Happy Days: Marion Cunningham

Marion Cunningham

Marion Cunningham

Howard and Marion Cunningham were a classic 1950s middle-class TV couple. Howard ran a local hardware store, Cunningham Hardware, and Marion ran the house. Their kitchen was always immaculate, the living room was never messy, and they were always dressed up whenever unexpected guests showed up.

As a young man, Howard found his calling in life when his toilet overflowed. He went to the hardware store for a plunger, saw the fully-stocked shelves, and fell in love. He started working as a stock boy at the store and a few years later, he owned the business. Howard spent his free time with his lodge brothers at the Leopard Lodge or bowling for a team called the Ten Pins.

Although Marion Cunningham had worked as a secretary before tying the knot, she devoted her married life to being a homemaker. Her mother, Mother Kelp, was not too fond of Marion's choice of a mate and often called Howard "Fatso." Marion usually served as the intermediary between the two. Her days were spent doting on her kids, Richie and Joanie, and acting as a surrogate mom to Fonzie, whom she called "Arthur." In her free time, she was a member of the Milwaukee Women's Club and loved to watch soap operas.

The above profile is from the Nick-at-Nite site. I will be adding additional information that I have available soon. Please e-mail with any corrections or additions.

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