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George Lopez - The Complete First and Second Seasons



DVD Release Date: April 17, 2007 (Warner Home Video)
MSRP: $39.98
Number of Discs: 4
Number of Episodes: 28
Running Time: 584 minutes
Running Time of Special Features: approx. 25 minutes
Languages, Subtitles, Closed Captioning: English & Spanish; Spanish subtitles; Closed Captioned
Special Features: “Inside the Comic Mind” Featurette and Gag Reel


Take a working-class guy in a working class job with working class friends and what you get is comedy that really works: Seasons One and Two of George Lopez, now available on DVD for the first time from Warner Home Video. Whoopaaaa!!! The hilarious sitcom is still going strong and now it is in its sixth season on ABC, but not many remember the early seasons, especially the short first season, which only had four episodes. The talented comic plays assembly-line worker George Lopez, who brings a blue-collar outlook (and laughs) to a white-collar job when he's promoted to management. Make George's casa su casa and meet his loving wife (Constance Marie) and kids (Masiela Lusha and Luis Armand Garcia) and his not-so-loving mom (Belita Moreno). In addition, George’s clueless friend Ernie (Valente Rodriguez) is in the cast and this set features recurring character Accident Amy (played by executive producer and movie star Sandra Bullock).

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

The first season only had four episodes. I remember watching only one episode from the first season ever (“Curious George”) and that is because I was waiting for the John Ritter guest appearance on the sitcom Wednesday 9:30/8:30 Central, which got pulled quickly. That was April 3, 2002. That felt ions ago. The first season is so different. The music transition for a start and end of scene has much different music than we know. It has no Latin feel, so I am sure that is why they changed it starting in season two. In addition, George looks very different than he does now. He looks like that in season two, too. I think he started losing the weight by the end of season 3 or the start of season 4, if I recall. Moreover, the font for the credits is different in season one. Anyway, I will get to the memorable episodes finally, “Prototype” is where it starts all and George becomes the first person to be promoted from the assembly line to plant manager at a Los Angeles airplane parts factory. Then we have “Happy Birthdays” where we meet Accident Amy (Sandra Bullock). Next we have the season two premiere “Who’s Your Daddy” where George runs into long lost Aunt Cecilia who informs him that his father, who his mom has always insisted was dead, is still alive. Esai Morales guest stars in a great dream sequence. Then we have the episode “Dyslexic Show The,” where George refuses to believe Max has dyslexia. “No Free Launch” has Accident Amy returning and her bad luck continues. “Love Bites” has Carmen coming home with a hickey. Does George find his father in “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Honey?” Cheech Marin guest stars. In the Christmas episode, “Meet the Cuban Parents,” we meet Angie’s parents, Vic and Emilina. The Valentine’s Day episode “The Valentine’s Day Massacre,” has George giving Angie a disappointing gift for Valentine's Day and Angie has a flashback to high school in the '80s, when George painted a great mural of her for the holiday. In the episode “Girl Fight,” Carmen’s problems start as she gets in a fight at school after Adam ruins her reputation saying she is “easy.” Finally, skipping to the season finale, “Long Time No See,” George finally meets his dad...but how does it turn out?

Other guest stars include: Lou Diamond Phillips, Hilary Duff, Rod Carew, Joe Morgan, Steve Garvey, Jim Palmer, Recurring: Jack Blessing, Mark Tymchyshyn, Dagney Kerr, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, Autumn Reeser, and Emiliano Diez.


The packaging is an outer box with two slim cases inside. The outer box is yellow and red in color, with a mix of white. The show logo and complete 1st and 2nd seasons mention are on the top. A cool photo of George in shades along with the rest of the family (and Ernie) is on the right. The back of the box has more great photos along with info on the show & set, with special features details and cast info. The slim cases are inside the box and each slim case holds two discs. The cover and back of the slim cases have episode info for each disc and great photos. The episode info has episode number and title, writer, director, original airdate and of course synopsis of the episode. Inside the slim cases are more photos and cast names on the left. Disc art are all in the same style as the color scheme (red, yellow and white). Disc one has an image of George with episodes 1-7. Disc two has an image of Angie with episodes 8-14. Disc three has an image of Carmen & Max with episodes 15-21 and the featurette. Finally, disc four has an image of Benny & Ernie with episodes 22-28 and the gag reel.

An old Warner Home Video DVD catalog comes inside the box, touting other Warner TV DVDs.

Menu Design and Navigation:

George Lopez - The Complete First and Second Seasons DVD Menu George Lopez - The Complete First and Second Seasons DVD Menu

The menu screen has the same color scheme as the packaging, as you can see on the top. There is a George Lopez bobble-head image. The new “DVD theme” is playing in the background (more on that in the Video/Audio section). The options are Play, Episodes, and Languages, Features (D3 and D4 only). The languages menu lets you switch from English to Spanish audio and you can turn on Spanish subtitles. The episodes menu has the list of episodes on each disc and you just choose the one you want to view. It is easy to navigate and simple.

Video and Audio Quality:

The video and audio are EXCELLENT, as it should be, since the episodes are from 2002-03. The main title theme “Low Rider” has been replaced though by a new theme made especially for the DVD. The producers and George created it, so it fits the show well. You can listen to the theme right here at SitcomsOnline! It has a nice beat with George uttering hilarious phrases like, “Whoopaaaa!” Oddly enough, “Low Rider” is still credited in the closing credits, so maybe this was a last minute change. The season finale of season two has George and a band playing “Low Rider,” and that is still intact on the DVD. George can play the drum well! As I mentioned earlier the first four episodes are from season one and are so different. The font for the credits is different and the transition music is basic and nothing Latin. By season two, we get more George Lopez style we all know and love. After watching this show regularly each season on ABC, I haven’t seen season one and two episodes in quite awhile and my how Carmen & Max look young, especially Max. George has longer hair and of course was a bit heavy back then. Anyway, the episodes are all unedited. The runtimes range approx. 20-22 minutes. There are four chapter stops per episode.

The runtimes are as follows:

Disc 1:
1. Prototype (19:56)
2. Curious George (21:16)
3. Happy Birthdays (20:40)
4. Max's Big Adventure (20:49)
5. Who's Your Daddy (21:04)
6. Token of Unappreciation (21:34)
7. The Show of Dyslexic (20:27)

Disc 2:
8. Halloween Cheer (21:28)
9. The Unnatural (20:08)
10. No Free Launch (21:33)
11. The Wedding Dance (21:34)
12. Love Bites (19:54)
13. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (21:34)
14. Charity (21:32)

Disc 3:
15. Meet the Cuban Parents (21:33)
16. This Old Casa (20:48)
17. Super Bowl (20:02)
18. The Valentine's Day Massacre (21:34)
19. Girl Fight (20:24)
20. George vs. George (21:33)
21. A Kiss is Just a Kiss (21:32)

Disc 4:
22. Profiles in Courage (20:41)
23. Secrets and Lies (20:54)
24. Girls Night Out (20:24)
25. I Only Have Eyes for You (20:14)
26. Team Leader (20:18)
27. George Has Two Mommies (19:55)
28. Long Time No See (20:44)

Special Features:

George Lopez - The Complete First and Second Seasons DVD Menu

We have two special features on this set. One is on disc three and is a 14:50 featurette titled “Inside the Comic Mind of George Lopez.” It is quite an interesting featurette. Interviewed are Sandra Bullock, Valente Rodriguez, Belita Moreno, Luis Armand Garcia, Bruce Helford, George Lopez, Deborah Oppenheimer, Robert Borden, and Emiliano Diez. They cover each character in detail and how most of everything is based on George’s life. It is quite interesting and Sandra Bullock speaks a lot. Missing in action here are Masiela Lusha and Constance Marie…I wonder why they weren’t interviewed? The interviews were all recent, so I can understand why Masiela is not interviewed, since she has left the show, but why no Constance?

Finally, we have a Gag Reel on disc four. It runs 10:04 and is the funniest goof-ups from 2002-03. It is well designed and has great music. The producers did a nice job creating this reel and the mess-ups are hilarious.

Final Comments:

Whoopaaaaa! This is a great set and a great show. I am sure there are many people who never saw season one and don’t remember or just watched a few season two episodes. I think the show really took off in season two. They had some great stories. George really used many of his real life stories on the show. As for the DVD, it is well done and the replaced theme song is not a big deal really. The producers made a great replacement. I wish we had some audio commentaries though. Sandra Bullock and George would have made a good team in commentaries. I believe Sandra returns one more time in the series (season 3), so let’s hope she does commentary for that set. The featurette on this set was very good and informative. Get your DVD collection ready for some George Lopez--one of the few funniest sitcoms still on the air! We know anyone can just about beat Ernie in a race to a DVD store to pick-up this set, so don’t even try that, just click on the ordering link below before George finds out you are instant messaging!

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 5/5
Audio Quality: 4.5/5
Special Features: 2/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

-- Reviewed by pavanbadal on 04/12/07

To purchase the DVD, click below and help support

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