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Knight Rider - Season Two



DVD Release Date: April 12, 2005 (Universal Home Video)
MSRP: $49.98
Number of Discs: 3 (double-sided)
Number of Episodes: 21 (24 hour long episodes, three were two-part episodes)
Running Time: approx. 19 hrs. 33 min.
Languages: English
Subtitles: Spanish & French; Closed Captioned
Special Features: None

Knight Rider Season 2 DVD Menu


Michael Knight is back in style with the second season of the action packed show Knight Rider on DVD. Let’s take a trip back to 1983 and 1984 for 21 high-tech episodes—including three, yes, three, two-part episodes! The show originally aired on NBC and was huge success and had its highest ratings ever.

Catch Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) and the baddest car on four wheels, KITT (voiced by William Daniels), as they chase more elusive criminals in each action-packed episode. The heart-pounding second season of Knight Rider packs in even more thrills and more high-speed chases. It’s full-throttle excitement with Michael Knight and KITT in the action series that left all others in the dust. Edward Mulhare is also back as Devon Miles. Rebecca Holden joins the cast as April Curtis, replacing Patricia McPherson as Dr. Bonnie Barstow. McPherson returns though for the final two seasons.

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

Some memorable episodes this season include: “Goliath” in which Michael battles Wilton Knight’s son, who is a carbon copy of him; “Soul Survivor” in which a whiz kid hacks into KITT; “Knightmares” in which Michael has amnesia; “Goliath Returns” in which the evil twin Garth Knight returns; and “Let it Be” in which we see another appearance by David Hasselhoff’s then wife, Catherine Hickland. The two-part episode “Mouth of the Snake” is the pilot episode for the series “Dalton’s Code of Vengeance.” The pilot didn’t work as planned, but the show did premiere two years later. Charles Taylor starred as David Dalton and the show lasted just six episodes.

Memorable guests for this season include David Hasselhoff in a dual-role as Garth Knight in “Goliath” & “Goliath Returns;” Barbara Rush in “Goliath;” Dana Elcar in “Merchants of Death;” Geena Davis & Keene Curtis in “KITT The Cat;” Brian Robbins in “Soul Survivor;” Ann Turkel in “Soul Survivor” & “Goliath Returns;” Lance LeGault in “A Knight in Shining Armor;” Peter Mark Richman in “Goliath Returns;” John Vernon in “A Good Knight’s Work” and Catherine Hickland as Stevie March (“Let it Be”).


The packaging for season one was excellent I thought. I later thought, it was a little too big. Well, Universal fixed that this season! The set this time doesn’t come with a big case inside a big box. This time, we get a smaller box, with three slim cases! I personally think that is much better. The box art has a shot of Michael Knight's face and KITT's body (shown above) again. Left of Michael there are some of the words spoken in the opening credits, "A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist..." The back of the box art has a synopsis of the show and the set itself. There is a photo of Garthe and Adrian, two photos of Michael Knight and Michael with Stevie March. The set has a color scheme of red, blue and black. The three slim cases have the same cover as the box art. The back of all three cases has episode info for each disc. Episode title and a brief synopsis are provided in a KITT style font! When we open the cases, we get the discs, but surrounding that is just plain white color. They should have done something better than that. The discs are doubled sided again, so no photos or graphics on the discs itself. One other note: There is also two enclosed inserts when you open the box, one if a mail-in rebate form and the other one is "Great Television on DVD is Universal" booklet for shows already released like Kojak, shows coming soon like Leave it to Beaver & Woody Woodpecker, and little tags saying another season of an already released set is in the works such as The Munsters Season Two.

Disc one side A has episodes 1-3; side B has episodes 4-7. Disc two side A has episodes 8-11; side B has episodes 12-15. Disc three side A has episodes 16-18; side B has episodes 19-21. All the discs are evenly placed. About 4 discs per episode, though three of the sides has 3 episodes, but that is because those three episodes are two-part episodes. So really there are 24 hours on these six sides. A little math shows that equals 4 hours on each side--each episode runs about 48-49 minutes in length. The two-part episodes run about 1 hour 36-37 minutes each.

Menu Design and Navigation:

The menu screen is similar to the first season. But first, for disc one side A only, they have about 3 and half minutes of previews that automatically play. You can fast forward or skip the chapter at any time, though. In case you want to watch, you’ll see previews for Season 2 of Magnum P.I., Knight Rider and A-Team; Miami Vice Season 1; Meet the Fockers DVD; SWAT 4 video game; and Flat Out video game. The menu screen starts off with video shots of KITT, and then various clips from episodes are playing with the catchy and cool theme song in the background. The options for this set are: Episode Index, Languages, and Play All. When selecting Episode Index, you get to a screen of episodes, when you choose one you get to the episode summary screen. On that you can choose Play, Scenes, or go back to the Episode Index. There is a nice KITT pointer so you know what you are choosing, just like season one. On that screen it also has a screenshot from the episode, episode title, original air date, and a brief synopsis. When you select Languages, you can turn on closed captioning or have subtitles in French or Spanish.

Video and Audio Quality:

The video is again marvelously crystal clear. I am very impressed with it. It looks very good and re-mastered. Fans will be happy to hear them continue to give us the best copies. The audio is in mono, but it sounds like stereo to me, especially when that opening theme is playing! Fans will also be happy that the brief 30 second highlight of the episode is in tact before the opening credits, again like season one did. Each episode is about 48-49 minutes or so, counting the opening & closing credits and the 30 second episode highlight. This time there is a 20 second or so Universal logo before EVERY episode. That annoyed me a bit; they already have that before the FBI Warning when you put the disc in. Maybe they should have put that after the closing credits instead. There are chapters on this set as well, like season one. There are about 4 chapters or so, even for the two-part episodes. They should have done eight for those episodes, but I’m not complaining. One interesting note, on the box it says "Music May Differ from Televised Version." I'm not sure if any music was replaced, but since it said that on the box, there could be some replacements. The A-Team season two box does not have that statement.

Special Features:

Unfortunately for some reason there are NO special features. Yes, none! What a let down after we got tons and tons of extras on the season one set. What would have been cool is if they gave us the first episode or two of that series Dalton’s Code of Vengeance. Hopefully the final two seasons will make up for the lack of bonus features on this set. If you buy the A-Team set, you’ll get a bonus episode of Knight Rider from season two, the episode “Brother’s Keeper.” I wonder why this set didn’t have an A-Team episode?

Final Comments:

Overall, I think the set is still worth the buy. The episodes are very good and the quality of the episodes is just amazing. Much better than what I used to watch as a kid on Saturday evenings on WWOR. I give a slight advantage to the packaging for this season. I liked the slim cases and the smaller box. It does well for my DVD shelf! I’m anticipating and waiting for the final two seasons. Season 3 was rumored for December, hopefully that is still the date, if not sooner. But first, go out and buy this set, before Garthe Knight & Goliath try to out duel you!

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars):

Video Quality: 4.5/5
Audio Quality: 4.5/5
Special Features: N/A
Menu Design/Navigation: 5/5
Overall: 4/5

-- Reviewed by pavanbadal on 04/08/05

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