Notable Guest Appearances

The following is a list of notable guest appearances on Happy Days. This list is by no means complete. If you have any additions, corrections, etc. please e-mail

Henry "Hank" Aaron (baseball's home-run king) as himself (#161 The Hucksters)
The Amazing Randi as himself (#129 The Magic Show)
Adam Arkin as Bo (#35 Fonzie Joins the Band)
Karen Austin as Peggy (#121 Kid Stuff)
Frankie Avalon as himself (#204 Poohba Doo Dah)

G.W. Bailey as Jack Whitman (#151 Joanie Busts Out)
Steven Baio (Scott Baio's older brother) as Joey (#240 Vocational Education, #242 You Get What You Pay For, #243 Kiss Me, Teach)
Jack Baker (John Anthony Bailey) as Sticks Downey (#52 Fonzie's New Friend, #58 Fonzie the Superstar)
Talia Balsam as Nancy (#89-91 Hollywood)
Arthur Batanides as Eddie (#8 The Skin Game), as Louie (#72 The Muckrakers), as Claw (#125 The Claw Meets the Fonz), as Eddie (#165 Potsie is Born), as referee (#239 Glove Story)
Frances Bay as Grandma Nussbaum (#203 Grandma Nussbaum), (#218 Going Steady), (#255 Passages - part 2)
Ed Begley Jr. as Hank (#6 The Deadly Dares)
Irving Benson as Irv Hanson (#150 Burlesque)
Warren Berlinger as Charlie the Prince (#37 Richie's Flip Side), as Sgt. Betchler (#83 The Physical), as director (#90 Hollywood - part 2), as Mr. Vanburen (#161 The Hucksters), as Dr. Logan (#177 It Only Hurts When I Smile)
Crystal Bernard as Mikki (#210 Tell-Tale Tart, would have regular role as K.C. Cunningham during 1982-1983 season)
Billie Bird as Mother Kelp (#247 So How Was Your Weekend?)
Brian Blaisdell as Lou (#217 Who Gives a Hootenanny)
Erin Blunt (Ahmad in The Bad News Bears) as Wilbur (#86 Spunky Come Home)
Linda Bove as Allison (#162 Allison)
Jimmy Brogan as Random (#144 Chachi Sells His Soul)
Dr. Joyce Brothers as herself (#107 Spunkless Spunky)
Candi Brough as Marlene (#241 Arthur, Arthur)
Randi Brough as Darlene (#241 Arthur, Arthur)
Julie Brown (from MTV's "Just Say Julie") as Gloria (#157 Ah, Wilderness)
Reb Brown as Rebel E. Lee (#100 Requiem for a Malph)
Leslie Browne as Colleen (#112 Do You Want to Dance?)
Jan Bunker as one of the Suedes with her sister, Jill Bunker (#105, 114)
Jill Bunker as one of the Suedes with her sister, Jan Bunker (#105, 114)
Robert Burke as Tom McKenna (#99 Bye Bye Blackball)
Danny Butch as Spike (#24 Not With My Sister, You Don't; #57 Football Frolics, #61 Bringing Up Spike, #82 The Graduation - part 2)

Coleen Camp as Rose (#28 Open House)
Diana Canova as Phyllis (#11 Because She's There)
Patricia Carr-Bosley (Tom Bosley's wife) as Fern Flagg (#187 Howard's Bowling Buddy) photo of Marion Ross, Tom Bosley, and Patricia Carr-Bosley
Leslie Charleson as Dorothy Kimber (#34 Get a Job) autographed photo
Jeff Conaway as Rocko (#45 Richie Fights Back)
Didi Conn (from Grease) as Joyce (#38 Kiss Me Sickly) (plus one other episode uncredited)
Ruth Cox as Thunder McCoy- the ornery wrangler from the Bar a Dude Ranch (#116-118 Westward Ho!)
Pat Crowley as Susan (#165 A Potsie is Born)

James Daughton as Larry (#23 Wish Upon a Star), as the California Kid (#89-91 Hollywood <3 parter>)
Ben Davidson as Oaktree (#114 Rules to Date By)
Jack Dodson as Mickey Malph/Ralph's father (#62 A Sight for Sore Eyes, #87 The Last of the Big Time Malphs, #167 Ralph's Family Problem)
Elinor Donahue as Mrs. Broderick (#249 School Dazed)
Michael J. Dudikoff II as Jim (#132 Smokin' Ain't Cool), as Jason (#158 Joanie's Dilemma)

Herb Edelman (Stan Zbornak on "The Golden Girls") as burglar (#30 The Cunningham Caper)
Gail Edwards as Loretta (#165 A Potsie is Born)
Cindy Eilbacher as Betty (#2 The Lemon)
Bob Elliott (father of comedian Chris Elliott) as Gil Crawford (#156 Here Comes the Bride, Again)
Jason Evers as H.R. Buchanan (#116-118 Westward Ho!)

Morgan Fairchild as Cynthia (#98 My Fair Fonzie)
George Fenneman as himself (#129 The Magic Show)
Flash Cadillac and The Contiental Kids (#36 Fish and the Fins)
Winifred Freedman as Annette (#226 Life Is More Important Than Show Business, also on Joanie Loves Chachi as Annette)

Dick Gautier as Dr. Ludlow (#178 Welcome to My Nightmare)
Crispin Glover as Roach (#240 Vocational Education)
Patrick Gorman as Jacques Du Bois (#140 The Duel)
Ray Goulding as Bernie Cross (#156 Here Comes the Bride, Again)
Barry Greenberg as Moose (several episodes, first season)
Lorne Greene as himself (#89 Hollywood, Part 1)
Gary Grubbs as Jack (#202 Southern Crossing)

Happy Hairston (former LA Lakers basketball star) as Mr. Barnett (#184 Tall Story)
Tom Hanks as Dwayne (#216 A Little Case of Revenge)
John Hart (The Lone Ranger) as himself (#206 Hi Yo, Fonzie Away) photo of John Hart on HD
Morgan Hart (Don Most's wife) as Angela (#163 Fools Rush In)
Linda Kaye Henning (of Petticoat Junction) (as the nurse-Lt. Quinlan in #83 The Physical), as Jean Kelly (#248 Low Notes)
Grant Heslov as Dennis (#244 The People Vs. The Fonz)
Lew Horn as Officer Marlow (#18 Richie's Car), as Hinstead (#89 Hollywood - part 1)
Clint Howard (Ron Howard's brother) as Moose (#61 Bringing Up Spike); as Junior (#164 Father and Son)
Rance Howard (Ron Howard's father) as Announcer (#55 Dance Contest), as Ben Wilson (#107 Spunkless Spunky), as Mr. Burkhart (#156 Here Comes the Bride, Again) autographed photo of Rance Howard
Diana Hyland as Adriana Prescott (#75 Fonzie's Old Lady)

Amy Irving as Olivia (#54 Tell It to the Marines)

Conrad Janis (Mindy's father on Mork & Mindy) as Mr. Kendall (#70 A Place of His Own)
Karen Jensen as Ethyl (#153 Fonzie vs. The She Devils)

Robert Karvales (or Karvelas) (played Larrabee on "Get Smart") as man (#12 In the Name of Love)
Roz Kelly as Pinky Tuscadero (#64-66 Fonzie Loves Pinky) photo of Roz Kelly and Henry Winkler
Dave Ketchum as Binicky (#21 R.O.T.C.), as Coach Pelino (#78 A Shot in the Dark), as Donald (#164 Father and Son), as Donald (#204 Poohba Doo Dah and #251 Fonzie's Spots)
Shirley Kirkes as Blossom (#104 Joanie's First Kiss), #114 (Rules to Date By), #157 (Ah, Wilderness)
Jim Knaub as Don Koning (#154 The Mechanic)
Christopher Knight (Peter from The Brady Bunch) as Binky Hodges (#108 Be My Valentine) photo of Erin Moran and Christopher Knight on HD

Cheryl Ladd as Cindy Shea (#23 Wish Upon a Star)
Audrey Landers as Kitty (#100 Requiem for a Malph)
Judy Landers as Boom Boom (#99 Bye Bye Blackball) photo of Boom Boom
Kim Lankford as Sheena Dubois (#78 A Shot in the Dark)
Georganne LaPiere as Corrine (#36 Fish and the Fins), as Joy (#153 Fonzie vs. The She Devils)
David L. Lander as Squiggy (#138 Fonzie's Funeral - part 2)
Phil Leeds as J. Jackie Silver (#39 Goin' to Chicago)
Michael Lembeck as Dooley (#32 Cruisin')
Ken Lerner as Frankie (#45 Richie Fights Back, #48 Fonzie the Flatfoot), Rocko Mallachi (#64-66 Fonzie Loves Pinky), Rocco Baruffi (#190, #191, #207 #218, and #230)
Marcia Lewis as Mother Dunbar (#92 Hard Cover), as the jail matron (#146 Marion Goes to Jail)
Paul Linke (Officer Artie Grossman on CHiPs) as Bruiser (#81 The Graduation - part 2), as Bruiser (#87 The Last of the Big Time Malphs)
June Lockhart (from Lost In Space) as Judge MacBride (#59 Two Angry Men)

Dave Madden (Ruben Kincaid from the Partridge Family) as game show host Jack Whippett (#25 Big Money)
Lorrie Mahaffey as Jennifer (#103 Potsie Gets Pinned), (#108 Be My Valentine), (#136 Marion: Fairy Godmother), (#138 Fonzie's Funeral - part 2), (#139 Mork Returns), (#142 Potsie Quits School)
Penny Marshall (Laverne DeFazio on Laverne & Shirley) as Laverne DeFazio (#49, 57, 58, 138, and 143) photo of appearance on HD
Barney Martin (Jerry's dad on Seinfeld) as G.W. Burch (#115 Fonzie for the Defense)
Richard Masur as Doug (#162 Allison)
Robin Mattson as Linda (#51 Three on a Porch)
Derrel Maury as Leroy (#84 Joanie's Weird Boyfriend), as Monk (#109 Our Gang), as Johnny Suede (#190-191 Home Movies), as Mario (#226 Life Is More Important Than Show Business, also on Joanie Loves Chachi as Mario)
Maureen McCormick (Marcia from The Brady Bunch) as Hildie (#32 Cruisin')
Michael McKean as Lenny (#138 Fonzie's Funeral - part 2)
Eddie Mekka (Carmine Ragusa from Laverne & Shirley) as Carmine Ragusa (#84, 138)
Richard Moll (Bull from Night Court) as Eugene (#137-138 Fonzie's Funeral, Parts 1 and 2)
Louisa Moritz (One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, The Last American Virgin) as stripper Verna Laverne (#3 Richie's Cup Runneth Over)

Pat O'Brien as Uncle Joe (#166 The Roaring Twenties), #203 (Grandma Nussbaum)
Kathy O'Dare as Mary Lou Milligan (#1 All the Way), as Lois (#52 as Lois)
Sean O'Grady (former professional boxer, former co-host of USA's boxing coverage) as Tiger Thompson (#239 Glove Story)
Alan Oppenheimer as Mickey Malph (#73 A.K.A. The Fonz)
Ken Osmond as Freddie Bascomb (#240 Vocational Education)

Manuel Padilla, Jr. as Squirt (#15 Knock Around the Block), (#56 clip show)
Helen Page Camp as Miss Wheaton (#39 Goin' to Chicago)
Janis Paige as Angela (#188 Mother and Child Reunion)
John Papais as Rico (#145 Fonzie Meets Kat)
Michael Pataki as Count Mallachi (#64-66 Fonzie Loves Pinky) autographed photo of Michael Pataki as Count Mallachi
Dick Patterson as Skip Oliver, The Dean of Teens (#134 Stolen Melodies) autographed photos
Ed Peck as Officer Kirk (#46, 48, 73, 96, 146, 197, 225, 228)
Meeno Peluce as Joey (#183 Potsie on His Own)
Marla Pennington as Cynthia (#205 A Touch of Classical), as Cynthia (#206 Hi Yo, Fonzie Away)
George Pentecost as Duvall (#89 Hollywood - part 1)
Cassandra Peterson (aka 'Elvira') as the girl (#150 Burlesque)
Robert Peirce (now Pierce) as Bingo (#226 Life Is More Important Than Show Business); (also on Joanie Loves Chachi series as Bingo) autographed photo
Judy Pioli as Big Bertha (#153 Fonz vs. The She Devils), as Phyllis (#217 Who Gives a Hootenanny)
Larry Poindexter as Erik (#233 Affairs of the Heart)
Danny Ponce as Danny (#254-255 Passages)
Udana Power as Deidra (#13 Great Expectations), as Louisa (#68 Fonzie the Father)
Joan Prather as Ruth (#28 Open House)
Deborah Pratt (former Quantum Leap producer) as Kat Mandu (#145 Fonzie Meets Kat)

Suzi Quatro as Leather Tuscadero (Episode #'s- 96,97,105,106,114,134,136,139(clip from 136)

Richard Rasof as Animal (#10 Give the Band a Hand)
Susan Richardson as Carol (#35 Fonzie Joins the Band)
Jack Riley as Officer O'Reilly (#6 The Deadly Dares)
Maggie Roswell as Joyce James (#253 Fonzie Moves Out)
Sarah Rush as Fern (#153 Fonz vs. The She Devils)

Billy Sands as waiter (#8 The Skin Game)
Ronnie Schell as Ernie (#16 Be the First on Your Block), as Monty Miller (#26 A Star is Bored)
Cary Schuman as Fred Brill (#140 The Duel)
Peter Scolari as Jake (#230 May the Best Man Win)
Rhonda Shear (from USA's "Up All Night") as Michelle (#151 Joanie Busts Out)
Teddi Siddall as Lucille (#170 Dreams Can Come True), as Hillary (#190-191 Home Movies), as Hillary (#207 Great Expectations)
Candace Silvers (Phil Silvers' daughter, Cathy Silvers' sister) as Carla (#190-191 Home Movies), as Carla Bee (#233 Affairs of the Heart)
Phil Silvers (The Phil Silvers Show, Cathy Silvers' father) as Roscoe Piccalo (#197 Just a Piccalo) photo of Cathy and Phil Silvers on HD
Buffalo Bob Smith (from Howdy Doody) as himself (#33 The Howdy Doody Show) photo of Buffalo Bob Smith, Howdy Doody, and Ron Howard
Jack Smith as himself (onetime emcee of You Asked For It) (#42 and #43 Fearless Fonzarelli - parts 1 and 2)
Laurette Spang as Arlene (#9 Breaking Up Is Hard to Do); as Denise (#38 Kiss Me Sickly); as Arlene (#81 The Graduation - part 1), as Wendy (#89-91 Hollywood)
Richard Stahl as Van Alden (#50 Fonzie the Salesman)
Christoff St. John as Booker Brown (#57 Football Frolics)
Frank Sivero as Pockets (#8 The Skin Game)
Jenny Sullivan as Barbara Thomas (#148 Richie Falls in Love)

Danny Thomas as Sean "Cap" Cunningham (#102 Grandpa's Visit)
Charlene Tilton as Jill Higgins (#71 They Shoot Fonzies, Don't They?)
Ellen Travolta (as Chachi's mom Louisa Arcola) (#181 Hello, Mrs. Arcola), (#192 Not With My Mother, You Don't), (#211 Love and Marriage), (#232 Turn Around...And You're Home), (#255 Passages - part 2)
Janine Turner as Debbie (#236 Where the Guys Are)

Dick Van Patten as Hunsberger (#50 Fonzie the Salesman); as Vice-Principal Conners (#81-82 The Graduation <2 parter>)
James Van Patten as Sandy (#89-90 Hollywood)

Lou Wagner (Mechanic Harlan Arliss on CHiPs) as Mr. Schnieber (#25 Big Money)
Lyle Waggoner as Frederick (#245 Like Mother, Like Daughter)
Nancy Walker as Nancy Blansky (Howard Cunningham's cousin) (#80 The Third Anniversary Show)
Laurie Walters (Eight Is Enough) as Susan (#49 A Date with Fonzie)
Shawn Weatherly as Sissy (#236 Where the Guys Are)
Bruce Weitz as Robert (#121 Kid Stuff)
Ned Wertimer as George McKinnie (#44 The Other Richie Cunningham)
Jesse White as Bander (#37 Richie's Flip Side)
Ralph Wilcox as Jason Davis (#115 Fonzie for the Defense), as Lionel Collins (#194 Little Baby Cunningham)
Cindy Williams (Shirley Feeney on Laverne & Shirley) as Shirley Feeney (#49, 57, 58, 138, and 143) photo of appearance on HD
Robin Williams as Mork from Ork (#110 My Favorite Orkan, #139 Mork Returns)
Rita Wilson as Roxanne (#212 A Woman Not Under the Influence), as Barbara McManus (#236 Where the Guys Are)
Suzanne Wishner as Colette (#78 A Shot in the Dark), as Vanessa (#158 Joanie's Dilemma)

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