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Dynasty - The Second Season



DVD Release Date: August 14, 2007 (CBS DVD/Paramount)
MSRP: $49.98
Number of Discs: 6
Number of Episodes: 22
Running Time: 1058 minutes
Total Run Time of Special Features: N/A
Languages: English, Espanol, Portuguese; Subtitles: English, Espanol, Portuguese; Closed Captioned
Special Features: Interactive Dynasty Season 2 Family Tree


Greed. Seduction. Betrayal. Revenge. Those are the four perfect words to describe Dynasty’s second season! The formidable Alexis descends on the Carrington’s like a force of nature, while the devious Sammy Jo wreaks her own brand of havoc on her new family. The great Joan Collins and the sultry Heather Locklear join the award-winning ensemble cast this season as Alexis and Sammy Jo. This season skyrocketed Dynasty into the series that defined a decade and captured the imagination of viewers worldwide. CBS DVD brings us a 6-disc collection containing all 22 second-season episodes.

Passion, glamour, catfights, and the biggest shoulder pads in Denver--Dynasty, was the primetime soap fueled by an all-star cast and "sexsational" storylines. The all-star cast from season two includes John Forsythe as Blake, Linda Evans as Krystle, Pamela Sue Martin as Fallon, Pamela Bellwood as Claudia, Al Corley as Steven, John James as Jeff, Joan Collins as Alexis, Heather Locklear as Sammy Jo, Lee Bergere as Joseph, Lloyd Bochner as Cecil, and James Farentino as Dr. Nick Toscanni.

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

This show is so addictive. You have to watch them in order of course, since it is a soap opera. I will not give away any plotlines. I will tell you the mysterious woman we saw in the season finale from the first season is Alexis (find out who she is in the season premiere!), played by Joan Collins. The best episodes include the first three of the season, “Enter Alexis,” “The Verdict,” and “Alexis’ Secret;” “Viva Las Vegas,” “The Miscarriage,” “The Party,” “The Baby,” “The Gun,” and the season finale “The Cliff.” Recurring stars include Peter Mark Richman as Andrew Laird and Lance LeGault as Ray Bonning. Guest stars include Brian Dennehy and Christina Hart.


Season 1 was done by 20th Century Fox. This season and the seasons onward will be done by CBS Paramount. Season 1 had an outer box and an inner box holding two slim cases that hold two discs each. For season 2, CBS DVD gave us a snap case holding six discs inside. No, the discs don’t overlap each other. Each disc has its own little holder. Disc one is on the left panel. Discs two, three, four, and five are in the little holder thing. The last disc is on the right panel. This is similar in style to CBS DVD’s other recent DVDs like Family Ties. Anyway, back to the cover of the case. It has Blake surrounded by the woman behind him. They are all dressed elegantly. Dynasty, the Second Season wording is also found. The back of the case has synopsis of the show, the set, with a special feature listing, and technical information. A nice shot of the mansion, a big photo of Alexis, and some screen shots are also present. The inner box though has three screenshots from various episodes.

Inside the case we go. I discussed the discs. Season 1 had double-sided discs. Thankfully, CBS DVD didn’t do that. However, the artwork on the discs is not that good. It is plain silver for each one. Dynasty wording and whatever disc number it is, is on the disc. There is a disc by disc breakdown on the left and right panel. We get episode title, original airdate, and a long synopsis of each episode. Don’t be reading it before watching the episode! There are 22 episodes. The first five discs holds four episodes each. The last disc has the final two episodes of the season plus the bonus feature.

Menu Design and Navigation:

The menu screen was VERY good for season one. Fox had a shot of Denver’s beautiful Rocky Mountains, with the show logo moving in, then various clips from the show was played while the Dynasty theme song plays. CBS DVD is terrible in menus. Each menu has different artwork but it is so plain. The episodes are listed right on the main menu. Play All and Set Up options are also available. In Set Up, we can have English, Espanol, and Portugues languages and subtitles. The first set we had different music from the show playing on EACH sub-menu. Of course, CBS DVD didn’t have that on this set. Dynasty Family Tree Season 2 is on disc three, right on the main menu. Main menu artwork: Disc 1 has the same photo from the cover art but it is more zoomed out with the mansion in the background; disc 2 has Sammy Jo with the mansion at night; disc 3 has Alexis, Steven, and Fallon along the stairway; disc 4 has Krystle in a daylight view of the mansion; disc 5 has Blake & Krystle in the den; and disc six has Alexis in a low-cut white dress.

Video and Audio Quality:

The video and audio are just excellent, like the last set! The audio is mono, but it is a very good mono for 1981-82. There are six chapter stops for each episode, which you can use on your remote. On the last set Fox also had a scene selections menu, but we don’t get that here. The episodes appear to be unedited running around 48 minutes, give or take a few seconds (see runtimes below). However, in small letters on the back of the case it states “Some episodes maybe be edited from their original network versions.” It has to be minor stuff, since the runtimes, all look good...the season premiere looks the shortest. Maybe die-hard fans will only notice. I urge fans to look, especially if you have original ABC episodes.

Disc one
1. Enter Alexis 46:52
2. The Verdict 48:27
3. Alexis' Secret 48:11
4. Fallon's Father 48:24

Disc two
5. Reconciliation 48:22
6. Viva Las Vegas 48:23
7. The Miscarriage 48:30
8. The Mid-East Meeting 48:06

Disc three
9. The Psychiatrist 48:00
10. Sammy Jo and Steven Marry 47:54
11. The Car Explosion 48:13
12. Blake's Blindness 48:07

Disc four
13. The Hearing 47:56
14. The Iago Syndrome 48:11
15. The Party 48:21
16. The Baby 48:14

Disc five
17. Mother and Son 48:04
18. The Gun 48:06
19. The Fragment 47:57
20. The Shakedown 48:16

Disc six
21. The Two Princes 48:08
22. The Cliff 48:07

Special Features:

Fox gave us tons of extras on the first season set. We had audio commentaries and three interesting featurettes also on that set. Unfortunately, we get one minor thing on this set...a text only extra. We have a Dynasty Family Tree Season 2 Family Tree. See text profiles on Blake, Alexis, Krystle, Fallon, Jeff, Steven, Sammy Jo, and Little Blake. Find out who is related and married to who!

Final Comments:

Over two years later, we finally get the second season on DVD! Fox produced the first set and now CBS DVD has rights to the rest of the series. Packaging wise, both have their advantages. I hated the two boxes for season one, but I liked the slim cases. I don’t really like the CBS DVD snap case. I’d rather have a case with slim cases, but the episode by episode breakdown on the packaging is very good. The menu Fox had an advantage. Video and audio are similar, but let’s hope CBS DVD didn’t edit a lot out on season two. Special Features definitely goes to Fox. I’d say Fox did a better job overall with the season one set over CBS DVD’s season two set. I’m just thankful we have a season two. Let’s hope CBS DVD speeds it up and we get all the seasons on DVD. All of this is secondary, but edited episodes are not what fans want. I am hoping whatever is edited on this set is just a few second thing. Anyway, join Dynasty in its second season as two memorable characters join the show! Bring on the third season! I am so hooked!

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 4.5/5
Audio Quality: 4.5/5
Special Features: 1/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

-- Reviewed by pavanbadal on 07/23/07

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