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Sitcom Stars on Talk Shows; This Week in Sitcoms (Week of September 20, 2021)
SitcomsOnline Digest: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Comes to an End; FXX Goes Full Blown Animation Domination with New Acquisitions
Fri-Yay: NBC Reportedly Wants to Reboot The Office; Remembering Norm Macdonald of The Norm Show/Norm
Comedy Central Fall 2021: Seinfeld Joins Lineup; Apple TV+ New Comedy Acapulco Premieres Oct. 8
Only Murders in the Building Renewed for Season 2; HBO Max's Love Life New Season Starts Oct. 28
Columbo 50th Anniversary Marathon on COZI TV; BET+ R-Rated Sitcom Renewed for Season 2
Anthony Anderson and Mama Doris Headlining Halloween on Discovery+; The Last O.G. Is Back Oct. 26

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06/08 - The Critic - The Complete Series
06/08 - Fuller House - The Fifth and Final Season
06/08 - Fuller House - The Complete Series
06/08 - Our Cartoon President - Season 3
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07/13 - The Unicorn - Season 2
07/20 - Head of the Class - The Complete Third Season
07/27 - Family Ties - The Complete Series (2021 Release)
07/27 - Hot in Cleveland - The Complete Series (2021 Release)
07/27 - The Neighborhood - Season Three
08/20 - The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet - Deluxe Edition (100 Episodes) (Time Life)
08/20 - The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet - Standard Edition (50 Episodes) (Time Life)
08/24 - The Jim Gaffigan Show - Season 2
09/07 - Young Sheldon - The Complete Fourth Season (Blu-ray)
09/21 - I Dream of Jeannie - The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
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Default My Top 1100 Scripted TV Characters: Updated 08-01-2021

Top 10 Narrators and Anthology Hosts
1. Art Gilmore- Highway Patrol
2. Jack Webb- Dragnet (1951 and 1967)
3. Daniel Stern- The Wonder Years (1988)
4. Alfred Hitchcock- The Alfred Hitchcock Hour/Alfred Hitchcock Presents
5. Rod Serling- The Twilight Zone (1959)
6. Tim Doyle- The Kids Are Alright
7. Patricia Heaton- The Middle
8. Earl Hamner, Jr.- The Waltons
9. Richard E. Grant- Dispatches from Elsewhere
10. Jim Parsons- Young Sheldon

Top 30 Animals and Miscellaneous Characters
1. Cat- Early Edition
2. Eddie (dog)- Frasier (1993)
3. Murray (dog)- Mad About You (1992)
4. Salem Saberhagen (cat)- Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996)
5. Arnold Ziffel (pig)- Green Acres
6. Thing- The Addams Family (1964)
7. Happy (dog)- 7th Heaven
8. Spartan (horse)- Heartland
9. Phoenix (horse)- Heartland
10. Data’s cat Spot- Star Trek: the Next Generation
11. Cousin Itt- The Addams Family (1964)
12. Brandon (dog)- Punky Brewster (1984)
13. ALF (Gordon Shumway)- ALF (1986)
14. Dog- Petticoat Junction
15. Dr. Rizzo (monkey)- Animal Practice
16. Marissa’s seeing eye dog- Early Edition
17. Quincy (dog)- Coach
18. Mister Ed (horse)- Mister Ed
19. Tricki Woo (dog)- All Creatures Great and Small (2020)
20. Eleanor (cow)- Green Acres
21. Kitty (lion)- The Addams Family (1964)
22. Salty (cat)- Caroline in the City
23. Drobney (duck)- Green Acres
24. Cannoli (dog)- B Positive
25. Lucky (cat)- ALF (1986)
26. Spot (dragon)- The Munsters
27. Jasper (dog)- Bachelor Father
28. Remi (dog)- Heartland
29. Colin Firth (dog)- The Middle
30. Mel’s seeing eye dog- Growing Up Fisher

Top 530 Male Characters
1. Lieutenant Columbo- Columbo 2. Gary Hobson- Early Edition 3. Lieutenant Commander Data- Star Trek: the Next Generation 4. Walter O’Brien- Scorpion 5. Benson DuBois- Benson 6. Dr. Frasier Crane- Frasier (1993)/Cheers/Wings 7. Dr. Niles Crane- Frasier (1993) 8. Deputy Barney Fife- The Andy Griffith Show 9. Captain/Commander Benjamin Sisko- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 10. Ricky Ricardo- I Love Lucy/The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour 11. Mr. Benjamin Sharofsky- Fame 12. Frank Spencer- Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em 13. Basil Fawlty- Fawlty Towers 14. Brick Heck- The Middle 15. Governor Gene Gatling- Benson 16. President Tom Kirkman- Designated Survivor (ABC) 17. Colonel Sherman Potter- M*A*S*H 18. Fred Mertz- I Love Lucy/The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour 19. Detective Danny Reagan- Blue Bloods 20. Captain Jean-Luc Picard- Star Trek: the Next Generation 21. Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold- Once Upon a Time 22. Davis Quinton- Corner Gas 23. John-Boy Walton (Richard Thomas)- The Waltons 24. Nathan (Nate) Ford- Leverage (TNT) 25. Commissioner Frank Reagan- Blue Bloods 26. Constable Odo- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 27. Doctor Hologram- Star Trek: Voyager 28. Alex P. Keaton- Family Ties 29. Special Agent Fox Mulder- The X-Files 30. Special Agent Jack Malone- Without a Trace 31. Bruno Martelli- Fame 32. Martin Crane- Frasier (1993) 33. Captain/Major Anthony “Tony” Nelson- I Dream of Jeannie 34. Darrin Stephens (Dick York)- Bewitched 35. Manuel- Fawlty Towers 36. Brent Leroy- Corner Gas 37. Dr. Johnny Fever- WKRP in Cincinnati 38. Alec Hardison- Leverage (TNT) 39. Dr. Alfred Bellows- I Dream of Jeannie 40. Sergeant Joe Friday (Jack Webb)- Dragnet 41. Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli- Happy Days/Mork and Mindy/Laverne and Shirley 42. Rob Petrie- The Dick Van Dyke Show 43. Gomer Pyle- Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C./The Andy Griffith Show 44. Sheriff Andy Taylor- The Andy Griffith Show 45. Mr. Arthur Carlson- WKRP in Cincinnati 46. Burton “Gus” Guster- Psych 47. George Utley- Newhart 48. Dr. Mark Sloane- Diagnosis Murder 49. Ben Matlock- Matlock 50. Cosmo Kramer- Seinfeld/Mad About You (1992) 51. Mr. Adrian Monk- Monk 52. Lou Grant- Lou Grant/The Mary Tyler Moore Show 53. Shawn Spencer- Psych 54. “Lassie” Detective “Dipstick” Carlton Lassiter- Psych 55. Special Agent Jess LaCroix- FBI: Most Wanted/FBI (2018) 56. Jim Dial- Murphy Brown (1988) 57. Miles Silverberg- Murphy Brown (1988) 58. Paul Hennessy- 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter 59. Mr. Philip Drummond- Diff’rent Strokes 60. Eddie Sutton- Lincoln Heights 61. Mr. George Feeny- Boy Meets World 62. Mr. Charlie Moore- Head of the Class (1986) 63. Hayden Fox- Coach 64. Luther Van Dam- Coach 65. Dauber (Michael) Dybinski- Coach 66. Cigarette Smoking Man (CGB Spender)- The X-Files 67. Dan Mathews- Highway Patrol 68. Mr. Howard Cunningham- Happy Days 69. Robert Barone- Everybody Loves Raymond 70. Paul Buchman- Mad About You (1992) 71. Kevin Arnold- The Wonder Years (1988) 72. Cory Matthews- Boy Meets World 73. Arnold Jackson- Diff’rent Strokes 74. Chuck Fishman- Early Edition 75. Bobby Donnell- The Practice 76. Grandpa- The Waltons 77. Richard Gilmore- Gilmore Girls 78. Antonio Scarpacci- Wings 79. Lowell Mather- Wings 80. Les Nessman- WKRP in Cincinnati 81. Herman Munster- The Munsters 82. Grandpa- The Munsters 83. Deep Throat- The X-Files 84. Agent Duncan Carlisle- Hostages 85. Jonathan Smith- Highway to Heaven 86. Arnold Horshack- Welcome Back, Kotter 87. Vinnie Barbarino- Welcome Back, Kotter 88. Mork from Ork- Mork and Mindy/Happy Days 89. Dick Solomon- 3rd Rock from the Sun 90. Harry Solomon- 3rd Rock from the Sun 91. Mr. Lynn Belvedere- Mr. Belvedere 92. John Walton, Sr.- The Waltons 93. Stan Lansing- Murphy Brown (1988) 94. Malcolm Bright- Prodigal Son 95. Joe Hackett- Wings 96. Detective Bobby Goren- Law and Order: Criminal Intent 97. Detective Lennie Briscoe- Law and Order/Law and Order: Trial by Jury 98. Executive Assistant D.A. Jack McCoy- Law and Order 99. Mr. Giles French- Family Affair (1966) 100. Captain Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce- M*A*S*H 101. Detective Phil Fish- Barney Miller 102. Detective Nick Yemana- Barney Miller 103. Detective Arthur Dietrich- Barney Miller 104. Clayton Endicott III- Benson 105. Major Frank “Ferret Face” Burns- M*A*S*H 106. Major Charles Emerson Winchester III- M*A*S*H 107. Randy Taylor- Home Improvement 108. Tim the Tool Man Taylor- Home Improvement 109. Sheldon Cooper (Iain Armitage)- Young Sheldon 110. Prince Charming/David Nolan- Once Upon a Time 111. Sir Humphry Appleby- Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister 112. Mike Heck- The Middle 113. Jack Bartlett- Heartland 114. Henry Warnimont- Punky Brewster (1984) 115. Special Agent Danny Taylor- Without a Trace 116. Captain Merrill Stubing- The Love Boat 117. Captain Bobby Nash- 9-1-1 118. Bull Shannon- Night Court/My Two Dads 119. Judge Harry Stone- Night Court 120. Michael Taylor- My Two Dads 121. Joey Harris- My Two Dads 122. Toby Curtis- Scorpion 123. Sylvester Dodd- Scorpion 124. Agent Cabe Gallo- Scorpion 125. Neil Caffrey- White Collar 126. Peter Burke- White Collar 127. Angus MacGyver- MacGyver (1985) 128. Lincoln Rhyme- Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector 129. Sasha Beloff- Make It or Break It 130. Ben Stone- Manifest 131. John Byers- The Lone Gunmen/The X-Files 132. Ringo Langly- The Lone Gunmen/The X-Files 133. Marvin Frohike- The Lone Gunmen/The X-Files 134. Gomez Addams- The Addams Family 135. Dr. Jason Seaver- Growing Pains 136. George Baxter- Hazel 137. Freddie “Boom Boom” Washington- Welcome Back, Kotter 138. Juan Epstein- Welcome Back, Kotter 139. J. Martin Bellamy- Resurrection 140. Ty Borden- Heartland 141. Martin Bohm- Touch 142. Colonel John Camden- 7th Heaven 143. Special Agent Clinton Skye- FBI: Most Wanted 144. Andrew Lansing- Murphy Brown (1988) 145. Dr. John Sturgis- Young Sheldon 146. Brian Hackett- Wings 147. Opie Taylor- The Andy Griffith Show 148. Wesley Owens- Mr. Belvedere 149. Jake Bohm- Touch 150. Captain B.J. Hunnicutt- M*A*S*H 151. Lieutenant Louie Provenza- Major Crimes/The Closer 152. Jimmy Berluti- The Practice 153. Leonard Knox- For the People 154. Roger Gunn- For the People 155. Very Special Agent Anthony “Tony” Dinozzo- NCIS 156. Officer Jim Reed- Adam-12 157. Officer Pete Malloy- Adam-12 158. Alex Walker- Almost Paradise 159. Corporal Max Klinger- M*A*S*H 160. Gilligan- Gilligan’s Island 161. The Skipper (Jonas Grumby)- Gilligan’s Island 162. Bentley Gregg- Bachelor Father 163. Reverend Eric Camden- 7th Heaven 164. Andrew- Touched by an Angel 165. Cornelius Moss- Designated Survivor (ABC) 166. Uncle Arthur- Bewitched 167. Jerry Seinfeld- Seinfeld 168. Mr. J. Peterman- Seinfeld 169. Wally Cleaver- Leave it to Beaver 170. Willis Jackson- Diff’rent Strokes 171. Captain Barney Miller- Barney Miller 172. Detective Ron Harris- Barney Miller 173. Officer/Sergeant Jamie Reagan- Blue Bloods 174. Peter Tong- Bachelor Father 175. Jason- Atlantis 176. James Herriot- All Creatures Great and Small (2020) 177. Siegfried Farnon- All Creatures Great and Small (2020) 178. Matt Camden- 7th Heaven 179. Kevin Kinkirk- 7th Heaven 180. “Coach” Ernie Pantuzo- Cheers 181. Steven Keaton- Family Ties 182. Corporal Walter “Radar” O’Reilly- M*A*S*H 183. Anthony Abetemarco- Blue Bloods 184. George Costanza- Seinfeld 185. Eric Mardian- Head of the Class (1986) 186. Arvid Engen- Head of the Class (1986) 187. Dr. Milton Winter- Believe 188. Holden Matthews- Beyond 189. Detective Sergeant Chano Amenguale- Barney Miller 190. Mr. Jonathan Turner- Boy Meets World 191. Shawn Hunter- Boy Meets World 192. Senator Red Wheatus- BrainDead 193. Rusty Beck- Major Crimes/The Closer 194. Ira Buchman- Mad About You (1992) 195. Dr. Mark Devanow- Mad About You (1992) 196. Dr. Ducky (Donald) Mallard- NCIS/JAG 197. Larry, Daryl, and Daryl- Newhart/Coach 198. Dick Loudon- Newhart 199. Jim Rockford- The Rockford Files 200. Jack Arnold- The Wonder Years (1988) 201. Harold Baxter- Hazel 202. Richie Cunningham- Happy Days 203. Jason Walton- The Waltons 204. Keith Partridge- The Partridge Family 205. Steve Sloane- Diagnosis Murder 206. Dr. Jesse Travis- Diagnosis Murder 207. Seth Wright- Designated Survivor (ABC) 208. Henry Paget- Early Edition 209. Peter- Dispatches from Elsewhere 210. Fredwynn- Dispatches from Elsewhere 211. Mac Robinson- Night Court 212. Yakov Korolenko- Night Court 213. Nikolai Rostapovich- What a Country! 214. Chief John Sanders- Granite Flats 215. Max Sutton- Wind at my Back 216. Detective Michael Britten- Awake 217. Willie Tanner- ALF (1986) 218. Ethan West- Designated Survivor (ABC) 219. Agent Jerome Daggett- DAG 220. Max Medina- Gilmore Girls (2000) 221. Andy Travis- WKRP in Cincinnati 222. Venus Flytrap (Gordon Sims)- WKRP in Cincinnati 223. Newman- Seinfeld 224. Rabbi Richard Glass- 7th Heaven 225. Dr. Hank Hastings- 7th Heaven 226. Ward Cleaver- Leave it to Beaver 227. Eliot Spencer- Leverage (TNT) 228. Detective Ed Green- Law and Order 229. Detective Rey Curtis- Law and Order 230. Dr. Neal Melendez- The Good Doctor 231. Otis Campbell- The Andy Griffith Show 232. Beaver (Theodore) Cleaver- Leave it to Beaver 233. Timmy Cleary- The Kids Are Alright 234. William Cleary- The Kids Are Alright 235. Bartender Isaac Washington- The Love Boat 236. Murray Slaughter- The Mary Tyler Moore Show 237. Ted Baxter- The Mary Tyler Moore Show 238. Tag Spence- The Middle 239. Jack Benny- The Jack Benny Program 240. Rochester Van Jones- The Jack Benny Program 241. Tommy Solomon- 3rd Rock from the Sun 242. Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid- Criminal Minds 243. Mr. Quentin Morloch- Fame 244. Leroy Johnson- Fame 245. Supervising Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs- NCIS/JAG 246. Sergeant Hondo (Daniel) Harrelson- S.W.A.T. (2017) 247. Commander Will Riker- Star Trek: the Next Generation 248. Dr. Julian Bashir- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 249. Sergeant Deacon (David) Kay- S.W.A.T. (2017) 250. Lieutenant Geordi LaForge- Star Trek: the Next Generation 251. Lieutenant Worf- Star Trek: the Next Generation/Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 252. Grand Nagus Zek- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 253. Quark- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 254. Jody Patterson-Davis- Family Affair (1966) 255. Kramer Daly- Hostages 256. Wilson Wilson- Home Improvement 257. Ron Turk- Justice 258. Sonny Mann- It’s a Living 259. Brad Taylor- Home Improvement 260. Al Borland- Home Improvement 261. Simon Moon- Frasier (1993) 262. Judge Nicholas Byrne- For the People 263. Arthur Milligan- Granite Flats 264. Oliver Douglas- Green Acres 265. Hank Kimball- Green Acres 266. Gus Witherspoon- Our House 267. Jafar- Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 268. Carl Winslow- Family Matters 269. Waldo Geraldo Faldo- Family Matters 270. Luke Danes- Gilmore Girls (2000) 271. The Professor (Roy Hinkley, Jr.)- Gilligan’s Island 272. Sam Drucker- Green Acres/Petticoat Junction 273. Captain/Major Roger Healey- I Dream of Jeannie 274. Mike Seaver- Growing Pains 275. Luke Brower- Growing Pains 276. Ed Malone- Growing Pains 277. Herb Tarlek- WKRP in Cincinnati 278. Roy Biggins- Wings 279. Mr. Eustace Haney- Green Acres 280. Dennis Blunden- Head of the Class (1986) 281. Hubert “Hub” Bailey- Wind at my Back 282. Timmy Sanders- Granite Flats 283. Special Agent Martin Fitzgerald- Without a Trace 284. Lieutenant Tuvok- Star Trek: Voyager 285. Commander Chakotay- Star Trek: Voyager 286. Officer Bill Gannon- Dragnet 287. Minister/Prime Minister James Hacker- Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister 288. Georgie Cooper, Jr.- Young Sheldon 289. Dr. Jack Stewart- Diagnosis Murder 290. Q- Star Trek: the Next Generation/Star Trek: Voyager/Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 291. Will Girardi- Joan of Arcadia 292. Mark Gordon- Highway to Heaven 293. Deputy Commissioner Garrett Moore- Blue Bloods 294. Frank Fontana- Murphy Brown (1988) 295. Miller Redfield- Murphy Brown (1988) 296. Sergeant Carter- Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. 297. Scott Cardinal- Heartland 298. Ernest T. Bass- The Andy Griffith Show 299. Jed Clampett- The Beverly Hillbillies 300. Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons)- The Big Bang Theory 301. Jackie Chiles- Seinfeld 302. Morty Seinfeld (Barney Martin)- Seinfeld 303. Richard Castle- Castle 304. George Owens- Mr. Belvedere 305. Captain Trapper John McIntyre- M*A*S*H 306. Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake- M*A*S*H 307. Alan Matthews- Boy Meets World 308. Executive Assistant D.A. Ben Stone- Law and Order 309. Reverend Matthew Fordwick- The Waltons 310. Eugene Young- The Practice 311. Maxwell Sheffield- The Nanny 312. Niles- The Nanny 313. Assistant Director Walter Skinner- The X-Files 314. Rufus Carlin- Timeless 315. Tony Micelli- Who’s the Boss? 316. Mozzie- White Collar 317. Patrick Jane- The Mentalist 318. Oscar Leroy- Corner Gas 319. D.A. Arthur Branch- Law and Order/Law and Order: Trial by Jury 320. William Tate- Believe 321. Detective Stan “Wojo” Wojciehowicz- Barney Miller 322. Brian Finch- Limitless 323. Charles- Lincoln Heights 324. Brody “Baby Face” Nelson- CSI: Cyber 325. Daniel Krumitz- CSI: Cyber 326. Mr. Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries- Are You Being Served? 327. Hercules- Atlantis 328. Jason Atwood- Designated Survivor (ABC) 329. Aaron Shore- Designated Survivor (ABC) 330. Octavio Coleman- Dispatches from Elsewhere 331. Mr. Bob Dyrenforth- Fame 332. Agent Omar Adom “OA” Zidan- FBI (2018) 333. Frank Barone- Everybody Loves Raymond 334. Lieutenant Michael Tao- Major Crimes/The Closer 335. Tyler Hudson- Matlock 336. Captain Leland Stottlemeyer- Monk 337. Dr. Charles Kroger- Monk 338. Fred McConnell- Mork and Mindy 339. Uncle Bill Davis- Family Affair (1966) 340. Captain Stephen Peacock- Are You Being Served? 341. Henry Reagan- Blue Bloods 342. Abner Kravitz- Bewitched 343. Pete Downey- Benson 344. Cal Stone- Manifest 345. Brian Sanders- Hostages 346. Jake Sanders- Hostages 347. Jimmy Chance- Raising Hope 348. Burt Chance- Raising Hope 349. Ralph Dineen- Scorpion 350. Russell Greene- Promised Land/Touched by an Angel 351. Dave Johnson- The Neighborhood 352. Calvin Butler- The Neighborhood 353. Mitch Clarke- Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 354. Norm Peterson- Cheers/Wings/Frasier (1993) 355. Frederick Crane- Frasier (1993) 356. Woody Boyd- Cheers/Frasier (1993) 357. Jethro Bodine- The Beverly Hillbillies 358. Ricky Stratton- Silver Spoons 359. John Kennish- Switched at Birth 360. Travis Barnes- Switched at Birth 361. Lurch- The Addams Family (1964) 362. Tom Corbett- The Courtship of Eddie’s Father 363. Eddie Corbett- The Courtship of Eddie’s Father 364. Gideon Reeves- APB 365. George Cooper, Sr.- Young Sheldon 366. Stuart Best- Murphy Brown (1988) 367. Alvin Masterson- The Guardian 368. Dr. Adam Bricker- The Love Boat 369. Purser Gopher Smith- The Love Boat 370. David Bellows- Life with Bonnie 371. Eddie Haskell- Leave it to Beaver 372. Joe- Last Man Standing 373. Taylor Sutton- Lincoln Heights 374. Jim Powell- No Ordinary Family 375. Martin Whitly “The Surgeon”- Prodigal Son 376. Dr. Roman Skouras- Believe 377. Yellow Jacket- Beyond 378. Dr. Dayton King- No Ordinary Family 379. Simon Camden- 7th Heaven 380. Michel Girard- Gilmore Girls (2000) 381. Dean Forester- Gilmore Girls (2000) 382. Taylor Doose- Gilmore Girls (2000) 383. Kirk Gleason- Gilmore Girls (2000) 384. Professor Stanfield Hargraves- Granite Flats 385. King Richard- Galavant 386. Prince Galavant- Galavant 387. Ozzie Nelson- The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet 388. Burt Buchman- Mad About You (1992) 389. George Turner- 800 Words 390. Mr. Eli Williams- Boy Meets World 391. Captain Roy Montgomery- Castle 392. Stuart Minkus- Boy Meets World 393. Frankie Stechino, Jr.- Boy Meets World 394. Joey the Rat Epstein- Boy Meets World 395. Harley Keiner- Boy Meets World 396. A.D.A. Peter Stone- Chicago Justice 397. Nog- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 398. Jake Sisko- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 399. Marty Butler- The Neighborhood 400. Malcolm Butler- The Neighborhood 401. Jim-Bob Walton- The Waltons 402. Eddie Munster- The Munsters 403. Ben Walton- The Waltons 404. Latka Gravas- Taxi 405. Dr. Bob Hartley- The Bob Newhart Show 406. Al (Awalmir)- United States of Al 407. Adam Burns- Man With a Plan 408. Kevin Owens- Mr. Belvedere 409. Father Francis Mulcahy (William Christopher)- M*A*S*H 410. Colonel Flagg- M*A*S*H 411. Kirk Devane- Newhart 412. Buddy Ryan- Night Court 413. Mr. Harry Bentley- The Jeffersons 414. Felix Unger- The Odd Couple (1970) 415. Oscar Madison- The Odd Couple (1970) 416. Howard Borden- The Bob Newhart Show 417. Alex Rieger- Taxi 418. Louie De Palma- Taxi 419. Sam Malone- Cheers/Frasier (1993) 420. Cliff Clavin- Cheers/Wings/Frasier (1993) 421. Hank MacDougall- Everybody Loves Raymond 422. Ezekiel “Easy” Boudreau- Proven Innocent 423. Gore Bellows- Proven Innocent 424. Mike Fulton- Punky Brewster (1984) 425. Jacob Langston- Resurrection 426. Henry Langston- Resurrection 427. Henry Spencer- Psych 428. Henry Mills (Jared Gilmore)- Once Upon a Time 429. Wilson West- 7th Heaven 430. Ray DiMeo- Speechless 431. Quizmaster Albert- Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996) 432. Brock Hart- Reba 433. Kevin Finn- Kevin (Probably) Saves the World 434. Mr. Gabe Kotter- Welcome Back, Kotter 435. Henry Rush- Too Close for Comfort 436. A.D.A. Ron Carver- Law and Order: Criminal Intent 437. Larry Mondello- Leave it to Beaver 438. Fred Rutherford- Leave it to Beaver 439. George Burns- The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show 440. Julian Cruz- Rebel 441. Dr. Jimmy Palmer- NCIS 442. David Witherspoon- Our House 443. Chief Jack Mannion- The District 444. Buddy Sorrell- The Dick Van Dyke Show 445. Mel Cooley- The Dick Van Dyke Show 446. Sergeant Sid Gormley- Blue Bloods 447. Jeff Foxworthy- The Jeff Foxworthy Show 448. Mike Cleary- The Kids Are Alright 449. Joey Cleary- The Kids Are Alright 450. Mr. Bickley- Mork and Mindy 461. Art Hibke- Coach 452. Darrin- The Middle 453. Dr. Fulton- The Middle 454. Dr. Ted Goodwin- The Middle 455. Matt Foxworthy- The Jeff Foxworthy Show 456. Danny Amatullo- Fame 457. Frank Costanza- Seinfeld 458. George Steinbrenner- Seinfeld 459. Robbie Palmer- 7th Heaven 460. Howard Burleigh- Coach 461. Dr. Shaun Murphy- The Good Doctor 462. Mr. Thurston Howell III- Gilligan’s Island 463. Edward Stratton III- Silver Spoons 464. Luther Gaines- Justice 465. President Paul Kincaid- Hostages 466. Dr. Harold Samuels- Head of the Class (1986) 467. Potsie (Warren) Weber- Happy Days 468. Ralph Malph- Happy Days 469. Kevin Girardi- Joan of Arcadia 470. Senator Luke Healy- BrainDead 471. Special Agent Ken Crosby- FBI: Most Wanted 472. Uncle Joe Carson- Petticoat Junction 473. Hank Yarbo- Corner Gas 474. Zeke Landon- Manifest 475. Lieutenant Randy Disher- Monk 476. Charlie- The Cool Kids 477. Uncle Fester- The Addams Family (1964) 478. Donald Hollinger- That Girl 479. Howard “Chimney” Han- 9-1-1 480. Mr. Dick Lucas- Are You Being Served? 481. Elim Garak- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 482. Dr. Cliff (Heathcliff) Huxtable- The Cosby Show/A Different World 483. Theo Huxtable- The Cosby Show/A Different World 484. Assistant Chief Will Pope- The Closer 485. Mel Fisher- Growing Up Fisher 486. Axl Heck- The Middle 487. Fred- Abby’s 488. Pythagoras- Atlantis 489. Patrick Quinn- Early Edition 490. Wade Swoboda- Grace Under Fire 491. Quentin Kelly- Grace Under Fire 492. Richard Jewell- Manhunt: Deadly Games 493. Dr. Garret Macy- Crossing Jordan 494. Toby Logan- The Listener 495. Toby Kennish- Switched at Birth 496. Dave Rygalski- Gilmore Girls (2000) 497. Mickey Abbott- Seinfeld 498. Uncle Leo- Seinfeld 499. Peter Petrowski- 7th Heaven 500. Grandpa Charles Jackson- 7th Heaven 501. Ralph Hinkley- The Greatest American Hero 502. Van Montgomery- Reba 503. Eb Dawson- Green Acres/Petticoat Junction 504. Sean Reagan- Blue Bloods 505. Leonard Hofstadter- The Big Bang Theory 506. Chief Miles O’Brien- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Star Trek: the Next Generation 507. Briscoe Darling- The Andy Griffith Show 508. Jimmy DiMeo- Speechless 509. Kenneth- Speechless 510. Javier- Broke 511. Tom Bradford, Sr.- Eight is Enough 512. Jeb Denton- Less Than Perfect 513. Lumpy (Clarence) Rutherford- Leave it to Beaver 514. Skippy (Irwin) Handleman- Family Ties 515. Henry Fisher- Growing Up Fisher 516. Nick Fallin- The Guardian 517. Horst Kleinsasser- Big Sky 518. Dr. Curt Willard (Tom Bower)- The Waltons 519. D.A. Adam Schiff- Law and Order 520. Will Butler- Less than Perfect 521. C.P.O. Otto Sharkey- C.P.O. Sharkey 522. Dr. John Lee- Awake 523. Detective Isaiah “Bird” Freeman- Awake 524. Drew Dunbar (Thomas Middleditch)- B Positive 525. Tristan Farnon- All Creatures Great and Small (2020) 526. Dwayne Wayne- A Different World 527. Officer Don Orville- 3rd Rock from the Sun 528. Floyd Norton- Grace Under Fire 529. Hank- The Cool Kids 530. Mr. Vernon Gaines- A Different World

Top 530 Female Characters
1. Amy Fleming Borden- Heartland 2. Helen Chapel Hackett- Wings 3. Lucy Ricardo- I Love Lucy/The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour 4. Julie Miller- Fame 5. Monica- Touched by an Angel 6. Detective Jane Rizzoli- Rizzoli and Isles 7. Parker- Leverage (TNT) 8. Agent Hannah Wells- Designated Survivor (ABC) 9. Miss Gretchen Kraus- Benson 10. Fay Evelyn Schlob Cochran- Wings 11. Miss Lydia Grant- Fame 12. Blair Warner- The Facts of Life 13. Rory Gilmore- Gilmore Girls (2000) 14. Olivia Walton (Michael Learned)- The Waltons 15. Lieutenant Jadzia Dax- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 16. Daphne Moon Crane- Frasier (1993) 17. Roz Doyle- Frasier (1993) 18. Special Agent Dana Scully- The X-Files 19. Marissa Clark- Early Edition 20. Simone Foster- Head of the Class (1986) 21. Georgie Fleming-Morris- Heartland 22. Sophie Deveraux- Leverage (TNT) 23. Happy Quinn- Scorpion 24. Dr. Ellen Sanders- Hostages 25. Jeannie- I Dream of Jeannie 26. Samantha Stephens- Bewitched 27. Amy Tompkins- It’s a Living 28. Ethel Mertz- I Love Lucy/The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour 29. Sandra Bell- For the People 30. Kaylie Cruz- Make It or Break It 31. Michaela Stone- Manifest 32. Nicole Bradford- My Two Dads 33. Whitley Gilbert- A Different World 34. Mallory Keaton- Family Ties 35. Punky Brewster- Punky Brewster (1984) 36. The Evil Queen/Regina Mills- Once Upon a Time 37. Officer Eddie Jenko Reagan- Blue Bloods 38. Jamie Buchman- Mad About You (1992) 39. Captain/Commander Sharon Raydor- Major Crimes/The Closer 40. Bo Adams- Believe 41. Kim Keeler- Make It or Break It 42. Payson Keeler- Make It or Break It 43. Erica Paget- Early Edition 44. Frankie (Frances) Heck- The Middle 45. Alice (Sophie Lowe)- Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 46. Emma Swan- Once Upon a Time 47. Bailey Quarters- WKRP in Cincinnati 48. Wanda Dollard- Corner Gas 49. Karen Pelly- Corner Gas 50. Christine Armstrong- Coach 51. Seven of Nine- Star Trek: Voyager 52. Captain Kathryn Janeway- Star Trek: Voyager 53. Mrs. Edna Garrett- The Facts of Life/Diff’rent Strokes 54. Jill Taylor- Home Improvement 55. Topanga Lawrence- Boy Meets World 56. Bay Kennish- Switched at Birth 57. Regina Vasquez- Switched at Birth 58. Lorelai Gilmore- Gilmore Girls (2000) 59. Emily Gilmore- Gilmore Girls (2000) 60. Special Agent Samantha (Sam) Spade- Without a Trace 61. Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan- M*A*S*H 62. Jennifer Marlowe- WKRP in Cincinnati 63. Granny Moses- The Beverly Hillbillies 64. Kate Bradley- Petticoat Junction 65. Betty Jo Bradley Elliott- Petticoat Junction 66. Endora- Bewitched 67. Aunt Clara- Bewitched 68. Lucy Camden Kinkirk- 7th Heaven 69. Elaine Benes- Seinfeld 70. A.D.A. Erin Reagan- Blue Bloods 71. Ainsley Whitly- Prodigal Son 72. Speaker Kimble Hookstraten- Designated Survivor (ABC) 73. Missy Cooper- Young Sheldon 74. Joanie Cunningham- Happy Days 75. Mrs. Marion Cunningham- Happy Days 76. Heather Owens- Mr. Belvedere 77. Corky Sherwood (Forest)- Murphy Brown (1988) 78. Cheyenne Montgomery- Reba 79. Joanna Loudon- Newhart 80. Special Agent Ellie (Eleanor) Bishop- NCIS 81. Lacey Burrows- Corner Gas 82. Cissy Patterson-Davis- Family Affair (1966) 83. Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard- Once Upon a Time 84. Ann Marie- That Girl 85. Sybil Fawlty- Fawlty Towers 86. Annie Camden- 7th Heaven 87. Miss Christy Huddleston (Kellie Martin)- Christy 88. Kay Carter-Shepley- Murphy Brown (1988) 89. Mary Richards- The Mary Tyler Moore Show 90. Laura Petrie- The Dick Van Dyke Show 91. Natalie Teeger- Monk 92. Patty Lane- The Patty Duke Show 93. Lily Munster- The Munsters 94. Dylan DiMeo- Speechless 95. Megan Smith- Privileged 96. Marie Barone- Everybody Loves Raymond 97. Reba Hart- Reba 98. Paris Gellar- Gilmore Girls (2000) 99. Wicked Witch of the West/Zelena- Once Upon a Time 100. Sabrina Spellman- Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996) 101. Aunt Bee Taylor- The Andy Griffith Show 102. Carmen Lopez- George Lopez 103. Dr. Lilith Sternin-Crane- Cheers/Frasier (1993)/Wings 104. Elizabeth Walton- The Waltons 105. Erin Walton- The Waltons 106. Grandma- The Waltons 107. Tess- Touched by an Angel 108. Kyra Hart- Reba 109. Winnie Cooper- The Wonder Years (1988) 110. Sue Sue Heck- The Middle 111. Cathy Lane- The Patty Duke Show 112. Dr. Maura Isles- Rizzoli and Isles 113. Aunt Hilda Spellman- Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996) 114. Aunt Zelda Spellman- Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996) 115. First Lady Alex Kirkman- Designated Survivor (ABC) 116. Piper Evans- Emergence 117. Janice Foster- Dispatches from Elsewhere 118. Madeline Andrews- Granite Flats 119. Dr. Mary Albright- 3rd Rock from the Sun 120. Cheyenne Kleinsasser- Big Sky 121. Grace Sullivan- Big Sky 122. Mary Ann Summers- Gilligan’s Island 123. Elaine Nardo- Taxi 124. Diane Chambers- Cheers/Frasier (1993) 125. Laurie Partridge- The Partridge Family 126. Shirley Partridge- The Partridge Family 127. Hazel Burke- Hazel 128. Louise “Weezie” Jefferson- The Jeffersons 129. Florence Johnston- The Jeffersons 130. First Lady Judith Whitman- DAG 131. Gladys Kravitz (Alice Pearce)- Bewitched 132. Nicole Chapman- Fame 133. Ellen Reed- Family Ties 134. Jennifer Keaton- Family Ties 135. Coco Hernandez- Fame 136. Daphne Vasquez- Switched at Birth 137. Annie “Rebel” Bello- Rebel 138. Miss Elizabeth Sherwood- Fame 139. Counselor Deanna Troi- Star Trek: the Next Generation 140. Gracie Allen- The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show 141. Katie Gatling- Benson 142. Marcy Hill- Benson 143. Joan Girardi- Joan of Arcadia 144. Sally Solomon- 3rd Rock from the Sun 145. Carol Seaver- Growing Pains 146. Maggie Malone Seaver- Growing Pains 147. Kimberly Drummond- Diff’rent Strokes 148. Jo Polniaczek- The Facts of Life 149. Sue Ann Weaver- The Facts of Life 150. Hope Shanowski- Hope and Faith 151. Faith Fairfield- Hope and Faith 152. Eve Baxter- Last Man Standing 153. Six LeMeure- Blossom 154. A.D.A. Helen Gamble- The Practice 155. Ellenor Frutt- The Practice 156. Christine Sullivan- Night Court 157. Leslie Vanderkellen- Newhart 158. Stephanie Vanderkellen- Newhart 159. Helen Girardi- Joan of Arcadia 160. Miss Shirley Brahms- Are You Being Served? 161. Betty Spencer- Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em 162. Morticia Addams- The Addams Family (1964) 163. Emma Leroy- Corner Gas 164. Lisa Stemple- Mad About You (1992) 165. Mindy McConnell- Mork and Mindy 166. Jill Munroe- Charlie’s Angels (1976) 167. Detective Kate Beckett- Castle 168. Detective Maria Baez- Blue Bloods 169. Gina Dabrowski- B Positive 170. Emily Rhodes- Designated Survivor (ABC) 171. Shay Turner- 800 Words 172. Kerry Hennessy- 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter 173. Lou Fleming (Morris)- Heartland 174. Lisa Douglas- Green Acres 175. A.D.A. Abbie Carmichael- Law and Order 176. Morgan Sanders- Hostages 177. Sandrine Renault- Hostages 178. Laverne DeFazio- Laverne and Shirley/Happy Days 179. Shirley Feeny- Laverne and Shirley/Happy Days 180. Olive Stone- Manifest 181. Judge Margaret Wilbur- My Two Dads/Night Court 182. Angela Rizzoli- Rizzoli and Isles 183. Ellie Walker- The Andy Griffith Show 184. Samantha Micelli- Who’s the Boss? 185. Emily Kmetko- Make It or Break It 186. Murphy Brown- Murphy Brown (1988) 187. Mary Camden- 7th Heaven 188. Paige Dineen- Scorpion 189. Cat Chambers- Reef Break 190. Special Agent Maggie Bell- FBI (2018) 191. Mary Cooper- Young Sheldon 192. Connie “Meemaw” Tucker- Young Sheldon 193. Special Agent Vivian Johnson- Without a Trace 194. Elizabeth- Broke 195. Cindy Brunson Walton- The Waltons 196. Mary Ellen Walton Willard- The Waltons 197. Helen Seinfeld- Seinfeld 198. Sylvia Buchman- Mad About You (1992) 199. Harriette Winslow (Jo Marie Payton)- Family Matters 200. Debra Barone- Everybody Loves Raymond 201. Elyse Keaton- Family Ties 202. Buffy Patterson-Davis- Family Affair (1966) 203. Hayley Shanowski- Hope and Faith 204. Rose Baker- Privileged 205. Jessica Whitly- Prodigal Son 206. Fran Devanow- Mad About You (1992) 207. Cassie Sutton- Lincoln Heights 208. Jennifer Sutton- Lincoln Heights 209. A.D.A. Tracey Kibre- Law and Order: Trial by Jury 210. Kelly Gregg- Bachelor Father 211. Amy Matthews- Boy Meets World 212. Shirley Burleigh- Coach 213. Doris Sherman- Coach 214. Special Agent Hana Gibson- FBI: Most Wanted 215. Jill Carlan- For the People 216. Virginia Chance- Raising Hope 217. Detective Juliet “Jules” O’Hara- Psych 218. Nancy Beebe- It’s a Living 219. Dot Higgins- It’s a Living 220. Theresa Stemple (Carol Burnett)- Mad About You (1992) 221. Vicki Stubing- The Love Boat 222. Sally Rogers- The Dick Van Dyke Show 223. Natalie Green- The Facts of Life 224. Cruise Director Julie McCoy- The Love Boat 225. Fran Fine- The Nanny 226. Grace Sheffield- The Nanny 227. Gemma Johnson- The Neighborhood 228. Tina Butler- The Neighborhood 229. Kris Witherspoon- Our House 230. Jesse Witherspoon- Our House 231. Honey Bailey- Wind at my Back 232. Grace Bailey- Wind at my Back 233. May Bailey- Wind at my Back 234. Elly May Clampett- The Beverly Hillbillies 235. Libby Kelly- Grace Under Fire 236. Detective Athena Grant- 9-1-1 237. Allison McLean- Ties That Bind 238. Sarah Nevins- Head of the Class (1986) 239. Janice Lazarotto- Head of the Class (1986) 240. Lux Cassidy- Life Unexpected 241. Lizzie Sutton- Lincoln Heights 242. Special Agent Ziva David- NCIS 243. Tamera Campbell- Sister, Sister 244. Tia Landry- Sister, Sister 245. Major/Colonel Nerys Kira- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 246. Karen Arnold- The Wonder Years (1988) 247. June Cleaver- Leave it to Beaver 248. Dorothy Baxter- Hazel 249. Lucy Carmichael- The Lucy Show 250. Adelaide Brubaker- Diff’rent Strokes 251. Marilyn Munster- The Munsters 252. Pat Spence- The Middle 253. Dr. Claire Browne- The Good Doctor 254. Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson- The Closer 255. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth “Betty” Slocumbe- Are You Being Served? 256. Amy MacDougall Barone- Everybody Loves Raymond 257. Kate Wallis- Cruel Summer 258. Jeanette Turner- Cruel Summer 259. Lena James- A Different World 260. Wednesday Addams- The Addams Family (1964) 261. Dr. Beverly Crusher- Star Trek: the Next Generation 262. Guinan- Star Trek: the Next Generation 263. Penny- The Big Bang Theory 264. Ruby Gallagher- Ruby and the Rockits 265. Shannon- Fam 266. Dana- According to Jim 267. Polly Sherman- Fawlty Towers 268. Benny Lopez- George Lopez 269. Carla Tortelli- Cheers/Frasier (1993) 270. Jean Kelly- Grace Under Fire 271. Melody Bledsoe- Switched at Birth 272. Ginger Grant- Gilligan’s Island 273. Rebecca Washington- The Practice 274. Rudy Huxtable- The Cosby Show/A Different World 275. Mrs. Claire Huxtable- The Cosby Show/A Different World 276. Raven Ramirez- CSI: Cyber 277. Cate Hennessy- 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter 278. Dr. Amanda Bentley (Livingston)- Diagnosis Murder 279. Lois Hobson- Early Edition 280. Harriet Nelson- The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet 281. Nicole Bennett- Outmatched 282. Willa Frost- Beyond 283. Charlie (Charlene) Singer- Beyond 284. Jenny Hoyt- Big Sky 285. Cassie Dewell- Big Sky 286. Denise Stevens Downey- Benson 287. Becky Slater- The Wonder Years (1988) 288. Beth Milligan- Granite Flats 289. Lana Wagner- Night Court 290. Quon Le Robinson- Night Court 291. Selma Hacker- Night Court 292. Roz Russell- Night Court 293. Viki Amory- Head of the Class (1986) 294. Lillian Patterson- Home Improvement 295. Serena- Bewitched 296. Pamela Davidson-Hinkley- The Greatest American Hero 297. Special Agent in Charge Dana Mosier- FBI (2018) 298. Mrs. Betty Johnson- Punky Brewster (1984) 299. Belle- Once Upon a Time 300. Laurel Healy- BrainDead 301. Hazel- United States of Al 302. Jackie Rush- Too Close for Comfort 303. Sara Rush- Too Close for Comfort 304. Ariadne- Atlantis 305. Marie Falco- Angie 306. Theresa Falco- Angie 307. Tina Krissman- For the People 308. Laura Winslow- Family Matters 309. Grandma Winslow- Family Matters 310. Blossom Russo- Blossom 311. Maris Crane- Frasier (1993) 312. Rhonda Blake- The Greatest American Hero 313. Mother Olivia Jefferson- The Jeffersons 314. Gertrude Moon- Frasier (1993) 315. Ziggie Bello- Rebel 316. Janice Channing- Believe 317. Margaret- The Cool Kids 318. Hyacinth Bucket (Bouquet!)- Keeping Up Appearances 319. Maddie Kendall- 9-1-1 320. Ariel- Once Upon a Time 321. Cora Mills- Once Upon a Time/Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 322. Lucy Preston- Timeless 323. Jiya- Timeless 324. Helen Alderson- All Creatures Great and Small (2020) 325. Cheryl- According to Jim 326. Jenny Alderson- All Creatures Great and Small (2020) 327. Tabitha Stephens- Bewitched 328. Emily Hartley- The Bob Newhart Show 329. Charlene Matlock (Linda Purl)- Matlock 330. Summer Van Horne- Make It or Break It 331. Maggie Lauten- A Different World 332. Denise Huxtable- A Different World/The Cosby Show 333. Avery Ryan- CSI: Cyber 334. Grace Kelly- Grace Under Fire 335. Sookie St. James- Gilmore Girls (2000) 336. Gidget (Frances) Lawrence (Sally Field)- Gidget 337. Lucille Langston- Resurrection 338. Rachael Braidwood- Resurrection 339. Estelle Costanza- Seinfeld 340. Jenny Kelley- Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996) 341. Valerie Birckhead- Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996) 342. Peggy Cleary- The Kids Are Alright 343. Lindsay McNamara- 800 Words 344. Poppy Kelly- 800 Words 345. Maggie Sheffield- The Nanny 346. Nancy Donahue- The Middle 347. Vivian Bagley- The Lucy Show 348. Lieutenant Harper Li- The Code 349. Claude Casey- Less Than Perfect 350. Kendra Daynes- Designated Survivor (ABC) 351. Ginger Chin- DAG 352. Daphne Powell- No Ordinary Family 353. Tootie (Dorothy) Ramsey- The Facts of Life 354. Julie Teeger- Monk 355. Grandma Cora Hudson- Mork and Mindy 356. Holly Laird- Fame 357. Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille- FBI (2018)/FBI: Most Wanted 358. Elizabeth Burke- White Collar 359. Mona Robinson- Who’s the Boss? 360. Director Jenny Shephard- NCIS 361. Cindy- The Middle 362. Lexie Brooks- The Middle 363. First Lady Mary Kincaid- Hostages 364. Angie Lopez- George Lopez 365. Babette Dell- Gilmore Girls (2000) 366. Mrs. Kim- Gilmore Girls (2000) 367. Sherry Dempsey- Frasier (1993) 368. Sawyer Carlisle- Hostages 369. Nina Carlisle- Hostages 370. A.D.A. Serena Southerlyn- Law and Order 371. Mandy Baxter (Molly Ephraim)- Last Man Standing 372. Florence Kleiner- Night Court 373. Casey McMurtry- Heartland 374. Maria Borges- Head of the Class (1986) 375. Darlene Merriman- Head of the Class (1986) 376. Detective Theresa Murphy- APB 377. Ada Hamilton- APB 378. Jo Evans- Emergence 379. Judge Lola Carmichael- All Rise 380. Pasiphae- Atlantis 381. Bebe Glazer- Frasier (1993) 382. Maggie Conway- Mad About You (1992) 383. Joan Short- Life in Pieces 384. Heather Short Hughes- Life in Pieces 385. Sophia Hughes- Life in Pieces 386. Dr. Devan Maguire- Crossing Jordan 387. Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh- Crossing Jordan 388. A.D.A. Claire Kincaid- Law and Order 389. Ginger St. James- It’s a Living 390. Vanessa Huxtable- The Cosby Show/A Different World 391. Alden Tuller- Justice 392. Rosalie Totzie- Welcome Back, Kotter 393. Elizabeth Bradford- Eight is Enough 394. Susan Bradford Stockwell- Eight is Enough 395. Nancy Bradford- Eight is Enough 396. Joan Bradford, Sr.- Eight is Enough 397. Lieutenant Anita Van Buren- Law and Order 398. Detective Alexandra Eames- Law and Order: Criminal Intent 399. Mrs. Livingston- The Courtship of Eddie’s Father 400. Grace Stone- Manifest 401. Raquel Ochmonek- ALF (1986) 402. Mrs. Hall- All Creatures Great and Small (2020) 403. Jeannie’s Sister- I Dream of Jeannie 404. Claudia Salinger- Party of Five (1994) 405. Val (Valentina) Acosta- Party of Five (2020) 406. Sabrina- Raising Hope 407. Maw Maw- Raising Hope 408. Naomi Wildman- Star Trek: Voyager 409. Deena Stewart- 7th Heaven 410. Ruthie Camden- 7th Heaven 411. Heather King- 7th Heaven 412. Mrs. Berg- Fame 413. Blanche Morton- The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show 414. Alexis Castle- Castle 415. Martha Rodgers- Castle 416. Judy Watkins- Coach 417. Mrs. Rizzendough- Coach 418. Maxine Carlson- Ransom 419. Katie Clarke- Life is Wild 420. Ilene Markham- Home Improvement 421. Stephanie Powell- No Ordinary Family 422. Molly Witherspoon- Our House 423. Pat MacDougall- Everybody Loves Raymond 424. Lynn Tanner- ALF (1986) 425. Amanda- Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996) 426. Tracey Dennis- 800 Words 427. Katie Bell- 800 Words 428. Sarah Glass Camden- 7th Heaven 429. Rosina Glass- 7th Heaven 430. Keiko O’Brien- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Star Trek: the Next Generation 431. Carol Kester Bondurant- The Bob Newhart Show 432. Mrs. Lovey Howell- Gilligan’s Island 433. Sharona Fleming- Monk 434. May Grant- 9-1-1 435. Special Agent Kate Todd- NCIS 436. Emily Fornell- NCIS 437. Mama Lillian Carlson (Carol Bruce)- WKRP in Cincinnati 438. Anastasia- the Red Queen- Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 439. Dr. Susan Andrews- Granite Flats 440. Bobby Jo Bradley- Petticoat Junction 441. Billie Jo Bradley- Petticoat Junction 442. Roxanne Richardson- 7th Heaven 443. Margaret Langston- Resurrection 444. Gracie- According to Jim 445. Maria Conchita Lopez- What a Country! 446. Yung Hi- What a Country! 447. Angela Bower- Who’s the Boss? 448. Marsha Owens- Mr. Belvedere 449. Danielle Sullivan- Big Sky 450. Merilee Legarski- Big Sky 451. Ruby Mae Morrison (Emily Schulman)- Christy 452. Alice Henderson (Tyne Daly)- Christy 453. Caroline Duffy- Caroline in the City 454. Kelly Fox- Coach 455. Princess Isabella- Galavant 456. Sydney Shanowski- Hope and Faith 457. Reese Cabrera- Kevin (Probably) Saves the World 458. Kristin Baxter (Alexandra Krosney)- Last Man Standing 459. Meredith Davis- 7th Heaven 460. Julie Camden Hastings- 7th Heaven 461. Captain Jessica Cortez- S.W.A.T. (2017) 462. Lieutenant Tasha Yar- Star Trek: the Next Generation 463. Helen Crump- The Andy Griffith Show 464. Thelma Lou- The Andy Griffith Show 465. Juliet “Jules” Shade- Private Eyes 466. Tali LaCroix- FBI: Most Wanted/FBI (2018) 467. Samantha Hughes- Life in Pieces 468. Sage Lund- Lincoln Heights 469. Joan- Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 470. Margaret Scully- The X-Files 471. Laurel Limoges- Privileged 472. Maya DiMeo- Speechless 473. Chloe Kmetko- Make It or Break It 474. Kelly Parker- Make It or Break It 475. Captain Maya Dobbins- The Code 476. Colonel Glenn Turnbull- The Code 477. Karen Foxworthy (Anita Barone)- The Jeff Foxworthy Show 478. Inspector General Kelly Peterson- Blue Bloods 479. Nicky Reagan-Boyle- Blue Bloods 480. Bernice Fish (Florence Stanley)- Barney Miller 481. April Nardini- Gilmore Girls (2000) 482. Lettie Bostic- A Different World 483. Special Agent Emily Prentiss- Criminal Minds 484. Special Agent JJ Jareau- Criminal Minds 485. Penelope Garcia- Criminal Minds 486. Abby Sciuto- NCIS 487. Bonnie Molloy- Life with Bonnie 488. Kelly Gaines Boyd- Cheers 489. Tara Cole- Leverage (TNT) 490. Tess Shoemacher- Beyond 491. Special Agent Kristen Chazal- FBI (2018) 492. Kelly Carr- Back to You 493. Linda Reagan- Blue Bloods 494. Mariah Olson- Ties That Bind 495. Rachel McLean- Ties That Bind 496. Alissa Strudwick- 3rd Rock from the Sun 497. Nina Campbell- 3rd Rock from the Sun 498. Dinah Greene- Promised Land 499. Hattie Greene- Promised Land 500. Lisa Stillman- Heartland 501. Detective Camila Paige- Major Crimes 502. Detective Amy Sykes- Major Crimes 503. Kate Littlejohn- For the People 504. Ginger- Bachelor Father 505. Morgan Matthews- Boy Meets World 506. Karen Kelly- Home Improvement 507. Amy Farrah Fowler- The Big Bang Theory 508. Zoey Clarke- Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 509. Maggie Clarke- Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 510. Penny Kirkman- Designated Survivor (ABC) 511. Nurse Susan Hilliard- Diagnosis Murder 512. Lane Kim- Gilmore Girls (2000) 513. Kate Burns- Man With a Plan 514. Andi Burns- Man With a Plan 515. Reba Gallagher- Malibu Country 516. June Gallagher- Malibu Country 517. Audrey Cohen- Murphy Brown (1988) 518. Miss Landers- Leave it to Beaver 519. Amy Cabrera- Kevin (Probably) Saves the World 520. Kay Bennett- Outmatched 521. Dani Powell- Prodigal Son 522. Grandma Ruth Camden- 7th Heaven 523. Margaux Kramer- Punky Brewster (1984) 524. Ruby- According to Jim 525. Dr. Carol Kenney- Carol’s Second Act 526. Jenny Kenney- Carol’s Second Act 527. Cassidy Finch- The Middle 528. Kathryn Kennish- Switched at Birth 529. Lea Dilallo- The Good Doctor 530. Cindy Webster- The Facts of Life

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I have tweaked my top 1100 list, didn't need to do a full overhaul but there are some new additions. Listed below are the additions and subtractions. The complete list has been edited in to my first post.

Top 10 Narrators and Anthology Hosts- Unchanged

Top 30 Animals and Miscellaneous Characters
What's New: Dog- Petticoat Junction
What's Gone: Cleopatra (plant)- The Addams Family (1964)

Top 530 Male Characters
Who is New in order of rank:
Latka Gravas- Taxi
Bob Hartley- The Bob Newhart Show
Al (Awalmir)- United States of Al
Mr. Harry Bentley- The Jeffersons
Felix Unger- The Odd Couple (1970)
Oscar Madison- The Odd Couple (1970)
Howard Borden- The Bob Newhart Show
Alex Rieger- Taxi
Louie De Palma- Taxi
Sam Malone- Cheers/Frasier (1993)
Julian Cruz- Rebel
Uncle Joe Carson- Petticoat Junction
Horst Kleinsasser- Big Sky

Top 530 Female Characters
Who is New in order of rank:
Cheyenne Kleinsasser- Big Sky
Elaine Nardo- Taxi
Louise “Weezie” Jefferson- The Jeffersons
Florence Johnston- The Jeffersons
Annie “Rebel” Bello- Rebel
Kate Wallis- Cruel Summer
Jeanette Turner- Cruel Summer
Hazel- United States of Al
Rhonda Blake- The Greatest American Hero
Mother Olivia Jefferson- The Jeffersons
Ziggie Bello- Rebel
Emily Hartley- The Bob Newhart Show
Carol Kester Bondurant- The Bob Newhart Show

Male Characters Removed:
Officer Jim Street- S.W.A.T. (2017)
Aristotle McKenzie- Head of the Class (1986)
Nick Russo- Blossom
Anthony Russo- Blossom
Roger Phillips- Happy Days
Arnold (Matsuo) Takahashi- Happy Days
Maurice- Bewitched
Special Agent Derek Morgan- Criminal Minds
Special Agent Jason Gideon- Criminal Minds
Eldin Bernecky- Murphy Brown (1988)
Arlo Turner- 800 Words
Damon Young- Make It or Break It
Alan Brady- The Dick Van Dyke Show

Female Characters Removed:
Sam (Samantha) Powell- All Rise
Sylvia Fine- The Nanny
Val Stanton- Heartland
Maddie Dunbar- B Positive
Muriel Rush- Too Close for Comfort
Mayor Margaret Dutton- Blue Bloods
Delores Mitchell- Diagnosis Murder
Brenda Sparks- Young Sheldon
Chief Karen Vick- Psych
Claire Greene- Promised Land
Ashley Pfister- Happy Days
Detective Abigail Baker- Blue Bloods
Doris Schwartz- Fame
Libby Chessler- Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996)

There is one more female character removed than new. That is since I had an error in numbering last time, there were two female #232s then.
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