bay,'' ''Hell on Frisco Bay.'' Most were a cut or two below the films she had made just a few years earlier. In ''Sincerely Yours,'' she played Liberace's love interest, and in ''Three Ring Circus,'' a Dean Martin-Jerry Lewis film, she was cast as Martin's girlfriend.

In ''Guestward Ho!,'' a television sitcom that ran from 1960 to 1961, she played Babs Hooten, a New Yorker transplanted to a rundown dude ranch in New Mexico.

She was married three times. Her second marriage, to the actor John Ireland, whom she met on the set of ''Red River,'' ended in divorce. Her last marriage was to C. V. Wood, a businessman.

She is survived by her children, Richard Haymes Jr. of New York City and Helen Joanna Santos of Monterey, Calif. (a daughter, Barbara Nugent Haymes, died three years ago); six grandchildren; six great-grandchildren, and her brothers, Peter Marshall, the television game-show host, and David Moss of Sedona, Ariz.

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