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Joanie Loves Chachi

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    Joanie Loves Chachi - The Complete Series

    Set in the 1960s, this `Happy Days' spin-off centers on Joanie Cunningham and her boyfriend Chachi Arcola, who move to Chicago and start a rock band, often performing at his family's Italian restaurant. JOANIE LOVES CHACHI, the HAPPY DAYS spin-off starring Erin Moran and Scott Baio as fan-favorites Joanie Cunningham and Chachi Arcola, comes to DVD for the first time ever! Includes all 17 romance-and music-filled episodes; created by Garry Marshall (Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley) and Lowell Ganz (Laverne & Shirley.

    Purchase Joanie Loves Chachi - The Complete Series on DVD Read our review of Joanie Loves Chachi - The Complete Series - Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD

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  • 05/27/08: Biography: Scott Baio Premieres on Biography Channel May 28, 2008
    Wednesday, May 28, 2008
    10:00 PM Biography: Scott Baio (All-New)
    He was a teen idol best known for his characters Chachi Arcola on Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi and Charles on the hit 1980s sitcom Charles in Charge. Scott Baio's good looks, charm and wit helped him maintain success "post-Chachi" as an actor, producer and director...but fame like that of "Chachi" is hard to come by twice. A playboy, who virtually haunted Hugh Hefner's mansion, dating countless centerfolds in addition to blonde bombshells Pamela Anderson and Heather Locklear, Baio has made a comeback with the reality show, Scott Baio is 45...and Single.
    CC HD [TVPG]

    Scott Baio Is 45...And Single

  • 07/13/07: Scott Baio Is 45...And Single

    Over the past 25 years, Scott Baio (Chachi from Happy Days, Charles from Charles in Charge) has lived a life that all red-blooded American males' would sell their big screen TV, car and soul for, boasting a jaw-dropping roster of erotic ex's that would even make Warren Beatty blush. This extensive line-up of Hollywood honeys include: Heather Locklear, Pamela Anderson, Denise Richards and Nicolette Sheridan. Premiering Sunday July 15 at 10:30 PM ET/PT, Scott Baio Is 45...And Single, reveals that Scott, at 45, in the midst of a mid-life crisis wondering why he's still single and unable to settle down even with his current girlfriend Renee, a woman he loves and who is perfect in his eyes. It's time for Scott to confront his commitment phobias or settle into the life of a bachelor who is forever searching for the perfect "unobtainable" woman. With nowhere else to turn, Scott has decided to fully surrender the next eight weeks of his life for some exhaustive introspection with the highly-regarded life-coach, Dr. Alison Arnold, otherwise known as "Doc Ali." Doc Ali will guide him on a grueling, soul-searching mission; forcing him to confront a laundry list of old flames in order to hopefully get to the heart of his lonely heart condition. To get to the core of his problem, Scott will be forced to revisit ex-girlfriends, take a vow of celibacy and take a break from his current girlfriend Renee while he goes on his soul-searching journey. Regularly appearing are: Doc Ali, Jason Hervey (The Wonder Years), and Scott's best friends: Johnny and Cooch.

    Scott Baio: 'Joanie Really Did Love Chachi!'

  • 08/17/06: Joanie Loves Chachi Joining TV Land Canada Lineup in September

    (Toronto – August 17, 2006) On TV Land Canada, everything old is new again! New to the TV Land Canada schedule this September is the original Lassie series, 21 Jump Street, Petticoat Junction, Joanie Loves Chachi, Wiseguy and the Canadian series Adderly, Swiss Family Robinson and Adventures in Rainbow Country. TV Land Canada also adds new episodes to its existing series: Dallas and Happy Days.


    Saturday and Sunday at 3:30pm ET / 12:30pm PT

    The Happy Days spin-off follows the exploits of Joanie and Chachi as they move to Chicago and try to make it on their own with a rock band. Besides trying to keep Joanie happy, Chachi must also deal with the often unwanted, but sometimes needed, advice and interference from his friends, relatives and neighbours. Stars Scott Baio, Erin Moran and Ellen Travolta.

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    Robert Pierce as Bingo, click for the larger image

  • Visit Robert Pierce's (Bingo) official website: Robert Pierce - Actor/Experienced/Professional

    Robert wrote and acted in a feature film called "The Climb" which aired in February 2002 (in various parts of the country), and it aired as a movie-of-the-week. It starred Dabney Coleman, Jason George and Ned Vaughn. You can see a clip of it at his site.

    Broadcast History:

    First Telecast: March 23, 1982
    Last Telecast: September 13, 1983
    Total number of episodes: 17

  • March 1982-Apr 1982, ABC Tue 8:30-9:00
  • Sep 1982-Dec 1982, ABC Thu 8:00-8:30
  • May 1983-Sep 1983, ABC Tue 8:30-9:00


    Chachi Arcola............................Scott Baio
    Joanie Cunningham........................Erin Moran

    Al Delvecchio...........................Al Molinaro

    Louisa Delvecchio....................Ellen Travolta

    Uncle Rico..............................Art Metrano

    Bingo.................................Robert Pierce

    Mario..................................Derrel Maury

    Annette...........................Winifred Freedman

  • Internet Movie Database entry for Joanie Loves Chachi - for cast member credits and information

    Theme Song:

  • "You Look at Me," by Pamela Phillips and James P. Dunne, sung by Erin Moran and Scott Baio.

  • Download the theme song (4040K) in mp3 format

  • Download the theme song (1106K) in regular wav format

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  • Download the opening theme credits (9928K) in mpg video format

  • Download You Look at Me (9913k) from the Happy Days episode Broadway It's Not. This is a longer (2 minutes, 38 seconds) and different version than what would later be used as the Joanie Loves Chachi theme song.

  • Theme song lyrics:

    Something magic in the way you hold me in your eyes
    No one ever warned me love just takes you by surprise
    I don't know what's come over me, you've got my hypnotized
    when you look at me.

    You look at me, soft as any touch could be
    And suddenly, there's magic when you look at me
    I feel like I'm in heaven every moment when
    You look at me

    You look at me, and suddenly I'm captured in your eyes
    You look at me

    Click here for the sheet music of the theme song


    Teenage heartthrob Scott Baio starred in this short-lived spin-off from Happy Days, which saw Fonzie's young cousin move to Chicago, with his mother, Louisa, and stepfather, Al, and try to start a singing career. With him were best girl Joanie, who shared the vocals, and his backup band: a spaced-out drummer named Bingo, a chubby cousin named Annette, and another cousin, Mario. Mario and Annette's father, Uncle Rico, was their agent. Joanie and Chachi sang several numbers in each episode, usually at Al and Louisa's newly opened restaurant. Though there were new songs introduced in each episode, and Chachi had girls in the audience swooning, neither the songs nor the show caught on. Most of the cast soon returned to Milwaukee and Happy Days.

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    Episode Guide:

    #1: Chicago (original airdate: 03/23/82)

    Chachi moves to Chicago with his mother and new stepfather Al; gets a chance to become a singing star and asks Joanie to join him in the windy city

    His family's move to Chicago gives Chachi a wonderful chance to spend the summer singing with a band, and Joanie jumps at the opportunity to travel to the windy city to be with the man she loves.

    In "Chicago," the Delvecchio household is in a tizzy as hordes of relatives arrive for the opening night of Al and Louisa's new restaurant, where Chachi is slated to make his Chicago singing debut. Domineering Uncle Rico, a self-styled musical entrepreneur, promises to book Chachi all over town if he's a hit. Chachi, who has been pining for Joanie, invites her to Chicago to perform with him.

    Back in Milwaukee, Chachi's call shakes Joanie out of the doldrums. However, she's a bit late getting to Chicago. Chachi reluctantly agrees to go on without her, with Uncle Rico's blase kids, Annette and Mario, and a spaced-out drummer named Bingo as backups. He's an absolute smash.

    When Joanie finally arrives, she is shocked to find Chachi mingling merrily with his adoring female fans. Uncle Rico quickly notes Joanie's sweet demeanor and questions whether she's hot enough to be part of Chachi's act. The next night, a surprisingly sultry Joanie proves she can really steam up the stage. But she gets more than she bargained for in audience appreciation just at the moment her parents arrive unexpectedly.

    Special guest stars: Tom Bosley and Marion Ross play Howard and Marion Cunningham. Co-starring are Bob Peirce as Bingo, Derrel Maury as Mario, Winifred Freeman as Annette and Gary Epps as Tad. Featured are Joy Claussen as Carol, Patti Proctor as girl no. 1 and Julie Paris as girl no. 2

    The teleplay be Lowell Ganz was directed by Tom Trbovich.

    #2: The Performance (03/30/82)

    Joanie is faced with a dilemma; singing at the the home of a top record producer or attending Richie Jr.'s first birthday party

    Joanie is torn between singing at the home of a hot-shot record producer - the band's first big break - or attending a huge family bash for Richie Jr's first birthday, until Chachi's antics at rehearsal force a decision they both soon regret.

    In "The Performance," Chachi's Uncle Rico finally brings about the band's first entry into the big time: performing at a birthday party at the home of record producer Bozz Jackson. Joanie faces a dilemma when she realizes that the Jackson party conflicts with a celebration in Milwaukee for Richie Jr's first birthday that is attracting relatives from all over the globe. Realizing how important the performance is to Chachi, Joanie chooses to stay in Chicago. But when rehearsal jitters make Chachi a raving madman, Joanie reverses her decision - leaving Chachi with a flaky band, no singing partner, and, it seems, no girlfriend.

    Emily Moultrie is featured as Claudia.

    The teleplay by Fred Fox, Jr. was directed by Tom Trovich.

    #3 I Do, I Don't, I Do (04/06/82)

    Joanie and Chachi play matchmaker for Annette, but they have reason for regret when the groom-to-be makes a pass at Joanie

    Joanie and Chachi play cupid for Annette - and succeed beyond their wildest dreams when her new beau proposes - but then makes a pass at Joanie at the wedding rehearsal.

    In "I Do, I Don't, I Do," Joanie prompts Chachi to play matchmaker after a performance at Delvecchio's, when Wendell, a stranger in the audience, can't take his eyes away from their guitarist, Chachi's chubby cousin Annette. To their astonishment, four dates later, Wendell proposes. While Uncle Rico eagerly plans a cut-rate wedding, Chachi, Al, and Louisa are wary of Annette's impulsive decision. Joanie, however, is convinced love will conquer all. but her romantic notions are upset when Wendell makes a pass at her in the chapel.

    Anson Dowenes guest stars as Wendell and John C. Becher co-stars as the minister.

    The teleplay by William Bickley and Michael Warren was directed by Joel Zwick.

    #4: College Days (04/13/82)

    Chachi suggests that Joanie spend more time at the college to help alleviate her homesickness, but he soon regrets his decision as she becomes the darling of fraternity row

    When Joanie gets homesick, Chachi encourages her to hang out at the college with her roommate, but he's soon stricken with a bad case of heartache when Joanie not only falls in love with learning, but also becomes the darling of fraternity row.

    In "College Days," when homesickness leaves Joanie listless, Chachi suggests that spending time at the college with her roommate, Suki, might be the cure she needs. Suki's friends in a fraternity take a shine to Joanie and hire the band to perform at their next mixer.

    Chachi objects, but is overruled by Mario, Annette and Bingo who can't wait to party. Jealousy isn't Chachi's only ailment. He fears that Joanie's new interest in academics will soon leave him behind. But when the fraternity mixer becomes a raucous beer blast, Chachi learns a lesson no found in books.

    Jeff Lester guest stars as Chip. Co-starring are Chris McDermott as Suki and Brian Byers as "Squelch." Featured are Lisa Lindgren as Judi and Rick Lantz as the drunk.

    The teleplay by James P. Dunne was directed by Lowell Ganz.

    #5: Fonzie's Visit (09/30/82)

    Joanie, Chachi, and the band "adopt" the visiting Fonzie as their "dad" in order to land a job on a tv show

    Fonzie breezes into the Windy City unexpectedly as Joanie and Chachi are about to audition for a TV show and is amazed when he is greeted as "dad" by all five members of the band and thrust into their midst as trombonist.

    In "Fonzie's Visit," as Fonzie arrives at the Delvecchios, Joanie and Chachi rush off to their audition for the "Twist Fever" show, forgetting their tambourine. The Fonz and Louisa decide to deliver it to the studio, leaving Al upset that he failed to hug Chachi in their new father-son relationship.

    At the TV studio, the band learns from Linda that she is looking for a family act and Joanie blurts out that their group is the Arcola Family Band. When Fonzie and Louisa arrive, Chachi whispers an explanation to Fonzie and begs him to go along with the "dad" role because this is the kid's big chance. Joanie whispers the same information to Louisa. Al is confused and hurt when he arrives and Chachi, afraid that he will blow the whistle that they are not a family band, refuses to recognize Al as his father.

    Henry Winkler is special guest star as Fonzie and Susan Cotton guest stars as Linda. Grant Heslov is featured as Mark.

    Joel Zwick directed the teleplay by Dana Olsen.

    #6: Joanie's Roommate (10/14/82)

    Howard and Marion rush to Chicago when they mistakenly believe that Joanie and Chachi are sharing an apartment

    Joanie receives an unexpected visit from her parents, Howard and Marion Cunningham, after Chachi answers Joanie's phone in the middle of the night and Howard suspects the worst.

    In "Joanie's Roommate," the Cunninghams arrive at Joanie's apartment to find Chachi wearing their daughter's bathrobe and a pink shower cap while he's helping Joanie with plastering repairs. A desperate Joanie plasters Chachi's face in the hope that he will not be recognized, since she tried to pass him off as an opera-singing female roommate during her phone conversation with Howard. Joanie is then ordered to start packing to return to Milwaukee.

    Meanwhile, the Cunninghams drop by at Chachi's place and accuse his mother and stepfather of letting him run wild. Chachi gets caught in the crossfire, and chooses Marion as the most reasonable one to hear his side of the story.

    Special guest stars are Tom Bosley as Howard Cunningham and Marion Ross as Marion Cunningham. Deanna Olivier co-stars as the girl.

    Joel Zwick directed the teleplay by George Tricker and Neil Rosen.

    #7: No Nudes Is Good Nudes (10/28/82 - postponed from 10/07/82)

    Chachi is barely aware of what it entails when he winds up as a model for Joanie's art class

    Jealous Chachi winds up as the model for Joanie's art class - not realizing that he has to pose in the nude.

    In "No Nudes Is Good Nudes," an argument over jealousy brews when Joanie announces she may miss band rehearsal that night because her art professor is taking her out for coffee after class. She insists that it is no more a date than Chachi's claim that he took a blonde to lunch for business purposes only.

    That evening Joanie drops by the Delvecchio apartment to pick up her sketch pad. Rico stirs Chachi into action with a remark that taking the pad is a good cover for Joanie.

    Gerald Berns guest stars as Professor Logan. Harold Ayer co-stars as Professor Harland, Charles Stewart as Grand Poobah and Darian Mathias as Mary Beth.

    Lowell Ganz directed the teleplay by Terry Hart.

    #8: One-on-One (10/21/82)

    Chachi's sexist attitude angers Joanie, who gets him to agree to a one-on-one basketball game with her college friend, Nancy

    Joanie is irate over Chachi's attitude regarding the equality of women, and taunts him into a game of one-on-one basketball with her friend, Nancy, who plays on a college team.

    In "One-on-One," Joanie complains to Louisa and Uncle Rico after Chachi and Mario make excuses to stop Nancy from joining their game at the recreation center. Joanie is far from thrilled with Chachi's reaction to Uncle Rico's ignorant ideas on the inferiority of women. She traps Chachi into agreeing to the game with Nancy, not realizing that it will attract a screaming crowd, including Chachi's relatives.

    Basketball star Nancy Lieberman makes a special appearance as Nancy.

    Howard Storm directed the teleplay by Larry Levinson.

    #9: Goodbye Delvecchio's, Hello World

    Al fires the band because of the members' careless habits and lax attitude, but the group gets another job at an Irish pub

    Anguished Al fires the band at Louisa's insistence, but Joanie and Chachi land on their feet - dancing with the customers - at an Irish pub where the group has to play jigs.

    In "Goodbye Delvecchio's, Hello World," when the five band members persist in showing up late for work and being careless about their show schedule, Louisa decides that she and Al will have to be tougher. Al gives Joanie and Chachi the bad news during a monopoly game. Brash Uncle Rico brags that he has scheduled another gig for the band at a "Classier Place," McNulty's Pub. After the band survives a five-hour performance, McNulty insists that they pay for their food. They long to be back at Delvecchio's, but Al has hired on a one-man band and the place is jumping.

    Guest starring are Michael Alldredge as McNulty and Bill Kirchenbauer as Phil. John Fragnoli co-stars as Jeff, and Don Davis is featured as Benny.

    John Tracy directed the teleplay by George Tricker and Neil Rosen.

    #10: Everybody Loves Aunt Vanessa (11/04/82)

    Chachi innocently envisions a big break when a glamorous, older record producer takes an interest in him - but she has more than music on her mind

    Chachi believes that a beautiful older woman record producer is interested in the band, but she envisions a romance.

    In "Everybody Loves Aunt Vanessa," when the fashionable Vanessa shows up at the restaurant, Louisa initially doesn't recognize her, and sends Joanie for her high school yearbook. She proves to be an old classmate. Louisa introduces Chachi, and Vanessa, impressed by his looks, agrees to hear his band.

    Mario tries unsuccessfully to warn Chachi about rich older women. Chachi begins to get nervous after the band performance and the smooth way Vanessa dismisses Joanie for the evening. Then Vanessa invites Chachi to a party in her hotel room, pretending that she has invited the other band members.

    Jessica Walter guest stars as Vanessa. An old friend of Louisa Arcola arrived and had the name of Louisa Marsharelli. Garry Marshall's real last name is 'Marsharelli'.

    John Tracy directed the teleplay by Steve Granat and Mel Sherer.

    #11: Beatlemania (11/11/82)

    Joanie believes she a patient she's seen in a hospital is Paul McCartney and she and Chachi try to lure him to the club

    Beatlemania invades Delvecchio's after Joanie announces that she's seen Paul McCartney incognito in a hospital, and she and Chachi lure the patient to a well-advertised "rehearsal" with their band to improve business.

    In "Beatlemania," Chachi doubts Joanie's news that the famous star has been hospitalized for exhaustion, using the name Marvin O. Pizika, until he and Annette see the young Englishman for themselves. When Marvin admits that he plays guitar and misses jamming with the lads back home, Chachi invites him to a jam session at the restaurant the following night. Meanwhile, Joanie and Chachi tell the world about Paul's appearance - never dreaming that he might not be Paul.

    Mitch Weissman guest stars as Marvin O. Pizika. Co-starring are Curt Ayers as Mr. Cassidy, Joy Claussen as Nurse Benson, Hillary Horan as Janice and Rob Monroe as the man.

    John Tracy directed the teleplay by Gary Menteer.

    #12: Term Paper (12/02/82)

    Mario's bumbling causes Joanie to be accused of cheating in a college course

    Stunned Joanie turns to Chachi after she's accused of cheating because her term paper - typed by Mario - is identical to that of another university student.

    In "Term Paper," Joanie's schedule is so jammed with school assignments that she trusts Mario to type her paper on the Civil War. She submits it to Professor Hollis, unaware that Mario accidentally burner her masterpiece while tending the stove. After Professor Hollis lowers the boom on Joanie and Jerry Wood for submitting the same paper, word for word, Mario confesses. When Joanie's paper burned, he bought her another - the same one purchased by Jerry.

    Dean Santoro guest stars as Professor Hollis. Steven Baio co-stars as Jerry Wood and William Woff as Bill Ziegler.

    John Tracy directed the teleplay by Cheryl Alu and Barry O'Brien.

    #13: Best Foot Forward (11/18/82)

    Against parental orders, Joanie and Chachi slip off to see a French art film, only to be caught at the theatre by Al and Louisa

    Joanie and Chachi decide they're adult enough to ignore parental orders, and slip off to a much-banned French art film - only to be caught by Al and Louisa when Joanie's foot becomes jammed in a theatre seat.

    In "Best Foot Forward," Louisa makes it clear that she does not want son Chachi and Joanie to see the critically acclaimed film that has already been banned in eight states. After she leaves with Al to visit a relative, Joanie and Chachi, pretending that they are 21, gain entrance to the theatre. Suddenly, they realize that Louisa and Al are sitting behind them, and try to sneak out, but Joanie's foot is solidly wedged in the seat in front of her.

    Guesting are Martin Ferrero as Mr. Bresner, Ann Travolta as cashier, and Tony Imparato as Terrence.

    Henry Winkler (making his directorial debut) directed the teleplay written by Joan Brooker and Nancy Eddo.

    #14: The Elopement (05/24/83)

    Al and Louisa panic after a 50th-wedding anniversary celebration prompts Joanie and Chachi to elope

    Chachi's parents panic upon learning that Joanie and Chachi have eloped.

    In "The Elopement," Delvecchio's restaurant is the scene of a 50th wedding anniversary celebration for Uncle Guido and Aunt Gina. Joanie and Chachi learn that the couple eloped, and think it is so romantic that Chachi is moved to propose to Joanie on bended knee. Joanie needs a little time to consider it. That night she slips into Chachi's room and they prepare to elope.

    Annette wanders in, and the news causes her to scream. The girls hide when Al comes to investigate, and after he leaves, Annette is instructed to wait an hour before announcing the elopement. Meanwhile, Joanie and Chachi sneak back to get Chachi's forgotten birth certificate from the scary cellar, where they discover they are not alone.

    Argentina Brunetti guests as Aunt Gina and Ralph Manza as Uncle Guido.

    John Tracy directed the teleplay by James P. Dunne and Milee Taggart.

    #15: First Love, Last Love (05/17/83)

    Chachi torments himself by thinking that Joanie still cares for her first love

    Chachi torments himself by thinking Joanie still cares for her first love, Chachi's former rival Bobby Arnold, when Bobby shows up at Delvecchio's restaurant.

    In "First Love, Last Love," Chachi is so unnerved when he first sees Bobby, now a medical student, that he tries to hide. However, Al, reassures him that Joanie has probably forgotten her old flame. To the contrary, Chachi learns that both his mom, Louisa, and Joanie have vivid memories of their first loves. Finally, Chachi tells Joanie that Bobby is having dinner with them that night. At the last minute he backs out, and Joanie leaves with Bobby. While Chachi waits, he relives some memories of his own, including his first date with Joanie.

    Ken Wright guest stars as Bobby Arnold.

    #16: My Dinner With Chachi (12/09/82)

    When Joanie gets angry because Chachi kidded her about her cooking, he goes to Al and Rico for advice on how do deal with women

    Joanie's surprising anger at Chachi for joking about her awful cooking sends him to Al and Uncle Rico for man-to-man advice on how to get alone with women, while Joanie and Louisa commiserate about men.

    In "My Dinner With Chachi," Joanie confides to Louisa about a recurring dream in which it is 50 years later and Chachi is marrying a woman who can cook. Chachi's sympathetic mom offers to teach Joanie how to cook Chachi's favorite dish: shrimp marinara. She takes a box of shrimp from the restaurant delivery, not realizing that the shipment is spoiled. Meanwhile, Chachi, in his talk with Al and Uncle Rico, learns that diplomacy is a "must" in getting along with women. Then Joanie proudly serves Chachi the shrimp dish, pressing him to eat it all, and he insists - diplomatically - that it is delicious.

    Greg Finley guests as the doctor.

    John Tracy directed the teleplay by Paula Roth.

    #17: Christmas Show (12/16/82)

    Al's plans for a picture-perfect Christmas celebration get stalled in a snow bank

    Chachi's stepfather, Al, sets his heart on a picture-perfect holiday for the whole family - including Joanie on her first Christmas Eve away from home - but gets everyone stranded in the snow in the crowded van he is driving.

    In "Christmas Show," Al is upset when Uncle Rico not only takes over and begins distributing gifts prematurely, but also announces that he has lined up a Christmas Eve radio gig for the band. Al insists on driving the van so that everyone will get home safely in time for the family holiday. The van winds up in a snow bank and the family learns Uncle Rico's true feelings about holiday gifting and the real meaning of Christmas.

    John Tracy directed the teleplay by Lesa Kite and Cindy Begel from a story by Cherl Alu and Nancy Churnin.

    Special thanks to Brian Krieger for filling in the missing episodes!

    Also see the Joanie Loves Chachi Episode Guide at


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    Weekly Reader paperback Secrets book A Test of Hearts book
    People magazine, 10/11/82, Scott Baio on the cover, photos and articles inside.
    People magazine
    National Enquirer, 5/18/92, Scott Baio and Erin Moran on the cover (see photo in picture gallery), article inside
    Dynamite magazine, September 1982, No. 100, Scott Baio and Erin Moran photos and article inside
    Dynamite magazine cover
    Teen Beat Magazine, July 1982, Vol 6., No. 4.
    Teen Beat magazine
    Joanie Loves Chachi Poster Magazine, 1982, photos and information on the show, folds into a large poster of Scott Baio
    Joanie Loves Chachi poster magazine
    Joanie Loves Chachi on TV News, April 16, 1982, Indianapolis edition
    TV News - 4/16/82
    Sheet Music, 'You Look at Me', 9" x 12".
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    Erin Moran and Scott Baio 1/30/82 Erin Moran and Scott Baio 1/30/82 Happy Days promo photo Moran and Baio, National Enquirer Scott Baio and Erin Moran on Happy Days Joanie Loves Chachi

    Additional Information:

  • Joanie Loves Chachi has aired occasionally on TVLand over the years (most recently in December 1998 when they aired the Christmas Show episode; in September '98 they aired two episodes; in December '97 they aired the Christmas episode; and in September '97 when about 8-9 episodes were aired during their Baiowatch special (they aired many Scott Baio sitcoms and shows).

  • "Surprises at the Emmy Awards" as presented on the 09/09/96 broadcast of Late Show with David Letterman:

    #9: Best comedy for the fifteenth year in a row: "Joanie Loves Chachi"

  • Joanie Loves Chachi was a midseason replacement on ABC in the spring of 1982. It ran for 4 weeks during the 1982-1983 season. In fact, it hit the ratings roof and finished the 1981-82 season as the #5 show in the country. It was playing on Tuesday nights, right after its godparent, Happy Days, and was airing against mostly reruns of other shows. When it returned in the fall of 1982, it flopped ranking 68th in the 1982-83 ratings, and was lifted from the network's schedule in December. It was the lead show on ABC on Thursday nights and did not air on the same night as Happy Days.

  • Scott Baio once admitted he and Erin Moran were actually romantically involved at one time: "Now, we're very, very good friends. We dated years ago, but when you work with a person all day and then go out at night, it gets a little tense."

  • Joanie Loves Chachi was scheduled to air on Italian TV in October, but was stopped after 2 episodes because of copyright problems until 2001.

  • The show was created by Garry Marshall and Lowell Ganz. It was developed by Tom Miller and Bob Boyett. The producers were Fred Fox, Jr. and James P. Dunne. Executive producers included Garry Marshall, Lowell Ganz, Ronny Hallin, Tom Miller, Ed Milkis, and Bob Boyet.

  • The series was filmed before a live audience at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

  • It is not true that the program was the highest-rated show in Korea for a time because "Chachi" is the Korean word for penis. However both series creator Garry Marshall and series star Scott Baio have propagated the myth. See the Urban Legends Reference Pages for more information on this story which at one time we thought was true.

  • At one time, Joanie Loves Chachi aired against the NBC series, The A-Team.

  • Scott Baio and Erin Moran were reportedly paid $30,000 per episode of Joanie Loves Chachi. Henry Winkler was reportedly paid a staggering $175,000 per show, a total of $3,850,000 for the 1982/83 season of "Happy Days" (while Joanie and Chachi had left to do their own show).

  • Joanie Loves Chachi was mentioned in the recent movie, 'A Night at the Roxbury'.

    The owner of the Roxbury opens a bottle of wine from 1980. A woman says, "1980. A good year." One of the Budabis says, "Yeah, that was when Joanie Loves Chachi premiered." Another woman says, "Yeah, but did Chachi really give a **** about Joanie?"

  • Scott Baio and Erin Moran sang You Look at Me in the Happy Days episode Broadway It's Not (#179). This was a longer (2 minutes, 38 seconds) and different version than what was later used as the Joanie Loves Chachi theme song.


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