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Night Court - The Complete Sixth Season



Release Date: June 26, 2012 (Warner Archive - Exclusive)
MSRP: $34.95
Packaging: Keep case
Number of Discs: 3
Number of Episodes: 22
Running Time: 530 minutes
Running Time of Features: N/A
Audio: English Dolby Digital 1.0
Subtitles and Captioning: None
Special Features: None 


Is Dan Fielding...dead? We shall see as the sixth season of Night Court now is on DVD. We get all 22 zany season six episodes on a three-disc set exclusively at from the Warner Archive Collection. This is the third set in a row for the series being an exclusive to, so it is your only way of owning it. And, for now, the episodes are on DVD instead of DVD-R’s, so take advantage and order EARLY before they go back to DVD-R’s. We waited about eight months after season five was released, so we are ready for the courtroom antics! As Night Court begins its sixth hit season, Assistant District Attorney Dan Fielding (John Larroquette) is listed as missing and presumed dead when his plane crashes in the Arctic Ocean. Judge Harry T. Stone (Harry Anderson) cautions the others against expecting Dan to still be alive after two weeks of futile search-and-rescue efforts, but Legal Aid Attorney Christine Sullivan (Markie Post) refuses to give up hope and prays for Dan’s safe return. And that’s just the start of the season. Subsequent side-splitting episodes see Bull (Richard Moll) glue his fingers to the side of his head, Mac (Charles Robinson) deal with a classmate who has more on her mind than studying, and Harry jailing Roz (Marsha Warfield) when she won’t divulge the location of a truckload of toys mistakenly given to needy kids.

Night Court season six stars: Harry Anderson, Markie Post, John Larroquette, Charles Robinson, Richard Moll, and Marsha Warfield. Click, click!


The middle seasons were among the series’ best seasons and season six is among the best, I think. With Markie Post as popular as ever and John Larroquette winning Emmys, this season showcased their talents even more. Roz shines even more this season as well! The season premiere continues where we left off in season five, “Danny Got His Gun, Parts 2 and 3,” as Dan is rescued by a group of friendly Eskimos while his friends in New York plan a memorial service. In “Fire,” a fire breaks out in the building so everyone is forced to retreat to the morgue for safety, but this doesn't stop Dan from watching the election results for his race for the state assembly. In “The Last Temptation of Mac,” Christine wears herself out planning a Thanksgiving feast for the courthouse regulars and Mac faces the seduction of an attractive classmate. In “The Night Before Christmas,” Buddy comes to visit Harry for the holidays and Roz is arrested for appropriating a sled full of toys and distributing them to needy children.

In “The Trouble Is Not In Your Set,” a woman (Marion Ross) who can't tell where her life begins and television ends interrupts the proceedings brandishing a grenade and demanding that her husband be released from prison and given a pardon. On the two-part episode “From Snoop to Nuts,” Harry works undercover to get the goods on a mobster and earns a contract on his life when Buddy spills the beans about it and about Harry's real father. On the season finale “Yet Another Day in the Life,” the gang tries to set another record for cases adjudicated as the building slowly floods, causing prisoners to pile up in the hallways and Dan grinds his teeth to be off by midnight to catch a flight to anywhere.

Among the guest stars this season are Kelly Hu, Sam Lloyd, Leslie Jordan, Jordan Charney, John Astin Jack Riley, Marion Ross, Florence Stanley, Mary Jo Catlett, Gregory Itzin, Dennis Haysbert, and Mel Torme. Recurring stars include Mike Finneran as Art, William Utay as Phil, and Denice Kumagai as Quon Lee.

Episode runtimes are around 23-24 minutes, though three episodes (one is a two-part clip show though) are about 22:30, so they are possibly edited versions, but I am not 100% as I have no proof besides the runtime. Here are all the runtimes:

Disc 1
1. Danny Got His Gun, Part 2: 23:08
2. Danny Got His Gun, Part 3: 23:52
3. Fire: 23:50
4. Harry and the Tramp: 23:32
5. Educating Rhoda: 24:20
6. The Last Temptation of Mac: 24:03
7. The Law Club: 24:20
8. Night Court of the Living Dead: 24:10
9. The Night Court Before Christmas: 24:17

Disc 2
10. Mental Giant: 24:18
11. Rock-a-Bye Baby: 22:41
12. Clip Show, Part 1: 22:30
13. Clip Show, Part 2: 22:34
14. The Trouble is Not in Your Set: 23:56
15. The Game Show: 24:20
16. This Old Man: 23:52
17. Strange Bedfellows: 24:07
18. From Snoop to Nuts, Part 1: 24:18

Disc 3
19. From Snoop to Nuts, Part 2: 24:12
20. Pen Pals: 24:16
21. Not My Type: 24:17
22. Yet Another Day in the Life: 24:00


The packaging of the set is a very simple with a keep case, similar to the previous sets. The cover art has a cast photo (looks like season 4 or 5 to me though of Bull, Harry, Christine & Roz...but no Dan and Mac?) with a starry city night background and the Night Court logo on top once again. The color theme is like dark blue and lime. The back of the case features a similar starry night background of the city, with a huge shot of Bull and three promotional photos along with info on the series and set. When we open the case, we see no artwork on the panels at all once again, as it is plain white. Also, we don’t get an episode booklet again, which is a shame. The discs are not overlapping and each disc has its own side. There is a plastic holder holding discs one and two, one on each side. The last disc is on the right panel itself. At least this is good. The disc art is the same dark city night drawn image on all three discs with episode titles printed on the disc. Disc one will be where you can find episodes 1-9, while Disc two holds episodes 10-18 and Disc three has episodes 19-22.

Menu Design and Navigation:

The main menu has the starry night background and the same cast photo from the cover art, very similar to the previous sets. The opening theme is NOT playing in the background again this time. Why? As we did the last few times, we have the choice of Play All or choose an episode title right on the main menu. Why not have an episode submenu like they always had prior to season four? I understand this is a Warner Archive release, but still? There are no subtitles again. Oh yes, before the main menu on each disc we once again have a FBI warning, saying you will get 5 years in federal prison and $250,000 fine for making illegal copies of this DVD. Ouch, so we don’t get a $50 fine and time served from Judge Stone?

Video and Audio Quality:

The video varies from episode to episode, but it is much better than season four and on par with season five. It is more consistent like the first three sets, but some episodes look lighter while others looks pretty dark, especially on the closing credits. The audio is on par with the previous set and I have no complaints there. We get four chapter stops per episode again and they are correctly placed. Couple of tidbits, on the two-part episodes, the “To Be Continued...” tag is intact at the end of part one and there are “previously on Night Court...” recaps for “Danny Got His Gun, Part 2” and “From Snoop to Nuts, Part 2.” However, “The Clip Show, Part 2” doesn’t have one. “Danny Got His Gun Part 3” aired originally as a one-hour episode with Part 2, but for some reason it is listed as two episodes here. Weird, because part 2 doesn’t have a closing theme and part three doesn’t have the opening theme. They should have just left it as a one-hour episode, I think. Nothing is edited from that hour though. For your closing logo enthusiasts, we get the Starry Night Productions logo and the old Warner Bros. Communications logo after the closing credits.

Special Features:

For season one, we got a few extras. But like seasons two through five, we get NONE whatsoever on this set. That is such a shame, but expected since they moved this series to only. They cheapened the set big time, but seasons two and three were regular WHV sets, and we didn’t get any extras for those either. Warner Archive is not to be blamed here because we actually are grateful they are continuing this series on DVD! Click click!

Final Comments:

Season six is a good season! I liked everything after season three or four the best on this show. Markie Post got hotter and hotter. In terms of the DVD, the video quality is on par with the previous set. I still think fans should buy this set because they’ll want to continue the series on DVD. Two episodes (one is a two-part clip show) are under 23 minutes, but don’t let that stop you in getting this set. They certainly cheapened this set on DVD since season four, but I’m glad we are getting every season on DVD. Hopefully season seven comes in the fall. This series lasted nine seasons, so we are still three more releases away in completing this series on don’t stop now. Die-hard fans should for sure “click, click” (as the opening theme says and click on the link below to buy the set) away. Actually, make that everyone should “click click” and buy this set! That’s Judge Stone’s final decision, so click! 

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 4/5
Audio Quality: 4/5
Special Features: 0/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 3/5
Overall Score: 4/5

-- Reviewed by Pavan on 06/26/12

To purchase the DVD from, click below and help support

To purchase the DVD from, click below and help support SitcomsOnline:

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