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Frank Gannucci
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Default Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "Santa & The Bookies" ('54) & "Kramden Vs. Norton":

Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "Santa & The Bookies" ('54) & "Kramden Vs. Norton":

Episode #92
DVD: Attached to “Teamwork Beats The Clock”, “The Brother-In-Law”, “Songwriters”, “Kramden Vs. Norton” & “A Promotion.”
Lost Episode Title: "Santa & The Bookies."
Color Episode Title: "Run, Santa, Run."
Air Date: 12/18/54

"Santa & The Bookies":

Alice is busy knitting clothes for some baby while singing the song that Ralph & Ed “wrote” in “Songwriters.” Trixie comes in and here Alice reveals her temporary job she has just so she can save enough money for Christmas. She won't tell Ralph because Ralph will make her quit no matter how hard the job is. It's the principle of the thing to him. She did and said the same exact thing in "Expectant Father" too. Alice hurts her back so Trixie says she will make sure Alice go sees a doctor.

Ralph comes home and is upset that he has to have tuna fish again. He wanders why that he couldn't have a hot meal. He and Alice have an argument about this causing Alice to go into the bedroom. Ed comes in Alice is knitting baby clothes to make some extra money for Christmas. Norton comes down. Ed: "Hey Ralph, what are all those cats doing outside your front door?" Ralph gets more upset that he has to have tuna fish. Ed asks Ralph if he can hide Trixie's Christmas present in the Kramden's apartment, Ralph says yes and sticks the present in the bureau drawer -- where Alice has hidden the baby clothes. A moment later, when Norton tells Ralph that Trixie has made a doctor's appointment for Alice, Ralph is sure that Alice is pregnant. Ed: "This is almost as good as when you got 300 points in bowling." Now Ralph is remorseful for yelling at Alice. Alice comes in and says that Ralph was right he deserves a hot meal. Ralph is acting all nice because he thinks that Alice is pregnant. Alice doesn't know what to make of it. She leaves. Ralph decides he has to make some more money in a hurry so that his future son can go to college. He needs so extra money for the kid. Ed: "I have some money that is owed to me and when I get it, it's just as good as yours." Ralph: "You're a good pal Norton. Who owes you?" Ed: "You do." Gee, that really helps Ralph. Ralph he answers a newspaper ad for a Santa Claus job but not before Ed finds some jobs that Ralph can do to earn extra money for the kid. One of them is in South America. Ralph says to forget about that job because he doesn't want to go to South America. Ed finally finds a job for Ralph, a street Santa. After Ed leaves, he brings in the cats that were near Ralph's front door because he says that the cats attacked him.

The next day Ralph goes to apply for the job. What he doesn't know is that the guys who placed the ad are bookmakers and that they plan to use the Santa to collect bets. They reveal themselves to Ralph as Mr. Smith and Mr. Smith. When they reveal to Ralph that he got the job, the sound is cut off for a few seconds on the DVD. I guess all the audio didn’t survive. Ralph gets hired and asks Ed if he can be hired but he warns them that he is not as smart as he is. With that, Ed is hired. Around 6pm that night, Ralph and Ed begin their first day on the job. Ed is wearing a loud elf uniform. Ed is recognized by some kids as Space Hopper. Ha! After one person drops in their slip, Ralph reads it and still he doesn't know it's a bet for a horse in a race. An old lady comes by. When she puts down her bet with the money, Ralph says that she doesn't have to do that. Lady: "I want 'Rocking Chair' for $2." Ralph still doesn't know what she meant. A mother and a kid come by. She asks "Santa" that if he doesn't go to bed when they get home, will he put a lump of coal in his stocking. "Santa" says: "Yes." So the kid “kicks” Ralph. I think you can tell that he didn’t really kick him. They leave. Either that kid and his mother live VERY far away or that mother forces her kid to go to bed VERY early. One drunken person comes by, takes one look at them and says that he will never drink as long as he lives. Another person comes by and puts his money in the pot. Ralph says he will get that back many fold. Man: "I should. It's 20 to 1." Ed: "What are you talking about? It's half-past six." He leaves. A policeman comes by and puts his money in (thinking that what Ralph and Ed are dong something good.) When Ed says to the police officer to put in his slip (everyone else put in their slips). The policeman sees what's really going on and sends Ralph and Ed to jail, thinking that they are the bookies they are looking for.

In jail, Ralph is mad at Ed. He is thinking that this is the end of life for him. A police officer comes by. Police officer: “Are you guys ready to talk?” Ed: “Yeah, what do you want to talk about?” Ha! Ralph explains to the police officer that his wife is pregnant. Alice comes by and Ralph tells her that he was making extra money for their future baby. Alice says that she is not pregnant. Now Ralph and Ed are in bigger trouble. When Ed says that the two Mr. Smiths are going to come by their street corner and collect the money soon, Ralph hatches a plan so the police can catch the real bad guys. It works. Ralph is upset. Alice says that she was just getting a job so she can buy him a Christmas present. Ralph: “You know how I feel about a woman getting a job. Every time they do, they get into trouble.” Alice: “We do? How about the trouble you are in?” Are in? I think that was a blunder. Ralph: “Don’t change the subject. From now on, you do what I say.”

It looks like Ralph will have a Merry Christmas after all. But when he holds out his hand, a woman comes by and drops money in his hand. A policeman catches him and sends Ralph off to jail. Alice & Ed follow Ralph. The policeman follows them as the opening of the "Dragnet" theme song plays.

Episode #93
TV: Half-hour.
VCR: Attached to "Peacemaker."
DVD: Attached to "One Big Happy Family" & "Finders Keepers." On the remastered Lost Episodes DVD Box set, it is attached to “Teamwork Beats The Clock”, “The Brother-In-Law”, “Songwriters”, “Santa & The Bookies” (’54) & “A Promotion.”
Lost Episode Title: "Kramden Vs. Norton."
Color Episode Title: "Movies Are Better Than Ever."
Air Date: 1/15/55

"Kramden Vs. Norton":

In a 2011 interview, Joyce Randolph said that this episode is still lost. If she thinks that, I wish someone would prove her wrong. I would love to see and hear her reaction.

It's Norton's birthday. Ralph wants to get off cheap. Gee what a friend...NOT! When Ed comes down, Ralph says to Alice that he wants Alice to say that she wants to go to the movies while Ralph says that he wants to g to the Kit Kat Klub (a nightclub.) He says that a night out at a nightclub would cost a fortune. Alice then springs upon another idea, they would argue until its 12am. That way, it won't be Ed's birthday and they won't have to anywhere Ralph, being selfish, says that is a good idea. Ed comes down and reveals all the good things that have happened to him due to his birthday. He got a hand-carved Mahogany surfboard from the guys down in the sewer. He also recites part of the sewer theme song which I think "talks" about AJAX. (I am willing to bet that was a sponsor on the Gleason Show) Oh God! Ralph plans goes into action but fails when Alice says that she wants to go to the Kit Kat Klub. Ralph asks Alice to go into the bedroom with him. They have a small spat but you can't hear what they are saying and if you watch this episode in CC format, the CC has symbols in place of what Ralph and Alice are saying. Of course, Ralph and Alice aren't saying profanity because that wasn't acceptable on comedy shows back then. Ralph and Alice do the same thing in "Brother Ralph." In other words, in that episode, they go into the bedroom to have a quick spat. Only difference is, they do it two times in that episode. Anyway, Alice says that she wants to go to a cheap movie. Alice and Ralph give their present, a scarf with "E.L.W." on it. Ed's middle name is "Lilywhite." Ed Norton picks out one that is too violent for Trixie. It must have been rated-R or something. The little I know about old movies is that, back then, almost all movies were rated-G. They pick out a movie. As they leave, Ralph off-key-ly sings: "Happy Birthday" to Ed.

At the Theater, Ed wins the door prize, a color TV due to his winning ticket. The theater usher (or someone played by George Petrie) gets told of the situation and says that anyone who has handed the tickets to his friends would say: "I bought the ticket! The set belongs to me." He leaves just as Ed compliments Ralph. He says that his heart is really big. During this scene, you will see a big blotch appear on the screen for a few seconds. Ralph of course is showing through his facial expression that he's a bad sport. He says that since he got the tickets for all of them, the set belongs to him. Ralph insults Trixie. If Ed doesn't give Ralph the set, Ralph will reveal Ed's middle name which Ed is ashamed of. Ed says that if Ralph does that, he will reveal that Ralph wears a girdle. Ralph is ashamed of the fact that he wanted to wear a girdle but there is no girdle big enough for him. Ralph wants to fight with Ed. Trixie and Alice joins Ed in the fight. Ralph says that the fight now is unfair. Ed says that Ralph has them outweighed but they will fight him anyway. Ha! The arguing continues.

At home, Ralph has the picture tube of the set on the table. He and Alice discuss the whole situation. Ralph of course says that he is in the right while Alice says that he isn't. She brings up the fact that Ed saved Ralph from being kicked out of the Raccoons. Ralph was going to be kicked out for losing the tickets for a Raccoon dance. Ralph could care less. Ed comes in. According to Ed, Ralph is a miserable skunk. Ralph says that Ed is a miserable bum. Alice: "So miserable skunk, meet miserable bum." Alice says that both of them are in the wrong. Alice leaves the room. Ralph and Ed write notes to each other. Ed's note has insults on it, but he rips it in Ralph's face, saying that he will never learn what was on the note now. Ralph kicks him out.

Ralph and Alice go to play pool. This is one scene where Ralph has to teach Alice some things. He teaches Alice how to play pool. Alice has funny names for all the pool balls. She also mistakes a bridge for a pool cue. When Alice tries to hit the ball, she accidentally throws the cue like it was a javelin. When Ralph goes to play pool, men form the other room, ridicule Ralph yelling: "WHY DON'T YOU SHOOT THE STRAWBERRY RED ONE IN THE SIDE?" Ralph says that if has to come into that other room, the only thing left will be smoke. Ed and Trixie come in. Ralph and Ed try to ignore each other but that doesn't work. Ralph challenges for Ed and Trixie to play him and Alice. Ralph and Ed bet that if their team wins, the other team has to give them something that I don't remember. Alice accidentally hits the ball like she is playing Lacrosse Ralph doesn't know that Trixie is an expert pool player. Ralph learns that. Ralph (yells): "THE BET IS OFF!" Ralph says that Ed lied to him by saying that Trixie couldn't play. Of course, Ed didn't say that. Ralph says he is going out to get a warrant for Ed's arrest.

At night court, Ralph calls Ed a bum in his testimony. During Trixie and Alice's testimony, we learn that Trixie's real name is Thelma. Ed didn't know that. When was the last time that a husband didn't know his wife's real name? The judge gets told the whole story and that if Ralph said to Ed: "Here's your ticket", then Ed deserves the TV set but if he didn't, then Ralph deserves the set. Ralph doesn't know if he said that to Ed. During Alice's testimony, we hear that the Kramdens and the Nortons met when Ed invited the Kramdens out to dinner the day they moved in at 328 Chauncey Street despite the fact that in other episodes, Ralph and Ed met during their childhood. As Alice relates to the judge the history of Ralph and Norton's friendship, the boys break down in tears and each forsakes his claim to the TV in exchange for the other's friendship. Ed: "All I want is you Ralph." If a person watched this and had no information about the Honeymooners and what was TV like back then, they would probably assume that Ed and probably Ralph were bisexual or gay.

In footage that you will only see on the remastered Lost Episodes DVD Box set, Jackie comes out for the curtain call and thanks Art, Audrey & Joyce. They all come out to take their bows. Jackie then says “Good night.”

Credit I believe goes to the old Bill 'Mooners Archive,,, Honeymooners Lost Episodes Book,,, Honeymooners Box Set booklet Honeymooners Lost Episodes DVD booklet, Yahoo! Groups You’re A Riot! &
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