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Martin - The Complete First Season



DVD Release Date: January 2, 2007 (HBO Home Video)
Color / 1992-93
MSRP: $29.98
Number of Discs: 4
Number of Episodes: 27
Running Time: 600 Minutes
Running Time of Special Features: approx 32 minutes
Languages: English
Subtitles: English, French & Spanish; Closed Captioned.
Special Features: Bloopers; Commentary by star Martin Lawrence on his favorite moments of Season 1.


The popular FOX situation comedy starring Martin Lawrence is FINALLY out on DVD from HBO Home Video! The Complete 1st Season becomes available on January 2, 2007. What a way to ring in the New Year! The series stars comedian Martin Lawrence as radio personality Martin Payne. The series focuses on his romantic relationship with the no nonsense Gina Walters, played by Tisha Campbell ("My Wife & Kids"). Also starring in the series is Tichina Arnold ("Everybody Hates Chris") as the Gina's loud-mouthed co-worker Pam Jones along with his own two best friends, Cole Brown, played by Carl Anthony Payne II and Thomas Mikal Ford as Tommy Strong as well as his boss, Garrett Morris as Stan.

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

Some of the memorable episodes this season include, "Boyz R Us" in which Martin finds out Gina makes more than he does and pitches a fit. "Forever Sheneneh" is the one in which Sheneneh wins a date with Christoper "Kid" Reid. "The Great Payne Robbery" is the one featuring LaWanda Page as a neighbor, Mrs. Porter, who is robbed. "Three Men and a Mouse" is the one in which Little Richard plays an exterminator who tries to get rid of a mouse in Martin's apartment. "Radio Days" in which Kim Fields guest stars as Martin's new co-host. "The Break Up" Parts 1, 2 and 3 are the ones in which Martin and Gina break up. "I'm Not Your Superwoman" is the one where Martin catches the flu and expects Gina to take care of him. "Credit Card Blues" in which Martin is arrested for committing credit card fraud. "Jerome's In the House" in which Pam dates gold-tooth player Jerome (played by Martin Lawrence) and finally "Checks, Lies and Videotapes" in which Martin and Gina want to expose a crooked preacher (played by David Alan Grier).

And the guest stars this season include Martin Lawrence doing double-duty as Sheneneh Jenkins as well as Mother Payne. Also guest-starring are Kathleen Freeman, LaWanda Page ("Sanford & Son"), Christoper "Kid" Reid, Judyann Elder, Kim Fields ("The Facts of Life"), Jackie Chan, Richard Pryor, Lark Voorhies ("Saved By The Bell"), David Alan Grier, Billy Dee Williams, Little Richard and Kim Coles ("Living Single").


The front cover is yellow in color and features a large shot of Martin Lawrence with shots of Tisha Campbell and Martin Lawrence as Sheneneh Jenkins. The back of the box features a few color photos, as well as another large shot of Martin Lawrence, along with a description of the series and a list of the bonus features.

The set itself is compact in design. It is a flip fold case, but it's more compact than most flip-fold sets are. You open it and there are two discs on each side. The discs themselves are purple and yellow in color and each features a shot of Martin Lawrence as one of his characters in the series.

Disc 1 is yellow, and features Lawrence as Martin Payne and contains Episodes 1-7. Disc 2 is purple in color, and features Lawrence as Sheneneh and contains Episodes 8-14. Disc 3 is purple in color, and features Lawrence as another one of his characters (gold-tooth player Jerome) and contains Episodes 15-21. Disc 4 is yellow in color, and features Lawrence as Mother Payne and contains Episodes 22-27.

Menu Design and Navigation:

The main menu immediately pops up and features three video clips playing (usually the same thing, just different viewpoints) as the theme plays and after it is done, it loops. There are two selections on all of the discs "Episode Index" and "Languages". "Episode Index" takes you to a sub-menu and a list of the episodes that you can select to play. "Languages" takes you to another sub-menu where you can select English as the language and English, French or Spanish subtitles. On Disc 4 there is a "Special Features" selection which takes you to a sub-menu that lists the two bonus features available on the set.

Video and Audio Quality:

The audio is fine and the video is crystal clear -- no scratches, debris or anything to worry about. There are English, French and Spanish subtitle options and the episodes are closed-captioned. Each episode runs 22 minutes in length, which is considered uncut for the 1990s, although "Dead Men Don't Flush" runs at a surprisingly low 20:57. Chapter skips are available on each episode.

1- Beauty and the Beast (22:44)
2- The Gift Rapper (22:18)
3- Things I Do for Love (22:44)
4- Boyz 'R Us (22:44)
5- Dead Men Don't Flush (20:57)
6- Forever Sheneneh (22:43)
7- The Parents Are Coming, the Parents Are Coming (22:43)

8- Woman with a Past (22:44)
9- Baby, It's Cole'd in Here (22:44)
10- The Night He Came Home (22:44)
11- The Great Payne Robbery (22:45)
12- Three Men and a Mouse (22:45)
13- Radio Days (22:44)
14- I've Got a Secret (22:45)

15- I Saw Gina Kissing Santa Claus (22:42)
16- Do the Fight Thing (22:44)
17- Blackboard Jungle Fever (22:45)
18- Break Up (1) (22:42)
19- Break Up (2) (22:44)
20- Break Up (3) (22:44)
21- I'm Not Your Superwoman (22:45)

22- Credit Card Blues (22:45)
23- Jerome's in the House (22:43)
24- Your Arms Are Too Short to Box with Martin (22:43)
25- Variety Show (22:44)
26- Baby You Can Drive My Car (22:44)
27- Checks, Lies, and Videotape (22:45)

Special Features:

* Blooper Reel (9:25)
This is hilarious bloopers of the series. A note is added before you can watch them, warning of inappropriate content.

* Favorite Moments with Commentary by Martin Lawrence (22:02)
A very fun featurette in which Martin Lawrence does commentary on his favorite moments from season one, focusing on Gina, Pam, "the boyz", Sheneneh, etc. A nice idea and something I would like to see continued in future releases.

Final Comments:

It has honestly been years since I have seen MARTIN and it is just as funny as it used to be. A typical FOX sitcom that is actually a typical sitcom, it is silly and has outrageous plotlines with a great funny cast. I am very happy to be reviewing this set, and the special features although there are only two of them, are wonderful and I am glad HBO included them! I hope to see it continue in future releases. Overall, a solid set and one that any MARTIN fan should pick up!

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 4.5/5
Audio Quality: 4.5/5
Special Features: 3/5
Menu Navigation/Design: 4.5/5
Overall: 4/5

-- Reviewed by TVJunkie101 (Shawn Eaton) on 01/01/07

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