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Post The Cosby Show Reunion

The Cosby Show Characters:
Cliff=66, claire=59, sondra=39, elvin=39, nelson=15, winnie=15, denise=35, martin=42, olivia=18, bobby=10 (martin&denise's son), theo=33, justine=33, trevor=8(theo&justine's son), lucie=4(theo&justine's daughter), vanessa=29, dabnis=40, breanne=9(vanessa&dabnis's daughter), victoria=6(van&dabnis's daughter), rosemarie=4(van&dabnis's daughter), rudy=24, kenny=24, pam=28,

Cliff and Claire, Sondra and Elvin, Rudy and Kenny, Vanessa and Dabnis, Theo and Justine, Denise and Martin are all married. Pam is single and lives an apartment with Charmaine and Lance in Florida. The three visit from time to time. Lance and Charmaine are married, they married 3 weeks after their high school graduation. Justine is pregnant with Theo's third child. Dabnis and Vanessa are having martial problems ever since the day of their wedding, the only thing keeping them together is their three daughters and the few times that they aren't fighting.

Cliff and Claire are sitting in their kitchen, until the doorbell rang, it was Theo, Trevor, and Lucie.
Cliff: Hi Son. Where's Justine?
Theo: That's why I'm here. Trevor, could you take Lucie upstairs for her nap.
Trevor: Sure dad.
Claire: What's wrong, Theo? you don't look too good.
Theo: Justine was visiting her parents for the week and her dad just called me and said that he and her mom are taking Justine to the hospital. I'm going to Buffalo to be with her, can you two watch Trevor and Lucie. Please
Claire: Sure, Theo. Should I call the family?
Theo: If you have time. Bye Mom. Bye Dad.
Claire and Cliff: Of course, we do. Bye Theo. Tell Justine hi for us.
Theo: Okay. Bye.

With that said, Theo left. As Claire called her other four children, Cliff played in the living room with Trevor and Lucie. Within, an half hour, Rudy and Kenny showed up.
Claire: How was the honeymoon?
Kenny: Best time of my life!!
Cliff: Remember Kenny, that's our daughter, you're talking about.
Kenny: Oh, Yeah sorry.
Rudy: oh, kenny!
Twenty minutes later, Denise, Martin, Bobby, and Olivia stopped by.
Martin: Hello.
Denise: Hi Mom. Hi Dad.
Olivia: Rudy! Kenny! How was Barbados?
Rudy: Great. Thanks for asking.
Bobby: Trevor, wanna play some basketball outside?
Trevor: Sure. Uncle Martin and Uncle Kenny, do you two want to play two on two with me and Bobby?
Martin: Sure, Trev.
Kenny: Sounds like fun.
Kenny, Martin, Trevor, and Bobby went outside to play basketball, as Cliff, Claire, Denise, Rudy, Olivia, and Lucie sat in the living room.

In the next ten minutes, the Tibideaux family arrived.
Elvin: Denise, where's Martin?
Denise: He, Bobby, Trevor, and Kenny are outside playing basketball.
Nelson: Come on dad, you and me can join them.
Elvin and Nelson went outside too.
Sondra: So, where's Dabnis and Vanessa and the kids?
Cliff: Couldn't tell ya.
Claire: no idea
Within an hour of waiting, Vanessa came in the front door with Rosemarie in her arms, and Breanne and Toria by her sides. Winnie takes Lucie, Rosemarie, Breanne, and Toria upstairs to play. Vanessa sits in Winnie's old spot on the couch between, Sondra, Denise, and Rudy. Cliff is sitting in his chair by the kitchen, Clair sits on the chair by the door, as Olivia sits on the arm of the arm by Rudy.
Denise: Where's Dabnis?
Vanessa: I don't want to talk about it.
Sondra: What happened?
Vanessa *crying*: Dabnis and I are getting a divorced...for good this time. We're serious this time. Tomorrow morning, we are going to file for divorce.
Cliff: No. You can't divorce Dabnis. He's my buddy.
Vanessa: Dad!!! *whiningly*
Claire: Cut it out Cliff. Vanessa, where is he now?
Vanessa: He's in Baltimore with his brother, Dennis and his family for the weekend. Then first thing monday morning, he's moving out. How am I gonna tell the girls??
Olivia: It's gonna be okay
Vanessa: Thank you Olivia.
Rudy gets up and gets Vanessa a glass of water, as she stands in the kitchen, she calls Kenny inside.
Kenny: Yes
Rudy: honey, could you tell Nelson to take Trevor, Bobby, Winnie, Breanne, Toria, Rosemarie, and Lucie to the park. Please tell Martin and Elvin to come inside. As Kenny goes outside. Rudy calls upstairs.
With the kids at the park, Rudy, Elvin, Martin, and Kenny walk inside the living to find, Denise standing by her father's chair with Sondra by her side. Olivia by the front door. Cliff and Claire sat on both sides of Vanessa.
Hours later, Cliff, Martin, Elvin, and Kenny are playing a game of poker on the kitchen table, as the kids are still at the park. Denise, Claire, Sondra, and Rudy are in the living room discussing Vanessa's dilemma, as Olivia waits for Theo to come home, and Vanessa is upstairs on her parents' bed, resting.
Theo comes home, as Olivia and him walk inside the house, Claire tells the guys he's home.
Sondra: Where's Justine?
Olivia: Did she have her baby?
Theo: Uh, Justine died during the giving birth of the baby, and the baby didn't survive it, because there was something wrong with Justine that killed her and the baby. *now crying*
Claire: Oh, Theo *sobbing*
Cliff: Son *tearing up*
Cliff and Claire hug him, as Denise and Martin, Kenny and Rudy, and Sondra and Elvin are embracing their spouces, as Olivia stood at Claire's desk, as Vanessa comes down the stairs. Theo and Vanessa's newses are exchanged. More tears and hugs will be exchanged.

A couple hours later, Elvin and Martin drive to the park, pick up the 8 children and drives them over to Grandpa Russell and Grandma Anna Huxtable's house. Elvin and Martin walk in and realize Russell and his buddies are having a poker game. Martin and Elvin join in for a while. Elvin and Martin ending up having too much to drink , they call their wives, Kenny, Denise, and Olivia drive over and pick them up. Leaving, Sondra, Vanessa, Cliff, Theo, Claire, and Rudy home.

The next morning was Sunday. The Kendall family leaves and drives back home around noon. Rudy and Kenny leave and drive home around 1:45. The Tibideaux family leaves for home around 2:00. Cliff and Claire have a sit down with Vanessa and Theo, as Trevor, Toria, Breanne, Lucie, and Rosemarie watch cartoons.

A Week after Dabnis and Vanessa's divorce is final. Vanessa and Theo decide to buy their parents's home from them, and move them into a duplex in Brooklyn, nearby their childhood home. Vanessa, Rosemarie, Breanne, and Toria move into the Huxtable home, Theo and his kids, Lucie and Trevor move into the Huxtable house. Vanessa gets Cliff and Claire's old room, Theo gets Cliff's old office (he transfers that into a bedroom). Trevor gets Theo/Denise and Martin's old room. Breanne and Toria get Pam and Vanessa/Denise and Sondra's old room, and Lucie and Rosemarie get Rudy and Olivia/Rudy and Vanessa's old room.

The End Hope ya enjoyed it.....
R.I.P. John Ritter
R.I.P. Peter Boyle
FRIENDS is my obsession!
Grey's Anatomy is my addiction!

*Basically I Just Love Sitcoms*
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That was good to read. I enjoyed reading it.
Hope you write more.

Have a Happy New year .

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