Chico and the Man

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Chico and the Man - Television Favorites

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Episodes included:

  • Pilot
  • If I Were a Rich Man
  • Chico and the Van
  • Chico's Padre
  • Ed Talks to God
  • Chico's Cousin Pepe

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    The AmericanLife TV Network airs Chico and the Man on Saturday nights at 10PM ET (and repeated at 1AM ET).

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    Photo Gallery:

    Chico and the Man Photo Gallery / Freddie Prinze Photo Gallery

    Broadcast History:

    First Telecast: September 13, 1974
    Last Telecast: July 21, 1978

    Sep 1974-Jan 1976, NBC Fri 8:30-9:00
    Jan 1976-Mar 1976, NBC Wed 9:00-9:30
    Apr 1976-Aug 1976, NBC Wed 9:30-10:00
    Aug 1976-Feb 1978, NBC Fri 8:30-9:00
    Jun 1978-Jul 1978, NBC Fri 8:30-9:00

    Total number of episodes: 88


    Jack Albertson as Ed Brown (The Man)
    Freddie Prinze
    as Chico Rodriguez (1974-1977) - Freddie Prinze Photo Gallery
    Scatman Crothers
    as Louie
    Bonnie Boland
    as Mabel (1974-1975)
    Isaac Ruiz
    as Mando (1974-1977)
    Ronny Graham
    as Rev. Bemis (1975-1976)
    Della Reese
    as Della Rogers (1976-1978)
    Gabriel Melgar
    as Raul Garcia (1977-1978)
    as Aunt Charo (1977-1978)
    Julie Hill
    as Monica (1978)

    Theme Song:

    "Chico and the Man," written and performed by Jose Feliciano

    Download the Chico and the Man theme song (TV version) in WAV format
    Download the Chico and the Man theme song (long, original CD version) in WAV format

    Download the Chico and the Man theme song (long, original CD version) in MIDI format
    Download the Chico and the Man theme song (TV version) in MP3 format
    Download the Chico and the Man theme song (long, original CD version) in MP3 format
    Download Chico and the Man sung by Sammy Davis, Jr. in AU format

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    Theme Song Lyrics:

    Chico, don't be discouraged,
    The Man he ain't so hard to understand.
    Chico, if you try now,
    I know that you can lend a helping hand.

    Because there's good in everyone
    And a new day has begun
    You can see the morning sun if you try.

    And I know, things will be better
    Oh yes they will for Chico and the Man
    Yes they will for Chico and the Man.

    Series Summary:

    Chico and the Man Chico and the Man

    Set in the barrio of East Los Angeles, Chico and the Man was the story of two men from radically different cultural backgrounds who grew to respect each other. Chico, the enterprising young Chicano, was determined to go into partnership with cranky, sarcastic, cynical Ed Brown. Ed operated a small, run-down garage and spent most of his time complaining and alienating people. A lonely widower, he at first fought Chico's determined efforts to help him make their business work, but underneath it all he was both flattered and touched to have someone show genuine interest in him. Chico cleaned the place up, moved into a beat-up old truck in the garage, and brought in business. As often as he made token efforts to get rid of him, he felt an attachment that he would never publicly admit.

    Regularly seen were Louie the garbageman, Mabel the mailwoman, and Chico's friend Mando. Della Rogers was added to the cast in the fall of 1976 as civic-minded owner of the diner across the street from Ed's Garage, who also happened to be the new owner of the property on which the garage was located. She was more than capable of dishing out as much as she took from Ed.

    When Freddie Prinze took his own life early in 1977, prior to the completion of the season's episodes, there was serious consideration given to the cancellation of the series. That was not done, however, as a new "Chico" was added to the cast for the following fall.

    He was not an adult, though, or even someone whose name was really Chico. In the opening episode of the 1977-1978 season it was established that Chico had left Ed's garage to go into business with his successful father, a character introduced the previous year and played by Caesar Romero. Later, Ed and Louie returned from a fishing trip to Tijuana to discover a 12-year-old stowaway in their car trunk. The boy, Raul, ingratiated himself with Ed and became his personal resident alien. At the end of that first episode, when the two of them were preparing to go to bed, Ed inadvertently said "Good night, Chico" to his new friend and, when corrected, simply said "You're all Chicos to me." Thus a new "Chico" for "The Man." Ed eventually adopted Raul and found himself contending with Raul's protective, and very sexy, Aunt Charo, an entertainer who had recently arrived from Spain to work in Los Angeles. She spent so much time at Ed's garage with her nephew that she, too, became part of the family.

    NBC aired reruns of Chico and the Man from May to December 1977 in its weekday daytime lineup.

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    Old press release for when Chico and the Man aired on TV Land in January 2000

    Looking Good! Freddie Prinze's Signature Series, Chico and the Man Launches On TV Land With 48-Hour Marathon Beginning January 20

    NEW YORK, Jan. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- TV Land will add the breakthrough sitcom Chico and the Man to its all-star lineup beginning with a 48-hour marathon at 6:00am ET on Saturday, January 20. Originally airing from 1974-78, the series -- set in the barrio of East Los Angeles -- was the first of its kind to present a multi-cultural neighborhood to a national television audience. Accompanied by a hit theme song -- written and composed by Jose Feliciano -- Chico and the Man, which has not aired in prime time since its original run -- became a pioneer in American television as it introduced viewers to a vibrant, thriving culture and made Freddie Prinze a household name. Chico and the Man will air weeknights at 12:00 midnight ET/9:00pm PT beginning Monday, January 22.

    "Chico and the Man was a cultural touchstone for an entire generation of people and it represented the pinnacle of Freddie Prinze's all too short career," commented Larry W. Jones, Executive Vice President and General Manager of TV Land. "This Emmy Award-winning series has a special place in television's history and we're excited to offer this rare television experience to our viewers."

    Chico and the Man embraced the lives of two men, from considerably different ethnic backgrounds, who worked out of a garage located in a predominately Spanish speaking section of Los Angeles. Chico, played by the talented, young comedian Freddie Prinze, was a spirited and enterprising young mechanic who worked for the ill-tempered, cynical old garage owner Ed Brown (Jack Albertson) who griped and grumbled in an Archie Bunker-like fashion. Episodes often involved a comical dispute between the two resulting from their mismatched cultures, although an underlying respect between the characters was apparent.

    Regulars appearing on the show were: Louie the garbageman (Scatman Crothers); their mail woman Mabel (Bonnie Boland); Chico's friend Mando (Isaac Ruiz); Reverend Bemis (Ronny Graham); and diner owner Della Rogers (Della Reese). After the death of Freddie Prinze in 1977, the program introduced a new "Chico" in 12-year-old Raul Garcia (played by Gabriel Melgar). Latin sensation, Charo, also made many guest appearances as the boy's "Aunt Charo." Guest stars appearing throughout the series' four seasons included Cesar Romero, Shelley Winters, Jim Backus and Sammy Davis, Jr.

    Episode Guide:

    Click here for the episode guide - it contains the titles and brief summaries for all episodes and the original airdates and guest stars for most of the others.

    Freddie Prinze Biography:

    Freddie Prinze

    Freddie Prinze
    (June 22, 1954 - Jan. 29, 1977)

    Freddie Prinze was one of the most celebrated and charismatic young comedians and actors who exploded in the 1970's with a hit TV show "Chico and The Man" and his appearances in Las Vegas and his stand-up comedies zinging ethnic slurs. He was a comic genius but outside the clown's laughter was a tormented soul. He battled substance abuses such as cocaine, quaaludes and alcoholism. He was a man who fulfilled his dream but his dream turned into a nightmare. On January 28, 1977 the 22-year old superstar began calling friends that he was ending his life, and while his manager was there, Freddie apparently pulled the trigger and blasted through his right temple. His death was premature but his legacy will be of a comic genius, and the influence he had on the comedians before and after him.

    Freddie Prinze was born Frederick Karl Pruetzel on June 22, 1954. Born to a Puerto Rican mother Maria and Hungarian Jewish father Karl. He had studied karate and music in his childhood and was always bullied by his tormentors. He was chubby as a child. He later grew slim. His dream was to become famous. His hero was "The Fugitive" star the late David Janssen. He also idolized troubled comedian Lenny Bruce. In 1971 he attended New York High School Of Performing Arts, and later he auditioned for the New York's Improv Club, where he does all his comedy. He would later change his name to Freddie Prinze.

    He would do stand-up clubs and done shows as "The Jack Paar Show" in 1973 and later in December, 1973, he was invited to NBC's "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" where he became an absolute hit. His managers Martin "Dusty" Snyder and Ron DeBlasio called up NBC producer James Komack for a pilot episode of an white elderly man who runs a garage and his love/hate relationship with a young latino who annoys him. There were many auditions for the role of Chico Rodriguez, a young Mexican-American. Freddie, who was half-Puerto Rican, auditioned for the role . He finally got the role and signed a deal with NBC to do the NBC TV-series "Chico & The Man" with veteran actor Jack Albertson (1907-1981).

    The 20-year old comedian showed up on "The Mike Douglas Show" during the making of the show. On September 13, 1974 on a Friday, the show aired and it suddenly became a hit. It ranked at #3 in the ratings behind "All In The Family" and "Sanford & Son". He is best known for his two lines "Ees- not my job" or "Loooking Goood". Freddie suddenly became an instant success and earned a high paying gig and lots of success. There is also a downside, he was doing drugs, He experimented with cocaine while at a party and did quaaludes. He also did Las Vegas gigs during 1974-75. He is best known for giving ethnic jokes as he refers to himself as a "Hungarican" for his family background.

    He did a comedy album simply titled "Looking Good" in 1975. Freddie also did stint with "Dinah Shore Show" in 1975, as he talks about his hit TV show. The ratings are better than expected. He also did gigs in "The Midnight Special" and "Tony Orlando & Dawn Show" during 1975 and 1976, and the "Dean Martin Comedy Roast". While vacationing in Wyoming, he met a 26-year old beautiful woman name Katherine Cochran. They would marry in August, 1975. The couple would later have a child. That child was born Freddie James Prinze on March 8, 1976 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Freddie , Jr. would become a Hollywood Hunk actor later in the years.

    Freddie,Sr. would appear in "Rolling Stone" Magazine in September,1975 and on Teen Magazines as Tiger Beat and Sixteen Magazine. He was the biggest heartthrob of the 1970's and always done comedy with fellow contemporaries as Jimmy "JJ" Walker ("Good Times") and Jay Leno (now host of "Tonight Show"). Freddie was not prepared for the success. He was under pressure and could not handle it. Success at a young age was somewhat of an albatross for him. He also is friends with singer Tony Orlando. They both appeared on "Chico and The Man" and "The Tony Orlando & Dawn Show" during 1975 and 1976. They both dreamed of making a film together and always spent time with their families during vacations.

    They also did cocaine as well. On November 21, 1976 he was arrested while driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Freddie was struggling with his demons as his marriage was falling apart. The couple separated, and Kathy filed for divorce and was facing a lawsuit by a former manager over a breach of contract. He was missing his Vegas gigs and coming late on the set of "Chico and The Man" and people close to him were concerned about his well-being. Even Tony Orlando stated in "Behind The Music" that Freddie contemplated suicide on many occasions in Orlando's Mansion in Hollywood Hills.

    On January 19, 1977 he made his final public appearance at the Inaugural Ball for President Jimmy Carter. The 22-year old was spiraling out of control. He also made final tapings of "Chico and The Man" on January 27, 1977. On January 28, 1977 at his Los Angeles hotel room, while he contemplated suicide he called up his mother and friends and managers that he was ending his life. He wrote a suicide note "I must end it. There is not hope. I will be at peace. No one had anything to do with it. My decision totally.....(Signed) Freddie Prinze". Manager Martin "Dusty" Snyder was trying to approach him and help, a drugged Freddie Prinze, sitting down in his sofa, took out his .32 caliber pistol and placed it into his head and shot himself. He arrived at UCLA Medical Center with a massive head wound.

    He was kept on life support and in critical condition until on January 29, 1977 his family decided to end his suffering. He was brain dead at 3:30 PM on January 29, 1977, Freddie Prinze, 22, comedian and actor and star of the hit TV series "Chico and The Man", and was pronounced dead. Prior to his death he did a TV movie "Million Dollar Rip-Off " on NBC-TV and was under contract for a $6 million a year for NBC. The world was shocked and saddened by his tragic death.

    On February 1, 1977 , Freddie Prinze was buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, and attended by co-star Jack Albertson, Tony Orlando, Sammy Davis, Jr., Gabriel Kaplan , Paul Williams (who was the pallbearer) , producer James Komack and family members along with fans of the fallen superstar. Twenty three years after his death, his legacy is passed on by his only son Freddie Prinze,Jr., who is now the star of "Wing Commander", "I Know What You Did Last Summer" sequels and "She's All That", and is following his legendary father's footsteps.

    God Bless Freddie Prinze.

  • Note: special thanks to Alex L. Gallardo for submitting the biography for inclusion on this page

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1) What was the catch phrase from "Chico and the Man" that became so popular?

    Well, there are 2.

    The first was "--Looooking GOOOOOOD!" Chico's response to something optimistic

    The 2nd was "Ees-not my job!" a catch phrase from Prinze's stand-up act

    2) Where can I purchase Freddie Prinze's Looooking Good! comedy album LP?

    I've seen it for sale on eBay (linked below) several times, just do a search for his name when at that site.

    Looooking Good! CD

    I've also just found out it is available on CD, you can order it here:

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