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Frank Gannucci
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Default Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "The People's Choice" (Lost) & "Halloween Party" ('53):

Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "The People's Choice" (Lost) & "Halloween Party" ('53):

Episode #86 (Syndicated episode #56/57)
TV: In two parts.
VCR: Attached to "What's The Name?"
DVD: Attached to "Hero" & "Two Tickets To The Fight." On The Lost Episodes DVD Box Set, it is attached to "Ralph's Sweet Tooth", "Game Called On Account of Marriage," "Love Letter" ('54 version) & "Battle of The Sexes."
Color & Lost Episode Title: "The People's Choice."
Air Date: 10/23/54

"The People's Choice" (Lost):

When this episode was remade as a Color Honeymooners episode, they didn't bother to rename it. Usually when an episode is remade as a Color Honeymooners episode, it's retitled.

This episode has an Election Day theme but it was shown BEFORE the next one which has a Halloween theme.

This is an expanded version of "Finger Man."

Ed comes in and says he is thinking about getting a present for a fellow sewer worker who's retiring. He suggested getting his boots bronzed. Oh boy! Alice says that is not a good gift for Ralph. Ralph comes home and tells the good news. He trapped a killer named "Bullets" Durgom. In reality, Bullets Durgom was a friend of Gleason’s and worked with him. Alice: "You trapped a killer? Weren't you scared?" Ed: "Any person who drives a bus in New York traffic ain't afraid of nothing."

The policemen come by along with reporters. Ed asks the police chief: "Are those Dick Tracy stories taken from real police files?" Ralph: "Why are you bothering him asking questions like that for? Of course they are." Typical Ralph. Ralph and the police chief's picture gets taken when all of a sudden, there's news that "Bullets" has escaped. And he is out to get whoever put the finger on him. D'oh! Not something Ralph wants to hear.

The policeman and reporters leave. Everyone gets worried about Ralph's safety. Ed: "He isn't going to come up here and kill you. He's going to wait in the night and see you at night and then he will kill you." Ralph: "Will you leave me alone?" Alice says that Ralph should go outside and ask a policeman for some help. He does but comes back a few seconds later saying: "Are you nuts? Sending me outside knowing that I could get killed." Ed says that Ralph should hide out in his Uncle's place in New Jersey. He will never find him there because Ed's been down there a few times and he couldn't find his Uncle's place himself. Ed also suggests that he will get his sailor's costume. He will never recognize him in that. He leaves. A knock is heard. Ralph wants to hide. It's the policemen. They hatch a plan. Ralph will wait in the kitchen and the policemen and Alice will hide in the bedroom and they will catch "Bullets" when Ralph says: "Bullets, it's you.” They say if they try to catch "Bullets" outside, an innocent bystander might get hurt. Ralph waits in the kitchen and the policemen and Alice wait in the bedroom. When "Bullets" arrives, Ralph gets tongue-tied. Ed comes in and yells: "BULLETS, IT'S YOU." The policemen nab "Bullets." and leave Ed also leaves. Ralph all during this time is saying: "Ba ba."

The next week, Ralph is working on his scrapbook. He's been patting himself on the back. Alice comes in with every newspaper that she could find that has Ralph's picture on the front page. Ralph is elated until he finds out that Alice got a newspaper with a horse on the front page. Alice says that the picture of the horse fooled her. Ha! Alice says that Ralph should come back down to earth. Ralph has been staying at home all week, patting himself on the back. The neighbors now say that he's swellheaded. Ralph says that the neighbors a re jealous because they didn't capture a killer or get some other good things like being in the audience on the Ed Sullivan Show. Ralph: "I'm a hero. A hero. A heeero. Do you know what that is?" Alice: "Yeah, it's a fat sandwich that is full of baloney." Ha! Alice leaves.

Mr. Morgan and Mr. Weaver come in. They heard that since Ralph captured "Bullets", he has shown to be a fearless citizen. Oh boy! He is just the person that they need for their party. They want Ralph to run for assembly. Ralph doesn't know what to think. Mr. Morgan: "After Assembly, who knows? You may become Senator Governor, maybe even President." Mr. Morgan says that just because Ralph is a bus driver, that shouldn't ruin his chances of becoming an Assemblyman. If Ralph is elected, they will help him out. Ralph says that he will run. They leave.

Ed comes in and Ralph tells him what Mr. Morgan and Mr. Weaver said to him about being an Assemblyman. Ed: "Maybe if a crook falls down the sewer, maybe I can become President." Alice comes in. Ed (to Alice): "There lies the next President of the U.S." Ha! Ralph is upset that Ed told Alice the good news. Ed leaves. Ralph tries to explain to Alice so she won't think that he's nuts. Alice says that she doesn't think that Ralph is nuts about thinking about running for president. She mentions some other ideas that Ralph had like becoming the manager of the next world's heavyweight champion in boxing and him and Ed going to Long Island to dig up Captain Kidd's treasure Boy, I would have loved to see a full thirty or two part episode of Ralph and Ed doing the latter. Ralph says that this president stuff is way in the future and now he's running for assemblyman. Ralph mentions to Alice what Mr. Morgan and Mr. Weaver came in and what they told Ralph. Alice says: "If you become elected, what do you know about running for Assembly?" Ralph says that the tow will help him. Alice is even more against him running. Alice talks about a story about another guy becoming elected and after that, the city suffered a big treasury loss. Ed Norton comes back in with a great idea on how to save on campaign money. His idea? Get all the Dewey buttons they can find and erase the mustache. Ralph kicks Ed out. Ralph says that he's an assemblyman and that Ed Norton will kill him before the campaign. I wonder how the campaign buttons would have looked, if they erased Dewey's mustache.

The whole gang comes marching down the street. Alice has the cymbals and Ed is playing the big drum that he is wearing. You know if I was Ralph in this situation, I think I would be SLIGHTLY EMBARRASSED. Ralph says that doing this would get him some votes. Alice laughs because with that drum on Ed, Ed looks almost as fat as Ralph. Alice: "Shall I get a cop to help keep the crowds back?" A couple of potential man and woman voters come by. Ralph reads his speech which goes:

"Friends, pretty soon it will be time to go to the polls and vote. You can vote for a guy like me, Ralph Kramden. A guy who has captured such ruthless gangsters such as Bullets Durgom or you can vote for my opponent, that no good BUM, Harvey Porter."

Gee, calling he just called his opponent a bum. That's so not going to help him get votes. The potential voters leave s Ralph promises honest government and more benches in the parks (though Jackie says: "parks in the benches. I wonder if that was a small blunder.) Ralph (to the man): "She won't be such a riot after you marry her." Gee, that's so not earning him brownie points. It's getting cold, so Ed tires to make hot smoke with some paper. But when more potential voters come by, Ralph coughs because of the smoke and calls Ed a moron and insults Trixie all in public. That's Ralph for you. Another potential voter comes by saying he's for Harvey Porter and says that Harvey has done a lot for the district such as building three new schools. Ralph says that in order for him to do that, he had to raise taxes. The man says: "I would like you to tell me how you are going to build schools without taxes?" Ralph says nothing. Ralph: "You will probably tell Harvey my plans." The guy leaves. Ralph later says to the gang that if he is asked a question that he doesn't know the answer too, he will give them a signal and they will start playing music as Ralph talks. Gee, that's a great idea not! Alice: "When you get elected and go to Albany Ralph, are you going to bring the drums and cymbals with you?" Can you just see Ralph as President, him being asked a question that he doesn't know the answer to and instructing his friends to make noises with their instruments while he talks? Oh boy! Another potential voter comes by asking Ralph a question that Ralph doesn't know. So the gang plays music while Ralph talks. The person can't hear Ralph due to the noise that the gang is making. After they have finished, the guy says: "When did you four nuts escape?" He leaves. Ralph instructs Ed to go down the street and play the drum, to lead the voters to Ralph. He and Trixie leave.

Mr. Morgan and Mr. Weaver come by just as Ralph reluctantly bangs Alice's cymbals. They call Ralph and idiot for doing what he's doing and they order him to read the speech they have made for him to read at the high school rally. They leave as Ralph thinks that maybe Alice is right for saying those two are crooks. Ed comes back with the drum busted over his head. He ran into Mr. Morgan and Mr. Weaver down the street. They must have introduced themselves to Ed and later assaulted him for helping Ralph. That was so not nice of them.

At the high school rally there's a big famous picture of Ralph in the background, Mr. Morgan introduces Ralph. As Ralph is coming through, the crowd is cheering him and there are signs praising him. As you watch Ralph coming through the crowd, I think you can assume it's the audience that is watching the Jackie Gleason Show live. It made sense for the producers to use that crowd instead of making one. Alice is also introduced. As Ralph is reading the speech that is a pack of lies, Alice leaves. Ralph regains his senses and yells at Mr. Morgan and Mr. Weaver to get off the stage. He praises Harvey and says that everyone should vote for him and Election time is a good time in America. Alice: "Now you are a hero." Ralph hugs and kisses Alice.

Episode #87
TV, VHS & DVD: This episode is lost.
Air Date: 10/30/54

"Halloween Party" ('53):

The 1954 version is supposedly on the same video as "Boxtop Kid", but MPI made an error and put the 1953 version on some or all tapes of Vol. 26.

I have not seen the 1954 version of this episode (which is entitled: "Halloween Party For The Boss") but there is speculation that it might be the same as earlier versions or it might not be. Read on.

The Kramdens and Nortons are getting dressed up to go to Ralph's boss' party. Alice is dressed as an angel. Trixie comes in dressed as a sailor. Alice gave Ralph a very unique costume to say the least. Alice: "Hey Ralph, come on out and show the costume you are going to wear." Ralph (yells from the bedroom): "I'LL BE OUT! I'LL BE OUT!" Ralph comes dressed with a sweatshirt, a hat, and a grass skirt that is pulled up to his chest. He hates his costume and asks what he is. Alice: "You’re a Zulu Chief." Ralph: "If this is what a Zulu Chief wears, I hate to be a private citizen in that tribe." Ha! Trixie goes upstairs.

Ralph complains about his costume. He says Alice's costume must have been easy to make. It wasn't. Alice reveals the hard work that she had to go through to make her costume. Ralph decides to go into the bedroom. Ed comes in dressed as Clara Bow, a woman. Alice says hello to Ed. Ed: "How did you recognize me?" A mousetrap goes off in the bedroom and it has Ralph's finger in it. Ralph yells in pain and tells Ed he has a mousetrap on his finger. Ed: "What are you going as, a mouse?" Ed takes the trap off Ralph. Ed says something to Ralph in which he says: "What do you think I am, an idiot?" Ed: "Ain't that what you are supposed to be?" Ralph (to Alice): "He doesn't even know who I am." Alice: "I don't know Ralph. He came pretty close." Ha! Ralph decides that he wants to rip up his tux and go as an elegant bum. Alice says no. Ralph: "Why? I am not going to wear it again. All my brothers are married and your sister is not going to get hooked." Gee, that was nice. NOT!

Trixie comes back and pains Ed's fingertips. Ralph comes out and rips his tux and puts it on. Ed: "Ralph, you'll be the biggest bum at the party." Freddie Muller and his wife come by to pick them up and they are dressed to the teeth. Even though the boss' party is on Halloween, it's a normal dance and not a costume party. Fred sees Norton and thinks that it's Alice. Ed corrects him. Freddie and his wife leave. Ed: "Why are we sitting around like mopes for? Why don't we go out trick-or-treating?" Question: If all of them went trick-or-treating, wouldn't that be a TAD immature for people their age? The Nortons leave. Ralph apologizes to Alice. They hug and kiss.

Note: There is speculation that the 1954 version of this episode has this. Art Carney going through a window by accident during the first scene of this episode because the door was jammed. When he enters, he says to Alice: “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” By this time, the door was fixed and a knock on the door is heard. It’s a Western Union boy with a telegram for a party for Ralph’s boss on Halloween. Everyone assumes it’s a Halloween Party. They all get dressed up and when they arrive, it’s a formal dance. This would mean that the 1954 version of this episode is a half-hour version (hence the title: “Halloween Party For The Boss.”) It would make sense that it would be a longer version since there were no 15 minute sketches done during the ’54-’55 season.

Credit I believe goes to the old Bill 'Mooners Archive,,, Honeymooners Lost Episodes Book,,, Honeymooners Box Set booklet Honeymooners Lost Episodes DVD booklet, Yahoo! Groups You’re A Riot! &
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