The Facts of Life: Notable Guest Appearances 

Robert Alda as Robert (Mrs. Garrett's ex-husband) (episode: The Return of Mr. Garrett)
Richard Dean Anderson as Brian Parker (episode: Brian and Sylvia)
Starr Andreeff as Melissa (episode: Christmas in the Big House)
John Astin as Vito Mayer (episode: The Summer of '84)

Conrad Bain as Mr. Drummond (episode: Rough Housing)
Jimmy Baio as Buzz (episode: The Academy)
Mayim Bialik (episodes: The Beginning of the End, The Beginning of the Beginning)
William Bogert as Mr. Parker (episode: Molly's Holiday)
Vincent Bufano as soldier (episode: Flash Flood)
Greg Bradford as Steve (episode: Dieting)
Steve Bradford as Steve (episode: The Facts of Love)
Todd Bridges as Willis (episodes: Rough Housing, Bought and Sold)
Clark Brandon as Eddie Britten (episodes: Teenage Marriage - Parts 1 and 2, Sweet Sorrow, Seems Like Old Times)
Claude Brooks as Rudy (episode: The More the Marrier)
Joel Brooks as Raymond (Mrs. Garrett's son) (episode: Brave New World - Parts 1 and 2)
Joyce Bulifant as Margaret (episode: Teacher, Teacher)

Dean Cameron as Rick (episode: Taking a Chance on Love)
Charo as herself (episode: Come Back to the Truck Stop, Natalie Green, Natalie Green)
Jeff Cohen as Seymour Slavick (episode: The Summer of '84)
Gary Coleman as Arnold Jackson (episodes: Rough Housing, New Girl - Part 1)
Signy Coleman (episode: The Greek Connection)
Kelly Ann Conn as Penny (episode: Taking a Chance on Love); as Paula (episode: Smile)
Nicolas Coster as Mr. Warner (Blair's father) (episodes: It's Lonely at the Top)

Michael Damian as Flyman (episodes: Gone With the Wind - Parts 1 and 2)
El DeBarge as himself (episode: Doo-Wah)
Peter DeLuise as Fielding (episode: It's Lonely at the Top)
Cindi Dietrich as Karen (episode: Present Imperfect)
Robert DoQui as Jack Humphries (episode: Out of the Fire - Part 1)
Christopher Durham as Rex Winchester (episode: Love at First Byte)
Marj Dusay as Monica Warner (Blair's mother) (episodes: A Friend In Deed, Sisters, A New Life, Christmas Baby)


Fabian as himself (episode: '62 Pick Up)
Megan Follows as Terry Largo (episode: Jo's Cousin)
Chip Fields as Diane Ramsey (Tootie's mother) (episodes: Mother and Daughter, Graduation)
Stuart Fratkin as Vincent (episode: Into the Frying Pan - Part 2)
Kathleen Freeman as Noreen Grisbee (episodes: The Beginning of the End; The Beginning of the Beginning)

Zsa Zsa Gabor as Countess Calvet (episode: Bought and Sold)
Jami Gertz as Boots St. Clair (episodes: Gamma Gamma or Bust, Advanced Placement, All or Nothing, Star at Langley)
Leif Green as Chip (episode: Love at First Byte)
Seth Green (episodes: The Beginning of the End, The Beginning of the Beginning)

Bill Henderson as Arthur "Art" Jackson (episode: Jazzbeau)
Linda Henning as Margaret (episode: Younger Than Springtime)
Thomas Hill as Clark (episode: Grand Opening - Part 3)
Robert Hooks as Mr. Ramsey (episode: Over-Achieving)
Helen Hunt as Emily (episode: Dope)


Jermaine Jackson as himself (episode: Starstruck)
Taliesin Jaffe as boy next door (episode: Next Door)

Jane Kean as Mrs. Andrews (episode: Men For All Seasons)
Elizabeth Keifer as Belinda (episode: The Reunion)
Alexa Kenin as Jesse (episode: New York, New York)
Dana Kimmell as Dina Becker (episode: New York, New York)

Tammy Lauren as Kristie (episode: Runaway)
Dwight Larick as Radio Announcer (episode: Cruisin')
Sheldon Leonard as Jo's Grandfather (episode: The Rights of Passage)
Juliette Lewis (episodes: The Beginning of the End, The Beginning of the Beginning)

Bill Macy (episode: Golden Oldies)
Mako as Mr. Wakamatsu (episode: The Americanization of Miko)
Claire Malis as Rose Polniaczek (episodes: Help From Home, Graduation, The Second Time Around)
Heather McAdam as Alexandra (episode: Graduation)
Robert Mandan as Bruce (episodes: Out of Peekskill - Parts 1 and 2)
Penelope Ann Miller (episode: The Greek Connection)
Richard Moll as himself (episodes: Down and Out in Malibu - Parts 1 and 2)

John P. Navin Jr. as Alfred (episode: The Academy)

Devon Odessa as Alexis (episode: Present Imperfect)
Dick O'Neill as Henry Douglas (episode: Shoplifting)

Peter Parros as Michael (episode: Crossing the Line)
Molly Picon as Grandma Mona (Natalie's grandma) (episodes: From Russia With Love, A Death in the

Dana Plato as Kimberly (episode: Rough Housing)
Eve Plumb (episodes: Best Sister - Parts 1 and 2)
Larry Poindexter as Ken (episode: I'm Dancing As Fast I Can)
Babette Props (episode: Before the Fall)

Stacey Q as Cinnamon (episodes: Off Broadway Baby, A Star Is Torn)

David Raynr as Chip (episode: The Academy)
Peter Reckell as Alan Cooke (episode: The Affair)
Beah Richards as Grandmother (episode: Present Imperfect)
Lou Richards as Mr. Palmer (episode: Cousin Geri Returns)
Lela Rochon (episode: The Greek Connection)
Bobby Rydell as himself (episode: '62 Pick Up)

Penina Segall as Emily (episode: Teacher, Teacher)
Armin Shimerman as Mr. Smith (episode: Out of the Fire - Part 1)
Jean Smart as boy's mother (episode: Next Door)
David Spade (episode: Big Apple Blues)
Kevin Spirtas as Kevin Blair (episode: The Ratings Game)
Richard Stahl as the drunk (episode: The Summer of '84)
Ashleigh Sterling as Bailey Warner (episode: Adventures in Baileysitting)
Rob Stone as Harvey (episode: Crossing the Line)



Dick Van Patten as Beverly Ann's Ex-Husband (episode: Ex Marks the Spot)

Ellen Wheeler as Cathy (episode: Big Fish/Little Fish)
Susan Walters (episode: Younger Than Springtime)



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