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Frank Gannucci
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Default Honeymooners Episode Rviews: “Sprained Thumb" ('53) & “Lucky Number”: Episode #57

Honeymooners Episode Reviews: “Sprained Thumb" ('53) & “Lucky Number”:

Episode #57
TV: This was shown on the “Best of Gleason Special” in 1988. It was shown on FOX. In 2019, Decades started showing this episode with it attached to “Halloween Party” (‘52) (aka “Masquarade”).
DVD: On the Lost Episodes DVD Box Set, it is attached to “Prowler”, “Guest Speaker”, “Lucky Number”, “Vacation At Fred’s Landing” (’53 version), “Hot Dog Stand”, “Two Tickets To The Fight”, “Halloween Party” (’53 version), “Champagne & Caviar” & “Letter To The Boss” (’53 version).
Air Date: 9/19/53

“Sprained Thumb” (‘53):

Ralph hurt his thumb in a bus accident. Due to the accident earlier in the day, he sprained his thumb and because of that, she is waiting on Ralph hand & foot. Trixie comes down. Alice explains what happened to Ralph to Trix. Alice is waiting on him because complications may set in. Trixie: “Men are such babies when they are sick. Remember that virus epidemic a couple of years ago? Ed was so scared he would catch it. He stayed in bed for three days and he wanted me to wait on him hand and foot. I even did things like go to the supermarket. He didn’t get the virus. I don’t understand how he didn’t get it because I had it all the time.” Ralph had Alice call the doctor twice and the doctor has yet to come over. The company doctor may have examined him and said that Ralph has a sprained thumb so Ralph doesn’t trust him. Ralph comes out with his bath robe on and asks Alice to change the bandage on his thumb. Wow! Alice: “The doctor said it is nothing. You don’t even need a bandage.” Ralph: “Nothing?” Trixie: “How long did you lay on the street before they had to move you?” Alice said that the thumb will be all right by tomorrow. Ralph doesn’t believe him. Ralph: “Complications may set in.” Ralph says a story on how one of his brothers, Freddie, skinned his knee. The doctor said it was nothing. The doctor put some mercurochrome on it and said he would be back to work tomorrow. 15 years later and Freddie hasn’t been back to work yet.

Alice changes the bandage. She does it with ease. Ralph is concerned about the swelling. He runs the thumb under hot water. He turns on the sink and the “hot water” comes down on his finger. Of course, you can tell that no water dropped from the faucet. Ralph screams in pain due to the hot water. Ralph asks for ice water to help the swelling. Alice gets a jar of ice water. Ralph puts his hand in it. The pain is much better but he can’t get his hand out. Butter on his hand doesn’t work so; he smashes the glass jar that has his hand with the sprained thumb. Parts of the glass fall on the floor and Ralph (who is supposedly barefoot) steps on them and hurts his foot.

Ralph wonders where the doctor is. Alice told the doctor exactly what his condition was. Ralph: “We got rid of that doctor. I remember once when I was deathly sick so I called him. By the time he came by, I was better.” Alice goes upstairs to use Trixie’s phone. Ed comes down. Ralph explains what happened. Ed: “You should drive your bus on the side streets.” Ralph: “The doctor told me that I sprained my thumb. But complications may set in.” Ed agrees. He tells a story about a man he knew that had a car accident 20 years ago and is still suffering. Ed: “He married a nurse.” Ever since that accident this morning, his neck has been a little stiff. Ed tries to help out by straightening Ralph’s head. Supposedly that made Ralph’s neck lean his head to his shoulder. Ralph screams in pain. Ed tries to scare Ralph. It actually works. Alice comes down with the news that the doctor is one his way. Ed leaves.

Alice is very worn out. Ralph says that she has no right to be worn out and he does because he has the sprained thumb. The doctor (played by George Petrie) comes down. He examines Ralph’s thumb and his ribs because Ralph thought he broke some ribs in the accident. The doctor says that all he has is a sprained thumb. He looks at Alice and says that she is run down and almost exhausted. He says that she should go straight to bed and asks Ralph to not let her do anything. Ralph says to the doctor that he will take good care of her. The doctor leaves. Ralph says that he has been complaining all about a sprained thumb all the while Alice is the one who is sick. Ralph apologizes to Alice. They hug and kiss.

Episode #59 (Syndicated episode #76)
TV: Attached to "Pickles."
VCR: Attached to "Move Uptown."
DVD: Attached to "Move Uptown & "The History of The Lost Episodes: The First Season." On the Lost Episodes DVD Box Set, it is attached to “Prowler”, “Guest Speaker”, “Sprained Thumb” (’53 version), “Vacation At Fred’s Landing” (’53 version), “Hot Dog Stand”, “Two Tickets To The Fight”, “Halloween Party” (’53 version), “Champagne & Caviar” & “Letter To The Boss” (’53 version).
Air Date: 9/19/53

“Lucky Number”:

Note: When I first read about this episode from MPI's website (or some other website) in 1998, I thought that this was the only episode that was not part of the episode summary link of that website, so I e-mailed probably ZXMan from the old message board and I told him about the episode. I got a reply back by the person, asking me for my own summary, (which I never got a reply nor did it get included in the episode summaries).

MPI's website (or whatever website that was) used to give information on all the old Honeymooners Lost Episode VHS tapes. The website had a photo from an old Pool Soul sketch with Art Carney in the same photo. It looked like Art was playing a bellhop or something. As you can imagine, that part of MPI's website (or whatever website that was) is no longer online. I may have have found that link from a long time ago and if so, the link disappeared in later years.

The episode opens up with Ralph and Ed coming home from a baseball game. They left before the game was over because Ralph won something. Ralph mentions that Alice told him not to go to the ballgame because he had a job. (He called in sick.) Ralph says that the announcer on the PA system announced that everyone had a number and if one of the people who got the number that he read would have won money and a loaf of Pop's Pumpernickel Bread, and probably a car. Ralph mentions that with the money that he's going to win he's going to make sure that Alice has the bunion removed.

Ralph says with all the money he won, he isn't going to get a big head. Ha! The way that Ralph talks, everyone gets the impression that he now has a big head. Ralph calls for a celebration, so he sends Ed out to get some food. Ed: "I feel like a contestant on 'Strike It Rich!'" Ha! When Ed and Trixie leave, Ralph thinks that Trixie is mad. Alice explains to him that he now has an even bigger head since he now has won a lot of money. Ralph of course disagrees. Ralph mentions that the photographers are going to come and take a picture of Ralph that's going to appear on the front page of the paper.

Alice says that Ralph can't accept that grand prize because Ralph's boss is going to see the picture and assume that Ralph lied to him when he said he got sick. Ralph counters by saying he will get another job. Alice: "You know you are throwing away years of your pension money." Ralph: "That's a big deal. If I still was a bus driver for the company, I would then have to wait a lot more years to get my pension." Ha! Alice says if he stays with the bus company, when he turns 70, he will have a nest egg. Ralph: "When I turn 70, I won't have the strength to hatch it." Ha!

The photographers come and when they are taking a picture of Ralph and Alice, Alice says something to infuriate Ralph. Ralph: "Don't steam me Alice. Don't steam me..." Photographer: "Smile!" Ralph smiles. Ralph: "...because I'm already steamed." When the photographers present Ralph with the document for him to sign so they can print the picture, Alice tears it up. The photographers go back down to get another copy of the document. Ralph (to Alice): "You just tore a legal document. That is worse than forgery. I should have you arrested." Alice: "Ah! Shut up!" Ralph goes into the bedroom just before the bus company physician.

Ralph when he comes into the kitchen, sees the physician and says he is sick. His stomach and tongue hurts. Question: How likely is it for a person to have their stomach and tongue hurt at the same time? The doctor looks at Ralph and believes him and gives him medicine. The reason why the doctor came to see Ralph was that there have been so many phony sick calls, that the company has been cracking down. There was one person who called in sick and went on a fishing trip. Because of that, he might lose his job. When Ralph hears this, he is unhappy that his boss may find out if he sees him in the paper. The doctor leaves. Ralph apologizes to Alice and then changes his mind about getting the prizes and the picture in the paper.

Credit I believe goes to the old Bill 'Mooners Archive,,, Honeymooners Lost Episodes Book,,, Honeymooners Box Set booklet Honeymooners Lost Episodes DVD booklet, Yahoo! Groups You’re A Riot! &
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