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Desperate Housewives - The Complete Seven Season



DVD Release Date: August 30, 2011 (ABC Studios)
MSRP: $45.99
Packaging: Keep Case with Outer Box
Number of Discs: 5
Number of Episodes: 23
Running Time: approx. 989 minutes
Total Running Time of Special Features: approx. 30 minutes
Audio: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish, Chinese, French & Portuguese; Closed Captioned
Special Features:
• “Desperate for Trivia”
• “Growing Up On Wisteria Lane”
• Bloopers, Outtakes & Gags
• 12 Deleted Scenes


The action gets wilder in the sizzling seventh season of ABC’s acclaimed dramatic comedy Desperate Housewives! Experience all the humor, mystery and juicy thrills in this spectacular five-disc set as Vanessa Williams joins the cast! The DVD comes loaded with bonus features so relive or catch up with season seven just in time for the eighth season, premiering Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 9|8 central only on ABC!

Starring this season are of course the main ladies, Teri Hatcher as Susan, Felicity Huffman as Lynette, Marcia Cross as Bree, Eva Longoria as Gabrielle, Vanessa Williams as Renee Perry, with Brenda Strong as Mary Alice and Dana Delany as Katherine. Then we have the men: James Denton as Mike, Ricardo Antonio Chavira as Carlos, Mark Moses as Paul Young, and Doug Savant as Tom. And the kids: Charlie Carver as Porter Scavo, Max Carver as Preston Scavo, Joshua Logan Moore as Parker Scavo, Darcy Rose Byrnes as Penny Scavo, Mason Vale Cotton as M.J. Delfino, and Madison De La Garza as Juanita Solis. The season also stars Kathryn Joosten as Karen McCluskey, Kevin Rahm as Lee McDermott and Tuc Watkins as Bob Hunter.


  This was another solid season for the series, as we saw the return of Paul Young and even Felicia Tillman. Vanessa Williams joined the cast playing Renee, who filled the void left by Edie of the troublemaker. Some of the most memorable episodes of season are the season premiere, “Remember Paul?” where after losing Orson and her business, Bree begins to rebuild her life while Susan and her family struggle to adapt to their changed life with their financial troubles, as Lynette finds herself questioning her life after the arrival and stay of a frenemy from college and Gaby is shocked to learn the truth about her mother-in-law's death all while in the meantime, Paul Young, Mary Alice's widower, returns with blatantly shady motives. In “The Thing That Counts Is What's Inside,” Susan is horrified when the sexy internet company she's been working for makes her their billboard model and confronts Maxine about this, while tension continues to heat up as Renee tries to steal Keith away from Bree, and Lynette learns her daughter Penny is helping a lot with the new baby and inadvertently takes advantage of her, as Gabrielle and Carlos meet their birth daughter but Gabrielle gets a little too close. In “Down the Block There's a Riot,” Juanita learns the truth about the baby switch and confronts Gabrielle, while Susan tells Tom the secret that Renee told her while Richard tries to drive a wedge between Bree and Keith and Paul puts his house-buying scheme into action which causes a riot to break out during the protest of the half-way house, resulting in some people getting seriously injured and at the end of the day, Paul gets shot by an unknown gunman. In the very next episode, “Assassins,” Paul finds out that Beth is Felicia Tilman's daughter and a therapist asks Carlos and Gabrielle to erase Grace from their lives, while Susan learns she will need kidney dialysis every 48 hours, and Renee finally tells the secret between her and Tom to Lynette. In “Flashback,” while in therapy, Gabrielle learns the truth about her past, while Keith becomes suspicious about Bree's secret and Lynette's mother tells a lie to a coroner about Frank's death, and Mike confronts Zach about Paul's shooting, as someone makes arrangements to give Susan a new kidney.

In “Moments in the Woods,” Susan makes a huge bet at a casino, while Renee teaches Lynette to order a saleslady around and Carlos finds out that Andrew was responsible for his mother's hit and run, while Felicia tries to make peace with Paul, despite her hatred of him. In “And Lots of Security...,” the police have reason to believe Susan and Felicia were poisoning Paul, whileTom and Lynette learn that a couple are going through a rough patch and Gabrielle is shaken after finding out her past may not be behind her, as Bree learns something about Chuck the detective’s relationship with men. And in the thrilling season finale, “Come On Over For Dinner,” the Wisteria Lane residents each enjoy a progressive dinner as Renee begins a short-lived relationship with a bartender, while Bree sees a connection with Chuck and the shocking endings has the housewives cover up a fatal accident.

Recurring actors include Shawn Pyfrom as Andrew Van De Kamp, Harriet Sansom Harris as Felicia Tilman, Brian Austin Green as Keith Watson, Emily Bergl as Beth Young, Orson Bean as Roy Bender, and Daniella Baltodano as Celia Solis.

Other notable guest appearances include Kyle MacLachlan as Orson Hodge, Andrea Bowen as Julie Mayer, Cody Kasch as Zach Young, Lainie Kazan as Maxine, Lesley Ann Warren as Sophie Bremmer, Polly Bergen as Stella, John Schneider, Valerie Harper, Gregory Itzin, Rochelle Aytes, Larry Hagman, Dave Foley, Todd Grinnell, Erinn Hayes, Jonathan Cake, Jason George and Tony Plana.

Each episode is of course unedited and runs about 43 minutes, give or take a few seconds (see runtimes below).

Disc one
1 - Remember Paul? 43:03
2 - You Must Meet My Wife 43:01
3 - Truly Content 42:48
4 - The Thing That Counts Is What's Inside 43:01

Disc two
5 - Let Me Entertain You 42:58
6 - Excited and Scared 43:03
7 - A Humiliating Business 42:56
8 - Sorry Grateful 42:58
9 - Pleasant Little Kingdom 42:58

Disc three
10 - Down the Block There's a Riot 42:56
11 - Assassins 42:49
12 - Where Do I Belong 42:58
13 - I’m Still Here 43:05
14 - Flashback 43:00

Disc four
15 - Farwell Letter 42:59
16 - Searching 43:04
17 - Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed 42:55
18 - Moments in the Woods 42:50
19 - The Lies Ill-Concealed 42:59

Disc five
20 - I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday 42:45
21 - Then I Really Got Scared 43:01
22 - And Lots of Security... 42:53
23 - Come on Over for Dinner 43:00


The packaging is similar to the previous set. It is still good though. For the third straight set we have a thin outer box, and for the second straight set instead of a digipak, we get a keep case inside. Both the outer box and keep case have the same artwork for the cover and back. On the cover, we have the Desperate Housewives logo on top along with The Complete Seventh Season wording below that. Underneath that is a nice photo of the main women (Lynette, Susan, Gabrielle, and Bree) in sexy red dresses, but in the center and featured is Renee in a black dress holding an apple. As always, it is very hot. We get the wording of Wild, Wild Wisteria Edition below that. The background of the box is fire orange and red. The back art has info on the series and this season followed by five episodic photos, each featuring the five ladies. Then we have a list of bonus features and technical specs in a nice lighter box.

Inside the thin outer box, as mentioned is the keep case. On the left side we have some inserts. On the panel itself, we have a start of cast photo, that is western themed, along with a disc-by-disc breakdown with episode titles per disc. We don’t get an episode booklet again, which is a disappointment. The inserts we get are for other ABC Studios products like Cougar Town Season 2 DVD and how to save $10 on the Aug/Sept. ABC TV DVDs. The final insert is a Blu-ray catalog. For the disc, we have two plastic holders that we can flip like a page in a book. Holder one holds disc one on one side and disc two on the other side. Holder two holds disc three on one side and disc four on the other side. Disc five is on the right panel itself. Just like the left panel, on the right panel itself we finish off that cast photo that was started along with the continuation of the disc-by-disc breakdown.

All the discs have orange backgrounds and the DH logo in red & white coloring. Disc one has artwork of Bree and episodes 1-4, disc two has artwork of Gabrielle and episodes 5-9, disc three has artwork of Lynette and holds episodes 10-14, disc four has artwork of Susan and holds episodes 15-19, and disc five has artwork of Renee and holds episodes 20-23 and the bonus materials. 

Menu Design and Navigation:

The menu screen is similar in style to the last few sets since season four. We get some nice sounding background music and sound effects. It starts off with an apple falling off a tree then we zoom out and see the full tree with apples. It is a nice blue sky background setting (with birds chirping) that looks cartoonish and then we see all five housewives, with one housewife centered. For example, Susan is featured and zoomed in on for the main menu on disc one. Disc two has a Bree, disc three has Gabrielle, disc four has Lynette and disc five has Renee. The options for the main menu screens are: Play All, Episode Selection, Set Up, Sneak Peeks, and Bonus Features. Bonus Features and Sneak Peeks are only on disc five. Each sub-menu also has different background music playing in the background once again. Set Up basically is to turn on captions (English, Spanish, French, Chinese or Portuguese) and to register your DVD. When we select Episode Selections, we get an episode number, title and different sizes & styles portraits screenshots from the episode. Sneak Peeks we get trailers for 2011 ABC Series, Castle, The Chew, Prep & Landing, Real Steel, and Pirates of the Caribbean. In addition, disc one has an auto-preview playing before the menu of new DVDs of ABC TV on DVD, Lion King and African Cats.

Video and Audio Quality:

The video again is in widescreen of course and the audio again is in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound...both as it should be. I have HD and watch the show on ABC HD, so the DVD is on par with that but it would look better on Blu-ray of course. I can upconvert on my DVD player to HD, so it looks HD to me already. There are chapter stops for each episode, about 7 or 8 per episode. Also of note, like always on DVD, we get to watch the actual closing credits again, like on the previous sets! On the network airings, they are in split screen form with promos on the top. The closing credits are about 34-35 seconds and have a nice touch to it. If you have previous DVDs, then this is very consistent with that! Nothing really new here, but that’s good!

Special Features:

Now let’s move on to the special features! We don’t get any audio commentaries again, which is very strange and the quantity of special features has certainly been lowered. The extras are all on the last disc--disc five. The first extra on disc five is called “Desperate for Trivia” (4:37) and we have Teri Hatcher & James Denton, Eva Longoria & Ricardo Antonio Chavira, Felicity Huffman & Doug Savant, Marcia Cross and Mark Moses all being asked trivia questions from the series’ run to date. This is very fun and you’ll see who knows a lot, as it seems Eva knows her stuff! This looks like it was recorded after the season finale, as Eva has the same dress she wore on the season finale. Next up we probably have the best special feature of the set: “Growing Up On wisteria Lane” (9:54). This features the younger cast as they reflect what it is like being a kid on the set. The teenagers from the beginning are all reunited as we see Shawn Pyfrom, Andrea Bowen, Joy Lauren & Cody Kasch talking about their experiences. They will all appear I’m sure in season eight, as we had guest appearances from all of them in season seven except Joy Lauren. Andrea Bowen gets hotter and hotter every time I see her! Also interviewed on this featurette are Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher, James Denton, Mason Vale Cotton, Eva Longoria, Ricardo Antonio Chavira, Madison De La Garza, Daniella Baltodano, Doug Savant, Felicity Huffman, Darcy Rose Brynes, Max & Charlie Carver, Joshua Logan Moore, and Mark Moses.

 Shawn Pyfrom, Andrea Bowen and Cody Kasch

We don’t get Marc Cherry’s "Cherry-Picked" favorite scenes from the season this time, which is a shame. Up next we have some Bloopers (4:17). These are always fun, even though it is just a bit shorter than last time. . Then finally we have 12 “Deleted Scenes” from the season, up from the 7 from the last set. The deleted scenes by episode: “You Must Meet My Wife” (1:05), “Down the Block There's a Riot” (0:20), “Assassins” (1:04, 1:28, 0:38 and 0:59) and “If...” (0:32, 1:08), “Where Do I Belong” (0:32), “Farwell Letter” (0:49), “Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed” (0:48), “The Lies Ill-Concealed” (1:11) and “Come Over For Dinner” (1:04 and 0:16).

Final Comments:

The show is very fun to watch and the set is well done. It’s probably not as good as the earlier years, but it is still addicting TV and I think a better season than season six. This is a must buy, especially if you have the first six seasons on DVD! I wish we had audio commentary tracks and Cherry-Picked scenes. Those are my only gripes. Having an episode booklet again would have been nice, too, but since we didn’t get one last time, I wasn’t expecting one. All the extras were all so good as well despite again the quantity going down. I loved the featurette on the kids! Go Andrea Bowen! I suggest you buy this DVD because it is a wild, wild ride. As Desperate Housewives races to the finish line in season eight, you don’t want to fall behind with season seven, so catch-up, start or relive these episodes! Join in before the Housewives return for the eighth and final season so you can start to kiss them goodbye with the season premiere on ABC Sunday, Sept. 25 at 9|8 central! As always with this series, anything can happen, so tune in to season eight but for now saddle up with the season seven DVD for a wild, wild, Wisteria Lane ride!

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 5/5
Audio Quality: 5/5
Special Features: 3/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 5/5
Overall: 4/5

-- Reviewed by Pavan on 09/05/11

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