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Old 04-24-2017, 07:32 PM   #61
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Default Gen-TV Ratings Report

Originally Posted by factsoflife
Gen-TV Ratings Report:

Wednesday, April 5-Monday, April 10, 2017:

Wednesday, April 5:

It was a true mixed bag for Gen-TV on Wednesday, with "The Heist" series premiere drawing a record low for the network in demos and returning drama "Boston Homicide" shedding nearly 50% (in households) of its audience over its previous original airing, and drops nearly 30% in demos.

Returning series "Unlikely Family", "Running In Circles" and "Cop City" return steady to previous numbers. "Selling Out" is the only Gen-TV series on Wednesday night to grow over its previous airing.

8pm: Unlikely Family (New): 39.5 million/6.8 18-49

830: Running In Circles (New): 15.4 million/4.5 18-49

9: Selling Out (New): 41.8 million/14.1 18-49

930: The Heist (New; Series Premiere): 10,000/.14 18-49

10: Boston Homicide (New): 8.95 million/5.0 18-49

11: Cop City (New): 23.4 million/4.3 18-49

Thursday, April 6:

Gen-TV had a solid night on Thursday; "Raising Grandma" and "The Mallory's of Jefferson County" return steady over previous original episode. "Mama Knows Best" and "Cooking For Dummies" return slightly down from previous airing, but still in the "solid hit" range. "The Malones" however, returns down from an already previous low. Meanwhile, season premiere of "Nicki J's World" returns down nearly 40% from season 1.

8pm: Raising Grandma (New): 23.9 million/6.8 18-49

830: Mama Knows Best (New): 23.2 million/9.6 18-49

9pm: Nicki J's World (New; Season Premiere): 5.4 million/3.4 18-49

930: Cooking For Dummies (New): 12.1 million/2.5 18-49

10: The Mallory's of Jefferson County (New): 70.4 million/15.5 18-49

11: The Malones (New): 4.4 million/1.1 18-49


Friday, April 7:

Friday was a successful night for Gen-TV; all series returned on-par with previous original episode and new reality drama "Soapless: Life After Daytime" debuted to stellar ratings, and sets the record the Best Friday Night Premiere Ratings since 1993.

8pm: The Mulroney Mysteries (New): 40.5 million/8.3 18-49

9pm: Deadly Visions (New): 38.4 million/6.5 18-49

10: ColdFront (New; Final Episodes!): 10.2 million/5.5 18-49

11: Soapless: Life After Daytime (New; Series Premiere): 14.2 million/4.5 18-49


Saturday, April 8:

Saturday was a huge success for Gen-TV; "Sisters" is on-par with its previous original episode; "Law & Order: New York City' is steady in demos and Gen-TV's Original Movie "The Wedding Reception" aired to positive acclaim and decent numbers.

8pm: Sisters (New): 27.4 million/8.4 18-49

9pm: Code of Ethics (New): 24.9 million/7.5 18-49

10: Gen-TV Original Movie:

"The Wedding Reception" (New): 16.6 million/5.8 18-49

11: Law & Order: New York City (New): 8.6 million/5.5 18-49


Sunday, April 9:

Gen-TV had a blowout success on Sunday, garnering strong numbers for new seasons of "Food Showdown" and "The Bidding War" and decent returns for strong utility player "Threesome". "Intrusion" is the only let-down as it has been all season long.

8pm: Food Showdown (New; Season Premiere): 19.4 million/4.4 18-49

9pm: Threesome (New): 10.4 million/4.8 18-49

930: Threesome (Rerun): Ratings Not Available

10: The Bidding War (New; Season Premiere): 20.2 million/4.8 18-49

11: Intrusion (New): 4.4 million/1.1 18-49


Monday, April 10:

The only let-down for Gen-TV on Monday is that "Blood Relations" continues to underperform in its final episodes. All other series were on-par with its previous original airing. "Magic School" outshined "Zendaya" week, taking #1 for the timeslot.

8pm: Magic School (New): 22.4 million/8.4 18-49

830: Zendaya (New): 22.1 million/7.6 18-49

9: Hart of Family (New): 14.3 million/7.5 18-49

930: Outside The Lines (New): 12.8 million/4.1 1 8-49

10: Trauma Center (New): 17.5 million/4.5 18-49

11: Blood Relations (New): 5.3 million/1.5 18-49

Gen-TV's Ratings Report:

Tuesday, April 11- Saturday, April 22, 2017:

Tuesday, April 11:

Gen-TV had a strong night on Tuesday, with "Making It Work" increasing in demos by nearly 15% and "Ask Alyssa" growing in all measurements. "Peretti Rules" retained most of its audience and "Sisterly Love" only decreased a minor amount in demos. The one let-down was that "Places We Go" lost a significant portion of its audience in both demos and total viewers.

8pm: Making It Work (New): 14.3 million/4.9 18-49

830: Peretti Rules (New): 7.1 million/4.6 18-49

9: Every Other Weekend (New): 12.5 million/5.2 18-49

930: Sisterly Love (New): 25.4 million/9.5 18-49

10: Ask Alyssa (New): 10.5 million/5.3 18-49

11: Places We Go (New): 11.4 million/5.3 18-49

Wednesday, April 12:

Gen-TV's comedies "Unlikely Family", "Running In Circles" and "Selling Out" were all home-runs this week, retaining the majority of its audience, and in the case of "Selling Out", growing ever so slightly in demos. Meanwhile, "Desperately Amy", filling in for the cancelled "The Heist" netted a better return with 1.23 million viewers and a .94 in demos. Still, not enough to prevent Gen-TV from losing the half-hour. "Boston Homicide" continues to collapse, all but officially sealing the fate of a once highly performing series. "Cop City" continued to perform above expectations and grew in demos.

8pm: Unlikely Family (New): 35.2 million/6.5 18-49

830: Running In Circles (New): 14.83 million/4.1 18-49

9: Selling Out (New): 40.48 million/14.8 18-49

930: Desperately Amy (New): 1.2 million/.94 18-49

10: Boston Homicide (New): 7.5 million/2.1 18-49

11: Cop City (New): 26.4 million/4.9 18-49

Thursday, April 13:

Gen-TV seems to have a recurring theme going; as Thursday comedies "Raising Grandma", "Mama Knows Best" and "Cooking For Dummies" all performed to expectations while drama "The Malones" was all but nonexistent. "The Mallory's of Jefferson County" of course outperformed every other show on TV. Meanwhile, "Nicki J's World" rebounded somewhat from last week's 40% loss and netted a 7.4/3.6 in demos.

8pm: Raising Grandma (New): 24.2 million/6.9 18-49

830: Mama Knows Best (New): 25.5 million/9.2 18-49

9pm: Nicki J's World (New): 7.4 million/3.6 18-49

930: Cooking For Dummies (New): 13 million/3.5 18-49

10: The Mallory's of Jefferson County (New): 73.5 million/12.2 18-49

11: The Malones (New): 4.0 million/1.3 18-49

Friday, April 14:

Friday night continues to be a solid performer for Gen-TV, with every series, except "ColdFront" retaining its audience from last week. "The Mulroney Mysteries" and "Deadly Visions" continue to grow each week.

8pm: The Mulroney Mysteries (New): 39.5 million/9.3 18-49

9pm: Deadly Visions (New): 39.4 million/7.1 18-49

10: ColdFront (New; Final Episodes!): 9.3 million/4.5 18-49

11: Soapless: Life After Daytime (New): 15.3 million/5.2 18-49

Saturday, April 15:

Once again, Saturday was a success with "Sisters" and "Code of Ethics" performing on-par with last week. The much anticipated TV movie "Fugitive Recovery: At Arm's Length" debuted to stellar reviews and fantastic ratings, netting 23.9 million viewers and a 8.3 in demos.

8pm: Sisters (New): 26.9 million/8.3 18-49

9pm: Code of Ethics (New): 24.2 million/6.8 18-49

10: Gen-TV Original Movie:

"Fugitive Recovery: At Arm's Length": 23.9 million/8.3 18-49

11: Law & Order: New York City (Rerun): Ratings Not Available

Sunday, April 16:

It was much of the same on Sunday; with "Food Showdown" and "The Bidding War" delivering the goods and "Intrusion" being ignored by viewers. "Food Showdown" had it's largest showing of the season.

8pm: Food Showdown (New): 25.6 million/7.4 18-49

9pm: Threesome (New): 9.6 million/5.3 18-49

930: Threesome (Rerun): Ratings Not Available

10: The Bidding War (New): 19.4 million/8.3 18-49

11: Intrusion (New): 3.8 million/.97 18-49

Monday, April 17:

Not much to report here, "Magic School" squeaks ahead of "Zendaya" yet again in demos and "Trauma Center" grows over last week in Female Viewers 18-25. "Hart of Family" remains on-par with previous airings. "Blood Relations" well, it aired.

8pm: Magic School (New): 22.8 million/8.8 18-49

830: Zendaya (New): 23.2 million/7.9 18-49

9: Hart of Family (New): 15.8 million/7.7 18-49

930: Outside The Lines (New): 11.8 million/4.4 1 8-49

10: Trauma Center (New): 19.4 million/4.3 18-49

11: Blood Relations (New): 5.3 million/1.3 18-49

Tuesday, April 18-Saturday, April 22:

Gen-TV aired only reruns on these nights and ratings will not be published.
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Default Gen-TV Axes "The Malones"; cuts "Homicide" order

Gen-TV News:
A Hollywood Insider Report

Responding to the most recent TV ratings, Gen-TV is making two big moves today. First up, the network has finally and officially pulled the plug on struggling drama "The Malones"; a spin-off of "The Mallory's of Jefferson County" that never really found its footing. It has languished in the bottom-half of the ratings since its debut and has routinely lost viewers each week. Reviews were slightly more kind than ratings, as reviewers enjoyed the campy quality and embraced the fact the series leaned into its soapy roots hard.

The series which will finish the remainder of the season will not return next season. This has been expected all along, and now Gen-TV has finally confirmed it. Gen-TV President Ross Chin called this decision "frustrating and difficult to make; but necessary given the economic issues related to this show." He says "creatively this show was top-notch, but we just could not sustain the financials another season."

It is unknown at this time if any characters or performers from "The Malones" will migrate over to "The Mallory's of Jefferson County", as producers "have not yet made that decision." Sources tell us that they aren't even sure if Susan Sullivan will be brought back to reprise her role as matriarch Nancy Malone Mallory.

In other news, Gen-TV is cutting the episode order for "Boston Homicide" from 22 to 19, meaning the series will wrap up production on its current season next week. Though the series was given an early renewal back in January sources tell us that Gen-TV's support in this show may be fading, and that if it is scheduled for next season, it would probably be in mid-season.
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Default Gen-TV Names New Vice President

Originally Posted by factsoflife
Gen-TV's Vice President Search:
----List narrowed down...

Now that Eva Vargas has officially decline (several) offers to join Gen-TV Studios as Vice President, comes time for the company to make serious efforts to fill the position left vacant when Ross Chin ascended to the role or President. It looks like they have gotten one step closer to doing this, today the shortlist of candidates has been narrowed down to three potential people: Taylor Song, Kimberly Vail and a previously unmentioned candidate, Jason Kinworthy.

Hollywood Now can officially confirm that Eva Vargas has declined offers to join Gen-TV, though she did not respond to our request for comment, we have learned that she did not want to leave her role at YTN to accept a lesser role as Vice President. We also have learned that Jamie Tarses has declined this offer, citing her wish to maintain her status as an independent producer. And as expected, Amanda Leigh Green was not asked to take the role at all.

Sources tell us that the three final candidates each come from vastly different backgrounds and would offer unique ideas, here is a rundown on them:

Taylor Song, Age 33: At 33, Song is the youngest candidate, and has the least experience. She was a development executive at YTN from 2009-2011, and exited that company in turmoil after her involvement in an embarrassing scandal that involved sexual harassment and white collar crimes. She was close friends with Brian Lonze, who was also fired from YTN in 2011 and eventually joined Gen-TV where he worked his way to the role of President of Programming. They remained close friends until his shocking death in 2013 from what was termed "an accidental overdose of methamphetamines" by the L.A. County Coroner's office. Song has not worked in the TV industry since leaving YTN in 2011 and has worked as an executive in the natural foods industry since 2013.

Kimberly Vail, Age 45: Vail comes from Toronto, Canada where she has run Toronto's #2 rated news division since 2014. Prior to that she was the Executive Producer of Canada's #1 rated morning news program from 2010-2014; and previously served as a development executive at Canadian Broadcasting Company from 1998-2010. At that job she was responsible for developing a wide variety of scripted programming and in the 2003-2004 TV season she was responsible for developing ten of the top twenty-five programs airing on Canadian TV; a record that she holds to this day in Canada. Sources tell us that Vail's biggest strength is documentary programming (what we call reality TV); and that she is close personal friends with Cain Wentworth.

Jason Kinworthy, Age 58: By far the oldest of the three candidates; he also has the most direct experience as an executive in the TV industry. From 1980-1982 he was an intern on the "Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson", in 1983 he took a job as a Producer on NBC's "Gimme a Break", becoming the youngest producer in NBC history, at 24. This role led him to Associate Producer job on CBS's "Murder She, Wrote"; a role he held from 1984-1993. In 1993 he was promoted to Supervising Producer on "Murder, She Wrote" a role he held until the series was cancelled in 1996. He left NBC in 1996 for a job as Vice President of Daytime TV at ABC. At this role he was responsible for daily supervision of four soap operas, and was directly responsible for helping develop "The View." He held this job until 2006 when he left for a role as an executive at Ford Motors Company. In 2010 he rejoined the TV industry as a development executive for Turner Broadcasting. In 2014 he took a role as Vice President of MTV Networks Inc., a role he held for fifteen days before resigning over disagreements with MTV's President. He hasn't worked in TV since then.
It's Official: Gen-TV Names Unexpected Vice President

Shocking News: Gen-TV's New Vice President Picked
---Alexander Anthony Montez is Gen-TV's New Vice President.

A Hollywood Now Report

Gen-TV has officially filled the vacant position of Vice President of Gen-TV Studios; picking a rather unexpected person to fill the role. Alexander Anthony Montez (aka "Alex Montez"), Age 42 has accepted the role and will report to work starting May 1st. Alexander Anthony Montez is a very unexpected pick for several reasons, the first being that Gen-TV Studios had previously narrowed the candidates down to three; Taylor Song, Jason Kinworthy and Kimberly Vail; and as recently as last week, Ross Chin, President of Gen-TV Studios said "Our new VP will be one of those three, there is no question about it." Obviously, something went awry as the new pick is literally out of left field. In fact, so much that in our research for this story, Hollywood Now couldn't find any information about Alexander Anthony Montez. All that we do know has been provided to us by Gen-TV Studios, and it reads "Alexander Anthony Vargas, age 42 hails from the great state of Colorado where he spent 10 years working as a senior producer for the top rated news station in Denver." "He comes to Gen-TV from his most recent job as morning drive producer at Kansas City, Kansas's #2 rated pop-rock station."

Until today, his name was completely unknown in the TV industry and his sudden rise to the #2 position in Gen-TV is a complete and total shock. This mystery man seems an unlikely choice given that he has very few connections in the TV industry and was never even mentioned as a candidate until today. However, given Gen-TV's track record for finding and developing talented executives this could mean they've found a vice president with tons of potential talent.

What we do know about Alexander Anthony Montez is very sparse, but here it is:

---Montez is 42 years of age, and is of Venezuelan and Chinese descent. He was raised in Windsor, Connecticut and New Brunswick, Canada.

---He is currently single, but was previously married to a Julie Berlick from October 2007 until November 2012. The marriage ended in divorce with Colorado court records citing "irreconcilable differences and fraud" as the mitigating factors in that divorce, which was requested by Julie and granted 190 days after filing.

---He has no children, but is raising three pets; 2 dogs, named Luke and Leia and a goldfish named Kermit.

----He goes by the nicknames "Drew" and "Ander", but is most commonly called "Alex". Gen-TV Studios reps tell us officially he'll be referred to as "Alex Montez" in official press releases and Gen-TV documents.
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Sunday, April 23rd Ratings - YTN
At 8pm, a new episode of Mother & Daughter ticked up to 7.58 million viewers and 1.6/5 among adults 18-49, up a tenth from its low two weeks ago. Unrounded: 1.589

At 830pm, a new episode of on-the-bubble Suburbia jumped to 7.01 million viewers and 1.5/5 among adults 18-49, up two tenths from its season low. Unrounded: 1.502

At 9pm, a new episode of Full Time Mom rose to 9.24 million viewers and 1.9/6 among adults 18-49, up a tenth from two weeks ago. Unrounded: 1.891

At 930pm, a new episode of Life Lessons garnered 7.69 million viewers and 1.6/5 among adults 18-49, even with its last new episode two weeks ago. Unrounded: 1.624

At 10pm, a new episode of Virus bopped up to 7.05 million viewers and 3.3/7 among adults 18-49, up three tenths from last weeks Easter Day episode (it was the only original on the night for YTN). Half hour: 3.289/3.334

Monday, April 24th Ratings - YTN
At 8pm, the season finale of Revolution finished its first half of season three with 6.09 million viewers and 1.6/5 among adults 18-49, up one tenth from last week for its best rating since the season premiere. Half hour: 1.474/1.701

At 9pm, a new episode of Call Girls sank to 13.84 million viewers and 5.3/10 among adults 18-49, down four tenths from last week to a new season low. It is the shows lowest rating since October 9, 2013 (4.9). Half hour: 5.295/5.340

At 10pm, a new episode of The High Times of Denver notched 4.03 million viewers and 1.7/7 among adults 18-49, even with last weeks episode. Retention from its lead in was 29% among total viewers and 32% in the demo. More below. Unrounded: 1.716

At 1030pm, the season finale of The High Times of Denver eased to 3.28 million viewers and 1.4/5 among adults 18-49, down a tenth from last weeks 1030 episode to mark a new low for the comedy. Unrounded: 1.425

Tuesday, April 25th Ratings - YTN
At 8pm, the reunion episode of Looking for Love totaled 5.95 million viewers and 1.8/7 among adults 18-49, down almost a full point from last weeks finale (as expected). For most of its run, the reunion special aired following the finale. YTN made the change last season and began airing the finale and the reunion on separate weeks. This is the best performance for the reunion since the switch. Half hour: 1.756/1.745

At 9pm, a new episode of TAKEN: Global returned after an off week to 7.93 million viewers and 1.3/4 among adults 18-49, up a tenth from its last new episode. Half hour: 1.325/1.204

At 10pm, a new episode of TAKEN dropped to 10.51 million viewers and 1.9/7 among adults 18-49, down three tenths from last week (which did have the two hour finale of Looking for Love as a lead in. Half hour: 1.876/1.905
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My salute to hog hunting is a success viewers love it so much that for now on all rural based programming will have more hunting themed episodes after all country and hunting go togther
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Default Gen-TV Orders "Celebrity Road Trip" show

Gen-TV News:
Reality Pilot Ordered
---Show will send pairs of celebrities on road trips

Gen-TV has just sent an official press release out ordering straight to series a brand new reality TV series called "Celebrity Road Trip Adventures" in which celebrities will be paired up to go on a one-week road trip across the country in order to complete various tasks for charity. The series is being produced by Andy Cohen's production company "Most Talkative" and will debut sometime in the third quarter of 2017. Cohen will serve as executive producer and possibly appear as a contestant on the show, but will not serve as the series official host.
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It will be a big year for freshman series on YTN! The network has ordered nine new series for the 2017-2018 television season, and seven are set to debut this fall. It will also mark a transition for YTN, with only one veteran series making a timeslot switch and comedies now airing on four nights. The fall schedule features a lot of new firsts for the network, while closing the book on others. Without further adieu, the fall 2017 schedule...

"Laugh Together" is back in full force Sundays this fall with the same laughs you've been seeing nearly all season. MOTHER & DAUGHTER will lead off the night at 8 o'clock with its seventh season, leading into the ninth season of SUBURBIA. Season five of FULL TIME MOM returns to lead into the second season of LIFE LESSONS. In a switch in the 10 o'clock hour, VIRUS will air in the fall season for the first time in series history. It will air eight (8) episodes in the fall, with another eight (8) debuting in the spring.

Mondays are undergoing the biggest makeover of any night. For the first time in network history, comedies will air on the night. Freshman comedy SOCCER STORIES kicks off the night at 8, with fellow freshman BURGERS AND FRIES following at 830. The seventh season of CALL GIRLS will return to the Monday 9 o'clock hour, leading into freshman drama I AM REBECCA at 10.

There is more history in the making on Tuesdays. The upcoming season of LOOKING FOR LOVE will expand beyond one hour for the first time in its long run. It will air for an hour and a half each week, and lead into freshman comedy MARRIAGE BY DEFAULT at 930. The iconic procedural drama TAKEN returns for its ninth season in the timeslot its aired in since season one.

An all new fifth season of hit drama BOSTON GENERAL leads off Wednesdays for the second year in a row. The number one Wednesday 9 o'clock drama, CIA FILES, returns for its third season. The highest testing drama in three seasons for the network, THE DARK SIDE OF MR. DOUGLAS, will inherit the Wednesday 10 o'clock timeslot.

The end of an era is about to begin on Thursdays this fall. Debuting during the 2009-10 television season, BEHIND THE SCENES was among the first crop of comedies ordered during the first full season of operations. Next season, the long-running comedy will come to an end after 218 episodes. It is the longest-running comedy in network history and will hold that record for some time. The upcoming ninth and final season will continue airing in the Thursday lead off timeslot. BEHIND THE SCENES will conclude with a 27 episode order, its largest in series history. The third season of BLENDED will return to the Thursday 830 timeslot it moved to earlier this season. The fifth season of hit comedy THE HUGHES FAMILY returns to its tentpole 9 o'clock half hour, leading into freshman comedy FAMILY BUSINESS - the highest testing comedy pilot in six years for the network. The night rounds out with the eighth season of TAKEN: PHOENIX

Finally, on Fridays, the second season of SERVE AND PROTECT will move forward one hour and lead off the night at 8 o'clock. It leads into freshman drama COPS OF NEW YORK, which is a spinoff of the long-running COPS OF NEW YORK. The one-two lineup of COPS OF BALTIMORE and the eighth season of COPS OF NEW YORK will air at 9 and 10, respectively.

In addition to the fall schedule, YTN has ordered two more freshman series for midseason: dramas CROSS COUNTRY and DAY IN THE LIFE. The network also has a slew of veteran series on the bench, including sophomore AMAZON (13 episodes), eight more episodes of season three of REVOLUTION, as well as comedies GROWING UP AT 30 (13 episodes) and THE HIGH TIMES OF DENVER (16 episodes). YTN has also ordered an additional season of FAMILY SUPER CHALLENGE (TBA episodes). Freshman TAKEN: GLOBAL will not return for a second season.

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YTN just released its fall 2017 schedule with a lot of surprises - including a whopping seven new series - four comedies and three dramas. The network also made only one timeslot change, and announced the end of a long-running comedy. Let's get into their schedule...

The network is betting big on seven new freshman series set to debut this fall (and another two set for midseason). The only pilot not to move forward to series was Not Our Plan. YTN is also switching gears to some more single-camera comedies, ordering both Soccer Stories and Burgers and Fries to series. They don't get a huge vote of confidence having to lead off the night.

As for the other new series, they all get prime real estate on the schedule. Marriage by Default airs following an extended (and suddenly rejuvenated) Looking for Love on Tuesdays. The pairing seems very fitting, especially since there is a slight romance aspect to the new comedy. The Secret Life of Mr. Douglas airs following the networks number two drama, CIA Files; and Family Business follows the number one comedy, The Hughes Family. Fellow newbie drama I Am Rebecca gets the biggest lead in of all: Call Girls.

On Friday nights, Cops of Baltimore is sandwiched between the Serve and Protect and its mothership series Cops of New York. The backdoor pilot did well ratings-wise so should be an easy fit into the night.

The only series to make a timeslot switch is freshman drama Serve and Protect, which will move forward one hour from its current timeslot. This is the shows third timeslot in only two seasons on the air (it originally debuted on Wednesdays at 10).

While not changing timeslots, Looking for Love will be expanding into an additional one. By airing for an hour and a half, the series will spill over into the 9 o'clock hour for one of the few times in its history. Besides the usual two hour premiere/finale, episodes are always one hour in length. The sudden ratings spike this past season may explain the strategy to expand its running time.

In a surprising move, the network announced the upcoming ninth season of Behind the Scenes would be its last. The series has out-lasted every original YTN comedy in both episodes and number of seasons - the next closest is Mother & Daughter, heading into its seventh.

The series continues to impress in its Thursday 8 o'clock timeslot, often finishing only a few tenths behind mega-hit The Big Bang Theory. Behind the Scenes has aired in a couple of different timeslots over its run, but has always quietly been the silent engine of the YTN comedy department. It was the first comedy in the batch of YTN comedies in the second year of operations for the network. It will finish its run with an extended 27 episodes next season - with the finale expected to be two-parts.

There is a lot on the midseason shelf for the network. YTN renewed freshman series Amazon and Growing Up at 30, but will hold both for midseason once more. They'll likely be the first two series to get the go-ahead to fill a timeslot.

YTN also has upcoming dramas Cross Country and Day in the Life, PLUS the remaining episodes of season three of Revolution and season five of The High Times of Denver. Finally, they also renewed Family Super Challenge for another go-around, likely filling timeslots during the networks December break.

Also somewhat of a surprise was the networks decision to cancel TAKEN:
. It was the only current series on the schedule to not be renewed for another season (excluding the already-announced Secret Service).

Part of the valuable TAKEN franchise, the newest series never stood out, but was hardly the weakest series on the network schedule either. Perhaps YTN is putting all of its resources for the franchise into the two remaining series, which remain anchors on the schedule. With a 1.4 A18-49, it will be one of the highest-rated cancelled series for YTN in three seasons.

The odds were always in favor of TAKEN: Global over Amazon, but the medical drama came out on top.

YTN announced that former YTN Everywhere dramas, They Are Out There and Six will each wrap up their runs with a two hour movie event. They Are Out There has aired only one season on YTN, while Six has yet to air on the network. No word on when those will air.
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Default Gen-TV Worried about strike

Breaking Report:
Gen-TV Planning For Strike

Though the beginning of May is usual a hectic time for television executives as they prepare their fall schedules and get ready to reveal them to advertisers, this year is extra tense as a potential Writers Guild of America strike is becoming closer to being a reality every day. Gen-TV, who was not in existence during the last strike in 2007 is "very worried about the effect that a writers strike might have on us" says Alex Montez, Vice President of Gen-TV Studios. As such, Gen-TV is taking several steps to be as prepared as they can be for the strike, doubling up on episode orders for unscripted reality series, game shows and even asking writers and producers of several shows to prep extra scripts in advance of the strike so that they can proceed with filming should a strike occur. Montez says "We are concerned that a strike will prevent us from having enough episodes to return with original programming in the fall."

As such, the network is getting their ducks in a row, doubling up episode orders from reality series "The Bidding War", "Food Showdown" and "Soapless: Life After Daytime." They have also ordered extra seasons of summer game shows "Climb The Pyramid" and "The Winners Circle." Montez says "We have ordered a extra-large order of 90 episodes each of Food Showdown and The Bidding War, so that we can air them whenever we need them." "Soapless", "Climb The Pyramid" and "The Winners Circle" have also gotten orders for an additional 75 episodes each.

On the scripted side, Gen-TV is looking at a number of options to fill the void if a strike is called and lasts a prolonged period of time. The first option is to delay summer programming until the Fall, airing only reruns in the summer. This plan is what Montez calls "the absolute worst case scenario." Another option, and one that seems more likely is Gen-TV will burn off episodes of cancelled series or series that never aired. Examples of this are the ten remaining episodes of "Going South" that never aired; a full 6-episode season of political conspiracy "Defection" that never made it to air and a backlog of "Threesome" episodes that have yet to air.

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Default Last Minute Changes at Gen-TV

Breaking News:
Gen-TV's last minute changes

In preparation for its upcoming UpFronts Presentation on Friday, which will take place even in the event of a strike, Gen-TV is announcing some last minute programming changes and has finally announced the new co-hosts for veteran talk show "A.M. Live". First off, Gen-TV has officially given series orders to comedies "Homecourt Advantage", "Fish Out Of Water" and "Awakened" and to dramas "Jack of All Trades"; a spin-off of "Deadly Visions" and "American Citizen", a risky mini-series with political themes.

The announcement about "American Citizen" was made by Alex Montez, Gen-TV's new Vice President who explained "Once we found our lead actresses in Shohreh Aghdashloo and Yasmine Al Massari we knew that this pilot would be a great success for our network." He explains "Shohreh Aghdashloo was always our first choice for the role of Amira and we just had to convince her to take this role." "She was very concerned about how this character would be written and didn't want a role that would be a stereotype." "We are very grateful to have her on the series." Yasmine Al Massari is currently a cast member on ABC's "Quantico", and will reportedly balance her role on that show with "American Citizen", should on-the-bubble "Quantico" get renewed. Montez explains "American Citizen is only six episodes and we believe we can work out a schedule that allows her to do both shows."

As for the announcement about "A.M. Live", Gen-TV finally confirms that they have selected supermodel/author/TV host Chrissy Teigen and former "Queer Eye" co-host Jai Rodriguez as the new hosts of the rebranded, revamped series that will now be called "Gen-TV LIVE Starring Chrissy Teigen and Jai Rodriguez." Tiegen and Rodriguez were selected to star in the shows revamped following a months long search to replace departing hosts Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete who seperately decided to exit the show at the conclusion of their contracts. Insiders reveal that several potential hosts were seriously considered with Lisa Vanderpump, Andy Cohen, Ryan Seacrest, Mario Lopez and Jennifer Love Hewitt all having been among the top choices. A Gen-TV Executive reveals to us that "Jennifer Love Hewitt and Lisa Vanderpump were among our early choices and were given initial offers that did not go through." "Vanderpumps deal fell out over creative control issues, while Hewitt's offer didn't transpire because of scheduling concerns; Jennifer is mother to young children and wanted to make sure she had appropriate time with her children; which we couldn't work out to her satisfaction." "A.M. Live" will be rebranded to focus on younger, more trendy topics such as fashion, celebrity gossip, parenting and romance and will veer away from politics, news and some of the other more serious topics that had occasionally been focus of the show. It will air live every morning from 11am-12pm on Gen-TV Network.

Lastly, sources are confirming to us that Gen-TV has officially passed on the comedy pilot "Say Uncle", a last minute change that is a surprise to many in the industry who believed the show was a shoe-in for a pick-up. Gen-TV's representatives would not confirm this, but did say "casting has been an issue for this pilot as we are having difficulty finding appropriate actors to fill the principal cast."
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Default Gen-TV Axes Nicki Minaj Comedy

Breaking Report:
Ahead of UpFronts Cleans House
---Network axes "Nicki J's World"

Ahead of it's planned UpFront Presentation which will go forward even if there is a writers strike announced tomorrow, Gen-TV Network has made some last minute cancellations, axing comedies "Nicki J's World" and "Peretti Rules"; both of which were fully expected to come back in some form. The network has also officially cancelled their TV movie franchise, and according to Ross Chin, Gen-TV's President "will be looking to a different format for our award-winning, highly rated television films and mini-series." Sources indicate that Gen-TV plans to shift production and broadcasting of these projects to Stream-ME, the Gen-TV funded streaming site and that "only certain high profile projects will air on Gen-TV Network; but not as part of an ongoing series like has always been done." Insiders at Gen-TV explain that "the financials involved in producing these high scale events are just too much to keep up with; even for a profitable network like Gen-TV." Other insiders tell us that it is possible Gen-TV could reconsider this idea and resume production on TV films later in the season.

The cancellation of "Nicki J's World" is something of a shock, considering it was once a highly performing series, but in its second season the ratings have dropped nearly 40% in all demos; especially as Nicki Minaj's popularity overall declines. The axing of "Peretti Rules" is also something of a stunner; as it was widely expected to return in some form; the series has been a favorite of Ross Chin's since it was developed.
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Default John Stamos comedy ordered to series

John Stamos to Gen-TV
---Actor to star in "Say Uncle"

Two seasons after playing a young grandfather in Fox's "Grandfathered", John Stamos will once again star in a comedy with children; this time as an Uncle in the now officially ordered to series "Say Uncle"; which was previously thought to be dead. Gen-TV's Ross Chin confirms that the series has been picked up and explained the sudden turn around for this program once thought to be dead "Once we realized that Nicki J's World and Peretti Rules wouldn't be returning we took another look at our comedy pilots and Say Uncle was far and away the brightest star left on our comedic roster." "It was an easy decision to say yes to Say Uncle."

In this comedy, Stamos plays a single, attractive and successful businessman and ladies man suddenly tasked with raising his brothers three children; aged from 10 to 16 after his sudden death. This is a theme that is recurring for Gen-TV this year, as another freshmen comedy ordered this week "Homecourt Advantage" focuses on similar themes, and stars Nick Cannon. An insider tell us "none of Gen-TV's family comedies are particularly original, with many of them having nearly identical premises, but they all work because focusing on family instantly gives each show a unique identity as each family featured in it is unique to the specific niche audience it is targeting."
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Wednesday, April 26th Ratings - YTN
At 8pm, a new episode of Boston General eased to 6.21 million viewers and 1.0/4 among adults 18-49, down a tenth from last week to a new series low. Half hour: 0.963/1.104

At 9pm, a new episode of CIA Files dropped to 12.09 million viewers and 2.8/9 among adults 18-49, down four tenths from last week. Half hour: 2.753/2.795

At 10pm, a new episode of Amazon slid to 6.03 million viewers and 1.2/4 among adults 18-49, down a tenth from last week to tie its series low. Retention from its lead in was 50% among total viewers and 43% in the demo. Half hour: 1.482/0.958

Thursday, April 27th Ratings - YTN
At 8pm, a new episode of Behind the Scenes dipped to 8.04 million viewers and 1.9/6 among adults 18-49, down tenth from last week to a new series low. Unrounded: 1.941

At 830pm, a new episode of Blended fell to 6.72 million viewers and 1.5/5 among adults 18-49, down three tenths from last week. Unrounded: 1.489

At 9pm, a new episode of The Hughes Family collapsed to 8.37 million viewers and 2.2/7 among adults 18-49, down four tenths from last week to tie its series low. Unrounded: 2.198

At 9pm, week fourteen of Growing Up at 30 was also down, scoring 5.33 million viewers and 1.4/6 among adults 18-49, down two tenths to a new series low. Unrounded: 1.402

At 10pm, a new episode of TAKEN: Phoenix sputtered to 8.91 million viewers and 1.4/5 among adults 18-49, down four tenths from last week to tie its series low. Half hour: 1.404/1.320

Friday, April 28th Ratings - YTN
At 8pm, a new episode of Secret Service jumped to 5.15 million viewers and 0.8/3 among adults 18-49, up a tenth from last week. Half hour: 0.838/0.841

At 9pm, a new episode of Serve and Protect: Detroit inched down to 8.41 million viewers and 0.9/3 among adults 18-49, down a tenth from last week. Half hour: 0.943/0.930

At 10pm, a new episode of Cops of New York sank to 9.04 million viewers and 1.0/4 among adults 18-49, down two tenths from last week to a new series low. Half hour: 0.955/0.958
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Default Gen-TV UpFronts 2017---Daytime & Weekend

Gen-TV UpFronts 2017:
Daytime & Weekend Schedules

With the writers strike averted, Gen-TV and other networks are able to proceed with their planned UpFront Presentations for advertisers where they unveil their new line-ups of programming. While Gen-TV Network won't make their official primetime presentation until Friday, they did hold today their Daytime & Weekend program; revealing their plans for Daytime (M-F) and Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) programming. This portion of the program was held in New York City at the Regency Plaza Hotel and was presented in-tandem by Gen-TV Studios President Ross Chin, Vice President Alexander Anthony Montez (Alex Montez), Board of Directors Chairperson Cain Wentworth and was hosted by Jackee Harry (Raising Grandma; The Jackie Show), Janeane Garofalo (In The News with Janeane Garofalo) and "Family Court" cast members Judge Alex Ferrera and Attorney Gloria Allred.

The 2 1/2 hours long presentation highlighted the network's Monday thru Friday daytime programming, including an all-new season of "Family Court"; featuring a revamped cast with Judge Alex Ferrera and Attorney Gloria Allred sitting in for departing hosts Glenda Hatchett and Mablean Ephriam. When the series returns in the fall with it's brand new season; it will feature a brand new format, more close in tone to long-running series "Divorce Court" instead of the overtly sensational tone it has had this season. Ross Chin commented on the decision to make this change saying "We heard the complaints and the concerns about the tone of Family Court, and took very seriously the concerns people had that we were exploiting children." "We have worked diligently with producers to change this and season 2 will not be as scandalous and will be more in line with current court shows in that regard." "Children will no longer be seen on the show, as their faces will be obscured."

In addition to returning to Gen-TV for season 2, "Family Court" is debuting in national syndication as well, and has been cleared in 98% of the country, with Tribune owned stations being the primary home outside of Gen-TV for the show.

Another exciting announcement is the renewal of hit soap opera "Edge of Justice", which will start a brand new storyline in the fall, and will feature a big cast change at that point. More about that will be announced closer to fall, however Gen-TV did confirm one big casting scoop; current lead cast member Hillary B. Smith, will remain with the series in the same role. Ross Chin explains "Hillary has become the face of this show and her character has easily become the most popular on Edge of Justice." "We are proud to keep Hillary and her fascinating and conflicted attorney on our network." Since debuting in January 2017, "Edge of Justice" has quickly emerged as a solid performer, quickly becoming the #2 overall Daytime Soap on TV, narrowly defeated by "The Young & Restless" in most ratings periods by less than a tenth of a point. For the period of February 6-March 10, 2017, "Edge of Justice" was the #1 rated Daytime Soap Opera on TV with Female Viewers aged 14-25.

Gen-TV's daytime programming will also include additional seasons each of hit news programs "Hourly News with Keith Olbermann", "In The News with Janeane Garofalo" and "NightCap starring Gio Benitez" with the first two moving to the afternoon hours to form a two-hour block of programming from 4-6pm. Previously these staples aired in the early morning.

Debuting this season, is a brand new original sitcom; "The Jackie Show" starring Jackee Harry (Raising Grandma) as a once popular talk show host desperate to reclaim her status as the "queen of daytime talk." This single-camera comedy will feature hilarious cameos from Wendy Williams, Sally Jesse Raphael, Ricki Lake, Oprah Winfrey, Rolonda Watts and Geraldo Rivera. The half-hour sitcom will air two episodes back to back from 12-1pm.

The last big announcement about Gen-TV's M-F line-up is the debut of the revamped "A.M. Live" which is now called "Gen-TV Live starring Chrissy Teigen & Jai Rodriguez" and will be much edgier, youthful and young than the previous incarnation. It will air daily from 11-12pm, Live coast-to-coast.

In terms of weekend programming, Gen-TV has spent a small fortune this year acquiring top-tier second run programming to fill those hours and has acquired a diverse slate of programs as varied as "E.R.", "NYPD BLUE", "The West Wing", "The Nanny", "Married With Children" and "Two and A Half Men." They will continue to break their weekend programming into two separate blocks; the first consisting of "Modern Day Masterpieces" and the second of "Classics & Gen-TV Originals". For the first half, they have acquired shows such as "The Americans", "Justified", "30 Rock", "Sons of Anarchy" and reacquired "The Good Wife." For the other block, they'ved filled it with shows from the Gen-TV Studios vault and classic sitcoms like "Designing Women", "The Golden Girls" and "Gimme A Break" among many others.

Here is the full breakdown of Gen-TV's programming schedule for Daytime (M-F) and Weekends:

M-F Only
All series are reruns unless in bold
12am: E.R.
1am: E.R.
4am: The Arrival
430: Knocked Down
5am: Knocked Down
530: Turned Around
6am: Married With Children
630: Married With Children
7am: E.R.
8am: E.R.
9am: Judging Amy
10: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

11am: Gen-TV LIVE Starring Chrissy Tiegen & Jai Rodriguez (New Title, New Timeslot and New Host)
12pm: The Jackie Show! (New Series)
1230pm: The Jackie Show! (New Series!)
1pm: Family Court (New Timeslot)
2pm: Family Court (New Timeslot)
3pm: Edge of Justice (New Timeslot)
4pm: In The News with Janeane Garofalo (New Timeslot)
5pm: Hourly News with Keith Olbermann (New Timeslot)
6pm: Celebrity Dinner Party starring Neil Patrick Harris (New Timeslot)
7pm: NightCap featuring Gio Benitez

All Series Are Reruns

Saturday Mornings:
Modern Day Masterpieces:

12am: The Americans
1am: Sons of Anarchy
2am: Sons of Anarchy
3am: 2 Broke Girls
330: The Office
4am: The Mindy Project
430: 30 Rock
5am: 2 Broke Girls
530: 2 Broke Girls
6am: Justified
7am: Two And A Half Men
730: Two And A Half Men
8am: The Good Wife

Gen-TV Originals & Classics:

9am: One Day At A Time
930: Growing Pains
10: Kate & Allie
1030: Kate & Allie
11: Gimme A Break
1130: Gimme A Break
12pm: The Nanny
1230: Family Ties
1pm: The Nanny
130: Grace Under Fire
2pm: Starting From Scratch
230: Two and A Half Men
3pm: Friends
330: Married With Children
4pm: The Facts of Life
430: The Golden Girls
5pm: Designing Women
530: Designing Women
6pm: Texas Justice
7pm: Gone

Sunday Morning-
Gen-TV Originals & Classics:

12am: Law & Order
1am: Law & Order
2am: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
3am: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
4am: Law & Order: Criminal Intent
5am: Law & Order: Criminal Intent
8am: This Time Around
9am: One Of These Days
10: E.R.
11: E.R.
1pm: New Girl
130: New Girl
2pm: The Mindy Project
230: The Mindy Project
3pm: Grace Under Fire
330: Just Shoot Me
4pm: Just Shoot Me
430: Married With Children
5pm: Married With Children
530: One Day At A Time
6pm: The Facts of Life
630pm: Kate & Allie
7pm: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
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Default Gen-TV Studios UpFronts---First Run Programming

Gen-TV UpFronts 2017:
First Run & Syndicated Programming

During a brief portion of Gen-TV's UpFront Presentation on Tuesday, Gen-TV Studios announced programming decisions for their first run and syndicated programming, here is the rundown. Gen-TV has renewed five programs and cancelled one other series. First the bad news, syndicated home improvement series "Ty Tells All" starring Ty Pennington has been cancelled and will not return for a third season in fall. It debuted in 2015 and was a significant hit in national syndication, but ratings fell hard in season two and the series will not return.

Now, the good news; getting renewed are Stream-ME's "Law of Death", which will return for a final season in January 2018 and syndicated lifestyle series "You've Got To Be Gidding Me" starring John Gidding and "Food Genius with Adam Gertler". Sitcom, "Sinbad" will also return for a third season. Airing on PBS and starting next season, also in national syndication, "You've Got To Be Gidding Me" has maintained a solid audience; and "Food Genius with Adam Gertler" has grown in demos every single season, with this current season being it's highest rated yet. "Sinbad" has seen declines year to year, but is still the #3 rated series among African-American viewers.

Gen-TV Studios produced programming have also gotten renewals from other networks; with Lifetime TV renewing "Celebrity Dreamhouse Project" and "Please Fix My House"; A&E TV renewing "1-2-3 Cook", Bravo renewing "Faded Beauties" and TV One renewing "Single Again" for additional seasons. YTN Network also holds rights to three Gen-TV Studios programs; "Second Chance", "Outdoor Renovation" and "UpSelling"; the future of these programs looks promising as well.
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