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Desperate Housewives - The Complete Third Season - The Dirty Laundry Edition



DVD Release Date: September 4, 2007 (Buena Vista Home Entertainment)
MSRP: $59.99
Number of Discs: 6
Number of Episodes: 23
Running Time: approx. 993 minutes
Total Running Time of Special Features: approx. 45 minutes
Languages, Subtitles, Closed Captioning: English, Spanish language; English, Spanish & French subtitles; Closed Captioned
Special Features:
• On Set With Eva
• Here Comes the Bride
• Amas de Casa Desesperadas
• Desperate Moments
• Cherry-Picked: Creator Marc Cherry's favorite scenes
• Bloopers
• Deleted scenes with optional audio commentary from Marc Cherry


The women of Wisteria Lane are back for a third season on DVD from Buena Vista Home Entertainment, and it’s time for some dirty laundry! In this third season, the gossip is juicier, the secrets are more scandalous and the revenge is even sweeter. In season two, it got off to a slow start but picked up later, but this season maintains the consistency all season long and is a ‘bang’...literally!

Starring this season are of course the main ladies, Teri Hatcher as Susan, Felicity Huffman as Lynette, Marcia Cross as Bree, Eva Longoria as Gabrielle with Brenda Strong as Mary Alice and Nicollette Sheridan as Edie. Then we have the men: James Denton as Mike, Ricardo Antonio Chavira as Carlos, Kyle MacLachlan as Orson, and Doug Savant as Tom. And the kids: Andrea Bowen as Julie, Shawn Pyfrom as Andrew, Joy Lauren as Danielle, Zane Huet as Parker, Brent & Shane Kinsman as Preston & Porter and Rachel Fox as Kayla Huntington. Joining the cast this season is Josh Henderson as Austin and Dougray Scott as Ian.

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

This season started off very strong, unlike season two, which some say started slow. In the season premiere, Susan is visiting Mike in the hospital, who's in a coma and there she's invited by another man to go on a date with him; meanwhile Gabrielle and Carlos are getting a divorce, but they meet again when the mother of their baby disappears, in “Listen to the Rain on the Roof.” The next episode is “It Takes Two,” Bree marries Orson, much to the chagrin of her friends since nobody knows anything about him or his past, Xiao-Mei goes into labor and also Edie's troublesome 18-year-old nephew, Austin, comes to visit. Susan is going on a quiet romantic getaway with Ian, in “A Weekend in the Country,” while Bree sees Andrew on TV, homeless and Gabby sees John again. In probably the best episode of the season, the day begins just as every other...except on this day there will be a deadly hostage situation in a local supermarket, in the landmark episode “Bang.” In “Beautiful Girls,” Lynnette, having learned about her new neighbor's obsession, goes to the police, meanwhile Gabrielle gets young girls to learn about being a model and Susan learns her new boyfriend has a butler while Bree learns what it's like to live with her new mother-in-law and decides it time to get her a place of her own. In the first of a two-part episode, Mike begins to remember parts of his past while Susan tells everyone at Jane's funeral about her relationship with Ian to throw them off his course while Lynnette crosses swords with Tom over who has the last word as to who's hired/who's fired, meanwhile Bree finds out about her husband's past and Zach interferes in Gabby's date in “I Remember That.” The second part is “The Little Things You Do Together,” Gabby finds herself the morning after with Zach, while Orson is confronted by Mike about Monique and her strange death, meanwhile Bree wakes in the hospital in a hurry to return home and deal with Monique's death, herself. In addition, on the night of the Scavo's pizzeria grand opening, proposals fly left and right. In “Liaisons,” when a new employee at the pizzeria takes an unexpected interest in Lynette, Tom feels threatened, and Susan considers moving away from Wisteria Lane. In “Into the Woods,” Gabrielle is led to believe she has a new-found power, while Lynnette and Rick find out just how powerless they are when the pizzeria is robbed and they're forced to spend the night together trying to stay warm in a locked cooler and Tom, on the other hand, figures there's something going on between the two of them when he sees the surveillance tape from the robbery and, therefore, threatens Rick and his job. Susan, having lost Ian, turns to Mike and gets lost in the woods. In the season finale, “Getting Married Today,” Bree returns from her honeymoon with Orson, while Lynette's mother comes to town, as Lynette faces the possibility of cancer and Gabrielle's and Susan's weddings both take place.

Recurring actors include Kiersten Warren as Nora Huntington, Dixie Carter as Gloria Hodge, Valerie Mahaffey as Alma Hodge, Laurie Metcalf as Carolyn Bigsby, Kathleen York as Monique Pollier, Brian Kerwin as Harvey Bigsby, Matt Roth as Art, John Slattery as Victor Lang, Pat Crawford Brown as Ida Greenberg, Gwendoline Yeo as Xiao-Mei, Alec Mapa as Vern, Ian Abercrombie as Rupert the butler, Ernie Hudson as Detective Ridley, David Fabrizio as Detective Collins, Jason Gedrick as Rick, Anthony Azizi as Dr. Falati, Jake Cherry as Travers, Cody Kasch as Zach Young, with Mark Moses as Paul Young, and Emmy award winning Kathryn Joosten as Mrs. McCluskey. Other one time appearances include Jesse Metcalfe as John Rowland (“Weekend in the Country”), Richard Burgi as Karl (“Children and Art”), Steven Culp as Rex Van De Kamp (voice in “My Husband, The Pig”), Mike Farrell as Milton Lang, K Callan as Eileen Britt, and Polly Bergen as Stella Wingfield (“Getting Married Today”).


The packaging is very good and similar to the first two seasons. It is a nice slip sleeve that is easy to take out and put back in. You take the sleeve out from the ride side. On the front of the slip sleeve is the Desperate Housewives logo in red and black with The Dirty Laundry Edition - Season 3 below that. Underneath that is a nice photo of the main women in pink/beige dresses (which is on the actual cover and not the sleeve). The sleeve is like the window you look in, in a laundry machine. The back of the sleeve has some laundry that is on fire.

When we take the slip sleeve out, we get to the case. The case’s front has the main women, as I mentioned before. They are by actual laundry machines with Gabby and Edie actually sitting on one each. It looks so cool. The back of the case has photos from episodes with a quote from EW on the top. Synopsis of the show and set are given, along with bonus features and technical specifications. When we open the case once, on the left side we see a little laundry machine, in the little window where it would be spinning we have a photo of Gabby & Carlos and a holder for booklets is on top. An episode guide for the show comes with the set. A nice color booklet that is six pages long and has detailed synopsis of each episode on each disc. There are two laundry machine photos on each page that has a snapshot on the laundry window. Then there is a booklet for other Buena Vista Home Entertainment products like Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 and 8 Simple Rules Season 1. That booklet also has an ad for the DH game and cookbook. The last thing enclosed is a “big shows, big savings” ad for other products like Ugly Betty Season 1. When we take those booklets out, we get another laundry machine with a photo of Mike & Susan. On the ride side of the case, we see nice color photos of Susan and Edie, with two quotes from reviewers on the top. When we open the case once more, we see discs one and two in the middle, with more color photos on the right of Gabrielle, Lynette & Bree with an additional quote. Opening once more, we now see discs three & four and discs five & six on the right.

The discs are overlapped with two other discs again like the previous sets. I hate that. I would have preferred like three slim cases instead but at least they are consistent. All the discs have a gold type background with the ladies in hot dresses and the DH logo in red & white. Disc one has artwork of Gabby and episodes 1-4, disc two has artwork of Susan and episodes 5-8, disc three has artwork of Bree and episodes 9-12, disc four has artwork of Lynette and episodes 13-16, disc five has artwork of Edie and episodes 17-20, disc six has artwork of a house on Wisteria Lane with episodes 21-23 and has all those juicy bonus materials. When we remove the discs, underneath them the case has nice laundry machine photos--one below each disc.

Menu Design and Navigation:

The menu screen is similar to the previous sets. The one-minute opening title sequence is played again, and again instead of the animated shots of actual housewives, we see the Desperate Housewives cast with that great theme song playing in the background. After that animation, we get to the actual menu screen, with the options. DH background music is playing in the background. Each disc has a different house on the main menu. Disc one has a yellow house that maybe Bree’s, I’m guessing. Disc two has a blue house, maybe Lynette’s I’m guessing. Dics three has another yellow house that looks like Gabby’s. Disc four has green type house that might be Susan’s. Disc five has a pink/beige house that might be Edie’s. Disc six has the street and a fence. The options for the menus screen are: Play All, Episode Selection, Set up. This goes for discs one-five. Each sub-menu also has different background music playing in the background. Set Up basically is to switch languages (English or Spanish) and turn on captions (English, Spanish or French) and to register your DVD. When we select Episode Selections, it takes us inside the house and takes us to a room and a setting where we can choose episodes. Disc one we go inside the kitchen in the oregano holders and stuff, disc two we also go into the kitchen in the pots and pans or whatever, disc three we go into the living room I guess and the setting is picture frames, disc four we go to the kitchen again and this time we are at the table where we see plastic cups of drinks, disc five we go onto a table with alcoholic drinks. Little apples (or are they cherries?) are your selectors; they turn from red to a different color on each disc when selected. The episode title, number, and a screen shot are present for each episode. Disc six has the sane options plus Bonus Features and Sneak Peeks. Sneak Peeks we get trailers for Ratatouille, Wild Hogs, Grey’s S3, Betty S1, Enchantment, DH New Season, Brothers & Sisters S1 and What About Brian S1/S2. In addition, disc one has an auto-preview playing before the menu of the “hottest TV shows on DVD.”

Video and Audio Quality:

The video again is in Widescreen and the audio is in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. I said it before and will say it again...I love it! I wish we can see widescreen on ABC without HD, but it is not a major issue, as the DVDs will have widescreen anyway. There are chapter stops for each episode, about 9-10 per episode. Each episode is of course unedited and runs about 43 minutes, give or take a few seconds (see runtimes below). Also of note, we get to watch the actual closing credits again, like on the previous sets! On the network airings, they are in split screen form with promos on the right side. The closing credits are about 34-35 seconds and have a nice touch to it.

Disc one
1 - Listen to the Rain on the Roof 43:12
2 - It Takes Two 43:05
3 - A Weekend in the Country 43:08
4 - Like It Was 43:08

Disc two
5 - Nice She Ain’t 43:09
6 - Sweetheart I Have to Confess 43:09
7 - Bang 43:08
8 - Children and Art 43:11

Disc three
9 - Beautiful Girls 43:11
10 - The Miracle Song 42:58
11 - No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds 43:12
12 - Not While I’m Around 43:11

Disc four
13 - Come Play Wiz Me 43:06
14 - I Remember That 43:04
15 - The Little Things You Do Together 44:59
16 - My Husband the Pig 43:03

Disc five
17 - Dress Big 43:05
18 - Liaisons 42:57
19 - God, That’s Good 42:59
20 - Gossip 42:44

Disc six
21 - Into the Woods 43:01
22 - What Would We Do Without You? 43:04
23 - Getting Married Today 42:35

Special Features:

Now let’s move on to the special features! Again, the recap episodes that ABC airs are missing, but that isn’t a big loss and many fans considered that to be “boring” anyway. This set doesn’t have audio commentaries on actual episodes again (season one did). The extras are all on one disc--disc six. Therefore, nothing is scattered.

The first extra is called “On Set with Eva.” It run 5:35 and is basically a fun look on how much fun they have on the set, boy Eva is hyper. Interviewed are Ricardo Antonio Chavira, Nicollette Sheridan, Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Doug Savant, Eva Longoria, James Denton, Marc Cherry and Marcia Cross. Then we have another featurette called “Here Comes the Bride.” It runs 7:39 and this one details the three weddings for this season (Bree, Gabby and Susan). The first one happened earlier in the season and the last two happened in the season finale. We have interviews from Marcia Cross, Catheraine Adair (costume designer), Tom Walsh (production designer), Marc Cherry, Kyle MacLachlan, David Grossman (director/executive producer), Eva Longoria, John Slattery, Teri Hatcher, James Denton, and Andrea Bowen. Then we have a cool featurette called “Amas de Casa Desesperadas.” It runs 6:18 and Marc Cherry is watching the Spanish version of the show for the very first time. It is so cool as he watches. We see the American version’s scenes, then the Spanish. The characters are the same and so are the stories. We get to see bits from the pilot and another episode or two’s scenes. Then we have “Desperate Moments.” It runs 7:56 and the cast recall their favorite moments from the third season. Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria, Nicollette Sheridan, Teri Hatcher, Kyle MacLachlan, Andrea Bowen, Felicity Huffman, Doug Savant, Ricardo Antonio Chavira, and James Denton all share their fond memories.

Marc Cherry "cherry-picked" his favorite scenes from the season in the next featurette that runs 7:51. He shares his 6 favorite scenes, which include the supermarket scene in “Bang,” which was his favorite episode. He mentions he had the idea for the episode for a long time. Then we have eight deleted scenes from the season and Marc Cherry gives optional commentary on each. Watch them straight through first, and then rewatch then with his commentary. Very interesting and it is too bad all of them basically had to be cut because of time issues. He mentions, unlike last season these had to be all cut for time, as some from last season didn’t come out too good. The deleted scenes run 6:09 in total. Finally, we have some bloopers. It is just 2:32 worth, but it is worth watching. You’ll laugh.

Final Comments:

Get out your dirty laundry for this set because it is so dirty, in a good way. This is again a must buy, especially if you have the first two sets! If you are one of the idiots who stopped watching in season two, then get this DVD and catch up because this season DH was back in form. With season four of DH coming Sept. 30 on ABC, this is a quick buy to catch up if you missed any episodes this past season. The show was really good up until the Orson mystery finished, then we had a bit of a letdown the rest of the way, but it was still way better than most of season two. I liked it throughout this season and can’t wait for season four, which sounds even better. I loved the extras, but was disappointed we didn’t get any episode audio commentary for the second straight season. However, that is OK because Cherry gave commentary on other stuff like deleted scenes. The other extras were also all so good despite the quantity going down. Marc Cherry was heavily involved again on this set and he gives great explanations and interviews on this set. So head on to your local Laundromat and see if you can see the housewives inside the little window...oh wait that is on the DVD only and you can buy that by clicking on the link below! Don’t forget to tune in for the fourth season on ABC starting Sunday, Sept. 30 at 9/8 central!

Video Clips:

Desperate Housewives: Season Three
Clip – Surprised
Gabrielle is shocked to hear that Bree opted not to test drive her fiancé before agreeing to get married

300k Windows Media Broad Stream
500k Quick Time
Macromedia Flash High Bandwidth

Desperate Housewives: Season Three
Clip – Ida Greenberg
Intoxicated musings on marriage and motherhood

300k Windows Media Broad Stream
500k Quick Time
Macromedia Flash High Bandwidth

Desperate Housewives: Season Three
Clip - Out the window
Gabrielle tosses Carlos out of the house…literally.

300k Windows Media Broad Stream
500k Quick Time
Macromedia Flash High Bandwidth

Desperate Housewives: Season Three
Bonus Clip - Hiding
Marcia Cross discusses the unique measures taken to hide her real life pregnancy for the camera

300k Windows Media Broad Stream
500k Quick Time
Macromedia Flash High Bandwidth

Desperate Housewives: Season Three
Bonus Clip - Spanish version
Translation differences between English & Spanish Housewives

300k Windows Media Broad Stream
500k Quick Time
Macromedia Flash High Bandwidth

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 5/5
Audio Quality: 5/5
Special Features: 4/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

-- Reviewed by pavanbadal on 09/01/07

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