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Night Court - The Complete Second Season



DVD Release Date: February 3, 2009 (Warner Home Video)
MSRP: $29.98
Number of Discs: 3
Number of Episodes: 22
Running Time: 525 minutes
Total Run Time of Special Features: N/A
Audio: English Dolby Digital 1.0
Subtitles: English & French; Closed Captioned.
Special Features: None


Click, click! Disorder in the court! After four years, Judge Harold T. Stone, Dan, Bull, and Selma return for a second season of dispensing justice to the assorted nuts of Night Court on DVD from Warner Home Video! New to courtroom this season: Public Defender Billie Young and Vietnam vet Mac Robinson, the courtroom clerk. Among the guest stars this season is Markie Post who plays a substitute public defender Christine Sullivan who will become a full-time member in season three! So buy this season so you can how Markie got her start!

Night Court season two stars: Harry Anderson, Ellen Foley, John Larroquette, Charles Robinson, Richard Moll, and Selma Diamond.

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

Season two wasn’t the greatest season but it still had good episodes. The season premiere “The Nun,” has a young novice nun that decides to leave her convent after becoming smitten with Harry. In the very next episode, “Daddy for Defense,” bright young public defender Christine Sullivan finds out she still has a lot to learn after her first day in Harry's court, while Harry ends up throwing her overprotective father in jail for insulting him. In “Billie and the Cat,” on her first day, Public Defender Billie Young takes an aggressive stand in defense of her client against a powerful corporation, a stand that leads to her being jailed for contempt. In “The Blizzard,” a blizzard traps the gang inside the courthouse without supplies, and an electrical failure traps Dan in an elevator with a gay man who finds him very attractive. In “Take My Wife Please,” Mac marries a woman he met in Viet Nam and Harry refuses to ignore his duties despite the loss of his sight. In “Battling Bailiff,” feeling dissatisfied with his job, Bull becomes interested in a wrestling promoter's offer. In “Mac and Quon Lee: Together Again,” after Quon Le, Mac's legal wife, is caught sharing house with a group of prostitutes, she says she loves him and wants to live with him as his real wife.

Among the guest stars this season are Dinah Manoff, Markie Post, Eugene Roche, Jack Riley, Dennis Burkley, Michael Richards, Jack Gilford, Lou Ferrigno, James Cromwell, Gordon Jump, Stella Stevens, and John Astin as Kenny (Astin would recur on the series as Harry’s stepfather, Buddy). Recurring stars include William Utay as Ivan/Phil, Denice Kumagai as Quon Lee, Yakov Smirnov as Yakov, and Terry Kiser as Al Craven.


The packaging of the set is a rather simple keep case with an outer box. The packaging for both the box and case are the same. We get four photos (Harry; season two cast; Mac & Dan; and Bull) in the middle of the cover with a city night background and the Night Court logo on top. The back cover features a similar starry night background of the city, with four still photos from season 2 mixed throughout. When we open the case, we see an insert on the left and the discs on the right. The insert on the left is a nice episode booklet with the starry night background. We get episode title, writer, director, original airdate and synopsis. There is also a cast page with names of the cast. The back of the booklet has seven nice still photos. When we remove the booklet, on the case itself you see more promotional photo stills, along with that starry night background. The discs are not overlapping and each disc has its own side. There is a plastic holder holding discs one and two, one on each side. The last disc is on the right panel of the case, when you remove that disc you get more promotional still photos and that starry night background. The disc art is the same dark city night drawn image on all three discs. Disc 1 will be where you can find episodes 1-7 (though the disc art and episode booklet say episodes 1-8), while Disc two holds episodes 8-15 (disc art and booklet list episodes 9-15) and Disc three has episodes 16-22. That is a stupid error by Warner for mislabeling the episode count per disc.

Menu Design and Navigation:

The main menu has the starry night background and the same cast photo from the cover art. The opening theme is playing in the background as well. We have the choice of Play, Episodes, and Languages. The Languages option has where we can choose subtitles in English or French, while the only audio option is English. The Episodes section has a list of episode titles from the disc along with two photos.

Video and Audio Quality:

The video is not bad. It is watchable but the early episodes to me seemed so dark looking. I think it gets better by season three. The audio is a bit better than the video. We get four chapter stops per episode and each episode runs over 23 minutes. I don’t think there is any editing done good job by Warner Bros. Here are the runtimes:

Disc 1
1. The Nun: 23:54
2. Christine and Mac (a.k.a. Daddy for the Defense): 23:54
3. Billie and the Cat: 23:52
4. Pick a Number: 23:51
5. The Computer Kid: 23:56
6. Bull Gets a Kid: 23:53
7. Harry on Trial: 23:53

Disc 2
8. Harry and the Madam: 23:55
9. Inside Harry Stone: 23:53
10. The Blizzard: 23:54
11. Take My Wife, Please: 23:55
12. The Birthday Visitor: 23:55
13. Dan's Parents: 23:27
14. Nuts About Harry: 23:52
15. An Old Flame: 23:55

Disc 3
16. The Gypsy: 23:54
17. Battling Bailiff: 23:54
18. Billie's Valentine: 23:52
19. Married Alive: 23:58
20. Mac and Quon Le: Together Again: 23:53
21. World War III: 23:53
22. Walk, Don't Wheel: 23:56

Special Features:

For season one, we got a few extras. For this set we get NONE whatsoever. That is such a shame. I’m sure they cast would have done interviews or audio commentaries. How about bloopers and promos from NBC? Warner really missed the ball here.

Final Comments:

I am so happy Warner Home Video decided to continue the season sets after four years. Let’s hope the wait is not as long for season 3. I hope in less than a year we get season 3. The TV Favorites set with 6 classic episodes from the series came out 3 years ago even. The show got some publicity earlier this TV season when Harry, Markie and Charles guest starred on NBC’s 30 Rock as themselves doing a Night Court reunion show. That would be nice to have on DVD as an extra for season three, but could be hard since that show is from Universal. As long as we get a third season and the wait is not long, I’ll be happy. Yes, extras would be nice, but if we get the episodes in an ample pace, I wouldn’t mind much. It ticks me off after four years off they gave us a bare-boned set like this! I am happy they continued, but let’s hope we have not seen the last of the courtroom antics on DVD! Look for Harry Anderson in the second season of Dave’s World on DVD on this same day, too! Click, click!

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 4/5
Audio Quality: 4/5
Special Features: 0/5
Menu Navigation/Design: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.5/5

-- Reviewed by pavanbadal on 01/23/09

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