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Here's Lucy - Best of Collection



Release Date: July 26, 2011 (MPI Home Video)
Color / 1969 - 1974
MSRP: $14.98
Packaging: Amaray Case
Number of Discs: 1
Number of Episodes: 6
Running Time: 175 minutes
Running Time of Features: N/A
Audio: English mono
Subtitles and Captioning: English Subtitles
Special Features: None


Television's queen of comedy returns to DVD for a collection of some of the best episodes of Here's Lucy in Here's Lucy - Best of Collection! The single disc collection contains seven episodes of the series from each season of the classic sitcom, with guest stars Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Joan Rivers, Don Knotts, Joe Namath, and even Mike Connors in the role of Joe Mannix.


Lucy and Harry have some serious trouble at the airport in "Lucy and the Great Airport Chase." In "Lucy Meets the Burtons," Lucy gets to meet two very special people: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Mike Connors plays Joe Mannix when he is hired to protect Lucy in "Lucy and Mannix are Held Hostage." It takes Joe Namath to convince Lucy to let Craig play football in "Lucy and Joe Namath." Harry's cousin Ben (Don Knotts) is in town and wants a date with Lucy in "Lucy Goes on Her Last Blind Date." Joan Rivers guest stars in "Lucy and Joan Rivers Do Jury Duty," where somebody gets to be that one juror who makes things impossible for the others. Lucy gets stuck caring for everybody when everybody has ailments all at once in "Lucy is N.G. as an R.N."

The episodes appear to be unedited, with runtimes as follows:

"Lucy and the Great Airport Chase" (25:30)
"Lucy Meets the Burtons" (25:41)
"Lucy and Mannix are Held Hostage" (25:40)
"Lucy and Joe Namath" (25:13)
"Lucy Goes on Her Last Blind Date" (25:13)
"Lucy and Joan Rivers Do Jury Duty" (25:43)
"Lucy is N.G. as an R.N." (25:43)


There isn't much to say about the packaging. It is just a standard Amaray case with a photo of Lucy and Harry on the cover, and on the back, there is a listing of all of the episodes as well as a cast photo of Lucy and the kids. There is no artwork inside the case, and the disc artwork is exactly the same as the cover art.

Menu Design and Navigation:

There really isn't much at all to the menu on this disc, as it is just a very basic menu that shows the marionette Lucy in front of the blue curtain (like on the opening credits) with a list of all of the episodes, as well as a Play All option and an option to turn on subtitles. There is some menu animation once you select the episode. Each episode has chapters placed throughout the episode.

Video and Audio Quality:

The video and audio quality on this set look superb. Many of the previous releases by MPI have been great too, but this one, and maybe it is just me, looks a little better. The prints are very clean looking and there aren't many flaws in the video. In fact, even the usual problem of occasional grain and debris seemed particularly occasional this time. That isn't to say there is none, but you probably won't notice unless you watch very closely. The audio is great, but like just about all other older series with mono audio, the acoustics aren't all that great. Something unusual that I noticed is that the episodes have a current Warner Brothers logo on the end of them, which leads me to wonder if they used different prints here than they did on the previous releases (those did not have that logo). Warner has syndicated the series on television in the past, but as far as I know, they've had no role at all in these DVD releases. Each episode has English subtitles.

Special Features:

The set contains nothing, but as a value priced release, I really wouldn't expect them on here. The full season sets (two of which have yet to be released, but eventually will be, given that MPI has a near perfect track record) have had great special features, so if you want to see some of those, check them out. One thing that would have possibly been nice, though, if they could have included it, would be the commentary track that was included on the "Lucy Meets the Burtons" episode as seen on the Shout! Factory release of Here's Lucy - Best Loved Episodes collection, since the commentary track did not make it to MPI's season set. As an interesting side note, that means that episode has been included on THREE Here's Lucy sets so far, thankfully there weren't more overlaps on this set!

Final Comments:

This is a decent value priced selection of episodes, although I'm not quite sure HOW they selected the episodes. They are good episodes, but as for being the best of the series, I'm not quite sure how they made that distinction. After all, Shout! Factory put out their own best of collection with 24 episodes back in 2004, and of those 24 "best" episodes, only one of those was also considered the best for this DVD! Still, fans that have never seen the show might enjoy seeing this DVD before investing in full season sets. I have no idea how this DVD will be marketed, but hopefully it will be part of the value-priced selection of DVDs at one or more of the major big box retailers. But if you own the seasons and plan to invest in the final two as they are released, this set is mostly just an overlap.

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 4/5
Audio Quality: 4/5
Special Features: 0/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

-- Reviewed by skees53 on 07/20/11

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