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Old 01-08-2003, 07:12 PM   #1
ALF's #1 Fan
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Default every one post you have list

mine is

The dukes of hazzerd ( various eps )

The dukes of hazzerd reunion

enos ( one ep )

the dukes cartoon ( 2 eps )

three's company ( 17 uncut eps )

the best of three's company

facts of life (various eps taped off USA )

return to mayberry

mayberry RFD ( various eps )

return of the beverly hillbillies

all in the family ( various eps )

the brady bunch in the white house

very brady christmas

the bradys ( complete )

the brady brides ( complete )

the brady girls get married

the brady 500

knight rider 2000

the honnymooners ( various eps )

the torkolsons ( various eps )

almost home ( various eps )

diagnosis murder a towm withput pity

diagnosis murder without warning

diagnosis murder vanishing act

diagnosis murder twist of the knife

diagnosis murder ( various eps )

the ropers ( various eps )

three's a crowd ( almost complete )

emergency! ( various eps )

adam 12 ( various eps )

dragnet ( 12 various eps )

growing pains reunion

In the heat of the night tv movie ( who was geil bandi )

In the heat of the night tv movie ( grow old with me )

in the heat of the night tv movie ( matter of justice )

mama's family ( various eps )

eunice ( tv movie )

project alf movie

All in the family 20th anniversary special

I love lucy 50th anniversary special

lucy calles the president ( tv movie )

The golden girls ( 18 uncut NBC eps )

charles in charge ( various eps )

surviving gilligan's island

The jeffersons ( various eps )

sanford and son ( various eps )

I love lucy ( various eps )

Tv land mary-thon ( various christmas eps )

The mary tyler moore show ( various eps )

diffrent strokes ( various eps )

the divison ( various eps )

archie bunkers place ( various eps )
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Old 01-08-2003, 09:06 PM   #2
Nanny Fine
Justine and Holden..
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Almost Home
Season 1
1-1 New Moon


Welcome Back Kotter
Season 1
1-5 The Election


Square Pegs
1-1 Pilot


The Cosby Show
Season 6
6-12 Getting To Know You
6-13 Elvin Pays For Dinner
6-14 Cliff's Nightmare


Days of Our Lives
The air dates are : 5/20/88, 5/23/88, 5/25/88, 5/27/88, 2/2/88 and 6/3/88. Also an early 1990 airing featuring Kim Brady Donavon's last day in Salem.


SCRUBS (Have all of this seasons SCRUBS, just not all logged yet)
2-9 My Lucky Day
2-10 My Monster
2-11 My Sex Buddy


Just Shoot Me
Season 5
5-12 The Proposal (1)

Season 6
6-12 Liotta? Liotta!
6-14 Friends and Neighbors


Season 7
7-2 Sand and Water (a.k.a. Way Too Soon)

Season 8
8-8 Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain
8-13 Damage Is Done
8-15 It's All In Your Head


Will and Grace (Have most episodes, not all logged yet)
Season 1
1-4 Between a Rock and Harlan's Place
1-12 My Fair Maidy
1-14 Big Brother is Coming (1)
1-20 Saving Grace

Season 2
2-1 Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
2-2 Election
2-3 Das Boob
2-9 I Never Promised You An Olive Garden
2-10 Tea and a Total Lack of Sympathy
2-11 Seeds Of Discontent
2-12 He's Come Undone

Season 3
3-5 Grace 0, Jack 2000
3-10 Three's A Crowd, Six is a Freak Show
3-16 Cheaters (1)
3-19 Poker? I Don't Even Like Her
3-24 Sons & Lovers (1)

Season 4
4-1 The Third Wheel Gets The Grace
4-2 Past and Presents
4-3 Crouching Father, Hidden Husband
4-8 Star Spangled Banter
4-11 Stakin' Care Of Business
4-14 Grace In The Hole
4-15 Dyeing is Easy, Comedy is Hard
4-17 Someone Old, Someplace New (1)

Season 5
5-1 ...And the Horse He Rode In On
5-2 Bacon and Eggs
5-11 The Honeymoon's Over
5-12 All About Christmas Eve


Good Morning, Miami (Have all of this season just not logged yet)
1-8 If It's Not One Thing, It's A Mother
1-9 I'm With Stupid
1-10 Hi, My Name is Jake (Weather udpates)


Double Trouble
Season 1
1-1 One Drives, the Other Doesn't
1-4 Bad Chemistry

Season 2
2-1 If We Can Make It Here...
2-2 Do You Believe In Magic?
Nick Rush - Kate audition


Home Improvement
Season 1
1-12 Yule Better Watch Out

Season 2
2-19 Karate Or Not, Here I Come

Season 4
4-3 Death Begins At Forty
4-7 Let's Go To The Videotape
4-19 The Naked Truth

Season 5
5-16 The Vasectomy One
5-21 Engine And A Haircut, Two Fights
5-23 Mr. Wilson's Opus
5-24 Shopping Around


Dharma & Greg
Season 4
4-1 Mother and Daughter Reunion


Charlie's Angels
Season 1
1-3 Night Of The Strangler
1-5 Target: Angels
1-6 The Killing Kind
1-7 To Kill an Angel
1-8 Lady Killer


The Love Boat
Season 1
1-4 Message For Maureen/The Acapulco Connection/Gotcha
1-5 Help, Murder/Isaac the Groupie/Mr. Popularity
1-6 Joker is Mild/First Time Out/Take My Granddaughter, Please
1-7 Identical Problem/Julie's Old Flame/The Jinx
1-8 Lost and Found/The Understudy/Married Singles


All In The Family
Season 6
6-21 Love By Appointment
6-22 Joey's Baptism


Drew Carey Show
Season 6
6-2 Be Drew To Your School


Three's Company
Season 4
4-18 Handcuffed


Happy Days
Season 3
3-22 Bringing Up Spike

Season 4
4-14 The Book Of Records
4-20 The Physical

Season 6
6-1 Westward Ho!
6-2 Westward Ho!
6-3 Westward Ho!


Law & Order
Season 13
13-10 Mother's Day


Mad About You
Season 4
4-12 Dream Weaver


FRIENDS (Have all episodes but not logged yet)

Season 2
2-11 The One With The Lesbian Wedding
2-12 The One With Two Parts, Part 1
2-14 The One With The Prom Video
2-18 The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies
2-21 The One With The Bullies

Season 3
3-17 The One Without The Ski Trip
3-22 The One With The Screamer

Season 4
4-17 The One With The Free Porn
4-21 The One With The Invitations
4-23 The One With Ross's Wedding, Part 1

Season 5
5-6 The One With The Yeti
5-14 The One Where Everyone Finds Out

Season 7
7-4 The One With Rachel's Assistant

Season 8
8-8 The One With The Stripper
8-14 The One With The Secret Closet
8-16 The One Where Joey Tells Rachel

Season 9
9-1 The One Where No One Proposes
9-9 The One With Rachel's Phone Number
9-10 The One With Christmas In Tulsa

Today Show Matt Lauer Interview 1996 Courtney Cox
Today Show Matt Lauer Interview 1996 Matthew Perry (Snow Delay banner)
Today Show Matt Lauer Interview 1996 David Schwimmer
Today Show Matt Lauer Interview 1996 Lisa Kudrow
Today Show Matt Lauer Interview 1996 David Schwimmer
Saturday Night Live David Schwimmer Guest Host (Aniston/Kudrow Guest Spot)
Saturday Night Live Lisa Kudrow Guest Host (missing part near end)
David Schwimmer on Jay Leno (circa "The Pallbearer")
David Schwimmer on Today Show Katie Couric Interview (circa "The Pallbearer")
David Schwimmer on Regis and Kathie Lee (circa "The Pallbearer")
Jennifer Aniston on Jay Leno (Discuss trip to Greece, circa "She's The One")


Life Goes On


Season 1
1-8 Call of the Wild
1-9 Corky Witnesses A Crime (misses opening segment)
1-10 Ordinary Heroes

Season 4
4-2 Exposed
4-11 Incident on Main (Cuts into when cops are at scene)
4-12 Lost Weekend


Wonder Years
Season 6
6-13 Ladies And Gentlemen...The Rolling Stones (missing opening credits)


Facts of Life

1-1 Rough Housingn
1-2 Like Mother, Like Daughter
1-6 Dieting
1-7 The Facts of Love
1-8 Flash Flood
1-11 Molly's Holiday
1-12 Dope
1-13 Overachieving

Season 2
2-1 The New Girl (1) (Start Tape 2)
2-2 The New Girl (2)
2-3 Double Standard
2-6 Shoplifting
2-7 Teenage Marriage (1)
2-8 Teenage Marriage (2
2-12 Pretty Babies
2-13 Bought and Sold
2-14 Free Spirit
2-15 Brian and Sylvia
2-16 Gossip

Season 3
3-2 Fear Strikes Back
3-3 A Baby In The House
3-4 A Friend In Deed
3-5 Front Page
3-6 Give and Take
3-7 Sweet Sorrow
3-8 From Russia With Love
3-9 Dear Me
3-10 Cousin Geri Returns
3-11 Legacy Tape
3-12 Green Eyed Monster
3-13 The Americanization of Miko
3-14 The Marriage Brokers
3-16 The Four Musketeers
3-18 Runaway
3-19 New York, New York
3-22 The Academy
3-23 Jo's Cousin

The Facts of Life Go To Paris Tape

Season 4
4-1 Ain't Miss Beholden
4-2 The Source
4-3 The Sound of Silence
4-4 The Oldest Living Graduate
4-5 Different Drummer
4-6 Dearest Mommie
4-7 A Woman's Place
4-8 Daddy's Girl
4-9 The Big Fight
4-10 For The Asking
4-11 September Song
4-12 A Royal Pain
4-13 Magnificent Obsession
4-14 Under Pressure
4-15 Teacher's Pet
4-16 Let's Party
4-17 Best Sister (1)
4-18 Best Sister (2)
4-19 Guess What's Coming To Dinner?
4-20 Who's On First
4-21 Help From Home
4-23 Graduation (1)
4-24 Graduation (2)

Season 5
5-1 Brave New World (1)
5-2 Brave New World (2)
5-3 Gamma Gamma or Bust
5-4 Just My Bill
5-5 What Price Glory?
5-7 Advanced Placement
5-9 Small But Dangerous
5-10 Store Games
5-11 The Second Time Around
5-13 Chain Letter
5-17 A Death In The Family
5-18 Big Fish/Little Fish
5-19 Star At Langley
5-20 Dream Marriage
5-22 All By Herself
5-23 Seems Like Old Times
5-24 Joint Custody
5-25 The Way We Were (1)
5-26 The Way We Were (2)

Season 6
6-1 The Summer of '84
6-2 Slices Of Life
6-4 My Boyfriend's Back
6-6 Taking a Chance On Love (1)
6-7 Takine a Chance On Love (2)
6-8 E.G.O.C. (Edna Garrett on Campus)
6-9 Dear Apple
6-11 Smile
6-12 The Rich Aren't Different
6-13 Christmas in the Big House
6-14 Me and Eleanor
6-15 Working It Out
6-16 Jazzbeau
6-17 Two Guys From Appleton
6-18 With A Little Help From My Friend
6-19 Gone With The Wind (1)
6-20 Gone With The Wind (2)
6-21 Man in the Apartment
6-23 Sisters
6-24 It's Lonely At The Top
6-25 Bus Stop
6-26 The Interview Show

Season 7
7-1 Out Of The Fire (1)
7-2 Into the Frying Pan (2)
7-3 Grand Opening (3)
7-4 Teacher, Teacher
7-5 Men For All Seasons
7-6 A New Life
7-7 Doo Wah
7-8 Come Back To The Truck Stop, Natalie Green, Natalie Green
7-9 Born Too Late
7-10 3,2,1
7-11 We Get Letters
7-13 Christmas Baby
7-14 Tootie Drives
7-15 Stake Out Blues
7-16 The Agent
7-17 The Reunion
7-18 Concentration
7-19 Atlantic City
7-20 The Lady Who Came To Dinner
7-21 The Candidate
7-22 Big Time Charlie
7-23 The Graduate (1)
7-24 The Apartment (2)

Season 8
8-1 Out of Peekskill (1)
8-2 Out of Peekskill (2)
8-3 Ready or Not
8-4 Another Room
8-7 The Ratings Game
8-8 The Wedding Day
8-9 Fast Food
8-12 Seven Little Indians
8-13 The Greek Connection
8-15 A Star Is Torn
8-16 A Winter's Tale
8-17 Cupid's Revenge
8-18 62 Pick Up
8-19 Boy About The House
8-20 Ex Marks The Spo
8-21 Younger Than Springtime
8-23 Rites of Passage (1)
8-24 Rites of Passage Too (2)
Facts of Life Down Under

Season 9
9-1 Down and Out in Malibu (1)
9-2 Down and Out In Malibu (2)
9-3 Rumor Has It
9-4 Before The Fall
9-5 Sweet Charity
9-6 Up From Down Under
9-7 The More The Marrier
9-8 A Rose By Any Other Age
9-9 Adventures in Baileysitting
9-10 It's A Wonderful Christmas
9-11 Golden Oldies
9-12 A Thousand Frowns
9-13 Something In Common
9-14 Peekskill Law
9-15 A House Divided
9-16 The First Time
9-17 Let's Face The Music
9-18 Less Than Perfect
9-19 Till Marriage Do Us Part
9-20 Present Imperfect
9-21 On The Edge
9-22 Big Apple Blues
9-23 The Beginning of the End (1)


Season 5
5-9 Come On Over To My Place


Doogie Howser, M.D.
Season 4
4-17 Love Means Constantly Having to Say You're Sorry


Hangin' With Mr. Cooper
Season 4
4-4 E.R.


Living Single
Season 4
4-11 Riot On The Set


The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air
Season 2
2-7 The Big Four-Oh
2-8 She Ain't Heavy
2-10 Hi Ho Silver
2-11 The Butler Did It
2-14 Hilary Gets A Life
2-15 My Brother's Keeper


New York Undercover
Season 3
3-10 Going Platinum


The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Season 2

2-7 The Big Four-Oh
2-8 She Ain't Heavy
2-10 Hi Ho Silver
2-11 The Butler Did It


The Rockford Files

Season 1
1-13 Profit and Loss (1)

Season 2
2-3 Gearjammers (1)

Season 3
3-14 The Trees, The Bees and T.T. Flowers (1)
3-15 The Trees, The Bees and T.T. Flowers (2)

Sanford and Son - Taped the marathon this weekend, missed 6 episodes from marathon.


Rosie O'Donnel on Saturday Night Live, 1996 Christmas (Whitney Houston Musical Guest)

Rosie Show Christmastime 1996 (no opening segment but starts at her mono) - Guests Debbie Reynolds, Phyllis Diller, Corbin Bernsen

Ross the Intern on Jay Leno with Gwyneth Paltrow

1993 A Family Of Strangers Made For TV Movie CBS Melissa Gilbert, Patty Duke, William Shatner

1989 Full Exposure: The Sex Tapes Scandal TV Movie, Lisa Hartman

120 Minutes with Thurston Moore MTV featuring Beck, Frank Black, The Offspring, Velocity Girl, The Breeders,
Dambuilders, James, The Amateurs, Sonic Youth, Surgery, Gumball, Beastie Boys, Therapy?, Helium, Nine Inch Nails,
Dramamama, st. johnny,

Ricki Lake "They Say We're Too Young For Love" circa 1993 - missing beginning portion

ABC News Special The Filmakers

1993 Jerry Springer Anorexia show Christy Henrich

CBS Rescue 911 William Shatner Hangiding accident

Oprah Soap Special Matthew Ashford, Melissa Brennon, Brenda Epperson, Michael Damien, Wally Kurth, etc

Pat Bullard Show (circa 1996) guests "Clueless" Elisa Donavon, Bart Connor, Jair Lynch, Estelle Parsons

If you've made it this far then my email is

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My HAVE and WANT list is on my website...

Thank you!
My Tape Trading Site
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Same way here.
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heres my have list

boy meets world 1,2,4,5,6,7 seasons
partridge family
wild wild west(1video comming soon)
diffrent strokes(3 videos)
full house(1video)
the honeymooners(1 video)
just the ten of us every episode
e true hollywood story of saved by the bell
garfields halloween adventure

my movies
a killer among friends
gleason jackie gleason show
she cried no
mary christmas
fatal vows
christmas in my hometown

my concerts
beach boys live in largo 1977
beach boys live in houston 2001
beach boys live in philly 1995(with john stamos)
david cassidy live in uk 2001
david cassidy live in uk 1985
david cassidy live in flordia 1992
brian wilson live at bridge school 1999(2 shows)
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Nanny Fine
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Originally posted by diffrentstrokesfan2003
heres my have list

just the ten of us every episode

I'd be interested in just the ten of us if you are interested in anything from my list (posted above). My email is

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Nanny Fine
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Originally posted by Will and Grace Rox

I'd be interested in just the ten of us if you are interested in anything from my list (posted above). My email is

edited to add that I had my user name changed and I was formerly posting as skatefanforlife!
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Default My have lists
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Default Tv List

Here is my have list

Abbott & Costello
1)14 different cartoons #662
Abbott & Costello Show
1)The music lovers #1131B
1)Log 122-Christmas episode #1065C
Adventures In Paradise
1)Safari at sea #1229C
w/Diana Lynn, John Ericson
2)The raft #1279B
w/Vince Edwards
The Adventures Of Kit Carson
1)Marshall of gun town #1072B
2)Outlaw’s justice #1073B
3)Return of Trigger Dawson #1080G
4)Trails westward #1081J
5)Army renegades #1084E
6)Devils remuda #1096C
7)Wild horse of Pala #1095E
8)War whoop #1095K
The Adventures Of Robin Hood
1)Bandit of Britany #1072A
2)Outlaw money #1073A
3)The wanderer #1080F
4)The final tax #1081G
5)The black five #1081I
6)The youngest outlaw #1084D
7)Pilot #1096B
8)The coming of Robin Hood #1095D
9)Friar’s pilgrimage #1095J
The Adventures of Superman
1)The dog who knew Superman
2)The face and the voice
w/Hayden Rorke
3)The man in the lead mask
4)Machine that could plot crimes
w/Sterling Holloway
5)Jungle devil
6)My friend Superman
7)The clown who cried
8)Perry White’s scoop
9)Beware the wrecker
w/Denver Pyle
10)The golden vulture
11)Jimmy Olsen, boy editor
12)Star of fate
13)The talking clue
14)Superman week
15)Panic in the sky
16)Clark Kent outlaw
17)Treasure of the Incas
18)The magic necklace
19)The bully of dry gulch
20)Double trouble
21)The phatom ring
22)The case of the talkative dummy
23)The riddle of the Chinese jade
24)The human bomb
25)Crime wave
26)Jet ace
After Mash
1)Little broadcast of ’53 #999A
2)Sunday, cruddy Sunday #999B
3)Thanksgiving #999C
4)Shall we dance? #999D
5)Klinger vs. Klinger #1000A
6)Snap, crackle, plop #1000B
7)Staph infection #1000C
8)Night shift #1000D
9)Yours truly, Max #1000E
1)Calico #1284A
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1)Santa Clause and the 10th avenue kid #1065B
2)Special delivery #1069A
3)Specialty of the house #1069B
4)The crocodile case #1069C
5)The avon emeralds #1069D
w/Roger Moore
6)The morning of the bride #1069E
w/Barbara Bel Geddes
7)The anniversary gift #1069F
8)Road hog #1069G
9)The landlady #1069H
w/Dean Stockwell
10)The schartz-metterklume case #1069I
w/Hermione Gingold
11)Keep me company #1069J
12)The cuckoo clock #1069K
13)The case of M.J.H #1069L
14)The young one #1290C
w/Vince Edwards
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (from the 80’s)
1)Prism #1161C
wLindsay Wagner
2)The canary sedan #1241C
w/Kathleen Quinlan
3)Fogbound #1242C
w/Kathleen Quinlan
All In The Family
1)Meet the Bunkers #499A
2)Writing the president #499B
3)Archie’s aching back #499 C
4)Archie gives blood #499D
5)Judging books by covers #500A
6)Gloria is pregnant #500 B
7)Now that you know the way, let’s be strangers #500 C
8)Lionel moves into the neighborhood #500D
w/Vincent Gardenia
9)Edith has jury duty #501 A
10)Archie is worried about his job #501 B
11)Gloria discovers women’s lib #501 C
12)Success story #501 D
13)The first and last supper #502 A
14)The saga of cousin Oscar #502 B
15)Gloria poses in the nude #502C
w/David Soul
16)Archie in the lock-up #502 D
17)Edith writes a song #503A
w/Demond Wilson, Cleavon Little
18)Flashback: Mike meets Archie #503B
19)The election story #503C
20)Edith’s accident #503 D
21)Christmas day at the Bunkers #1066G
22)Christmas episode #1066H
23)Mike’s mysterious son #1119A
24)Archie & the editoral #1119B
25)Gloria & the riddle #1119C
26)Lionel steps out #1119D
27)Edith flips with her wig #1119E
28)The Bunkers & the swingers #1119F
w/Vincent Gardenia, Rue McClanahan
29)Flashback: Mike & Gloria’s wedding pt 1 #1119G
30)Flashback: Mike & Gloria’s wedding pt 2 #1119H
31)Edith’s winning ticket #1119I
32)Archie goes to the hospital #1119J
33)Archie goes too far #1119K
w/Mary Kay Place
34)Archie is branded #1119L
35)Archie gets the business(60 min) #1120A
36)Edith’s 50th birthday(60 min) #1120B
37)California, here we are(60 min) #1120C
38)Edith finds an old man #1120D
39)Archie & the computer #1120E
40)Archie in the cellar #1120F
41)Black is the color of my true love’s wig #1120G
42)Edith’s Christmas story #1120H
43)Lionel’s engagement #1120I
44)The Bunkers & Inflation(pt 1, 2, & 4) #1121A, B, C
45)Where’s Archie(pt 1) #1121D
w/Charlotte Rae
46)Archie is missing(pt 2) #1121E
47)The longest kiss(pt 3) #1121F
48)The Jeffersons move up #1121G
49)Amelia’s divorce #1121H
50)No smoking #1121I
51)Mike makes his move #1121J
w/Sherman Hemsley
52)The very moving day #1121K
53)Archie, the hero #1121L
54)Archie’s bitter pill(pt 1 & 2) #1122A & B
55)Archie & the ku klun(pt 1 & 2) #1122C & D
56)Et tu, Archie #1122E
57)Gloria sings the blues #1122F
Amazing Spider-Man 60’s:
1)The origin of Spiderman #888A
2)The menace of mysterio #888B
3)The power of Dr. Octupus #888C
4)To catch a Spiderman #888D
5)Thunder rumble #888E
6)Fountain of terror #889A
7)Fiddler on the loose #889B
8)Blotto #889C
9)Where crawls the lizard #889D
10)Electro the human lightning bolt #889E
11)Sting of the scorpion #889F
12)Trick or treachery #889G
13)Spiderman meets skyboy #889H
14)The witching hour #889I
15)Cold storage #890A
16)The sky is falling #890B
17)King pinned #890C
18)To cage a spider #890D
19)Never step on a scorpion #890E
20)Sands of crime #890F
21)Swing city #891A
22)The winged thing #891B
23)Conner’s reptiles #891C
24)Diet of destruction #891D
25)Crimminals in the clouds #891E
26)Trouble with snow #891F
27)Spiderman vs. Desparado #891G
28)Kilowatt kaper #892A
29)The peril of parafino #892B
30)Menace from the bottom of the world #892C
31)Sky harbor #892D
32)Horn of the rhino #892E
33)The vanishing Dr. Vespasion #892F
34)5th Avenue phantom #893A
35)Super swami #893B
36)Birth of micro man #893C
37)The revenge of Dr. Magneto #893D
38)The sinister prime minister #893E
39)Knight must fall #893F
40)Devious Dr. Dumpty #893G
41)Up from nowhere #894A
42)Spiderman meets Dr. Noah Boddy #894B
43)The fantastic Fakir #894C
44)Rollarama #894D
45)Return of the flying Dutchman #894E
46)Farewell performance #894F
47)Rhino #894G
48)The madness of Mysterio #894H
49)The golden rhino #895A
50)Blue print for crime #895B
51)Revolt in the 5th dimension #895C
52)The spider and the fly #895D
53)Slippery Dr. Von Schlick #895E
54)Specialits and slaves #895F
55)The vultures prey #895G
56)Dark terrors #895H
57)Down to Earth #896A
58)The terrible triumph of Dr. Octopus #896B
59)Magic malice #896C
60)Trip to tomorrow #896D
61)Phantom from the depths of time #896E
62)The evil sorcerer #896F
63)Pardo presents #897A
64)Cloud city of gold #897B
65)Neptune’s nose cone #897C
66)Home #897D
67)Diamond dust #898A
68)Spiderman battles the mole man #898B
69)Double identity #898C
70)Home #898D
71)Vine #898E
America 2 Night
1)w/Jill St. John #658A
2)w/Karen Lynn Gorney #658B
3)w/Rita Moreno #658C
4)w/Vicki Carr #658D
5)w/Barbara Feldon, Robin Williams #658E
6)w/Barbara Eden #659A
7)w/Cindy Williams #659B
The American Sportsman
1)w/Curt Gowdy, Dennis Morgan #1011D
Amos N’ Andy
1)Antique shop #879A
2)Kingfish teaches Andy to fly #879B
3)Kingfish pawns a gun #879C
4)Quovidise #879D
5)Birthday card #880A
6)The boarder #880B
7)Hospitalization #880C
8)Leroy’s suits #880D
9)Arabia #881A
10)Engagement ring #881B
11)Kingfish’s new neighbor #881C
12)Call lehigh 4-9900 #881D
13)Kingfish has a baby #882A
14)Jewelry store robbery #882B
15)Happy Stevenses #882C
16)Andy buys a house #882D
17)Young girl’s mother #905A
18)The fur coat #905B
19)Getting mamma married(pt 1) #905C
20)Getting mamma married(pt 2) #905D
21)Viva la France #906A
22)The vacation show #906B
23)Stolen car #906C
24)Cousin Effie’s will #906D
25)The Insurance policy #907C
26)That winslow woman #908B
27)The adoption #908C
28)Kingfish the press agent #1209A
29)Invisible glass #1209B
30)Uranium mine #1209C
31)Father by proxy #1209D
32)Kingfish gets drafted #1210A
33)Traffic violations #1210B
34)Kingfish gets amnesia #1210C
35)Girl at the station #1210D
36)Andy gets a telegram #1035B
Andy Griffith Show
1)Christmas episode #1065J
2)Class reunion #1072D
Ann Sothern Show
1)Always April #1061A
w/Marty Ingels
2)Katy’s big surprise #1061B
3)New lease on lip #1061C
4)The boss ‘son #1061D
5)The bridal suite(pilot) #1061E
6)The Lucy story w/o/c #1082B
w/Lucille Ball
7)Surprise, surprise w/o/c #1082C
8)Loving arms w/o/c #1082D
w/Van Johnson
Annie Oakley
1)The dude stagecoach #1072C
2)Western privateer #1073C
3)Desperate men #1080H
4)Sundown stage #1081K
5)Annie makes a marriage #1084F
6)Trigger twins #1096D
7)Annie & the lily maid #1095F
Anything But Love
1)Fear of flying(pilot) #1160J
Arrest And Trial
1)The quality of justice #1157A
w/Jack Klugman, Robert Duvall
Barbara Stanwyck Show
1)Yankee go home #620B
w/Dana Andrews
1)The zodiac crimes #1064A
2)The jokers hard times #1064B
3)The penguin declines #1064C
4)Catwomans dressed to kill #1064D
w/Eartha Kitt
5)A riddle a day keep the riddler away #1064E
w/Frank Gorshin
6)When the rats away the mice will play #1064F
7)Hizzoner the penguin #1064G
w/Paul Revere & The Raiders
8)Dizzoner the penguin #1064H
9)The joker trumps an ace #1064I
10)Batman sets the pace #1064J
11)The cat’s meow #1064K
w/Chad & Jeremy
12)The bat’s kow tow #1064L
13)A piece of the action #1262B
w/Bruce Lee, Van Williams
14)Batman’s satisfaction #1262C
w/Bruce Lee, Van Williams
Ben Casey
1)An expensive glass of water #915D
w/Chester Morris
2)Mrs. McBroom and the cloud watcher #998A
w/Patty Duke
3)A certain time, a certain darkness #1231A
4)A memory of candy stripes #1231B
5)The insolent heart #1232A
6)Pavane for a gentle lady #1232B
7)The night that nothing happened #1233A
8)Legacy from a stranger #1233B
9)Autumn without red leaves #1267A
w/Robert Culp, Collin Wilcox
10)War of nerves #1267B
w/Leslie Nielsen, Marlyn Mason
11)Echo of a silent cheer (part 1 & 2) #1276A &B
12)Use neon for my epitaph #1277A
13)He thought he saw an albatross #1277B
14)But Linda only smiled #1278A
15)Minus that old rusty hacksaw #1286A
16)Fun & games & other tragic things #1279A
17)For this relief, much thanks #1301A
The Beverly Hillbillies
1)Home for Christmas #1066E
2)Christmas at the Clampetts #1066F
3)The Clampetts get psychoanalyzed #1172K
1)Sam in the moon w/o/c #666A
2)Hoho the clown #393A
3)Out of sync, out of time #393B
4)Alias Darrin Stephens #393C
5)That was no chick, that was my wife #393D
6)A very special delivery #393E
7)The corn is as high as a guernsey’s eye #393F
8)Allergic to macedonian dodo birds #393G
9)We’re in for a bad spell #393H
10)Trial and error of Aunt Clara #393I
11)Man of the year #393J
12)My grandson, the warlock #393K
13)Three wishes #393L
14)My what big ears you have #393M
15)The joker is a card #393N
16)I remember you…….sometimes #393O
Bill Cosby Show
1)Christmas ballard #597A
1)1995 w/Bruce Lee #388B
2)2-00 w/The Osmond Brothers #930B
3)3-00 w/George Reeves #951A
Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre
1)Double jeopardy #1250A
w/Jack Kelly, Lauren Bacall, Fay Wray, Zsa Zsa Gabor
Lee Meriwether, Tom Poston
2)One embezzlement & two margaritas #1250B
w/Jack Kelly,
1)Trouble town #1300B
Bonny Maid Versatile Varieties
1)w/Anne Francis #1090C
1)Alexander’s birthday party #1124A
2)Deception #1124B
3)J.C. Dithers, detective #1124C
4)Dear Aunt Polly #1124D
5)Blondie’s double #1130A
6)Charles C. Charles #1130B
7)It’s for the birds #1130C
8)New neighbors #1130D
9)Maid to fire #1130E
10)Bad luck idol #1129A
11)Anniversary lamp #1129B
12)Cora the klemptomaniac #1129C
13)Marry me……again #1129D
14)Puppy love #1129E
The Brady Bunch
1)Christmas episode #1066K
2)54-40 fight #1246B
3)Pilot(uncut) #1292A
4)Dear Libby(uncut) #1292B
5)The liberation of Marcia Brady(uncut) #1292C
6)Getting Davy Jones(uncut) #1292D
1)Masquerade #592A
Bourbon Street Beat
1)Ferry to Algiers #799A
2)Find my face #800A
3)10% blues #801B
1)Unsold 1993 pilot #1266A
The Bugs Bunny Show:
1)Canary row #387A
2)Knights must fall #387B
3)For scent-imental reasons #387C
4)A lad in his lamp #387D
5)Prize test contset #387E
7)Rabbit of Seville #387G
8)Scarlet pumpernickel #387H
Burke’s Law
1)Who killed nobody somehow #825A
w/Kevin McCarthy, Rory Calhoun
2)Who killed Harris Crown #840A
w/Barbara Eden, Joan Blondell, Eva Gabor, Juliet Prowse
Burns & Allen Show
1)Tax audit/Dented fender #1073D
2)Income tax man #1073E
3)Teenage girl spends weekend(intro is cut) #1073F
4)Encyclopedia salesman #1080I
5)Wife for Harry Von Zell #1080J
6)Checking account #1080K
7)Harry’s new secretary #1083A
8)Beverly Hills uplifting society #1083B
9)Return of the Kelly kids #1083C
10)Blanche secretly buys a fur stole #1246F
1)To ride a tiger #1285A
Captain Kanaroo
1)1968 episode #561A
2)1984 episode #561B
3)1955 episode #562A
4)1960 episode #562B
Captain Nice:
1)It tastes okay, but something’s missing #1147A
2)Beware of hidden prophets #1147B
3)Don’t take any wooden Indians #1147C
4)Man with 3 blue eyes #1147D
Case Of The Dangerous Robin:
1)Pilot #1112B
1)Pilot #1266C
Charlie Farrell Show
1)Fashion show #915A
Charlie’s Angels
1)Stuntwomen Angels #1144F
1)Voyage into fear #1166A
w/Joan Fontaine
2)Renaissance of Gussie Hill #1166B
w/Hershel Bernardi
3)Laugh till I die #1167A
w/Dick Shawn
4)House of execution #1167B
w/James Gregory, Norma Crane
5)The cyanide touch #1168A
w/Henry Jones, Dean Stockwell, Yvonne Craig
6)Between two guns #1168B
w/Beverly Garland, Jack Warden
7)The mask of vengeance #1169A
w/Cloris Leachman
8)Death runs wild #1169B
w/Anne Baxter
9)The paper killer #1170A
w/Mickey Rooney, Donna Douglas
10)Don’t believe a word she says #1170B
w/Mona Freeman, Russell Collins
11)Remebrance of crimes past #1171A
w/Angie Dickinson
12)Goodbye Griff #1171B
w/Julie London
13)One for the book #1238A
w/Audrey Meadows
14)State of shock #1238B
w/Warren Stevens, Nina Foch
15)The gift #1239A
16)A matter of conscience #1239B
17)Death by design #1240A
w/Eve Arden
18)The deadly silence #1240B
w/Donna Douglas, Diana Lynn
19)Portrait of a man running #1241A
w/Chester Morris, Ralph Bellamy
20)The phantom lover #1241B
w/Robert Lansing
21)The button down break #1242A
w/Tony Randall, Ken Lynch
22)Through a dark glass #1242B
w/William Windom
23)The thrill seeker #1243A
w/Susan Oliver
24)Melody for murder #1243B
w/Jimmie Rodgers
1)The cranemakers #1160D
China Smith:
1)Year of the phoenix #1095B
Circus Boy
1)Dancing bear #1001A
2)Great Ricardo #1001B
3)Meet circus boy #1001C
4)Masked marval #1001D
City Detective
1)Man down, woman screaming #1251C
w/Jack Kelly, Beverly Garland, Lee Van Cleef
City Of Angels
1)The castle of dreams #1131C
1)Promise to murder w/o/c #568A
Combat Sergeant
1)All faces east #1230C
2)Destined for death #1230D
Coronet Blue
1)Six months to live #1292I
2)Rebel #1292J
C.P.O. Sharkey
1)Blood pressure #687B
2)Apartment #687C
3)Baby and the beast #687D
1)The gambler #1011C
Daniel Boone
1)Young ones #1159C
w/Kurt Russell
2)Tanner #1282A
3)Orlando the prophet #1282B
Danny Bonaduce Show
1)1995 w/Cast From The Partridge Family #371B
David Niven Show
1)Maggie Malone #596D
Dear John
1)Louise’s pregnancy #1160A
2)The second time around #1160E
Dennis The Menace
1)Goes to the movies(pilot) w/o/c #1053A
2)Club intation w/o/c #1053B
3)New principal w/o/c #1053C
4)The hermit w/o/c #1053D
The Defenders
1)A long came a spider #526B
w/Paul Hartman
2)Child between #803A
3)The treadmill #803B
4)Madman(pt 1) #804A
5)Madman(pt 2) #804B
6)Moment of truth #805B
w/Norman Fell
1)Three brothers #907B
2)The last gunfight #1113A
3)Backfire #1113B
The Detectives
1)Bad eye of Rose Rosetti #921B
Dick Powell Show
1)The losers #821B
w/Lee Marvin, Rosemary Clooney, Keenan Wynn
2)The old man and the city #1012A
w/Dennis Morgan, June Allyson
3)Epilogue #1123B
w/Lee Marvin, Pat Boone, Claude Atkins, Ricardo Montalban
The New Dick Van Dyke Show
1)Christmas episode #1065F
Douglas Fairbanks Presents
1)International settlement #643A
2)Last tour #643B
3)One way ticket #643C
4)Thoroughbred #643D
Eastside, Westside
1)The name of the game #908A
w/Chester Morris, Dan Travanty
413 Hope Street
1)Pilot #1221B
5 Mrs. Buchanans
1)Pilot #1133A
1)To soar & never falter #1110A
Father Knows Best
1)Father of the year #1246J
2)Father’s private life #1235B
3)Hero father #1235C
w/Duke Snider
4)Father’s biography #1235D
5)Jim the answer man #1235E
6)A man of merit #1235F
7)Jim’s big surprise #1235G
w/Marion Ross
1)Fatal imposter #586A
w/David Cassidy
Fernwood Tonight
1)Precision swim team #659C
2)w/Tom Waits #659D
1)Pilot #1262F
Five Fingers
1)Final dream #516A
2)Search for Edvard Stoyan #516B
w/Martin Balsam
Ford Theatre
1)Celebrity w/o/c #1013B
2)The unlocked door #1228A
3)Man trap #1236C
w/Shelley Winters
4)Garrity’s sons #1271B
w/Vince Edwards, Rory Calhoun, Mary Wynn
Ford Television Theatre
1)Man with fear #620C
1)The hostage(last show of series) #1251D
w/Jack Kelly,
General Electrical Theatre
1)The bitter choice #1271A
w/Vince Edwards, Madeleine Carroll
Get Smart
1)House of Max(part 1) #1172D
2)The laser blazer #1246D
Girl With Something Extra
1)How green was Las vegas #998B
w/Farrah Fawcett
Girls About Town
1)1956 Unsold Pilot #1280A
w/Mamie Van Doren
1)Pilot #1262E
Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.
1)Win a date #1003A
2)Corporal Carol #1172F
w/Carol Burnett
Good Morning, Miss Bliss
1)The school dance #1088C
2)Living history with my teacher #1089C
Good Morning World
1)Man who came to din din #996A
2)Wedding present #996B
3)Dave sells his car #996C
4)Feet of clay-head to match #996D
Good Times
1)Getting up the rent(pilot) #899A
2)Black Jesus #899B
3)Too old blues #899C
4)God’s business is good business #899D
5)Michael gets suspended #899E
6)Sex and the Evans family #919A
7)Junior the senior #919B
8)The visitor #919C
9)Springtime in the ghetto #919D
10)The tv commercial #919E
11)Junior gets a patron #969A
12)My son the lover #969B
13)Florida flips #969C
Governor And J.J.
1)World begot the bleep #997A
2)Day in the life #997B
3)Running mate #997C
4)Yes, I don’t love you #997D
Gray Ghost
1)Pilot #634A
2)Christmas carol #634B
3)Angel of loudoun #634C
4)Humanitarian #634D
5)Deserter #1022A
6)Long way home #1022B
7)Problem of command #1022C
Greatest American Hero
1)Don't mess around with Jim #1289A
2)Hit car #1289B
Greatest Heroes Of The Bible
1)Tower of babel #1290A
w/Vince Edwards
1)P.S. murry Christmas #1065H
Happy Days
1)The deadly dares #1172B
2)A date with the Fonz #1246C
Harper Valley
1)Cousin Della #838B
Hawaii Five-O
1)Target? Hit lady #586B
Hawaiin Eye
1)Rx cricket #903A
w/Chad Everett
2)Cricket’s millionaire #903B
3)Typhoon #1039B
w/Mary Tyler Moore
4)The sisters #1284B
1)Do not mutilate or spindle #1021A
w/Gene Hackman
2)The longleat chronicles #1021B
1)Hazel’s winning personality #1246I
1)Dating game #1221A
Here Come The Brides
1)Two women #515A
w/Jane Wyatt
2)Marriage: Chinese style #515B
w/Bruce Lee
3)Letter of the law #985B
Here’s Donny
1)1997 w/Lindsay Wagner
Here’s Lucy
1)Not so popular mechanics #596A
2)Lucy & Uncle Harry’s pot #596B
3)Lucy & Lawrence Welk #596C
w/Lawrence Welk
4)Lucy and her genuine twimby #376C
5)Won’t you calm down, Dan Dailey? #1229B
w/Dan Dailey
6)Lucy and Miss Shelley Winters #1237C
w/Shelley Winters
7)Lucy & Flip go legit #1298A
w/Flip Wilson
8)Lucy & alladdin's lamp #1298B
Hoagans Heros
1)The gold rush #1172E
Hollywood Television Theatre
1)Steambath #1013A
w/Bill Bixby
1)On the rebound #1151A
2)Like being there when you’re not #1151B
3)Who, what, where, when, why and how #1151C
4)Garfield slept here #1151D
5)S.N.A.F.U. (90 min pilot) #1151E
6)At you age #1152A
7)Obstancy or constancy #1152B
8)If you want it done right #1152C
9)Spanish moss #1152D
10)Songs unsung are sweetest #1152E
11)By popular demand #1152F
1)The man from space(uncut) #869A
2)The loudspeaker(uncut) #869B
3)Unconventional behavior(uncut) #869C
4)The deciding vote(uncut) #869D
5)A dog’s life(uncut) #870A
6)Pardon my glove(uncut) #870B
7)Better living through tv(uncut) #870C
8)Mind your own business(uncut) #870D
9)Mama loves mambo(uncut) #871A
10)The baby sitter(uncut) #871B
11)Tv or not tv(uncut) #871C
12)The 99,000 answer(uncut) #872A
13)On stage(uncut) #872B
1)Prince and the pauper #537A
w/Bobby Sherman
Hong Kong
1)Suitable for framing #579B
w/Julie London
How To Marry A Millionaire
1)Loco leaves home #838A
2)Alias the secretary #840B
3)Brat #840C
I Dream Of Jeannie
1)The used car salesman
2)Djinn, Djinn go home
3)Strongest man in the world
4)Indispensable Jeannie
5)Jeannie and the top secret
6)How to marry an astronaut
7)Dr. Bellows goes sane
8)Jeannie, my guru
9)Case of my vanishing master(pt 1)
10)Case of my vanishing master(pt 2)
11)Ride em, Astronaut
12)Invisible house for sale
13)Jeannie, the governor’s wife
14)Is there a doctor in the house?
15)The biggest star in Hollywood
16)Porcelain puppy
17)Jeannie for the defense
18)Nobody loves a fat astronaut
19)Around the world in 80 blinks
21)Guess who’s going to be a bride(pt 1)
w/Jackie Coogan
22)Guess who’s going to be a bride(pt 2)
w/Jackie Coogan
23)Jeannie’s beauty cream
24)Jeannie and the bachelor party
25)The blood of Jeannie
26)See you in C-U-B-A
w/Farrah Fawcett
27)The mad home wrecker
28)Uncle a go-go
29)The wedding
30)My sister the homewrecker
w/Farrah Fawcett, Michael Ansara
31)Jeannie the matchmaker
32)Never put a genie on a budget
33)Please don’t give my Jeannie no more wine
34)One of our hotels is growing
35)Jeannie breaks the bank
36)Sold gold Jeannie
37)Help, help, a shark
w/Jim Backus
38)Eternally yours, Jeannie
39)An astronaut in sheeps clothing
40)Hurricane Jeannie
41)My master the chili king
42)The lady in the bottle
43)My hero
44)Guess what happened on the way to the moon
45)Jeannie and the marriage caper
46)G.I. Jeannie
47)Jeannie and the murder caper
48)Anybody here seen Jeannie?
49)Americanzation of Jeannie
I Love Lucy
1)Lucy thinks Ricky is trying to do away with her(uncut) #847A
2)Breaking the lease(uncut) #847B
3)The ballet(uncut) #847C
4)The gossip(uncut) #847D
5)Lucy does a tv commercial(uncut) #848A
6)Lucy’s schedule(uncut) #848B
7)Equal rights(uncut) #848C
8)Lucy’s second honeymoon #848D
9)The quiz show(uncut) #849A
10)The operetta(uncut) #849B
11)Redecorating(uncut) #849C
12)Lucy is enciente(uncut) #849D
13)Lucy goes to the hospital(uncut) #850A
14)The black eye(uncut) #850B
15)Senimental aniversary(uncut) #850C
16)Lucy meets the Queen #850D
17)Lucy tells the truth(uncut) #859A
18)The black wig(uncut) #859B
19)The million-dollar idea(uncut) #859C
20)Home movies(uncut) #859D
21)Job switching(uncut) #860A
22)The Indian show(uncut) #860B
23)Lucy’s lasy birthday(uncut) #860C
24)Ricky and Fred are tv fans(uncut) #860D
25)Mr. And Mrs. Tv show(uncut) #861A
26)Ricky’s screen test(uncut) #861B
27)Tennessee bound(uncut) #861C
28)L.A. at last(uncut) #861D
29)Harpo Marx(uncut) #862A
w/Harpo Marx
30)Lucy’s Italian movie(uncut) #862B
31)Lucy and Superman(uncut) #862C
w/George Reeves
32)Lucy does the tango(uncut) #862D
33)Ethel’s birthday(uncut) #863A
34)Lucy visits Graumans(uncut) #863B
35)Lucy and John Wayne(uncut) #863C
w/John Wayne
36)Bon voyage(uncut) #863D
37)Pioneer women(uncut) #872C
38)The camping trip(uncut) #872D
39)The courtroom(uncut) #873A
40)Never do business with friends(uncut) #873B
41)Lucy and Bob Hope(uncut) #873C
w/Bob Hope
42)Fashion show(uncut) #873D
43)Benefit w/o/c #1010B
44)Lucy plays cupid w/o/c #1010C
45)Sales resistance w/o/c #1042A
46)The inferiority complex w/o/c #1042B
47)The club election w/o/c #1042C
48)The black eye w/o/c #1042D
49)The girls want to go to a nightclub w/o/c #1043A
50)Be a pal w/o/c #1043B
51)The diet w/o/c #1043C
52)New neighbors w/o/c #1043D
53)Drafted w/o/c #1044B
54)Lucy writes a play w/o/c #1044C
55)Second honeymoon #98D
56)The fox hunt #98F
57)Lucy goes to Scotland #98G
58)Paris at last #98H
59)Lucy meets Charles Boyer #98I
60)Lucy gets a Paris gown #98J
61)Lucy in the Swiss alps #98K
62)Lucy gets homesick in Italy #98L
63)InPalm Springs #163A
64)The dancing star #163C
65)Ricky needs an agent #163D
66)The tour #163E
67)Lucy & the dummy #163H
68)Ricky sells the car #163I
69)The great train robbery #163J
70)Ricky’s European booking #163K
71)The passports #163L
72)First stop #267A
73)Ethel’s home town #267C
74)Don Juan & the starlets #267E
75)Lucy gets in pictures #267F
76)The Hedda Hopper story #267H
77)Don Juan is shelved #267I
78)Bull fight dance #267J
79)Hollywood aniv. #267K
80)The stars upstairs #267L
I married Joan
1)Brad & Joan in the hospital #1073H
2)Oil’s well that ends well #1083E
3)The cousins are coming #1096F
4)Birthday #1096K
Inside Out
1)1972 w/Farrah Fawcett #530C
The Invaders:
1)The Betrayed #1109A
w/Norman Fell, Ed Begley
I Spy
1)Loser #1010A
w/Eartha Kitt
1)Unsold pilot #639B
w/Irene Cara
1)Dead man’s tale #656B
w/Jack Lord
Jane Wyman Fireside Theatre
1)Kirsti #1251B
w/Jack Kelly, Burt Mustin
The Jeffersons
1)Christmas episode #1066I
2)Christmas episode #1066J
Johnny Staccato
1)Double feature #459A
2)List of death #459B
3)Mask of Jason #459C
w/Mary Tyler Moore
4)Murder for credit #459D
w/Martin Landau
5)Only witness #820A
6)Return #820B
7)Poet’s touch #820C
8)Naked truth #820D
Kate & Allie
1)Late bloomer #1275B
w/Lindsay Wagner
Kraft Suspense Theatre
1)Cruel & unusual night #1281A
2)My enemy, this town #1281B
Kraft Television Theatre
1)Kelly #620A
Land Of The Giants
1)Pay the piper
w/Jonathan Harris
2)The secret city of limbo
w/Malachi Throne
w/Jack Albertson, Diane McBain
4)The deadly dart
w/Francine York, Kevin Hagen
6)A small war
7)The lost ones #98A
8)Brainwash #98B
9)The marionettes
10)Wild journey
w/Bruce Dern, Yvonne Craig
11)Grave yard of fools
w/Albert Salmi
12)The crash(pilot)
w/Paul Carr
w/John Abbott
15)The flight plan
18)The trap
19)The creed
w/Paul Fix
20)The golden cage
w/John Carradine
22)A place called earth
w/Warren Stevens, Jerry Quarry
23)Land of the lost
24)Home sweet home
26)The weird world
27)On a clean night you can see earth
w/Michael Ansara
28)Target:earth #1199A
29)Genius at work #1199B
w/Ron Howard
30)Return of Inidu #1199C
w/Jack Albertson
31)Rescue #1199D
32)Sabotage #1199E
33)Shell game #1199F
34)The chase #1211A
35)The mechanical man #1211B
36)Six hours to live #1211C
37)The inside rail #1211D
38)Deadly pawn #1211E
39)The unsuspected #1211F
40)Collector’s item #1212A
41)Every dog needs a boy #1212B
42)Chamber of fear #1212C
43)Comeback #1212D
w/John Carradine
44)The clones #1212E
45)Our man O’Reilly #1214C
w/Alan Hale Jr.
46)Nightmare #1214D
47)Giants and all the jazz #1189F
w/Sugar Ray Robinson
1)The dark trail #907A
w/Robert Vaughn
Laverne and Shirley
1)Christmas episode #1066B
2)Faulter at the altar #1172C
Lawless Years
1)Jonathan Willis story #1132C
1)Owny O’Reilly esquire w/o/c #593A
2)The salvation of Owny O’Reilly #593B
3)The return of Owny O’Reilly #593C
4)The posse w/o/c #593D
Leave It To Beaver
1)Wally’s haircomb #1172I
The Life Of Riley
1)Riley and the suggestion contest(Bendix) #1084B
2)Honeybee’s mother(Bendix) #1157B
Life With Elizabeth
1)Ping Pong/The roof/Vacuum salesman #1072I
2)At the office/Assistant troop leader/The survey #1080B
3)Bonus check/Dresser drawer/The moustache #1081E
4)Plant a tree/T.V. repair/The drive-in #1083J
5)Lobster dinner/Yard work/Sea sick #1084I
6)Mom’s birthday/Floor varnish/Singing lessons #1096I
Life With Lucy
1)Pilot #1291A
2)Lucy makes a hit with John Ritter #1291B
3)Lucy among the two dash by fours #1291C
4)Lucy gives her wires crossed #1291D
5)Lucy is a sax symbol #1291E
6)Lucy makes Curtis Byte the dust #1291F
7)Lucy legal eagle #1291G
8)Mother of the bride #1291H
9)Lucy & the guard goose(unaired) #1291I
10)Lucy & Curtis are up a tree(un-aired) #1291J
11)Worlds greatest Grandma(unaired) #1291K
Little Rascals
1)Boxing gloves
2)Mama’s little pirate
3)Our gang follies of 1938
4)Hide and shriek
5)Readn’ and writin’
6)The kid from Borneo
7)Sprucin’ up
8)Pay as you exit
The Lone Ranger:
1)Outlaw town #1095H
2)Never say die #1159B
The Loretta Young show
1)The prettiest girl in town #887C
Lost In Space
1)The great vegatable rebellion
2)Junkyard in space
3)Blastoff into space
4)The green mist
5)Is it earth?
6)Forbidden world
7)Space circus
8)Space trial
9)One of our dogs is missing
10)Attack of the monster plants
11)Return from outer space
12)The keeper(pt 1)
w/Michael Rennie
13)The keeper(pt 2)
w/Michael Rennie
14)Ghost in space
15)The reluctant stoway
16)The derelict
17)Island in the sky
18)There were giants in the earth
19)The hungry sea
20)Welcome stranger
w/Warren Oates
21)Mr. Nobody
22)Invaders from the fifth dimension
23)The oasis
24)The sky is falling
25)Anybody’s wish
26)The raft
27)War of the robots
28)The magic mirror
29)The challenge
30)The space trader
31)His majesty Smith
32)All that glitters
33)The lost civilization
34)A change of space
35)Follow the leader
36)Condemed of space
37)Visit to a hostile planet
38)Kidnapped in space
39)Hunters moon
40)The space primevals
41)Space destructors
42)Two weeks in space
43)The anti-matter man
44)Target earth
45)Time merchant
46)Space beauty
47)The thief from outer space
48)Curse of cousin Smith
49)West of Mars
50)A visit to Hades
51)The phanthom family
52)The mechanical men
53)The astral traveler
54)The galaxy gift
55)The space destructors
56)The haunted lighthouse
57)Island in the sky(uncut)
58)The reluctant stowaway(uncut)
59)Unaired pilot(uncut)
1)Blood brothers #1249A
2)The spenders #1249B
3)Sharing #1248A
4)3-2-1 #1248B
5)Bigger volume #1247A
6)The price of freedom #1247B
Love American Style
1)Love and the anxious mama #585B
w/Dick Curtis, Deborah Walley
2)Love and the reincarnation #585C
w/Robert Reed
Love On A Rooftop
1)Unaired pilot #1292E
2)King of the castle #1292F
3)My father the tv star #1292G
4)Shotgun honeymoon #1292H
Lucas Tanner
1)Merry gentleman #1065A
Lucy & Desi Comedy Hour
1)The celebrity next door #1044A
w/Tallulah Bankhead
The Lucy Show
1)Loophole in the lease #748A
2)Lucy visits the White house #748B
3)Lucy and Viv open a restaurant #748C
4)Together for Christmas #747A
5)Lucy builds a rumpus room #747B
6)Lucy and Viv become tycoons #747C
7)Lucy and Viv put up a tv antenna #747D
8)Lucy and John Wayne #1072G
w/John Wayne
9)Lucy’s substitute secretary #1081C
10)Lucy the baby sitter #1084G
1)Goodbye,farewell and amen #819
1)The twisted way #517A
2)Lost girl #517B
3)The upset #517C
4)Star witness #517D
5)Golden look #1127A
6)Pete loves Mary #1127B
The Main Event:
1)Host-Rocky Marciano w/Don Ameche #635C
Make Room For Daddy
1)Old man Danny #436B
w/Paul Anka
2)Weekend houseguest #818A
3)Tony Bennett gets Danny’s help #818B
w/Tony Bennett
4)Model #818C
5)St. Vincent’s follies #818D
6)Country girl #1252C
w/Judy Canova
1)To catch a rabbit #585A
2)Murder times three #1113G
3)Comes up Rose #1144E
4)To kill a memory #1172A
Marcus Welby
1)A fevered angel #1144A
w/Donna Mills, Eric Braeden, Quinn Redeker
2)The time bomb #1144B
w/Lucie Arnaz
3)The tidal wave #1144C
4)Strike two #1144D
5)The other Martin Loring #1260A
w/Sharon Acker, Scott Jacoby
Mark Saber
1)The White cane #1080D
Mary Tyler Moore Hour
1)w/Dick Van Dyke #1177A
2)w/Lucille Ball #1177B
Mary Tyler Moore Show
1)Ted’s temptation #1172H
Matt Houston
1)Laurel and Hardy caper #548A
Matt Lincoln
1)Lia #1270A
w/Dean Jagger, Katherine Crawford, Dan Tobin
2)Adam #1270B
w/Dean Jagger, Natalie Schafer, Katherine Crawford
3)Sheila #1269A
w/Patty Duke, Sam Chew, Jed Allen
4)Charles #1269B
w/Martin Sheen, Herb Edelman, Simon Scott
1)The sheriff of duck n shoot #1113E
2)A cure for Johnny Rain #1113F
Mayberry R.F.D.
1)Pilot #1262G
McHale’s Navy
1)The day they captured Santa Claus #1065E
Medical Story
1)Test case #1290B
w/Vince Edwards
Meet Corliss Archer
1)The saving’s account #1072L
2)Date for Doris #1080E
3)Harry’s surprise party #1081H
4)Building a boat #1084C
5)Painting the house #1096A
6)Democrate vacation #1095C
7)Hanging curtains #1095I
Men Behaving Badly
1)Babies having babies #1260B
2)Temptation #1260C
3)Sarah’s vestigal organ #1259A
4)Road trip #1259B
MGM Parade
1)1956 Ann Southern/Leonardo Da Vinci/Advice to the love lorn #1288D
w/Marlon Brando
Misadventures Of Sherif Lobo
1)Cowboy connection #925A
w/Bobby Sherman, Barbi Benton
Mission Impossible
1)Zubrounik’s ghost #497 A
2)Snowball in hell #497 B
3)The amnesiac #1285B
4)The Freeze #1301B
Mission Impossible(80’s)
1)Spy #1160F
The Monkees
1)Circus is coming #494 C
1)Friendly enemy #1283A
Mr. Ed
1)George Burns meets Ed #1156A
w/George Burns
2)Ed’s new neighbors #1156B
3)First meeting(pilot) #1200A
4)The ventriloquist #1200B
5)Busy wife #1200C
6)Stable for three #1200D
7)Wilber Pope(unaired pilot) #1220A
8)Little boy #1268A
9)Disappearing horse #1268B
10)Ed-A-Go-G0 #1268C
11)Don’t laugh at horses #1268D
Mr. Novak
1)First year, first day #921A
w/Ed Asner
Mr. Roberts
1)In love & war #1280B
w/Mamie Van Doren
The Munsters
1)Autumn croakus #801A
w/Neil Hamilton
2)Bats of a feather #801B
3)Bronco bustin’ Munster #801C
4)Come back, little Googie #801D
w/Billy Mumy
5)Man for Marilyn #1006A
6)John doe Munster #1006B
7)Lily’s star boarder #1006C
8)Operation Herman #1006D
9)Herman the tire kicker #1007A
10)Musician #1007B
11)Heap big Herman #1007C
12)Just another pretty face #1007D
13)Munster masquerade #1029A
14)My fair Munster #1029B
15)Pike’s pique #1029C
16)Low-cal Munster #1029D
17)Knock wood here comes Charlie #1029E
18)The midnight ride of Herman Munster #1029G
19)The sleeping cutie #1029H
20)Family portrait #1029I
21)Grandpa leaves home #1029J
22)Herman’s rival #1029K
23)Grandpa’s call of the wild #1029L
24)All-star Munster #1041A
25)If a martian answers hang up #1041B
26)Eddie’s nickname #1041C
27)Don’t bank on Herman #1041E
28)Dance with me Herman #1041F
29)Follow that Munster #1041G
30)Love locked out #1041H
31)Far out Munsters #1041J
32)Munster on the move #1041K
33)Munster, the movie star #1041L
34)Herman the rookie #1048A
35)Country club Munsters #1048B
36)Love comes to Mockingbird Heights #1048C
37)Mummy Munster #1048D
38)From a frog, to a prince #1048F
39)Herman’s driving test #1048G
40)Herman the recording star #1048H
41)Prehistoric Munster #1048I
42)Long lost treasure #1048J
43)Self made Munster #1049B
44)Grandpa’s lost wife #1049C
45)The frugosi emerald #1049D
46)Zombo the great #1049E
47)Herman the poet #1049F
48)Herman, father of the year #1049H
49)A visit from yohan #1049I
50)Edddie wants a baby brother #1049J
51)A house divided #1049L
52)Herman’s sority caper #1074A
53)A visit from the teacher #1074C
54)Munster the magnificent #1074D
55)Herman’s happy valley #1074E
56)Hot rod Herman #1074F
57)Herman’s raise #1074G
58)Yes Galen there is a Herman #1074H
59)Herman’s child psychology #1074I
60)Operation Herman #1074J
61)Bronco bustin’ Herman #1074K
Murphy Brown
1)Mama said #1160H
My Friend Flicka
1)Act of loyality #1159A
My Hero
1)Oil land #1096J
2)Beauty & the beast #1083D
3)The boat #1096E
My Little Margie
1)Margie plays detective #1072F
2)Hillbilly Margie #1072J
3)Upstairs neighbor #1073J
4)Homely Margie #1080C
5) The contract #1081B
6)The missing link #1083G
7)Vern’s mother-in-law #1081F
8)Kangaroo story #1084A
9)Meet Mr. Murphy #1084J
10)A proposal for papa #1095A
11)Buried #1095G
My Mother The Car
1)An unreasonable facsimie #1220B
My Three Sons
1)Moving day #1158A
2)Robbie loves Katie #1158B
3)Wedding bells #1158C
4)The chameleon #1158D
Name Of The Game
1)Third choice #731B
Nanny & The Professor
1)The games families play #1128A
2)An element of risk #1128B
w/Lee Meriwether
3)The philosophers stone #1128C
4)A fowl episode #1128D
Never To Young
1)1965 w/Tommy Rettig, Dack Rambo, Tony Dow #1046B
New Casper Cartoon show:
1)The enchanted prince #1082A
The New Andy Griffith Show
1)The New Mayor w/o/c #351A
2)Glen Campbell comes to town w/o/c #351B
w/Glen Campbell
3)The Fountain w/o/c #351C
Night Gallery
1)The diary #1238C
w/Patty Duke, Lindsay Wagner, David Wayne
No Time For Sergeants:
1)Bloodhounds are thicker than water #1107A
2)Do me a favor #1107B
3)Stockdale’s island #1107C
4)Grandpa’s airlift #1107D
5)Bully for Ben #1106C
6)10,000 canteen #1106D
1)The case of the missing cigar box #491D
1)But I play a doctor on tv #1272C
w/Vince Edwards, Chad Everett, Larry Linville
1)Red headed pigeon #823B
Occasional Wife
1)Rivalry #992B
2)Kangaroo kandidates #992C
3)So little time #1050A
4)Oil be seeing you #1050B
5)Affair to forget #1050C
6)New secretary #1051A
7)Business trip #1051B
8)Instant fatherhood #1051C
The Odd Couple
1)Christmas episode #1065G
1)The big store(pilot) #1089A
2)Operationorais #1089B
3)XW-1 #1239C & 1243C
wLindsay Wagner
Open All Night
1)pilot #454B
w/Bubba Smith
2)Gretchen’s job #1266B
Operation: Petticoat
1)Christmas episode #1065D
Oprah Winfrey Show
1)w/Barbara Eden, Mamie Van Doren, Teri Copley #1280C
2)w/Bono #1265B
The Partride Family
1)The campy grandad(uncut)
2)The raisin lady(uncut)
3)The double trouble(uncut)
4)Miss Partridge teacher(uncut)
5)Old west Christmas tale(uncut) #369A
6)Two for the show(uncut) #369B
w/Andy & David Williams
7)A knight in shining armor(uncut) #369C
w/Bobby Sherman
8)The pilot(uncut) #370A
9)2 other versions of the pilot(uncut) #370B&C
Patty Duke Show
1)Organizer #915C
People’s Choice
1)Sock & Mandy’s career #1247C
2)Sock & the lonely hearts #1248C
Perfect Strangers
1)Christmas episode #1066A
Perry Mason
1)Case of the capering camera #1220C
Petticoat Junction
1)Bye, bye doctor #1012C
w/Dennis Morgan
2)Last train to Pixley #1156D
w/Percy Helton, Parley Baer
Phil Silvers Show
1)Rock ‘n’ roll rookie #1131A
w/Tom Gibson
1)Christmas episode #1065I
Pierre Berton Show
1)9-12-71 w/Bruce Lee #388A
Police Story
1)Death on credit #973B
2)Payment deferred #1271C
w/Vince Edwards, Donald O’Connor
Politically Incorrect
1)6-28-02 w/Kid Reid, Arianna Huffington,
Michelle Phillips, Ann Coulter(last show) #1245C
Prime Time Country:
1)2-12-98 w/Glen Campbell, Jimmy Webb #591A
Public Defender
1)Ted Miller case #1176A
2)Joe Reilly case/deep ditch #1176B
3)Doug Martin case/socrates #1176C
4)Color blind #1176D
Quantum Leap
1)Leaping of the shrew #1259C
w/Brooke Shields
1)All the emperor’s quasi-norms(pt 1) #637A
w/Ross Martin, Joan Van Ark
2)All the emperor’s quasi-norms(pt 2) #637B
w/Ross Martin, Joan Van Ark
3)Good, bad and the ficus #637C
4)Goodby Polumbus #637D
w/Denny Miller, Mindi Miller
5)Old and the beautiful #638A
w/Barbara Rhoades, Dana House
6)May the source be with you(pt. 1) #638B
w/Hans Conried, Henry Silva
7)May the source be with you(pt 2) #638C
8)Vaness 38-24-36 #638D
Regis And KathiLee:
1)5-95 w/Glen Campbell #330B
Regis And Kelly
1)12-19-02 w/Barry Manilow, Natasha Richardson #1296C
The Roaring 20’s
1)The white carnation #1088B
Room 222
1)The valediction #1133C
w/Richard Dreyfuss
1)Becky’s choice #1160C
Route 66
1)Soda pop and paper flags #904A
2)Child of a night #904B
3)Lizard legs and owlet’s wing #1002A
4)Goodnight, sweet bliss #1228C
w/Ethel Waters, Coleman Hawkins
5)Shadows of an afternoon #1236A
6)Is it true there are proxies at the bottom of landfair
lake? #1236B
7)A bridge across five days #1237A
8)Voice at the end of the line #1237B
w/Frank Campanella
9)Build your houses with your backs to the sea #1300A
10)Same picture, different frame #1299A
11)Come out come out wherever you are #1299B
Royal Family
1)It’s a man’s world #1261A
The Roy Rogers Show
1)Brothers O’Dell #1072E
2)Three masked men #1073I
3) Horse crazy #1081A
4)Desert fugitive #1083K
77 Sunset Strip
1)The college caper
w/Chad Everett
2)The corsican caper
w/Max Baer
3)Open and close in one
w/Julie Adams, Buddy Ebsen, Joel Grey
4)Old card sharps never die
5)Vamp till ready
w/Bert Convey, Janet Lake
6)The rival eye caper
w/Chad Everett
7)Downbeat #528B
w/James Garner
8)College Caper #528A
w/Chad Everett
9)Lovely lady pity me #639C
10)Condairs lair #1055A
w/Troy Donahue, Tuesday Weld
11)Safari #1055B
12)The fix #1055C
w/Mary Tyler Moore
13)Attic #1055D
w/Lee Van Cleef
14)The fanatics #1055E
15)Trouble in the Middle East #1055F
1)Jungle war #1086A
2)Soldier on the hill #1086B
3)Killing ground #1087A
4)Cult #1087B
Saints And Sinners
1)Source of information #1012B
w/Dennis Morgan, Irene Dunn, Hayden Rorke
1)Reach for a dream
2)The chess set
3)Miss Betsy
4)Sense of worth
5)To Taylor from Salty with love
7)A new friend
8)Lost in transit
9)Sentimental value
Sanford Arms
1)Liquor license #1261B
2)San Diego experiment #1261C
3)Sue you soon #1261D
Saturday Night Live:
1)12-9-00 w/U2, Val Kilmer #1068A
Schlitz Playhouse
1)O’Connor and the blue eyed felon #1228D
w/Chuck Connors, Diana Lynn
Screen Director’s Playhouse
1)Meet the governor #743A
2)Rookie of the year #743B
3)Number 5 checked out #744C
4)A midsummer’s daydream #745D
5)Its always Sunday #744A
6)Adventures of a model #744B
7)High air #744C
8)Sword of villon #744D
Sherlock Holmes
1)The case of the split ticket #1072H
2)The case of the Cunningham heritage #1080A
3)The case of lady Beryl #1081D
4)The case of the tyrant’s daughter #1083I
5)The case of the Winthrop legend #1084H
6)The case of the French interpreter #1096H
Shirley Temple StoryBook
1)Rapunzel #962A
w/Carol Lynley, Agnes Moorehead
2)Emperor’s new clothes #962B
w/Eli Wallach, Sebastian Cabot
3)Hiawatha #963A
w/Pernell Roberts
4)Mother goose #963B
w/Elsa Lanchester
5)Ali Baba #964A
6)Sleeping beauty #964B
Six Million Dollar Man:
1)Blue flash #1109B
Smothers Brothers Show
1)Girl from Ralph w/o/c #1003B
2)It don’t mean a dang if it ain’t got twang #319K
Son Of The Beach
1)With sex you get eggroll #946A
2)Silence of the clams #946B
3)In the G-hetto #946C
4)Love, nature-american style #946D
5)Two thongs don’t make a right #1039A
6)Fanny and the professor #1039B
South Park
1)A south park Christmas #560A
2)Weight gain 4000 #560B
3)Big gay Al’s big gay boat ride #560C
4)An elephant makes love to a pig #560D
5)Starvin Marvin #563A
6)Volcano #563B
7)Pink eye #563C
8)Damien #563D
9)Anal probe #623A
10)Mexican stearing frog #623B
11)City on the edge of adventure #623C
12)Summer sucks #623D
13)Outtakes(alternate Anal Probe, Spirit of Christmas, Jay Leno Short, 1997 countdown, Christmas short, snowman vs.Jesus) #654B
14)Death #673A
15)Ike’s wee wee #673B
16)Chicken lover #673C
17)Conjoint twin myslexia #673D
18)Tom’s rhinoplasty #675A
19)Mecca Striesand #675B
20)Cartman’s mom is a slut #675C
21)Cartman’s mom is still a slut #675D
Stage 7
1)The press conference #1011A
2)The fox hunt #1011B
3)Down from the stars #1228B
Stagecoast West:
1)Image of a man #1123A
w/DeForest Kelley
State Trooper
1)Jailbreak at Tonopah #1251A
w/Jack Kelly, Alex Campbell, Robert Bice
Streets Of San Francisco
1)Act of duty #1274A
w/Brenda Vaccaro, Fred Sadoff, Michael Burns
2)I ain’t marchin’ anymore #1274B
w/Michael Burns, Don Stroud
Studio One
1)Dino #1037B
w/Sal Mineo
Surfside 6
1)Green beret #741A
2)Irish pride #741B
w/Malachy McCort
3)Thieves among honor #742A
4)Invitation to a party #742B
5)Inside job #745A
w/Mary Tyler Moore
6)Deadly male #745B
7)The bhoyo and the blonde #748D
w/Sue Ane Langdon
8)Little Mr. Kelly #837A
9)A slight case of chivalry #837B
1)Meeting in Paris #825B
1)A woman’s courage #1163A
2)Horse for Greene #1163B
3)Tory vengeance #1162A
4)Birth of the swampfox #1162B
5)Brother against brother #1161A
6)Day of reckoning #1161B
7)Red coat strategy #1164A
8)A case of treason #1164B
21 Beacon Street
1)Close call #998C
The 3rd Man
1)Castle in Spain
2)A question in ice
3)The man who died twice
4)Diamond in the rough
5)One kind word #491 A
6)I.O.U. #491 C
7)A little knowledge #491B
8)Trouble at drill hill #508A
9)Gold Napoleons #508B
10)Dream island #508C
11)A crisis in crocodiles #508D
12)Cross of candos #509A
13)Egypt #509B
14)Man of power #509C
15)Act of atonement #509D
16)Judas goat #510A
17)Hansel & son #510B
18)The house of bon bons #510C
19)King’s ransom #510D
20)Sparks from a dead fire #511A
21)Dark island #511B
22)Ghost town #511C
23)The Hollywood incident #511D
24)Death of an overlord #512A
25)Frame up #512B
26)The unexpected Mr. Lime #512C
27)The luck of Harry Lime #512D
28)Members only(pt 1) #512E
29)Members only(pt 2) #512F
1)Christmas episode #1066L
1)The convert #731A
1)Gunfighter #826A
2)Tree for planting #826B
3)Return to friendly #826C
4)Image of guilt #826D
5)Badman #827A
6)Border incident #827B
7)Dangerous ground #827C
8)Edge of the cliff #827D
Texas Wheelers
1)Antique junk #1283B
2)X-rated movies #1283C
That Girl
1)That’s daddy’s girl #1156C
Thicker Than Water
1)pilot #799B
Time Tunnell
1)Kill two by two #1214E
2)The ghost of Nero #1222D
3)The walls of Jericho #1222E
4)Idol of death #1222F
5)Pirates of deadman’s island #1144G
6)Merlin the magician #1144H
7)Town of terror #1246A
w/Heather Young
8)Rendezvous with yesterday #1262A
w/Michael Rennie
9)One way to the moon #1262D
w/Warren Stevens
Three Musketeers:
1)Hapsburg hare #1104D
Tim Conway Show:
1)w/Carol Burnett #1001E
Trials Of O’Brien
1)Over defense is out #823A
w/Vincent Gardenia
T.V. Reader’s Digest
1)My first bullfight #1250C
w/Jack Kelly,
Twilight Zone
1)Little girl lost
2)The masks
w/Alan Sues
3)It’s a good life
w/Billy Mumy, Cloris Leachman
4)The obsolete man
w/Burgess Meredith
5)Where is everybody?
W/Earl Holliman
6)The midnight sun
w/Lois Nettleton
7)The private world of darkness
8)I sing the body electric
9)The characters in search of an exit
w/William Wimdom
10)A game of pool
w/Jack Klugman, Jonathan Winters
11)The little people
w/Claude Atkins
12)The dummy
w/Cliff Robertson
13)Perchance to dream
14)The fever
15)The 16mm. Shrine
w/Martin Balsam, Ida Lupino
16)The mirror
w/Peter Falk
17)Come wander with me
18)Big, tall wish
19)Printer’s devil
w/Burgess Meredith, Patricia Crowley
20)The jungle
21)The grave
w/Lee Marvin
22)The bewitchin pool
23)The 7th is made up of phantoms
w/Warren Oates
The Untouchables
1)Doreen Maney story #1090A
w/Anne Francis, Connie Hines
U.S. Border Patrol
1)Unknown episode #1072K
1)Run away home #1003D
Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
1)No escape from death #1222A
2)Doomsday island #1222B
3)The wax men #1222C
Wagon Train
1)Davy Baxter story #1002B
2)Monte Britton story #1088A
w/Ray Danton
3)Wagon ho #1113C
w/Mickey Rooney
4)The honorable Don Charlie story #1113D
w/Cesar Romero
Way Out
1)The deathwish #1132A
w/Charlotte Rae
2)William & Mary #1132B
Welcome Back Kotter
1)A little fright music #1135A
2)Bride & Gloom #1135B
3)The goodby guy #1135C
4)A winters coat tale #1135D
5)Barbarino’s baby #1135E
6)Sweat smell of success #1135F
7)I’m okay, but you’re not #1135G
8)The gang show #1135H
9)Come back, little Arnold #1135I
10)Oo-oo, I do(pt 1) #1135J
11)Oo-oo, I do(pt 2) #1135K
12)The breadwinners #1135L
West 57th
1)1989 w/Jody Foster #1160G
West Point Story
1)Army-Navy game #915B
w/Chuck Connors
White Shadow
1)unkown title #1133B
Wild, Wild West
1)Night of the arrow #1002C
The Wonder Years
1)Christmas #1066C
2)Very cutlip Christmas #1066D
3)Lossiers #1160B
4)Walk out #1160I
Zane Grey Theatre
1)A thread of respect #816A
w/Danny Thomas, James Coburn
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Default Here is mine

Shows or more episodes I will be adding
Knight Rider
Bosom Buddies
Sabrina the teenage witch finale
Matt Houston
Six Million dollar man
Silver spoons
Greatest American Hero
And more

A Different World - 90
Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell sisters - 4
Barney Miller - 85
Benson - 8
Beverly Hills 90210 - 210
Charles in Charge - 3
Charlie’s Angels - 80
Cybill - 30
Dallas - 25
Diagnosis Murder – 25 plus 1 CBS movie and one movie before series began
Facts of life - 70
Fame - 40
Family Ties – 45
Fantasy Island – 1970’s – 30
Going Places - Complete
Greatest American Hero - 1
Growing pains – 3 plus reunion
Joanie loves Chachi - 6
Hart to Hart - 30
I love Lucy – 20 plus Christmas episode
Kate & Allie - 15
Kung fu: The legend continues - 5
Little house on the prairie – 145
Knight Rider – 7
Mash - 18
Moonlighting - 20
My Three Sons - 15
Quantum Leap - 25
Quincy M.E. - 40
Remington Steele – at least half
Scarecrow & Mrs. King - Pilot
Scooby doo - 12
Silver Spoons - 5
Smallville – first three including the pilot w/ the extra 10 min
Space 1999 - 12
Star Trek the next generation - 10
Taxi - 20
The Dick Van Dyke show – 10
The Dukes – 5 episodes
The Hardy boys & Nancy Drew Mysteries – Missing about 6
The Honeymooners - 7
The Jeffersons - 7
The love Boat - 15
The Odd Couple - 8
Welcome back Kotter - 20
WKRP - 25
Bionic Women - the 2hour introduction to max
Game shows –
Combat Mission –
Fear Factor -
Celebrity edition W/ extra min.
Iron chef –
Pilot – American episode
Iron Chef Japan –
4 specials
Love Crusie
Survivor –
1st season
The 2hour final episode
3rd season
The 2 hour final episode
The reunion
1 hour special back in the states
3rd season
1st episode
Rosie special + season finale
Weakest link –
Classic tv stars 1
Classiv tv stars 2
Star trek
Tv hosts
WWF Stars
Who wants to be a millionaire?
Classic tv stars all episodes of that week – without commercials

Specials and TV movies -

BeeGee’s – In concert
BeeGee’s – Live by request
Beverly Hills 90210 -
1 hour special of cast being interviewed on the last week of taping the final episode – No commercials
Another day – movie – w/ Shannon Doherty
Hotel – a Christmas episode w/ Tori Spelling and Nat from the peach pit (he’s it only for a moment)
Jag – 1 episode with Ian Zering
Just shoot me – with Tiffany Thiesan – first two episodes
Biography –
George Lucas (taped in 2002) Have not looked, do not know if this is a new bio
Happy days (2001)
Love boat (2001)
Brittney Spears – HBO concert
Celebrity Profile - All have commercials
Corey Feldmen
Dick Van Dyke
Heather Lockler
Jennie Garth
Katey Sagal
Kelsey Grammer
Melissa Gilbert
Michael J. Fox
Olivia Newton John
Pamela Anderson
Diagnosis Murder – 2002 CBS movie – Town without pity
Drew Carey’s - live show 2001
E! True Hollywood story –
Baywatch – 2hrs
Beatle’s wives – 2hrs
Beverly Hills 90210 – 2hrs
Bewitched – 2hrs
Brat Pack – 2hrs
Cheers – 2hrs
Dallas – 2hrs
Dean Martin – 2hrs
Different Strokes – 2hrs
Dirty Dancing – 2hrs
Dynasty – 2hrs
Eight is Enough
Elvis in Hollywood – 2hrs
Frank Sinatra – 2hrs
Gilligan’s Island – 2hrs
Judy Garland – 2hrs
Last days of Elvis – 2hrs
Magnum PI
Marilyn Monroe – 2hrs
Married with Children – 2 hrs
Miami Vice
Sammy Davis Jr. – 2 hrs
The Brady Bunch – 2hrs
The Cosby kids
The Dukes of Hazzard
The Partridge family – 2hrs
The Price is right
The Village people
Welcome back Kotter – 2hrs
Whitney Houston – 2hrs
Facts of life – reunion movie
Frasier –
200th episode
200th episode clips show w/ interviews
GoGo’s concert on free payper view 2001
George Lucas – From the oxygen channel interviewer Carrie Fisher
Growing pains – reunion movie
Hart to Hart Movies – I have to check into how many and the credits
Hollywood lives and legends – Grauman’s Chinese Theatre
Intimate Portrait –
Debbie Allen
Jennie Garth
Jasmine Guy
Kim Fields
Lynda Carter
I love Lucy 50th Annerversary special – starts one minute in.
Inside TVLand – Charlie’s Angels
Knight Rider 2000 – 2hr EP
Lace II
Pat Benetar – Summer vacation – concert
VH1’s Pop UP - 6 Brady Bunch episodes – see section 1
The Barbara Mandrell story
The Bowery boys – 6 episodes and a special
The lake
Three’s Company – The best of Three’s company – hosted by Lucille Ball – 1hr
Weekest link – w/ Stephanie, HHH, Regal, Lita, Angle, Trish, Booker T & the Big show
Whose line is it anyway? – 1 episode w/ Whoopi Goldberg
Xena – Final episode directors cut with 15 extra minutes

4th section – Specific categories – Please note I picked these episodes by memory I may have more of these type episodes listed with the actual show titles above.

Pilots and 1st episodes –
A Different World – Pilot
Beverly Hills 90210 – Pilot
Charlie’s Angels – Pilot (90min)
Remington Steele – Licence to steele
Little House on the Prairie – A harvest of friends
Love Boat – The captain & the lady/One if by land/Centerfold
Saved by the bell: the college years - pilot

Final and/or last episodes –
Barney Miller – Landmark 3 episodes
Beverly Hills 90210
Moonlighting – Luner eclipse
Quincy ME – The cutting edge
Remington Steele – Bonds of Steele
Quantum Leap – Mirror Image

Valentine’s episodes –
A Different World – Breaking up is hard to do
Beverly Hills 90210 – My desperate Valentine
Bleeding hearts
My funny Valentine
Cupids arrow
Beheading St. Valentine

Halloween episodes –
Barney Miller – Thanksgiving story
Beverly Hills 90210 – Halloween
Things that go bang in the night
Gypsies, Cramps & Fleas

Halloween episodes and specials - These were all taped in 2001 but some episodes and specials are from different years.
King of Queens – 2001
Yes dear – 2001
Charlie Brown
Winnie the Pooh
Frasier – 2001
Diagnosis Murder – w/ Scott Baio
The Simpsons – 2001
The following were taped from Nick-at-Nite & TVLand’s Halloween special
Brady Bunch – Fright night
Different strokes –
Cheers – Diane’s nightmare
Cheers – House of horrors
Laverne & Shirley – Haunted house
Cheers – Fairy tales can come true
Cheers – Bar war V
Odd Couple – The exocest
Dick Van Dyke show – The ghost of A. Chantz
Barney Miller – The ghost
Andy Griffith show – The haunted house
Leave it to Beaver – The haunted house

Thanksgiving episodes –
Beverly Hills 90210 – The kindness of strangers
Breast side up
You say goodbye, I say hello

Thanksgiving episodes and specials – These are all taped this year but some episodes are from different years. W/ NC there are no commercials
Special from the 73rd Macy’s day parade
Family Ties – No nukes is good nukes - NC
Kate & Allie – Thanksgiving - NC
Roseanne – 1994 Thanksgiving
Roseanne - ?
Different Strokes – 2 part crossover with Hello Larry
Friends – 2001 - NC
Coach – It came from New York – NC
Spin City –
Backstory – from AMC about Miracle on 34th street
The Cosby show – When Denise invites Martins ex wife to Thanksgiving
Yes, Dear – 2001
Suddenly Susan –
A different world – 1 hour

Christmas episodes –
Barney Miller – Christmas story
Beverly Hills 90210 – A Walsh Family Christmas
Somewhere in the world its Christmas
It’s a totally happening life
Christmas comes this time every year
Gift wrapped
Santa knows
Nine yolks whipped lightly
Moonlighting – Twas the episode before Christmas
Hart to Hart – Tis the season to be murdered
Remington Steele – Dancer, Prancer, Donner & Steele
The Dick Van Dyke show – The Alan Brady show presents

Christmas specials and episodes - These are all taped this year but some episodes are from different years.

A Christmas Romance – w/ Olivia Newton John
Winnie the pooh and Christmas too
A Charlie Brown Christmas
Spin City – Toy story – Charlie Sheen
Christmas comes to Willow Creek – w/ Tom Wopat & John Schnieder
Hotel – w/ Tori Spelling
Hollywood Christmas parade
The night they saved Christmas
Wings – Helen’s party
Magnum PI – Operation silent night
Kung Fu – Shalin Christmas
Superman – T’was the night before christmas
Fat Albert – Christmas episode
Nancy Drew – Will the really Santa?
Family Ties – A Christmas carol
Sabrina the teenage witch
Christmas on ice
Facts of life – 93 - The Christmas show
Facts of life – 120 - Christmas in the bighouse
Facts of life – 146 – Christmas baby
Facts of life – 195 – It’s a wonderful Christmas
The love boat – 11 - Lonely at the top/Divorce me, please/Silent night
The love boat – 91 – The captain’s bird/That’s my dad/Captive audience
Bob Newhart – 87 - Bob has to have his tonsils out, so he spends Xmas
Mary Tyler Moore – 105 -Not a Christmas story
Chico and the man – 76 – The proposal
Three’s company – 20 – Three’s Christmas
Perfect Strangers – 8 –A Christmas story
Perfect Strangers – 9 – The gift of Mypiot
Just the ten of us – 2 – A Christmas story
Head of the class – 107 – Vicki’s torn jeans
The Jeffersons – 99 – George finds a father
The Jeffersons – 143 – All I want for Christmas
The Brady Bunch – The voice of Christmas
I love Lucy – Christmas special
Beverly hillbillies – 212 – Christmas in Hooterville
Laverne & Shirley – 25 – Oh hear the Angels voices
Laverne & Shirley – 76 – All comes all ye burns
Welcome back Kotter – 38 – Hark, the sweatkings
Welcome back Kotter – 71 – Sweathog Christmas special
Different Strokes – 16 & 17 Xmas party

My wish list:
Acapulco heat
After Mash
Almost home
Ann Gillian show
Anything but love
Barbara Mandrell & the Mandrell sisters
Battle of the network stars
Bosom Buddies
Buck Rogers
Chris Elliot – anything interviews except get a life
Circus of the stars
Dallas – Movies
Dance Fever
Donny & Marie –Variety show
Dirty Dancing
Elvis the early years
Fantasy Island – original series
Ferris Bueller – TV series
Franks Place
Greatest American Hero
Hello Larry
Here’s Lucy
Highway to heaven
It’s a living
It’s your move
Joanie Loves Chachi
Just the 10 of us
Land of the lost
Living dolls
Make Room for Daddy – with his second wife
Magic garden
Matt Houston
Mission impossible
Mr. Smith
Murphy Brown
One day at a time
Our house – w/ Shannon Doherty
Out of this world
Parker lewis cant loose
Partners in crime – series with Lynda Carter & Loni Anderson
Perfect Strangers
Price is right – any episodes between 1973 -1985
Sha na na
Silver spoons
Sister Kate
Sonny & Cher
Space 1999
Stephen King - golden years
Street justice
2000 Malibu road
Tattle tales – game show
The Captain & Tennille show
The Jimmy Stewart show – sitcom
The Julie Andrews show – variety
The muppets show
The Outsiders – the series
The Ray Milland show
The Tortellis
Three’s a crowd
Van Dyke & Company
What’s happening?
Working girl
Wiz kids
Unaired Pilots
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Default MY HAVE LIST!!!

Enclosed is my have list...let me know if you see anything you like!!!

50 YEARS OF COUNTRY MUSIC: 1-22-78 w/Hosts, Glen Campbell, Roy Clark, Dolly Parton: and Johnny Cash,
Ray Charles, Loretta Lynn, The Carter Family, Crystal Gayle, Merle Haggard, Minnie Pearl, Mel Tillis, Ernest Tubb,
Kitty Wells, Tammy Wynette, Statler Brothers, Chet Atkins 140 min Color EXC #661
50 YEARS OF TELEVISION: 11-26-89 w/Walter Cronkite, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, John Larroquette
Carl Reiner, Jane Seymour 120 min Color EXC- #794
50 YEARS OF TELEVISION: 1997 HBO Special Honoring T.V. w/Current interviews and old clips 120 min EXC-
A 70’s CELEBRATION “THE BEAT IS BACK”: 1993 w/The Bee Gee’s, Donna Summer, The Spinners, Meatloaf,
K.C. & The Sunshine Band, Gloria Gaynor, Thelma Houston, Vicki Sue Robinson, Sister Sledge, Jade, Taylor Dayne,
The Stylistics, Richard Marx, Randy Meisner, Rod Stewart, Martin Mull, Sonny Bono, The Brady’s, John Schneider,
Tom Wopat, Lenny & Squiggy, Olivia Newton-John 120 min Color EXC #809
A CELEBRATION: 1-81 w/Glen Campbell, Tanya Tucker, Kris Kristofferson, Duane Eddy 70 min Color EXC- #776B
A CONCERT: BEHIND PRISON WALLS:1976 w/Johnny Cash 30 min Color EXC #1198B
A FLOWER OUT OF PLACE: 1974 w/Glen Shirley(host) Johnny Cash, Linda Ronstadt, Roy Clark, Jerry Reed,
60 min Color VG+ #917A
A SPECIAL OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN: 11-17-76 w/Lynda Carter, Elliot Gould, Ron Howard, Rock Hudson,
Rona Barrett, Tom Bosley, Lee Majors, Nancy Walker 60 min Color VG+ #434A
w/Shirley Jones, Fred MacMurray (Hosts): Danny Bonaduce, David Cassidy, Susan Dey, Suzanne Crough,
Tina Cole, Tim Considine, William Demarest, Beverly Garland, Don Grady, Barry Livingston, Stanley Livingston,
Meredith MacRae, Ronne Troup 60 min Color VG #371A
A VISION SHARED:1987 W/U2, Bruce Springsteen, Little Richard, Robbie Robertson, John Mellencamp, Pete Seeger,
Arlo Guthrie, Emmylou Harris, Taj Mahal, Willie Nelson 60 min Color/B/W EXC #108B
ABC NIGHTLINE SPECIAL: 12-8-80 Subject Of John Lennon’s Murder 30 min Color VG #864B
1)1967 30 min COLOR VG #327A
ABC TRIBUTE TO QUINCY JONES: 4-98 w/Stevie Wonder, Oprah Winfrey, Chaka Khan, Ashford & Simpson,
Lesley Gore, Hallie Berry, James Ingram, Little Richard, Smokey Robinson 120 min Color EXC #716
1)3-29-77 49th Annual w/Richard Pryor(host), Ellen Burstyn(host), Jane Fonda(host), Warren Beatty(host), Ann-Margret,
Chevy Chase, Tatum O'Neal, Jason Robards, Marty Feldman, Eddie Albert, Roy Scheider, Matha Keller,
Sylvester Stallone, Muhammad Ali, Beatrice Straight, William Holden, Red Skelton, Cicely Tyson, Ben Vereen,
Donald Sutherland, Tom Jones, Pearl Bailey, Lillian Hellman, Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Paul williams,
Norman Mailer, Paddy Chayefsky, Jeanne Moreau, John C. Avildsen, Liv Ullman, Faye Dunaway, Jack Nicholson,
Louise Fletcher 2 1/2 hours Color VG+ #970A &971A
2)4-3-78 50th Annual w/Bob Hope(host), Debbie Reynolds, Bette Davis, Gregory Peck, John Travolta, Vanessa Redgrave,
Mark Hamill, Mickey Mouse, Paul Williams, Jodie Foster, Debby Boone, William Holden, Barbara Stanwyck,
Joan Fontaine, Raquel Welch, Kirk Douglas, Billy Dee Williams, Henry Winkler, Greer Garson, Eva Marie Saint,
Michael Caine, Maggie Smith, Natalie Wood, Henry Mancini, Jon Voight, Goldie Hawn, Charlton Heston,
Sammy Davis Jr., Olivia DeHaviland, Margaret Booth, Farrah Fawcett, Marcello Mastroianni, Aretha Franklin,
Fred Astaire, Cicely Tyson, Paddy Chayefsky, Walter Matthau, Janet Gaynor, Diane Keaton, Sylvester Stallone,
Richard Dreyfuss, Jack Nicholson, 2 1/2 hours Color VG+ #972A & 973A
3)4-9-79 51st Annual w/Johnny Carson(host), Robin Williams, Danny Thomas, Olivia Newton-John, Dyan Cannon,
Telly Savalas, Christopher Walken, Maggie Smith, Maureen Stapleton, Robby Benson, Johnny Mathis, Mia Farrow,
Shirley Jones, Ricky Schroeder, Jack Haley, Ray Bolger, Donna Summer, Dom Deluise, Valerie Perrine, Steve Martin,
Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Debby Boone, James Coburn, Kim Novak, Barry Manilow, Kris Kristofferson,
Ruby Keeler, Paul williams, Steve Lawrence, Sammy Davis Jr., Raquel Welch, Dean Martin, Gregory Peck, Yul Brynner,
Natalie Wood, Brooke Shields, George Burns, Jon Voight, Lauren Bacall, Oliver Stone, Audrey Hepburn, Ali McGraw,
Francis Ford Coppola, Richard Dreyfuss, Shirley MacLaine, Jane Fonda, Diana Ross, Ginger Rogers, John Wayne,
Cary Grant 3 hrs Color VG+ #974A &975A
4)4-80 52nd Annual w/Johnny Carson(host), Henry Mancini, Patrick Wayne, Jack Lemmon, Cloris Leachman,
Meryl Streep, Miss Piggy, Paul Williams, Kermit The Frog, Mickey Rooney, Ann Miller, Dolly Parton, Ben Vereen,
Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Dudley Moore, Helen Reddy, Robert Hays, Kristy McNichol, Farrah Fawcett, William Shatner,
Persis Khambatta, Melissa Manchester, Lauren Hutton, Telly Savales, Richard Gere, Donald O'Connor, Jack Valenti,
Ann-Margret, Sally Kellerman, Rod Steiger, Kirk Douglas, Ray Stark, George Hamilton, Jamie Lee Curtis,
Dionne Warwicke, Gene Kelly, Olivia Newton-John, Christopher Reeve, Bo Derek, Walter Mathau, Liza Minnelli,
Dustin Hoffman, Goldie Hawn, Steven Spielberg, Neil Simon, Jane Fonda, Richard Dreyfuss, Sally Field,
Charlton Heston 3 hrs Color VG+ #976A & 977A
5)Spring 1981 53rd Annual w/Johnny Carson (host), Lucie Arnaz, Mary Tyler Moore, Jack Lemmon, Alan Arkin,
Margot Kidder, Timothy Hutton, Willie Nelson, Lily Tomlin, Lesley Anne-Down, Richard Chamberlain, Irene Cara,
Peter O’Toole, Sissy Spacek, Sigourney Weaver, Nastassja Kinski, Jack Valenti, Billy Dee Williams, Dolly Parton,
Bernadette Peters, Francois Truffaut, Brooke Shields, Nicholas Brothers, Richard Pryor, Jane Seymour, Diana Ross,
Donald Sutherland, Mary Steenburgen, Dionne Warwick, Luciano Pavarotti, Angie Dickinson, Peter Ustinov,
Robert Redford, Henry Fonda, Steve Martin, Blythe Danner, King Vidor, Sally Field, Robert DeNiro, Lillian Gish,
Dustin Hoffman, Sissy Spacek 3 1/2 hours Color EXC- #678 & #679
6)Spring 1982 54th Annual w/Johnny Carson(host), Timothu Hutton, Maureen Stapleton, Kermit & Miss Piggy,
Karen Allen, Howard E. Rollins, Vincet Price, Kim Hunter, Rick Baker, Sheena Easton, Roger Moore, Cubby Broccoli,
Liberace, William Hurt, Kathleen Turner, Lloyd Bridges, Robert Hays, Morgan Fairchild, Dan Ackroyd, Richard Benjamin,
Paula Prentiss, Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, Paul Williams, Debra Winger, John Schneider, Rachel Ward, Chevy Chase,
John Travolta, William Katt, Kristy McNichol, Gregory Hines, Debbie Allen, Omella Mutti, Jack Valenti, Harry Hamlin,
Ursula Andress, Christopher Cross, Bette Midler, Gregory Peck, Joel Grey, Carol Burnett, Jack Lemon, Walter Mathau,
Warren Beatty, Jerzy Kosinski, Ernest Thompson, 3 hrs Color VG+ #978A & 979A
7)Spring 1983 55th Annual w/Richard Pryor(host), Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli, Walter Mathau, Jack Valenti,
Louise Rainier, Susan Sarandon, Christopher Reeve, Louis Gossett Jr., Jane Russell, Cornel Wilde, Matt Dillion,
Kristy McNichol, Dyan Cannon, Patti Austin, James Ingram, Charlton Heston, Placido Domingo, Cher, John Williams,
Henry Mancini, Ann Reinking, Steve Guttenberg, Eddie Murphy, Elizabeth McGovern, Carl Weathers, Jamie Lee Curtis,
David Wolper, Jobeth Williams, Joe Cocker, Jennifer Warrens, Margot Kidder, William Shatner, Michael Keaton,
Nastassia Kinski, Stephen Bishop, Bob Hope, David Keith, Lisa Eilbacher, Peter Allen, Bernadette Peters, Tom Selleck,
Raquel Welch, Melissa Manchester, Olivia Newton-John, Robert Mitchum, Sigourney Weaver, Jessica Lange,
Billy Wilder, Richard Attenbourough, Sylvester Stallone, Meryl Streep, John Travolta, Ben Kingsley, Carol Burnett,
Sandahl Bergman & The Temptations 3 hrs Color VG+ #980A & 981A
8)Spring 1984 56th Annual w/Johnny Carson (host), Quincy Jones, Sammy Davis Jr., Shirley Temple Black, Twiggy,
Ginger Rogers, Mary Tyler Moore, Timothy Hutton, Jack Nicholson, Cary Grant, Michael Caine, Jane Alexander,
Kevin Bacon, Darryl Hannah, Irene Cara, Joan Collins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Wise, Donna Summer,
Christie Brinkley, Michael Keaton, Joanna Pakula, Anthony Franciosa, Mac Davis, Jack Valenti, Holly Palance,
Jack Palance, John Gavin, Emile Ardolino, Cheech & Chong, Jennifer Holliday, Tommy Tune, Ricardo Montalban,
Jane Powell, Herb Alpert, Jennifer Beals, Matthew Broderick, Gene Kelly, Ray Bolger, Neil Diamond, Linda Hunt,
Dyan Cannon, Gene Hackman, Sissy Spacek, Mel Gibson, James L. Brooks, Frank Sinatra, Richard Attenborough,
Jackie Cooper, Dolly Parton, Sylvester Stallone, Robert Duvall, Liza Minelli, Rock Hudson, Shirley MacLaine,
Roger Moore, Frank Capra 4 hours Color VG- #682 & #683
9)Spring 1986 58th Annual w/Hosts; Robin Williams, Jane Fonda & Alan Alda: w/Robert Wise, Richard Dreyfus,
Marsha Mason, Anjelica Huston, Irene Cara, Molly Ringwald, Jim Henson, Kermit & Scooter, Audrey Hepburn,
Lou Gossett Jr., Teri Carr, Irene Cara, Cher, Don Ameche, Bob Hope, Buddy Rogers, Ally Sheedy, Huey Lewis,
Steve Guttenberg, Rebecca DeMornay, Michael J. Fox, Sally Field, Paul Newman, Michael Winslow, Lionel Richie,
Quincy Jones, Alex North, F. Murray Abraham, Geraldine Page, Jon Cryer, Norma Aleandro, Jack Valenti,
Howard Keel, June Allyson, Cyd Charisse, Ann Miller, Kathryn Grayson, Jane Powell, Debbie Reynolds,
Leslie Caron, Esther Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, Donald O’Connor, Larry Gelbart,
Earl W. Wallace, Barbra Streisand, Sydney Pollack, Sally Field, William Hurt, John Huston, Akira Kurosawa,
Billy Wilder 3 1/2 hours Color VG+ #680 & #681
10)Spring 1987 59th Annual w/Chevy Chase & Goldie Hawn(host), Pat Morita, Dom Deluise, Telly Savales,
Robert Wise, Paul Hogan, Shirley MacLaine, Marlee Matlin, Don Ameche, Anjelica Huston, Dianne West,
Lauren Bacall, Bette Midler, Herbie Hancock, Christopher Reeve, Isabella Rossellini, Jennifer Jones,
Helena Bonham-Carter, Matthew Broderick, Richard Dreyfuss, Steven Spielberg, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy,
Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bridges, Sigourney Weaver, Bernadette Peters, Natalie Cole, James Ingram, Peter Cetera,
Lou Rawls, Tony Bennett, Levi Stubbs, Rodney Dangerfield, Tom Hanks, Sonia Braga, Michael Douglas,
William Hurt, Marlee Matlin, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Quinn, Karl Malden, Ralph Bellamy, Elizabeth Taylor,
Oliver Stone, Bette Davis, Robert Wise, Dustin Hoffman 3 hrs Color VG+ #982A & 983A
11)Spring 1988 60th Annual w/Chevy Chase(host), Robert Wise, Sean Connery, Michael Douglas, Glen Close,
Olympia Dukakis, Olivia De Haviland, Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Mickey Mouse, Tom Selleck, Joan Chen,
John Lone, Charlton Heston, Steve Guttenberg, Billy Crystal, Cher, Nicolas Cage, Sean Connery, Sean Young,
Rob Lowe, Jack lemmon, Billy Wilder, Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli, Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Warnes, Bill Medley,
Little Richard, Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze, David Byrne, Marlee Matlin, Michael Douglas, Pee Wee Herman,
Darryl Hannah, Kevin Costner, Robin Williams, John Candy, Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck, James Garner,
Cher, Eddie Murphy, Paul Newman, Faye Dunaway 3 hrs Color VG+ #984A & 985A
12)Spring 1989 61st Annual w/Billy Crystal(host), Rob Lowe, Merv Griffin, Buddy Rogers, Alice Faye, Tony Martin,
Cyd Charisse, Dorothy Lamour, Roy Rogers, Vincent Price, Lily Tomlin, Tom Selleck, Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson,
Geena Davis, Jane Fonda, Jimmy Stewart, Kim Novak, Robert Downey Jr., Cybill Shepherd, Patrick Swayze,
Olivia Newton-John, Donald Sutherland, Kiefer Sutherland, Anjellica Huston, Gene Hackman, William Dafoe,
Dudley Moore, Bo Derek, Sammy Davis Jr., Gregory Hines, Jacqueline Bisset, Candice Bergman, Barbara Hershey,
Michael Caine, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Lloyd Bridges, Beau Bridges, Jeff Bridges, Walter Mathau, Bob Hope,
Lucille Ball, Ricki Lake, Corey Feldman, Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis, Max Von Sydow, Edward James Olmos,
Anne Archer, Robin Williams, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Carrie Fisher, Martin Short, Michael Douglas,
Dustin Hoffman, Ali McGraw, Ryan O'Neal, Farrah Fawcett, Angie Dickinson, Richard Dreyfuss, Amy Irving,
Michelle Pfeiffer, Dennis Quaid, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Tom Cruise, Jodie Foster, Cher 3 hrs Color VG+ #986A &
13)Spring 1990 62nd Annual w/Billy Crystal(host), Karl Malden, Geena Davis, Denzel Washington, Mel Gibson,
Glenn Close, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kim Basinger, Julia Roberts, Randy Newman, Steve Martin, Kenneth Branagh,
Elziabeth McGovern, Jack Lemmon, Kevin Kline, Brenda Fricker, Jeff Bridges, Beau Bridges, Daryl Hannah, John Candy,
Rick Moranis, Walter Mathau, Jessica Lange, Jessica Tandy, Morgan Freeman, John Goodman, Tom Selleck,
Isabelle Huppert, Rachel Ward, Bryan Brown, Tom Hanks, Melanie Griffith, Gregory Peck, Jessica Tandy,
Candice Bergen, Chevy Chase, Dan Ackroyd, Jack Valenti, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Dudley Moore,
Paula Abdul, Danny Glover, Charlton Heston, Jane Fonda, Angelica Foster, Daniel Day-Lewis, Michelle Pfeiffer,
Diana Ross, Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson 3 hrs Color VG+ #988A & 989A
14)Spring 1991 63rd Annual w/Billy Crystal(host), Karl Malden, Michael Caine, Denzel Washington, Ann Archer,
Madonna, Brenda Fricker, Chevy Chase, Martin Short, Anjelica Huston, Joe Pesci, Annette Bening, Geena Davis,
Danny Aiello, Jack Valenti, Zanuck & Brown, Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger, Kevin Kline, Danny Glover, Reba McEntire,
Susan Sarandon, Richard Gere, Bob Hope, Jack Lemmon, Jessica Tandy, James Earl Jones, Burt Reynolds,
Gregory Peck, Tom Cruise, Angelica Huston, Don Johnson, Michael York, Melanie Griffith, Patrick Swayze,
Ronald Reagan, Richard Harris, Joanne Woodward, Donald O'Connor, Carol Burnett, Morgan Freeman,
Francis Coppola, Charles Durning, Walter Mathau, Chevy Chase, Robert Downey Jr., Dan Ackroyd, Matt Dillon,
George Burns, Spike Lee, Ann-Margret, Michael Douglas, Jimmy Stewart, Gerard Depardieu, Sally Field,
Jeremy Irons, Ron Silver, Phoebe Cates, Robert DeNiro, Andy Garcia, Christian Slater, Bon Jovi, Glenn Close,
Dustin Hoffman, Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, Debra Winger, Gregory Peck, Harry Conick Jr., Gregory Hines,
Daniel Day-Lewis, Kathy Bates, Jessica Tandy, Jeff Bridges, Tom Cruise, Kevin Costner, Barbra Streisand 3 1/2 hrs Color
EXC- #991A & 992A
15)Spring 1994 66th Annual w/Whoopi Goldberg(host), Arthur Hiller, Bernadette Peters, Tom Hanks, Elijah Wood,
Marisa Tomei, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tommy Lee Jones, Janet Jackson, Joan Chen, Val Kilmer, Liam Neeson, Glenn Close,
James Ingram, Dolly Parton, Rosie O'Donnell, Richard Dreyfuss, Nicolas Cage, Shirley MacLaine, Gene Hackman,
Anna Paquin, Laura Dern, Johnny Depp, Neil Young, Alec Baldwin, Sharon Stone, Christian Slater, Nicole Kidman,
Goldie Hawn, Jack Valenti, Kirk Douglas, Madeleine Stowe, Keith Carradine, Tom Cruise, Anthony Hopkins, Geena Davis
Antonio Banderas, Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, Jeremy Irons, Jane Campion, Glenn Close, Emma Thompson,
Tom Hanks, Donald Sutherland, Al Pacino, Holly Hunter, Clint Eastwood, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford,
3 1/2 hrs Color EXC- #989B & 990A
16)Spring 2000 71st Annual w/Billy Crystal(host), Drew Barrymoore, Cameron Diaz, Mike Myers, Heather Graham,
Erika Badu, Toby McGuire, Wynona Ryder, James Coburn, Angeline Jolle, Morgan Freeman, Anjelica Huston,
Phil Collins, Robin Williams, Jack Nicholson, Gloria Estefan, LL Cool J, Vanessa Williams, Randy Newman,
Amy mann, Nsync, Cher, Uma Thurman, Ethan Hawke, Michael Caine, Jane Fonda, Selma Hayek, Garth Brooks,
Arnold Schwarzeneger, Diane Keaton, Burt Bacharach, Faith Hill, Ray Charles, Queen Latifa, Issaic Hayes,
Dionne Warwick, Angela Bassett, Keauna Reeves, Edward Norton, Samuel L. Jackson, Russell Crowe,
Julianne moore, Ashley Judd, Tommy Lee Jones, Warren Beatty, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, Mel Gibson,
Roberto Binnini, Hiliary Swank, Gwyneth Paltrow, Clint Eastwood, Steven speilberg 4 hrs Color EXC- #953 & 954
17)Spring 2003 75th Annual w/Steve Martin(host), Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Connelly, Chris Cooper
Jenifer Lopez, John Travolta, Paul Simon, U2, Queen Latifah, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jenifer Garner,
Mickey Mouse, Nia Vardolis, Sean Connery, Kate Hudson, Julie Andrews, Selma Hayek, Julianne Moore
Hillary Swank, Diane Lane, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Kathy Bates, Gena Davis, Susan Sarandon,
Halle Berry, Dustin Hoffman, Barbara Streisand, Meryl Streep, Peter O'Toole, Denzel Washington,
Richard Gere, Harrison Ford, Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas, Olivia DeHaviland, 3 1/2 hrs Color EXC
THE ADVENTURES OF XAVIER CUGAT: 1965 w/Phil Silvers, Robert Taylor, Imogene Coca, Salvador Dali
60 min B/W EXC- #577B
1)2/00 The life story of The Osmond Brothers 60 min Color- #931B EXC
2)3/00 w/George Reeves 60 min Color EXC- w/o/c #951A
3)2-2001 w/Glen Campbell 60 min Color EXC #1140A
ALL STAR BOND RALLY: 1945 Film Short w/Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Harpo Marx, Betty Grable,
Harry James 20 min B/W EXC- #648B
ALL STAR JAZZ SHOW: 1-7-59 w/Jackie Gleason (Host), Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington 60 min B/W
VG+ #437C
ALL STAR PARTY FOR LUCILLE BALL: 1-29-84 w/Lucie Arnaz, Desi Arnaz Jr., Joan Collins, Sammy Davis Jr.,
Cary Grant, Monty Hall, Shelley Long, Dean Martin, Carl Reiner, Burt Reynolds, John Ritter, Frank Sinatra,
James Stewart 60 min Color VG #918B
ALL STAR TRIBUTE TO JOHN WAYNE: 11-26-76 w/Frank Sinatra, Charles Bronson, John Byner, Glen Campbell,
Sammy Davis Jr., Angie Dickinson, Bob Hope, James Stewart, Rowan & Martin, Monty Hall, Ron Howard, Lee Marvin, Maureen O’Hara, Claire Trevor, Henry Winkler 60 min Color Good #692A
ALL STAR TRIBUTE TO JOHNNY CASH: 4-99 w/Kevin Bacon, Brooks & Dunn, Roseanne Cash, Johnny Cash,
June Carter Cash, Mary Chapin-Carpenter, Sheryl Crow, Bob Dylan, Larry Gatlin, Emmylou Harris, Lyle Lovett,
Kris Kristofferson, Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson, U2, Bruce Springsteen 120 min Color EXC #770
AMERICA: A TRIBUTE TO HEROES: 9-21-01 w/Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, Stevie Wonder, George Clooney,
U2, Faith Hill, Tom Petty, Jim Carrey, Julio Iglesias Jr., Neil Young, Robin Williams, Billy Joel, Limp Bisquit,
Dixie Chicks, Dave Matthews, Conan O'Brian, Tom Cruise, Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crowe, Sting,
Julia Roberts, Eddie Vedder, Chris Rock, Will Smith, Paul Simon, Robert Deniro, Celine Dion, Clint Eastwood,
Willie Nelson 120 min COLOR EX #1154
1)w/Jill St. John 30 min Color VG #658A
2)w/Karen Lynn Gorney 30 min Color VG #658B
3)w/Rita Moreno 30 min Color VG #658C
4)w/Vicki Carr 30 min Color VG #658D
5)w/Barbara Feldon, Robin Williams 30 min Color VG #658E
6)w/Barbara Eden 30 min Color VG #659A
7)w/Cindy Williams 30 min Color VG #659B
1)11-63 w/Brian Hyland, Bobby Bare, The Clingers, Mike Curb 60 min B/W VG+ #9A
2)10-17-64 w/Bobby Vinton, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Spats 40 min B/W Good #749B
3)1-11-64 w/The Crystals, Freddie Cannon 40 min B/W EXC- #943B
4)6-18-66 w/Steve Alaimo, Love, Captain Beefheart (phone interview) 60 min B/W VG+ #750A
5)10-8-66 w/Mel Carter, Royhead, Johnny Rivers (phone interview) 60 min B/W Fair #750B
6)12-17-66 w/Dick Clark, Nino Tempo, April Stevens, Murray The K, Josephine Sunday 60 min B/W VG #384A
7)1-7-67 w/Neil Diamond, Electric Prunes 60 min B/W EXC- #447B
8)1-14-67 w/The Youngbloods, Mike Williams, Blues Magoos (phone interview) 60 min B/W VG+ #751B
9)4-1-67 w/Freddy Cannon, The Platters (phone interview) 40 min B/W Fair (audio static) #749C
10)6-10-67 w/Mark Lindsay, The Mysterions, Freddy Weller 40 min B/W VG- (audio static) #749A
11)9-23-67 w/Steve Alaimo, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Felix Cavaliere(phone interview) 60 min B/W Fair #751A
12)1968 w/The Rose Garden, The Who (promo clip I Can See For Miles), The Young Rascals 60 min B/W VG+ #44
13)1968 w/The Collage, Tommy James & The Shondells 60 min B/W VG- #448B
14)10-11-69 w/Grass Roots, Beau Sibens 40 min B/W Fair #698A
15)11-8-69 w/Mama Cass Elliot 40 min B/W Fair #698B
16)1-6-79 w/The Village People 60 min Color VG+ #656A
17) 11-15-75 w/Abba, David Ruffin 30 min COLOR EXC #331A
18)4-10-76 w/Tavares, John Travolta 30 min COLOR EXC #331B
19)1-8-77 w/Little River Band, Yvonne Elliman 30 min COLOR EXC #331C
20)1-22-77 w/The Commodores, Kenny Nolan 30 min COLOR EXC #331D
21)2-5-77 w/THe Pointer Sisters, Stephen Bishop 30 min COLOR EXC #332A
22)9-11-76 w/The Spinners, John Travolta 30 min COLOR EXC #332B
23)5-27-78 w/Donna Summer, Brooklyn Dreams 30 min COLOR EXC #332C
24)5-13-78 w/Robert Palmer, Chic 30 min COLOR EXC #332D
25)1-6-79 w/THe Village People 30 min COLOR EXC #333A
26)3-3-79 w/Gloria Gaynor 30 min COLOR EXC #333B
27)3-17-79 w/The Talking Heads 30 min COLOR EXC #333C
28)5-12-79 w/Blondie, G.Q. 30 min COLOR EXC #333D
29)1-5-80 w/John Cougar 30 min COLOR EXC #334A
30)1-26-80 w/Prince 30 min COLOR EXC #334B
31)2-21-80 w/Loverboy, Rupert Holmes 30 min COLOR EXC #334C
32)5-23-81 w/Rick Springfield 30 min COLOR EXC #334D
AMERICAN BANDSTAND'S 30TH ANIV.: 1981 w/Dick Clark, The Beach Boys, Kim Carnes, Earth, Wind & Fire,
Connie Francis, Frankie Laine, Barry Manilow, The Righteous Brothers, The Oak Ridge Boys,
Teddy Pendergrass, Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder 120 min Color VG+ #1052
AMERICAN BANDSTAND'S 50TH ANIV.....A CELEBRATION: 5-3-02 w/Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder w/BabyFace,
Alanis Morissette, Kiss, Cher, Brandy, Village People, K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Little Richard, N'Sync, Janet Jackson,
Clarence Clemons, Mick Fleetwood, Michael McKean 1 hr 45 min Color EXC #1217 (missing first 12 mins)
1)1974 w/Hosts, Helen Reddy, Roger Miller, Smokey Robinson/Appearances by Chuck Berry, Vikki Carr, Roberta
Flack, Al Green, Michael Jackson, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Tony Orlando, Donny Osmond, Conway Twitty
Stevie Wonder, Mac Davis, Bobbi Gentry, Bobby Goldsboro, The Lennon Sisters 80 min Color EXC- #600B
2)1975 w/Pat Boone, The Carpenters, Ray Charles, Clifton Davis, Mac Davis, Sandy Duncan, Al Green,
Merle Haggard, Thelma Houston, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Sally Kellerman, Loretta Lynn, Johnny Mathis,
Olivia Newton-John, The O'Jays, Donny Osmond, Marie Osmond, Pointer Sisters, Billy Preston,
Charlie Pride, Charlie Rich, Minnie Ripperton, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, Jim Stafford, Connie Stevens,
Ray Stevens, Lily Tomlin, Diana Trask, Conway Twitty, Jimmie Walker, Paul Williams, Stevie Wonder,
Roy Clark, Helen Reddy, Sly Stone 90 min Color EXC #1047A
3)1978 w/Hosts, Glen Campbell, David Soul, Natalie Cole/Appearances by Chuck Berry, Cab Calloway,
Captain & Tennille, Rosemary Clooney, Commodores, David Gates, Marvin Gaye, Andy Gibb, Kiss, Barry
Manilow, Rick Nelson, Tony Orlando, Dolly Parton, Charlie Pride, Lou Rawls, Kenny Rogers, Dinah Shore,
Leslie Uggams, Frankie Valli, Ben Vereen, Bob Welch, Barry White, Nancy Wilson, Stevie Wonder 80 min Color
VG+ #600B
4)1980 w/Elton John, Natalie Cole, Toni Tenille, Dionne Warwick, Andy Gibb, Michael Jackson, Bernadette Peters,
Charlie Daniels, Donna Summer, Dottie West, Leif Garrett, Greg Evigan, Chuck Berry, Nicolette Larson, Charo,
Meatloaf, Peabo Bryson, Cheap Trick, Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson, John Schneider, Tanya Tucker, Charlie Pride,
Peaches & Herb, Benny Goodman, Henry Mancini, Peggy Lee, Doc Severenson, Mel Torme, Barry Manilow,
Lionel Hampton, Pat Boone, Larry Gatlin, Rick James, Crystal Gayle, Captain & Tenille, Kool & the Gang,
Kenny Rogers, Rupert Holmes, Lynda Carter 100 min Color Fair (beginning is cut-rough edits throughout) #846A
5)1982 w/Glen Campbell, Sheena Easton, Donna Summer, Rick Springfield, Barbara Mandrell, Rick James, Smokey
Robinson, Olivia Newton John, Kenny Rogers 100 min Color EXC (with Japanese Subtitles) #580A
6)1984 w/Host, Lionel Richie/Appearances by Bryan Adams, Greg Allman, Angela Bofil, Laura Brannigan,
Irene Cara, Phil Collins, Culture Club, Sheena Easton, The GAP Band, Andy Gibb, Michael Jackson, Rick James,
Gladys Knight & The Pips, Paul McCartney, Barry Manilow, Liza Minelli, Michael Nesmith, Donny Osmond,
Diana Ross, Rick Springfield, Kenny Rogers 120 min Color EXC- #651
AMERICA’S TOP TEN: 1979 w/Karen Carpenter, Olivia Newton John 30 min Color EXC #374B
AMERICA’S TRIBUTE TO BOB HOPE: 3-5-88 w/Lucille Ball, Vic Damone, Ann-Margaret, George Burns 60 min Color VG+ #544A
AN ALL-STAR TRIBUTE TO BRIAN WILSON: 7-4-01 w/Ricky Martin, Daviv Crosby, Cameron Crowe, Evan & Jaron,
Vince Gill, The Go-Go's, Heart, Dennis Hopper, Rachel Hunter, Billy Joel, Elton John, Aimee Mann, Michael penn,
Sir George Martin, Carly Simon, Darious Rucker, Paul Simon, Matthew Sweet, Jubilant Sykes, Jimmy Webb,
Wilson Phillips 120 min Color EXC #1134
AN EVENING WITH FRED ASTAIRE: 10-17-58 w/Barrie Chase, Jonah Jones Quartet 60 min Color EXC- #435B
AN EVENING WITH GENE KELLY: 1977 Nice retrospective of his career 60 min Color EXC #1145B
ANATOMY OF POP: 1966 w/The Temptations, The Supremes, Tony Bennett 60 min B/W VG #552B
ANDY KAUFMAN PLAYS CARNAGIE HALL: 1979 Vintage Stand up performance 60 min Color EXC #1330C
1)1965 w/Judy Garland, David McCallum 60 min Color VG- #574B
2)9-13-65 w/Woody Allen, Bobby Darin, Robert Goulet 60 min Color Fair #720B and #695B
3)1970 w/Elton John, Jackson 5, Ray Charles, Petula Clark, Gary Puckett, Little Richard, Roger Miller 100 min Color VG- #469
4)12-5-70 w/Jonathan Winters, 5th Dimension, Sonny James 60 min Color EXC- #684B
5)12-22-76 w/Robert Goulet 30 min COLOR VG- #1016A
ANN-MARGARET “RHINESTONE COWGIRL”: 4-26-77 w/Bob Hope, Perry Como, Chet Atkins, Minnie Pearl, 60 min Color EXC- #433A
ANN-MARGRET OLSSON:1-23-75 w/Tina Turner, The Osmond Brothers 60 min Color VG+ #909B
ANN-MARGARET SMITH: 11-20-75 w/The Bay City Rollers, Sid Caesar, Michel LeGrand , Roger Smith 60 min
Color EXC- #348B
ANTHONY NEWLEY SHOW: 8-23-71 w/Liza Minnelli, Diahann Carroll 60 min Color FAIR #874B
ARETHA FRANKLIN “SOUL SINGER”: 1965 Documentary 30 min Color EXC #704B
ART LABOE SHOW: 1958 w/Bobby Day, The Vogues, Jerry Wallace 20 min B/W VG #738A
ASTAIRE TIME: 9-25-60 w/Fred Astaire, Count Basie, The Earl Twins, Barrie Chase, Joe Williams 60 min Color EXC- #435A
1)1982 w/Merle Haggard 45 min Color VG+ #7D
2)1984 w/Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Freddie Powers 52 min Color VG+ #7G(intro cut)
3)1983 w/Glen Campbell 30 min Color EX #15A
4)1987 w/Johnny Cash 60 min Color EX #1198A
5)1976 w/Willie Nelson 55 min Color EX #1329B (intro is cut)
Baby Boomer Television: Tv Promos from baby boom generation 90 min Color EXC-/VG- #339A
BARBARA MANDRELL SHOW: 1981 w/Paul Anka, T.G. Sheppard 60 min Color VG+ #436A
1)1969 w/Ethel Waters, Ed McMahon, The Turtles, Roy Applegate 60 min Color VG- #1067A
2)1969 w/Monte Hall, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Meredith MacRae, Scoey Mitchell 60 min Color VG- #1067B
BARBRA STREISAND “BELLE OF 14TH STREET”: 10-11-67 w/Lee Allen, Jason Robards, Smith & Dale,
Susan Alpern, John Bubbles 60 min Color VG- #657A
BARRY MANILOW SPECIAL: 3-2-77 w/Penny Marshall, Lady Flash 60 min Color VG #1273A
THE 2ND BARRY MANILOW SPECIAL: 2-24-78 w/Ray Charles 60 min Color VG #714B
BARRY MANILOW SPECIAL: 5-23-79 w/John Denver 60 min Color VG #1273C
BARRY MANILOW: BIG FUN ON SWING STREET: 3-7-88 w/Stanley Clarke, Phyllis Hyman
Kid Creole & The Coconuts, Diane Schuur 60 min Color VG+ #1254A
BARRY MANILOW: SRO ON BROADWAY: 9-89 60 min Color EXC- #1254B (Showtime Special)
BARRY MANILOW: HBO CONCERT: 1978 107 min Color VG #1253 (Nice Vintage concert)
1)1976 Concert footage from Japan 30 min Color EXC- #441A
2)1976 “Night Flight” 60 min Color VG+ #441B
3)1976 Twiggy's Juke Box 15 min COLOR VG #441C
4)1977 Dinah Shore Show 10 min COLOR VG #441D
5)1979 Mike Douglas Show 10 min COLOR GOOD #441E
1)5-7-78 w/Howard Cosell, Bruce Jenner, Suzanne Somers (Hosts): ABC TEAM; Gabe Kaplan, Debby Boone,
Parker Stevenson, Cheryl Tiegs: CBS TEAM; Tony Randall, Kevin Dobson, Victoria Principal, Jimmie Walker,
Bo Svenson: NBC TEAM; Richard Benjamin, Jane Curtin, Dennis Dugan, Melissa Gilbert, Dan Haggerty 120 min Color VG+ #735
2)5-23-85 w/Joan Van Ark, Dick Van Dyke (Hosts): ABC TEAM; Tony Danza, Emma Samms, Jack Coleman:
CBS TEAM; Lucie Arnaz, Lorenzo Lamas, Jennifer O’Neill, Doug McKeon: NBC TEAM; Bubba Smith, Erin Gray,
Lisa Bonet, Ken Olin, Nancy McKeon, Patricia McPherson, Keil Martin 120 min Color VG #736
3)12-10-88 w/Howard Cosell, S. Belafonte-Harper (Hosts): ABC TEAM; John Davidson, Allyce Beasley,
Brian Wimmer: CBS TEAM; Jack Scalia, Lorenzo Lamas, Kristin Alfonso, Nicollette Sheridan: NBC TEAM;
Greg Evigan, Diedre Hall, Blair Underwood, Tina Yothers, Malcolm Jamal Warner 120 min Color VG+ #737
4)12-20-84 w/Shari Belafonte-Harper, Howard Cosell(Hosts) ABC TEAM; William Shatner, Douglas Barr, Mary Cadorette,
Tony Danza, Tony LoBianco, Heather Locklear, Tracy Scoggins, Brenda Vaccaro: CBS TEAM; William Devane
Constance McCashin, Jennifer O'Neill, Tim Reid, Douglas Sheehan, Deborah Shelton, Parker Stevenson,
Charlene Tilton: NBC TEAM; Mark Harmon, Jane Badler, Teri Copley, Kim Fields, Michael J. Fox,
Stepfanie Kramer, James B. Sikking, Marc Singer 120 min Color VG- #1125
5)5-3-84 w/Scott Baio, Debby Boone, Howard Cosell(Hosts): ABC TEAM; John James, Shari Belafonte-Harper,
Pamela Bellwood, James Darren, C. Thomas Howell, Ted Lange, Heather Locklear, Shawn Weatherly, CBS TEAM;
William Devane, Richard Dean Anderson, Abby Dalton, Sarah Douglas, William R. Moses, Douglas Sheehan,
Charlene Tilton, Celia Weston, NBC TEAM; Flip Wilson, Ellen Bry, Kim Fields, Michael J. Fox, Charles Haid,
Mark Harmon, Vicki Lawrence, Lisa Whelchel 120 min Color VG+ #1138
6)11-3-83 w/Robert Conrad, Howard Cosell, Donna Mills(Hosts): ABC TEAM: William Shatner, Shari Belafonte-Harper,
Daniel Hugh Kelly, Heather Locklear, Ben Murphy, Geoffrey Scott, Heather Thomas, Jill Whelan, CBS TEAM:
William Devane, Ana Alicia, Rosalind Chao, Charles Frank, William R. Moses, Martha Smith, Andrew Stevens,
Joan Van Ark, NBC TEAM: Mr. T, Eddie Albert, Teri Copley, Melinda Culea, Chad Everett, Charles Haid,
Vicki Lawrence, Cynthia Sikes 120 min Color VG+ #1148
7)5-7-82 w/Howard Cosell, Randi Oakes(Hosts) ABC TEAM: William Shatner, Douglas Barr, Joan Collins, Lydia Cornell
John Davidson, Telma Hopkins, John James, Heather Thomas, CBS TEAM: Pernell Roberts, Catherine Bach,
Danielle Brisebois, Audrey Landers, Brian Mitchell, Joan Van Ark, Robert Walden, Tom Wopat, NBC TEAM:
Daniel J. Travanti, Debbie Allen, Mark Harmon, Nancy McKeon, Joe Piscopo, Cristina Raines, Lynn Redgrave,
Bruce Weitz 120 min Color FAIR/POOR #1146 (Lots of glitches)
BBC ARENA SPECIAL: 1984 The Story of Buddy Holly 60 min Color VG #583A
BEACH BOYS “25 YEARS TOGETHER”: 3-13-87 w/Ray Charles, Glen Campbell, Patrick Duffy, Everly Brothers,
Three Dog Night, Joe Piscopo, Jeffrey Osborne, Paul Shaffer, Belinda Carlisle, Gloria Loring, Fabulous Thunderbirds 90 min Color EXC #714A
BEAT, BEAT, BEAT: 1966-1968 w/Hermin’s Hermits, The Kinks, The Animals, Small Faces, Chris Farlow,
The Rattles, The Easybeats, The Troggs, Peter and Gordon, The Tremloes, The Searchers, Cat Stevens,
Freddie and the Dreamers, The Mindbenders, Manfred Mann, The Yardbirds, The Hollies, Paul Jones
The Creation, Lee Curtis 150 min B/W EXC-/VG- #786(part1) #795A(part 2)
1)1-31-66 w/Little Milton, Esther Phillips, Frank Howard and the Commanders 30 min Color VG+ #397A
2)2-1-66 w/Joe Tex, Etta James, Little Milton, Frank Howard and the Commanders 30 min Color VG+ #397B
3)2-1-66 w/Etta James, Esther Phillips, Roscoe Shelton, Lattimore Brown 30 min Color VG- #397C
4)2-14-66 w/Carla Thomas, Mighty Joe Young 30 min Color VG+ #397D
5)1966 w/Otis Redding, Percy Sledge, Sam & Dave, Patti LaBelle & The Bluebells, The Ovations 27 min Color EXC- #487B
6)1966 w/Freddie King, The Poppies, The Panthers, The Radiants 30 min COLOR EXC- #967A
7)1966 w/Freddie King, Louis Jordan 30 min COLOR EXC- #967B
8)1966 w/Jimmy Church, Lattimore Brown, Frogman Henry 30 min COLOR EXC- #967C
9)1966 w/Freddie King, Joe Simon, Lou Rawls, Z.Z. Hill 30 min COLOR EXC- #967D
10)1966 w/Barbara Lynn, Kelly Brothers, Little Gary Ferguson 30 min COLOR EXC- #968A
11)1966 w/Barbara Lynn, Joe Tex, Art Grayson 30 min COLOR EXC- #968B
12)1966 w/Johnny Taylor, Mighty Hanibal, Little Gary Ferguson 30 min COLOR EXC- #968C
13)1966 w/Johnny Taylor, The Radiants, The Dolls, Bobby Bow 30 min COLOR EXC- #968D
1)1966 w/The Lovin’ Spoonful, Manfred Mann, Peter & Gordon, Ramsey Lewis Trio, Sonny & Cher,
Simon & Garfunkel, Tommy James & The Shondells, Walker Brothers 30 min B/W EXC- (timing strip) #796C
2)1970 w/Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show,Emerson, Lake & Palmer, King Crimson, The Nice, Soft Machine,
Yes, Kraftwerk 60 min COLOR EXC #1099B
BEE GEES DOCUMENTARY: 1978 w/Glen Campbell, Willie Nelson, Andy Gibb 70 min Color VG+ #349A
BELL TELEPHONE HOUR “MIKADO”: 4-29-60 w/Groucho Marx 60 min B/W VG #568B
THE BEST OF GLEASON: 1988 w/Harry Hamlin(host)retrospect on Jackie Gleason with lots of rare footage
90 min Color/B/W EXC- #877A
BEST OF THE DINAH SHORE SHOW w/Frank Sinatra, Pearl Bailey, Jack Lemmon, Groucho Marx,
Bing Crosby, George Burns, Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Mahalia Jackson 90 min Color/B/W EXC
BETTE MIDLER “OL’ RED HAIR IS BACK”: 12-7-77 w/Dustin Hoffman, Emmett Kelly 60 min Color VG- #467B
THE BIG RECORD: 11-27-57 w/Patti Page, Johnny Ray 30 min B/W EXC- #378B
THE BIG T.N.T. SHOW: 1966 w/Joan Baez, The Byrds, Ray Charles, Petula Clark, Bo Diddley, Donovan,
Ike & Tina Turner, Modern Folk Quartet, David McCallum 95 min B/W EXC- #718A
BILLY JOEL-LIVE FROM THE BOTTOM LINE: 1976 great vintage concert from New York 60 min Color VG-
past Christmas specials hosted by Gene Kelly and Kathryn Crosby. Featuring David Bowie, Twiggy, Fred Astaire,
Carol Burnett, Roy Clark #668C
BING CROSBY OLDSMOBILE SHOW: 9-27-59 w/Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Louis Armstrong, Bill Hayes,
Florence Henderson, Jayne Turner, Joe Bushkin, Paul Smith, George Shearing 60 min B/W EXC- #649A
1)2-29-60 w/Perry Como, Dennis Crosby, Lindsay Crosby, Phillip Crosby, Elaine Dunn, Sandy Stewart 60 min B/W EXC- #647A
2)1963 w/Bob Hope, Edie Adams, The Smothers Brothers, Pete Fountain, Gary Crosby 60 min B/W EXC- #372A
3)1964 w/Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bob Hope, Rosemary Clooney, Kathryn Crosby, Peter Gennaro 60 min B/W VG- #372B
BING CROSBY"MAKING MOVIES":10-23-68 w/Bob Hope, The Supremes, Stella Stevens, Jose Feliciano 60 min Color
VG+ #1015B
BLONDES VS. BRUNETTES: 5-14-84 w/Morgan Fairchild, Joan Collins (Hosts), Elizabeth Ashley, Catherine Bach,
Pamela Bellwood, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Phyllis Diller, Kerry Millerick, Rita Moreno, Brooke Shields
60 min Color VG #918A
1)1950's w/Judy Kelly, Marilyn Maxwell, The Hi-Hatters 60 min B/W EXC #1038A
1) 10-24-56 w/ Lucille Ball, James Cagney, Desi Arnaz, William Frawley, Vivian Vance, Diana Dors, Don Larsen. 60 min B/W VG #381A
2) 11-18-56 w/ Steve Allen, Milton Berle, Perry Como, Julie London, Joan Davis, John Cameron Swayze. 60 min B/W VG #381B
3) 1-25-57 w/Betty Grable, Eddie Fisher, Harry James, Rowan& Martin, Jack Kirkwood 60 min B/W VG #492A
1)4-25-62 w/Frank Sinatra, Janis Paige, Dorothy Lamour 60 min B/W EXC- #377A
2) 3-13-63 w/Frank Sinatra, Brenda Lee, Robert Goulet, Edie Adams 60 min B/W Fair (some glitches) #377B
3)2-16-66 w/Martha Raye, Righteous Brothers, Jill St. John, Danny Thomas 60 min COLOR EXC- #966B
BOB HOPE’S 30TH SPECIAL: 1-18-81 w/Lucille Ball, Milton Berle, George Burns, Marie Osmond 90 min Color Exc- #403A
BOB HOPE’S CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: 12-19-77 w/Perry Como, Mark Hamill, Olivia Newton John, Jim Henson’s
Muppets 60 min Color Good #660B
BOB HOPE'S WOMEN I LOVE-BEAUTIFUL BUT FUNNY: 2-28-82 w/Marie Osmond, Lucille Ball, Milton Berle,
Gina Lollabrigida, Loni Anderson, Bea Arthur, Ursula Andress, Ann-Margret, Pearl Bailey, Carroll Baker,
Anne Bancroft, Ingrid Bergman, Debby Boone, Dyan Cannon, Diahann Carroll, Charo, Petula Clark,
Rosemary Clooney, Imogene Coca, Joan Collins, Jeanne Crain, Joan Crawford, Cathy Lee Crosby,
Phyllis Diller, Diana Dors, Shirley Eaton, Barbara Eden, Linda Evans, Nanette Fabrey, Morgan Fairchild,
Bonnie Franklin, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Greer Garson, Betty Grable, Teresa Graves, Linda Gray,
Florence Henderson, Shirley Jones, and many more 120 min Color VG #1031
BOB HOPE’S LOVE AFFAIR WITH LUCY: 9-23-89 W/George Burns, Kirk Cameron, Danny Thomas, Betty White
90 min Color VG+ #802A
BOB HOPE SPECIAL “EASTER JOY”: 4-19-87 w/Lynda Carter, Vanna White, Gloria Loring 60 min Color EXC
BOB HOPE LAMPOONS SHOW: 2-17-90 w/Michael Crawford, Norm Crosby, Morgan Fairchild, John Forsythe 60 min Color
EXC #200A
BOB HOPE'S FUNNIEST OUT-TAKES: 4-30-02 w/Kelsey Grammer(host)A vintage collection of bloopers from
50 years of Bob Hope tv specials. Clips showcase Johnny Carson, Milton Berle, Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Don Rickles,
Barbara Eden, Dean Martin, Lee Marvin, Bo Jackson and more 60 min Color/B/W Exc #1216A
BOBBY BARE & FRIENDS: 1984 w/Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb 60 min Color EXC #591B
1) Compilation of his appearances on Ed Sullivan Show 40 min B/W Fair #715C
2) “THIS IS BOBBY DARIN” 1962 w/Clyde McPhatter, Duane Eddy 50 min B/W VG+ #608B
BOBBY DARIN & FRIENDS: 1961 w/Bob Hope, JoAnne Summers 60 min B/W EXC- #608A
BOBBY DARIN SPECIAL: 10-71 w/George Burns, Linda Ronstadt, Pat Carroll, The Poppy Family 60 min Color VG+ #468A
BOBBY DARIN IN LONDON:5-20-67 60 min B/W FAIR #1059B
1) 9-99 w/Petula Clark 60 min Color EXC #931B
2)3/00 w/Isaac Hayes 60 min Color EXC #947A
3)3/00 w/Van Morrison 60 min Color EXC #947B
4)5/01 w/David Bowie 60 min Color EXC #1103D
5)8/01 w/Jimi Hendrix 60 min Color EXC #1140B
6)1-01 w/Elton John 50 min Color EXC #1175A
1)1976 w/Lynda Carter 30 min Color POOR #454C
CANADA JAM: 8-12-79 w/The Village People, The Commodores, Dave Mason, The Doobie Brothers, Kansas,
Triumph, Ozark Mountain Dare Devils 90 min Color EXC- #663A
1) 10-20-73 w/Ken Berry 60 min Color EXC #1076A
2)1-29-77 w/Rock Hudson, Steve Lawrence 60 min Color EXC #1076B
3) 11-13-76 w/Dinah Shore 60 min Color EXC #1075A
4) 3-16-74 w/Jackson 5, Roddy McDowall 60 min Color EXC #1075B
CAROL + 2: 1-15-67 w/Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, Zero Mostel 60 min Color VG+ #466B
CAROL CHANNING Proudly Presents “The Seven Deadly Sins”: 4-14-69 w/Carol Channing, Danny Thomas,
Carol Burnett 60 min Color VG #798A
1)FIRST T.V. SPECIAL 12-8-76 w/John Denver, Victor Borge 60 min Color VG #607A
2)LIVE AT THE WHITE HOUSE 1973 30 min Color VG- #606B
3)Promo Compilation & assorted news reports on Karen’s demise 115 min VG- #605
4)SAYONARA 1983 Japanese Special w/Live clips from Tokyo 1974 75 min Color VG #606A
5)SPACE ENCOUNTERS 5-17-78 w/Suzanne Somers, John Davidson, Charlie Callas 60 min Color VG- #607B
6)BBC CONCERT 1971 30 min Color EXC- #627B
7)CHRISTMAS W/THE CARPENTERS 12-9-77 w/Kristy McNichol, Harvey Korman 60 min Color VG #630A
8)CHRISTMAS PORTRAIT 1978 w/Gene Kelly, Kristy McNichol, Georgia Engl 50 min Color VG #630B
9)MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC 5-16-80 w/Ella Fitzgerald, John Davidson 50 min Color VG #631A
10)BOSTON POPS 1973 w/Arthur Fiedler 45 min Color VG #631C
11)LIVE IN JAPAN 1972 50 min Color EXC- #632C
12)LIVE IN HOLLAND 1976 45 min Color VG #632A
13)THIS IS YOUR LIFE 1971 30 min Color VG #631B
14)JERRY DUNPHY SHOW 1972 30 min Color EXC- #632B
15)CLOSE TO YOU:REMEMBERING THE CARPENTERS 1998 PBS Documentary 30 min Color EXC #674A
CBS GAG REEL: Gag Reel Hosted By James Arness 15 min B/W/ EXC- #339B
CBS “ON THE AIR”: 4-1-78 w/Walter Cronkite, Mary Tyler Moore (hosts), Bea Arthur, Ed Asner, Ken Berry,
Carol Burnett, Art Carney, Andy Griffith, Valerie Harper, Sherman Hemsley, Art Linkletter, Jim Nabors,
Carroll O’Connor, Tony Randall, Esther Rolle, Isabel Sanford, Danny Thomas 120 min Color VG- #793
CBS “THE FIRST 50 YEARS”: 5-20-98 w/Mary Tyler Moore, Dan Rather 120 min Color EXC #625
CBS SALUTES LUCY-THE FIRST 25 YEARS: 11-28-76 w/Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz Sr., Milton Berle, Bob Hope,
Carol Burnett, Richard Burton, Johnny Carson, Sammy Davis Jr., Gale Gordon, Danny Kaye, Dean Martin,
James Stewart, Danny Thomas, Vivian Vance, Dick Van Dyke, John Wayne, Eddie Albert, Patty Andrews,
Ken Berry, Jack Benny, George Burns, William Holden, Harpo Marx, Red Skelton, Wayne Newton 120 min Color
EXC- #797
CELEBRATION AT BIG SUR: 1969 w/Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, John Sebastian, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young,
90 min Color EXC- #677A
CELINE DION: THESE ARE SPECIAL TIMES: 1999w/Rosie O'Donell, Andre Boccelli 60 min Color EXC #1145A
CELINE IN LAS VEGAS: OPENING NIGHT LIVE: 3/23/03 Celine Dion begins her 3 yr engagement at the
4000 seat colosseum at Caesars Palace hosted by Justin Timberlake 60 min Color EXC #1322B
1)1975 w/Elton John, Flip Wilson, Bette Midler 60 min Color Fair #460A
2))1975 w/Greg Allman, Carol Burnett, Dennis Weaver 60 min Color VG #460B
3)1975 w/Jackson 5, Lily Tomlin, David Groh 60 min Color VG+ #461A
4)1975 w/David Bowie, Tony Randall, Steve Martin 60 min Color VG- #461B
5)1975 w/Anthony Newley, Ike & Tina Turner 30 min Color EXC #789A
6)1975 w/Ray Charles, Kermit the frog 30 min Color EXC #789B
7)1975 w/Nancy Walker, Jerry Lewis, The Osmond Brothers 30 min Color EXC #789C
8)1975 w/Ike & Tina Turner, Tim Conway, Kate Smith 30 min Color EXC #806A
9)1975 w/Wayne Newton, Steve Martin, The Spinners 30 min Color EXC #842A
10)1975 w/Jerry Lewis, David Essex 30 min Color EXC #842C
11)1976 w/Dion, Frankie Valli, Pat Boone, Frankie Avalon 30 min Color EXC #842B
12)1976 w/Tatum O’Neal, Wayne Rogers, Raquel Welch 30 min Color EXC #806C
13)1976 w/Jimmie Walker, Marty Feldman, Terri Garr 30 min Color EXC #843A
14)1976 w/Nancy Walker, Linda Ronstadt, Liberace 30 min Color EXC #842D
CHER & OTHER FANTASIES: 1979 w/Lucille Ball, Andy Kaufman, Elliot Gould 60min Color VG+ #376A
CHER SPECIAL: 4-3-78 w/Rod Stewart, Dolly Parton 60 min Color VG- #462A
CHER HBO SPECIAL: 8-29-99 HBO special live from Las Vegas 90 min Color EXC #808A
CHICAGO “MEANWHILE...BACK AT THE RANCH”: 1974 w/Anne Murray, Charlie Rich 60 min Color VG-
CHRISTMAS WITH GLEN CAMPBELL:12-98 w/Colin Raye, The Kinleys 60 min Color EXC #705B
CINDERELLA: 1957 w/Julie Andrews as Cinderella 90 min B/W EXC- #547A
CINDERELLA AT THE PALACE: 11-2-78 w/Gene Kelly, Paul Anka, Ann-Margaret, Sammy Davis Jr.,
Merv Griffin, Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, Jimmie Walker, Andy Williams, Rip Taylor, Elaine Joyce 120 min Color VG #726
CIRCUS OF THE STARS:12-5-82 w/Scott Baio, Morgan Fairchild, Vincent Price, Martha Raye,
Debbie Reynolds, Mickey Rooney, Isabel Sanford, Marty Allen, Barbi Benton, Linda Blair,
Todd Bridges, Didi Conn, Judy Landers, Gloria Loring, Roddy McDowell, Brooke Shields,
Adam Rich, Eddie Mekka, Robert Culp, Missy Gold 120 min Color EXC- #1227A
CMA AWARDS: 1968 w/Roy Rogers, Dale Evans (hosts), Roy Acuff, Chet Atkins, Pat Boone, Glen Campbell,
Johnny Cash, Dick Clark, Jimmy Davis, Jimmy Dean, Bobby Goldsboro, Roger Miller, Tex Ritter, Bob Wills,
Jeannie C. Reilley, Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton 60 min B/W VG- #790A
COLGATE COMEDY HOUR: Syndicated 1950’s Each show is 60 min B/W VG+
1) w/Spike Jones #472C
2)4-29-51 w/Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Helen O’Connell #567B
3)5-20-51 w/Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Jane Morgan #567A
4)w/Rhonda Fleming, Bruce Cabot, Eroll Flynn, George Raft, Sid Fields, The Pied Pipers #474A
5)w/Louis Armstrong, George Raft #474B
6)w/Gale Storm #474C
7)w/Jane Russell, Rhonda Fleming, Connie Haines #474D
8)w/Charles Laughton #474E
COME TOGETHER: A TRIBUTE TO JOHN LENNON: 10-01 w/Dave Matthews, Ben Stiller, Stone Temple Pilots,
Yolanda Adams, Marc Anthony, Craig David, Cyndi Lauper, Nelly Furtado, Sean Lennon, Shelby Lynne, Moby,
Natalie Merchant, Alanis Morissette, Billy Preston, Lou Reed, Shaggy, Dave Stewart, Rufus Wainwright,
Kevin Spacey(Host), Dustin Hoffman, Yoko Ono 120 min COLOR EX #1153
THE CONCERT FOR N.Y.: 10-01 w/David Bowie, Billy Crystal, Bon Jovi, Jay-Z, Goo Goo Dolls, Susan Sarandon,
Robert DeNireo, Billy Joel, Destiny's Child, Harrison Ford, Eric Clapton, Christy Turrlington, James Lipton,
Adam Sandler, Meg Ryan, Backstreet Boys, David Spade, Melissa Etheridge, Halle Berry, The Who, Mike Myers,
Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Howard Stern, Macy Gray, Hillary Clinton, Jerry Seinfeld on video, Bill Clinton,
James Taylor, Michael J. Fox, Jimmy Fallon, John Mellencamp, Kid Rock, Hilliary Swank, Janet Jackson, Elton John,
Richard Gere, Jim Carrey, Paul McCartney, Reggie Jackson, John Franco, Rod Gilbert, Willis Reed, Al Leiter,
Many N.Y. Athletes 5 1/2 hrs Color EXC #1180, 1181, 1182A
1)7-23-60 w/Eddy Arnold, Tex Ritter 60 min B/W VG+ #360D
2)9-17-60 w/Jimmy Wakeley 60 min B/W VG+ #360D
3)1960 w/Merle Travis, Gene Autry 60 min B/W EXC- #754B
DAMES AT SEA: 1971 w/Ann-Margaret, Ann Miller, Dick Shawn 60 min Color VG- #544B
DANCE FEVER: 1981 w/Rick Springfield, Catherine Bach 15 min Color FAIR(rough edits) #1111B
1)1995 w/The Cast Of The Partridge family 60 min Color VG- #371B
DANNY KAYE SPECIAL: 11-11-62 w/Lucille Ball 60 min B/W VG+ #455A
DANNY KAYE SHOW: 1963 w/Jackie Cooper, Glynis Johns, The Big Three(Mama Cass, Tim Rose) 60 min B/W EXC- #541A
DANNY THOMAS “IT’S GREEK TO ME”: 1966 w/Danny Thomas, Vic Damone, Buddy Hackett 60 min B/W Fair #480B
DANNY THOMAS “ROAD TO LEBANON”: 4-20-66 w/Danny Thomas, Bing Crosby, Hugh Downs, Bob Hope
60 min B/W EXC- #467A
DANNY THOMAS SPECIAL: 12-21-71 w/Danny Thomas, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Joey Bishop, Florence Henderson,
Anne Murray, George Lindsay, Phil Silvers, Dean Martin, Sid Melton, Andy Griffith, Milton Berle, Jack Benny,
Howard Cosell, Sammy Davis Jr. 60 min B/W VG- #798B
1) w/Karen Carpenter 30 min Color EXC #374C
2)w/Michael Jackson 30 min Color EXC- #612
3)w/ Barry Williams 30 min Color EXC- #612
4)w/Maureen McCormick Color 30 min EXC- #612
5)w/Butch Patrick 30 min Color EXC- #612
6)w/Farrah Fawcett 30 min Color EXC- #1324A
1)8-72 w/Bobby Darin 32 min Color Good #715D
2)1969 w/Josh Logan, Clint Eastwood, Lulu, Frankie Laine, Muhammad Ali 90 min B/W VG+ #1018A
DEADMAN’S CURVE: 1978 w/Richard Hatch(tv movie based on the life of Jan & Dean) 90 min Color EXC- #815A
DEAN MARTIN CHRISTMAS SHOW: 12-12-67 w/Frank Sinatra 60 min Color VG- #367A
1)1978 Jack Klugman is roasted by Tony Randall, Connie Stevens, Milton Berle, Ruth Buzzi 60 min Color VG- #410A
2)2-7-78 Frank Sinatra is roasted by Ronald Reagan, Milton Berle, Gene Kelly, George Burns, Abbe Lane 120 min Color VG- #412
3)5-10-78 James Stewart is roasted by Lucille Ball, Henry Fonda, Tony Randall, Rich Little, Ruth Buzzi 90 min Color VG+ # 413A
4)5-17-78 George Burns is roasted by Don Rickles, James Sewart, Ronald Reagan, Don Rickles, Rich Little 60 min Color VG- #411A
5)2-23-84 Joan Collins is roasted by Bea Arthur, Angie Dickinson, Rich Little, Don Rickles, Red Buttons 60 min Color Poor #411B
6)12-7-84 Michael Landon is roasted by Melissa Gilbert, Rich Little, Lorne Greene, Don Rickles, Dick Shawn 60 min Color VG #535A
1)9-16-65 w/Frank Sinatra, Joey Heatherton, Danny Thomas, Bob Newhart, Diahann Carroll 60 min B/W VG+ #719A
2)1967 w/Danny Thomas, Frank Sinatra, Barbara Perry 60 min B/W EXC- 816E
3) 12-17-70 w/Glen Campbell, Gale Gordon 60 min Color VG- #320B
4)1970 w/Lena Horne, Don Rickles, The Andrew Sisters 60 min Color VG #410B
5)1970 w/Joey Heatherton, Bill Cosby, G. Martin, John Wayne 60 min Color VG+ #746B
61972 w/Petula Clark, Flip Wilson, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans 60 min Color VG+ # 527A
7)9-23-65 w/John Wayne, Peggy Lee, Jack Jones, Shari Lewis 60 min Color VG+ #1092A
DEAN MARTIN: THAT'S AMOR'E: Great show compiled with lots of clips from his tv show 60 min Color EXC #1142A
“DIANA!”: 1971 w/Diana Ross, Jackson 5, Bill Cosby, Danny Thomas 50 min Color EXC- #424B
DIANA: 3-2-81 w/Larry Hagman, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones 60 min Color EXC- #8
1)8-19-69 w/Joni Mitchell, Jefferson Airplane, David Crosby, Stephen Stills 60 min Color VG- #957A
2)7-16-69 w/Janis Joplin 30 min COLOR EXC #382A
3)9-9-69 w/Jimi Hendrix 30 min COLOR EXD #382B
4)9-12-71 w/John Lennon, Yoko Ono 90 min COLOR EXC #383A
5)4-9-70 w/Paul Simon, Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle 30 min COLOR EXC #382C
6)11-23-71 w/George Harrison 60 min COLOR EXC #384A
DICK CLARK’S DR. PEPPER CELEBRITY PARTY:11-30-63 w/Connie Francis, Bobby Freeman, Paul Peterson,
Anette Funicello, Dick Dale, Frankie Avalon, Wayne Newton, April stevens, Nino Temple, Donna Loren,
Connie Stevens, Johnny Crawford, Bobby “Boris” Pickett, Shelly Fabres, Jan & Dean, The Challengers, Jack Jones,
George Hamilton, Dick & DeeDee, Johnny Mathis, Trini Lopez 45 min B/W VG+ #943A
1)1-7-59 w/Sam Cooke, Frankie Avalon, The Fleetwoods 30 min B/W FAIR (some glitches) #783B
2)9-59 w/Neil Sedaka, Bobby Rydell, Paul Anka 30 min B/W VG+ #783A
3)1960 w/Everly Brothers, Jimmy Jones, Jack Scott, Rob Lauren, Mark Denning 30 min B/W VG #738B
DICK CLARK’S ROCKIN’ NEW YEARS’ EVE: 1979 w/Chuck Mangione, Barry Manilow, Rick James,
Village People, Tanya Tucker, Eric Estrada 90 min Color EXC #619A
1)1962 w/Bobby Darin, Andre Previn 60 min B/W EXC #720A
2) 1978 w/Olivia Newton John and “Grease” cast 60 min Color VG+ (intro is cut) #401B
DISNEYLAND OPENING DAY: 7-17-55 w/Art Linkletter, Bob Cummings 90 min B/W EXC- #507B
DISNEYLAND’S 25TH ANIVERSARY: 3-6-80 w/Danny Kaye(Host), Adam Rich, Michael Jackson,
The Osmond Brothers, Annette Funicello, Jamie Farr, Buddy Ebsen, Tom Wopat, Joanne Worley,
John Schneider 60 min Color EXC #1245B
DISNEYWORLD SPECIAL: 10-29-71 w/Glen Campbell, Bob Hope, Julie Andrews, Buddy Hackett 90 min Color Poor #345A
DOM DELUISE SHOW: 1970 60 min B/W VG- Summer Replacement Show #335B
1)10-73 w/Seals & Crofts, Tower of Power 60 min Color EXC- #783C
2)w/Steve Miller Band, The Raspberries 30 min Color EXC #128A
3)w/Gladys Knight & The Pips, Undisputed Truth 30 min Color EXC #128B
4)w/Linda Ronstadt, Steve Martin 30 min Color EXC #128C
5)w/The O'Jays, Commodores, Hue's Corperation 30 min Color EXC #128D
6)w/Captain & Tenille, Tavares 30 min Color EXC #130A
7)w/Ike & Tina Turner, Red bone, 30 min Color, EXC #130B
8)w/Black Oak Arknsas, Sly Stone 30 min Color EXC # 130C
9)w/Rolling Stones, Kool & The Gang 30 min Color, EXC #130D
10)w/The Eagles 30 min Color EXC #314B
11)w/Billy Preston, Brownsville Station, Al Wilson 30 min COLOR EXC #322A
12)w/Jim Croce 30 min COLOR EXC #322B
13)1974 Rehearsal w/Larry Graham 40 min Color EX #703A
14)1979 Rehearsal w/Lou Reed 30 min Color EX #703B
15)1979 Rehearsal w/Pure Prairie League 30 min Color EX #703C
16)1973 w/Mahavishnu Orchestra 20 min Color VG- #712B
DON RICKLES SHOW: 1969 w/ Bob Hope, Jim Nabors, Frank McCormick 30 min B/W VG #687A
DON RICKLES SPECIAL: 11-19-75 w/Don Adams, Jack Klugman, Michelle Lee, Dean Martin, Helen Reddy 60 min Color VG #422B
DON’T KNOCK THE ROCK: 1966 BBC Special w/Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, The Animals, Gene Vincent 60 min B/W EXC- #451A
DONNA SUMMER LIVE IN ITALY: 1977 60 min Color VG+ #581B
DONNA SUMMER SPECIAL: 1980 w/Robert Guillaume, Twiggy, Debralee Scott, Pat Ast 50 min Color EXC- #581A
DONNY & MARIE:1-18-00 w/Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman, Bill Daily, Sidney Sheldon 60 min Color EXC- #920B
1)1976 w/Sonny & Cher, Spike Jones Jr. 60 min Color EXC- #478B
2)1977 w/Cheryl Ladd, Bob Hope, Ruth Buzzi 60 min Color VG #475A
3)1977 w/Barbara Eden, Jack Albertson 60 min Color EXC- #478A
4)1977 w/Kate Smith, Ruth Buzzi, Edgar Bergen 60 min Color VG+ #524A
5)1977 w/Desi Arnaz, Gale Storm, Milton Berle 60 min Color VG #524B
6)1977 w/Ruth Buzzi, Jimmy Osmond, Kaptain Kool & the Kongs 60 min Color VG #926A
7)1978 w/Bay City Rollers, Merle Haggard 60 min Color VG #926B
8)1978 w/Star Wars Cast, Kris Kristofferson, Redd Foxx 60 min Color VG+ #520B
9)1978 w/Danny Thomas, Ruth Buzzi, Desi Arnaz Jr. 60 min Color VG+ #521B
10)1978 w/Farrah Fawcett, Vincent Price 60 min Color VG+ #525A
11)1978 w/Glen Campbell, Jay Osmond 60min Color VG- #463B
12)1978 w/Olivia Newton John, Bob Hope 60 min Color VG #463A
13)1978 w/Tina Turner, Billy Preston 60 min Color EXC- #475B
14)1978 w/Lucille Ball, Ray Bolger, Paul Williams 60 min Color VG- #479A
15)1979 w/Betty White, Suzanne Somers, Paul Lynde 60 min Color VG+ #520A
16)1979 w/Raquel Welch, Gavin McCloud, Ruth Buzzi 60 min Color VG #521A
17)1979 w/Farrah Fawcett, Lee Majors, Vincent Price 60 min Color VG+ #522A
18)1979 w/Gabe Kaplan, Ruth Buzzi 60 min Color VG+ #525B
19)1980 w/Michael Landon, Don Knotts, Jimmy Osmond 60 min Color Good #522B
20)1978 w/Ruth Buzzi, Sherman Hemsley, Pearl Bailey, Osmond Brothers 60 min Color VG+ #1178A
21)1978 w/Jerry Lewis, Jim Nabors, Ruth Buzzi, Osmond Brothers 60 min Color VG+ #1178B
22)1977 w/Paul Lynde, Kate Smith, Bob Hope, Chuck Norris, Osmond Brothers 60 min Color VG- #1179A
1) 12-77 w/Paul Lynde, The Osmond Family 60 min Color VG- #764A
2)1978 w/ The Osmond Families 60 min Color VG+ #764B
DORIS DAY “TODAY”: 2-19-75 w/Tim Conway, John Denver, Rich Little 60 min Color Fair #717A
DOUG HENNING’S WORLD OF MAGIC: 12-14-78 w/Brooke Shields, Tom Bosley 60 min B/W Fair
#1258(has glitches)
DUSTY “FULL CIRCLE”: 1991 BBC Special on Dusty Springfield 60 min Color EXC #931A
DUSTY SPRINGFIELD SHOW: 1966 w/Tom Jones, Scott Walker 30 min B/W VG+ #464B
1)w/Queen 30 min Color EXC #206A
2)Soundtrack Music w/Rod Stewart, Manfred Mann, Starland Vocal Band, Kiss, Elton John & Kiki Dee
30 min Color EXC #206B
3)One Hit Wonders w/Dobie Gray, Ocean, David Essex, Mungo Jerry, Ami Stewart 30 min Color EXC #206C
4)New Wave w/The Police, The Cars, The Pretenders, Blondie, U2, Elvis Costello 30 min Color EXC #206D
5)Disco w/Gloria Gaynor, K.C. & The Sunshine Band, Bee Gees, Alicia Bridges, Village People 30 min Color EXC #337A
6)Glam Rock w/Garry Glitter, T. Rex, N.Y. Dolls, David Bowie 30 min Color EXC #337B
7)Funk w/Stevie Wonder, Ohio Players, Hot Choclate, Chic, Spinners 30 min Color EXC #337C
8)Arena Rock w/Peter Frampton, The Who, Supertramp, Paul McCartney & Wings, Bruce Springsteen,
30 min Color EXC #337D
9)Family Groups w/Bee Gees, Carpenters, Heart, Jackson 5, Sister Sledge 30 min Color EXC #77A
10)Beloved Ladies w/Rod Stewart, Hall & Oates, The Knack, Rolling Stones, Ike & Tina Turner
30 min Color EXC #77B
11)w/Abba 30 min Color EXC #77C
12)Love Songs w/Al Green, 10CC, Bryan Ferry, Captain & Tennile 30 min Color EXC #77D
1)8-23-99 Bewitched 120 min Color EXC #832
2)3-00 The Mod Squad 60 min Color EXC #940A
3)11-02 w/Steven Seagal 60 min Color EXC #1293A
EARL SCRUGGS: HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS: 1968 w/Bob Dylan, Randy Scruggs, Doc Watson, The Byrds,
Joan Baez, Bill Monroe, Charlie Daniels 90 min Color VG+ #959A
EASY TO BE FREE: 1970 Unaired Special w/Rick Nelson 60 min Color EXC- #960A
1)10-6-63 w/The Three Stooges, The Angels, Totie Fields, Kate Smith, Dick Dale, Stiller & Meara 60 min
B/W EXC- #534B
2)10-13-63 w/Lesley Gore, Tony Bennett, Frank Gorshin 30 min B/W EXC #575A
3) 2-9-64 w/The Beatles, Frank Gorshin, Tessie O’ Shea 60 min B/W VG- #414B
4)3-22-64 w/Van Johnson, Bobby Vinton, Petticoat Junction Girls, Totie Fields 60 min B/W EXC- (w/timing strip)
5)10-3-65 w/Tom Jones, Judy Garland, Sophie Tucker 30 min Color EXC- #575D
6)10-13-65 w/Judy Garland, Tom Jones, Peter Sellers 60 min B/W Good #574A
7)1-30-66 w/The Four Tops, Dinah Shore, Jose Feliciano, Jim Nabors 30 min Color EXC #729A
8)5-28-67 w/Robert Goulet, The Temptations, Jovers 30 min Color EXC #552A
9)12-1-68 w/Herb Alpert, Tiny Tim, Englebert Humperdink, Scoey Mitchell 60 min Color VG #570B
10)1-26-69 w/Shirley Bassey, Tommy James, John Byner, George Hamilton 60 min B/W EXC- #601A
11)3-23-69 w/Shirley Bassey, Sly & The Family Stone, Mason Williams, Joyce Cuoco 30 min Color EXC #601B
12)6-1-69 w/Lesley Gore, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Gwen Verdon 30 min Color EXC #575B
13)10-18-70 w/The Carpenters, Tony Bennett, George Burns, Robert Klein 30 min Color EXC #609C
14)3-21-71 w/Shirley Bassey, Oliver, Everly Brothers, Bernadette Peters 30 min Color EXC #601C
15)11-23-69 w/Ed Ames, Rolling Stones, Eddie Albert, Ella Fitzgerald 60 min COLOR EXC- #1014A
16)1957 w/Tony Martin, Jack Webb, Delores Gray, Jayne Mansfield, Sam Snead 60 min B/W VG- #1092B
17)1963 w/Petula Clark, Little Anthony & The Imperials, Bobby Vinton, Jackie Vernon, Sergio Franchi 30 min Color EXC-
18)1968 w/Sergio Franchi, Phil Crosby, Everly Brothers, Steppenwolf, Henny Youngman 30 min Color EXC- #1104B
19)9-19-58 w/Jaye P. Morgan, Mickey Rooney, Domenico Modugno, Cast Of West Side Story 60 min B/W FAIR #1104C
20)9-12-65 w/The Beatles, Soupy Sales, Allen & Rossi, Cilla Black 60 min B/W VG- #1108A
21)1967 w/Jack Benny, The Muppets, The Fifth Dimension, Melina Mercouri 30 min Color EXC- #1108B
22)1964 w/Moscow State Circus 60 min B/W EXC- #1136A
23)1967 w/Jack Benny, Rich Little, The Muppets, Melina Mercouri, The 5th Dimension, Gilbert Price 30 min Color VG-
24) 1965 w/Chong & Mana, Tom Jones, Robert Goulet, Jane Powell, Shelly Berman 30 min Color VG #1176E
25)10-18-64 w/The Animals, Jackie Mason, Van Johnson, John Byner, Totie Fields, Bob Gibson,
Tim McCarver 60 min B/W POOR #1257A w/o/c
26)2-6-66 w/The Animals, Rosemary Clooney, Nancy Walker, Charles Nelson Reilley, Peter Gennaro
60 min B/W VG #1257B w/o/c
27)2-16-64 w/The Beatles, Allan & Rossi, Mitzi Gaynor, Myron Cohen 60 min B/W VG+ #1256A
28)5-31-64 w/Dave Clark 5, Abbe Lane, Bill Cosby, Helen Hayes 60 min B/W VG+ #1256B w/o/c
29)12-1-57 w/Buddy Holly, The Rays, Sam Cooke, Bobby Helms, Polly Bergen, Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
60 min B/W VG #1255A w/o/c
30)12-4-60 w/Jackie Wilson, Mort Sahl, Jane Morgan 60 min B/W FAIR #1255B w/o/c
31)1-15-67 w/Rolling Stones, Alan King, Petula Clark, Joel Grey, Monroe, The Muppets 30 min Color EX
32)12-4-66 w/The Supremes, Gary Lewis & The Playboys, Harlem Globetrotters, Robert Merrill,
Lani Kazan 30 min Color EX- #1288B
33)10-13-68 w/The Beach Boys, Pearl Bailey, Richard Pryor, The Muppets, Bob Gibson, Denny McLain,
Sugar Ray Robinson, Gilbert Becaud 30 min Color EXC #1293B
34)12-4-60 w/Jackie Wilson, Mort Sahl, Jane Morgan, Bernard Lee 30 min B/W EXC #1293C
35)6-11-67 w/Mamas & The Papas, Richard Pryor, Kane Triplets, Gospel Jazz Singers, Rouvaun,
Rob Murray, Topo Gigio 30 min Color EXC #1296A
36)1960 w/Bobby Darin, Peter Pit, Edith Piaf, Wayne & Shuster 30 min B/W EXC #1296B
37)2-12-67 w/Jerry Vale, Young Rascals, Sally Ann Howes, Joan Rivers 30 min Color EXC #1297A
38)1-11-70 w/Flip Wilson, Ike & Tina Turner, Sonny James, Carter & Lynn 30 min Color EXC #1297B
39)1970 w/The Four Tops, Pearl Bailey, Pat Boone, Morey Amsterdam 30 min Color EXC #1297C
ED SULLIVAN’S GREATEST HITS: 11-10-99 Narrated by Michelle Phillips w/The Jackson Five, Bill Haley,
The Doors, Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Jackie Wilson, James Brown, Roy Orbison, The Beatles, The Supremes,
The Temptations, The Lovin’ Spoonful, Mamas & the Papas, The Young Rascals, Janis Joplin, The Rolling Stones
Creedance Clearwater Revival 60 min Color EXC #791A
1)w/Dusty Springfield, Janis Joplin, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Gladys Knight and the Pips, 30 min Color EXC
2)w/Elvis Presley(includes all of Elvis’s performances from the Ed Sullivan show) 30 min B/W EXC #856C
3)w/The Rolling Stones, The Animals, James Brown, Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis 30 min Color EXC #593D
4)w/Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley, Bobby Darin, Karin Carpenter, Buddy Holly, The Mamas & the Pappas
30 min Color EXC #877B
5)w/Janis Joplin, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Santana, Sly and the Family Stone, Jefferson Starship
30 min Color/B/W EXC #810A
6)w/The Mamas & the Pappas(whole show is dedicated to them) 30 min Color EXC #810B
7)w/The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Hermans Hermits, The Animals, Gerry & the Pacemakers,
Freddie & the Dreamers 30 min Color Exc #810C
8)w/The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, The Doors, James Brown, Creedance Clearwater Revival 30 min
Color/B/W EXC #938A
9)w/The Beach Boys, Petula Clark, Tommy James and the Shondells, The Beatles, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons,
The Mamas & the Pappas 30 min Color/B/W EXC #941B
ED SULLIVAN’S “TOAST OF THE TOWN”: 1960 w/Walt Disney 60 min B/W EXC- #354A
1)10-13-49 w/Mel Torme 30 min B/W EXC- #472A
2)1950 w/The Three Stooges 30 min B/W EXC- #472B
1)1954 “Western Saloon Show” 30 min B/W VG #420A
2)1954 “Songs That Started His Career” 30 min B/W VG #420B
THE EDSEL SHOW: 10-13-57 w/Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Louis Armstrong 60 min B/W EXC- #352B
THE ELECTRIC SHOWCASE: 4-29-65 w/Gordon & Sheila Macrae, Al Hirt, New Christy Minstrels 60 min B/W EXC- #577A
ELTON JOHN 'ONE NIGHT ONLY': 12-1-2000 w/Billy Joel, Kikki Dee, Mary J. Blighe 60 min Color EXC #1036B
ELVIS PRESLEY: 1968 COMBACK 1968 Nice show that featues Scotty Moore and an ascoustic set 70 min Color EXC #108A
1)9-13-98 50TH Annual Show w/Jenna Elfman, John Lithgow, Jane Curtain, Chris Rock, Lisa Kudrow, Jay Leno,
Michael Richards, Bob Hope, Milton Berle, Sid Ceasar, Alan Alda, Helen Hunt, Dennis Miller, Mel Brooks,
Gary Shandling, David Spade, Jon Lovitz, Tracey Ullman, Nathan Lane, Billy Crystal, Michael J. Fox,
Mark Harmon, ….etc…. 3 Hours Color Exc #839
THE ENTERTAINERS: 1965 w/Carol Burnett, Boris Karloff, Caterina Valente, Chita Rivera 60 min B/W EXC- #378A
ERNIE KOVACS SHOW (all shows are in B/W...60 mins and from the Trio channel)
1)w/Dick Haymes, Edie Adams #1335A
2)w/Edie Adams, The Treniers #1335B
3)w/Edie Adams, Dick Marta, Stan Rubin & his Tigertown 5 #1335C
4)w/Edie Adams, Roger Williams #1335D
1)1970 w/Stevie Wonder, Linda Ronstadt, Dennis Weaver 60 min Color POOR #1045A
2)1970 w/Mac Davis, Tony Joe White, Bobbie Martin 60 min Color POOR #1045B
1)Lost In Space vs. Batman 30 min Color EXC- #550A
2)Lost In Space vs. Hawaiian Eye 30 min Color VG- #550B
3)Lost In Space vs. Gilligan's Island 30 min Color EXC- #550C
4)Brady Bunch vs. Your Hit Parade 30 min Color VG- #550D
5)Lennon Sisters vs. Sister Sledge 30 min Color EXC #987B
FAMOUS FAMILIES: 2-00 w/The Osmonds 60 min Color EXC #936A
1)10-2000 W/U2, At The Drive-In, Wyclef Jean 60 min Color EXC #1105B
FARRAH FAWCETT SPECIAL: ALL OF ME:1997 Playboy centerfold shootings & career retrospective
70 min Color EXC- #1324B
1)w/Precision swim team 30 min Color VG #659C
2)w/Tom Waits 30 min Color VG #659D
THE FIFTH DIMENSION TRAVELING SUNSHINE SHOW: 8-18-71 w/The Carpenters, Dionne warwick 60 min Color EXC-
FLIP WILSON……OF COURSE: 10-18-74 w/Peter Sellers, Richard Pryor, Lily Tomlin, Martha Reeves 60 min Color
Good(some glitches) #858A
1)1970 w/The Osmond Brothers, Lucille Ball, Ed Sullivan 30 min Color EXC- #615C
2)1970 w/Aretha Franklin, Dom DeLuise, George Carlin 30 min Color EXC- #642B
3)1970 w/Ray Charles, Don Rickles 30 min Color EXC- #724B
4)1970 w/Ray Charles, Dan Blocker 30 min Color EXC- #724C
5)1970 w/Aretha Franklin, Dick Cavett, Charlie Callas 30 min Color EXC- #725B
6)1970 w/Johnny Mathis, Joe Namath, George Carlin 30 min Color EXC- #725C
7)1970 w/Carol Lawrence, Robert Goulet, Slappy White 30 min Color EXC- #505C
8)1970 w/Melba Moore, Tim Conway, Bing Crosby 30 min Color EXC- #619B
9)1970 w/Sammy Davis Jr., Ed MacMahon 30 min Color EXC- #704C
10)1970 w/Jim Brown, Johnny Cash 30 min Color EXC- #776C
11)1970 w/The Smothers Brothers, Melba Moore 30 min Color EXC- #780B
12)1970 w/Roy Clark, Redd Foxx, Petula Clark 30 min Color EXC- #761C
13)1970 w/Howard Cosell, Marty Feldman, Sandy Duncan, Taj Mahal 30 min Color EXC- #835D
14)1970 w/Tim Conway, The Fifth Dimension 30 min Color EXC- #822B
15)1970 w/Don Adams, Redd Foxx 30 min Color EXC #812C
16)1970 w/Tony Randall, Bob & Ray, Lena Horne 30 min Color EXC #812B
17)1970 w/Big Bird, David Frost 30 min Color EXC #812D
18)1970 w/Robert Goulet, Lola Falana, Robert Klein, Dean Martin 30 min Color EXC #813A
19)1970 w/Marcel Marceau, Arte Johnson, Moms Mabley 30 min Color EXC #813B
20)1971 w/Bobby Darin, Charlie Pride, Ella Fitzgerald 30 min Color EXC #813C
21)1971 w/Stevie Wonder, Joey Heatherton, Johnny Brown 30 min Color EXC #813D
22)1971 w/Roger Miller, Lily Tomlin, Redd Foxx, The Temptations 30 min Color EXC #836A
23)1971 w/Perry Como 30 min Color EXC #836B
24)1971 w/Louis Armstrong 30 min Color EXC #836C
25)1971 w/Bill Cosby, Gina Lolabridgida 30 min Color EXC #836D
26)1971 w/Tim Conway, Slappy White, Kris Kristoferson, Rita Coolidge 30 min Color EXC- #839B
27)1971 w/Bill Cosby 30 min Color EXC #806D
28)1971 w/Art Carney, Barbara Feldon 30 min Color EXC- #802B
29)1971 w/Bill Russell, Stiller & Meara, Paul McCartney & Wings 30 min Color EXC- #821C
30)1971 w/Roy Clark, Melba Moore 30 min Color EXC #812A
31)1971 w/Bing Crosby, The Supremes, David Steinberg 30 min Color Exc- #835C
32)1971 w/Joe Namath, George Carlin 30 min Color EXC- #740B
33)1971 w/Phil Silvers, Barbara Feldon, B.B. King 30 min Color EXC- #767C
34)1971 w/Aretha Franklin, Tim Conway 30 min Color EXC #668A
35)1971 w/Marty Feldman, Melba Moore, Jimmy Osmond 30 min Color EXC #799C
36)1971 w/The Muppets, Jack Benny, Pearl Bailey 30 min Color EXC- #613C
37)1971 w/Don Adams, The Staple Singers, Roscoe Lee Brown 30 min Color EXC- #613D
38)1971 w/Ed Sullivan, Sammy Davis Jr., Marilyn Michaels 30 min Color EXC- #831B
39)1971 w/Rich Little, Cicely Tyson, Bill Withers, Ed MacMahon 30 min Color EXC- #345B
40)1972 w/Pat Boone, George Carlin, Sugar Ray Robinson 30 min Color Exc- #807B
41)1972 w/Redd Foxx, Tim Conway, Bobby Darin 30 min Color EXC #810D
42)1972 w/Jackson Five, David Steinberg 30 min Color EXC- #815B
43)1972 w/Tim Conway, Ruth Buzzi, Earl Garner 30 min Color EXC- #808B
44)1972 w/Tony Randall, Lena Horne 30 min Color EXC- #835A
45)1972 w/Burl Ives, Sha Na Na 30 min Color EXC #835B
46)1972 w/Tim Conway, Roberta Flack, Burt Reynolds 30 min Color EXC- #823C
47)1972 w/Joan Rivers, Frank Gorshin, The Temptations 30 min Color EXC- #823D
48)1972 w/Don Knotts, Richard Pryor, Oscar Brown Jr., Jean Pace 30 min Color EXC- #366D
49)1972 w/Bill Russell, Albert Brooks, Johnny Cash, June Carter 30 min Color EXC- #585D
50)1972 w/David Frost, Aretha Franklin 30 min Color EXC #668B
51)1972 w/Gladys Knight & The Pips, Raymond Burr 30 min Color VG+ #572B
52)1972 w/Bobby Darin, Muhammad Ali, Lily Tomlin 30 min Color EXC #721C
53)1973 w/Leonard Nimoy 30 min Color EXC- #547B
54)1973 w/Hank Aaron, Lee Grant, Gladys Knight & The Pips 30 min Color EXC- #578C
55)1973 w/Harry Belafonte, Burns & Schreiber 30 min Color EXC- #582C
56)1973 w/Monty Hall, The Pointer Sisters 30 min Color EXC- #378C
57)1973 w/Richard Pryor, Ralph Edwards 30 min Color EXC- #486C
58)1973 w/Andy Griffith, Curtis Mayfield 30 min Color EXC #838D
59)1974 w/Joan Rivers, Redd Foxx, Helen Reddy 30 min Color EXC #843C
FORD STAR JUBILEE: 1955 w/Judy Garland 60 min B/W VG+ #576A
FORD STAR TIME “THE BIG TIME”: 11-7-59 w/George Burns, Jack Benny, Bobby Darin, Eddie Cantor 60 min B/W VG #417A
1) 10-59 w/Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Mitzi Gaynor 60 min B/W EXC #352A
2)5-12-60 w/Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis jr, Nancy Sinatra, Joey Bishop, Peter Lawford 60 min B/W EXC #?
FRANKIE LAINE SHOW: 1954 w/Patti Page, Frank Fontaine 30 min B/W VG #476B
FRIAR’S ROAST OF ED SULLIVAN: 1958 w/Walter Cronkite, Joey Bishop, Phil Silvers, Jack Carson 60 min B/W VG- #420B
1)9-1-81 w/Andy Kaufman, The Pretenders 70 min Color VG #1025A
2)2-20-81 w/Andy Kaufman, Sir Douglas Quintet 70 min Color VG+ #1024A
3)1982 w/Victoria Principle, Chubby Checker 45 min Color VG- #995A
4)1982 w/William Shatner, Kim Carnes 45 min Color VG- #995B
5)1982 w/Karen Allen, The Stray Cats 30 min Color VG+ #995C
6)1982 w/Father Sarducci, Jefferson Starship 50 min Color VG- #994A
7)1982 w/Valerie Bertinelli, Jim Carroll Band 50 min Color VG- #994B
FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM:1999 Nice retrospect on Irish music w/U2, Bob Geldorf, Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy,
Rory Gallagher, The Dubliners, Gavin Friday, Horselips, Sinead O Connor, Clannard, The Pogues, The Waterboys,
The Cranberries, The Corrs 120 min Color EXC #1197
FROM THE BITTER END : Complete episodes of Classic 1967-68 performances hosted by Rick Nelson
1) w/ Chad Mitchell Trio, John Denver, Frankie Valli, Paul Anka, Joe Williams, Grace Markay, Anita Sheer,
Lynne Kellelog, Country Joe and the Fish, Dee Dee Warwick 60 min Color, EXC #711A
2) w/Neil Diamond, Odetta, Peaches & Herb, Brook Benton, Tom Rush, The Happenings, Serendipity Singers,
Chuck Jackson, M. King 60 min Color EXC #730A
GARRY MOORE SHOW: 1962 w/Julie London, Robert Goulet, Bob Newhart, Carol Burnett 60 min B/W VG-
GENE KELLY “AN AMERICAN IN PASADENA”: 1977 w/Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball, Liza Minelli, Janet Leigh,
Cyd Charisse, Cindy Williams, Kathryn Grayson 60 min Color EXC- #655A
GENE VINCENT:1969 Live footage and interviews from England 60 min Color/B/W EXC- #1183B
GENERAL FOODS 25TH ANNIVERSARY: 3-28-54 w/Mary Martin, Groucho Marx, Jack Benny, Ed Sullivan 90 min B/W Fair
GEORGE BURNS 100TH BIRTHDAY PARTY: 5-4-82 w/Milton Berle, Don Rickles, Goldie Hawn, Johnny Carson
Bob Hope, Gregory Peck, James Stewart, Dean Martin, Pat Boone, Steve Martin 60 min Color EXC- #701A
GEORGE BURNS “ONE MAN SHOW”: 11-23-77 w/John Denver, Bob Hope, Ann-Margaret, Gladys Knight &
The Pips, Captain & Tenille 50 min Color VG- #715B & #759A
GET IT TOGETHER: 2-70 w/Mama Cass Elliot, Bobby Sherman, Oliver 30 min Color VG+ #540B
“GIT ON BROADWAY”: 11-12-68 w/Diana Ross & The Supremes, The Temptations 60 min Color Good #430B
1)4-16-69 w/Nancy Sinatra, Tim Conway, Al Martino, Robert Goulet, John Hartford 60 min Color VG+ #709A w/o/c
2)3-15-70 w/Larry Storch, Judy Collins, Al Martino, George Lindsay 60 min Color VG+ #709B w/o/c
3))11-12-69 w/Willie Nelson, Tony Randall 30 min (incomplete) B/W EXC- #336A
4)9-14-71 w/John Wayne, Three Dog Night, Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, Jerry Reed 60 min Color EXC #?
5)Promo Reel w/assorted clips some incomplete 25min Color EXC #613A
6)1971 w/Johnny Cash, Buck Owens, Mel Tillis, Merle Haggard, Minnie Pearl, Freddie Hart, Jerry Reed 60 min COLOR EXC- #1027A
7)9-21-71 w/Bob Hope, Smothers Brothers, Dionne Warwick 60 min COLOR EXC #1027B w/o/c
8)11-19-69 w/Cher, Neil Diamond, Bob Newhart 60 min COLOR VG- #1028A w/o/c
9)12-21-69 w/Cher, Andy Griffith, Paul Lynde 60 min COLOR VG+ #1028B w/o/c
10)1-10-71 w/Liberace, Neil Diamond, Linda Ronstadt 60 min Color EXC #1207B (CMT)
11)11-70 w/Johnny Cash, June Carter, Bob Newhart, Mel Tillis, Jerry Reed, Jackie DeShannon 60 min Color EXC #1215A (CMT)
12)10-69 w/Cher, Don Ho, Cliff Arquette, Casey Anderson 60 min Color EXC #1215B (CMT)
13)3-69 w/Merle Haggard, Leslie Uggams, John Hartford 30 min Color EXC #1216B (CMT)
14)4-69 w/Flip Wilson, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, Pat Paulson, John Hartford 30 min Color EXC #1216C (CMT)
15)4-49 w/Waylon Jennings, Liza Minnelli, Righteous Brothers 30 min Color EXC #1219B (CMT)
16)3-70 w/Willie Nelson, Fess Parker, Lily Tomlin 30 min Color EXC #1219C (CMT)
17)9-69 w/Stevie Wonder, Roger Miller, Pat Paulson, John Hartford 60 min Color EXC #1223B (CMT
18)10-70 w/Kenny Rogers, Jerry Reed, Arte Johnson 30 min Color EXC #1226A (CMT)
19)4-69 w/Ray Charles, John Hartford, Lynn Kellogg 30 min Color EXC #1226B (CMT)
20)3-70 w/Ella Fitzgerald, Neil Diamond, Raymond Burr 30 min Color EXC #1245A (CMT)
GLEN CAMPBELL “LIVE IN DUBLIN, IRELAND”: 1981 Recorded during his British Tour 45 min Color VG
1)1982 w/Willie Nelson 30 min Color EXC #?
2)1982 w/Willie Nelson, Roger Miller 30 min Color EXC #?
3)1982 w/Mel Tillis 30 min COLOR EXC- #1034A
4)1982 w/Jimmy Webb 30 min COLOR EXC- #1034B
5)1982 w/Andy Williams 20 min COLOR EXC- #1034C (intro is cut)
6)1982 wAndre Crouch 20 min COLOR EXC- #1034F
7)1982 w/Righteous Brothers 30 min COLOR EXC #1035C
8)1982 w/Lacy J Dalton 30 min COLOR EXC #1035D
9)1982 w/Air Supply 30 min Color EXC #1103A w/o/c
10)1982 w/Henry Mancini 30 min Color EXC #1103B w/o/c
11)1982 w/Tammy Wynette 30 min Color EXC #1103C w/o/c
GLEN CAMPBELL AND FRIENDS: 7-16-84 w/Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers, Anne Murray, Kris Kristofferson
60 min Color VG+ #11A
GLEN CAMPBELL LIVE AT THE DOME: 1991 Live in London 90 min COLOR EXC #323A
GLEN CAMPBELL: LIFE AND TIMES OF 8-15-96 Great Retrospective of his career 60 min Color EXC #383B
GLEN CAMPBELL "IN CONCERT"2-2001 Live from South Dakota with Debbie Campbell 60 min Color EXC #1105A
GOING BACK TO INDIANA: 1971 w/The Jackson Five, Tom Smothers, Bill Cosby, Bill Russell, Elgin Baylor
Ben Davidson, Rosey Grier, Elvin Hayes 60 min Color EXC- #928B
GO-GO-MANIA: British T.V. Compilation from the Pop Gear Show w/The Beatles, The Animals, Herman’s Hermits,
Spencer Davis Group, Peter & Gordon, Matt Monroe, Honeycombs 40 min Color EXC- #729B
GO JOHNNY GO: 1959 w/Alan Freed, Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, Richie Valens 60 min B/W EXC- #493A
1)3-16-71 w/Andy Williams (Host), Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, Aretha Franklin, John Wayne, Three Dog Night,
Osmond Brothers, Herb Alpert, Lynn Anderson, Burt Bacharach, Brook Benton, Glen Campbell, The Carpenters,
Duke Ellington, 5th Dimension, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Wanda Jackson, Quincy Jones, Shirley Jones, Lainie Kazan,
B.B. King, Henry Mancini, Paul McCartney, Anne Murray, Rod McKuen, Bob Newhart, Freda Payne,
Charly Pride, Marty Robbins, Nancy Sinatra, Conway Twitty, Dionne Warwick, John Wayne, Nancy Wilson,
Tammy Wynette 80 min Color EXC- #588A
2)3-14-72 w/Andy Williams (Host), 5th Dimension, John Lennon, The Temptations, Aretha Franklin, B.B. King
80 min Color EXC #589A
3)3-3-73 w/Andy Williams (Host), Johnny Cash, Curtis Mayfield, Aretha Franklin, Helen Reddy, Mac Davis 80 min Color EXC-
4)3-2-74 w/Andy Williams (Host), Chuck Berry, Cher, Glen Campbell, Carpenters, DeFranco Family, Roberta Flack,
Isaac Hayes, Jackson 5, Loggins & Messina, Loretta Lynn, Tony Orlando & Dawn, Helen Reddy, Diana Ross,
Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Little Richard, Charlie Rich, Eric Weissberg and Steve Mandrell 102 min Color Fair #695
5)2-79 w/John Denver (Host), Debbie Boone, Eubie Blake, Glen Campbell, Natalie Cole, Neil Diamond, Andy Gibb,
The Imperials, Quincy Jones, Kris Kristofferson, Barbara Mandrell, Barry Manilow, Steve Martin, Dinah Shore,
Olivia Newton John, Lou Rawls, Minnie Ripperton, Donna Summer, Frankie Valli 120 min Color EXC #734
6)2-80 w/Kenny Rogers (Host), Herb Alpert, George Benson, Debbie Boone, George Burns, J. Carter, Bob Dylan,
Johnny Cash, Natalie Cole, Charlie Daniels, Neil Diamond, The Doobie Brothers, D. Harry, Isaac Hayes,
Quincy Jones, Kris Kristofferson, Kenny Loggins, Henry Mancini, Ted Nugent, Barbra Streisand, Sara Vaughan
120 min Color EXC #733
7)2-81 w/Paul Simon (Host), Irene Cara, Aretha Franklin, Peter Allen, Harry Belafonte, Harry Chapin, Judy Collins,
The Commodores, Rodney Dangerfield, Placido Domingo, The Doobie Brothers, Roberta Flack, Andy Gibb,
Al Jarreau, Kris Kristofferson, Kenny Loggins, Barbara Mandrell, Anne Murray, Olivia Newton John, Diana Ross,
Lionel Richie, Todd Rundgren, Barbra Streisand, B.J. Thomas, Dionne Warwick, Barry Gibb 120 min Color EXC-
8)1982 w/John Denver (Host), Herb Alpert, Pat Benatar, James Brown, Glen Campbell, Joe Cocker, Sheena Easton,
Al Green, Rick James, Peggy Lee, Rick Springfield, Tina Turner, The Pointer Sisters 120 min Color EXC #672
9)2-85 w/John Denver (Host), Huey Lewis, Laurie Anderson, Ray Davies, Cyndi Lauper, Hulk Hogan, Stevie Wonder,
Dee Snyder, Sheila E., Jeffrey Osborne, Wendy & Lisa, Kim Carnes, Randy Newman, Tina Turner, Julian Lennon,
Andy Summers, Kenny Loggins, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Henry Mancini, Anne Murray, Sammy Hagar, Lionel Richie,
David Foster, Chaka Khan, Phillip Bailey, Jermaine Jackson, Howard Jones, Thomas Dolby, Herbie Hancock,
Rick Dees, Lee Greenwood, Prince, Boy George, Grace Jones, Joni Mitchell, Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross
115 min Color Fair #817
10)1998 w/Shawn Colvin, Paula Cole, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Sara McLaughlin, Fresh Prince 150 min Color
EXC #622
11) 2-99 w/Rosie O’Donnell (Host), Aerosmith, Beck, Backstreet Boys, Clint Black, Andrea Bocelli, Eric Clapton,
Bono, Natalie Cole, Puffy Comb, Cheryl Crow, Celine Dion, Dixie Chicks, Gloria Estefan, John Fogerty, Vince Gill,
Faith Hill, B.B. King, Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Ricky Martin, Sara McLaughlin,
Alanis Morrisette, Luciano Pavarotti, Carlos Santana, Will Smith, Sting, Chris Tucker, Shania Twain 150 min Color
EXC #766
12)2-01w/John Stewart(host), Christina Aguilera, Erykah Badu, Blue Man Group, Tony Bennett, Toni Braxton, Sheryl Crow,
Carson Daly, Destiny's Child, Jenna Elfman, Eminem, Melissa Etheridge, Gloria Estefan, Nnenna Freelon, Vince Gill,
Macy Gray, Faith hill, Kevin James, Joe, Elton John, Kid Rock, Val Kilmer, Lil Bow Wow, Heather Locklear,
Shelby Lynne, Bette Midler, Moby, Joni Mitchell, Mya, Nsync, Dolly Parton, Brad Paisley, Robbie Robertson,
Ray Romano, Richie Sambora, Carlos Santana, Jill Scott, Shakira, Paul Simon, Sisqo, Take 6, Jimmy Smits
Stevie Wonder, U2, Madonna 150 min Color EXC #1114
13)5-5-68 w/Rowan & Martin, Glen Campbell, Temptations, Don Rickles, Flip Wilson, Jeannie C. Rily, King Family,
Jose Feliciano, Lou Rawls, Bobbie Gentry, Burt Bacharach, Dionne Warwicke, Cass Elliott, Beatles(video clip),
Nancy Sinatra, Mason Williams, Davy Jones, Bobby Goldsboro, Tiny Tim, Simon & Garfunkel, O.C. Smith,
Tommy Smothers, Cast Of Hair, Henry Mancini, Tenn. Ernie Ford 60 min Color EXC #1173
14)2-27-02 w/John Stewart(host), Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys, Joshua Bell, Tony Bennett, Mary J. Blighe,
Natalie Cole, Elvis Costello, Sheryl Crow, Dave Matthews Band, Craig David, Destiny's Child, Celine Dion,
Dixie Chicks, Bob Dylan, Missy Elliot, Gloria Estefan, Kirk Franklin, Nelly Fertado, Al Green, Emmylou Harris,
Don Henley, Sarah Hughes, India Arie, Ja Rule, Alan Jackson, Janet Jackson, Kevin James, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys,
Kid Rock, Dave Koz, Diana Krall, Alison Krauss, Pattie Labelle, Lil Kim, Brian McKnight, Mya, Nelly, Nsync,
Jamie O'Neal, Outkast, Matthew Perry, Pink, Bonnie Raitt, Ray Romano, Michael W. Smith, Soggy Bottom Boys,
Britany Spears, Ralph Stanley, Rob Thomas, Gwen Stefani, Train, Stevie Wonder, Trisha Yearwood, U2, Steve Vai,
150 min Color EXC #1192
GREASE DAY USA: 1978 w/Olivia Newton John, John Travolta, Eve Arden, Leif Garrett 60 min Color VG+ #401A
1)1968 w/Sally Field, Strawberry Alarm Clock 30 min B/W VG+ #366C
2)1969 w/Beach Boys, Friends of Distinction, David Soul, Bridget Hanley, Stefan Angrim, Mickey Rooney 30 min B/W VG+ #366A
3)3-22-69 w/The Monkees, Tommy Roe, Merilee Rush 30 min B/W VG+ #366B
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLYWOOD: 5-18-87 w/Lucille Ball, Milton Berle, Carol Burnett, Sid Ceasar, Tony Danza,
Sammy Davis Jr., Barbara Eden, Bob Hope, Shirley Jones, Telly Savalas, Lana Turner, Robert Stack 3 hours Color
EXC #689 plus #690A
1) 1997 w/Jewel, Paula Cole, Indigo Girls, Shawn Colvin 60 min Color EXC #571B
2)5-99 w/Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer, and the original Bad Company 3 hrs Color EXC- #887A
3)1998 w/Melissa Etheridge 60 min Color EXC #932B
4)3-2000 w/Santana, Everlast, Dave Matthews 60 min Color EXC #938B
5)1999 w/Paula Cole, Meridith Brooks 60 min Color EXC #1040A
HEROES OF ROCK & ROLL: 1978 w/Jeff Bridges (Host), Featuring many vintage clips of The Beatles, Bill Haley,
Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Dominoe, Muddy Waters, Ray Charles, James Brown, Hank Williams,
Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Chubby Checker 90 min Color EXC #740A
HIGH TOR: 3-10-56 w/Bing Crosby, Juliie Andrews, Nancy Olson, Hans Conried 90 min B/W VG+ #648A
1)5-73 w/Steeler’s Wheel, Argent, Jimmy Ruffin, Donna Hightower, Golden Earring 45 min Color EXC #664A
2)6-73 w/Ike & Tina Turner, The Family Tree, The Real Thing, Mud 45 min Color EXC #664B
1) 1965 w/Jody Miller, Jimmie Rogers, The Turtles, Mel Carter, Eddie Hodges 30 min Color VG- #458B
2)1965 w/The Platters, Donnie Brooks, The Challengers 30 min B/W Poor #552C
3)1965 w/Simon & Garfunkel, Donna Loren, Lesley Gore, The Association, The Dixie Cups, Bobby Freeman 30 min
B/W VG+ #796B
1)1964 w/Glen Campbell, Jeannie Seely, D. Bramlett 30 min Color EXC #727A
2)1964 w/Glen Campbell, Jeannie Seely, Donald Barry 30 min Color EXC #727B
3)1964 w/Glen Campbell, Jeannie Seely, Claude Gray 30 min Color EXC #727C
4)1964 w/Glen Campbell, D. Bramlett, Sheb Wooley 30 min Color EXC #727D
1)3-7-64 w/Dean Martin, Vikki Carr, Jackie Mason, Groucho Marx, Raquel Welch, Barrie Chase, Leonard Barr
60 min B/W VG+ #367B W/O/C
2)3-14-64 w/Groucho Marx, Jose Greco, Morry Amsterdam, Rose Marie, Lee Allen, Jenny Smith 60 min B/W VG- #701B
3)10-31-64 w/Buddy Ebsen, Jack Carter, Willie Mays, Raquel Welch, Jane Morgan, Shani Wallis 60 min B/W EXC #358A
4)2-6-65 w/Arthur Godfrey, Shelly Berman, Dorothy Collins, Delrays 60 min B/W EXC #356A
5)2-13-65 w/George Burns, Rich Little, Wayne Newton, Connie Stevens 60 min B/W EXC #358B W/O/C
6)11-13-65 w/Judy Garland, Vic Damone, Chita Rivera, Gene Baylos, Burns & Schreiber 60 min Color VG #405A W/O/C
7)12-4-65 w/Milton Berle, Ceasar Romero, Liberace, Joey Heatherton, Johnny Puleo & his harmonica gang, McGuire Sisters 60 min B/W VG+ (Audio Dropouts) #719B W/O/C
8)12-11-65 w/Bill Cosby, Herb Alpert, Caterina Valente, Bill Dana, Fredonia 60 min B/W EXC- #432A W/O/C
9)12-30-65 w/Cyd Charisse, Jack Carter, Tony Martin, Kay Starr, Delravs 60 min B/W EXC #357B
10)1-8-66 w/Kate Smith, Juliet Prowse, Charles Aznavour, Burns & Schreiber 60 min Color VG- #693A
11)1-29-66 w/Arthur Godfrey, Sid Caesar, Abbie Lane, Mamas & Papas, The Bersoni’s 60 min B/W EXC #359B W/O/C
12)3-19-66 w/Nancy Sinatra, Robert Goulet, Chita Rivera 60 min Color VG+ #531A W/O/C
13)9-7-66 w/Judy Garland, Van Johnson, Johnny Rivers, Jack Carter 60 min Color VG #405B W/O/C
14)10-1-66 w/Elizabeth Montgomery, Vic Damone, Jackie Mason, Paul Lynde 60 min B/W VG- #480A
15)10-29-66 w/Herb Alpert, The Supremes, Shelly Berman 60 min B/W EXC- #570A W/O/C
16)11-5-66 w/D. Robertson, Jack Carter, D. Sanders, B. Chase, Mary Chase, Stonemans 60 min B/W EXC #725A
17)11-12-66 w/Phil Harris, Abbie Lane, George Jessel 60 min B/W EXC #357A W/O/C
18)12-31-66 w/Bing Crosby, Charles Aznavour, Mills Brothers, Dorothy Collins, Burns & Schreiber, Johnny Pueleo,
60 min B/W EXC #669A W/O/C
19)1-7-67 w/Ray Bolger, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Diahann Carroll, King Family 60 min B/W EXC- #465B W/O/C
20)2-25-67 w/Liza Minelli, Van Johnson, The Beatles, George Carlin, Mickey Rooney 60 min Color EXC- #403B W/O/C
21)3-11-67 w/Kate Smith, Jimmy Dean, Ann Miller, Tim Conway, New Vaudeville Band 60 min Color Fair #693B
22)4-1-67 w/Red Buttons, Louis Armstrong, Nanette Fabray, Bing Crosby 60 min B/W EXC #669B W/O/C
23)9-19-67 w/Milton Berle, Lena Horne, Spanky & Our Gang, Neile Adams 60 min B/W EXC #356B W/O/C
24)10-17-67 w/Petula Clark, Lynn Redgrave, George Sanders, Noel Harrison, The Nitwits 60 min B/W EXC- #431A W/O/C
25)11-28-67 w/Milton Berle, King Family, Nanette Fabares, Buddy Greco 60 min B/W EXC #359A W/O/C
26)12-5-67 w/Jimmy Durante, The Lennon Sisters, Grass Roots, Ethel Merman 60 min B/W EXC- #431B W/O/C
27)12-21-68 w/Bing Crosby, Glen Campbell, Lennon Sisters, John Byner 60 min Color VG #336B W/O/C
28)2-17-68 w/Jimmy Durante, Vikki Carr, The Temptations, Van Johnson, Jimmy Dean 60 min B/W EXC- #527B
29)3-15-69 w/Sammy Davis Jr., James Brown, Peggy Lipton, Nipsey Russel, Dave Madden, Cast of Mod Squad 60 min Color VG #531B W/O/C
30)2-7-70 Final Show w/Bing Crosby & Assorted clips 60 min Color & B/W EXC- #649B
31)12-10-66 w/Jimmy Durante, The Turtles, George Carlin, Peter Lawford 60 min B/W EXC #957B
32)9-24-66 w/Phil Silvers, The Lovin Spoonful, Carl Reiner, Polly Bergen 60 min B/W EXC- #1030A W/O/C
33)2-3-68 w/Phil Silvers, James Brown, Jack Jones, Connie Stevens, Polly Bergen 60 min B/W EXC- #1030B W/O/C
34)6-13-64 w/Dean Martin, Rolling Stones, King Sisters, Joey Foreman, Bertha & Tina, Larry Griswold 60 min B/W EXC #1060B W/O/C
35)10-3-64 w/Maurice Chevalier, Tim Conway, Jane Powell, Rowan & Martin, Collins Kids 60 min B/W EXC- #1091A
36)12-17-66 w/Eddie Fisher, Agnes Moorehead 60 min B/W EXC #1091B
37)2-4-67 w/Jack Benny, Johnny Mathis, Petula Clark 60 min Color VG #1078B W/O/C
38)12-24-66 w/Bing Crosby, Bob Newhart, Cyd Charisse, Kate Smith 60 min B/W VG #1077A W/O/C
39)1-14-67 w/Bing Crosby, Edie Adams, Tim Conway, Bob Hope, Jimmy Durante 60 min B/W VG- #1077B
40)12-26-64 w/Van Johnson, Betty Grable, Sergio Franchi, Jackie Mason, The Zeros, Mimi Zerbini 60 min B/W EXC #1101A W/O/C
41)2-27-65 w/Donald O'Connor, Sergio Franchi, Morgana King, Dorothy Provine 60 min B/W EXC #1101B
HONEYMOONER’S VALENTINE SPECIAL: 1978 w/Art Carney, Audrey Meadows, Jackie Gleason 60 min Color EXC #471A
HONEYMOONER'S 50TH ANIV. CELEBRATION: 5-6-02 w/Kevin James(host)The special focuses on the "classic 39" episodes that first aired on CBS from 1955 to 1956. 60 min Color/B/W EXC #1219A
HOOTENANNY: Syndicated 1963-1964
1)w/Trini Lopez, Jimmie Rogers, Bill Cosby, The Brothers Four, The Travelers Three, Nancy Ames 60 min B/W Fair #402A
2)w/Eddy Arnold, Clancy Brothers, Woody Allen, Cathy Taylor, Mike Suttle 60 min B/W Fair #402B
1)1987 w/Elvis Impersonators 60 min COLOR FAIR #286A
2)1987 w/Frank Zappa 60 min COLOR FAIR #286B
HOW SWEET IT IS: 5-22-74 w/Julie Andrews, Jackie Gleason 60 min Color VG- #771B
HUDSON BROTHERS RAZZLE DAZZLE SHOW: 1974 w/Murray Langston 60 min B/W VG #479B
1)1965 w/Jerry Lewis, Gary Lewis 30 min Color EXC- #353B
2)1-19-65 w/Paul Anka, Liza Minelli, P. Nero, Dionne Warwick, Johnny Rivers, Nashville Teens, Fred Smoot,
Marianne Faithful 60 min B/W VG- #756B
3)2-2-65 w/Petula Clark, Brenda Lee, Everly Brothers, Jay and the Americans, Cliff Bennett& Rebel Rousers 60 min B/W VG+ #538C
4)2-16-65 w/The Kinks, Annette Funicello, Frankie Avalon, Don Adams, The Brothers Four, Buddy & The Dreamers
60 min B/W EXC - #534A
5)3-9-65 w/Bobby Vinton, The Four Tops, Johnny Rivers, B. McNair, The Dakotas, Chad and Jeremy 60 min B/W Fair # 755A
6)3-16-65 w/Little Anthony & The Imperials, Soupy Sales, Mary Wells, Detergents 60 min B/W EXC #429B
7)4-6-65 w/Paul Anka, Chubby Checker, Del Shannon, Joe & Eddie, Rita Pavone, Greenwood County Singers,
Marianne Faithful, David Clayton Thomas and Shays 60 min B/W VG+ #756A
8)4-20-65 w/Dusty Springfield, Lola Falana, Sammy Davis Jr, The Animals, Jay and the Americans 60 min B/W VG- #772A
9)4-27-65 w/George Hamilton, Brenda Lee, The Impressions, The Hollies, The Ronettes, Wayne Fontana &
The Mind Benders, The Womenfolk 60 min B/W VG- #571A
10)5-4-65 w/Chuck Berry, Trini Lopez, Herman’s Hermits, The Four Seasons, Martha and Vandellas 60 min B/W EXC #?
11)5-11-65 w/Frankie Avalon, The Byrds, Barbara McNair, The Supremes, Peter & Gordon, Joanie Sommers
Sam the Sham, The Pharoahs 60 min B/W EXC- #927A
12)9-13-65 w/Sammy Davis Jr., Sonny & Cher, The Supremes, Lovin’ spoonful, Strangeloves 30 min B/W EXC #?
13)9-27-65 w/The Animals, Brenda Lee, Peter & Gordon, Beau Brummels 30 min B/W VG+ #538A
14)10-11-65 w/George Maharis, The Animals, The Gentrys, Dionne Warwick, Joe and Eddie 30 min B/W VG+ #618A
15)10-18-65 w/The Supremes, Paul Anka, Leslie Uggams, D. Winters, Len Barry 30 min B/W VG- #757A
16)10-25-65 w/Petula Clark, Noel Harrison, The Toys, Kim Weston 30 min B/W EXC- #543C
17)11-15-65 w/Lovin’ Spoonful, Lesley Gore, Herman’s Hermits 30 min B/W VG+ #538B
18)11-29-65 w/Michael Landon, The Byrds 30 min B/W EXC #?
19)12-6-65 w/Frankie Avalon, The Hollies, The Yardbirds, Nancy Sinatra 30 min B/W EXC #?
20)12-13-65 w/Robert Vaughn, The Four Tops, The Supremes, The Serendipity Singers 30 min B/W VG- #757B
21)1-10-66 w/Leslie Uggams, The McCoys, Peter & Gordon, Barry McGuire, Shangri-Las 30 min B/W VG- #757C
22)1-17-66 w/Everly Brothers, Trini Lopez, The Vogues, Freddie & The Dreamers 30 min B/W Fair #757D
23)2-11-66 w/The Righteous Brothers, Nancy Sinatra, Paul Revere & the Raiders, Bob Lind, Barry Ryan
30 min B/W EXC- #927B
22)2-21-66 w/Righteous Brothers, Bob Lind, Nancy Sinatra, Paul Revere and the Raiders 30 min B/W Poor #505A
23)3-14-66 w/Bobby Rydell, Mamas & The Papas, Dionne Warwick, Gary Lewis and the Playboys 30 min B/W EXC #?
24)3-28-66 w/Joe Tex, Chad & Jeremy, Outsiders 30 min B/W EXC- #543C
25)4-4-66 w/Soupy Sales, The Young Rascals, We Five, Remains 30 min B/W EXC- #543A
26)4-11-66 w/Paul Anka, Lesley Gore, Peter & Gordon, Cyrkle 30 min Color EXC #?
27)1-10-66 w/Leslie Uggams, The McCoys, Peter & Gordon 30 min B/W EXC #966A
HUMAN RIGHTS TOUR: 1987 w/Sting, Tracy Chapman, Bruce Springsteen, Peter Gabriel 21/2 hrs Color EXC #140
HYLIT SHOW : Compilation from 1966-1971 w/Joe Cocker, Otis Redding, Glen Campbell, Gary Puckett, Four Tops,
Marvin Gaye, The Spinners, Three Dog Night, Soul Survivors 90 min B/W & Color EXC #640B
I LOVE LICY'S 50th ANIV.: 11-11-01 w/Dick Van Dyke, Whoopi Goldberg(Hosts), Lily Tomlin, Cher, Roseanne,
Larry King, Barbara Walters, Antonio Banderas 120 min Color/B/W EXC #1155
IMPRESSIONS OF GARLAND: 1972 Documentary of Judy Garland 30 min Color VG+ #578B
1)9-27-74 w/Cat Stevens (includes cartoon video) 60 min B/W & Color VG+ #761A
2)1973 w/Mahavishnu Orchestra 15 min Color VG #713B
3)1973 w/The Eagles 30 min Color EXC #314A
IN MEMORIAN: NEW YORK CITY 9/11/01: 5-30-02 HBO special that documents the horriffic
Terriorist acts of Sept 11 60 min Color EXC #1244B
INSIDE FAME: 2-3-02 w/Glen Campbell 60 min Color EXC #1184B
IRVING BERLIN 100TH BIRTHDAY GALA: 5-27-88 w/Shirley MacLaine, Bea Arthur, Tony Bennett, R. Clooney,
L. Bernstein, Ray Charles, Michael Feinstein, M. Horne, M. Kahn, Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Maureen McGovern
120 min Color EXC #722
ISLAND RECORDS 25TH ANIV. : w/Grace Jones, Chris Blackwell & many, many rare clips 50 min Color EXC #69B
IT WAS 20 YEARS AGO TODAY:A ROCK RETROSPECTIVE: 1987 A nive retrospec on The Beatles w/Peter Fonda,
Abbie Hoffman, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Roger McGuinn, Allen Ginsberg, Dr. Timothy Leary, Paul Katner,
Michelle Phillips 2 hrs Color EX #40
1)10-2-55 w/Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz 30 min B/W EXC w/o/c #949A
2) w/Connie Francis 30 min B/W VG+ #6629A
3)10-24-56 w/Don Ameche 30 min B/W VG+ #635B
1)11-3-65 w/Bob Hope, Elke Sommer, The Beach Boys 60 min Color EXC- #1015A
JACK BENNY’S “CARNIVAL NIGHTS”: 3-20-68 w/Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Johnny Carson, Ben Blue 60 min B/W EXC- #466A
JACK BENNY’S “NEW LOOK”: 12-7-69 w/George Burns, Gary Puckett, Nancy Sinatra, Gregory Peck 60 min Color VG+ #464A
JACK SPECTOR SHOW: 1960 w/The Crystals, Link Wray, Bob Crewe 60 min B/W VG+ #738C
1)1966 w/Joel Grey, Groucho Marx, Louie Nye, Jane Morgan, Johnny Mathis 60 min B/W VG #482A
2) 1968 w/Art Carney, Sheila Macrae 60 min B/W VG #456A
1)1976 w/Carol l O’Connor 30 min Color Good #597C
2)1976 w/Ed McMahon, Samuels and Cohen 30 min Color VG- #1201A
3)1976 w/Lynda Carter, Tim Thomerson 30 min Color VG- #1201B
4)1976 w/David Letterman, Tim Conway 30 min Color VG- #1201C
5)1976 w/John Byner 30 min Color VG- #1201D
JAMES PAUL MCCARTNEY: 4-16-73 w/The Wings 60 min Color EXC- #449A
THE JERRY LEE LEWIS SHOW: 1971 w/Jackie Wilson, Carl Perkins, Linda Gail Lewis 60 min Color VG+ #758B
JIMI HENDRIX: 1968 Concert footage from Stockholm, Sweden 60 min B/W VG+ #449B
JIMMY DEAN SHOW: 1963 w/Connie Smith, Sheb Wooley, Professor Irwin Corey 60 min B/W Fair #417B
1) 1969 w/Raymond Burr, Al Martino 60 min Color EXC- #642A
2) 1970 w/Merle Haggard, Don Ho 60 min Color EXC- #667A
3)1970 w/Tony Randall, Wayne Newton, Senior Wences 60 min Color VG- #791B
4)1970 w/Desi Arnaz, Bobby Goldsboro, Heinz, Heinz & Dad 60 min Color VG- #824B
5)1970 w/Martha Raye, Buddy Ebsen, Bobby Goldsboro 60 min Color EXC- #878A
6)1970 w/Jerry Lewis, Jack Jones 60 min Color EXC #845B
7)1970 w/Joey Bishop, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, O.C. Smith 60 min Color VG- #876B
8)1970 w/Danny Thomas, Jimmie Rodgers 60 min Color VG+ #667B
9)1970 w/Jimmy Dean, Rich Little, Jo-Ann Castle 60 min Color VG- #844A
10)1970 w/Walter Brennan, Dinah Shore 60 min Color EXC- #844B
11)1970 w/Jack Benny, Jimmy Dean, Noel Harrison 60 min color VG+ #833B
JIMMY DURANTE SPECIAL: 12-6-59 w/Ray Bolger, Jane Powell, Jimmie Rodgers, Eddie Hodges 60 min B/W VG+ #765A
1)1963 w/Bobby Rydell 30 min B/W VG #664C
2) 1970’s w/Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford 60 min Color VG+ #485A
JOHN DENVER “MUSIC AND THE MOUNTAINS”: 4-24-81 w/James Galway, Beverly Sills, Itzhak Perlman
60 min Color EXC #697A
JOHN DENVER’S ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS: 12-10-75 w/Olivia Newton John, Steve Martin 60 min
Color VG+ #481B
1)9-1-55 w/Jill Corey 30 min B/W EXC #942A w/o/c
2)9-15-55 w/Jill Corey 30 min B/W EXC- #942B
1)6-7-69 w/Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Doug Kershaw 60 min Color EXC- #546B
2)7-12-69 w/Glen Campbell, Joe Tex, Jeannie C. Reilly 60 min Color EXC #375B
3)7-16-69 w/Roy Clark, Joni Mitchell, Ed Ames, The Monkees 60 min Color EXC #392B
4)9-27-69 w/Roy Orbison, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Phil Harris, Brenda Lee 60 min Color EXC #375A
5)1-28-70 w/Glen Campbell, Marty Robbins 60 min B/W Poor #320A
6)2-11-70 w/Neil Diamond, Tammy Wynette, Ray Charles 60 min Color EXC #644A
7)2-18-70 w/Jerry Lee Lewis, Vikki Carr, Jimmy Rogers, Carl Perkins 60 min Color EXC #644B
8)3-11-70 w/Linda Ronstadt, Hank Williams Jr, O.C. Smith 60 min Color EXC- #408B
9)3-18-70 w/Merle Haggard, Brenda Lee, Charlie Pride 60 min Color EXC #645B
10)4-1-70 w/Kenny Rogers, Shel Silverstein, Roy Orbison, Statler Brothers 60 min Color EXC #392A
11)4-29-70 w/Loretta Lynn, Rick Nelson, Chet Atkins, Kris Kristofferson, Doug Kershaw 60 min Color EXC #645A
12)9-23-70 w/Ray Charles, Liza Minelli, Arlo Guthrie 60 min Color EXC #408A
13)10-14-70 w/Mac Davis, Linda Ronstadt, Jose Feliciano 60 min Color EXC- #684A
14)10-21-70 w/Peggy Lee, Guess Who, Marty Robbins 60 min Color EXC- #555B
15)11-11-70 w/Stevie Wonder, Ian & Sylvia, George Gobel, Bill Monroe 60 min Color EXC #489A
16)12-2-70 w/Anne Murray, Merle Haggard, Homer and Jethro 60 min Color EXC- #445A
17)1-6-71 w/Connie Smith, Eric Anderson, Derek & The Dominoes, Jack Elliot 60 min Color EXC- #546A
16)1-13-71 w/Gordon Lightfoot, Bill Anderson, Jan Howard 60 min Color EXC- #445B
17)2-17-71 w/Linda Ronstadt, Neil Young, James Taylor, Albert Brooks 60 min Color EXC- #398A
JOHNNY CASH SHOW: BEAT CLUB SPECIAL : 1972 w/Carl Perkins, June Carter 60 min Color VG- #960B
JOHNNY CASH “BALLAD OF THE WEST”: 2-3-71 w/Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin, Dale Evans,
Roy Rogers, Alan Ladd, Walter Brennan, Judy Lynn 60 min Color VG-#728A
JOHNNY CASH CHRISTMAS SHOW: 1983 w/Merle Haggard, Ricky Skaggs 60 min Color VG #633B
JOHNNY CASH “COWBOY HEROES”: 5-6-82 w/Glen Campbell, John Anderson, The Oak Ridge Boys, 60 min
Color EXC #671A
JOHNNY CASH IN SAN QUENTIN: 2-69 w/June Carter 60 min Color EXC- #555A
JOHNNY CASH “RIDIN’ THE RAILS” 11-22-74 Johnny tells the Great American Train Story 60 min Color EXC #777A
JOHN LENNON "LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY": 8-30-72 w/Yoko Ono 60 min Color EXC
THE JOHNNY OTIS SHOW: 1960 w/Lionel Hampton, Mel Williams 30 min B/W VG+ #437B
JONATHAN WINTERS SHOW: 12-27-67 w/The Doors, Red Skelton, Barbara Eden, Ivan Dixon, Abbey Dalton
60 min B/W EXC- #942C w/o/c
JOURNEY THROUGH THE PAST: 1972 w/Neil Young (Director of film) contains behind the scenes footage 90 min
Color VG- #780A
THE JUDDS REUNION" POWER TO CHANGE" 5-2000 w/Naomi, Wynonna, and Ashley Judd 60 min Color EXC #1040B
THE JUDY GARLAND SHOW: 12-29-63 w/Bob Newhart, Bobby Darin 60 min B/W VG #721A
JUKE BOX JURY: 11-11-60 w/Jill Ireland, David McCallum, Nina & Frederick 30 min B/W EXC- #763D
1)9-20-72 w/Cass Elliot, Carl Reiner 60 min Color EXC- #523A
2)11-8-72 w/Robert Goulet, Joel Grey 60 min Color VG+ #482B
3)11-29-72 w/Harry Belafonte 60 min Color VG- (some glitches) #909A
4)2-17-73 w/Sandy Duncan, The Muppets, Sergio Franchi 60 min Color VG #771A
5)4-18-75 w/Peter Sellers, The Muppets 60 min Color VG- #858B
JULIE ANDREWS “SOUND OF CHRISTMAS”: 12-16-87 w/John Denver, Placido Domingo 60 min Color EXC-
JULIE & CAROL AT CARNEGIE HALL: 6-11-62 w/Julie Andrews, Carol Burnett 60 min B/W VG- #772B
JULIE LONDON SHOW: 5-28-64 Tokyo tv studio concert 60 min B/W EXC- #1225A
JULIE LONDON “SOMETHING SPECIAL”: 2-68 w/Mickie Finn, Chad Stewart, Jeremy Clyde
60 min Color EXC- #1225B
KATE SMITH EVENING HOUR: 3/52 w/Roy Acuff, The Carters, Hank Williams Sr. 60 min B/W VG+ #633A
1) 12-25-82 w/Host, Walter Cronkite; Honorees, Gene Kelly, Benny Goodman, Lillian Gish, George Abbott, Eugene Ormandy; Guests, Eddie Albert, Betty Buckley, Cyd Charisse, Van Johnson, Jean Stapleton, Isaac Stern 120 min Color EXC- #652
2)12-27-83 w/Host, Walter Cronkite; Honorees, James Stewart, Frank Sinatra, Katherine Dunham, Elia Kazan,
Virgil Thomson; Guests, Warren Beatty, Perry Como, Gene Kelly, Burt Lancaster, Anthony Quinn, Carol Burnett
120 min Color EXC- #653
1) 1-5-69 w/Eddy Arnold, Judy Carne, The Lettermen, Tom Seaver 60 min B/W VG- #404A
2)12-10-69 w/Peggy Lee, Statler Brothers, Carl Perkins, The Carter Family, Tennessee Three 60 min Color VG+ #489B
LARRY KANE: Compilation from 1966-1972 w/John Denver, Smokey Robinson, Dionne Warwick, The Association,
Bill Withers, Billy Preston, The Four Tops, The Staple Singers, Al Green, Honey Cone 75 min Color EXC- #782B
LARRY KANE:Compilation from 1966-1974 w/David Cassidy, Helen Reddy, Sonny & Cher, Al Green,
Neil Diamond, Glen Campbell, The Seeds, Billy Preston, Bill Withers, Lou Rawls, Four Tops, Joe Tex,
Rufus Thomas, The Standells, The Turtles, Donna Fargo, Jimi Hendrix, Cowsills 120 min Color VG-
1)w/Malo, Five Man Electrical Band, Dusty Springfield 25 min Color EXC- #785D
2)w/Tom Jones, Crowbar, Ike & Tina Turner 25 min Color EXC- #857A
3)w/Paul Anka, Tom Jones, Donny Osmond 25 min Color EXC- #857B
4)w/Jose Felicano, Tom Jones, Crowbar 25 min Color EXC- #857C
5)w/Tom Jones, Kenny Rogers, Delaney & Bonnie 25 min Color EXC- #857D
6)w/Issac Hayes, Tom Jones, Teddy Pendergrass 25 min Color EXC- #857E
7)w/Chaka Kahn, Karen Black, Rita Coolidge 15 min Color EXC- (cut) #857F
8)w/Jim Croce, The Rascals, Ronnie Hawkins 25 min Color EXC- #910B
1)1969 w/Don Knotts, Glenn Ash 60 min Color EXC- #595A
2)1969 w/Stevie Wonder, Mike Connors, Ruth Buzzi 60 min Color EXC- #595B
3)1970 w/Bob Denver, Johnny Mathis, David Frye 60 min Color EXC #845A
4)1970 w/Bob Crane, Robert Clary, Werner Klemporer 60 min Color VG- #814A
5)1970 w/The Temptations, Kaye Ballard, Glenn Ashe, David Frye 60 min Color EXC- #875B
6)1971 w/The Turtles, Raymond Burr, Kaye Ballard 60 min Color VG+ #604A
7)1971 w/David Frye, Dick Van Dyke, Sly & The Family Stone 50 min Color VG- #338B
LIFE AND TIMES OF RICK SPRINGFIELD: 8-31-99 1 hour biography on the life and times of this great
Performer that was cut short 60 min Color EXC #432B
LILLITH FAIR"A CELEBRATION OF WOMEN IN MUSIC": 1998 w/Paula Cole, Shawn Colvin, Jewel, Sarah McLaughlin,
Sheryl Crowe 60 min Color EXC #602B
LIVING WITH MICHAEL JACKSON: 2-03 Documentary on the lifestyle of Michael Jackson 120 min Color EX #1308
LLOYD THAXTON SHOW: 1964 w/Peter, Paul & Mary 30 min B/W EXC #588B
LYNDA CARTER’S SPECIAL: 1-12-80 w/Leo Sayer, Kenny Rogers 60 min Color VG #792A
LYNDA CARTER “ENCORE”: 9-16-80 w/Tom Jones, Merle Haggard 60 min Color VG #483A
LYNDA CARTER “BODY & SOUL”: 3-16-84 w/ Ben Vereen, Eddie Rabbit 60 min Color EXC- #549A
“LUCY IN LONDON”: 10-24-66 w/Dave Clark Five, Anthony Newley 60 min Color EXC- #455B
MALIBU U: 1967 w/Marvin Gaye, Dionne Warwick, Rick Nelson, Peter & Gordon, Sandy posey, The Breed 30 min B/W VG+ # 464C
1)1967 w/Lesley Gore, Lou Rawls, Rick Nelson, The Turtles 30 min B/W Poor #575C
MAMMA CASS SHOW: 6-29-69 w/Joni Mitchell, Buddy Hackett, John Sebastion, Mary Travers 60 min B/W EXC- #485B
1)1980 w/Marie Osmond, The Commodores, Grant Goodeve 60 min Color VG- #1193A
2) 1980 w/Marie Osmond, Bob Hope, Jimmy Osmond, Nell Ruth Carter 60 min Color VG- #1193B
3) 1981 w/Marie Osmond, Tony Orlando, Jay Johnson,The Pointer Sisters 60 min Color VG- #1194A
4) 1981 w/Marie Osmond, Sally Struthers, David Copperfield 60 min Color VG- #1194B
MARLO THOMAS & FRIENDS IN FREE TO BE .....YOU AND ME: 3-11-74 w/Alan Alda, Harry Belafonte, Mel Brooks
Rita Coolidge, Billy DeWolfe, Roberta Flack, Rosey Grier, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Jackson, Kris Kristofferson,
Robert Morse, Tom Smothers, Cicely Tyson, Dionne Warwick 60 min Color EXC #1184A
MARTY FELDMAN'S COMEDY MACHINE: 1972 w/Orson Welles 30 min Color FAIR #1112A
MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER “AN EVENING IN DUBLIN”: 1995 w/Paul Brady, Sharon Shannon 60 min Color
EXC #383A
MEMPHIS TALENT PARTY: Compilation of clips w/The Carpenters, Oliver, The Byrds, Beau Brummels,
The Standells, The Platters, Tony Joe White, The Moonglows, The Spinners, The Casinos, Jackie Wilson,
Jerry Butler, Roy Hamilton, The Shirelles, Ray Charles, The Byrds, Johnny Rivers, Peaches & Herb 115 min B/W & Color VG #636
1)2-14-78 w/Buddy Rich, Mel Torme, Jack Ackerman, Redd Foxx, Henny Youngman 45 min Color VG+ #855A
2)2-13-79 w/Buddy Rich, Mel Torme 14 min Color VG #855B
3)10-10-79 w/Buddy Rich, Jane Srymour, Cathy Rich 15 min Color VG- #855C
4)1981 w/Buddy Rich, Mel Torme 15 min Color VG- #855D
5)11-79 w/Buddy Rich, Charles Nelson-Reilley 13 min Color VG #855E
6)11-79 w/Buddy Rich, Benny Goodman 15 min Color fair #855F
7)10-80 w/Buddy Rich, Mel Torme 30 min Color VG+ #854B
8)9-82 w/Buddy Rich, Dick Cavett 13 min Color good #854C
9)1986 w/Buddy Rich 8 min Color fair(cut) #854D
10)1966 w/Freddie & The Dreamers, George Carlin, Kitty Carlisle 90 min B/W EXC #1046A
11)11-76 w/Fred Astaire 35 min Color VG+ #1078A
12)1982 w/Ethel Merman, Lucille Ball, Ginger Rogers, Hal David, Jule Styne 60 min Color VG- #1110B
13)1982 w/Ethel Merman, Ann Miller, Lillian Gish, Myrna Loy 80 min Color FAIR #1313A
1)8-9-72 w/John Denver, Cass Elliot, Linda Ronstadt, Helen Reddy, War, Argent, Harry Chapin, Everly Brothers,
D. Clayton-Thomas 90 min Color VG- #694A
2) 8-9-72 w/John Denver, Linda Ronstadt, Everly Brothers, Argent 30 min Color EXC #711C
3)4-13-73 w/Bill Cosby, Steely Dan, Ray Charles, Billy Preston, David Brenner 30 min Color EXC- #718B
4)12-13-74 w/Steve Miller, Barry White, Rufus, James Brown, Redbone, Olivia Newton John, The Stylistics,
Gordon Lightfoot 60 min Color EXC #752A
5) 10-1-76 w/Glen Campbell, George Carlin, Cliff Richard, Rick Dees 30 min Color EXC #711B
6) 3-4-77w/Abba, Heart, K.C.& the Sunshine band, Gordon Lightfoot, Andy Kaufman 45 min Color EXC- #866A
7)1978 w/Donna Summer 25 min Color EXC #580B
8) 1978 w/Cheap Trick, Ted Nugent 90 min Color EXC- #353A
9) 1978 w/ABBA, Spencer Davis, Todd Rundgren, Peter Noone, Gerry Rafferty 90 min Color EXC- #773A
10)1979 w/Neil Young, Bonnie Raitt, Little Feat 50 min Color VG- (has some glitches) #729C
11)9-26-80 w/Chevy Chase, Irene Cara, Johnny Nash, The Rolling Stones 30 min Color EXC #775C
12)8-10-73 w/The Bee Gees, The Hollies, Herman's Hermits 30 min COLOR EXC #955C
13)4-16-73 w/The Bee Gees, Jery Lee Lewis, Johnny Nash, Gladys Knight & The Pips 70 min COLOR VG- #958B
14)8-17-73 w/Richard Pryor, ELO, Joe Walsh 30 min COLOR EXC- #959B
15)10-10-75 w/Helen Reddy, Ike & Tina Turner, Bee Gees, Billy Joel 45 min COLOR EXC #1099A
16)9-13-74 w/The O'Jays, James brown 30 min COLOR EXC #1098B
17)1980 w/Glen Campbell, Tanya Tucker, Olivia Newton-John, Ambrosia 90 min Color VG #1165B w/o/c
18)1975 w/The Temptations, Ace, Leo Sayer, Rose, Jessie Colter 90 min Color EXC #1174
19)10-73 w/David Bowie, Carmen, The Troggs, Marianne Faithful 60 min Color FAIR #76D
MIDSUMMER ROCK CINNCINNATI FEST: 1970 w/Grand Funk Railroad, Traffic 90 min Color VG+ #540A
1)12-25-67 w/Aretha Franklin, Frankie Valli, Sid Davis, Shelley Berman 60 min Color VG+ #710A
2)6-30-69 w/James Brown, Morey Amsterdam 90 min Color VG+ #557A
3)1-12-70 w/Bobby Goldsboro, Junior Samples, Del Reeves 15 min B/W EXC- #761B
4)2-14-72 w/John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Louie Nye, The Chamber Brothers, Ralph Nadar 90 min Color Good #864A
5)12-10-74 w/Freddie Prinze, Buddy Rich, George Kirby, Anthony Perkins, Cathy Rich, Zeeba the male belly dancer
75 min B/W VG (cut) #854A
6)1975 w/Moe Howard 60 min Color VG- #354B
7)8-9-76 w/Danny Thomas, Billy Joel 30 min Color EXC- #866C
8) 1968 w/The Hollies 10 min COLOR VG+ #955D
9)12-8-78 w/Gavin MacLeod, Andy Williams, Patrick McNee 90 min COLOR EXC #1016B
10)11-29-73 w/Roger Miller, Julie Newmar, Moe Howard, Charles Fleischer 90 min B/W VG #1019A
11)7-20-77 w/Richard Thomas, Billy Paul, Tom Seaver, Pete Rose, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford 70 min
12)12-9-76 w/Jimmie Walker, Donny Osmond, Marie Osmond, Frank Zappa, Kenny Rogers, Robert Goulet,
Elayne Boosler 70 min Color EXC
13)12-30-69 w/Rod McKuen, Joan Rivers, Alfred Hitchcock, James Brown 70 min Color EXC
14)11-9-70 w/Liberace, Little Richard, Fay McKay, Laurence McKay 70 min Color EXC
15)6-19-67 w/Allen & Rossi, Harper's Bizarre, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Eroll Garner 90 min Color EXC- #1275A
MILTON BERLE SHOW: 6-3-56 w/Elvis Presley, Harry James, 60 min B/W EXC #386A
1)1969 w/Bert Parks 120 min Color VG+ #536
2) 1979 w/Bert Parks 120 min Color VG+ #529
MOTORTOWN REVIEW: 1963 w/The Supremes, Mary Wells, The Miracles, Marvelettes, Contours 60 min B/W EXC- #419B
MOTOWN MERRY CHRISTMAS: 12-14-87 w/The Temptations, Redd Foxx, Natalie Cole 60 min Color EXC #477A
MOVIN' WITH NANCY: 12-12-67 w/Nancy Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra,
Lee Hazlewood 60 min Color EXC #965A
MTV MUSIC PASSPORT:1987 w/Billy Joel, Carl Perkins, Westworld 50 min Color EXC #62A
MTV VIDEO AWARDS: 9-89 w/Arsenio Hall(host), Madonna, Alice Cooper, Living Coulor, Motley Crue, Guns n' Roses,
Robert Townshend, Paula Abdul, George Michael, Bon Jovi, The Cure, Cher,
Andrew "Dice" Clay, Julie Brown, Richard Marx, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty,
Neil Young, Colin Quinn, Def Leopard 90 min Color EXC #136A
Muppet Show:
1) w/Lynda Carter 30 min Color VG #987C
MURRAY THE K’S GOLDEN GASSERS: 1963 w/The Champs, Fats Domino, The Platters, Bobby Rydell 80 min B/W VG- #418A
MURRAY THE K’S WHAT’S HAPPENING: 1967 w/Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, The Doors 75 min B/W Good #423A
MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY PARTY: 1953 w/Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Eddie Cantor, Danny Thomas, 110 min B/W VG- #373
THE MUSIC OF LENNON & MCCARTNEY: 12-65 w/Peter & Gordon, Marianne Faithful, The Beatles, LuLu,
Henry Mancini, Peter Sellers, Cillia Black, Billy J. Kramer 45 min B/W EXC #728B
1)9-22-69 w/Crosby, Stills, Nash &Young, Tom Jones, James Brown, Three Dog Night, Oliver, Buck Owens & The
Buckaroos, Beatles’ Movie Preview Clips, Oliver 45 min Color VG #327B
2)9-29-69 w/Janis Joplin, Three Dog Night, Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, Eydie Gorme, “Midnight Cowboy” clips
plus comedy skits with David Steinberg and Lily Tomlin, Lou Rawls 45 min Color VG #?
3)10-6-69 w/Bobby Sherman, Smokey Robinson, Roger Miller, The Rascals, The Dells 45 min Color VG #?
4)11-3-69 w/Johnny Cash, Bobby Sherman, LuLu, Della Reese, R.B. Greaves 45 min Color VG- (has timing strip)
5)11-10-69 w/James Brown, Everly Brothers, Joe Cocker, Dusty Springfield 45 min Color VG+ #487C
6)12-15-69 w/Lou Rawls, Little Richard, Charlie Pride, Spirit 45 min Color EXC- #866B
7)12-22-69 w/Gordon Lightfoot, Frankie Laine, Davey Jones, Chuck Berry, Jerry Butler 45 min Color VG #910A
8)12-1-69 w/Neil Diamond, Mama Cass Elliot, Sergio Mendes, Creedence Clearwater revaval 45 min COLOR EXC
9)10-20-69 w/Merle Haggard, Sly & The Family Stone, Pat Williams, Bobby Sherman, Steve Lawrence, Tommy Smothers,
The Temptations 45 min COLOR EXC
10)1-12-70 w/John Sebastian, Buffy St. Marie, Bo Diddley, Groucho Marx, Lee Michaels 45 min COLOR EXC
MY BOY LOLIPOP TO THE JOSHUA TREE: 1987 w/Chris Blackwell(host) Nice Aniv. show with many clips 30 min Color
EXC #69A
MY VH-1 MUSIC AWARDS: 12-01 w/Bon Jovi, No Doubt, Christain Slater, Sting, Creed, Dave Matthews Band, Jewel,
Benjamin Bratt, Damon Wayons, Issac Hayes, Henry Simmons, Michael Michelle, Lenny Kravitz, Tommy Lee,
Mary J. Blighe, Kelsey Grammer, Jena Elfman, Nelly Furtado, Ellen DeGeneris, Kate Beckensale, Kim Delaney,
Gary Sinise, Chris Issack, Mick Jagger 120 min Color EXC #1190
9/11: 3-10-02 Explicit footage shot by two French film makers. This footage takes you inside the WTC Lobby during the attack
120 min Color EX #1195
1)1966-67 30 min COLOR VG #407A
2)1967-68 30 min COLOR VG #407B
3)1965-66 30 min COLOR VG #407C
4)1973-74 30 min COLOR EXC #407D
NBC'S 75TH ANIV.: 5-5-02 NBC celebrates it's 75th birthday with a star-studded event from studio 8H. It includes tributes to
Johnny Carson and Milton Berle, clips from soaps, news, sports, and late-night programs, and a slew of cast reunions,
including "The Cosby show", "Cheers", "Family Ties", "I Spy", "L.A. Law", "Get Smart", and the "Today Show"
3 hrs Color/B/W EXC #1218
NAT KING COLE SHOWS: Aired 1956-1957 #723
1)15 min B/W VG
2)w/Betty Hutton 30 min B/W VG+
3)w/Mills Brothers 30 min B/W EXC-
4)w/Tony Bennett 30 min B/W EXC-
5)w/Peggy Lee, Julias LaRosa 30 min B/W EXC #1322C
6)w/Margaret Whiting 30 min B/W EXC #1321B
7)w/Tony Martin, The Sparkeltones 30 min B/W EXC #1324C
NEIL DIAMOND SPECIAL: 2-21-77 w/Neil Diamond and guest spots by Henry Winkler and Helen Reddy,
60 min Color EXC- #917B
NEIL DIAMOND “HELLO AGAIN”: 5-25-86 w/Carol Burnett, Stevie Wonder 60 min Color EXC- #447A
NEW YORK FRIARS CLUB ROAST OF JERRY STILLER: 12-01 w/Alan King, Jason Alexander, Susie Essman,
Sandra Bernhardt, Kevin James, Jimmy Kimmel, Freddie Roman, Jeffrey Ross, Ben Stiller 60 min Color EXC #1189A
NEW YORK FRIARS CLUB ROAST OF DREW CAREY: 12-01 w/Kip Addotta, Dave Attell, Dick Capri, Jack Carter,
Margaret Cho, Pat Cooper, Dom Irrera, Alan King, Kathy Kinney, Jeffrey Ross, Ryan Stiles 60 min Color EXC #1189B
NEW YORK FRIARS CLUB ROAST OF HUGH HEFNER: 12-01w/Alan King, Drew Carey, Adam Carolla, Ice-T,
Gilbert Gottfried, Dick Gregory, Artie Lange, Freddie Roman, Jeffrey Ross, Rob Schneider, Jimmy Kimmel,
Sarah Silverman 60 min Color EXC #1189C
NEW YORK FRIARS CLUB ROAST OF ROB REINER: 12-01 w/Richard Belzer, Brett Butler, Billy Crystal, Alan King,
Adam Ferrera, Al Franken, Kevin Pollak, Freddie Roman, Jeffrey Ross, Michael McKean 60 min Color EXC #1189D
NIGHT OF 100 STARS: 3-8-82 w/Steve Allen, June Allyson, Don Ameche, Bea Arthur, Ed Asner, Lauren Bacall,
Pearl Bailey, Warren Beatty, Harry Belafonte, Tony Bennett, Milton Berle, George Burns, James Caan, James Cagney, Cher, Howard Cosell, Bette Davis, Robert DeNiro, The Doobie Brothers, Jane Fonda, Eva Gabor 150 minColor EXC- #688
NIGHT OF 100 STARS II : 3-11-85 w/Debbie Allen, Harry Anderson, Ann-Margaret, Lucie Arnaz, Ed Asner,
Tracy Austin, Scott Baio, Lucille Ball, Drew Barrymore, Anne Baxter, Shari Belafonte-Harper, Marisa Berenson,
Valerie Bertinelli, David Birney, Meredith Baxter-Birney, Jaqueline Bisset, Bob & Ray, Laura Branigan,
Lloyd Bridges, Morgan Brittany, Charles Bronson, Pierce Brosnan, Yul Brynner, Carol Burnett, George Burns,
Ellen Burstyn, Red Buttons, Michael Caine, Dyan Cannon, Diahann Carroll, Lynda Carter, Nell Carter,
Marge Champion, Carol Channing, Dick Clark, Petula Clark, Dabney Coleman, Joan Collins, Bert Convey,
Cathy Lee Crosby, Billy Crystal, Tyne Daly, William Daniels, Tony Danza, Olivia De Havilland, Robert DeNiro,
Colleen Dewhurst, Angie Dickinson, Richard Dreyfus, Sandy Duncan, Charles Durning, Nancy Dussault,
Linda Evans, Nanette Fabray, Morgan Fairchild, Peggy Fleming, John Forsythe, Michael J. Fox… 120 min
Color EXC #929
OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST: 1978 w/Billy Joel 40 min Color EXC- (RARE) #901B
OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST: 20th Anniversary Compilation w/Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Bill Withers,
Roxy Music, Rick Wakeman, Pink Floyd, Ry Cooder, Humble Pie, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Little Feat,
Cheech & Chong, John, Dave Mason, Jimi Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Talking Heads,
Steeley Dan, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones 120 min B/W & Color EXC- #762
OLIVIA: 5-17-78 w/Abba, Andy Gibb, Gary Frank 50 min Color EXC- #1202A
OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN’S “HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS”: 4-14-80 w/Elton John, Andy Gibb 60 min
Color VG+ #374A
OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN “PORTRAIT OF A LEGEND”: Hosted by James Darin 30 min Color VG #753C
ONE OF A KIND: w/Jim Croce 30 min COLOR VG #327C
OPREY “CHRISTMAS PAST”: 12-96 w/clips from 1955, hosted by Steve Warner 60 min B/W&Color EXC #394B
OSMONDS TV SPECIAL: 1978 w/Tim Conway, Rita Coolidge, Ann-Margaret, Kris Kristeffson 35 min Color VG-
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS “TREASURY OF ‘67”: w/Steve Alaimo, Billy Joe Royal 35 min Color EXC- #486B
PAUL SIMON SPECIAL: 12-8-77 w/Art Garfunkel, Chevy Chase, Charles Grodin, Lily Tomlin 60 min Color EXC-
PAUL WINCHELL SHOW:1958 w/Paul Winchell 30 min B/W VG+ #535C
PERRY COMO CHESTERFIELD SHOW: 1953 w/Joni James 15 min B/W EXC #639A
PERRY COMO IN LAS VEGAS: 9-11-76 w/Ann-Margaret, Rich Little 60 min Color EXC- #433B
1)1956 w/The Platters, Henry Fonda, A. Francis 60 min B/W VG+ #471B
2)10-13-56 w/Fats Domino, Jo Stafford, Dean Martin, Jackie Miles 60 min B/W EXC- #901A
3)5-4-57 w/Gene Autry, Patti Page, Buddy Hackett 60 min B/W EXC #754A
4) 1958 w/Conway Twitty, Ethel Merman, Marge and Gowar Champion 60min B/W VG+ #379A
5) 12/58 w/Everly Brothers., Red Buttons, Ethel Merman 60 min B/W VG+ #379B
6)10-21-59 w/Nat King Cole, Rosemary Clooney 60 min B/W EXC- #476C
7)5-14-57 w/Gene Autry, Patti Page, Buddy Hackett 60 min B/W EXC- #1054C
8)2-18-56 w/Anne Francis, Henry Fonda, Paul Winchell 60 min B/W FAIR #1090B
PERRY COMO’S HAWAIIAN HOLIDAY: 2-22-76 w/Don Ho, George Carlin, Petula Clark 60 min Color VG
1)1959 w/Nat King Cole, Rosemary Clooney, Gail Davis, Rin Tin Tin 60 min B/W VG+ #380A
2)1959 w/Brenda Lee, Joey Heatherton, Betty Grable, Brook Benton 60 min B/W Good #746A
3)1960 w/Bobby Rydell, Don Adams, Caterina Valente 60 min B/W VG #380B
4)3-16-60 w/Bing Crosby & Genevieve 60 min B/W EXC- #647B
5)1966 w/Judy Garland, Bill Cosby 60 min B/W Fair #576B
PERRY COMO’S “SPRING IN SAN FRANCISCO”: 5-17-81 w/Cheryl Ladd, Larry Gatlin 60 min Color VG+
PETER APPLEYARD PRESENTS: 1978 w/David Clayton Thomas, Professor LongHaire 30 min Color VG+ #776A
1) 1968 w/Harry Belafonte 60 min Color EXC #421B
2)12-9-70 w/Everly Brothers, Peggy Lee, David Frost 60 min Color VG+ #468B
PIERRE BERTON SHOW: 9-12-71 w/Bruce Lee 30 min B/W VG+ #388A
1)1974 w/Lucille Ball as only guest 60 min Color VG- #541B
2)1996 w/Linda Lovelace, Marlo Thomas 60 min Color VG- #1126B
3)1992 w/Jay North, Danny Bonaduce, Paul Peterson, Brandon Cruz, Little Ricky 60 min Color VG+ #781B
1)7-23-68 w/Johnny Mathis, Mort Sahl, Bill Russell, Corbett Monica, Nadia Christen, The Chamber Brothers
60 min Color EXC- #913A
2)7-24-68 w/Vic Damone, Bill Dana, The Collectors, Jackie Gayle, Roman Polanski, Della Reese, Sharon Tate
60 min Color EXC- #913B
3)8-8-68 w/Bill Cosby, Bill Medley, Iron Butterfly, The Blossoms, Kaye Stevens, Shel Silverstein, Rev. Malcom Boyd
60 min Color EXC #885A
4)8-9-68 w/Prof. Irwin Corey, Tony Bennett, Milt Kamen, George Plimpton, Steppenwolf, Morgana King
60 min Color EXC #886A
5)11-26-68 w/Don Rickles, The Collage, Shecky Green, Don Rickles, Melvin Belli 60 min Color EXC #495A
6)12-19-68 w/Sammy Davis Jr., Anthony Newley, Leroy Neiman, Checkmates LTD, Jerry Lewis, Bill Cosby
60 min Color EXC- #912B
7)10-22-69 w/Sid Caesar, Linda Ronstadt, Mort Sahl, Billy Eckstine, Joe Cocker 60 min Color EXC- #912A
8)10-23-69 w/Bill Medley, Scoey Mitchell, Hugh O’Brien, Sweetwater, Bill Cosby, Angeline Butler
60 min Color EXC #885B
9)11-20-69 w/Tony Bennett, Mitch Miller, George Kirbey 60 min Color EXC #496B
10)12-3-69 w/Ike & Tina Turner, Patty Duke, Doug Kershaw, Rex Reed, Louie Nye 60 min Color EXC #496A
11)12-3-69 w/Tony Randall, Lou Rawls, Grand Funk Railroad, Art Metrano 60 min Color EXC #484B
12)12-17-69 w/Steve Allen, O.C. Smith, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 60 min Color EXC #495B
13)5-14-70 w/Frankie Laine, The Cowsills, Marty Allen 60 min Color EXC #484A
14)1-8-70 w/Don Addams, Lesley Gore, Arte Johnson, Tommy Leonetti, Fleetwood Mac, Lyndsay Wagner
60 min Color EXC #886
15)9-28-68 w/The Byrds, Marvin Gaye, The Committee, Pete Barbutti 60 min COLOR EXC- #956A
16) 9-29-68 w/Buddy Miles Express, Louie Nye, Tommy Smothers, John Stewart 60 min COLOR EXC- #956B
THE PLYMOUTH SHOW: 1958 w/Lawrence Welk, The Lennon Sisters 60 min B/W EXC- #465A
1)1973 w/Dolly Parton, George Jones 15 min COLOR VG- #441D
1)2-12-98 w/Glen campbell, Jimmy Webb 60 min Color EXC #591A
RANCH PARTY: Syndicated 1957-1959
1) w/Jim Reeves, Tex Williams 30 min B/W VG+ #364A
2)w/Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline 30 min B/W VG+ #364B
3)w/Johnny Cash, Jimmy Newman 30 min B/W VG+ #364C
4)w/Smiley Burnette, Wanda Jackson 30 min B/W VG+ #364D
5)w/Carl Perkins, Jim Reeves 30 min B/W VG+ #363A
6)w/Johnny Cash, Smiley Burnette 30 min B/W VG+ #363B
7)w/Merle Travis, Ray Price 30 min B/W VG+ #363C
8)w/Tex Williams 30 min B/W VG+ #383D
RAQUEL WELCH SPECIAL: 4-26-70 w/John Wayne, Tom Jones, Bob Hope 60 min Color EXC #422A
1)w/Jerry Lee Lewis, LuLu, Moody Blues, Dusty Springfield, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Marvin Gaye,
Martha & The Vandellas, Billy Fury 60 min B/W EXC #784A
2)w/The Beatles, Billy Fury, Dusty Springfield, Dave Clark Five, The Rolling Stones, Rufus Thomas 30 min B/W
EXC #784B
3)w/The Who, The Rolling Stones, Dave Clark Five, The Beatles, Dusty Springfield, The Isley Brothers 30 min
B/W EXC #784 C
4)w/Moody Blues, Dusty Springfield, Gene Pitmey, Dave Clark Five, Cher, The Rolling Stones, The Who 30 min
B/W EXC #785A
5)w/Otis Redding, Chris Farlow, Eric Burden 30 min B/W EXC #795C
1)1954 w/Original Line-up, No Guest Stars 30 min B/W EXC w/o/c #952D
2)1954 w/Jackie Coogan 30 min B/W EXC w/o/c #949D
3)1955 w/Amanda Blake 30 min B/W EXC- (end credits cut) w/o/c #948D
4)1-55 w/Mary McCarty 27 min B/W EXC (end credits cut) W/O/C #934D
5)11-55 Halloween Show 27 min B/W EXC (end credits cut) #935D
6)1957 w/John Carradine 30 min B/W EXC- w/o/c #950D
7)3-57 w/Carol Channing 30 min B/W EXC W/O/C #936C
8)1959 w/George Raft 30 min B/W EXC W/O/C #937D
9) 9-22-64 w/The Rolling Stones, Sebastian Cabot 60 min B/W VG+ #429A
10)2-9-54 w/Ed Sullivan, The King Sisters 30 min B/W EXC #1018B
11)1950's w/Bobby Rydell, Audrey Meadows 60 min B/W VG- #1038B
12)11-28-67 w/Arthur Godfrey, Harper’s Bizarre 60 min B/W EXC- #1258A
REMEMBER HOW GREAT: 2-9-61 w/Connie Francis, Jack Benny, Andy Williams, Juliet Prowse 60 min B/W Poor #618B
1)1977 w/Robin Williams 60 min Color GOOD #1020A
2)1977 w/John Belushi 60 min Color GOOD #1020B
RICK NELSON COMPILATION: 1970-1981 Full songs from the following shows: Johnny Cash’70,
Jim Nabors’70, Midnight Special’78, Dinah Shore’75, Solid Gold’81, Tonight Show’81,
Phil Donahue’79, Tomorrow Show’81, Dick Clark Live Wednesday’78, Miss America’70,
Men Who Rate A Ten’80, Saturday Night Live’79, 2 hrs Color VG/EXC- #1224A
RICK NELSON “A BROTHER REMEMBERS”: 1987 David Nelson hosts a retrospect 60 min Color EXC- #457A
“RINGO”: 4-26-78 w/John Ritter, Carrie Fisher, Vincent Price, Art Carney, George Harrison 60 min Color EXC- #768A
ROBIN BYRD PRESENTS STRIPPERS: Classic show from Manhatten cable 2 1/2 hrs Color EXC- #1326
1) 1965 w/James Brown, The Kinks, The Hollies, The Animals, Petula Clark, Stevie Wonder, The Who 45 min B/W EXC #587A
2)1970 w/The Kinks, Jimi Hendrix, The Beach Boys, Deep Purple, Canned Heat, The Faces, The Carpenters 50 min
Color EXC #641A
3)1971 w/T. Rex, Elvis Presley, The Kinks, The Who, Rod Stewart, Slade, Isaac Hayes, Ringo Starr,
The Rolling Stones, Gilbert O’Sullivan, The Carpenters, The Equals, Middle of the Road, Tony Orlando & Dawn
50 min Color EXC #641B
4)1972 w/The Faces, Roxy Music, Don McLean, Dr. Hook, Focus, Cat Stevens, E.L.O., Slade, Donny Osmond,
Michael Jackson, T. Rex, The Temptations, Procul Harum, Alice Cooper 50 min Color EXC #670B
1)1986 w/Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, Billy Joel, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Fats Dominoe, James Brown,
Everly Brothers, Neil Young, Quincy Jones 65 min B/W EXC- #752B
2)1987 w/Carl Perkins, ZZ Top, Bo Diddley, Sting, B.B. King, Smokey Robinson, Chuck Berry, Ben E. King,
Bruce Springsteen, John Fogerty, Roy Orbison 60 min Color Good (raw footage) #838C
3)1-10-95 w/B-52’s, The Allman Brothers, Melissa Etheridge, Lou Reed, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith,
Eddie Vedder 120 min Color EXC #362
4) 1998 w/The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Santana 120 min Color EXC #621
5)2/99 w/Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Bono, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Ray Charles, Elton John,
Lauryn Hill, Melissa Etheridge 150 min Color Exc #769
6)3/00 w/Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, The Louvin’ Spoonful, Clive Davies, Earth, Wind and Fire, Billie Holiday,
Nat King Cole, The Moonglows, James Taylor, Ray Charles, Melissa Etheridge, Paul McCartney, Diana Ross,
John Mellencamp, Natalie Cole, Robbie Robertson, Paul Simon, Patti Smith 120 min Color EXC #939
7)2-01 w/Queen, Aerosmith, Solomon Burke, The Flamingo's, Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, Steely Dan, Richie Valens,
Chris Blackwell, James Burton, Johnny Johnson, Moby, Keith Richards, Ricky Martin, Nsync, Kid Rock,
Mary Jae Blighe, Marc Anthony, Frankie Valli, Bono, Melissa Etheridge 130 min Color EXC #1115
8)3-03 w/The Righteous Brothers, The Clash, The Police, The Edge, Gwen Stefani, Billy Joel,
Elvis Costello, Elton John, AC/DC, Steven Tyler 130 min Color EXC #1321A
ROCK N ROLL SINGER:1969 Documentary and live footage on Gene Vincent 50 min Color VG+ 31183A
THE ROCK SCENE--LIKE IT IS: 1967 w/The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Sergio Mendez, Dionne Warwick 60 min Color EXC # 706
1)1979 w/Average White Band 60 min Color EXC- #338A
2)1982 w/The Go-Go's 60 min Color EXC- #610A
3)1979 w/Cheap Trick 60 min Color EXC #1102A
4)10-2-85 w/REM 70 min Color VG+ #33A
5)1981 w/The Pretenders 40 min Color VG #36A
6)1982 w/U2 40 min Color VG #48B
7)1983 w/U2 50 min EXC #55B
8)1981 w/U2 40 min VG #57E
9)1985 w/Bryan Adams 50 min Color VG #66B
10)1982 w/XTC 60 min Color VG #156B
11)1985 w/The Alarm 30 min Color VG+ #32E
Rock Stars '69: w/B.J. Thomas, Stevie Wonder, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Seals & Croft, Martin Mull, Sha Na Na,
John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show, Edgar Winter 90 min COLOR EXC-
RODGERS AND HART TODAY: 3-2-67 w/ Bobby Darin, Petula Clark, Count Basie, Mamas and the Papas, Diana Ross and the Supremes 60 min Color EXC # 676A
RODNEY DANGERFIELD SPECIAL: 11-29-83 w/Angie Dickinson, Donna Dixon, Andy Kaufman, Harold Ramis,
Robert Urich 50 min Color FAIR (Snowy Picture) #1025B
ROLLIN’ON THE RIVERhosted by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition)
1)1970 w/April Wine, The Raiders 30 min Color EXC- #883A
2)1970 w/Paul Revere and the Raiders 30 min Color EXC- #883B
3)1970 w/Crowbar, Ike & Tina Turner 30 min Color EXC- #883C
4)1971 w/Tony Joe White, Julie Amato 30 min Color EXC- #884D
5)11-11-71 w/B.J. Thomas, Marylou Collins 30 min Color EXC- #884E
6)1-13-72 w/The Grassroots 30 min Color EXC- #884C
7)1-20-72 w/Tony Orlando and Dawn, Green & Stag 30 min Color EXC- #884B
8)2-12-72 w/Jose Feliciano, Merry-Go-Round 30 min Color EXC- #A
9)4-13-72 w/B.B.King 30 min Color EXC #883E
10)6-72 w/Rick Nelson, Ray Griff 30 min Color EXC- #883D
11)1070 w/Lighthouse 30 min COLOR EXC- #961A
12)1970 w/Delaney & Bonnie 30 min COLOR EXC- #961B
13)1970 w/John Stewart, Trudy Desmond 30 min COLOR EXC- #961C
14)1970 w/Tommy Roe, Kris Kristoffson 30 min COLOR EXC- #961D
15)1970 w/Gladys Knight & The pips 30 min Color EXC
ROLLING STONES:********** BLUES:1972 Documentary 90 min Color EXC- #1137A
ROLLING STONES “LADIES & GENTLEMEN”: 1972 Outtakes 45 min Color VG- #589B
ROLLING STONE'S 20TH ANIV. :11-87 w/Dennis Hopper, David Bowie, David Byrne, George Clinton, Aretha Franklin,
Jerry Garcia, George Harrison, Cyndi Lauper, Paul McCartney, Randy Newman, Robbie Robertson, Smokey Robinson,
Grace Slick, Tina Turner, Neil Young 120 min Color EXC #63
1)5-22-02 Final Show w/Nathan Lane 60 min Color VG+ #1226C
ROWAN & MARTIN'S "LAUGH IN" (all shows are 60 min..uncut and from Trio)
1)w/The Monkees #1314A
2)w/Jack E. Lenoard #1314B
3)w/Flip Wilson #1314C
4)w/Buddy Hackett #1314D
5)w/Carol Channing #1314E
6)w/Sid Caesar #1314F
7)w/Sammy Davis Jr. #1319A
8)w/Peter Lawford, Jill St. John, Englebert Humperdink #1310B
9)w/Peter Lawford #1319C
10)w/Jonathan Winters #1319D
11)w/Phyllis Diller #1319E
12)w/Lorne Greene, Greer Garson #1319F
13)w/Barbara Feldon #1325A
14)w/Flip Wilson, Barbara Feldon, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Tiny Tim #1325B
15)w/Robert Culp, Flip Wilson, First Edition, Tommy Smothers #1325C
16)w/James Garner #1325D
17)w/Nancy Sinatra #1325E
18)w/Cher, Tim Conway #1325F
19)w/Barbara Feldon, Flip Wilson, Bee Gees #1327A
20)w/Don Adams, Pamela Austin, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band #1327B
21)w/Pamela Austin, Kaye Ballard #1327C
22)w/Larry Storch, Connie Stevens, Temptations #1327D
23)w/Sally Field, Henry Thomas #1327E
24)w/Barbara Feldon, Sonny Bono, Eileen Brennan #1327F
25)w/Sammy Davis Jr., Pamela Austin, Joey Bishop #1328B
26)w/Flip Wilson, Pamela Austin, Eileen Brennan #1328C
27)w/Kaye Ballard, John Byner #1328D
28)w/Barbara Feldon, Tim Conway #1330D
29)w/Tiny Tim, Joey Bishop, Flip Wilson #1330E
30)w/Victor Borge, Bananna Splits, Stardust Cowboys #1335E
31)w/Tiny Tim, Phyllis Diller #1335F
32)w/Barbara Feldon, Pigmeat Markham #1332A
33)w/Eve Arden, Pigmeat Markham, Herb Alpert #1332B
34)w/Robert Culp, Liberace #1332C
35)w/Bobby Darin #1332D
36)w/Flip Wilson #1332E
37)w/Marcel Meaceau (ending is cut) #1332F
38)w/Liberace #197A
39)w/Douglas Fairbanks Jr.......1968 Christmas Show #197B
40)w/Kate Smith, Rich Little, Vincent Price...1968 New Yr's Show #197C
41)w/Peter Falk #197D
42)w/Paul Winchell, Petrer Lawford, Johnny Carson #197E
43)/Nancy Sinatra #197F
44)/Jack Benny, Shelley Winters, Frank Gorshin, Zsa Zsa Gabor, George Jessel #197G
SAMMY DAVIS JR SHOW:1966 w/Frank Sinatra, Joey Heatherton, Edie Adams, Count Basie 60 min B/W Fair
SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: 15TH ANIV. : 1989 w/Chevy Chase, Dan Ackroyd, Jim Belushi, Billy Crystal, Jane Curtin,
Joan Cusack, Tom Hanks, Jerry Hall, Christopher Guest, Buck Henry, Charlton Heston, Sam Kinison, Steve Martin,
Mary Tyler Moore, Dennis Miller, Garrett Morris, Laraine Newman, Don Novello, Joe Piscopo, Martin Short,
Susan Saint James, O.J. Simpson, Robin Williams, Prince, Paul Simon 21/2 hrs Color EXC #139
1)1997 w/Paula Cole, K.D. Lang 60 min Color EXC #457B
1) w/Carol Channing 30 min Color EX- #470A
2)w/Charles Nelson Reilley 30 min Color VG #470B
3)w/Phyllis Diller 30 min Color VG #470C
4)w/Edgar Bergan 30 min Color VG #470D
5)w/Teresa Brewer 30 min Color VG #470E
6)w/The Lettermen 22 min Color FAIR #1204A (intro and ending is cut)
7)w/Freddy Cannon 20 min Color FAIR #1204B (intro and ending is cut)
8)w/Ronnie Spector & the Ronettes 22 min Color FAIR #1204C (intro and ending is cut)
9)w/James Darren 20 min Color FAIR #1204D (intro and ending is cut)
10)w/Martha Reeves and The Vandella's 20 min Color FAIR #1204E (intro and ending is cut)
11)w/Ben E. King 20 min Color FAIR #1204F (intro and ending is cut)
12)w/The Crystals 20 min Color FAIR #1204G (intro and ending is cut)
13)w/Bobby Rydell 20 min Color FAIR #1204H (intro and ending is cut)
14)w/Fifth Dimension 20 min Color FAIR #1204I (intro and ending is cut)
15)w/Fabian 20 min Color FAIR #1204J (intro and ending is cut)
16)w/Dusty Springfield 20 min Color FAIR #1204K (intro and ending is cut)
17)w/Billy Crystal 20 min Color FAIR #1204L (intro and ending is cut)
18)w/Charo 20 min Color FAIR #1204M (intro and ending is cut)
19)w/Barbi Benton 20 min Color FAIR #1204N (intro and ending is cut)
20)w/Barbara Mandrell 20 min Color FAIR #1204O (intro and ending is cut)
21)w/Lola Falana 20 min Color FAIR #1204P (intro and ending is cut)
22)w/Frank Gorshin 20 min Color FAIR #1204Q (intro and ending is cut)
23)w/Chubby Checker 20 min Color FAIR #1204R (intro and ending is cut)
24)w/Chuck Berry 20 min Color FAIR #1204S (intro and ending is cut)
25)w/The Shirells 20 min Color FAIR #1204T (intro and ending is cut)
26)w/Chubby Checker 20 min Color FAIR #1204U (intro and ending is cut)
27)w/Johnny Tilitson 20 min Color FAIR #1204V (intro and ending is cut)
THE SHANIA TWAIN SPECIAL:2-99 w/Elton John, Backstreet Boys 60 min Color EXC #708B
SARAH McLACHLAN &fRIENDS:1-18-01 w/Sheryl Crow, Indigo Girls, Jewel, Shawn Colvin, Pat Benetar,
Meredith Brooks, Lisa Loeb 60 min Color EXC #1175B
SELF-AID COMPILATION:1986 w/Boomtown Rats, In Tua Nua, Chris Rea, Pogues, Cactus World News, Clannard,
Chris DeBurgh, Elvis Costello, Moving Hearts, Van Morrison, U2 50 min Color EXC #100B
SHEBANG: 1967 w/Brenda Holloway, The Temptations 60 min Color EXC- RARE (Bad one min glitch at beginning)
SHEBANG COMPILATION: w/The Doors, The Turtles, Marvin Gaye, Dobie Gray, Rudy Valli, Al Martino,
Paul Peterson, The 5th Dimension, Buffalo Springfield, The Seeds 50 min Color EXC #705A
1)9-16-64 w/Sam Cooke, Everly Brothers, Righteous Brothers, The Blossoms 30 min B/W EXC #419A
2)9-23-64 w/Johnny Rivers, Darlene Love, Bobby Freeman, Jody miller, Delaney Bramlett, 30 min B/W EXC #428A
3)9-30-64 w/Newbeats, Gale Garnett, Round Robin, Bobby Sherman 30 min B/W EXC #428B
4)10-7-64 w/The Beatles, Sandie Shaw, P.J. Proby, Tommy Quickly, Billy J. Kramer 30 min B/W EXC #428C
5)10-14-64 w/Roy Orbison, Everly Brothers, Manfred Mann, Hondells 30 min B/W EXC #428D
6)10-28-64 w/Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas, Leon Russell, The Blossoms, Dick and Dee Dee 30 min B/W EXC #427A
7)11-4-64 w/Gerry & The Pacemakers, The Miracles, Gene Pitney 30 min B/W EXC #427B
8)11-18-64 w/The Supremes, Righteous Brothers, Leon Russell, Paul Peterson 30 min B/W EXC #427C
9)12-2-64 w/Aretha Franklin, Bobby Vinton, Freddie Cannon, Bobby Sherman 30 min B/W EXC #427D
10)2-3-65 w/Glen Campbell, Bobby Sherman, Leon Russell, The Hondells, The Kingsmen, Peter & gordon 60 min B/W EXC #346A
11)4-28-65 w/Four Tops, Manfred Mann, Bobby Sherman, Sandie Shaw, Freddie and the Dreamers 60 min B/W VG- #347A
12)6-9-65 w/Glen Campbell, Everly Brothers, Righteous Brothers, Billy Preston, Bobby Sherman 60 min B/W EXC #430A also #609A
13)6-23-65 w/The Byrds, Jody Miller, The Kingsmen, Willie Nelson, Dave Barry, Righteous Brothers 60 min B/W EXC- # 458A
14)8-4-65 w/Billy Preston, Marianne Faithful, Righteous Brothers, The Dixie Cups 60 min B/W Fair (picture sometimes wavy #347
15)9-1-65 w/Glen Campbell, James Brown, The Kinks, The Off Beats, Bobby Sherman, Billy Preston, The Blossoms,
Booker T & the MG’s 60 min B/W EXC- #795B
16)9-16-65 w/Rolling Stones, The Byrds, Everly Brothers, Billy Preston, The McCoys 30 min B/W EXC #390A
17)9-18-65 w/The Righteous Brothers, Dave Clark Five, Bobby Sherman, Jackie DeShannon, Marianne Faithful,
Billy Preston, We Five, Freddie and The Dreamers, The Shindogs 30 min B/W EXC w/o/c #945A
18)9-25-65 w/Mary Wells, Jimmie Rodgers, Little Anthony & The Imperials, Bobby Sherman, Dick & Judy,
Donna Lauren 30 min B/W EXC #609B
19)10-2-65 w/The Who, Gene Pitney, The Four Tops, Ray Peterson, Gerry and the Pacemakers 30 min B/W EXC #390B
20)10-14-65 w/Zsa Zsa Gabor, The Animals, Marianne Faithful, Millie Small, Willie Nelson 30 min B/W VG+ #414C
21)10-30-65 w/Ted Cassidy, Boris Karloff, Blossoms, Spokesmen, Bobby Sherman 30 min B/W EXC #346B
22)11-4-65 w/Louis Armstrong 30 min B/W EXC #945B
23)11-18-65 w/The All-Star Cast of “The Wild Weird World of Dr. Goldfoot” 30 min B/W EXC w/o/c #945C
24)12-4-65 w/The Animals, The Moody Blues, Brian Auger, The T-Bones 30 min B/W VG+ #494B
25)12-23-65 w/Dave Clark Five, The Yardbirds, Lulu, The Moody Blues, Billy j. Kramer, The Dakotas 30 min B/W EXC- # 346C
26)12-25-65 Christmas Show w/Johnny Mathis, Our Young Generation 30 min B/W EXC #694B
27)5-26-65 w/The Rolling Stones, Sonny & Cher, Howlin' Wolf, Bobby Sherman, Jackie DeShannon 60 min B/W EXC- #955A
28)1-13-65 w/Herman's Hermits, Dick & DeeDee, Johnny Cash, Righteous Brothers 30 min B/W EXC #955B
29)5-19-65 w/Ray Charles, Donna Loren, Bobby Sherman, Glen Campbell, Ray Peterson, The Zombies
The Righteous Brothers 60 min B/W EXC- #1264A w/o/c
30)4-14-65 w/Glen Campbell, Neil Sedaka, Righteous Brothers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Donna Loren,
Millie Small, Nino Tempo, April Stevens 60 min B/W EXC- #1264B w/o/c
SHIRLEY MacLAINE……EVERY LITTLE MOVEMENT: 5-22-80 w/Dean Martin, Kurt Thomas 60 min Color
VG+ #875A
1)1965 w/Glen Campbell, Bobby Fuller Four, Dusty Springfield, The Grass Roots, Dee Dee Sharp 30 min B/W EXC #319middle
2)1966 w/Jackie Wilson, The Hondells, Glen Campbell, Beau Brummels, Lenny Welch 30 min B/W EXC #336C
3)1966 w/Rolling Stones, Jody Miller, Esther Phillips, The O’Jays, Rick Lancelot 30 min B/W VG- #458C
4)1966 w/The Temptations, New Beats, Mel Carter, Cassie Taylor 30 min B/W VG- #385C
5)1966 w/The Supremes, Connie Stevens, Johnny Tillotson, Brenda Holloway, Grady and Grady 30 min B/W VG- #386D
6)1965 w/Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Dino, Desi & Billy, Gerry and the Pacemakers 30 min B/W EXC #396A
7)1965 w/Cher, Fabulous Echoes, Nino Tempo, Eddie Hodges, April Stevens 30 min B/W EXC #396B
8)1965 w/Sonny & Cher, Bobby Goldsboro, The Standells, Donny Brooks, Mary Miller 30 min B/W EXC #396C
9)1965 w/The Ronettes, Allan Sherman, Jimmy Witherspoon, Jimmy Yuro 30 min B/W EXC #425C
SHOWER OF STARS: 11-18-54 w/Betty Grable, Danny Thomas, Harry James, Ed Wynn, Groucho Marx 60 min B/W VG+ #492B
SHOWTIME: 1968 w/Shelley Berman, Shirley Bassey, Matt Monroe 60 min B/W VG- #676B
SIMON & GARFUNKEL “SONGS OF AMERICA”: 11-30-69 60 min Color VG+ #599B
SINATRA: THE FIRST 40 YEARS: 1-30-80 w/Paul Anka, Lucille Ball, Tony Bennett, Milton Berle, Charlie Callas,
Lillian Carter, Sammy Davis Jr, Glenn Ford, Cary Grant, Harry James, Gene Kelly, Rich Little, Dean Martin,
Robert Merrill, Don Rickles, Frank Sinatra Jr, Nancy Sinatra, Tina Sinatra, Red Skelton, Dionne Warwick,
Orson Welles, William B. Williams 90 min Color VG+ #841
SINATRA: THE CLASSIC DUETS w/Elvis Presley, Nancy Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Lena Horne,
Shirley Jones, Dinah Shore, Bing Crosby, Sammy Davis Jr., The Hi-Lo's, Dean Martin, Peggy Lee,
Ella Fitzgerald, Louie Prima & Keely Smith 90 min Color/B/W EXC #1330B
SINGER PRESENTS BURT BACHARACH: 3-14-71 w/Tom Jones, Barbra Streisand, Rudolph Nureyev 60 min
Color EXC #650B
SISTERS IN THE NAME OF LOVE: 7-12-86 w/Gladys Knight, Patti Labelle, Dionne Warwicke 60 min Color VG+ #993A
1) 1968 w/Jim Backus, The Association 60 min B/W VG- #494A
2)3-10-68 w/Glen Campbell, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Pat Paulson 50 min Color EXC #692B
3)1-9-69 w/Ray Charles, Jackie Mason 40 min Color EXC- #715A
SMOTHERS BROTHERS SUMMER SHOW: 8-68 w/Glen Campbell, Kenny Rogers, Stiller and Meara 60 min B/W EXC #335A
1)1986 w/Dionne Warwick, Frank Sinatra, Smokey Robinson, Air Supply 50 min Color VG+ #753A
2)1986 w/The Beach Boys, Glen Campbell, John Denver, Kool & The Gang 50 min Color EXC- #753B
3)1980 w/Dionne Warwicke, Glen Campbell, Tanya Tucker, Rolling Stones, Seals & Croft 60 min COLOR EXC- #993B
SOLID GOLD COUNTDOWN: 1982 w/Olivia Newton John, Go-Go’s, Rick Springfield 90 min Color EXC #774B
SOLID GOLD SALUTES THE 60'S:1987 w/Marilyn McCoo, The Beach Boys, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Martha Reeves,
John Sebastion, Grass Roots, Ben E. King, Steppenwolf, Tommy Roe, Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Monkees,
Arsenio Hall 60 min Color VG+ #1056B
SOMETHING ELSE: Syndicated 1968-1970
1)w/Jack Wild, Ides of March, Bobbi Martin , Crabby Appleton, Alex Cord 30 min Color VG
2)w/Richie Havens, Danny Brooks, Kathy Smith, John Hartford 30 min Color VG
3)w/Gary Puckett, Taj Mahal, Evie Sands, Pete Fountain 30 min Color VG
4)w/Iron Butterfly, Johnny Mathis, John Hartford, Amy Rushes 30 min VG
5)w/Roy Clark, Hank Thompson 30 min Color Fair #593AA
6)w/Andy Kim, Lou Rawls, Cathy Green, 1910 Fruit Gum Co. #593AB
7)w/Poco, Linda Ronstadt, Mark Lindsay, Flying Burito Brothers 30 min Color VG+ #677B
8)w/Jimmy Webb, Three Dog Night, Merilee Rush 30 min COLOR EXC- #960C
Barry Manilow, Jimmy Webb, Paul Williams, Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks, Ashford & Simpson,
Brian McKnight, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Randy Newman, Linda Edder, Carole King,
Liza Minnelli, Joan Osbourne, Rufus Wainwright 120 min Color EX- #1287
1)1970 w/Dick Clark, The Four Seasons, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bobby Vinton, Ed Byrnes 60 min Color
EXC- #902A
2)1970 w/Paul Anka, The Coasters, Wolfman Jack, Peter Noone, Neil Sedaka 60 min Color EXC- #902B
3)1971 w/Ken Berry, The New Seekers 60 min Color VG #573A
4)1971 w/Bobby Darin 60 min Color VG- #721B
5)1971 w/Bobby Sherman, Chad Everett 60 min Color EXC #629C
6)1972 w/Danny Thomas, Telly Savalas 60 min Color EXC- #781A
7)1972 w/Robert Goulet, The Temptations 60 min Color EXC #453A
8)1972 w/Rick Springfield, William Conrad 60 min Color EXC #453B
9)1972 w/Tony Curtis, Dinah Shore 60 min Color EXC #452B
10)1972 w/Joel Grey 60 min Color EXC- #592B
11)1972 w/Jimmy Durante 60 min Color EXC- #922A
12)1972 w/The Jackson Five, Sally Stuthers, Tennessee Ernie ford 60 min Color EXC- #922B
13)1971 w/Glen Campbell, Gideon & Power 60 min COLOR EXC #1036A
14)1971 w/Carroll O'Connor, Jean Stapelton 60 min Color VG #1117A
15)1972 w/Jerry Lewis, The Supremes 60 min Color EXC #1117B
16)1972 w/Merv Griffin, The Supremes 60 min Color EXC- #1116A
17)1971 w/Kate Smith, Steve Martin 60 min Color EXC- #1298C
1) 1976 w/Glen Campbell, Farah Fawcett, Don Knotts 60 min Color VG- #321A
2) 1976 w/Raymond Burr 60 min Color VG+ #572A
3) 1977 w/Bob Hope, The Jacksons 60 min Color EXC #1116B
4) 1977 w/Donny Osmond, Marie Osmond, Ruth Buzzi, Alex Karras 60 min Color EXC- #925B
5) 1977 w/Bernadette Peters, Shields & Yarnell, Bob Keeshan 60 min Color EXC #1118A
6) 1977 w/John Davidson, Karen Valentine 60 min Color EXC #1118B
7) 1977 w/Betty White, Flip Wilson, Ken Berry 60 min Color EXC- #924A
8) 1977 w/Lyle Wagner, Muhammed Ali, Marilyn MacCoo & Billy Davis Jr. 60 min Color EXC- #923B
9) 1977 w/George Gobel, Charo 60 min Color EXC- #924B
10) 1977 w/Tina Turner, David Steinberg, Shields & Yarnell 60 min Color EXC- #923A
1)1971 (Premiere Show) w/Eddie Kendricks, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Honey Cone 45 min Color EXC #425A
2)1972 w/Gladys Knight & The Pips, The O’Jays, Major Lance 45 min Color EXC #767A
3)1972 w/Stevie Wonder, The Moments, Fully Guaranteed 45 min Color EXC #767B
4)1972 w/Jermaine Jackson, The Jackson 5 45 min Color VG+ (glitches in the first two min) #782A
5)1972 w/War, Wilson Pickett, Curtis Mayfield 45 min Color EXC #775A
6)1973 w/Al Wilson, First Choice, Smokey Robinson 45 min Color EXC #775B
7)1973 w/The Supremes, Lloyd Price 45 min Color EXC #425B
8)1975 w/Elton John, Mandrill 45 min Color EXC- (with Japanese Subtitles) #598A
9)1975 w/David Bowie, Faith, Hope & Charity 45 min Color EXC- (with Japanese Subtitles) #598B
10)1975 w/Richard Pryor, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes 60 min Color VG+ #530A
11)1976 w/Donna Summer, The Moments 45 min Color EXC #582A
12)1976 w/Donna Summer, Johnnie Taylor 45 min Color EXC #582B
13)1975 w/The Supremes, Willie Hutch 45 min Color EXC #1206A
14)1976 w/The Supremes, Al Wilson 45 min Color EXC #1206B
SOUNDS FOR SATURDAY: 11-19-71 w/Buddy Rich 60 min B/W VG #851A
SOUNDS OF THE 60’S: BBC 1991 Shows of Vintage British TV clips
1) w/Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul & Mary, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Tom Paxton, Leonard Cohen, Tim Buckley,
Richie Havens 30 min B/W EXC- #504B
2) w/Sandi Shaw, Tom Jones, LuLu, Cliff Richard, Long John Baldry 30 min B/W EXC- #785C
SOUNDS OF THE 70’S: BBC 1993 Shows of Vintage British TV clips
1)w/The Carpenters, ABBA, David Essex, 10CC, Wings, Kate Bush, Boney M., Steve Harley 35 min Color EXC
2)w/The Temptations, Bill Withers, Aretha Franklin, Jackson 5, LaBelle, Rolls Royce, The Real Thing, Chic,
Gladys Knight 35 min Color & B/W EXC #640A
1)1974 w/Three Dog Night 50 min Color EXC- #702B
2)1974 w/Don McClean 60 min Color Fair #759B
3)12-30-74 w/Donovan, Dave Mason 60 min Color EXC #706B
4)1979 w/Andy Kaufman, Elaine Boosler 60 min Color EXC #930A
5)1978 w/Gordon Lightfoot 60 min COLOR EXC- #1008A
6)1975 w/The Bee Gees 60 min COLOR EXC- #1008B
7)1975 w/Blood, Sweat & Tears 60 min COLOR EXC- #1009A
8)1974 w/Harry Chapin 60 min COLOR EXC- #1009B
9)1978 w/Journey 60 min Color EXC- #1203A
10)1977 w/The Guess Who 60 min Color EXC- #1203B
11)1982 w/Dionne Warwick 60 min Color EXC #1205A
12)1974 w/Bonnie Raitt 60 min Color EXC #1205B
1)1955 w/Connie Francis, Kim Novak, Gordon Macrae 30 min B/W VG+ #456B
2)3-17-56 w/Elvis Presley, Henny Youngman, Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey 30 min B/W EXC #456C
STAR ROUTE: Syndicated 1964 Hosted by Rod Cameron
1)w/Glen Campbell, George Morgan, The Collins Kids 30 min B/W EXC #321B
2)w/Glen Campbell, Bob Luman 30 min B/W EXC #321D
3)w/Glen Campbell, Leroy Van Dyke 30 min B/W EXC #321C
4)w/Glen Campbell, Skeeter Davis 30 min B/W EXC #391A
5)w/Glen Campbell, Roger Miller 30 min B/W EXC #391B
6)w/Glen Campbell, Bill Anderson 30 min B/W EXC #391C
7)w/Johnny Cash, Tennessee Three 30 min B/W Fair #391D
8)w/Rex Allen Jr., Glen Campbell 30 min B/W EXC- #?
9)w/Sheb Wooley, Glen Campbell 30 min B/W EXC- #?
10)w/Hank Thompson, Glen Campbell 30 min B/W Poor #?
11)w/Faron Young, Glen Campbell, Collins Kids 30 min B/W EXC #763A
12)w/Carl Smith, Glen Campbell, Collins Kids 30 min B/W EXC #763B
13)w/Sonny James, Glen Campbell, Collins Kids 30 min B/W EXC #763C
STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL: 1977 w/Bea Arthur, Harrison Ford, Art Carney 90 min Color EXC- #289A
STEPHANIE MILLER SHOW: 1995 w/Scott Bakula, Rupaul, Heidi Fleiss, 60 min Color EXC- #1313B
1) 5-28-57 w/Georgia Gibbs, Fats Dominoe, Steve Lawrence, Louie Nye, Comedy skit by Smith & Dale 60 min B/W
VG #739B
2)6-2-57 w/Jerry Lewis, The Four Diamonds, Abbe Lane, Xavier Cugat 60 min B/W VG #739A
3)11-25-56 w/Gene Autry, Louis Nye 60 min B/W VG+ #1054A
4)12-21-59 w/Gene Autry 60 min B/W VG+ #1054B
5)1-11-60 w/Tony Bennett, Louis Nye, Jayne Meadows 60 min COLOR VG- #1059A
6)12-27-61 w/Connie Francis, Frankie Avalon, Bill Dana, Buck Henry 60 min B/W FAIR #1060 A
7)5-26-57 w/Martha Raye, Errol Garner 60 min B/W EXC- #1079A
8)6-30-57 w/Bob Hope, Dean Martin 60 min B/W EXC- #1079B
STEVE MARTIN: COMEDY IS NOT PRETTY: 2-14-80 w/Marty Allen, Steve Allen, Will Alpert, Joan Collins
Richard Deacon, Joyce DeWitt, Phil Foster, Peter Graves, Meredith MacRae, Louis Nye, Carl Reiner, Dick Schapp
60 min Color VG+ #792B
STEVE PAUL SCENE: 1967 w/The Staple Singers, Moby Grape, Aretha Franklin, Blues Project 45 min Color VG+ #654A
SUZANNE SOMERS SPECIAL: 2-22-82 w/Flip Wilson, Marie Osmond 60 min Color VG- #462B
SWEET SOUL MUSIC: 1967 w/Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Ike & Tina Turner, Eric Burden and the Animals 60 min Color VG #777B
SWING OUT,SWEET LAND: 4-8-71 w/John Wayne, Ann-Margret, Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Dan Blocker,
Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, Roy Clark, Bing Crosby, Phyllis Diller, Lorne Greene, Celeste Holm,
Bob Hope, Michael Landon, Dean Martin, Ross Martin, Dick Martin, Greg Morris, David Nelson,
Rick Nelson, Hugh O'Brian, Dan Rowan, William Shatner, Red Skelton, Tommy Smothers, Leslie Uggams,
Dennis Weaver 90 min Color EXC- #1085
SWINGING TIME: Compilation of mid-1960’s local Detroit T.V. show w/McCoys, Odetta, Bobby Sherman,
Bobby Goldsboro, The Supremes, Marvelettes, Johnny Nash 120 min B/W EXC- #699
T.C.B. SPECIAL: 1968 w/The Temptations, Diana Ross & The Supremes 60 min Color VG #424A
TV: THE FABULOUS 50’S: 1978 w/Red Skelton, Mary Martin, Lucille Ball, Michael Landon, Dinah Shore,
David Jannsen 120 min Color VG- #821A
TV GUIDE’S 50 BEST SHOWS OF ALL TIME: 5-13-02 Clips from tv’s greatest series highlight this
Hour. Featuring Michelle Gellar, Tony Danza, Alan Alda, Gillian Anderson, Jerry Orbach,
George Wendt, Rob Reiner, Oprah Winfrey, Mary Tyler Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, N’SYNC,
William Shatner 60 min Color EXC #1223A
TEENAGE A GO-GO: w/various clips 115 min B/W EXC- #350
TEENTOWN: 1965 w/The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles 60 min B/W EXC #421A
THE TEMTATIONS: All Ed Sullivan Show appearances from 1966-1971 50 min B/W & Color VG+ #670A
1)1-1-59 w/Danny Thomas, Rusty Hamer, Angela Cartright, Jay North 30 min B/W EXC #937A
2)1-15-59 w/Kate Smith, 30 min B/W EXC #935A
3)1-22-59 w/Kate Smith 30 min B/W EXC #935B
4)4-9-59 w/Roger Williams 30 min B/W EXC #934A
5)6-25-59 w/Andre Previn 30 min B/W EXC #937C
6)1-5-61 “Salute to America” 30 min Color EXC #934B
7)4-13-61 w/The Everly Brothers 30 min Color EXC #937B
8)6-15-61 w/Hogie Carmichael 30 min Color EXC #934C
9)1962 w/Jim Lange 30 min B/W VG #507A
10)12-1-60 w/Tony Bennett 30 min B/W EXC #1019B
THE BEST OF “THIS IS TOM JONES”: 8-94 w/Little Richard, Joe Walsh, Johnny Cash, Ella Fitzgerald,
Sammy Davis Jr 60 min Color VG+ #856B
1)1970 w/Sammy Davis Jr., Joanne Worley 60 min Color VG+ #406A
2)1970 w/Barbara Eden, Wilson Pickett, Hendra and Ullett 60 min Color VG+ (Logo strip on screen) #486A
3)1969 w/Glen Campbell, Janis Joplin, The Committee 60 min Color VG- (Logo stripon screen) #404B
4)1969 w/Dick Cavett, The 5th Dimension, Sandie Shaw, Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger, Terri-Thomas 60 min Color EXC- #710B
5)2-7-69 w/Joey Heatherton, Moody Blues, Richard Pryor, Mary Hopkin 60 min Color VG (Logo strip on screen) #438B
6)4-25-69 w/Stevie Wonder, The Hollies, Pat Paulsen, Shanni Wallis 60 min Color VG+ (Logo strip on screen) #451B
7)1-15-70 w/The Rascals, George Goebel, Shanni Wallis 60 min Color VG+ (Logo strip on screen) #423B
8)10-9-70 w/Bob Hope, Aretha Franklin, Ace Trucking Co 60 min Color VG+ (Logo strip on screen) #438A
9)10-30-70 w/The Supremes, Ray Stevens, Scoey Mitchell 60 min Color EXC- #1202B
1) w/Bobby Darin 30 min B/W EXC #1047B
2)1-20-60 w/Don McNeill 30 min Color EXC- #1011E
3)1971 w/Shirley Jones 30 min Color EXC- #1108C
4)1956 w/Lou Costello 30 min B/W EXC- #1108D
5)1958 w/Frances Farmer 30 min B/W VG #1162C
6)w/Ann Miller 30 min Color VG- #1333C
THREE FOR TONIGHT: 6-22-55 w/Harry Belafonte, Marge & Gower Champion, Betty Benson 60 min B/W EXC-
1)1953 w/Host, Ed Sullivan, Gene Autry, John Raitt, A. Russell 60 min B/W EXC- #690B
2) 12-13-53 w/Frankie Laine 60 min B/W VG+ #477B
3)10-3-54 w/Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz 60 min B/W VG #506A
4) 2-5-56 w/Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, The Four Ames Brothers 60 min B/W VG+ #506B
1)1991 BBC Documentary 50 min Color EXC- #488A
2)1965 “Tempo” BBC Show, with Lynn Seymour 30 min B/W EXC- #488B
TOM JONES’ “LONDON BRIDGE” SPECIAL: 1972 w/The Carpenters 60 min Color EXC- #348A
1)1984 w/Linda Lovelace 60 min Color VG+ #1126A
1)1-14-64 w/Jonah Jones, Jack Douglas, Sam Levinson, Hedda Hopper 80 min B/W EXC- #944B
2) 10-1-72 w/Jack Benny, Don Rickles 60 min Color VG-
3) 1972 w/Sammy Davis Jr., George Burns, Carl Reiner 60 min Color EXC- (Audio Dropouts) #697B
4)1972 “Non-Air Budweiser Advertising and Marketing Campaign 35 min Color EXC- #943C w/o/c
5)8-31-74 w/Joan Embree, Bette Midler 25 min B/W EXC- #944A
6)1975 w/Buddy Rich, Don Rickles, John Byner, Cathy Rich 15 min, Color EXC- #853A
7)6-1-77 w/Buddy Rich, Tony Randall 13 min Color VG- #853B
8)1977 w/Host, Frank Sinatra, George Burns, Angie Dickinson 60 min Color VG- #604B
9)2-17-78 w/Buddy Rich 11 min Color VG+ #853C
10)3-24-78 w/Buddy Rich, Shecky Greene 13 min Color VG+ #853D
11)8-11-78 w/Buddy Rich 13 min Color VG+ #853E
12)1-7-79 w/Buddy Rich 13 min Color VG+ #853F
13)2-2-79 w/Buddy Rich 14 min Color VG+ #853G
14)1979 w/Host, Kermit the Frog; Vincent Price, Leo Sayer, Bernadette Peters 90 min Color EXC- #666B
15)5-2-79 w/Raquel Welch, Tony Bennett, James Galway 90 min Color VG+ #916A
16)6-13-79 w/Buddy Rich, Tony Randall 9 min Color poor(cut-bad glitches) #853H
17)2-26-80 w/Buddy Rich 13 min Color VG+ #852A
18)5-29-80 w/Buddy Rich 12 min Color VG #852C
19)9-2-80 w/Buddy Rich, Tony Bennett 15 min Color VG #852B
20)9-4-80 w/Buddy Rich 9 min Color VG- #852D
21)10-28-80 w/Buddy Rich 8 min Color VG- (glitches) #852E
22)11-11-81 w/Buddy Rich 11 min Color VG #852F
23)6-8-82 w/Buddy Rich 9 min Color VG #852G
24)5-23-83 w/Buddy Rich 8 min Color VG #852H
25)8-10-83 w/Buddy Rich 7 min Color VG+ #852I
26)12-13-83 w/Buddy Rich 8 min Color VG+ #852J
27)11-14-84 w/Buddy Rich 9 min Color VG+ #852K
28)10-85 w/Buddy Rich 10 min Color VG- #852L
29)3-26-86 w/Buddy Rich, Billy Crystal 7 min Color VG- (cut) #852M
30)11-7-85 w/John McLaughlin 10 min Color EXC- #713C
31)10-90 w/Bob Newhart, David Horowitz 60 min Color VG+ #1112C
THE TONIGHT SHOW 10TH ANNIVERSARY: 1972 w/George Burns, Jery Lewis, Jack Benny, Don Rickles
60 min Color VG- #394A
THE TONIGHT SHOW 17TH ANNIVERSARY: 1979 w/Dolly Parton, Burt Reynolds, James Stewart, Don Rickles
120 min Color VG+ #426
THE TONY AWARDS: 1971 w/Julie Andrews, Walter Matheau 100 min Color VG+ #473
1)1970 w/Kate Smith, Ted Knight 60 min Color VG+ #611A
2)1970 w/Roy Clark, Ruth Buzzi 60 min Color EXC- #611B
3)1971 w/Bill Macy, Loretta Switt 60 min Color VG- #788B
4)1971 w/Hermoine Gingold, Fred MacMurry 60 min Color EXC- #920A
5)1971 w/William Conrad, Florence Henderson 60 min Color VG- #824A
6)1972 w/Andy Griffth, Georgia Engel 60 min Color VG- #865A
7)1972 w/Dom Deluise, Tammy Wynette 60 min Color VG #788A
8)1972 w/Nancy Walker, Tony Randall 60 min Color EXC- #787A
9)1972 w/George Carlin, Fred MacMurray 60 min Color VG #787B
10)1973 w/Kate Smith, Demond Wilson 60 min Color VG+ #865B
11)1973 w/Arte Johnson, Frankie Avalon, Lisa Todd 60 min Color EXC- #878B
12)1974 w/Jackie Gleason, Nancy Walker 60 min Color VG+ #594A
13)1974 w/Charo, Tony Randall 60 min Color VG+ #594B
14)1-75 w/Telly Savales, Anne Meara 60 min Color VG #814B
15)1976 w/The Bay City Rollers, George Carlin, Abe Vigoda 60 min Color VG- #790B
16)1976 w/Charo, Freddy Fender, Joe Nameth 60 min COLOR EXC #1037A
TONY SINGS, BUDDY SWINGS: 3-5-82 w/Tony Bennett, Buddy Rich 60 min Color VG #851B
1)Best of 1971, 1977 & 1979 compil. W/The Rolling Stones, The Police, The Faces, Squeeze, XTC, E.L.O., Blondie,
T. Rex, Manhattan Transfer, New Seekers, Squeeze, Rainbow, The Jags, Linda Martel, John Conti 120 min Color VG #566
2) 1967 w/The Bee Gees, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Procal Harum, Cliff Richard 30 min B/W VG+ #497C
3)1971 w/T. Rex, The Rolling Stones, The New Seekers, Rod Stewart, Benny Hill 40 min Color EXC #760B
4)5-6-71 w/Ringo Starr, LuLu, Rod Stewart & The Faces, The Mixtures 35 min Color VG+ #760A
5)7-15-71 w/Three Dog Night, The Sweet, The Srawbs, Atomic Rooster, Gilbert O’ Sullivan 30 min Color EXC #559A
6)1973 w/Slade, Donny Osmond, Suzi Quatro, Jimmy Osmond, Sweet, 10cc, Tony Orlando and Dawn,
Gary Glitter, David Cassidy, Peters & Lee 60 min Color VG+ #867A
7)5-2-74 w/ABBA, Stevie Wonder, Bay City Rollers, The Stylistics, Roy Wood 35 min Color EXC #760C
8) 10-74 w/Roxy Music, Paul Anka, The Drifters, Andy Kim, David Essex 40 min Color VG- #593AC
9)12-74 w/The Osmonds, Mud, Sweet Sensation, David Essex, Paper Lace, The 3 Degrees, ABBA, Slade,
Boomtown Rats, Baron Nights, Queen, Status Quo, Nasha Fox, Charles Aznavour 60 min Color/B/W EXC- #796A
10)2-3-77 w/Status Quo, David Soul, The New Seekers 50 min Color EXC #559B
11)9-79 w/The Police, Michael Jackson 30 min Color VG+ #618C
12)1979 w/Matchbox, Commodores, Boomtown Rats, ELO, Queen, The Pretenders 30 min Color EXC #686A
13)1979 w/Elvis Costello, The Skits, Roxy Music, Sister Sledge, Blondie 35 min Color EXC #686B
14)1979 w/XTC, Blondie, Sad Cafe, Squeeze, Police, The Jags 45 min Color EXC #686C
15)1980 w/The Pretenders, UB40, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, The Jam 35 min Color EXC #707A
16)11-80 w/The Boomtown Rats, Rod Stewart, Blondie, Kool & The Gang 35 min Color EXC #707B
17)1990 w/Berlin, Paul Simon, Roxette, Paul McCartney, Public Image Ltd. 25 min Color EXC #707C
18)1990 w/Delamitri, EMF, Paul Simon, Righteous Brothers, The LA’s 30 min Color EXC #707D
19)76-78 w/Leo Sayer, Lexico, Boz Scaggs, The Real Thing, Rubettes, David Soul, TRB, Kate Bush, Billy Joel,
Sweet, Bee Gees, Magazine, Abba, Bellamy Brothers, Brotherhood Of Man, Barbara Streisand,
Kris Kristofferson, 10CC, Martin Ford Orchestra, Kenny Rogers, Dr. Feelgood, Denise Williams 100 min
20)12-87 w/Michael McDonald, John Mellencamp, Kenny Loggins, U2, The Judds, Run Dmc, Sting, Bangles,
Stevie Nicks 50 min Color EXC #75D
1) w/Vic Damone 30 min B/W VG #349B
1)1970 w/The Tokens, Bobby Goldsboro, Larry Henley, The Originals, Tom & Richard Frost 60 min Color VG+
(rare) #910C
2)5-23-70 w/John Denver, Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions, Bobby Sherman, Ides of March, Parliaments,
Bobby Wright, Bobby Goldsboro, The Occassions, The Glass House, Bobby Rydell, Jerry Butler 60 min Color VG- #665B
THE U.S.O. SHOW: 1958 w/Jack Benny, Bob Hope, George Burns, Gale Storm, Danny Kaye, Kim Novak, Bing Crosby,
James Stewart, Dick Powell, Milton Berle, Red Buttons, Jimmy Durante, Lena Horne, Frankie Laine, Gregory Peck,
Jane Powell, Jane Russell, Dinah Shore, Danny Thomas, Amelia, Albergetti, June Allyson, Louis Armstrong,
Polly Bergen, Ray Bolger, Sid Ceasar, Cyd Charisse, Leo Durocher, Rhonda Fleming, Benny Goodman, Edie Gorme,
Betty Hutton, Shirley MacClaine, Tony Martin, David Niven, Walter Pigeon, Dick Shawn, Jimmie Rodgers
90 min B/W EXC- #807A
1)1997 The Carpenters 60 min Color EXC #627A
2)1998 Melissa Etheridge 60 min Color EXC #932A
2)9-19-99 Glen Campbell 60 min Color EXC #657B
3)1999 The Partridge Family 60 min COLOR EXC #965B
4)1998 Fleetwood Mac 60 min Color EXC #551A
5)1998 w/The Lilith Fair 60 min Color EXC #602A
VH-1 “DIVAS LIVE”: 1998 w/Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carry, Gloria Estefan, Shania Twain 120 min
Color EXC #624
1)1997 w/Billy Joel 60 min Color EXC #551B
2)1998 w/Sarah McLaughlin 60 min Color EXC #614A
3)1999w/Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds 60 min Color EXC #765B
VICTORIA'S SECRET FASHION FASHION SHOW: 11-20-02 w/Phil Collins, Marc Anthony,
Destiny's Child, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum 60 min Color EX- #1286B
1)1951 w/Victor Borge 30 min B/W EXC- #914B
2)1951 w/Victor Borge, Tom Corbett 30 min B/W EXC- #914C
WELCOME TO THE FILLMORE EAST: 9-23-70 w/The Byrds, Elvin Bishop, Sha Na Na, Albert King, Van Morrison 60 min
Color EXC #69C
1)1954 w/Elizabeth Taylor 30 min B/W Fair #717C
2)2-5-56 w/Kim Novak 30 min B/W EXC w/o/c #948A
3)1957 w/Danny Thomas 30 min B/W EXC- 816D
4)3-19-61 w/Nat King Cole 30 min B/W EXC- #476A
5) 1963 w/The Kingston Trios 30 min B/W VG- #414A
6)1965 w/Joey Heatherton 30 min B/W VG- #717B
7)1966 w/Judy Garland 30 min B/W VG #578A
8) w/Connie Francis 30 min B/W VG+ #629B
9)3-63 w/Danny Kaye 30 min B/W EXC- #1078C
10)1953 w/Don Ameche 30 min B/W EXC- #635D
11) w/Raymond Burr 30 min B/W VG- #642C
12)5-63 w/Lucille Ball, Bob Hope 30 min B/W EXC #1111C
13)10-7-62 w/Melina Mercouri 30 min B/W VG #1136B
14)1967 w/Melina Mercouri 30 min B/W VG #1136C
15)6-5-66 w/Jack Benny, Vince Edwards 30 min B/W VG #1272A
16) w/Judy Canova 30 min B/W VG #1252D
1)1965 w/Jan & Dean, The Supremes, Bobby Rydell, Frankie Avalon 60 min B/W VG- (unaired pilot) #505B
2)1966 w/Joe Tex, Everly Brothers, Paul Revere and the Raiders 30 min B/W EXC #355A
3)1966 w/Mitch Ryder, Brenda Lee 30 min B/W EXC #355B
4)1966 w/13th Floor Elevators 30 min B/W EXC #355C
5)1966 w/Left Bank, Standells 30 min B/W EXC #355D
6)1966 w/Brian Hyland, Bobby Bare 30 min B/W VG- #399A
7)1966 w/Lesley Gore, The Four Tops 30 min B/W EXC #583D
8)6-30-66 All Request Day w/Paul Revere & The Raiders 30 min B/W EXC- #696B
9)8-1-66 w/Petula Clark, Tina Mason, Steve Alaimo, Keith Allison, Goro Sakurai 30 min B/W Good #603D
10)8-3-66 w/Roy Orbison, The Robbs, Shades of Blue, Tina Mason, Shades of Blue 30 min B/W EXC- #543D
11)8-11-66 w/James Brown, The Knickerbockers, Tina Mason, Keith Allison 30 min B/W Fair #587B & #696A
12)8-22-66 w/Tommy Roe, The Five Stairsteps, The Robbs, Steve Alaimo 30 min B/W EXC #573B
13)8-26-66 w/Young Rascals, The Standells 30min B/W VG #603B
14)9-6-66 w/Razors Edge, The Robbs, Major Lance, Steve Alaimo, Keith Allison 30 min B/W Fair #603C
15)9-16-66 w/Johnny Rivers, The Birdwatchers 30 min B/W VG+ #603A
16)9-20-66 w/James Brown, The Four Tops, Tommy Boyce 30 min B/W Fair #587C
17)10-19-66 w/Tommy Roe, Left Banke, Len Barry, Hard Times 30 min B/W VG+ #696D
18)10-7-66 w/Ray Stevens, Carla Thomas, Paul Revere & The Raiders 30 min B/W VG- #696C
19) 12-21-66 w/The Turtles, Hard Times, Tina Mason, Hard Times, Keith Allison 30min B/W EXC- #573C
WHERE THE GIRLS ARE: 4-23-68 w/Noel Harrison, The Byrds, Cher, The Assocation, Don Adams, Barbara McNair
Prof. Irwin Corey 60 min B/W Fair #856A
WINCHELL MAHONEY TIME:1965 w/Paul Winchell 30 min B/W VG+ #535B
1)1969 w/Loretta Lynn, Ernest Tubb 20 min Color VG+ #1017A
2)1969 w/Loretta Lynn, Roy Acuff, Harold Morrison 25 min Color VG+ #1017B
3)1969 w/Loretta Lynn, Harold Morrison, Sarah & Maybelle Carter 30 min Color VG #1017C
4)1969 w/Bill Monroe, Loretta Lynn, Harold Morrison 23 min Color VG+ #1017D
5)1969 w/Johnny Paycheck, Barbara Mandrell 30 min Color VG #1017E
WORLD IN ACTION: 1960's w/Mick Jagger 15 min B/W EXC #40B
1)1976 w/The Miracles, Gary U.S. Bonds 30 min Color VG+ #691A
2)1976 w/Anne Murray, Cindi Greco 30 min Color EXC- #685B
3)1976 w/Johnny Rivers, ABBA, The Shirells 30 min Color EXC- #685C
4)1976 w/Melissa Manchester, Little Anthony 30 min Color EXC- #685D
5)1977 w/Kenny Rogers, Bobby Rydell, Gladys Knight & The Pips 30 min Color EXC- #685A
6)1977 w/Ray Stevens, David & Gale 30 min Color EXC- #685E
WOMEN WHO RATE A “10”: 2-15-81 w/Lynda Carter, Morgan Fairchild 60 min Color VG+ #454A
WOODY ALLEN SPECIAL: 9-21-69 w/5th Dimension, Candace Bergen, Billy Graham, Tony Randall 60 min Color VG- #700B
WOODSTOCK: 1970 Original movie w/Joan Baez, Joe Cocker, Country Joe & The Fish, Crosby, Stills & Nash,
Arlo Guthrie, Richie Havens, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, John Sebastian, Sha Na Na, Sly & The Family Stone,
Ten Years After, The Who 190 min Color EXC
WOODSTOCK “THE LOST PERFORMANCES”: 1970 w/The Band, Joe Cocker, Canned Heat, Paul Butterfield,
Arlo Guthrie, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Country Joe McDonald, John Sebastian, Sly & The Family Stone, Tim Hardin,
Melanie, Joan Baez, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Janis Joplin, Ritchie Havens 70 min Color EXC
YOUR HIT PARADE: 1954 w/Polly Bergen, Snookey Lansen 30 min B/W EXC- #493B
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Hi,I just saw your huge list and I was wondering if you're interested in a trade.If you are,come to my website and email me there.BTW,do you have any eps. of MTV Undressed?Jabar's Video Shop
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Well, i figured that i would join this topic as well. Here is my stuff that i have. Email me if you want to trade for anything.

1. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER-Season One (Including Unaired Pilot, although I'm missing all episodes in Season 3.)
2. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER-Season Two (Complete)
3. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER-Season Four (Complete)
4. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER-Season Five (Complete)
5. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER-Season Six (Complete)
6. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER-Season Seven (Complete)

7. ANGEL-Season One (Complete)
8. ANGEL-Season Two (Complete)
9. ANGEL-Season Three (Complete)
10. ANGEL-Season Four (Complete)

11. SPACE CASES-Season One (Missing Unaired Pilot.)
12. SPACE CASES-Season Two (Complete)

13. POPULAR-Season One (Including Unaired Pilot.)
14. POPULAR-Season Two (Complete)

15. DARK ANGEL-Season One (Missing only three episodes.)
16. DARK ANGEL-Season Two (Complete)

17. CHARMED-Season One (Missing only three episodes.)
18. CHARMED-Season Two (Missing five episodes)
19. CHARMED-Season Three (Complete)
20. CHARMED-Season Four (Complete)

21. LIZZIE MCGUIRE-Season One (Missing 11 episodes total.)
22. SO WEIRD- (Missing only 30 episodes from the ENTIRE series.)

23. ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK- Season One(Missing only one episode)
24. ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK- Season Two(Missing only five episodes.)
25. ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK- Season Three(Missing only three episodes.)
26. ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK-Season Four (Missing only four episodes.)
27. ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK-Season Five (Missing only four episodes.)
28. ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK-Season Six (Missing only one episode.)
29. ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK-Season Seven (Missing only one episode.)

30. FIREFLY-Season One (Missing unaired episodes.)

31. HAUNTED-Season One (Missing unaired episodes.)

32. SMALLVILLE-Season One

33. T.A.T.U appearances ever made on television. (On three tapes)

34. BOY MEETS WORLD-Season One (Only missing Season 3.)
35. BOY MEETS WORLD-Season Two
36. BOY MEETS WORLD-Season Four
37. BOY MEETS WORLD-Season Five
38. BOY MEETS WORLD-Season Six
39. BOY MEETS WORLD-Season Seven

40. GIlMORE GIRLS-Season One (Complete)
41. GILMORE GIRLS-Season Two (Complete)
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I can't believe how much my tape list has changed since I first posted!!!!!!!!!!! Wow.

You can click the link in my sig to go to my list
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my have list
boy meets world complete
saved by the bell complete
35+episodes of diffrent strokes
50+episodes of seinfeld
partridge family season 4 only
the honeymooners
100 episodes of leave it to beaver
full house
step by step
califonia dreams
7 episodes of hey dude
scooby doo where are you
dennis the menace

my movies
liar liar between father and daughter
scooby doo 2002 movie(hbo)
growing up brady
a very brady christmas
justice for annie
killing mr griffin
a killer among friends
she cried no
dying to belong
student seduction
david cassidy story
monkees story
2 episodes of bewitched(appernces by danny bonaduce and jack cassidy)
threes company few episodes but more on the way while im trying to record daily

e true hollywood story
saved by the bell
jay north
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