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I like Samantha, Nicole, and Kimberly.
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Some nights it rained. Some nights the traffic was horrible. People were cranky and not used to sleeping with five other bodies so close by. As the tour progressed, the Idols were getting on each others nerves, and it was emotionally and physically exhausting. Everyone wanted to go home, and when the last date finally came, no one wanted to leave. Nevertheless, the two months Carrie spent on the cramped bus with Constantine were home to some of the best times. They had so much fun, sharing laughter and love, that they all truly became a family. No matter how cliche it sounded, they had all become like siblings. Some had become more.


It was a dark and stormy night in New Jersey. Their concery had finished an hour ago, and all 10 contestants had congregated onto Carrie and Constantine's bus. There was a card game being played on the floor, but Nadia, Anwar, and Scott weren't very enthusiastic. Everyone was bored out of their minds, and they were desperate for conversation.

If Anthony launched into yet another monologue of how much he missed Irina, Carrie was going to scream. Pillow in hand, she was poised to whack him upside the head. Soon enough, Anthony spoke, and was rewarded with a soft thump. "Pregnancy makes you cranky, girl."

"Care to rephrase that?"

Anthony was saved by an incessant knocking at the door. "Who would possibly be outside at this hour in the pouring rain?"

Bo sighed. "Don't get up," he said sarcastically. "I'll get it."

Upon opening the door, a shaking and dripping wet Lindsey Cardinale fell into his arms. Sobbing hysterically, she ran up the bus stairs and into his embrace. "I love you," she mumbled over and over again, burying her face in his chest. "It's always been you."

He clutched her close to him, not caring in the least that by doing so, he was letting himself get soaked. Softly running his fingers through her tangled locks, he pressed his lips to her forehead. "Linds...." he whispered, his breath soft as the rain against her ear. "I wish you'd told me before."

"I was scared," she whispered, slightly embarrased now. "I'm - I'm not as brave as Carrie; I couldn't ever do what she did."

"I wouldn't have asked you to." His voice unnaturally deep now, he looked straight into her eyes. "If I tell you something now, will you promise not to run away?"

She was so caught up in him, she didn't trust herslf to utter more than one word at a time. "Sure."

"I love you, Lindsey."

"I love you, too."

*End flashaback*

Things had finally come to blows with her father the night of the Oklahoma show. Her parents had 'surprised' her by showing up at their bus late that night. What an awkward experience that was. When Carole and Steven came into the bus, it was obvious from the unmade bed and both Carrie and Constantine's disheveled appearance what they'd been doing, so the conversation hadn't gotten off to a great start. For the first moments, her dad wouldn't even look at her, and Constantine came up to wrap his arms around her. "Button up, love."

Blushing, Carrie quickly buttoned her shirt, not quite meeting her parents' gaze. "Sorry."

"Didn't mean to intrude on your fun," Mr. Underwood said icily, causing Constantine to quickly remove his hands from Carrie's waist.

"Don't," she whispered, pulling Constantine back to her. Turning to her father, her voice raised slightly. "I've put up with your **** long enough, Dad. Constantine loves me. He loves me more than anything. He'd do anything to make me happy, and I love him for it. I LOVE him, Dad! I don't care if you think he's not the type of guy I should be with; he's who I want. He's who I need." Tears were streaming down her cheeks now, Constantine holding her protectively. "He makes me happy, Daddy. Why can't you let me be happy?"

There was complete silence for a few moments, quiet so that Carrie could hear the steady hum of the washing machine the bus had installed. Swallowing the lump in her thraot, she gently entangled herslf from Constantine's grasp. "I have to pee."

"Carrie..." Steven spoke up, causing Carrie to whip around and face him. Her eyes blazed fire, but he could see the utter sadness behind. "Honey..."

Without another words, she ran into her father's arms, crying harder than ever before. "I'm sorry, honey. I'm so sorry," he whispered, rocking his daughter back and forth. "I'm so sorry I've been such an ass to you both. I want you to be happy, princess, and I see now he makes you happy."

That night, all prejudices had been set aside, and Constantine and Carrie's dad now got along famously. Steven trusted him to take care of his daughter and grandbaby, and Constantine knew without question that was something he could do for the rest of his life.

Now the tour was over, and the 12 Idols were scattered to what seemed the ends of the earth. After much discussion, Carrie and Constantinne had decided to settle down in Oklahoma. That was the only place she'd consider raising her child, she insisted. But she made the sacrifice and consented to summers in New York. They both agreed to the plan, and she had to admit that it would be fun to have Constantine give her the hometown tour someday. And, the aspect that excited her the most about Oklahoma was that Bo and Lindsey were only two hours away. Having her best friends so close by gave her comfort, and Constantine seemed to enjoy it too. Everything was perfect.

"I hate you so much, Constantine," Carrie groaned, sliding onto the couch where he had just set their breakfast. At nine months pregnant, all she wanted now was for the baby to be born. She was tired of everything related to being pregnant; she was just plain tired. "I hate you."

He smiled, sitting down beside her so she could snuggle aginst him. "I know you do, baby. I'm sorry."

"Two weeks," she muttered. "Two freakin' weeks, Con! Why won't this damn baby come out?"

"They said they'd induce you on Saturday, remember?" Constantine assured her, gently massaging her lower back. "It'll be soon, I promise."

"You've done enough, thanks," she snapped. "Saturday doesn't do me any good. Today's Wednesday. Now I am going to try and take a shower, and you better hope it causes some sort of reaction, because if I have to stay in this hell for one more day, I will kill you."

Within a few moments, however, he heard Carrie's anguished cry. Running at full speed to the second-story bathroom, he found Carrie on the floor of their bedroom, grasping at the bedspread with a clenched fist, breathing heavily with her head arched back. After a few moments, she looked up at her husband, a terrified look in her eyes. "Get me to the hospital now."
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As much as I love your stories...the couples you've chosen are kinda questionable. I'm soooo not down with the Bo/Lindsey pairing! Sorry.
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