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I Love Lucy - The Complete Second Season



DVD Release Date: August 31, 2004 (by Paramount Home Video/CBS on DVD)
B&W/799 min.
MSRP: $59.95
Number of discs: 5
Number of episodes: 31
Languages and Subtitles: English closed captioning; Spanish subtitles.
Special Features: Flubs, Lost Scenes, Restored Music, Behind the Scenes Featurettes, Deleted Footage, Original Series Openings, Original Animated Sequences, Script Excerpts, Production Notes, Guest Cast Information, Series Promotional Spot and Five Complete Episodes of Lucy's Radio Show: "My Favorite Husband"

I Love Lucy - Season 2 DVD Menu I Love Lucy - Season 2 DVD Menu


From its 1951 premiere to the present day, I Love Lucy has never been off the air! All 31 uncut season two episodes are restored and digitally re-mastered. Relive the days of that crazy red-head Lucy angling to finally be in the show. From the antics of Lucy and Ethel to Ricky and Fred's reactions to it, it's all here in this Season Two DVD box-set!

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

You'll definitely enjoy this set because of the very memorable episodes from season two. Such gems as "Job Switching," in which Lucy and Ethel do their unforgettable battle with a chocolate factory conveyor belt; "The Handcuffs," in which Lucy cuffs herself to Ricky and then loses the key; and "The Operetta," in which Lucy's money problems bring down the curtain on her role as "Queen of the Gypsies." This set also includes the once "controversial" and ground-breaking "pregnancy shows," including the moment when Lucy tells Ricky she is pregnant and the delivery itself. It's all here in this great set!


The packaging itself is a slip sleeve where five individually boxed (thin case) DVDs are stored. The box itself features a color cutout of Lucy from the "Job Switching" episode and various screenshots in black and white cut together to form a montage of sorts. The "I Love Lucy" logo is there as well. In this set, there are five discs and 31 episodes. Disc one holds 7 episodes; Discs Two-Five each hold six episodes. The disc cases themselves are each individually "pictured" with a cutout screenshot of a scene from a memorable episode on the disc. It's a simple but nice design. Inside each "mini-case" is one DVD and on the front cover there are mini episode descriptions and on the back of the mini case is a quote from a memorable episode. The actual back of the case lists the special features, a screenshot, and the episodes on the disc inside. The disc itself (the main color is a dark gold) has the Lucy logo as well as a screenshot from that episode on it.

Menu Design and Navigation:

The menus are the same as they were from the Season 1 release. There is the theme looping in the background and you can choose to select an episode, you can select individual scenes or even go to a music scene from the episode! It's one of the best features yet, and it was carried over from Season One's release. It's easy to navigate. There are several sections to choose from on each disc such as "Play All," the episodes themselves. When you choose an episode it takes you to another menu where you can choose the scenes you want to watch from that episode. The bonus menu (special features) is where you can choose the special features on each disc.

Video and Audio Quality:

The video quality is excellent. I didn't notice any scratches. The audio is also fairly good, a bit low, but better than a lot of older releases I've seen.

Special Features:

The special features themselves are great. All of the discs includes Flubs (there are various to choose from and there is a little description that pops up for each of them as well as a screenshot!) to choose from. The times will vary on each one. On each disc is also "Guest Cast Information" which lists any special guests and bios for them. You can look at a guest list from each episode.

On each disc is "Original Openings" featuring the original animated opening sequences that prominently feature Phillip Morris Cigarettes (TV Land has remastered them and replaces Phillip Morris with the TV Land logo). Each one is approx. 30 seconds. Also on each disc is "Lucy on the Radio" featuring full-length radio shows from Lucy's "My Favorite Husband." Usually the radio shows used are ones that I Love Lucy episodes were based on. By the way, each special feature includes a little bit of information before you can play them, very handy! Times for the radio shows are unavailable. And on each disc are production notes, basically just some background information on the behind the scenes things for certain episodes.

Disc two contains a "Behind the Scenes Featurette." Disc one contains Special Footage, Guest Cast Information, Flubs, Original Openings, Production Notes and Lucy's Radio Show ("Liz and George Get Handcuffed"). Disc two's "special footage" is "Jingle Bells" Tag Scene. The 12/22/1952 episode Lucy's Show Biz Swan Song contained a Christmas tag scene with had first aired a year earlier on December 24, 1951 at the end of "Drafted." (approx. 3 minutes). "Restored Transition" (approx. 35 seconds) it's just a longer version of the opening that was cut for syndication (it's where the scene ends and music is cut off) --hard to explain. Original Openings are a list of the three animated sequences used for the episodes originally and when you go through each one it lists the episodes they are used in! The "My Favorite Husband" radio show for Disc Two is "Mrs. Cooper Thinks Liz is Pregnant." Behind The Scenes Featurette is cool. Its excerpts from the book: "Laughs, Luck and Lucy", by Jess Oppenheimer. It features video clips from Lucy's Show Biz Swan Song and Lucy Is Enceinte. No time is available. But it's a really neat feature.

Disc three bonus features include Special Footage, which includes lost scenes. They are just introductions from reruns during original runs that feature introductions (these were done while Lucy was on maternity leave). The My Favorite Husband episode for this disc is "Liz Becomes a Sculptress". Original openings, Behind the Scenes Audio Featurette are more excerpts from the book "Laughs, Luck and Lucy." Disc four bonus features are Flubs, Guest Cast Information, Special Footage (a lost scene that was used to open the spring 1953 reruns while Lucy was on maternity leave). The other notable one is Heart Fund Appeal in which at the end of the March 31, 1953 rebroadcast of The Sťance, Lucy and Desi made a special appeal for contributions to the Heart Fund. The "My Favorite Husband" episode for this disc is "Liz Changes Her Mind". And Production Notes. Disc Five bonus features include more Special Footage, Guest Cast Information, Flubs, Original Openings (used on each disc), And a Behind The Scenes Slide show. The Special Footage includes the 2nd Season Promo which originally aired on August 25, 1952 which was three weeks before I Love Lucy returned for its' 2nd season. "Lost Animation" is the animated sequence used as a transition to the closing commercial on a number of second season I Love Lucy episodes. "Deleted Dialogue" which are just a few lines that were cut for time reasons and from all subsequent airings! Another restored transition, Lost Tag Scene (it was to mark the end of the second season and Lucy and Desi bid farewell to the TV audience in a special end of season tag scene, it was broadcast just once on June 29, 1953).

Final Comments:

In closing, this set is one of the best of any show; notably because of the special features (audio book excerpts, lost footage, restored scenes and dialogue). It's a great set to own. I can't really think of anything else that could be included in future releases!

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars):

Video Quality: 4.5/5
Audio Quality: 4/5
Special Features: 5/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

-- Reviewed by TVJunkie101 (Shawn) on 08/21/04

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