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Old 11-19-2003, 10:32 PM   #1
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Question Help Needed for Fonz Quote

Ok, it's been bugging me...

I can't remember the specific quote and I need to for an article I'm righting.

So the scene is the Fonz sitting on his motorcycle and he's adjusting his rearview mirrors, and one of the guys goes up to him and says "Whatcha' doin'?" and the Fonz answers "Adjusting my mirrors." and the guy is like "But the directed at you!" and the Fonz says something along the lines of "I know. I don't want to see how cool I was where I was coming from. I want to see how cool I'll be where I'm going."

Ok, so I didn't give much detail, but I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me the exact quote if they remember it. Thanks all!
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i remember the scene - but not in any more detail than you mentioned, the episode was in the first season though
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Old 11-29-2003, 12:41 PM   #3
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Default I have that episode


I have seen that episode and I have a copy of it if you would like ... I am going to go look to get some more specifics for you.

Here is the list of what I have available -

#1- All the Way (original air date: 1/15/74)
Richie is set up with Mary Lou Milligan, a girl with a reputation, by Potsie.

#2- The Lemon (1/22/74)
Richie and Potsie team up their money to buy a convertible in order to impress two girls.

#3- Richie's Cup Runneth Over (1/29/74)
Potsie takes Richie to a wild bachelor party.

#4- Guess Who's Coming to Visit (2/5/74)
Richie and Potsie go out to watch Fonzie at a midnight drag race.

#5- Hardware Jungle (2/12/74)
Richie watches the hardware store instead of going to a rock concert.

#6- The Deadly Dares (2/19/74)
Richie and Potsie have to fulfill six dares to earn their jackets when they try to become members of the Demons.

#7- Fonzie Drops In (2/26/74)
Fonzie re-enrolls in high school, but wants Richie to do all of his homework.

#11- Because She's There (4/2/74)
Richie reluctantly agrees to go on a blind date with a girl who towers over him.

#12- In the Name of Love (4/9/74)
Potsie and Ralph want to date Cindy Shellenberger, while Cindy only wants Richie as a tutor.

#14- The Best Man (4/23/74)
The neighbors are upset when the Cunninghams invite an African-American couple to be married in their home.

#15- Knock Around the Block (4/30/74)
Richie wants to join the Dukes, until they steal Potsie's bike.

#16- Be the First on Your Block (5/7/74)
The Cunninghams decide to build a family bomb shelter and try to keep it a secret.

#17- Richie Moves Out (2nd season) (9/10/74)
Hoping for more privacy, Richie moves in with his brother, but discovers it ain't paradise.

#18- Richie's Car (9/17/74)
Fonzie sells Richie a stolen hot rod for $200.

#19- Who's Sorry Now? (9/24/74)
Richie goes out with a girlfriend he hasn't seen in over three years, and the girl wants to go steady

#21- R.O.T.C. (10/8/74)
Richie is chosen to be the R.O.T.C. leader of his squad.

#22- Haunted (10/29/74)
Ralph hosts an annual Halloween party, and Richie thinks he saw a headless ghost.

#23- Wish Upon a Star (11/12/74)
Richie wins a date with a Hollywood starlet to the school's victory dance.

#24- Not With My Sister, You Don't (11/19/74)
Richie is shocked to learn that Joanie's first date is with Spike, a young replica of Fonzie.

#25- Big Money (11/26/74)
Richie is a contestant on a game show called "Big Money".

#26- A Star is Bored (12/5/74)
Richie and company put on a play, "Hamlet", to collect some more money for baseball uniforms.

#28- Open House (1/7/75)
Three women have to spend the night at the Cunningham's house when their car breaks down.

#29- Fonzie's Getting Married (1/14/75)
Fonzie wants to get married, only to find out that the girl is a stripper.

#30- The Cunningham Caper (1/21/75)
Fonzie, Potsie, Ralph, and a burglar cause pandemonium in the Cunningham house while Richie is sick in bed with the flu.

#31- The Not Making of a President (1/28/75)
Election time becomes a complicated for Richie when he has a crush on a girl campaigning for Stevenson.

#32- Cruisin' (2/11/75)
Richie, Potsie, and Ralph go cruising for girls.

#33- The Howdy Doody Show (2/18/75)
Richie does a story for the school newspaper.

#34- Get a Job (2/25/75)
Richie and company do some repair work for a young divorcee.

#35- Fonzie Joins the Band (3/4/75)
Fonzie wants to join Richie's band.

#36- Fish and The Fins (3/11/75)
A rock group hides out at the Cunningham house, while Richie scrambles for tickets.

#37- Richie's Flip Side (3/18/75)
Richie becomes a disc jockey and gets his own radio show.

#38- Kiss Me Sickly (4/29/75)
Richie watches Fonzie's girlfriend, while he leaves for a week.

#39- Goin' to Chicago (5/6/75)
Richie and company go to Chicago with the school chorus.

#40- Fonzie Moves In (3rd season) (9/9/75)
The Cunnighams rent out the room over the garage to Fonzie.

#41- The Motorcycle (9/16/75)
Ralph totals Fonzie's motorcycle, and Fonzie seeks revenge.

#42- Fearless Fonzarelli, Part 1 (9/23/75)
Fonzie tears ligaments in his leg while attempting a motorcycle stunt for the tv show "You Wanted to See It".

#43- Fearless Fonzarelli, Part 2 (9/30/75)
Fonzie stays at the Cunnigham house and drives Mrs. C. crazy.

#44- The Other Richie Cunningham (10/7/75)
Potsie goes on a blind date with the daughter of one of Howard's business associates instead of Richie.

#45- Richie Fights Back (10/14/75)
Richie is picked on by two hoodlums until he learns some self defense from Arnold.

#46- Jailhouse Rock (10/21/75)
Richie and company challenge a curfew that is being enforced by Officer Kirk.

#47- Howard's 45th Fiasco (10/28/75)
Howard celebrates his 45th birthday, and thinks he hasn't done anything important in his life.

#48- Fonzie the Flatfoot (11/4/75)
Fonzie helps the police stop a gang fight.

#49- A Date With Fonzie (11/11/75)
Richie and Fonzie go out with Laverne and Shirley. Note: first appearance of Laverne and Shirley.

#50- Fonzie the Salesman (11/20/75? 1/13/76? HD card lists 11/13/76)
Fonzie quits his job at the garage, and starts a job as a door-to-door salesman.

#51- Three on a Porch (11/18/75)
Richie and company rent a cottage at Lake Whitehead for a week's vacation.

#52- Fonzie's New Friend (11/25/75)
Fonzie's new friend, Sticks Downey, comes to Milwaukee.

#53- They Call It Potsie Love (12/2/75)
Joanie has a crush on Potsie.

#54- Tell It to the Marines (12/16/75)
Ralph considers joining the Foreign Legion.

#55- Dance Contest (1/6/76)
Marion and Fonzie enter a television dance contest.

#56- The Second Anniversary Show (1/12/76)
Features flashbacks of previous episodes.

#57- Football Frolics (1/20/76)
Richie and company start a babysitting operation to raise cash to attend an important football game.

#58- Fonzie the Superstar (1/27/76)
Fonzie learns to sing so he can perform at the school dance.

#59- Two Angry Men (2/3/76)
The Cunningham's roof caves in due to Fonzie's birds.

#60- Beauty Contest (2/10/76)
Richie and company host a beauty contest and rig it so there is no winner.

#61- Bringing Up Spike (2/17/76)
Fonzie watches Spike for a week.

#62- A Sight for Sore Eyes (2/24/76)
Fonzie is told he needs glasses, but he does not want to wear them.

#67- A Mind of His Own (10/5/76)
Fonzie goes to see a psychiatrist.

#68- Fonzie the Father (10/19/76)
Fonzie takes care of the pregnant wife of his friend.

#69- Fonzie's Hero (10/26/76)
Potsie saves Fonzie's life and tries to serve Fonzie in any way that he can.

#70- A Place of His Own (11/9/76)
Richie brings his date over to Fonzie's apartment.

#71- They Shoot Fonzies, Don't They? (11/16/76)
Joanie and Fonzie enter a dance marathon at Arnold's.

#72- The Muckrakers (11/23/76)
Richie does a story for his school newspaper about Fonzie's fear of beef liver.

#73- A.K.A. the Fonz (11/30/76)
The new sheriff wants to run Fonzie out of town.

#75- Fonzie's Old Lady (1/4/77)
Fonzie dates an older woman.

#76- Time Capsule (1/11/77)
Richie and friends get locked in a vault at Mr. C's hardware store.

#77- The Book of Records (1/18/77)
A clumsy cousin of Fonzie comes to Milwaukee and works at Arnold's.

#78- A Shot in the Dark (1/25/77)
Richie hits the winning shot at a championship basketball game.

#79- Marion Rebels (2/1/77)
Marion wants to work and becomes a waitress at Arnold's.

#80- The Third Anniversary Show (2/4/77)
Features flashbacks of previous episodes. A surprise party for Marion's anniversary is given.

#81- The Graduation, Part 1 (2/8/77)
The boys graduate from high school and Fonzie reveals that he has also just earned his diploma in night school.

#82- The Graduation, Part 2 (2/15/77)
Fonzie finds out that his diploma will be mailed to him, but he is able to join the graduating class ceremony.

#83- The Physical (2/22/77)
Richie, Potsie, Ralph, and the Fonz report for their army physicals.

#84- Joanie's Weird Boyfriend (3/1/77)
Joanie joins a motorcycle gang called the Red Devils and gets in some trouble.

#85- Fonz-How, Inc. (3/8/77)
Fonzie and Howard team up to invent the Garbage Gulper, a trash compactor.

#86- Spunky Come Home (3/15/77)
Potsie and Ralph lose Fonzie's dog, Spunky.

#88- Fonzie's Baptism (3/29/77)
Following a motorcycle accident, Fonzie wants to get baptized.

#89- Hollywood, Part 1 (9/13/77)
Fonzie is offered a screen test.

#90- Hollywood, Part 2 (9/13/77)
Fonzie and company go to Hollywood.

#91- Hollywood, Part 3 (9/20/77)
Fonzie accepts a challenge to jump over a shark tank while water skiing.

#92- Hard Cover (9/27/77)
Richie goes to a local college and Fonzie takes him to the library to meet some girls.

#93- My Cousin the Cheat (10/4/77)
Chachi cheats on an exam in order to work at the garage.

#94- Fonsilectomy (10/25/77)
Tonsillitis sidelines Fonzie from a Halloween party.

#95- The Apartment (11/01/77)
Richie, Potsie, and Ralph move into a rundown apartment where the landlady is Chachi's mother. Note: Pilot for unsold spinoff (Ralph and Potsie)

#96- Fonzie: Rock Entrepreneur (aka Fonzie and Leather Tuscadero - Part 1) (11/8/77)
Leather Tuscadero and the Suedes audition at Arnold's.

#97- Fonzie: Rock Entrepreneur (aka Fonzie and Leather Tuscadero - Part 2) (11/15/77)
Joanie wants to go on tour with the rock band.

#98- My Fair Fonzie (11/22/77)
Fonzie is invited to a yacht club by a socialite.

#99- Bye Bye Blackball (11/29/77)
The boys want to pledge a fraternity and have to endure the initiation rites.

#100- Requiem for a Malph (12/6/77)
Ralph is challenged to a boxing match after he dates the girlfriend of a football player.

#101- Nose for News (12/13/77)
After getting a "D" in his investigative reporting class, Richie searches for a big story.

#102- Grandpa's Visit (1/3/78)
Howard's father, who is a retired police detective, pays a visit.

#103- Potsie Gets Pinned (1/10/78)
Potsie thinks about proposing to his new girlfriend.

#104- Joanie's First Kiss (1/17/78)
Joanie is asked on a date by a senior in high school who owns a car.

#105- Marion's Misgivings (1/24/78)
After a family friend leaves his wife for a younger woman, Marion thinks Howard might do the same thing.

#106- Richie Almost Dies (1/31/78)
Richie is involved in a very serious accident with his new motorcycle.

#107- Spunkless Spunky (2/7/78)
Fonzie's dog, Spunky, has no energy for some reason.

#108- Be My Valentine (2/14/78)
Joanie dreams about love songs that would befit her friend.

If you are interested either reply to this message or email me at

Have a Happy Day!
If I could have one wish come true - it would be meeting you - Fonzie!
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