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Married... with Children - The Complete Sixth Season



DVD Release Date: December 19, 2006 (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)
MSRP: $39.99
Number of Discs: 3
Number of Episodes: 26
Running Time: 600 minutes
Languages, Subtitles, Closed Captioning: English, Closed-Captioned.
Special Features: None


Let's all have a "whooooooooooa Bundy!" The Complete Sixth Season of the show that made the television network Fox is a three disc set that contains all 26 episodes from the 1991-1992 season. The sixth season of the show has it all, from Peggy and Marcy getting pregnant (or are they?), Kelly becoming a smash ratings hit on public access television, a wild party with the rock group Anthrax, and the Bundy family "winning" a vacation to England that they'll never forget!

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

This is probably one of the first seasons where the show begins to rely somewhat upon guest stars more than stronger episodes, but it is important to note that the episodes are still pretty strong in this season. Of course, the season begins with the two part episode “She's Having My Baby,” where Peg announces that she is going to have a little “Bundy” of joy! And not only that, Marcy is also pregnant! Is this for real? It seems as if a new character, named Grandmaster B, has joined the show in “If Al Had a Hammer,” but actually it is just Bud (don't tell HIM that). A pregnant Peg becomes jealous of Buck and runs away from home when the whole family starts worrying more about his illness than her in “Buck Has a Bellyache.” Al isn't seeing very well and needs to get eyeglasses in “If I Could See Me Now,” does that mean he is getting old? Kelly is a smash hit on public access television and gets the chance to become a national star and go to Hollywood in “Kelly Does Hollywood,” but when censorship messes with her show, will she still be such a big star? This episode has many other “stars” in it itself, including Matt LeBlanc (pre-Friends), Jon Lovitz, and Denise Richards.

Peg is sure that Al is cheating on her in “So This is How Sinatra Felt,” so she gets top detectives--well, Bud and Kelly--to help her catch him cheating. Ed “Too Tall” Jones and Sugar Ray Leonard guest in “Just Shoe It,” where Al is recruited to star in an athletic shoe commercial. Wait, a high school football star in a shoe commercial? Bud is 18 and Al is ready to make him a man by taking him to the nudie bar, but Peg has decided it is time to give him the birthday party he always wanted, complete with a clown and a pony, in “Rites of Passage.” An unexpected guest shows up in Marcy and Jefferson's bedroom in “The Egg and I,” and it just happens to be Steve, who is on the run from the FBI! Bud and Kelly are sending their parents on a “vacation” in “My Dinner With Anthrax” so that they can hold, well, a wild party with the rock group Anthrax. Edd Byrnes and Fred Willard guest star in this episode.

Jefferson and Al run a psychic hotline in “Psychic Avengers.” In “High IQ,” Kelly is recruited to join a group for people with high IQs—are they for real? Kelly gets a job at a television themed amusement park (I wish one of these actually existed!) in “The Goodbye Girl.” Al takes a second job to pay the bills, at a gas station, in “The Gas Station Show.” Finally, the sixth season ends with the three part episode where the family goes to England, “The England Show.” The family wins an all-expenses-paid trip to England, but little do they know that it is because the residents of a small village wants to kill Al and Bud! Will Kelly save them from dying? Or will Al Bundy's “four touchdowns in one game” get him out of this mess?


The packaging used for this set is pretty much the standard Sony packaging for shows that had their first season released back in the days when they were called Columbia Tri-star... a four panel digipak, with an episode booklet in a pocket on the far left panel and the discs in the remaining panels. The outer box for the set makes it clear that the set includes two of the most well-known episodes from the series. On the front, there is a picture of the family standing in front of the Hollywood sign (although it neglects the fact that Peg did NOT go to Hollywood with the family) and the back of the box has a picture of Al and Peg standing in front of the flag of England. The inner box is interesting too, as it is designed as a photo album of “The Bundy Family Vacation.” It contains lots of screenshots, all from the “England Show” three-parter. But what really bothers me is this: there is one picture that they label as “Bundys in L.A.” with Peg holding an umbrella that says Harrods. I don't even know where to begin on what is wrong with that. First of all, as previously stated, Peg did not go to Hollywood with the rest of the family. But more importantly, Harrods is in England! Would it have been really hard for them to come up with a picture of the family when they actually DID go to Hollywood in the “Kelly Does Hollywood” two-parter?

The disc art continues the theme of the photo album, except this just has generic cast photos with pictures of popcorn scattered on the disc. Disc 1 contains episodes 1-9, Disc 2 contains episodes 10-18, and Disc 3 contains episodes 19-26. It is important to note that the “Kelly Does Hollywood” episodes are 9 and 10, meaning that part 1 is on Disc 1 and part 2 is on Disc 2. Additionally, Disc 3 contains “bonus previews,” but really, does anybody care? Plus, these are outdated... one informs you that Sony will be releasing “The Addams Family” soon. Oops, Fox has already released that, and Sony is not going to be able to, at all.

Menu Design and Navigation:

The main menu is pretty simple, with the Bundy family sitting on a couch and options of Play All Episodes and Episode Selections. Upon select Episode Selections, a submenu comes up with the episodes, where a snapshot from each episode is shown as a picture on a wall. The episodes are presented on the episode menu in groups of three, so you'll have to use the arrows to navigate from each group of three episodes to the next. There is no music or sound playing in the background on any of the menus. Basically, like with most Sony sets, the menus are really simple, but functional.

Video and Audio Quality:

There isn't anything worth complaining about here. The episodes look and sound about how you would expect them to look and sound. There really isn't much to say other than the fact that they look and sound the way they do in reruns on FX... which is actually a positive thing, because those that remember the first two seasons on DVD will remember that there were some significant issues with compression on those sets. Every episode on the set is closed-captioned and the audio is presented in stereo... or as the episodes say at the beginning, with the official Fox lettering, “In Stereo Where Available.”

Once again, the set uses the replaced version of the theme song that have been used on all of the season sets since season three. However, aside from this, the episodes themselves appear to be in their original unedited form. The first 10 episodes on the set run at 22:58 (give or take a second) and the rest all run at 23:13 (give or take a second). As far as music within the episode, this all seems to be fine too. I was really concerned that Sony might replace the song “I'm Too Sexy” on part 2 of the episode “England Show,” since practically the entire song was played while the Bundy family was shopping, but the song actually was intact, which is a good thing. The only real “edit” that I noticed (and it is a minor issue) is that the closing credits are slightly different on the episode “Rites of Passage.” Originally, as well as in syndication, you see a clown sitting on the couch playing with a teddy bear and knife. However, since the closing credits had to be completely redone for the DVDs (in order to get rid of the credit for the original theme song--yes, it is pretty pathetic that they go through effort to remove that reference but were unable to get unedited episodes in the season four set), the closing credits just have a still picture of the clown instead. It isn't a big deal, however.

Special Features:

This set is bare and totally lacks any special features. Not to be too “demanding” here, but I have something that the producers of these DVD sets need to hear: you either need to give us special features on these sets or release the seasons at a faster pace. Really, are the producers and actors of this show so busy that they can't spare a few moments to do some special features related to this show such as commentaries?

Final Comments:

The set lacks special features and has the replaced theme song once again, but in general, this is an adequate DVD set that most fans of the show will enjoy. The most important thing about the set is the content, and as always, the audio and video quality are perfectly fine. Additionally, as far as I can tell, the episodes are uncut and contain all of the original music (aside from the theme song) in this set. Admittedly, this is the season where the quality of the episodes began to decline. However, the decline throughout the series wasn't that great, because the series was still good in the final season... it is just that the fourth and fifth seasons were probably the strongest seasons of the series. Still, any fan of the show, including casual fans, will enjoy this DVD set.

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 4.5/5
Audio Quality: 4.5/5
Special Features: 0/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 4.5/5
Overall: 4/5

-- Reviewed by skees53 on 12/15/06

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