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I Dream of Jeannie - The Complete Second Season



DVD Release Date: July 11, 2006 (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)
MSRP: $39.95
Number of Discs: 4
Number of Episodes: 31
Running Time: 680 minutes
Languages, Subtitles, Closed Captioning: English, Spanish, and Portuguese; Spanish and Portuguese subtitles; closed-captioned
Special Features: None


With the blink of an eye, I Dream of Jeannie is back for another season on DVD! The hit sitcom that was one (of many) supernatural sitcoms of the 60s returns with 31 uncut episodes, on a four disc set from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment!

The second season of the show has a few minor changes from the first, the biggest being that this season was shot in color rather than black and white--so there is only one set available this time, the original color version! Also, this season is the first season to use the familiar tune that we all associate with the show... one of the greatest instrumental theme songs of all television shows! But the important things are still the same: Jeannie is still living with Major Anthony Nelson in Cocoa Beach, with Major Healy constantly stopping by, and Dr. Bellows, as always, concerned that something isn't quite right with Major Nelson, and he is usually right, but Jeannie always fixes things before he can prove is something wrong. It's classic 60s comedy!

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

Jeannie thinks that Tony has been working too hard on "Always on Sunday," so she decides to make a little change in the calendar to make him more rested... make it Sunday, seven days a week! Paul Lynde plays a man that comes into Tony's house and comments on his bad taste in decorating, so Jeannie decides to blink in some expensive home furnishings, including a vault that is loaded with cash--only problem is, the man works with the IRS and now is investigating Tony! Tony loves watching his westerns, so Jeannie decides to let him be part of a western in "Fastest Gun in the East."

In "The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday," Jeannie realizes she doesn't know her own birthday and begins to fade away--can Tony and Roger find out her birthday before she fades away completely?? It is a two-parter, anything can happen, although the fact that there were still about 100 episodes after it should give you an idea of what actually happens. Jeannie blinks up a new boyfriend to make Tony jealous, a man named Tony Millionaire, in "How Do You Beat Superman?" In "Jeannie Breaks the Bank," Jeannie realizes that Tony doesn't make a whole lot of money, so what does she do to solve his financial woes? She places three million dollars in his bank account!

Butch Patrick guest stars in "My Master, the Author." And Groucho Marx guest stars in "The Greatest Invention in the World," where Jeannie creates a suit for Tony that is totally indestructible--and Dr. Bellows is sure that he knows the secret formula that made it indestructible, and keeps attempting to prove it to General Peterson by putting the formula on his shirt and showing what happens when he tries to destroy it! Jeannie decides to take Tony's car for a spin in "You Can't Arrest Me, I Don't Have a Driver's License," but quickly learns that driving a car is nothing like driving a camel. Sammy Davis Jr. guest stars in "The Greatest Entertainer in the World."

In "A Secretary is Not a Toy," Jeannie becomes General Peterson's new secretary, hoping to get Tony a promotion to general, but when she has lunch with Dr. Bellows and tells him her stories about growing up in the mountain region of Chicago, in the state of Oh-Wa-Ho, he immediately begins to suspect she is a spy!

The following is a breakdown of all of the episodes on the set, including the running times:

Disc 1:

1. Happy Anniversary (24:55)
2. Always on Sunday (25:19)
3. My Master, the Rich Tycoon (25:17)
4. My Master, the Rainmaker (25:18)
5. My Wild-Eyed Master (25:15)
6. What's New, Poodle Dog? (25:13)
7. Fastest Gun in the East (25:20)

Disc 2:

8. How to Be a Genie in 10 Easy Lessons (25:18)
9. Who Needs a Green-Eyed Genie? (25:17)
10. The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday - Part 1 (25:05)
11. The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday - Part 2 (25:07)
12. How Do You Beat Superman? (25:16)
13. My Master, the Great Caruso (25:06)
14. The Greatest Lover in the World (25:19)
15. Jeannie Breaks the Bank (25:13)

Disc 3:

16. My Master, the Author (25:16)
17. The Greatest Invention in the World (25:05)
18. My Master, the Spy (24:55)
19. You Can't Arrest Me, I Don't Have a Driver's License (25:11)
20. One of Our Bottles is Missing (25:12)
21. My Poor Master, the Civilian (25:22)
22. There Goes the Best Genie I Ever Had (25:17)
23. The Greatest Entertainer in the World (25:14)

Disc 4:

24. My Incredible Shrinking Master (25:16)
25. My Master, the Pirate (24:48)
26. A Secretary is Not a Toy (25:18)
27. There Goes the Bride (25:17)
28. My Master, Napoleon's Buddy (25:17)
29. The Birds and the Bees Bit (25:18)
30. My Master, the Swinging Bachelor (25:18)
31. The Mod Party (25:05)


The packaging isn't all that much different from the packaging for the first season. The front of the box has a picture of Jeannie, and on the back of the box has a picture of Jeannie and Tony along with basic info about the set. Not much to be too excited about, but it does look nice.

They have elected to once again use the double slim case design, which I think is a good choice. There are two of them, each one holding two discs. The slim case that holds Discs 1 and 2 has another picture of Jeannie on it, while the slim case that holds Discs 3 and 4 has a picture of Jeannie and a not-so-happy looking Tony. The back of each slim case includes episodes for the discs, as well as short descriptions for the episodes. It seems that Sony is using better double slim cases now, which is good. The older ones had a tendency to not hold the discs in securely, these do that job much better.

The disc artwork is very simple, just a bottle with smoke coming out of it. On Discs 1 and 3, the bottle is blue, and on Discs 2 and 4, it is pink. Disc 1 contains 7 episodes, while the other three discs contain 8 episodes each.

Menu Design and Navigation:

This is exactly the same as the first season, which is good for consistency. As soon as you get to the main menu, you'll once again hear the theme music playing (the version that was actually used for the second season), with Jeannie's bottle on the beach. The options are Play All Episodes, Episode Selection, Audio, Subtitles, and (only on Disc 1) Previews.

Episode Selections takes you inside of Jeannie's bottle--just like season one--where you can select the episode. There are no scene selection menus (as usual with Sony sets), but there are chapters at every place where a commercial break would be, INCLUDING immediately after the opening credits (although you wouldn't really want to skip directly to there since every episode starts BEFORE the opening credits). Audio takes you into Tony's living room, where you select the language (English, Spanish, or Portuguese), and Subtitles takes you to an office at NASA where you can select any subtitles you'd want (Spanish or Portuguese). These aren't real pictures of course, they are just drawings.

Video and Audio Quality:

The video and audio quality generally is pretty good, but there seem to be some minor grain problems here and there, and the audio (which is in mono) can be a tad bit low at times. There are other things on that show that one might perceive as video problems, but really, they aren't--it is just that some of the special effects on the show aren't exactly done perfectly. For example, the picture may seem to jump around right when Jeannie blinks and makes something disappear, but that isn't a problem with the set, that is just due to the fact that when they made the show, they didn't have all of the available technology that they would have today. The episodes are closed-captioned, and if you want to have some real fun, you can watch the episodes in Spanish or Portuguese, or with subtitles of these languages. But forget about Portuguese audio tracks on episodes 2, 7, 24, and 26. For some reason, those are missing that audio track (the outer box indicates this).

The episodes all look to be unedited, running around 25:15, but I keep hearing these weird stories lately about Sony editing like one line from an episode of certain shows (I haven't heard any about this show though) for unexplainable reasons, so it is impossible to definitely say whether or not these are truly unedited--but I think they are unedited. Also, Sony usually has a tendency to include syndicated episodes on multipart episodes or sometimes remove opening teasers--they did NOT do that on this set on the two-part episode "The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday," and it appears to be completely unedited. Also, even though TV Land included it (and there was even one episode in the season 1 set that had it), the original Screen Gems logo is nowhere to be found on this set.

Special Features:

This is a huge letdown!!! They did a HALFWAY decent job last time with the interviews and commentaries, but did nothing for this set! More commentaries would be nice.

Final Comments:

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I like Bewitched a little bit more than this show. But still, this show is a GREAT show! It is a refreshing change to watch episodes of this show from time to time. Plus, this show just isn't Bewitched. Some people obsess and spend way too much time comparing the shows, there are plenty of differences between the shows (in fact the only real similarity is that the main character has magical powers!). Sony did a good job with this set, EXCEPT on the special features end. The episodes look fine for the most part and it doesn't look like anything has been edited from this set at all.

The I Dream of Jeannie movie should be coming out within a few months (unless there is some kind of delay, I haven't heard much about it lately), so hopefully we'll see season 3 by then... and then when the movie gets released on DVD, maybe we'll see season 4. The show only had five seasons; I have confidence that we may very well see the entire series released by the end of next year! But hopefully, Sony can give us more special features on any upcoming sets!

Blink this set into your DVD collection today!

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 4/5
Audio Quality: 4.5/5
Special Features: 0/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 5/5
Overall: 4/5

-- Reviewed by skees53 on 06/27/06

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