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Old 04-05-2021, 05:33 PM   #1
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TV HBO Plans Month-Long Celebration for "Game of Thrones'" 10th Anniv.

Send a raven.

Celebrating 10 years in Westeros, the #IronAnniversary​ is here.
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Game of Thrones turns 10, but it's too soon to celebrate its "Iron Anniversary"

HBO's plan to celebrate today's 10th anniversary of the April 17, 2011 premiere of Game of Thrones with a month-long "Iron Anniversary" celebration seems to have been either met with indifference or scorn over how the show ended. "If it feels a little soon to be celebrating Game of Thrones, well, you’re not wrong," says Emily VanDerWerff. "The series finale aired on May 19, 2019, so when the 10th anniversary of the show’s premiere arrives, less than two years will have passed. And if the ambivalence I have sensed around this anniversary stems from anything, it stems from the fact that when Game of Thrones ended, it was an all-consuming pop culture story that even the show’s biggest fans had grown a little sick of. It’s only natural to want to give such cultural objects at least a little rest. Couldn’t HBO have waited for, you know, the 15th anniversary or something?...But I do not think it is an exaggeration to say that most fans of Game of Thrones felt some degree of frustration with how the series ended. For much of its run, Game of Thrones was the biggest show on television, and then it went out with a whimper. I suspect the show’s reputation will improve with time. There will eventually be another, more recent show whose finale makes many of the series’ fans howl with outrage. But for now, Game of Thrones is public enemy No. 1 when it comes to letting fans down. In even the recent past, a disappointing or even divisive finale would eventually fade from memory. Plenty of people had issues with the Lost finale (they were wrong!), but that show didn’t have any spinoffs or follow-ups, outside of a short film on the complete series DVD that lots of people don’t even know exists. As time has gone by, it’s been easier for even those who were unhappy with Lost’s finale to remember the show’s many other qualities and focus on those. Similar responses have followed the endings of The Sopranos and Mad Men, of Breaking Bad and The Wire. Not everybody liked all of those finales — because ending a long-running story in a way everybody likes is impossible — but get enough time and space from an ending you didn’t care for, and you’ll usually start to remember the good times too. We just don’t have that space from Game of Thrones yet, nor does it seem like the show has found a second wind among those who didn’t watch it the first time through. Throughout the pandemic, I’ve talked to lots of people who’ve finally gotten around to watching a TV show or two that they had been saving to savor, and even more who’ve revisited old favorites. I’ve talked to maybe two people who spent part of their quarantine watching Game of Thrones. Thus, an indifferent response to the Iron Anniversary — a kind of collective 'how can we miss you when you won’t go away?' — makes sense. But then again, so does HBO’s desire to turn the 10th birthday of its big hit show into a big deal. It wasn’t so long ago that Game of Thrones dominated pop culture discussion. Can’t the network get those days back?"


Game of Thrones' "Iron Anniversary" seems aimed at rehabilitating its reputation after hated finale

While HBO's month-long celebration of the 10th anniversary of its biggest hit has drawn complaints of too much too soon, the Iron Anniversary may be an attempt to reverse the bitter taste the series finale left fans two years ago. "Does the biggest TV drama of the last decade need such a huge PR push?" asks Graeme Virtue. "Bizarrely, it seems the answer is yes. The Iron Anniversary may initially sound like a self-aggrandizing flex – commissioning a dragon-themed Fabergé egg isn’t cheap – but it also feels like a conscious attempt to draw a line under the unfortunate way GoT wrapped up in 2019. What should have been a victory lap somehow turned into a car crash, tainting the legacy of the most Emmy-garlanded TV drama in history. That wobbly eighth season – with on-screen storylines and behind-the-scenes rumors endlessly analyzed by hungry fans and media – caused a passionate and vitriolic backlash, with more than a million viewers signing a petition calling for an alternative ending by 'competent writers.' When the compromised ending finally arrived, complete with a personality transplant for Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys, it seemed to snuff out Thrones-mania at a stroke, an unwelcome final twist in a rug-pulling franchise built on them. This very messy, public breakup between a fantasy juggernaut and its fanbase is why there is no real GoT conversation in 2021. What else is there to say? From the third season onwards, the coverage was so intense that every conceivable theory was aired and exhausted. Any new discussion is still likely colored by the oversized reaction to the ending. But give it a few years and opinions will likely soften, new generations will discover the show and the great reassessment will begin. With that endgame in mind, the Iron Anniversary seems like a strategic attempt at reputation management, smoothing out some of GoT’s critical wrinkles by encouraging fans to appreciate the whole grand tale rather than just the flame-out at the end." As Virtue points out, it would be a good idea to rehabilitate Game of Thrones' reputation ahead of House of the Dragon and a slew of other spinoffs HBO has planned. "Ironically, the fact that the original series is streamable and so more accessible than ever means GoT may always require some sort of PR stunt to offer viewers a pressing reason to click play," Virtue adds. "Technically, the next Iron Anniversary should not be until 2031, but expect other wheezes in the meantime. A promo blowout in June 2023 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the notorious Red Wedding? It would certainly make for a memorable Fabergé egg."

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