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Welcome to Family Ties Online, devoted to the popular 1982-1989 NBC sitcom which starred Meredith Baxter Birney, Michael Gross, Michael J. Fox, Justine Bateman, Tina Yothers, Brian Bonsall, Marc Price, Tracy Pollan, Scott Valentine, and Courteney Cox.

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Established: August 31st, 1999
Last Updated: September 2nd, 2015

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Family Ties on DVD News:

Family Ties - The First Season

Loving parents Steven (Michael Gross) and Elyse Keaton (Meredith Baxter Birney) raise their kids with open hearts and open minds. Growing up in the 1960s, Mom and Dad share a liberal point of view, and guide their family with the ideals and convictions of flower power at its best. Their offspring, however, have different ideas. Eldest son Alex P. Keaton is an over-achieving, hard-core Republican, and clashes with his parents at every turn. Mallory is a fashion-loving, boy-crazy teen stuggling through high school, while little sister Jennifer is the precocious tomboy who always speaks her mind. Together, they share the moments that make them laugh, make them cry...and make them family.

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Family Ties - The Second Season

Family Ties flipped the typical sitcom dynamic on is head. Instead of conservative parents butting heads with rebellious kids, the heart of the series is the generation gap between former hippie parents and their square offspring. The second season highlights the culture gap between Steven (Michael Gross) and Elyse Keaton (Meredith Baxter Birney) and their three children: staunchly Republican Alex (Michael J. Fox), fashion-mad Mallory (Justine Bateman) and precocious Jennifer (Tina Yothers), as they tackle pre-marital sex, women's rights, and alcoholism. Get reacquainted with the Keatons and their nurturing blend of politics and punchlines in Family Ties: The Second Season.

Special Features: The Making of Family Ties, Michael J. Fox: The Best Gig In The World, The Year of The Beard, Episodic Promos

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Family Ties - The Third Season

The mellow 1960s still clash with the conservative 1980s in the "generation gap" comedy Family Ties. But by Season Three, the Keatons of Ohio finally agree on one thing - their joy at the birth of baby brother Andrew! The hit series gives us the funniest season yet as Elyse (Meredith Baxter Birney) tells Steven (Michael Gross) she is pregnant, and the family suffers through food cravings, Lamaze classes, and Elyse going into labor in television during Pledge Week! Plus, Alex (Michael J. Fox) starts college, Mallory (Justine Bateman) gets a job she is actually good at, and Jennifer (Tina Yothers) discovers boys! Now with the new baby around, no one minds being bound for Family Ties!

Special Features: Gag Reel, Episodic Promos

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Family Ties - The Fourth Season

The smash hit series Family Ties offers the perfect premise for great comedy, and by Season Four the two battling generations of Keatons still possess a nurturing blend of laughter and heart. Now a college sophomore, Alex (Emmy winner Michael J. Fox) falls in love with Ellen, a girl who's his total opposite. And Mallory (Justine Bateman) falls for Nick, a junkyard sculptor who's her intellectual equal! But it's young Jennifer (Tina Yothers) who feels off-balance, as she grows closer to mom Elyse (Meredith Baxter Birney) but more distant from dad Steven (Michael Gross) now that's she becoming a teenager. But even with their older kids changing - and as baby Andrew's diapers still need changing - the Keaton parents know their four kids will always be bound by Family Ties!

Special Features: Gag Reel, Episodic Promos

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Family Ties - The Fifth Season

In Family Ties: The Fifth Season, Steven (Michael Gross) and Elyse Keaton (Meredith Baxter Birney) still embody the spirit of the 1960s, while suppoerting their kids - Alex (Emmy winner Michael J. Fox), Mallory (Justine Bateman), Jennifer (Tina Yothers) and young son Andrew (Brian Bonsall) - in the more conservative 1980s. This season, the Keaton parents have learned to accept the fact that they are practically grown up, with lives of their own: Alex is a junior in college and has a bank job; Jennifer fronts an all-girl rock band; and Mallory has left the mall behind for college, where she studies - what else? - fashion! But whatever era they support, the Keatons will always support each other - on Family Ties!

Special Feature: Gag Reel

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Family Ties - The Sixth Season

The classic American sitcom, chronicling the everyday lives of the Keaton family as they raise their children in the Ronald Reagan era 1980s. Includes all 28 episodes from the Sixth Season in a 4-disc set! All the cast members you know and love: Michael J. Fox, Michael Gross, Meredith Baxter Birney, Tina Yothers, Justine Bateman, and Brian Bonsall. Fan-favorite recurring guest stars Marc Price as "Skippy" and Scott Valentine as "Nick." Courtney Cox ("Friends," "Cougar Town") guests for several episodes as Michael J. Fox's love interest! Additional guest stars: Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld), Campbell Scott (Singles, The Amazing Spider-Man), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Looper, The Dark Knight Rises), Dan Hedaya (Clueless), Kevin Dunn (Transformers), and Robert Klein (Reign Over Me).

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Family Ties - The Seventh and Final Season

Family Ties - The Seventh and Final Season is the emotional conclusion to one of America's most beloved 1980s sitcoms. In this season, the Keatons' world is turned upside down when Steven (Michael Gross) suffers a heart attack and has to undergo open-heart surgery. Mom Elyse's (Meredith Baxter Birney) strength keeps her family rock steady, but she struggles with her children growing up and moving on. While Jennifer (Tina Yothers) learns to drive and rallies the troops to save the environment, Mallory (Justine Bateman) gets her big break in the world of fashion design and Andy (Brian Bonsall) creates a time capsule that sends the family down memory lane. Finally, the family and girlfriend Lauren (Courteney Cox) say goodbye to Alex (Emmy winner Michael J. Fox) as he moves to NYC to pursue a career on Wall Street. As this iconic TV series comes to a close in a 24-episdoe, 4-disc collection, families everywhere can relive their favorite heartwarming and laugh-filled moments with the one-and-only Keaton family.

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Family Ties - The Complete Series

In Family Ties, Steven Keaton (Michael Gross) and Elyse Keaton (Meredith Baxter Birney) are products of the 1960's and have become open-minded parents. To their surprise, their children have become conservative and capitalistic growing up in the 1980's. This highly successful comedy series follows this unique American family as their views on politics and life clash to give us humorous family moments.

Special Features:

CBC's Pacific Report: Michael J. Fox Profile (1984)
Excerpt from Inside the Actors Studio with Michael J Fox (2005)
Cast and Series Creator Reunion Appearance (2008)
Pilot for The Art Of Being Nick (Family Ties spin-off starring Scott Valentine as "Nick")
Gary David Goldberg-produced show Day By Day episode "Trading Places"
Sales Presentation
Entertainment Tonight
Bloopers/Gag Reel

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  • 09/02/15: Antenna TV Fall 2015 Schedule with Family Ties

    Family Ties - The Complete Series

  • 09/25/13: Finalized Packaging, Bonus Disc Contents for 'The Complete Series'

  • 08/12/13: Read our review of Family Ties - The Seventh and Final Season on DVD

  • 08/06/13: 'The Complete Series' Photo-Album Gift Set is Coming to DVD!

    Pre-order Family Ties - The Complete Series Photo-Album Gift Set

    Gary David Goldberg

  • 06/25/13: Gary David Goldberg, Television Writer and Creator of ‘Family Ties,’ Dies at 68

    Remembering Family Ties/Spin City Creator Gary David Goldberg

    Michael J. Fox Remembers Family Ties Creator Gary David Goldberg

    We thank him for creating the wonderful Family Ties. Mr. Goldberg will be greatly missed. Post your condolences on our message board

  • 06/03/13: Justine Bateman No Mallory Keaton

  • 05/20/13: 13 Actors You Probably Didn’t Know Were On “Family Ties”

  • 05/13/13: Release Date and Art are Revealed for 'The 7th and Final Season'

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  • 04/30/13: "It's My Party" - Out of Sequence Episode - Explanation

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  • 02/08/13: Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross Reunite On The Talk February 14, 2013

  • 01/23/13: 'The 6th Season' on DVD at Long Last: Date, Details, Cover Art!

  • 12/11/12: Tina Yothers to be on What Not To Wear 2/28/2013

  • 10/08/12: Cloo's Classic TV Jump the Shark Marathon

  • 09/27/12: GMC Moves Family Ties to Late Night

  • 09/02/12: Seasons 6 and 7 on iTunes

  • 08/15/12: Michael J. Fox Plans TV Comeback

  • 06/02/12: Who Knew? Ed O'Neill Could've Played Steven Keaton On 'Family Ties?

  • 05/18/12: Family Ties Also Gets Marathon on GMC

  • 05/14/12: Family Ties Coming to GMC

  • 05/06/12: Justine Bateman is Going to UCLA

  • 04/05/12: The Givers: Who Inspires Michael J. Fox? A Very Personal Interview

  • 04/02/12: Meredith Baxter on Why Coming Out was 'Glorious'

  • 03/04/12: 'Skippy' from Family Ties prepares for Improv Comedy Club appearance

  • 12/23:11 Tina Yothers to Appear on Celebrity Wife Swap

  • 11/17/11: Meredith Baxter is heading to 'Switched at Birth'

  • 11/17/11: Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross Talk about "Dan Vs." Appearance and "Family Ties"

  • 11/10/11: Marc Price Still Loves Justine Bateman

  • 10/11/11: What Happened to Alex P. Keaton After 1989?!?

  • 09/28/11: Former 'Family Ties' Actress Justine Bateman Needs YOU to Help Her Publish Her Book

  • 09/08/11: The Hub Fall 2011 Schedule

  • 08/26/11: Justine Bateman is an Aunt Again

  • 08/09/11: Michael J. Fox: Back in time

  • 06/01/11: Back injury forces Michael J. Fox to withdraw from pro-am at Principal Charity Classic in Iowa

  • 04/15/11: Meredith Baxter Says 'Family Ties' Saved Her Life

    Family Ties Cast at TV Land Awards

    Meredith Baxter, center, and the cast of Family Ties accept the Fan Favorite Award at the 2011 TV Land Awards on Sunday, April 10, 2011, in New York. (AP Photo/Charles Sykes)

  • 04/11/11: 2011 TV Land Awards Recap

    Celebrity icons from television, film and music joined TV Land last night for the taping of the 2011 TV Land Awards, which, for the first time in the award show's nine-year history, was held in New York. The show, which premieres on TV Land on Sunday, April 17 at 9pm ET/PT, kicked off with a surprise performance by legendary entertainer Liza Minnelli, who performed her rendition of the classic tune "New York, New York."

    The Fan Favorite Award was presented to the Family Ties cast by comedian extraordinaire Ben Stiller. The show won the hearts of viewers everywhere as the fictional Keaton family humorously struggled to deal with a new generation gap and political differences in the 1980s. Cast members Michael J. Fox, Michael Gross, Meredith Baxter, Justine Bateman, Tina Yothers, Tracy Pollan and Marc Price accepted, and singer Billy Vera gave a moving performance of "At This Moment."

  • 04/08/11: Family Ties Cast Reunites on The Joy Behar Show on HLN on April 11

  • 04/08/11: Michael J. Fox and Daughter, Esme, Light Up the Empire State Building

  • 03/31/11: Michael Gross Appearing at the NJ Chiller Convention April 29-May 1

  • 03/15/11: Michael Gross maintains 'Ties' to Meredith Baxter

  • 03/01/11: Meredith Baxter Reveals Abusive Marriage to Former Costar

  • 02/14/11: The Hub Switches Family Ties, Happy Days Slots

  • 02/07/11: CBS Sued Over 63-Year-Old Song Used in 'Family Ties'

  • 02/03/11: Michael J. Fox to Receive German Lifetime Achievement Award

  • 01/05/11: The Cast of Family Ties to Reunite for the 9th Annual TV Land Awards April 17, 2011

  • 12/30/10: Interviews: Micheal Gross & Meredith Baxter In A 'Family Ties' Reunion 2010

  • 11/01/10: Family Ties still strong as ever for Michael J Fox as he takes his wife of 22 years to basketball game

  • 10/26/10: Back to the Future 25th Annivesary Cast Reunion

  • 10/14/10: Michael J. Fox Goes Back to Back to the Future

  • 10/07/10: Mallory's Clothes Blog

  • 10/01/10: Baxter and Gross bring 'Love Letters' to UC Merced

  • 09/27/10: Family Ties Coming to The Hub in October

    As we have mentioned a few times already, Discovery Kids is turning into The Hub on Sunday, October 10, 2010. We mentioned they have acquired two sitcoms --Doogie Howser, M.D. and The Wonder Years, but now we have the full schedule and it will consist of many sitcoms in primetime/late night!

    These other sitcoms acquired are Happy Days, Family Ties, and Laverne & Shirley. The Hub has also acquired the half-hour 1960's Batman starring Adam West and Burt Ward! This is totally unexpected indeed! We were told back at TCA that they would add about one more sitcom, but we get three more plus Batman! The network's programming blocks are Pre-school (ages 2-5; 9am-1pm); Kids Afternoon/Kids Prime (ages 6-12; 1pm-6pm); Kids and Family Prime Access (6pm- 7pm); and Kids and Family Prime (7pm-1am). We will cover mostly 7pm and on. Kicking off the kids and family primetime block starting Monday, October 11 is Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show at 7pm. Then back-to-back episodes of Family Ties will air in the 8pm hour, leading into an episode each of The Wonder Years and Doogie Howser, M.D. at 9pm. Then airing back-to-back in the 10pm hour it is Happy Days! This is feeling like classic Nick at Nite! Airing at 11pm is Laverne & Shirley followed by Batman at 11:30pm. Airing at 12am is the animated Transformers – Generation 1 followed by G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero at 12:30am. From 1am-6am will be encores of the same series starting at 7pm. Among the notable highlights during the day is Fraggle Rock (8:30am, 1:30pm & 2pm), Batman Beyond (7:30am & 5:30pm), and Men in Black: The Series (6:30am & 4:30pm).

  • 09/26/10: The Agony Booth Recaps 'A My Name Is Alex'

  • 09/23/10: Marty McFly’s Self-Lacing Sneakers and Nike

  • 08/23/10: Michael J. Fox to Be Turner Classic Movies Guest Programmer

  • 07/28/10: Justine Bateman to Guest Star on Private Practice

  • 07/25/10: Michael J. Fox to Receive the Order of Canada

  • 05/28/10: Mini Family Ties Reunion

  • 05/20/10: Time Magazine Michael J. Fox Interview

  • 05/02/10: Michael J. Fox's Favorite Things

  • 04/19/10: Michael J. Fox Releases Third Book

  • 04/16/10: Michael J. Fox: ‘Always Be Available to Your Kids’

  • 04/15/10: Michael J. Fox on Good Morning America

  • 04/09/10: Michael J. Fox Recalls His Own Battle With Addiction

  • 04/09/10: 'Family Ties' child star Brian Bonsall sentenced to two-years probation on assault charge

    Brian Bonsall Wikipedia Entry / Brian Bonsall Internet Movie Database Entry / Google News

  • 03/11/10: 'Family Ties' Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross to Reunite for "Family Guy" Episode

  • 03/11/10: Model of Family Ties Set

  • 03/04/10: Bring Back NBC's Classic Thursday Night Lineup for One Night!

  • 02/19/10: 'Family Ties' Brian Bonsall Arrested AGAIN! This Time For Drug Use....

  • 02/08/10: Middle School Students Give Back To Michael J. Fox Foundation

  • 01/27/10: Family Ties Leaving FamilyNet on Feburary 26

  • 12/19/09: Michael J. Fox's next book, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future"

  • 12/17/09: Meredith Baxter to Pen Autobiography

  • 12/07/09: Former 'Family Ties' star Brian Bonsall arrested again

  • 12/03/09: Family Ties Costar Supports Baxter's Coming Out

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

  • 12/02/09: ‘Family Ties’ mom: ‘I am a lesbian’

  • 12/02/09: Meredith Baxter to Reveal She's a Lesbian on "The Today Show" Today (Dec. 2nd)

  • 10/20/09: Billy Vera (At This Moment) Interview

  • 09/22/09: Michael J. Fox Reveals Who His Favorite TV Dad Was Growing Up

  • 09/17/09: Michael J. Fox to be a Presenter at this Sunday's Emmys

  • 09/01/09: Michael J. Fox's "Teen Wolf" moving ahead at MTV (09/01/09)

  • 08/22/09: Justine Bateman on Twitter

  • 08/13/09: Troubled 'Family Ties' Child Star Brian Bonsall is Now A Fugitive From The Law

  • 08/11/09: WGN America Fall Marathons

  • 07/22/09: New Biography Episodes on Bio TV in August 2009

    This August on Bio TV we get three all-new Biography episodes related to TV series! First up is Biography: Family Ties on Tuesday, August 4 at 10pm ET. Ronald Reagan's favorite TV show was none other than Family Ties, the 80's comedy about hippies Elyse and Steven Keaton and their Young Republican son, Alex P. Keaton (Michael J. Fox). They explore the show's genesis, the lives of its cast and crew, and the partisan politics of the Keaton's happy and hilarious home.

  • 07/27/09: Marc Price (Skippy): Then and Now

  • 07/17/09: Tina Yothers: Then and Now

  • 07/14/09: TV Moms (Elyse Keaton) Honored

  • 07/05/09: Family Ties stars Michael Gross & Meredith Baxter at TV Dads Event

  • 04/10/09: Picture of the Family Ties Set

  • 04/05/09: Scott Valentine (Nick) Then and Now...

  • 03/30/09: Michael J. Fox Refuses to Let Parkinson's Define Him

  • 03/10/09:

    Thursday, May 7, 2009
    10:00 PM “Michael J. Fox: Adventures of an Incurable Optimist”
    Michael J. Fox, the former star of ABC’s comedy hit, “Spin City,” makes an emotional return to ABC as the acclaimed television and movie star investigates the nature of optimism. He travels the world to talk to people who have overcome great obstacles to find full and happy lives. In 1998, he publicly revealed that he had been diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease.

  • 03/10/09: Interview with Michael J. Fox

  • 03/09/09: Michael J. Fox gives ABC his outlook on optimism

  • 03/07/09: Read our review of Family Ties - The Fifth Season on DVD

  • 03/06/09: "Family Ties” Season 5 Proves Alex is king

  • 03/06/09: Meredith Baxter Starring in "Bound by a Secret" March 7th at 8pm On Hallmark

  • 02/27/09: Family Ties Airing on FamilyNet

  • 01/14/09: Michael J. Fox to play paraplegic on FX series

    Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist

  • 01/09/09: New Michael J. Fox Book to be Released on April 7

    Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist

    There are many words to describe Michael J. Fox: Actor. Husband. Father. Activist. But readers of Always Looking Up will soon add another to the list: Optimist. Michael writes about the hard-won perspective that helped him see challenges as opportunities. Instead of building walls around himself, he developed a personal policy of engagement and discovery: an emotional, psychological, intellectual, and spiritual outlook that has served him throughout his struggle with Parkinson's disease. Michael's exit from a very demanding, very public arena offered him the time-and the inspiration-to open up new doors leading to unexpected places. One door even led him to the center of his own family, the greatest destination of all.

    The last ten years, which is really the stuff of this book, began with such a loss: my retirement from Spin City. I found myself struggling with a strange new dynamic: the shifting of public and private personas. I had been Mike the actor, then Mike the actor with PD. Now was I just Mike with PD? Parkinson's had consumed my career and, in a sense, had become my career. But where did all of this leave Me? I had to build a new life when I was already pretty happy with the old one..

    Always Looking Up is a memoir of this last decade, told through the critical themes of Michael's life: work, politics, faith, and family. The book is a journey of self-discovery and reinvention, and a testament to the consolations that protect him from the ravages of Parkinson's.

    With the humor and wit that captivated fans of his first book, Lucky Man, Michael describes how he became a happier, more satisfied person by recognizing the gifts of everyday life.

    Purchase Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist

  • 12/21/08: Tracy Pollan Cast as Natalee Holloway's Mother Beth Twitty in Lifetime Movie

  • 12/15/08: 5th Season DVD Announced: Date, Extras and Package Art (Front & Rear)!

    Michael J. Fox

  • 12/08/08: "I Love My Life" - Kids & Family Life, Coping and Overcoming Illness, Michael J. Fox

  • 11/06/08: Michael J. Fox Rocks Out with The Who!

  • 11/05/08: Michael J. Fox's Courageous Battle with Parkinson's

  • 10/13/08: Justine Bateman: No More Family Ties

  • 10/02/08: Casting Scoop! Justine Bateman on Californication!

  • 09/06/08: Michael J. Fox Honored On Canada's Walk of Fame

  • 08/03/08: Read our review of Family Ties - The Fourth Season on DVD

  • 07/28/08: Michael Gross Joining The Young and the Restless

    People - Child Stars Then & Now

  • 07/12/08: Tina Yothers and Brian Bonsall are featured in People's Child Stars Then & Now

  • 07/10/08: Justine Bateman to Guest on 'Psych'

    Michael J. Fox

  • 07/07/08: Michael J. Fox Blazes Trail to 'Rescue Me'

  • 06/16/08: WGN America Schedules '80s Week / Family Ties airs from 8-10PM ET/PT on Tuesday, July 8 on WGN America

    Justine Bateman on Desperate Housewives

  • 06/10/08: Justine Bateman experiences career change

    Justine Bateman appeared in a few episodes of "Desperate Housewives" in May as a kooky artist who moved in with Gabby and Carlos. She also appeared in an original Sci-Fi channel movied "Hybrid" on March 16th.

  • 06/04/08: Rear Package Art Makes an Appearance for the 4th Season DVDs

  • 05/21/08: Adds Family Ties / Full Family Ties Episodes at

  • 05/21/08: Alex P. Keaton was #3 on TV's All Time Funniest Kid list

    Tina Yothers

  • 04/21/08: Tina Yothers Appears on Celebrity Fit Club 6

  • 04/16/08: Question Answered: 'Vacation' MotW & Other Extras Included on Season 4 Set!

  • 04/14/08: Announcement for Family Ties - The Fourth Season on DVD

  • 02/19/08: Gary David Goldberg Interview

    Our good buddy Eric from continues to get noteworthy guests for his show. On Feb. 5, Emmy winning producer Gary David Goldberg celebrated the release of his new autobiography "Sit, Ubu, Sit" by taking part in a panel discussion at the Paley Center alongside cast members of his most successful shows. But before he spoke to his sold out audience, he sat down with Just My Show to talk about his seven years as creator and executive producer of Family Ties. You can listen to the very interesting podcast by clicking HERE!

    Gary David Goldberg has launched a new web site, where you can find "Family Ties" memories and trivia, pictures, contests, podcasts, and more. Please drop by the site for more information about Gary's work and what he's doing now.

    Family Ties Reunion

  • 02/07/08: Family Ties Reunion on Today

    The cast of NBC's Family Ties all gathered for the first time in 18 years on Thursday on NBC's Today show to help promote a new memoir, titled "Sit, Ubu, Sit," by the creator of the iconic 1980's television sitcom, Gary David Goldberg. Joining Gary David Goldberg were Michael J. Fox, Michael Gross, Meredith Baxter, Justine Batemen and Tina Yothers. "Had it not been for this book, we would not have had this reunion. This is the first time in about 18 years that we have all been on the same piece of real estate at the same time," said Michael Gross. You can read more about this reunion that took place this morning, and watch the entire video of it by clicking HERE!

    Read our review of Family Ties - The Third Season on DVD

    The special features on the Third Season set are a gag reel and episodic promos (similar as to what was on the second season set). 24 Episodes are included. The running time is 9 Hours, 33 Minutes.

    Tina Yothers and Baby Pics

    Michael J. Fox: 'I Was A Secret Casanova'

    Family Ties Bloopers

    Michael J. Fox Makes TV Land's 50 Greatest TV Icons List

    Family Ties

  • 11/11/07: Box Art for February Release of 3rd Season DVDs

  • 10/23/07: Oh, Baby! Andrew's On The Way Along With 3rd Season DVDs

  • 10/04/07: Read our review of Family Ties - The Second Season on DVD

    If you haven't picked up the First Season on DVD, now is a good time. is offering that at only $11.99! That is $27 off the original list price.

  • Tina Yothers Welcomes a Baby Boy (09/24/07)

  • Probation For 'Family Ties' Bonsall (09/04/07)

  • Justine Bateman Gives Men in Trees a Good Shake (02/15/07)

  • 08/09/07: Three Featurettes Announced for Season 2 DVD - Back Cover Art Included

  • 06/26/07: reports that Family Ties - The Second Season will be released on October 9th. The extras are mentioned as "episodic promos." Here is the studio synopsis:

    Steve and Elyse Keaton (Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter Birney), once 1960s radicals, now find themselves in Reagan-Era American trying to raise a traditional suburban family. Son Alex P. Keaton (Michael J. Fox) is an ambitious Young Republican and his sister Mallory (Justine Bateman) is a shallow victim of the corporate culture, obsessed with music, clothes and boys. Their only normal kid is young Jennifer (Tina Yothers), a bit of a tomboy.

    Here is the artwork:

    Family Ties - The Second Season

  • 02/05/07: Read our review of Family Ties - The Complete First Season on DVD

    Some more news from recent months:

    Justine Bateman

    Justine Bateman is currently appearing on the ABC Drama "Men in Trees"

    Tina Yothers before and after

    Tina Yothers: I'm Ready to Wear a Bikini (10/08/06)

    Visit Marc Price's (Skippy) Website

  • 12/12/06: Purchase Family Ties - The Complete First Season on DVD at 30% off the list price

  • 11/01/06: Family Ties - The Complete First Season coming to DVD on February 20, 2007

    Michael Gross

  • 09/29/06: Michael Gross appears on Monday's episode (8:30PM ET/PT) of "How I Met Your Mother" on CBS

    Michael J. Fox

  • 09/04/06: Michael J. Fox - The E! True Hollywood Story

    Short in Stature but Tall in Strength, America's Favorite Son Stays on Top

    Debuts: Sept. 4, 8p
    Encores: Sept. 5, 12a, 9a; Sept. 7, 9p; Sept. 9, 3p
    Playing a teenager in the '80s, he won us over in Family Ties. Then he triumphed at the box office, taking us Back to the Future three times. Today, still just as well known and beloved, Michael J. Fox helps fight a war against Parkinson's Disease.

    In Michael J. Fox: The E! True Hollywood Story, learn how this winner overcomes every setback--from alcoholism to family deaths to a horrible diagnosis--all with a signature smile.

    Born into a working-class family, the "five-foot nothing" Fox dreamt of becoming a professional hockey player. But his love for music gave him a taste of drama. Already flying out to L.A. for acting gigs in the 12th grade, the Canadian Army brat decided to drop his books permanently and head west.

    Turned down from Family Ties after his first audition, Fox rebounded, nailed his second shot and became the show's break-out star. Listen to his progression from beer, cigarettes and mac 'n' cheese to a Ferrari and a Hollywood Hills home. Watch as he bounced out of a depression and into Spin City, finally deciding to retire after a Caribbean snorkel chase with a turtle. But first, how tied are you to Fox's Family? Get your THS I.Q. and find out!

    Tina Yothers

  • 08/06/06: Tina Yothers will be on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club starting Sunday, August 6th at 9PM EDT. It repeats on the 6th at 11:30PM EDT and various days and times. New episodes air on Sundays at 11AM EDT and repeated at 9PM EDT.

    Celebrity Fit Club is back for a fourth season as a one-hour reality show in which eight celebrities compete in two teams of four to lose weight and get in shape. In each episode, the celebrities attend a `Fit Camp' where they take part in a range of physical and motivational activities designed to shed pounds, increase team spirit and win prizes. The next day, they face the scales at a `Weigh-In Ceremony' where they'll be individually weighed in by our panel of experts: a doctor, a psychologist and fitness trainer.

    This season's contestants include:

  • Bone Crusher, Rapper
  • Ted Lange, Actor, bartender Isaac on TV's The Love Boat
  • Angie Stone, R&B Singer
  • Vincent Pastore, Actor most widely known for Big Pussy on Sopranos
  • Erika Eleniak, Playboy model, Baywatch
  • Carnie Wilson, singer Wilson Phillips
  • Nick Turturro, Actor, NYPD Blue
  • Tina Yothers, Actress, Family Ties

    Internet Movie Database entry for Tina Yothers
    Wikipedia entry for Tina Yothers
    Tina Yothers Photo Gallery

    Marc Price (Skippy) appeared on NBC's Last Comic Standing in May.

    Michael J. Fox on Dateline Transcript (04/16/06)

  • 02/12/06: Family Ties is leaving the Hallmark Channel schedule after just 3 weeks as of Monday, February 13th. Click here for more information.

  • 02/01/06: Justine Bateman's appearance on Arrested Developent is scheduled to air at 8:30PM ET/PT on Friday, February 10th on FOX.

  • 01/08/06: Family Ties will air on the Hallmark Channel in the US starting Monday, January 23rd. It will air weekdays at 4:00 and 4:30PM ET/PT.

    Michael J. Fox

  • 01/08/06: Michael J. Fox makes his first appearance on "Boston Legal" on Tuesday, January 10th at 10PM ET/PT on ABC. He will be in three episodes as a charismatic and dynamic CEO named Daniel Post who's battling stage four lung cancer.

    Michael J. Fox Finds Acting Challenge

  • 01/06/06: Airing of Justine Bateman's Arrested Development episode postponed by FOX

    Justine and Jason Bateman

  • 12/08/05: Bateman vs. Bateman on 'Arrested Development'

  • 11/28/05: View some Behind the Scenes clips of a 1986 Family Ties episode

    View a Michael J. Fox Pepsi Commercial from 1985 from

  • 10/17/05: Michael J. Fox Travels to 'Boston'

  • 09/05/05: View some Family Ties Bloopers

  • 07/01/05: The new episode of Entertainment Weekly (dated July 8, 2005 with Johnny Depp on the cover) has a little article on a possible DVD.

    We're Dyin' For...'Family Ties'
    The Gipper himself tuned in to the family-room staple of the Reagan '80s, but a DVD is still MIA. What gives? Snarkier than the Bradys but milder than the Bundys, the Keatons juggled politics and comedy as we lapped up the weekly war of words between flower-power parents Steven and Elyse and power-hungry son Alex (the role that made Michael J. Fox a star). And let's not forget sassy sisters Mallory and Jennifer; shark-jumping stunt, er, baby bro Andy; and nebbishy neighbor Skippy (Urkel who?). Fox is now far removed from his Teen Beat poster-boy days, but surely he has Family anecdotes to share. And since brother Jason has made the ultimate comeback, there's no better time for Justine Bateman to resurface and reunite with fellow where-are-they-nows Marc Price, Tina Yothers, and Scott "Yo, Mallory!" Valentine. "Although there is no release date confirmed," says Michael Arkin, senior VP of marketing at Paramount Home Entertainment, "we are looking into all possibilities and appreciate hearing from the fans about it." Calling all Republicans--and Democrats...


    Tuesday, June 21 through Thursday, June 23
    10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. ET/PT each night
    This June, take a trip back to 1985 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nick at Nite. Tuesday through Thursday, June 21-23 from 10pm to 12am each night we’ll feature great shows from the 80’s like Kate & Allie, Silver Spoons, Growing Pains, The Facts of Life, Benson and Night Court! And stay tuned on the weekend of June 25-26, for 48 hours worth of shows from the 20 year history of Nick@Nite on sister network TV Land!

    Thursday, June 23 10:30PM Family Ties “Go Tigers” - Mallory goes to Princeton with Alex for a college interview to surprise Jeff, and finds him with another girl. At the same time, Steven must contain his hostility to babysit his obnoxious cousin.

    Full schedule here

    The same "Go Tigers" episode will also air on TV Land as part Nick at Nite’s 20th Anniversary on Sunday, June 26th at 10:30PM ET/PT (and repeated at 4:30AM ET/PT)

    Full schedule here

  • 06/13/05: VH1 Premieres '100 Greatest Kid Stars' In A 5-Night Series Hosted By Christopher Knight Beginning Monday June 13 9PM*

    NEW YORK, June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- VH1 has crowned Gary Coleman, of "Diff'rent Strokes" fame, the number one kid star. Macaulay Culkin, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Jodie Foster, Drew Barrymore, Emmanuel Lewis, Ron Howard, Corey Feldman, Maureen McCormick and Danny Bonaduce round out the top ten on the list.

    Premiering on Monday, June 13 at 9 P.M.* and hosted by Christopher Knight, "100 Greatest Kid Stars" is a five-night special that follows the tradition of VH1's successful "100 Greatest ... " franchise. VH1 has assembled the definitive list of child stars, and counts them down using new, exclusive interviews with many of the stars themselves and that golden footage from way back when ...

    1. Gary Coleman (DIFF'RENT STROKES)
    40. Todd Bridges (DIFF'RENT STROKES)
    91. Dana Plato (DIFF'RENT STROKES)

    Complete List

  • 05/22/05: Skippy Gets #9 on TVLand's Top Ten Loveable Geeks and Losers

  • 12/03/04: Alex P. Keaton was voted #29 on Bravo's "The 100 Greatest TV Characters of All-Time

  • Family Ties left the TV Land schedule on November 24th, 2004

  • 09/16/04: reports that the first season of Family Ties is set to be released on DVD by Paramount sometime in the first half of 2005. More details will be available in the coming weeks and months.

    Effective Saturday, August 14 on TV Land
    11:00AM-1:00PM Thursdays: Family Ties
    5:00PM-8:00PM Thursdays: Family Ties
    3:00AM Everynight: Family Ties

  • 08/24/04: After a fashion, Justine Bateman returns to TV

  • 06/03/04: "Family Ties" Tyke Busted for DUI

  • 05/10/04: Starting May 10th, Family Ties will air on TV Land Monday-Thursday at 1:00AM and 1:30AM

    Michael Gross has recently appeared on ER

    The Hollywood Mom's Mystery – August 2004 on the Hallmark Channel
    Starring: Justine Bateman, Andrew McCarthy, Elizabeth Pena, Angie Everhardt, George Hamilton
    When a high society Hollywood lady shows up dead in her neighbor Lucy's swimming pool, everyone, including Lucy's husband, is a suspect. Lucy is determined to clear her husband's name and begins digging. What she finds shocks everyone, but is it enough to clear her husband?

    Home For Christmas – December 2004 on the Hallmark Channel
    Starring: Meredith Baxter, Ronny Cox, Natasha Gregson Wagner, Tracey Needham
    Sisters separated by a lifetime of misunderstanding and a family desperately in need of healing old wounds find themselves brought back together on one amazing Christmas in which the impossible happens – and makes us all believe that nothing is impossible.

  • 04/27/04: Justine Bateman has joined the cast of UPN sitcom pilot Humor Me. Project, from Sony Pictures TV, stars comedian Dane Cook as a standup who loses it all and is forced to move in with his brother. Bateman plays Cook's sister-in-law, Paula, who's not a big fan of his childish behavior. Michael Curtis and Ken Mok exec produce.

    Bateman most recently starred in Showtime's original series Out of Order. She was also a cast member on NBC's Men Behaving Badly.

  • 03/11/04: Family Ties will return to the TV Land lineup (through atleast the end of the month) on March 18th at 11PM ET/PT - see the schedule link for more details

  • 01/14/04: Added link to The One and Only Michael Gross Page

  • 01/12/04: 'Scrubs' Forges Ties with Michael J. Fox

    Michael J. Fox to Appear on Scrubs

    Starting in January, Family Ties will air on TV Land at (times ET/PT):

    Mon-Sat 11 p.m.
    Every morning 4:30 a.m.
    Mon-Fri 2:30 p.m.
    Mon-Fri 7 p.m.
    Sat-Sun 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. (Twice as Nice)

    Family Ties

    TV Land will be airing all three Christmas episodes this year in it's annual 48 hour Merry-thon.

    Sunday, December 21

    4:00PM Family Ties #14 "A Christmas Story" (aka Christmas Show) When their ski trip is postponed by a snowstorm, the Keatons sit home by the fire, where Steven and Elyse share memories of their children's births.

    4:30PM Family Ties #37 "A Keaton Chrismas" Carol Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" inspires this episode featuring Alex as the Keaton Scrooge.

    5:00PM Family Ties #145 "Miracle In Columbus" The Christmas spirit has come to the Keaton house, where the family is busy baking Christmas cookies when Skippy stops by to ask a favor. He wants Alex to pinch-hit for him as Santa at the mall, and Alex agrees after hearing about the excellent hourly wage.

    11:00PM Family Ties #14 "A Christmas Story" (aka Christmas Show) When their ski trip is postponed by a snowstorm, the Keatons sit home by the fire, where Steven and Elyse share memories of their children's births.

    11:30PM Family Ties #37 "A Keaton Chrismas" Carol Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" inspires this episode featuring Alex as the Keaton Scrooge.

    12:00AM Family Ties #145 "Miracle In Columbus" The Christmas spirit has come to the Keaton house, where the family is busy baking Christmas cookies when Skippy stops by to ask a favor. He wants Alex to pinch-hit for him as Santa at the mall, and Alex agrees after hearing about the excellent hourly wage.

  • 12/05/03: A last minute change for Dec 6 and 7 -- a Family Ties weekend marathon!!

    Saturday, December 6 and Sunday, December 7, TV Land presents a "Family Ties" 48-Hour Marathon! Tune in to see Alex and the rest of the Keatons in family friendly programming. Starts Saturday at 6 a.m. and ends at 6 a.m. early Monday morning!

    This will be a sneak peek, as Family Ties joins the TV Land line-up in January!

    Click here for the marathon schedule

    Meredith Baxter appears in "A Christmas Visitor" tv movie on
    the Hallmark Channel

    Justine to appear in Hallmark Channel movie "Dead Hollywood Moms"
    Society in March 2004

  • 10/23/03: Family Ties Star Justine Bateman - Expecting Second Child

    Family Ties on Nick at Nite

  • Family Ties is no longer on the Nick at Nite schedule, no word yet on if or when it would return or if it could air on another cable network

    E! True Hollywood Story



    Justine Bateman, "I Felt Like In My Real Life I Had To Play A Role. And That's All From Fear. From Fear of Just Behaving The Way I Wanted to Behave.”

    Los Angeles, May 21, 2003 –- Starring on the hit TV sitcom, Family Ties, at the tender age of sixteen Justine Bateman turned into America's sweetheart almost overnight. The actress learned quickly, however, that fame was no laughing matter. Bateman found the sudden onslaught of fanfare awkward and even painful. Struggling to find her own identity, Bateman became know off screen for her party girl image. The pressures kept mounting for the star, including a decade-long battle with bulimia, a tumultuous love life that linked her with such actors as Scott McGinnis and Leif Garrett, and a stalker who expressed his love for her with a loaded gun in a theater. This one-hour program reveals how Bateman overcame her early struggle with success. Today, a fashion designer, wife and mother, Bateman still finds time to act in the new Showtime series Out of Order. Will this designing woman finally outgrow her role as flighty teenager Mallory Keaton from Family Ties? Tune in to Justine Bateman: The E! True Hollywood Story premieres Sunday, May 25 at 9:00 PM ET/PT.

    The Emmy®-nominated E! True Hollywood Story is a series of one- and two-hour docu-dramas chronicling the lives of some of entertainment’s most celebrated people, places and events. Utilizing E!’s unparalleled access to the entertainment industry, the program provides a true insider’s view of Hollywood, putting the star-making machine under a microscope with each new installment. The E! True Hollywood Story began life as a series of specials with the March 30, 1996 premiere of Dark Obsession: The Stalking and Murder of Rebecca Schaeffer and quickly established itself as the network’s most successful programming franchise.

    Additional airings:

    Sunday, May 25th at 11PM EST/PST
    Monday, May 26th at 5PM EST/PST
    Wednesday, May 28th at 8PM EST/PST
    Sunday, June 1st at 3PM EST/PST
    Friday, June 6th at 8PM EST/PST

  • 05/05/03: "Favorite Stars: Then & Now 2: An E! Entertainment Television Special"
    Thursday, May 8th
    8-9pm E/P on ABC
    Wondering what ever happened to former kid stars Brian Bonsall (Family Ties), Alison Arngrim (Little House on the Prairie) and Jeremy Miller (Growing Pains)? Curious for an update on Survivor's Susan Hawk and Kelly Wigglesworth, original Mole Kathryn Price and first Bachelor Alex Michel? Want to catch a glimpse of the casts of theatricals Revenge of the Nerds and Stand By Me? Then mark your calendars for ABC, next Thursday, May 8th at 8 p.m. ET for the latest Favorite Stars: Then & Now 2: An E! Entertainment Television Special.

  • 04/21/03: E! will present an all-new E! True Hollywood Story of actress/designer Justine Bateman on Sunday, May 25, 2003. A full description will be coming soon!

    Tracy Pollan

    ABC's 'Hench' Keeps It in the Family

    Fri, Mar 28, 2003 12:15 PM PDT

    LOS ANGELES ( - Michael J. Fox has said "Hench at Home," the sitcom pilot he's producing and writing for ABC, is based somewhat on his own family life.

    The actress playing the lead character's wife, then, shouldn't have any problem relating to the role.

    Tracy Pollan, Fox's wife, has signed to star opposite Craig Bierko in the pilot, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Bierko plays a retired hockey player adjusting to being home all the time with his wife and kids (Michael Charles Roman, Molly Ephriam, Nicholas Reese Art).

    Lyndon Byers, a former National Hockey League player turned actor, has also joined the "Hench" cast, playing Hench's best friend.

    Pollan and Fox met when she co-starred on "Family Ties" in the mid-1980s; they've been married for almost 15 years. She most recently appeared in the NBC movie "1st to Die."

    Justine Bateman

  • 02/12/03: Justine Bateman has new role all sewn up

    Michael J. Fox

  • 02/04/03: ABC Picks Up Michael J. Fox Comedy

    LOS ANGELES ( - ABC has ordered its first comedy pilot of this development season, and it has a familiar name attached to it: Michael J. Fox.

    Fox, who starred on the network's "Spin City" for four seasons in the late '90s, won't be in front of the camera this time. Instead, he wrote the pilot script and will be an executive producer of the show, tentatively titled "Hench at Home."

    The show is a family comedy about a newly retired pro hockey player adjusting to being home with his wife and three kids for extended periods of time. It's the result of a production deal Fox struck with ABC and DreamWorks TV; ABC sibling Touchstone TV is also involved.

    "The combination of Michael's comedic vision and his unique outlook as a father is so insightful and refreshing," Touchstone TV president Stephen McPherson says.

    Fox was an executive producer of "Spin City," but "Hench" is his first attempt at writing. Fellow "Spin" producer Danelle Black and Mitch Hurwitz ("The Ellen Show") are also serving as executive producers.

    "Creating and writing a TV comedy is a different kind of adventure in a familiar setting," Fox says. "I'm excited by the chance to do something special here."

    Michael J. Fox to Renew Family Ties with ABC

    Lucky Man: A Memoir

    Lucky Man: A Memoir by Michael J. Fox

    A funny, highly personal, gorgeously written account of what it’s like to be a 30-year-old man who is told he has an 80-year-old’s disease.

    "Life is great. Sometimes, though, you just have to put up with a little more crap." --Michael J. Fox

    In September 1998, Michael J. Fox stunned the world by announcing he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease -- a degenerative neurological condition. In fact, he had been secretly fighting it for seven years. The worldwide response was staggering. Fortunately, he had accepted the diagnosis and by the time the public started grieving for him, he had stopped grieving for himself. Now, with the same passion, humor, and energy that Fox has invested in his dozens of performances over the last 18 years, he tells the story of his life, his career, and his campaign to find a cure for Parkinson’s.

    Combining his trademark ironic sensibility and keen sense of the absurd, he recounts his life -- from his childhood in a small town in western Canada to his meteoric rise in film and television which made him a worldwide celebrity. Most importantly however, he writes of the last 10 years, during which -- with the unswerving support of his wife, family, and friends -- he has dealt with his illness. He talks about what Parkinson’s has given him: the chance to appreciate a wonderful life and career, and the opportunity to help search for a cure and spread public awareness of the disease. He is a very lucky man, indeed.

    For more information and to order, click here

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    The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows: 1946-Present
    The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows: 1946-Present (Book)

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