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Unhappily Ever After aired from January 1995 until September 1999 on the WB.

Produced by the same people responsible for Fox's Married...With Children, this comedy was similarly mean-spirited. After sixteen years of marriage Jennie Malloy ( Stephanie Hodge), looking for more excitement in her life, had kicked husband Jack ( Geoff Pierson) out of their Los Angeles home. Jack who made $40,000 a year as a used car salesman for his soon-to-be-ex-father-in-law was offered a divorce settlement by Jennie that would leave him with only $8,000 to live on. While they fought over the terms of the divorce he moved into a ratty apartment with only a stuffed bunny called Mr. Floppy for company. Young son Ross ( Justin Berfield) had given Mr. Floppy to his dad because he didn't want him to be lonely. Jack initially wondered about his sanity when the cynical Mr. Floppy actually started talking to him ( voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait), but not surprisingly, the stuffed bunny became the loser's only real friend. The two Malloy high schoolers were Ryan ( Kevin Connolly), a slob unable to find a girlfriend, and Tiffany ( Nikki Cox), a self-absorbed young sexpot. Although none of the kids were thrilled to spend the weekends with Dad, they were more than willing to play their seperated parents off against each other to get whatever they wanted. Jennie's chain-smoking , alcoholic mother, Maureen ( Joyce Van Patten), who hated Jack, had moved into the house to help her raise the kids. Despite the seperation and the fact that they disliked each other intensely , there was a surprisingly strong physical attraction between Jennie and Jack, leading to periodic sexual encounters at both her house and his apartment.

In the fall of 1995 Jack moved back into the house but was living in the basement since he had to court Jennie to get back into their bedroom ( he never made it). A year later the series focus shifted from the parents' relationship to the activities of the kids, particularly sexy Tiffany ( Nikki Cox had become the breakout star of the show) and her new rival at school, Sable ( Kristanna Loken). Sable used Ryan as a doormat, but he was too stupid to ralize it. In May Tiffany was accepted to Harvard but couldn't go because Jack couldn't afford the $28,000 a year it would have cost That fall Tiffany and Ryan went to Northridge Junior College, where she worked on the school paper, The Northridge Journal. On the September 21, episode Jennie died in a tanning -bed accident leaving Jack free to date-but she was still around in ghostly form ( visable only to her family) to keep interfering with everyone's lives. The following week she was brought back to life, when a real-life WB programming executive , Jordan Levin, showed up late in the episode and told the rest of the family that the ghostly Jennie wasn't as funny as they had thought it was going to be.

A year later Jennie was really gone from the show , having dumped Jack and gone to Europe with another woman. Ryan's hair was bleeched blond, and Tiffany had a new rival at school, Barbara ( Wendy Benson), the sexy blond brown-noser. They both had aspirations of transfering to Harvard and were in constant competition, academically and socially. In the series finale they were both accepted to Harvard and Jack, in order to pay the high cost of the Ivy League schol, motivated himself to become an incredibly successful car salesman to the stars.

A Review from variety

January 15, 1995 11:00PM PT
Unhappily Ever After

By Tony Scott

Taped at CBS Studio Center by Touchstone TV. Exec producers-writers-creators, Ron Leavitt, Arthur Silver; co-exec producers, Marcy Vosburgh, Sandy Sprung; supervising producers, David A. Caplan, Brian Lapan; producer, Harriette Regan; director, Gerry Cohen; Mr. Floppy voice: Bobcat Goldthwait.

Co-creator of Fox’s “Married … With Children” Ron Leavitt joins with Arthur Silver to send another sitcom down the chute,

this time on the new Warner Bros. network. Is it crude? Is it funny? Is it an audience pleaser? That’s what counts, and the opening stanza, struggling for yocks, earns some before keeling over. It doesn’t bode well.

Jennie (Stephanie Hodge) and used-car salesman Jack Malloy (Geoff Pierson) are getting a divorce after 16 years, but their three kids aren’t much interested until it’s pointed out to them that they’ll be spoiled rotten by their competing parents.

Jennie, booting Jack out of the house, brings in her Jack-hating mom Maureen (Joyce Van Patten), who baits him when he comes by on divorce business — seems they’re ending the marriage without lawyers, or at least he is. Scene between Jennie and Jack as they mull over what Jack’s getting — not much — has unfulfilled potential.

Youngest son Ross (Justin Berfield) gives his dad Mr. Floppy, a talking, sour-acting, stuffed bunny who snipes at Jack when they’re alone. (Mr. Floppy’s a puppet voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait, puppeteered by Allan Trautman). So far, he hasn’t earned any points as a funny creature.

Material’s blatancy could win over viewers, with Hodge’s upstaging and Pierson’s anemic attempts to beat Jennie down. Kevin Connolly plays teenage son Ryan, and he’s OK; Berfield’s younger son isn’t seen much as yet. Redheaded Nikki Cox as daughter Tiffany boasts a jazzy wardrobe and makeup that don’t suggest any serious or intelligent purpose. And Van Patten deserves better.

The writing’s heavy, and director Gerry Cohen seems unable to lighten the load. Main reason people will tune in will be for Hodge’s brazen Jennie, not for a loud-mouthed, unfunny bunny.

Tech credits are OK.

Unhappily Ever After

Production: WB, Wed. Jan. 11, 8:30 p.m.

Crew: Camera, Mark Levin; editor, Larry Harris; art director, Richard Improta; audio, Richard Masci; video, Eric Clay; technical director, John Pritchett; music, Jonathan Wolff. 30 MIN.

With: Cast: Geoff Pierson, Stephanie Hodge, Kevin Connolly, Nikki Cox, Justin Berfield, Joyce Van Patten, Jessica Hahn, Dana Daurey, Brett Stimely, David O'Donnell.

A Review from USA TODAY



Imagine the pitch:Divorced...With Children. Imagine WB's reaction:Sound's familiar, lets do it.

The creator of Fox's long-running Married tries again with a shameless clone. Unhappily Ever After (*, 8:30 ET/PT) starring Geoff Pierson and Stephanie Hodge as Bundys lite who've newly split. Not as cartoonishly grody, they're also not as comical.

Like Married, their kids are brats, including a knockout ( Nikki Cox) who gets audience wolf-whistles. More PG porn.

What guarantees Unhappily a niche in TV history ( under "classically bad ideas") is the gimmick of a stuffed bunny who torments Pierson with Bobcat Goldthwait's voice.


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