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Old 11-18-2003, 09:15 PM   #1
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Default Any more clues to the Amelia Earhart mystery on Unsolved Mysteries?

I think she must have been captured by the Japanese around Howland Island where she was supposed to land. She had flown about 30 miles off course because of navigational errors and wasn't able to find the tiny little island and ran out of fuel and ditched into the ocean.

In 1937 the whole Pacific Islands would have been swarming with Imperial Japanse naval/military activities.

I think she was taken back to one of the main Japanese military headquarters for the Pacific Islands on Saipan Island in the Marianas about 2000 miles away from Howland Island.

They must have thought she and her navigator were American spies.

And they were held by the Japanese until 1944 when the Americans were about to overrun and capture the islands from the Japanese.

An elderly woman native of the island recounted that she saw the Japanese brought two white persons on the island. Made them stripped naked. She was surprised that one of them was a woman. She found it strange that a woman would be wearing men's trousers (A pilot's jumpsuit).

Later in her eyewitness testimony she saw Amelia Earheart being executed by the Japanese on a remote farm land. Shot and then buried in a prepared grave. The woman later planted a grape tree over Amelia Earheart's grave.

50 years later an American researcher excavated that site and found a ragged blindfold from that era at the soil depth of 1944.

Also there were US soldiers who believed that Earheart's plane was being held at a locked hanger on the island. They also overheard some of the soldiers guarding that place gossiping that it was Earheart's plane. Those gossiping guards were shortly later reprimanded by their commanding officer and told to shut up. Later that day those soldiers saw a civilian plane flying overhead and they could see the registration number beneath the plane. They matched Earheart's plane. The plane was later deliberately destroyed by fire that night at another location.

In another incident a bunch of US soldiers discovered Amelia Earheart's documents, paperwork, ID inside a locked safe that they blew up to get into at an abandoned goverment building. They handed it to their superiors and it was never seen again.

3 independant eyewitnesses on the one same island of Saipan.

So I think Amelia Eartheart and her navigator did not die at sea but must have drifted in her downed plane or lifeboat and was captured by the Japanese navy and held by them for many years as American spies.
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Old 11-19-2003, 04:50 PM   #2
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I remember this story. I haven't seen anymore updates on UM (I'm not surprised), but I found a few sites and articles that people might be interested in:

So it would seem to me that we have many people with theories who claim to have proof, but no real answers yet. I really hope they find something when they do the "grave" digging.
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