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Knight Rider - Season One



DVD Release Date: August 3, 2004 (Universal Home Video)
color/19 hrs. 45 min.
MSRP: $59.98
Number of discs: 4
Number of episodes: 21 (22 counting the 2-part pilot)
Languages and subtitles: English, Closed Captioned, Subtitles in Spanish and French.
Special features: "Knight of the Phoenix" Commentary with David Hasselhoff and Writer/Creator/Executive Producer Glen Larson; Knight Moves; Knight Sounds; Knight Rider 2000 (1991 TV Movie); Knight Rider: Under the Hood; Photo Gallery; Blueprints Gallery; and K.I.T.T. Owner's Manual

Knight Rider Season One DVD Menu


One man can make a difference. That is so true, though, I'm sure many people made a difference making this set. Knight Rider Season One is everything an avid fan dreams of. It is that good. You will see why below.

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

Knight Rider Season One features many memorable episodes, such as the two-hour pilot "Knight of the Phoenix," "Trust Doesn't Rust" (with the evil KARR); "Chariot of Gold" and "White Bird" (with Hasselhoff's fiance at the time, and later wife). Some memorable guest stars from this season include Tony Dow ("Nobody Does It Better") from Leave it to Beaver, Catherine Hickland ("White Bird"), Tina Louise ("The Topaz Connection") from Gilligan's Island, and Mary Margaret Humes ("No Big Thing").


The packaging on this set is incredible. The box art has a shot of Michael Knight's face and KITT's body (shown above). On top of that, on the top right, is some of the words spoken in the opening credits, "A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist..." The back of the box art has a synopsis of the show and the set itself. There is a photo of Michael Knight, KITT, and Michael sitting inside of KITT. There is also a breakdown of the bonus disc and a shot of KITT from the inside. Also, the box's spine is holographic with changing colors --very cool. The case's cover has KITT's front with the words "Knight Industries Two Thousand."

The back of the case has breakdowns of each disc, what episodes, bonus material, etc., with shots of KITT on the right side. The inside of the case has the discs itself. With wonderful high quality photos of Michael, KITT, Devon, Bonnie, and even RC3 (who doesn't appear on the show until the last season!) surrounding the discs. There is also two enclosed advertisements inside the case for Sci-Fi Channel's Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis and "Great Television on DVD is Universal" for shows already released like The A-Team, shows coming soon like Columbo, and shows in the works such as Leave it to Beaver. One complaint I have is that there is no mini episode booklet for the Knight Rider episodes. Three of the four discs are doubled sided, which many people would agree is great for shows that are one hour in length. The double sided discs have no photos on the disc, but they have a little label around the disc indicating what disc it is, like Disc 1 Side A, Disc 1 Side B, etc. The bonus disc, which is not double sided, does have a photo however. The photo is of KITT from the front in dark purple/blue background.

Disc 1 Side A has episodes 1-3, Disc 1 Side B has episodes 4-7, Disc 2 Side A has episodes 8-11, Disc 2 Side B has episodes 12-15, Disc 3 Side A has episodes 16-19, Disc 3 Side B has episodes 20-21. In essence, the disc is 7 discs! Since, three are double sided. There is no way, unless you have an ENTIRE free day, that you can watch this all in one day. And I didn't even get to the special features yet!

Menu Design and Navigation:

The menu navigation is very easy. The theme is playing in the background with video clips from various episodes, mostly featuring KITT. If anyone is familiar with the A-Team menu screen, it is very similar to that (a photo of the menu screen is above). The main menu has the options: Play All, Episode Index, Bonus Materials, and Languages. When you choose episode index, you are at the episode summary screen, in which the title of the episode is listed, original airdate, a photo of the episode, a brief synopsis of the episode, the play button, scene selection, languages, or you can go back to the episode index or the main menu screen (again, similar to the A-Team's episode menu option). When you are choosing something from the episode summary screen, a little pointer of KITT indicates where you are; I love that. The languages option has closed captioning for the hearing impaired and subtitles in Espanol and French.

Video and Audio Quality:

The video is crystal clear. I am very impressed with it. It looks very good and remastered. Fans will be happy to hear that, as I'm sure many have been wondering. The audio is in mono, but it sounds like stereo to me, especially when that opening theme is playing! Fans will also be happy that the brief 30 second highlight of the episode is in tact before the opening credits, again like The A-Team. Each episode is about 48-49 minutes or so, counting the opening & closing credits and the 30 second episode highlight.

Knight Rider Bonus Materials DVD Menu

Special Features:

Now for the special features! It is always good to have special features, to make the set feel it is new. This set has tons of special features and fans will love and learn a lot from. Let's start with the audio commentary by the star David Hasselhoff and writer/creator/executive producer Glen Larson for the pilot episode, "Knight of the Phoenix," which is located on disc 1 side A. Both of them are talking and are going back down memory lane about this episode. It is very interesting to hear this. Hasselhoff sounds like he is having a lot of fun doing this and points out who is who, and asks Larson where are they now. Don't worry, I won't give everything away. To access the audio commentary you have to choose the "Knight of the Phoenix" episode and go into the languages section, and you choose the audio commentary option from there.

The next two extras are located on disc 3 side B. The first is called "Knight Moves." It's about 6 minutes and they talk about KITT's moves and jumps. Jack Gill, the stunt coordinator and David Hasselhoff are the ones who talk in this feature. The next feature on this disc is, "Knight Sounds." It's a little over 6 and a half minutes long with interviews with Stu Phillips (main theme/series composer), Hasselhoff, and Glen Larson. They talk about how the theme and sounds of the show were so popular and are still strong today. The rest of the extras are on the bonus disc.

The first extra on that disc is "Knight Rider Under the Hood." It runs nearly 16 minutes. It features interviews with David Hasselhoff, Glen Larson, Joe Huth (author of Knight Rider Legacy), Stu Phillips, and Jack Gill. They talk about everything. This is clearly the best extra on the set, at least that is what I think. Hasselhoff talks about things like how he got the part and how he was sick that day. Larson talks about KITT in detail. Stu Phillips talks more about the theme and sounds. They also talk about some episodes like the pilot, the one with KARR, and the one with Hasselhoff's fiance. The next feature I'll talk about is the Knight Rider 2000 TV-Movie from 1991. It has its own summary section, similar to the episode summary section for the episodes. The movie runs approximately 95 minutes. The next feature is the "Photo Gallery." It is just under three minutes. The opening theme is playing in the background for the first minute or so, then the rest of the duration is music from the episodes. The photos are mainly publicity photos in black and white. The next feature is the "Blue Prints Gallery." It is just over 3 minutes in duration. Video clips of KITT is mainly playing and they show some blueprints from the set and KITT. Finally, the last feature is "KITT Owner's Manual." This is really cool! You have a view of KITT's dashboard and you get to choose any feature you want. You'll get facts and figures of anything you choose. KITT's sound effects are playing in the background.

Final Comments:

All in all, this set is wonderful. Like I said before, a dream come true for any fan. If you haven't seen this show at all, you can start from here and be hooked! Hopefully the sales are above their expectations and we get season two and the rest of the series really soon with extras just as good as this set or even better!

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars):

Video quality: 4.7/5
Audio quality: 4.7/5
Special Features: 4.7/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 5/5
Overall: 4.8/5

-- Reviewed by pavanbadal on 07/17/04

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