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Default 25 years (1995)

This year marks the 25th anniversary of quite a few Unsolved Mysteries cases. The dates next to the names are the dates when the disappearances/murders/offenses happened, not when they aired on TV. Let me know if I missed anybody.

Robert Allen (transient whose identity was stolen and is presumed dead, 1995)
Rose Turford and Carolyn Stevens (real-life "Thelma and Louise" who seduced and robbed several men, January 1995)
James Bulger and Catherine Greig (mobster and his girlfriend wanted on several federal charges, January 1995)
Don Davis Jr. (raped two college students who went jogging at night, January 1995)
Grant Hendrickson and Michele Cartagena (college sweethearts who were shot to death in a lover's lane, January 3, 1995)
Albert Leon Fletcher (Florida murderer who escaped police custody, January 11, 1995)
Carl And Mary Dennie (couple wanted for insurance fraud, January 12, 1995)
Sandra Nevarez (vanished after going to her local laundromat and later found deceased, January 17, 1995)
Loretta Myers (woman with Alzheimer's disease who vanished and was later found alive, January 23, 1995)
Rejean Hardy (abducted his daughter, January 29, 1995)
David Ivey (abducted his two sons, February 7, 1995)
David Merrifield (attorney found shot to death in the elevator of his business, February 9, 1995)
Philip Taylor Kramer (Iron Butterfly guitarist who disappeared and later apparently committed suicide, February 12, 1995)
Gigi (woman found in a New Orleans park, suffering from amnesia, February 18, 1995)
Ronald Cains (abducted and killed a fellow rival's daughter as part of a debt, February 21, 1995)
Chupacabras (bizarre creature who kills livestock and drains their blood, March 1995)
Maria Socorro De La Rodriguez LaPine ("black widow" wanted for fraud and murder, March 1995)
Holly Krewson (disappeared and later found dead, March 4, 1995)
Guy Pence (forest ranger whose office and home were targeted as part of the Sagebrush Rebellion, March 31, 1995 and August 4, 1995)
Mark Gagliardo (wanted for child molestation, April 17, 1995)
Duane Miller (rescued by 2 men after the Oklahoma City bombing, April 19, 1995)
Logan Carroll (baby boy who died at birth and later came back to life, April 6, 1995)
Boynton Beach ATM robber (unknown assailant who robbed a woman at gunpoint, April 14, 1995)
Dimitric Moore (found dead in the trunk of his mother's car, April 24, 1995)
Devin Williams (trucker who went missing after having a breakdown in a forest, May 28, 1995)
Three Partners Ranch (a haunted two-bedroom ranch house in central Texas bought by three cowboys, June 1995)
David Chase (missing and later found murdered, June 6, 1995)
Morgan Nick (abducted from a Little League baseball game, June 9, 1995)
Stephanie Booker (disfigured by a boating accident, June 17, 1995)
Jason Doe (unidentified young man who died in a vehicular accident, June 26, 1995)
Jodi Huisentruit (anchorwoman who was abducted while on her way to work, June 27, 1995)
Stephanie Gaffney (injured by a booby-trapped package, June 27, 1995)
Oscar (Chesapeake Bay retriever who saved his owner from a home invasion, July 1995)
John Vogel (counterfeit artist who later committed suicide, July 12, 1995)
Antranik Geuvjehizian (deputy who was shot to death in front of his own home, July 18, 1995)
Lois Cappoziello (reunited with her paternal grandmother, July 21, 1995)
Jose Blandon (stabbed his girlfriend Rosa Dominguez to death, July 23, 1995)
Boo (Newfoundland who rescued a gold prospector from drowning, July 27, 1995)
Dana Satterfield (hairdresser found raped and strangled to death in her business, July 31, 1995)
Ringo (red Tabby cat who saved its owners from methane asphyxiation, August 1995)
Michelle Abraham (kidnapped both of her daughters, August 19, 1995)
Joann Albanese (disappeared from her Las Vegas home and later found murdered, August 19, 1995)
Steve Newton (rescued by a good samaritan after crashing his motorcycle, August 27, 1995)
Milly McGregor (got lost in the Sierra Nevada mountains and was later rescued, September 1995)
Michael Eschweiler (home builder wanted for fraud and forgery, September 1995)
Wilma Drew (rescued by good samaritans after a near-fatal car accident, September 7, 1995)
Thomas David Dixon (last seen after a bank heist and later arrested, September 11, 1995)
Temperee Hawkins (left an estate of $50,000 after her death, September 12, 1995)
Jessyca Mullenberg (young lady kidnapped by a aide from her school and later found safe, September 16, 1995)
Doris Smith (rescued by 2 men after a scuffle with a prisoner she was transporting, September 17, 1995)
O.J. Simpson (found not guilty of murdering his ex-wife and her friend, October 3, 1995)
Rickey Bright (abducted his neighbor's young daughter and raped her before fleeing, October 8, 1995)
Palo Verde Amtrak train derailment (train wreck caused by sabotage, October 9, 1995)
Tanya Smith (raped and murdered while walking home with a friend, October 13, 1995)
Connie Jean Helton (kidnapped her granddaughter, October 17, 1995)
David Shublak (miraculously recovered after being struck by a car, November 1995)
Carolyn Killaby (abducted and believed to have been murdered, November 11, 1995)
Matt and Wendy Jameson (couple who found a large sum of money strewn in their backyard, November 12, 1995)
Lynn Amos (financial analyst who was burned alive in her own home, December 11, 1995)
Francis Buhay (began robbing banks with several accomplices, December 21, 1995)
Jose Rios (wanted for shooting Kristi Martin to death at a Houston, TX park, December 23, 1995)
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