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Reba aired from October 2001 until March 2007 on the WB and CW.

The most popular sitcom on the now defunct WB Network, Reba was a showcase for music superstar Reba McEntyre. In this series McEntire played Reba Hart. Life was not exactly going Reba's way as this sitcom premiered. She and Brock ( Christopher Rich) were in the midst of divorce proceedings when he told her he had to marry his girlfriend, perpetually perky Barbra Jean ( Melissa Peterman), the hygienist at his Houston dental office, because she was pregnant. Reba's somewhat spaced-out older daughter , Cheyenne(Joanna Garcia), was also pregnant, by her boyfriend Van ( Steve Howey), the dim-witted star player on the Westchester High School football team. When his parents kicked him out, Van moved into the Hart home and he and Cheyenne got married. Reba and Brock had two other children, bright sarcastic Kyra ( Scarlett Pomers), who had problems dealing with the divorce and thought both her older sister and Van were idiots ( she wasn't far off), and mop-top Jake ( Mitch Holleman), who was much more adaptable and just wanted to play. Resilient Reba coped with all this , abetted by her sharp-tongued friend Lori Ann ( Park Overall), taking verbal potshots at Brock and clueless Barbra Jean. In February Reba started working as a substitute teacher, her divorce became final and Brock and Barbra Jean got married. A couple of months later Barbra Jean had a son, Henry Charles Jesus Hart ( played by Alexander and Jackson McClellan and later Jon Paul Defabry), and in the season finale Cheyenne went into labor during her graduation ceremony and was rushed to the hospital to give birth to a daughter, Elizabeth ( Alena and Gabrielle Leberger ).

At the start of the second season Cheyenne, Van and the baby had to move back in with Reba when he injured his knee in a car accident and lost his football scholarship to the University of Houston. This annoyed Kyra no end as she was finally starting to get more attention from her mother. Cheyenne stayed in school but Van took the semester off to rehab his knee. Reba, needing additional cash , took a job in Brock's dental office, unhappily reporting to Barbra Jean. She couldn't take it and went to work full time for Brock's rival , Dr. Fisher ( Dan Castellaneta). In the spring Van was reinstated to the football team.

That fall Kyra moved in with Brock and Barbra Jean which upset Reba until she realized they still had a close relationship. Van quit school to join the Arena Football League and Brock told everyone he wanted to give up denistry and become a golfer on the Senior PGA tour. The fights he and Barbra Jean had over the decision drove Kyra nuts and it only got worse when he concluded it may have been a mistake to have left Reba in the first place.

The 2004-2005 season began with Barbra Jean kicking Brock out because of his feelings for Reba. Van was traded to Denver but his career was abruptly ended when the team found out he had a rare spine condition and bought out his contract for $100,000. While he hung around the house, Cheyenne , believing she would have to support the family, was struggling in school. In the spring Reba started a new job as a real estate agent and late in the year Van became an agent in the same real estate office as Reba, where the two of them argued constantly. In February, because they owed $75,000 in back taxes, Brock and Barbra Jean faced the prospect of selling their house but were saved by Reba and Van, who bought the house and rented it back to them.

That fall Van built an office in the Harts' garage for him and Reba and Reba found out Cheyenne was pregnant. Kyra moved back in with Reba who had trouble adjusting to her return. In December Reba and Van dissolved their partnership when he got a job at a bigger real estate firm and Barbra Jean became " Stormy Clearweather," the new weather girl at local TV station KOFD. As graduation neared Kyra decided to put off college, despite her parents' objections, to tour with the band she had joined early in the year. Van and Cheyenne moved into their own house and in the series finale, Barbra Jean and Brock got back together. In the final words spoken in the series, Reba said, " We're survivors."

A Review from Variety

September 13, 2001 4:55PM PT

By Carole Horst

Credit Reba McEntire, exec producer-writer Allison M. Gibson and good cast chemistry for the humor in such unpromising characters as a philandering husband, his pregnant girlfriend, a pregnant teenager, her dim-bulb jock boyfriend and a pubescent girl with Noel Coward-like wit.

McEntire’s snappy comic timing, warmth and no-nonsense persona hold together “Reba’s” sitcom family. First episode has the divorcing Harts in “mandated therapy” after a highly physical battle in family court.

Session reveals a lot: Dentist husband/father Brock (Christopher Rich) is separated from wife Reba and reveals that his g.f., dental hygienist Barbra Jean (Melissa Peterman), is pregnant and they’re getting married. Youngest child Jake (Mitch Holleman) inadvertently reveals that his older sister, high school senior Cheyenne (JoAnna Garcia), also is pregnant. And middle child Kyra (Scarlett Pomers) comments on the proceedings with a dry delivery. All of it leads to a brawl.

There’s a wedding, a breakup, some more bone-dry comments from the little kid and, of course, a resolution.

Sound funny? Not really. But it is, mostly — Reba and company keep the brisk script afloat with a sardonic tone and a touch of sentiment; think upscale “Roseanne.”

Cast, especially Rich as Reba’s football-loving big puppy of an ex, is solid, and tech credits are fine.


WB, Fri., 9 p.m.

Production: Videotaped in Los Angeles by 20th Century Fox Television. Executive producers, Allison M. Gibson, Mindy Schultheis, Michael Hanel; producer, Jason Shubb; director, James Widdoes; writer, Gibson.

Crew: Camera, Donald A. Morgan; production designer, Colin D. Irwin; editor, Andy Zall; music, Steve Dorff; sound, Larry Stephens; casting, Greg Orson. Running time: 30 MIN.

Cast: Reba Hart - Reba McEntire Brock Hart - Christopher Rich Cheyenne Hart - JoAnna Garcia Van Montgomery - Steve Howey Kyra Hart - Scarlett Pomers Jake Hart - Mitch Holleman BarbraJean - Melissa PetermanWith: Nell Carter, Jorge Luis Areu.

A Review from Entertainment Weekly


C-By Ken Tucker

In Reba, the star stands in for the audience and express our appalled dismay over this sordid sitcom's premise. The Oklahoman Reba McEntire plays the Texan Reba Hart, whose shameless dentist husband (''Murphy Brown'''s Christopher Rich) has left her for his pregnant dental hygienist girlfriend (Melissa Peterman). And Reba's unmarried teen daughter (JoAnna Garcia) is pregnant by her moronic boyfriend (Steve Howey). Reba wants us to believe that all this vulgar, selfish behavior can result in one big happy family situation. Only McEntire, still glowingly feisty from the rave reviews she got in Broadway's ''Annie Get Your Gun,'' avoids looking furtively desperate in this seamy enterprise.

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