Diff'rent Strokes: Quotes

This section contains a listing of some of the more memorable lines on the show.

from the very first episode:

Kimberly says, "Real boys! Hi little brother! Hi big brother!"

Arnold: "What she smokin?"

Arnold: "Whatchoo talking about Willis?"

When Arnold's fish (Abraham) died and they held the ceremony in the bathroom...Arnold was off-camera and you could him say, "Those who come from the sea, shall return to the sea"...Then you hear the toilet flush.

from the episode where Arnold and Willis try their hand in the kitchen:

Mr. Drummond comes in and is just steamed. He says, "Just look at this mess!." and Arnold comes back with, "You look at, we're sick of looking at it."

from an episode where Mr. Drummond is ranting on...

He says, "I'm sick..." and Arnold finishes the line for him, "And tired."

from the episode where Mr. Drummond hit the new building manager, Mr. Garth, and then met the owner, Mr. Sloan...

"So, you're the one who punched my son-in-law, ay?"

Mr. Drummond says, "I assure you Mr. Sloan, I am not at all proud of having done that."

Then Mr. Sloan says, "Oh that's too bad. I've been wanting to that to him for years. I would like to shake your hand."

Drummond: "You're kidding!"

Sloan: "That Garth is an idiot. He can't do anything right! I don't know what my daughter sees in him. Thirteen years of marriage, and he gives me only ONE grandson."

Drummond: "Like you said, he can't do anything right."

And Willis talks to Mr. Drummond when they hear that Mr. Garth would sue Mr. Drummond:

"Hey Dad, as long as he's suing you, hit him again!"

"Willis, we won't do that kind of thing."

Arnold: "We don't, but you do."

Mr. Drummond: Arnold, you don't seriously want to go?

Arnold: Well without me Willis is nothing.

Arnold: I want my doll!!!!!

Willis: Arnold, when you going to grow up your gonna have a wife, 2 kids and a doll!

Arnold: You can have all that, I just want my doll!!!!!!

Kimberly: Good morning sleeping beauty!

Willis: More like sleeping ugly!

Arnold: I owe you an insult!!!

Larry's daughter, Ruthie: So Willis are you a good photographer!

Arnold: He's not a photographer!, he's a butcher! he has pictures of people with no heads!

Willis: Smile!

Kimberly (with smile face): Come on Willis take the picture!

Arnold (Sqwashed): You dare Willis! (Click)

Arnold: Hey you cut my head off again!!!

Mr. Drummond: Okay, Arnold you have the top bunk.

Willis: Arnold, I want NO ACCIDENTS in the night!

Arnold: Don't go eat onions then, and BREATH up!

Mr. Drummond: Okay kids, time for family fun time!

Arnold: Family Fun Time? What channel that on?

Adoption woman to Arnold and Willis: Are you boys happy here?

Arnold: If this was heaven, I'd kill myself tomorrow.

From the first episode, Willis and Arnold had just arrived at Mr. Drummond's apartment. Arnold was holding Abraham in his bowl. The scene went like this

Arnold: My pet goldfish, I call him Abraham

Drummond: I have never seen a black goldfish before.

Arnold: That's okay, he's never seen a rich white man before either.

From the first episode:

Arnold and Willis are in their bedroom after dinner. Willis had told Mr. Drummond that they were leaving the next morning. Mr. Drummond came into the bedroom.

Drummond: Willis, there is something I would like to say to you. You didn't even giveyourself a chance to know us.

Arnold: Yeah, Mr. Drummond is Santa Claus and you're treating him like an old landlord.

Drummond: Maybe I over did it,but I did it because I cared about your mother, and now I care about. The worst thing about it is you're thinking only of yourself, you're not even considering your brother. You're just being selfish, Willis.

Willis: Say what?

When Arnold was in for a whipping and he was in the room with Willis about to be whipped Arnold was on Willis' lap and said "This is great, if Mr. D comes up to check on us, i'll be up here. By the way what're you gonna hit to make it sound like my butt?" Willis answered, "YOUR BUTT!"

When "Uncle Jethro" found out that Willis and Arnold could inherit a lot of money, he said, "Hmmmm, this call's for a call"

(from Dustin)

From an episode with Janet Jackson. Mr Dupre is at Mr.Drummond's house.

mr dupre: Charlene what are you doing here?

mr drummond:Yes Willis just what is she doing here?

arnold:well i'll tell you what i'm doing here, i'm getting out of here!

Willis: i have a couple of hair's on my chest.

Arnold: yeah...but they didn't grow there,they fell off your comb.

Willis: arnold you can't beat me.... you head say's 'go 'then your hands say ''whatchoo talkin' bout?''

arnold: you better work on your pucker sucker!

Willis: alright. i'll talk in here

arnold:no, now i have to go the bathroom

Willis: alright

arnold:i'll be back in a flush.

(from julie gbiwen)

Arnold: "Man we are loaded, Lod...id."

Special thanks to: Jonathan Ableson for sending in several of the quotes on this page.

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