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Frank Gannucci
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Default Honeymooners TV Schedule (11/9-11/22) (INCLUDES DECADES SHOWING '57 EUROPE EPISODES)

Honeymooners TV Schedule (11/9-11/22):

Too see the previous schedule, click here

Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden. Audrey Meadows as Alice Kramden. Art Carney as Ed Norton. Joyce Randolph as Trixie Norton.


Sat. Nov. 9, 2019 9p #027 (aka #135) - “Ralph’s Big Mouth” (aka "Head of The House"): In the hilarious "Head of the House" (originally telecast March 31, 1956), Ralph marks his "emancipation" as king of his castle by sitting down with Norton to finish a bottle of wine that is "a little strong but good." Their first toast, Ralph says, is "to my wife, who has finally found her place." Actually, what Alice found was a bottle of grape juice, which she substituted for the wine. When the men get plastered and pass out, Trixie and Alice pour their own drinks and make their own toasts. "I give you our husbands," says Trixie. "You can have 'em," says Alice. The wine-and-grape-juice scene, Art Carney recalled, was one of his favorites. "We really were laughing at each other...because we were supposed to be laughing...crocked and everything. Funny scene."

9:30p #028 (aka #136) - "The Worry Wart": Ralph's nerves are taxed when he gets a letter requesting his presence at the IRS office. Alice tries to calm him by reminding him that many people have their returns reviewed. "You're darn right," Norton agrees. "The jails are full of them." Norton, in fact, is helping Ralph review the business deductions he made on his returns and then lends his buddy moral support by accompanying him to the IRS office.

11p #029 (aka #137) - "Ralph Kramden, Hero At Large" (aka "Trapped"): While leaving the pool hall, Ralph witnesses a bank robbery and takes a bullet through his hat. That's reason enough for him to believe that the thugs will come gunning for him, so Norton tells his on-edge pal to just relax and watch some TV. "What's playing tonight?" Ralph asks. Norton's reply: "Dead Men Tell No Tales." Bibbo: Frank Marth. Danny: George Petrie.

11:30p #030 (aka #138) - "The Loudspeaker": Ralph thinks he'll be named Raccoon of the Year,20so he begins writing his acceptance speech (if he could only get rid of his hiccups). It's a very distinctive honor, he reminds the skeptical Alice, because it entitles the two of them to "free burial privileges in the Raccoons' national cemetery in Bismarck, North Dakota."

Sat. Nov. 16, 2019 9p #031 (aka #139) - "On Stage": "Polo ponies." "On Stage" (originally telecast April 28, 1956) actually began, says co-writer Leonard Stern, "with that one word...and we built a whole sketch around it." And it's that single word---pronounced by Norton (Art Carney) to rhyme with monopolies---that has almost single-handedly made this a favorite among Honeymooners fans. The episode begins with Ralph getting a juicy part in a play being mounted by the Raccoon Lodge's Women's Auxiliary. Suddenly Ralph is strutting around like the Barrymore of Bensonhurst and entertaining dreams that a Hollywood producer in the audience will offer him a contract. But before the actual performance, there's a rehearsal with Norton---and that word---to contend with.

9:30p #032 (aka #140) - "Dial J For Janitor": Ralph can't seem to pipe down about the failures of his building's janitor. Then he finds out that the position pays $150 a month with free rent---and decides to take the job himself. Now the most gripes are coming from Norton, who says he hasn't had water in his apartment for so long that he's beginning to "see mirages." Mr. Johnson: Luis Van Rooten. Mrs. Manicotti: Zamah Cunningham.

11p #033 (aka #141) - "Opportunity Knocks, But": When Mr. Marshall asks him for a lesson in shooting pool, Ralph believes that his social visit to his boss's Park Avenue home is the cue for his finally advancing in the company. But it's Norton who racks up points in "Opportunity Knocks But," which originally aired May 5, 1956. The pool lesson just gets under way when Norton---not Ralph---starts offering suggestions about making improvements at the company. Impressed, Marshall offers him a job as "Bus Driver Supervisor." Marshall says he likes a man who can think on his feet, but as an enraged Ralph later tells Alice: "Norton works in the sewer. He has to think on his feet; if he sat down he'd drown." But Norton, who's thinking of accepting the offer, tells his buddy not to worry. "As long as I am an executive at that bus company," he tells Ralph, "you are sure of being a bus driver as long as you live."

11:30p #034 (aka #142) - "A Man's Pride": Ralph is too proud to tell a seemingly successful old friend that he drives a bus, so he says he "runs things" at the company in the last Honeymooners episode of the "classic 39," which originally ran from 1955 to '56. CLASSIC KRAMDEN- Ralph's reaction to the dinner check.



Special thanks goes to snowpeck of

This schedule is for some Decades stations due to the fact that some local stations in some markets may also broadcast the Honeymooners and they may take exception to Decades wanting to show the show as well as the fact they may want to show other shows.

Mon. Nov. 11, 2019 11p #??? (aka #157) - "Away We Go” (Part 1): The Kramdens and Nortons sail to Europe. Ralph and Ed set themselves adrift on a life boat.

Tue. Nov. 12, 2019 11p #??? “Away We Go” (Part 2): Ralph & Ed are worried that they won’t be rescued so they pass the time by doing various things like singing about the fact that they would rather die together. They are rescued some time later. Upon arriving in Paris, Ralph poses for a publicity photo and falls off the deck.

Wed. Nov. 13, 2019 11p #??? (aka #158)- "Plastered In Paris” (Part 1): Ralph & Ed get a great exchange rate -- on counterfeit money and give some of it to the wives.

Thu. Nov. 14, 2019 11p #??? - “Plastered In Paris” (Part 2): Ralph & Ed get arrested for spending counterfeit money. While in jail, they try to get out only for the girls to get arrested too. They get bailed out only for Ralph & Ed to get jailed again when they try to hand in the culprits to the cops because the cops thought that the real culprits were Ralph & Ed.

Fri. Nov. 15, 2019 11p #??? (Aka #159) - “Behind The Iron Curtain” (Part 1): Ralph and Ed wander onto a Russian firing range while visiting Germany and are mistaken for spies.

Mon. Nov. 18, 2019 11p #??? - “Behind The Iron Curtain” (Part 2): While trying to get out of custody by disguising themselves as Russians, Ralph & Ed are mistaken for real Russians and due to Ed’s stupidity, they have to go to a party. Once they have been found out, they escape and answer to their wives.

Tue. Nov. 19, 2019 11p #??? (Aka #160) “When In Rome” (Part 1): The Kramdens & Norton’s arrive in Rome. While there, a little boy becomes smitten with Alice and becomes Alices guide. Ralph finds out about a guide (who he thinks is a full-grown man) and becomes jealous.

Wed. Nov. 20, 2019 11p #??? - “When In Rome” (Part 2): Ralph & Ed try to catch Alice in the act at an Italian fiesta thinking that the tour guide and Alice are going to be there but get disappointed when Alice shows up but not with the guide. At the end, they find out the truth.

Thu. Nov. 21, 2019 11p #??? - (aka #161) - "The Curse of the Kramdens" (Part 1): The Kramdens & Nortons arrive in Ireland. While there, they hear about the Ghost of Sheamus O’ Toole ruling over the Irish town that they are in. They learn that a Kramden (because of fact that the ghost’s connections to Ralph’s family) has to stay in the ancestral Kramden castle for one night in order for the curse to be broken.

Fri. Nov. 22, 2019 11p #??? - “Curse of The Kramdens” (Part 2): Ralph forces Ed to come with him and spend the night in the ancestral Kramden castle, which has the ghost. They find out that the ghost is fictional because of two people scaring people who come into the castle. Ralph & Ed catch them and somehow the curse is broken.

Credit I think goes to,, the Honeymooners Lost Episodes DVD Box Set,, the old,, & John K's Book To The Moon.
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