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Old 05-18-2012, 05:52 PM   #1
Occasional Poster
Join Date: May 18, 2012
Location: ky
Posts: 3
Default looking for joe bob briggs monstervision & drive in theatre

ill trade for any joe bob briggs not on my list i will also trade for dr destructin or the bone jangler
heres my list

dirty dancing
ghoulies 2
slaughter high
night of the living dead - 90
night of the lepus
the fury
philadelphia experiment 2
attack of the 50 foot women
in the company of wolves
godzilla vs monster zero
godzilla vs mothera
phantasem 2
the beast within
the wraith
the devils rain
motel hell
salems lot
burnt offerings
the protector
rocky 4
alien 3
from beyond - shaft
its alive
its alive - 2
its alive 3 - what happened to rosemarys baby
coma - waxwork
zone troopers
red dawn
horror at 37000 feet
night breed
return of the living dead
return of the living dead - 2
house 4
1 million years bc
the birds - co hosted by tipi hedron
the birds - different version
damnnation alley
to the limit
planet of the apes
escape from the planet of the apes
conquest of the planet of the apes
ice cream man
embrace of the vampire
project metal beast
future hunters
maximum overdrive
delibrite stranger
x mas show - gremlins - pet shop
beast master
beast master - 2
the kiss
people under the stairs
delores claiborne
they live
immortal combat
high lander
the 7th sign
the road warrior
beyond thunder dome
the fog
swamp thing
mary shellys frankenstein
the surgeon
the ultimate warrior
time runner
the howling
the howling 7
willy wonka and the chocolate factory
peewees big adventure
jaws 2
mars attacks
time after time
the time machine
in the mouth of madness
friday the 13th 6
2020 texas gladiators
forbidden planet
conan the barbarian
conan the destroyer
the warriors
back to the future
endangered species
village of the giants
deadly friend
joes apartment - night breed
the exorcist
childs play
the hidden 2
adventures in babysitting
the silencers
the omen
xtro 2-the 2nd encounter
capricorn 1
the fear
mannequin 2
virtual assassin
my boyfriends back
sinbad and the tiger
wraith & duel
the great outdoors
national lampoons european vacation
hercules and the amazoon women
buffy the vampire slayer
somewhere in time
heavens prisoners
the sitter
the blues brothers
look whos talking too
look whos talking now
american president
dont tell mom the babysitters dead
the gyver
mans best friend
midnight offerings
theatere of terror
logans run
monster club
poison ivy
poison ivy 2
a league of there own
lost boys
top gun
donovans brain
4 days in november
raising cain
death valley

super bowl special
paper lions
semi tough
the longest yard

the nair witch marathon
childs play 2
phantasem 2

fan reedits
she - deathstalker
legend of boggy creek
robin hood men in tights
creepshow - missing 1st half of segments
the golden voyage of sinbad - missing 1st half of segments
within the rock-edited like a drive in theatre
the replicator-edited like a drive in theatre
razorback-edited like a drive in theatre
the exorcist 2
the fly
the deadzone
surviving the game
cleopatra jones
wes cravens new nightmare
teen wolf
jaws 2
the dobermen gang - missing some segments
hercules in new york-turin
clash of the titans-turin
conan the destroyer-turin

zombie reedits
friday the 13th 2
friday the 13th 3
friday the 13th 4
friday the 13th 5
firday the 13th 6
the serpant and the rainbow
the outer limits
love potion #9
hot shots
childeren of the corn 2
star trek
space balls
big trouble in little china
american graffiti
bram stokers dracula
dracula dead and loving it
maximum overdrive
iron eagle 3
last starfighter
halloween 3
the delibrate stranger 1
the delibrate stranger
its alive
it lives again
beach blanket bingo
halloween 2
lost boys
phantasem 2
the fog
joes apartment
forbidden planet
mars attacks
jaws 2
planet of the apes
prelude to kiss - missing 1st seg
valley of gwangi
poltergeist 2

monstervision hosted by penn & teller
plan 9 from outher space
mysterous island

drive in theatres
evil dead
evil dead - different version with linda blair
dirty laundry
video dead
easy wheels
frankenhooker-leatherface texas chainsaw massacre 3
leatherface texas chainsaw massacre 3-ver 2
leatherface texas chainsaw massacre 3 -ver 3
night of the living dead original & new
posed for murder
savage streets
cherry 2000
night of the demons
various host segments - the movie including the final episode
blood on satans claw -with elvira
slumber party massacre 2
invaders from mars - with ghoulardi
chained heat 2
maniac cop
the unborn
basket case & basket case 2
basketcase 2 - ver 2
freddys dead
terror at the opera
soroity babes in the slime ball bowl-a-rama
happy hooker goes to hollywood
happy hooker goes to washington
malibu express
caged fury
private function
can you keep it up for a week
night angel
the new kids
lobster man from mars
the warlock
the first power
steel and lace
evil toons
the young nurses
kiss of the beast
kickboxer 3
dark universe
gate 2
critters 2 & dollman both missing last host segment
empire state
graveyard shift
terror squad
savage beach
angel town
puppet master
tarzan the apeman
red scorpion
death stalker 3
robot monster
bride of the monster
to die for
carnival of souls
the return of swamp thing -dutch subs on movie
revenge - last episode
bitter harvest - last episode -dutch subs on movie
no retreat no surrender 2 - only first segment
tougher than leather
emmanuelle in bangkok
hit list
the great sky copter rescue
night angel
the forgotten one
the games that lovers play
final alliance
ulterior motives
under the gun - ver1
under the gun - ver 2
the mutations
casablanca express
vietnam texas
red heat
state park
strangler vs. strangler
peacemaker - ver 1
peacemaker - ver 2
incoming freshmen
underground terror
out of the dark
w.b. blue and the bean
the banker
beverly hills vamp
brothers in arms
master of dragonard hill
party inc
lady goodiva rides
night rythems
the seed people
class of 1999
bikini summer 2
dance of the damned
maximum overdrive
unmasking the idol
dr. morbid
prayer for the roller boys
11 days 11 nights
hell high - ver -1
hell high - ver -2
blood relations -audio on movie is bad but segments are fine
the yum yum girls
the yum yum girls - ver - 2
blood spell - only last seg
montenegro - with ghoulardi
montenegro - ver - 2 only 1st scene
nightmare of badham county
nightmare of badham county - ver - 2
bedroom eyes 2
bedroom eyes 2- ver - 2 with linda blair
bedroom eyes 2 - ver -3 only 1st scene
schizoid - with proper movie
dark tide
rising storm
rage and honor - only 1st scene

misc joe bob
commentary dvds
samurai cop
blood sisters
incredibly strange creatures
blood shack
warlock moon
hell high
hollywood strangler vs. the skid row slasher
jesse james meets frankensteins daughter
hells angels '69
i spit on your grave
run angel run
double d adventurer

misc joe bob
joe bob briggs dead in concert
joe bobs presidential runon the late late show & jay leno
joe bobs the best of god stuff
joe bob on dallas tv-bikini beach
horror business - horror movie doc

sleaziest movies in the history of the world
she devils on wheels
bad girls go to hell
wizard of gore
just for the hell of it
blood feast
2000 maniacs
sex and the collage girls
the adventures of lucky pierre
something weird
nude on the moon
suburban roulette
gruesome twosome
double agent 73
deadly weapons

misc horror host
movie macabre
the doomsday machine
frankensteins castle
the devils wedding night
werewolf of washington
count draculas great love
legacy of blood
the oblong box
the house that dripped blood
the haunted palace
mark of the devil
island of living horror
the house that screamed
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Kill and Go Hide
The Mighty Gorga
so sad about gloria
new years evil
they came from outer space - retail
man eater of hydra - retail
gamera v.super monster - retail
monsteroid - retail
blue sunshine - retail

new movie macabre
the brain that wouldnt die
night of the living dead
werewolf of washington
the terror
the giant gila monster
tomb of the living dead
santa clause conquers the martians
satanic rites of dracula
scared to death
teenagers from outerspace
untamed women
lady frankenstein

Elvira Thriller Video
The Cyclops
Alabama's Ghost
silent scream
childern of the full moon
the house that bleed to death
the monster club

elvira misc
search for the next elvira - 3 discs
unsensored 2.variety show

Commander USA
Blood Beast Terror
Horror of the Werewolf
I Married A Monster from Outer Space
Gamera vs. Barugon
Alligator People
princess of the nile
the woman who came back
vampire men of the lost planet
3 in the attic
death quake
tales that witness madness
kingdom of the spiders
abominable snowman

Sammy Terry
King Kong Escapes
fright night 2
night of the living dead
ghost of frankenstein
the vampire lovers
navy vs the night monsters

Dr. Paul Bearer
Forbidden Planet
War of the Gargantuans
Attack of the Mushroom People

tmc underground with rob zombie
faster pussycat kill kill
conqueror worm
electra glide in blue & the outfit
freaks & mark of the vampire
night of the living dead & the crazies
sisters & peeping tom
the sadist & wild guitar
the unholy 3
honeymoon killers
plan 9 from outerspace
west of zanzibar
bride of the monster

tmc underground no host
born losers
hell up in harlem
rat pfink a boo boo
spider baby
curse of the demon
foxy brown & coffy
last man on earth

dr destructions crimson theatre
frankenstein meets the space monster
Ghidrah the Three Headed Monster
Godzilla Raids Again
Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster
Horror of the Black Museum
Monster Movie Shorts
Psycho Mania
Terror of Mecha-Godzilla
Varan the Unbelievable
the amazing transparent man
astonishing she monster
beast of yucca flats
dementia 13
dark shadows - tv series 3 discs
frankenstein vs dracula
gamera vs guiron
cabinet of dr caligari
die monster die
dr jekyl
destroy all monsters
house on haunted hill
war of the monsters
scared to death
bloody pit of terror
brain that wouldnt die
bride of the gorilla
curse of nostradamus
mummys revenge
nightmare castle
santa clause conquers the martians
the slime people
phantom of the opera
Colossus of New York

lost no drive in - no host
rebel with out a cause
used cars
stroker ace

the misfits fiend club
horror hotel
the hideous sun demon
the crawling

tbs super scary saturday with grandpa munster - godzilla the king of the monsters
horrible horror - hosted by zacherley
bob shreeve x mas
castle blood horror hotel
cheep thrills dr gore
grave digger grim - house on haunted hill

dr dreck
kill baby kill
night of the eagle

dr pureblood
attack of the monsters
the bat
hands of death
attack of the monsters
plan 9 from outer space
house on haunted hill

ivonana cadaver
snake people
satans school for girls

usa up all night with rhonda sheer
hot summer in barefoot county
return of the killer tomateos
virgin high
friday the 13th 7

saturday night with stella
hammer house of horror-with zacherly

crematia mortem
scars of dracula
laser blast
the man with 9 lives
creature with the atom brain

dr creep
macumba love
assignment terror
daughter of horror

dr morgus
house of frankenstein
wacky world

bruce campbell - amc
20 scariest moments

after dark with raven
white zombie
black sabbath
7 doors of death
i eat your skin - eaten alive

ifc grindhouse
dead alive
strange invaders
nightmare on elm street
nightmare on elm street 3
the cars that ate paris
return of the living dead
devils rain

count gore de vol
invaders from mars
atom age vampire
vampires nightmare


the ghoul
dracula has risen from the grave
blood of ghastly horror
invasion of the body snatchers
night of the living dead
how to make a monster
the terror
the gate
holographic man
god monster of indian flats
moon of the vampire
queen of blood

the ghoul vs count scary
night of the living dead

ghoul and stumpy
attack of the monster
gamera the invincible

dr terror
the mummy
legend of the werewolf
the ghoul
amcs fearfest hosted by george romero
scream 3
survival of the dead
flight of the living dead
the hills have eyes - new
diary of the deal

big chuck and lil john
out of the dark

best of
vampire coffin

dr madblood
carnival of souls
horror express
goliath vs the vampire

the bone jangler
bride of the monster
hillbillies in the haunted house
wild world of batwomen
giant behemouth
the giant claw
wolf woman
atom age of the vampire
dracula dirty old man
creeping terror
the day the world ended
bad girls go to hell
black hooker
frankenstein meets the space monster
black sunday
collage girl murders
horror of party beach
devil girls from mars
track of the vampire
the undead
the mad monster
giant gila monster
godzilla on monster island
godzilla vs mech godzilla
loreleys grasp
santo contra los monsterous
15th anniversary clip show
killer shrews
Final delivery/tales of tomorrow
Assignment terror 13th anniv.
Beach girls & the monster
Super Argo
Wasp Woman
Blood Freak
der golem
the brain that wouldnt die
the devils wedding night.
mad magician
night of the bloood beast
queen of blood
daytime dungeon
show 14
show 2
show 8&9
easter dungeon
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Old 06-18-2012, 04:33 PM   #2
Occasional Poster
Join Date: May 18, 2012
Location: ky
Posts: 3

ill give 2 for 1 on any joe bob dvds that arent on my list.even if you only have 1 that i dont i want it.
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