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    Hello, Larry - 1st season Hello, Larry - 2nd season

    Broadcast History:

    First Telecast: January 26, 1979
    Last Telecast: April 30, 1980

    Jan 1979-Feb 1979
    Fri 9:30-10:00PM
    Feb 1979-Aug 1979
    Fri 8:30-9:00PM
    Oct 1979
    Fri 8:30-9:00PM
    Oct 1979-Apr 1980
    Wed 9:30-10:00PM


    Hello, Larry cast

    McLean Stevenson as Larry Alder
    Donna Wilkes
    as Diane Alder (1979)
    Krista Errickson
    as Diane Alder (1979-1980)
    Kim Richards
    as Ruthie Alder
    Joanna Gleason
    as Morgan Winslow
    George Memmoli
    as Earl
    Meadowlark Lemon
    as Himself (1979-1980)
    John Femia
    as Tommy Roscini (1979-1980)
    Fred Stuthman
    as Henry Alder (1980)
    Ruth Brown
    as Leona Wilson (1980)
    Shelly Fabares
    as Marion (1979-1980, occasional)

    Series Summary:

    Following the breakup of his marriage, radio talk-show host Larry Alder moved from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon, to get a fresh start.  He landed a job at radio station KLOW, where Morgan Winslow became the producer of his phone-in talk show.  Earl was Larry's obese engineer.  Larry had been given custody of his two daughters, 13-year-old Ruthie and 16-year-old Diane.  Glib and in total control on the air, he was much less sure of himself at home as the single parent of two maturing girls.  Leona, a school teacher and neighbor, tried to bring a little of the woman's touch to this chaotic household.  Larry's ex-wife Marion (Shelly Fabares) also turned up occasionally.  Added to the regular cast in the fall of 1979 were former Harlem Globetrotters basketball star Meadowlark Lemon, playing himself as owner of a sporting goods store, and Tommy, a 14-year-old neighbor.  In February 1980 Larry's retired father, Henry, also moved in.

    Hello, Larry's time slot on the NBC schedule was right after the much more popular  Diff'rent Strokes.  Since both shows were produced by Tandem Productions, and Larry needed a boost, it was established that Larry Alder and Diff'rent Strokes' Philip Drummond were old army buddies, and that Drummond's company had purchased the radio station where Larry worked.  The producers hoped that by having the casts of the two shows appear together in crossover episodes the much larger Diff'rent Strokes audience would be attracted to Hello, Larry.  It never happened.

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    Episode Guide:

    Total number of episodes: 35 (41 if you count the crossovers with Diff'rent Strokes)
    1. How to Not to (original airdate: 01/26/79) 20. Ruthie Grows Up (Part 2)
    2. The New Kid (02/02/79) 21. The Nude Emcee
    3. The Final Papers (02/09/79) 22. Morgan the Boss
    4. The Hitchhiker (02/16/79) 23. Marion's Fiance
    5. Mother Morgan (02/23/79) 24. Thanksgiving Crossover (one-hour crossover with DS) (11/28/79)
    6. Ruthie's First Crush (03/02/79) 25. Diane Drinks 
    7. Larry's First Date (03/09/79) 26. Tommy the Houseguest
    8. Peer Pressure (03/16/79) 27. Larry's Father
    9. Leona, The New Neighbor (03/23/79) 28. Money From Home
    10. The Trip (one-hour crossover episode with Diff'rent Strokes) (03/30/79) 29. The Neighbor Dies
    11. The Triangle (04/06/79) 30. The Blind Friend
    12. Larry's Bad Back (04/13/79) 31. Love Around the Corner
    13. Rap with Ruthie (04/27/79) 32. Larry's Mid-Life Crisis (Part 1)
    14. My Sister, the Criminal (05/04/79) 33. Larry's Mid-Life Crisis (Part 2)
    15. Hello, Marion (Part 1)     (2nd season) 34. Larry's Mid-Life Crisis (Part 3)
    16. Hello, Marion (Part 2) 35. The Rock Star (Part 1)
    17. Goodbye, Marion (Part 3) 36. The Rock Star (Part 2)
    18. Feudin' and Fussin' (one-hour crossover with DS) (09/28/79) 37. The Protege
    19. Ruthie Grows Up (Part 1) 38. Yearning

    For an episode guide with brief summaries and guest stars for most of the episodes, click here

    Also see the Hello, Larry Episode Guide at TV.com


    Theme Song/Video Clips

    • Listen to the theme song in WAV format! (648K) Click here

      Listen to the season 1 theme song in MP3 format! (2238K) Click here

      Listen to the season 2 theme song in MP3 format! (2312K) Click here

      View the season 1 opening theme credits in MPG format! (5728K) Click here

      View the season 2 opening theme credits in MPG format! (5854K) Click here

    • Here are the theme song lyrics:

      Well, Hello Larry (Hello Larry..)
      You talk to people all day for a living (Hello Larry..)
      But all those easy answers you are giving..
      Are you really living your life that way?
      Portland is a long way from L.A. (A long way)

      Hello Larry (Hello Larry..)
      Two kids to raise alone just ain't that easy (Hello Larry..)
      The questions they are asking aren't that breezy
      The answers you are giving don't always pay
      But that's the way it is with kids today

      The calls are comin'in
      You better start to grin
      'Cos you never know just what they're gonna say
      (Hello Larry..) Hello Larry
      (Hello Larry..) Hello Larry
      (Hello Larry..) Well..Hello Larry!

    Theme in the credits is credited as Theme by John LaSalle & Tom Smith

    Miscellaneous Information

    • Hello, Larry was being shown in Brazil on Sony Entertainment Television Tuesday mornings at 7:00AM and Saturday mornings at 8:30AM in 1998. If someone in Brazil (or someone with a satellite dish that gets this station) would please contact me, I would love to get the missing episodes that I need on tape. It was also broadcast in Germany in 1983 from what I've read.
    • NBC reran Hello, Larry in two hour blocks in their late night weekend movie slot in the summer and fall of 1981 (the show had been cancelled in the spring of 1980).
    • During the first season of Hello, Larry (winter 1979) the show was often interrupted or pre-empted all together for news reports/updates on the Iranian Hostage Crisis.
    • Larry answered his calls with "Hi, you're on the air with Lar!" Click here to hear a sound file of the above line (63K).
    • Hello, Larry unused tv show ticket from December 11, 1979- it is stamped "Invited" for VIP guests. This ticket sold for $42 in a recent auction.

      Hello, Larry ticket

    • Several press release photos for Hello, Larry (the first 3 I actually own) (click the thumbnail for the larger, clearer image):

      Hello, Larry cast Donna Wilkes Joanna Gleason, McLean Stevenson, and George Memmoli Meadowlark Lemon

    • Joanna Gleason is the daughter of former Let's Make a Deal game show host, Monty Hall. She was recently on the Lifetime television series "Oh Baby" and on the CBS series "Bette".

    • On a Jenny Jones show in the fall of 1998, Lisa Whelchel (Blair from "The Facts of Life") was talking about how she was offered the part of Diane for the second season of Hello, Larry. She had auditioned for the role as the original girl (Donna Wilkes) apparently had some drug problems and other issues.

    • Back in 1980, Joanna Gleason and McLean Stevenson appeared on the game show Password Plus together and teamed up against Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence, best of all they were dressed as their tv characters and called by their character names, e.g., Larry and Morgan, Carol and Vickie also dressed like the Mama's Family skit from the Burnett Show...it was quite funny, they were doing this the whole week. (information courtesy of Darren Schroeder)

    • Hello, Larry was based on The American Film Institute's Center for Advanced Film Studies film 'Wednesday' - Written by Marvin Kupfer & Barbara Witus and starring Jack Lemmon.

    • In the summer of 1979, Hello Larry was replaced by The Facts of Life for a 4 episode trial run.

    • Hello, Larry ratings (these are unconfirmed): first season ranked #36, second season ranked #52


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    Where is she now?: Kim Richards starred in 17 Disney movies (including Escape to Witch Mountain) and plenty of TV shows before basically retiring from acting at 18. After Hello, Larry she appeared in Meatballs II, Tuff Turf, and Escape (1990 - produced by her then-husband G. Monty Brinson and co-starring her sister Kyle). She is now 36 years old and is twice divorced and has 4 children: Brooke, 14; Whitney, 10; Chad, 9; and Kimberly, 5. She lives just outside of Palm Springs, California in a 6,000-squ.-ft. ranch-style home, paid for by film residuals and real estate investments. She is engaged to a Saudi Arabian oil man.

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    Where is she now?: Krista was very nice to e-mail me several times in 1999 and provided much information on her career and what she is doing now:

    After Hello, Larry - she went on to do two other series: 21 Jump Street, and another much later, which was Beverly Hilly 90210 (4 episodes in 1992). During that time, she starred in 9 films. She has since turned to producing, writing, and directing. She produced last year's documentary for CBS called "The Mysterious Man of The Shroud" and many others. She plans to return to Italy, where her new career began. She has been asked to head a new channel and produce more documentaries for them. I wish her much luck with everything!

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    Where is she now?: She was recently on the CBS sitcom "Bette".

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    Where is she now?: Many people have asked me, unfortunately I do not know. If anyone has any information or recent photos of Donna, please e-mail me.

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    If anyone has any other information, pictures, etc. on the show please contact me

    I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about this short-lived crossover series with Diff'rent Strokes.

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