Happy Days Episode Guide

Happy Days Episode Guide

Episodes 1-50

This section contains episode titles and brief summaries for every episode, divided into 5 different sections. I now have all the original airdates. I list the episodes in the original airdate order (as they were originally aired on ABC from 1974-1984), but I also have a listing of the production order (the order the episodes were actually made). Click here to see the comparison.

Episode #'s: 1-50 / 51-100 / 101-150 / 151-200 / 201-255

#1- All the Way (original air date: 1/15/74)
Richie is set up with Mary Lou Milligan, a girl with a reputation, by Potsie.

#2- The Lemon (1/22/74)
Richie and Potsie team up their money to buy a convertible in order to impress two girls.

#3- Richie's Cup Runneth Over (1/29/74)
Potsie takes Richie to a wild bachelor party.

#4- Guess Who's Coming to Visit (2/5/74)
Richie and Potsie go out to watch Fonzie at a midnight drag race.

#5- Hardware Jungle (2/12/74)
Richie watches the hardware store instead of going to a rock concert.

#6- The Deadly Dares (2/19/74)
Richie and Potsie have to fulfill six dares to earn their jackets when they try to become members of the Demons.

#7- Fonzie Drops In (2/26/74)
Fonzie re-enrolls in high school, but wants Richie to do all of his homework.

#8- The Skin Game (3/5/74)
Richie and Potsie use false identity cards to get into a burlesque show.

#9- Breaking Up is Hard to Do (3/12/74)
Richie and Arlene split up only to discover that it's too late to line up other dates for the prom.

#10- Give the Band a Hand (3/26/74)
Richie and his friends set out to conquer their financial woes as a rock 'n roll band.

#11- Because She's There (4/2/74)
Richie reluctantly agrees to go on a blind date with a girl who towers over him.

#12- In the Name of Love (4/9/74)
Potsie and Ralph want to date Cindy Shellenberger, while Cindy only wants Richie as a tutor.

#13- Great Expectations (4/16/74)
Richie helps a stranded beatnik who is pregnant.

#14- The Best Man (4/23/74)
The neighbors are upset when the Cunninghams invite an African-American couple to be married in their home.

#15- Knock Around the Block (4/30/74)
Richie wants to join the Dukes, until they steal Potsie's bike.

#16- Be the First on Your Block (5/7/74)
The Cunninghams decide to build a family bomb shelter and try to keep it a secret.

#17- Richie Moves Out (2nd season) (9/10/74)
Hoping for more privacy, Richie moves in with his brother, but discovers it ain't paradise.

#18- Richie's Car (9/17/74)
Fonzie sells Richie a stolen hot rod for $200.

#19- Who's Sorry Now? (9/24/74)
Richie goes out with a girlfriend he hasn't seen in over three years, and the girl wants to go steady.

#20- You Go to My Head (10/1/74)
Richie decides to see a psychiatrist after reading a book on abnormal psychology.

#21- R.O.T.C. (10/8/74)
Richie is chosen to be the R.O.T.C. leader of his squad.

#22- Haunted (10/29/74)
Ralph hosts an annual Halloween party, and Richie thinks he saw a headless ghost.

#23- Wish Upon a Star (11/12/74)
Richie wins a date with a Hollywood starlet to the school's victory dance.

#24- Not With My Sister, You Don't (11/19/74)
Richie is shocked to learn that Joanie's first date is with Spike, a young replica of Fonzie.

#25- Big Money (11/26/74)
Richie is a contestant on a game show called "Big Money".

#26- A Star is Bored (12/5/74)
Richie and company put on a play, "Hamlet", to collect some more money for baseball uniforms.

#27- Guess Who's Coming to Christmas (12/17/74)
Christmas episode where Fonzie has no place to celebrate the holiday.

#28- Open House (1/7/75)
Three women have to spend the night at the Cunningham's house when their car breaks down.

#29- Fonzie's Getting Married (1/14/75)
Fonzie wants to get married, only to find out that the girl is a stripper.

#30- The Cunningham Caper (1/21/75)
Fonzie, Potsie, Ralph, and a burglar cause pandemonium in the Cunningham house while Richie is sick in bed with the flu.

#31- The Not Making of a President (1/28/75)
Election time becomes a complicated for Richie when he has a crush on a girl campaigning for Stevenson.

#32- Cruisin' (2/11/75)
Richie, Potsie, and Ralph go cruising for girls.

#33- The Howdy Doody Show (2/18/75)
Richie does a story for the school newspaper.

#34- Get a Job (2/25/75)
Richie and company do some repair work for a young divorcee.

#35- Fonzie Joins the Band (3/4/75)
Fonzie wants to join Richie's band.

#36- Fish and The Fins (3/11/75)
A rock group hides out at the Cunningham house, while Richie scrambles for tickets.

#37- Richie's Flip Side (3/18/75)
Richie becomes a disc jockey and gets his own radio show.

#38- Kiss Me Sickly (4/29/75)
Richie watches Fonzie's girlfriend, while he leaves for a week.

#39- Goin' to Chicago (5/6/75)
Richie and company go to Chicago with the school chorus.

#40- Fonzie Moves In (3rd season) (9/9/75)
The Cunnighams rent out the room over the garage to Fonzie.

#41- The Motorcycle (9/16/75)
Ralph totals Fonzie's motorcycle, and Fonzie seeks revenge.

#42- Fearless Fonzarelli, Part 1 (9/23/75)
Fonzie tears ligaments in his leg while attempting a motorcycle stunt for the tv show "You Wanted to See It".

#43- Fearless Fonzarelli, Part 2 (9/30/75)
Fonzie stays at the Cunnigham house and drives Mrs. C. crazy.

#44- The Other Richie Cunningham (10/7/75)
Potsie goes on a blind date with the daughter of one of Howard's business associates instead of Richie.

#45- Richie Fights Back (10/14/75)
Richie is picked on by two hoodlums until he learns some self defense from Arnold.

#46- Jailhouse Rock (10/21/75)
Richie and company challenge a curfew that is being enforced by Officer Kirk.

#47- Howard's 45th Fiasco (10/28/75)
Howard celebrates his 45th birthday, and thinks he hasn't done anything important in his life.

#48- Fonzie the Flatfoot (11/4/75)
Fonzie helps the police stop a gang fight.

#49- A Date With Fonzie (11/11/75)
Richie and Fonzie go out with Laverne and Shirley. Note: first appearance of Laverne and Shirley.

#50- Fonzie the Salesman (11/20/75? 1/13/76? HD card lists 11/13/76)
Fonzie quits his job at the garage, and starts a job as a door-to-door salesman.

Episode #'s: 1-50 / 51-100 / 101-150 / 151-200 / 201-255

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