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Everybody Loves Raymond - The Complete Fourth Season


Info: Release Date: September 13, 2005 (HBO Home Video)
MSRP: $44.98
Number of Discs: 5
Number of Episodes: 24
Running Time: 720 minutes
Total Run Time of Special Features: 118 Minutes (approx).
Audio: English, French, Spanish
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Special Features:
*Four audio commentaries with series creator Phil Rosental, Ray Romano, Brad Garrett, Patricia Heaton, and writers Lew Schneider and Aaron Shure
*Deleted Scenes


Everybody Loves Raymond is about a rather crazy extended family in Long Island. Starring Ray, a successful sportswriter, and husband of Debra (played by Patricia Heaton). The couple consistently deals with their young kids - a 6 year-old daughter and twin sons, as well as Ray's brother, Robert (Brad Garrett), and parents Frank (Peter Boyle) and Marie (Doris Roberts), who are always coming over at unexpected times or otherwise meddling in their business.

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

At this point in the series’ run, the show is quite good – and on a consistent basis. A few recommendations as far as episodes go include #10 (Left Back), #15 (Robert’s Rodeo), Episode #20 (Alone Time), and essentially anything on disc five.

Following this mini-paragraph is a list of guest stars for Everybody Loves Raymond’s 4th season, and what episode to find them in.
Guest Stars for Season 4:
Robert Culp (“The Greatest American Hero”) – Episode 11 – “The Christmas Picture” - Episode 16 – “The Tenth Anniversary”
Lew Schneider, a writer for the show – Episode 11 – “The Christmas Picture”
Katherine Helmond (“Who’s the Boss,” “Soap”) – Episode 11 – “The Christmas Picture” - Episode 16 – “The Tenth Anniversary”
Ja’Net DuBois (“Good Times,” [singer of “The Jeffersons” theme]) – Episode 13 – “Bully on the Bus”
Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman) – Episode 17 – “Hackidu”


Packaging for Raymond 4 is identical to the previous seasons’ packaging in every way except the photos used and the dominant color used for the box/disc/menu art – this time orange. As always, there’s a cast picture on top of the front cover, with a larger shot of Ray smiling in the bottom corner. Reverse cover has another cast picture, and another – different – shot of Ray in the bottom right. Inside, the five ORANGE DVDs are arranged with discs one and two seen when opening the set. Unfolding the set further reveals a disc index, and the other three discs. Disc one has episodes 1-5, disc two has episodes 6-10, disc three has episodes 11-15, disc four has episodes 16-20 and disc five has episodes 21-24. As with last time, a word of warning…the extended pieces of plastic on the disc holders that help seal the case are fragile – if you drop the case with any degree of force, the plastic connectors WILL break – be careful. Did I mention that the packaging was orange?

Menu Design and Navigation:

Just like every past Raymond set before, the main menu – definitely going with the orange color scheme - features a series of scrolling video clips playing (with audio), over the main theme. The first thing you might notice that’s different (wow, a difference in something in an ELR DVD set....) is that the menu is now in 16:9! This becomes an important consistency later on. Option selection in the menus is still just a simple text menu below the playing clips. The Special Features, Episode Selection, and Language menus each feature a row of cast pictures with one particular picture in the foreground. With there being several menu pages per disc, and a total of ‘five’ discs, it's just an impossibility to list ALL the pictures and clips used in the set. They did change a couple of tiny things, graphically. As said before, Menus are orange this time, to match the overall release art for the season – also orange, and the pictures were again swapped out for pictures from this season. Proving that last season’s release was no fluke…there IS a Play All option! For those of you unfamiliar with the previous ELR sets, seasons one and two didn’t feature the button, while season three did. The absence of a Play All feature is viewed by many as a hindrance which can get in the way of playback at times – particularly if you happen to misplace your remote. Also, Play All allows a user to click a button, and then they can just lounge in front of the TV watching episode after episode with no more work involved for hours. Many thanks to HBO for again including this bit of requested menu functionality.

Video and Audio Quality:

Episodes are presented in 4:3 Aspect Ratio, wait…hold the phone: EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND SEASON 4 IS IN WIDESCREEN! Actually, the few fans of the show that had HDTV’s and a HD-capable signal in 1999 already knew the show was shown in 16:9 starting in season 4, but for most of us, this is the first chance we get to see the earlier seasons of the show with the extra room. Video looks exceptionally nice. HBO did a nice job with the video transfer and cleanup, the episodes look great, more or less…there’s a minor flaw here and there, but overall the video looks pretty good – no noticeable artifacting on any of the episodes. Audio’s the same ole Dolby 2.0 Stereo, available in English, Spanish, and French, and sounds good enough – it’s not the awe-inspiring 5.1 used in other arenas, and on newer shows, but it’s decent enough. Audio’s a bit soft – I did have to turn my speakers up to hear it. The chapter setup is the same as the third season’s release--Opening Teaser + Opening Credits / Each Scene / Closing Credits. I complained about the lack of a split between the Teaser and Credits last season, but, honestly, it’s no big deal.

Due to the recent practice by some outfits of releasing syndicated episodes of a series onto DVD as opposed to the much-preferred master copies, from here onward in all my reviews I will be listing the runtimes of every episode in the DVD set next to the episode title. As I don’t always have the resources to judge every show versus the original or syndicated copies, I may be unable to state with certainty whether a set is original broadcast-length or if it’s syndication-edited in some cases, therefore I’m including runtimes, and you can make up your own mind.

1) Boob Job: 22:31
2) The Can Opener: 22:17
3) You Bet 22:31
4) Sex Talk: 22:28
5) The Will: 22:28
6) The Sister: 22:22
7) Cousin Gerard: 22:35
8) Debra's Workouts: 22:33
9) No Thanks: 22:33
10)Left Back: 22:31
11)The Christmas Picture: 22:28
12)What's with Robert?: 22:33
13)Bully on the Bus: 22:15
14)Prodigal Son: 22:17
15)Robert's Rodeo: 22:33
16)The Tenth Anniversary: 22:30
17)Hackidu: 22:33
18)Debra Makes Something Good: 22:21
19)Marie & Frank's New Friends: 22:32
20)Alone Time: 22:32
21)Someone's Cranky: 22:08
22)Bad Moon Rising: 22:25
23)Confronting the Attacker: 22:14
24)Robert's Divorce 22:28

Special Features:

Boob Job: Ray Romano, Phil Rosenthal, and Lew Schneider. This is an interesting track - the story behind this episode is *quite* interesting; I won't spoil anything interesting. Warning to anyone expecting to gather research material for a Masters' Thesis on Writing for Television, this isn't the most intelligent commentary in the world. After all, you've got three guys doing commentary on an episode about boobs. Actually, scratch that, this is a great episode to learn to write sitcoms from :) (22:31)

Robert's Rodeo: Ray Romano, Phil Rosenthal, and guest commentator Brad Garrett comment. Considering this is a Robert episode - not to mention an episode where something comedically bad happens to Robert, Brad's a great guest commentator to have. (22:33)

The Tenth Anniversary: Ray Romano, Phil Rosenthal, and writer Aaron Shure. Continuing the trend in The Orange Season of Phil and Ray + Guest Commentator, this episode has commentary by Aaron Shure. This is just your average Raymond commentary track, even with the addition of a third person. (22:30)

Bad Moon Rising: Ray Romano, Phil Rosental...and Patricia Heaton, who finally joins in on the commentary fun as well. It's mentioned Doris actually felt uncomfortable smacking Raymond in this episode. Patricia submitted this episode for her for her eventual Emmy win...Ray submitted this episode as well, and lost. (22:25)
Total Runtime of Commentary: 90 Minutes.

Deleted Scenes – now split by episode! (You can find each episode’s deleted scenes on the disc corresponding to that episode, including as an option from that episode’s menu)
Boob Job: 1:50
You Bet: 1:28
Sex Talk: 2 Scenes: Total 2:10
The Sister: 0:31
Cousin Gerard: 1:44
No Thanks: 1:42
Left Back: 2 Scenes: Total 2:44
The Tenth Anniversary: 0:47
Alone Time: 0:51
Bad Moon Rising: 1:52
Confronting the Attacker: 0:34
Total Deleted Scenes runtime: 15 minutes, 14 seconds (approximately)

Bloopers: 12 minutes, 34 seconds. Just various screw-ups and flubs from the show. Found on disc five.

Total runtime of Special Features: 117:48

Final Comments:

I’m going to say this again, as it’s something that I, and others, would REALLY like to see. For future releases, perhaps include appearances by Ray and/or other cast members on Letterman for the next set (both shows ARE Worldwide Pants productions, so licensing can’t be THAT hard.). Heck, even other shows where the licensing fees would be minimal-at-best. Nice to see that my suggestion about commentary on more than two episodes, and with people other than Ray/Phil were taken – there were FOUR commentary tracks this time, and in addition to Phil and Ray, there was always a third guest commentator relevant to the episode. Nice. Great set overall – this is definitely a set I’d want to pick up….well, if I weren’t already reviewing it at least.

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 5/5
Audio Quality: 4.5/5
Special Features: 3/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 4/5
Overall: 4.5/5

Seth Thrasher Seal of Approval

-- Reviewed by Seth Thrasher on 08/27/05

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