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Dave's World - The Second Season



DVD Release Date: February 3, 2009 (CBS DVD)
MSRP: $39.98
Number of Discs: 3
Number of Episodes: 25
Running Time: approx. 582 minutes
Running Time of Special Features: N/A
Languages, Subtitles, Closed Captioning: English language; No Subtitles
Special Features: None


In less than 6 months, CBS DVD is giving us the second season of the ‘90s sitcom Dave’s World on DVD! Write on! Harry Anderson plays Dave, a newspaper columnist for the Miami Record-Dispatch dealing with the absurdities of adult life as a husband, father, and semi-responsible citizen, in suburban Miami. This sitcom lasted four seasons on CBS from 1993-97. Mel Torme, who frequently guest starred on Harry Anderson’s Night Court, guest stars as himself in an episode this season. Harry Anderson is a big Mel Torme fan.

The sitcom also had Dave’s wife Beth (DeLane Matthews), and their sons Tommy (Zane Carney) and Willie (Andrew Ducote). We also have Dave's editor and best friend, Kenny Beckett, played by Shadoe Stevens and Meshach Taylor plays Dave's other friend, Sheldon Baylor.

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

As I said on the last review, I haven’t seen many episodes of this show ever before. From what I saw in reruns on the old PAX TV it was a good show. I remember the John Ritter episode most from this season (“Accidental Tourists”). There was also an episode called “A Room with a View” that had a brief cameo by John Ritter and Markie Post of Hearts Afire at the end of the episode. I will discuss more on that later, as it seems CBS DVD has cut that out! As for the memorable episodes, the season premiere “I Lost it at the Movies,” finds Dave and Beth trying not to interfere with Tommy's first date - and Kenny trying to convince friends that he's meeting Emma Samms there. In “A Room with a View,” Tommy's treehouse allows a view of the neighbors’ bedroom. In the two-part episode, “Gone with the Wind,” On Willie's sixth birthday, Hurricane Ashley strikes Miami, forcing the Barrys and their friends to take cover. Then the Barrys cope with the aftermath of the hurricane: no water, no power, a tree in their bedroom, and Shel as a demanding houseguest. In “How Long Has This Been Going On?,” Beth and Julie are shocked to learn their mom is still sexually active and has been spending some romantic quality time with a delivery man. In “Accidental Tourists,” Dave, Shel, and Kenny travel to Paris to fulfill a deceased college buddy's final request -- to have his ashes scattered from the Eiffel Tower. John Ritter makes a special appearance. In “Nightmare on Maple Street,” when Kenny decides to end his relationship with Julie, it's up to Beth and Dave to tell her. Julie decides to move next door to be closer to her family. In the season finale, “Tommy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore,” Tommy runs away to live with Kenny when his parents won't let him see a gory film.

Some famous faces this season include Sally Jesse Raphael, John Ritter, Jack Riley, Montel Williams, Mel Torme, Dick Martin, Tony Plana, William Schilling, Alex Trebek, Audrey Meadows, Eugene Roche, Florence Henderson as Beth’s mom, Pat, and Patrick Warburton. Tammy Lauren and J.C. Wendel are recurring.


The packaging once again is a simple case holding discs inside. It is just like other the last set and nearly all the CBS DVDs, very simple. The front of the case has a photo of Dave (Harry Anderson) shrugging his shoulders with a globe background. The show logo is on top with a mention of The Second Season above that. On the back of the case we have a nice light blue background again with a nice cast photo and on the bottom we have four promotional stills from the shows. We also of course have basic information on the series and set.

When we open the case, first on the left side we get a disc-by-disc breakdown of discs one and two. We get the episode title, original airdate and a short synopsis of the episode. It is very handy. On the right side of the case, we get the discs. It is very similar to other CBS DVD sets. A little white plastic holder thing holds discs one and two. Disc 1 is on the front of that thing and disc 2 is on the back. My little holder broke! It is easily breakable. Disc 3 is actually on the right panel of the case and when you take the disc out you can see the disc-by-disc breakdown of disc three and a nice shot of Dave with the logo. As for the disc art, it is again very similar to past CBS DVD sets. It is very generic looking with the show logo on the top, the mention The First Season, and what disc number it is. The color for each is silver. Episode titles for each disc are on the bottom of each disc, which is pretty handy. Episodes 1-8 are on disc one, episodes 9-16 are on disc two and episodes 17-25 are on the final disc.

Menu Design and Navigation:

The menu screen is decent but very generic, again like nearly every other CBS DVDs lately. First, disc one has an option of either to go to Previews or Main Menu. If you choose Previews, we get previews for Becker; CBS DVD sitcoms; and Caroline in the City/Dave’s World Season 1 sets. On to the Main Menu, there is no music in the background, unfortunately. All of the discs have the episodes listed on the left side of the screen with Play All on top. So there are no submenus at all. Artwork for each main menu is very cartoonish. Disc one’s main menu has a photo of Dave (same as cover art). Disc 2 has a different shot of Dave. Disc three guessed it, another different shot of Dave.

Video and Audio Quality:

The video and audio are very good; as good as they can be probably for 1994-95. CBS DVD tends to do some bad work on some of its older DVDs, but this series isn’t that old really. There is some debris here and there, but it is mostly good. It doesn’t say on the box if they are remastered, but it looks good. Each episode has 4 chapter stops once again, as it is very good to have chapter stops in the right places. As with the first season set, the show's opening theme song has been replaced. Instead of Billy Joel's "You May Be Right" sung by Southside Johnny, we get some instrumental music that sounds very cartoonish (so it does fit the artwork in the credits I guess). So there is no original theme once again. The last 11 episodes or so (starting with the second to last episode on disc two), there are no opening credits. The credits are listed on the teaser scene itself. I guess that is how it was originally.

On the back of the box there is a very small disclaimer (usually on every CBS DVD) stating, “Some episodes may be edited from their original network versions. Some music has been changed for this home entertainment version.” I am sure the episode “A Room with a View” is edited. Originally there is an end scene with John Ritter and Markie Post of Hearts Afire doing a cameo appearance as the neighbors Tommy is spying on from the window. The scene is cut from this DVD as it is no where to be found! You know what is strange? On the packaging, under this episode it says “John Ritter and Markie Post guest star.” That is false advertising, CBS DVD! Shame on you! I was looking forward in seeing this scene, as it is not seen in syndication either. I guess the only way to see this scene is if someone recorded it originally on CBS. This episode is about 30 seconds or so off from the other episodes from the early part of the season, so that scene is clearly missing. There are a few others that look fishy, too. Ugh. Nearly all the other episodes run 23 minutes.

Here are the runtimes:

Disc 1:
1. I Lost It At The Movies (23:34)
2. The Last Auction Hero (23:39)
3. A Room With A View (23:03) * fishy
4. Please Won't You Be My Neighbor (23:38)
5. You Can't Always Get What You Want (23:41)
6. Gone With The Wind, Part 1 (22:59) * fishy
7. Gone With The Wind, Part 2 (23:40)
8. Lobster Envy (22:55) * fishy

Disc 2:
9. Family Membership (23:41)
10. One Mump Or Two? (23:41)
11. The Donor Party (23:41)
12. How Long Has This Been Going On? (23:41)
13. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (23:40)
14. Dis Who's Coming To Dinner? (23:41)
15. A Pool's Paradise (22:41) - no opening theme starting from this episode
16. Bear With Me (22:41)

Disc 3:
17. A Cut Above The Rest (22:59)
18. The Country Girl (23:07)
19. The Accidental Tourists (23:10)
20. The Joint Venture (23:08)
21. Those Wedding Shel Blues (23:09)
22. Nightmare On Maple Street (23:09)
23. The Mommies (23:10)
24. Piano, No Strings (23:09)
25. Tommy Doesn't Live Here Anymore (23:07)

Special Features:

Well most CBS DVDs don’t get any special features, so we don’t get anything here. I wasn’tg expecting anything since we didn’t get anything on season one. As I said last time, promos would have been nice at least since some other CBS DVDs are having those now. I think interviews or bloopers would have been the best option for extras or this series. None of the cast is doing anything at all now really. Mesach, Shadoe and Harry would have been nice for interviews at least.

Final Comments:

This is a good show...but honestly, the editing by CBS DVD is getting tiresome. CBS DVD did an average job with this set once again. Looks like the opening theme song was replaced by an instrumental replacement and maybe some episodes are edited, as I know the John Ritter-Markie Post cameo is cut out. Why is the Dave’s World cast cameo intact on the Hearts Afire DVD but not here? The runtime is fishy for that and a few others as well. There are no extras on this set to make up for that fact, so I cannot really recommend this set. The only good thing about all this is that CBS seems to be releasing this series at a respectable pace. Let’s hope it continues. Hopefully the last two seasons will be all out in a year, if the 6 month pace continues. Look for Harry Anderson in the second season of Night Court on DVD on this same day, too! So head on to Miami this winter for this very funny family!

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 4/5
Audio Quality: 4/5
Special Features: 0/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 4/5
Overall: 3/5

-- Reviewed by pavanbadal on 01/23/09

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